Sunday, April 03, 2011

CNA Forum : Cost Of Living

I will give my take on this interesting discussion later in the day.
Watch it. Cost of living looks like its going to be the single biggest issue in this election.

I wanted to write about the cost of living and the flaws in Tharman and Josephine Teo's argument. I read through the comments and noticed quite a few people have already figured it out.

I will instead tell you a story about Mr. Wijeysingha not Vincent Wijeysingha, the SDP rep in the video but his father, Eugene Wijeyshigha, who was my JC principal.

During one of the celebrations at my JC (I think it was National Day) there were several performances put up by students - the Outdoor Activities Club (OAC)  had a flying fox demonstration followed by the TKD club's action-packed sparring. During the TKD item, Principal Wijeysingha suddenly stood up and ran all the way from his seat in the stadium to the part of the field where the 2 TKD  exponents were sparring, The whole school was quite shocked by the sight of the principal running across the football field and everyone wondered what was going on. . . When he stopped ...everyone understood what he was doing. The OAC guys secured one end of the flying fox rope with a metal spike hammered into the ground and Principal Wijeysingha was afraid that the TKD guys might injure themselves falling onto the spike. Although he was sitting quite far away from where the TKD fellers were sparring, he didn't wait for somebody else to do something ...the moment he sense trouble, he got up and ran as fast as he could to prevent a potential accident.

There is a reason why Dr. Vincent Wijeyshigha joined the opposition. I think everyone who listened and watched him on Saturday night understands why we need to put  this man into parliament. Just as his father prevented a potential accident so many years ago, we need more people like Vincent Wijeyshingha in parliament to put this country on the right course and create a better future for Singaporeans.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, when I was hearing the arguments given by the minister, I was pretty much cursing and swearing. No matter what arguments are brought up by the public or opposition, the points given are ALWAYS the same, and no evidence is provided for their stance.

On Foreign workers

Minister's point:
It is a given that for every industry / sector we must have Singaporeans and foreign workers

My question:
Why? Where's the evidence / justification for this? I see this pattern of always bulldozing through this point without explaining WHY?

On medical costs
Minister's (and Josephine's) point:
We have Medisave, Medicare, blah, blah, blah.

My question:
Yes, I know that these schemes are there. But are these enough? Under what scenarios do these schemes fail to provide for? It's obvious that there have been quite a number of reports where it is not enough. Why are we so afraid to take a look at these cases and find out where the loopholes are and improve them?

On housing
Minister's point:
Our housing is affordable compared to the rest of the developed world.

My question:
OK, but are we comparing apples to oranges here? Are we comparing HDB flats (leasehold) in Singapore with private property (freehold) in the developed countries? Also, if HDB flat prices have been rising and the real median income has been falling, can we say that it's all fine and dandy? Something is obviously wrong!

I don't think the public expects the government to perform miracles and solve these problems overnight, but GODDAMIT, at least look at the damn picture properly and not pretend that we don't have any these problems.

Hear what the ground has to say.
Acknowledge the problems.
Solve them.

Anonymous said...

My layman's understanding of "median" is the arithmetic mean. when the Minister say we have a higher median wage, wont this be distorted when the top 5 to 10 perecent is earning the big bucks, or does the median takes into account the weightage of those earning the low wages? I hope some one can clarify this.

Anonymous said...

To anon 11:20 , "Damn It, I'm Mad" is the same when you spelled it backwards. So there, you have said it twice! haha

ok, i share your sentiments. After the show, I thought both Tharman & Josephine have given the same arguments that there are such measurements in place already, but still short of acknowledging that they are NOT working. I thought Dr Vincent gave them a very robust rebuttal whenever they try to score points and WP Gerald presented his views across very calmly.

But here's what I would like to the Opp to ask:
- What kind of FT quota is in place currently that would require companies to hire singaporean-first? In most cases a company will have singaporeans there and where does it strigently stipulate that company needs to prove/exhaust their search for local employees before they can bring in foreigners? And is that truly being enforced today? If there is a foreigner & local doing the same role/job, what are the preference to retain the local vs the FT. And i'm talking about PMET of professional level. I know it doesn't apply because I've been through the axing exercise where they have picked the FT over me. So let's try not to kid ourselves here. I've also been on recruitment front so I know what the realities are. There is really no such quota enforcement like other countries UK or US apply.

2. Medicare - Agree they didn't address the issues of how rising inflation today/future will continue to meet the needs of those whose CPF is not sufficient and how our OA rates today are grossly undermarket rates.

3. Housing - WP raised good points. Pegging it to median income level and leaving it to market forces have proven that the past ways is NOT working. What are their policies to help the fallen families/couples and how are they making it a fairer for Singaporeans-first instead of the influx foreigners.

The same rhetoric by PAP. And given the short airtime, unfortunately this is not sufficient for voters to get the answers they want.

And btw, why is RP not on the forum?

Anonymous said...

I want to know WHY is it IMPOSSIBLE for them to break down our population split today ie. Native Singaporeans vs PRs who are working here. Why does MOM have to lump them together as one, and as far as i'm concerned, if we can't even agree on what the original number is being defined (or defined correctly or not) is pointless for PAP to one-sidedly claim that Native Singaporeans are the ones getting/filling the jobs! (instead it's the newly minted & cheaper foreign talents who have recently been converted to citizens, or I suspect the PR who're here on workpass are the ones benefiting.

Same goes for workfare. How exactly does workfare work, and actually protecting local singaporeans wages and securing their jobs? How is that more superior than minimum wages in the long term as I've an impression that it's really a more episodic reimbursement/transfer of non-cash type. More needs to look into challenging PAP's claims.

Fedup said...

That "P' word again, after all these years and now is fashionably making a comeback, right AFTER they have admitted all the foreign talents.

Me curious as to how by increasing training & productivity can they ensure that

1) workers will increase their output, without increasing their working hours? In a lot of cases, most people fear that it means they will have to put in longer working hours, thus sacrificing their work/life balance making it far worse than before for couples to build family.

2) On specifics- How would a working singaporean who has a family to raise outcompete a foreign talent who doesn't have a family to raise, and the latter is thus able to work longer hours who will be favored by employer vs singaporean who can't because is only fair he has to balance & commit his time to the family (so penalizing and labeling this singaporean as unwilling/unprepared to work is simply not fair). These are common issues in service industries.

Me think PAP cannot solve the workers(singaporean's first issues) without first addressing the immigration policies & with employers.

Anonymous said...

So if 85% of the (lower income) family owns HDB, why don't they just use the median income of that bracket to determine the market subsidized price for HDB instead? Why don't MBT come clean about the cost price of such flats and let buyers decide if there is real subsidy or not.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, it boils down to the question:

"Will PAP still have at least 2/3 majority in Parliament after this election?

If yes, then of course cost of living is not really the single biggest issue.

And you can bet that it will be status quo, whether it is policies, new or old MPs or the opposition.

Hence those who suffer badly must think of ways how not to. So as to be part of the 60 or 66% who are not suffering and are also happy and satisfied.

You cannot rely on having more opposition MPS to reduce your suffering, for sure.

66% of people know that.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the main party in Singapore always gives the same argument to say that if we forced companies in Singapore to hire Singaporeans instead of displacing them or by hiring foreigners to reduce operation cost, then these companies would inevitably shut down operations and 80% of Singaporeans would lost their jobs. This shows that the main party never acknowledge the problem at the ground level instead keep on justifying it with their reasons. Cant they just close the gap between the very high and low income. Another way is to genuinely create good jobs to Singaporean and sending job invitations to Singaporeans who they know had been displaced and fit their skills and qualification levels.

Anonymous said...

Speak Up, but Who's listening? They went ahead bulldozed their ways through the last 4years, and what do we get? Are we saying 33% of unsatisfied voters are not important? They should therefore be overruled by majority? I even doubt that 66% are truly happy, they just bite the bullet while the going is good for them (part apathetic), then move to greener pasture if they get a chance. Who are the ones left with the sticks. Those 66% should spare a thought to the minority and help the bottom 33% with their voices instead. I want to see at least 10-15 Opp members in. Not in the form of NCMP/NP.

//The decisions made are important, so better speak up now because this is a time when people are more willing to listen than they have ever been before.
- Minister of State, Dr Vivian , ST May 8, 2002//

The Realities
Last week, 5023 votes, or 80 per cent of the total votes cast, felt strongly that the Government was not willing to listen and consider differing views.
- ST, June 19 2002, on a Remaking Singapore online poll

I hope the Government does not take Singaporeans for fools. I am beginning to see a standard formula in how the Government listens to the people: Decide, inform, pretend to listen, pretend to take their words into consideration and then stick to the original decision.
- Lee Kah Hui, ST forum, May 22 2002

Louis said...

Why is the entire program in a big rush? Can't CNA allocate more time for this discussion? Isn't it important to have the Minister's view and opposition view projected across?

Anonymous said...

I find it funny that the new Opposition candidates are the one pitting against the old/experienced ruling candidates. Where are the new PAP candidates? Are we not selecting and judging them too? They just hind behind the coattails of the GRCs. Why not field Ms Tin. I would like to see how a young minster wannabe deserves to get into this parliament on her own merit or mettle as she herself said it.

hayek said...

-------Productivity will never--------------increase our income-------

Believe me, the productivity of average Singaporean worker increases 2000% since 1985, but Singaporean worker can only get poorer as a result. I will explain it below.

Example 1.

Since the IT revolution, a secretary are now 20 times more productive than her counterpart 20 years ago. In other words, ONE secretary today is able do what 20 person did yesterday.

But does translate into 20x increase in salary for the secretary?

Example 2

In fact, we are able to do produce many things cheaply with fewer people. We are able to build HDB more cheaply compared to many years ago with help of machines.

But why are we not getting a discount on HDB compared to 1970s?

The answer is ALL our monies went to the top elite.

Even a worker is able to produce $1000 000 per hour, he will must count himself lucky if he is paid $1 a day.

The solution to our problem is to overthrown the oppression of financial terrorist represented by PAP.

Anonymous said...

Forget about TPL. She is getting in on the gravy train on croynism & nepotism. Fact that she's getting all the backlash is in the eyes of PAP leaders she's taking one for the team, passed the baptism of fire. Then yo will have Dr Janil who claimed to have "served his time" by saving lives in his capacity of doctor and particularly during the SARs. So he's already "deserving" to get into the Parliament house without the mandatory 2-years NS period like any of our fella singaporeans men. So that's what you get when you have an arrogant and complacent party that can now bend the rules to fit their play.

Anonymous said...

//Since the IT revolution, a secretary are now 20 times more productive than her counterpart 20 years ago. In other words, ONE secretary today is able do what 20 person did yesterday. But does translate into 20x increase in salary for the secretary?//

Agree Hayek. But assuming this ONE secretary isnow able to do the job of 20 secretaries due to her increased productivity, can one then assume she is replacing the jobs of the other 19 foreign secretaries? If so, are these measurable by PAP, and what proofs can they show us? Also now that population is increased to 5m, PAP is now essentially having to create jobs for these additional 2m. Why do I get a feeling that unless they can grow the sector/industries pie, there's not going to be any real growth? It is just like moving chess pieces around.
And I still don't buy the 2% unemployment figure.

Anonymous said...

A secretary computer on internet is going to be 20x more productive.

It is entirely possible to reduce to working hours to 10 hours per week for everyone to create full employment. The abundance gained by technology advancement is more than enough to overfeed a person.

But all good things become bad when we are ruled by a bunch of financial terrorist.

A gain in productivity by this secretary probably causes 19 others to lost their jobs in advance countries.

You can be sure economics professors will blame "technology advancement causes unemployment".

The real problem of the world is that our elites are too greedy.

Anonymous said...

I seriously think that the sole purpose of this CNA thing is to serve as propaganda for the ruling party's policies. Let us not fool ourselves by thinking that this is a debate on issues affecting Singaporeans. We all know what is the actual situation; it's time we tell them through our votes!

Anonymous said...

to the anon who ask "What kind of FT quota is in place currently that would require companies to hire singaporean-first?"

There is NO quota in place. The PAP has repeatedly stated in parliament they are against a quota system. This alone should make you vote wisely.

Anonymous said...

Vote wisely no use.

You must know how to live wisely in Singapore.

So many foreigners know.

All the PAP people know.

So many new citizens know.

And 66% of all citizens know.

SO you must also know.

Anonymous said...

Dr Vincent is fantastic! I will vote this guy in anytime. Salute! Thank God, there are such people in this country, otherwise PAP will be arrogantly stubborn and doesn't listen to the people. PAP doesn't understnad Singaporeans. To understand the people means that they have to change. You can't understand someone if you don't change. And PAP is not here to change because their million doallar salaries have made them comfortable. Any people that allows its leaders to be paid fillthy sums, is ransoming the country's future. There is a difference here. PAP wants to be seen to listen but hell no about really listening.

40 years of pap and the kopitiam toilets are still dirty. There are cigarette butts everywhere. So, if your hawker centre toilets are still dirty and stinky after 40 years, tell me what really has change? PAP equals NO CHNAGE.

I wonder how long Singaporeans are going to let the government rip them off and make more difficult for them? There is still not enough dialogues in this country. Another 5 more years of PAP means more suppression. They will pass laws after the elections to suppress comments on political blogs. You just wait and see lah.

Anonymous said...

//There is still not enough dialogues in this country. Another 5 more years of PAP means more suppression. They will pass laws after the elections to suppress comments on political blogs. //

Indeed. After all these decades, the citizens still have no voices, participation on key issues and places to express freely. It's a shame given you would think the son LHL will make it more lax, but the reverse is true. We voters are choosing for government once every 4 years only, and we only have <less than 2 weeks of campaign by candidates? Is this truly sufficient? There are so many issues that voters face and there're just not openedly debated, discussed and heard. To cramp the entire election to two soundbites based on some mediacorp (state owned) survey that people only care about cost of living & FT is just plain simplistic. They just want to rubberstamp the whole process as quickly as possible so they can get on with their obscene salaries & pretentious work. I for once would like to see both parties talking about

- Cost of living - Including Healthcare + Housing
- Education
- Immigration Policies+S'porean identity + FT - all these are linked
- Promotion of local creativity, new industries & Entreprenureship
- GIC/Temasek/GLC = transparency, accountability & its reliance and significance on SG economy
- Cabinet Salaries - Review & reevaluate its KPIs and peg to private sectors. I simply just don't buy that argument.
- PAP selection process & criterion, espeically on new talents who are foreign born.

And I can go and list more. Yet again, Singapore's so-called progress is not catching up with the real growth and needs of its people. They have lost touch. And to think that getting a newbie that's savvy on new media is the solution to all questions..just damn daft of our politicians.

Anonymous said...

Josephine is caricaturing the discussion. She needs to identify the source she is quoting from. Where does it says that 80% engineers in this country are SIngaporeans? When I went to an interview with Stats Assembly, I asked the HR manager who wanted to recruit me how many percent of the factory are foreigners and she told me more than 60 % pf stats assembly are foreigners. So please tell me, where she gets her fucking figure that 80% of jobs for engineers and so on are singaporeans?

Is she another mah bow tan?

Anonymous said...

I would dare venture to say that CSM will be able to take down LHL anytime! Let the show begins..I sincerely hope the Opposition can form an alternative government sooner, or work in coalition. Anything better than the arrogant PAP.

Anonymous said...

Josephine is just sprouting motherhood eloquent too. But all the stats from PAP are just non-trustworthy until they open it to public sites for scrutiny. Anyway I believe she's giving an example of typically a company will have 80/20 ratio which she then say is different for different industry. Again, I question the existence or reinforcement of this so-called quota policy by employers. Also, if companies do not wish to set up their offices/plants here in SG, they can always go to the redtape India, corrupted Indonesia or china where there's no rule of law.

GST will rise after ELECTION said...

Tharman says: That's been the story for the last 10 years..."

This is a downright lie.

Compare this to what Tharman said here from: 5:17 to 5.21

This is the real story over the last 10 years. He is trying to make the voters sleep once again, knowing they would forget. I haven't forgotten yet.

Also, in response to the young NTU undergraduate who said he no longer know what he is defending anymore.

You are defending the rich's assets in this country. But according to Tharman, the state will not protect you when something misfortunate happens to its citizens.

Listen to 4.38 to 4.44 min

We have a government that takes everything and gives peanuts on election year to buy votes. So, you don't have to be soft speaking to me.

Everything is rosy on election year.

Anonymous said...

RP Kenneth has a good article on Productivity & Income growth.

PeopleLyingParty said...

The housing issue has still not been resolved. I can't buy flat and start a family. I am approaching mid 30s.

I have to wait 4 years to buy a flat. And no money to pay for COV resale flat. For this pain, this fucking government caused me alone, i will not vote for them for 2 more elections.

Where are the rental flats for me to stay when I wait out for my BTO in 4 years?

Fuck you PAP for causing hardship to my life with your 99 rental flat? I need to wait for 4 years to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to rent a flat for 99 years and in the meantime, there are no rental apartments to rent while I wait out for my nest to start a family?

Simply logic lah. No nest to babies. Your fucking policy is the cause of it and you fuckers still dont want to admit. You make public housing a commercial business.

Bring out the voting paper. I will vote for any opposition than you engineered lies.

I just hope there is no overcrowding on the buses and trains when I travel to your fucking ballot box on that day.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys remember how the government passed the bill on building the casinos?

Piling works at marina had already started when the bill was still being discussed in parliament.

In the early 90s, they talked about going regionalisation.

In mid 90s, they talked about turning singapore into bio-medical hub.

Then they changed tacked. In 2000s, they talked about foreigners.

And till 2011, we are still talking about foreigners.

What kind of sustainable economic model is this?

Anonymous said...

SGP has big governments, big GLCs, big MNCs.
And the people have two jobs..either working for public or private corporations, and the other part time job is to work for PAP. In the end, nobody cares about their welfare because they are disposable employees and digits. The rich get richer , the poor get poorer. Which end of the stick are you at?

Anonymous said...

//What kind of sustainable economic model is this?//

There are none. Look at all that metropolis, fusionpolis, biopolis etc. SG is the only country who is still in the mindset of -Build and they will come. They build empty complexes and then go out to try and "force/make" somethings happen. It's not organic and not sustainable. Imagine all that money if they can put it into building singapore's talents, entrepreneurs or artisan business where Europe is great with..instead they spend on importing high talents with high cost and bleed us or our reserves to death..and what did they have to show?

Anonymous said...

We should get more of the same shit we had for the last 5 years if the ruling party is not checked. More foreigners, more unfair competition for workers/students, more expensive housing/public transport/medical care. Jobs for foreigners and NS for S'poreans. More pay for the elites, more spurs for the others. etc. Think wisely.

Anonymous said...

SM Lee said those scandinavian countries can afford to have mediocre government, because they don't need transformation. What kind of "transformation" are we looking at SGP today? Have we transformed SG to a first world nation with universal healthcare? With free first class education? With great human rights records and brilliant work/life balance and fertility rates. All these without paying million dollars and what their people don't have to live in a 99yr pigeon holes called HDB that will wipe up their retirement funds.

We pay peanuts we get monkeys. we overpay peanuts we get these 100pounds gorillas!

SweetTalkingONLY said...

Why is it that during election time that we see PAP shooting numbers,being more "transparent" with their figures and THEN telling people that UBS surveys are bad?

First and foremost, they're pathetic. It was only 2 years ago that native Singaporeans wrote in to the Straits Times to ask what is the cost of building a HDB when Mr-Mah-who-doctored-the-HDB-base-year-figure kept saying flats are cheap and affordable because Mah had subsidized them?

Tell me how much is the cost of building a HDB flat first. You can't provide numbers and suddenly 2 weeks before elections you start shooting figures and condemning reputable international surveys on Singapore?

Downright lies!

Pious pretendering! Shame on you PAP! Quality leadership? It costs us taxpayers $180 000 to pay WOng Kan Seng to lock up an international terrosists and he still couldn't do it. Where is the quality leadership? Are they now going to say that they can't be responsible for everything? Then why are they there in the first place if they can't accept responsibility?

Kudos to the reader who mentioned why this whole CNA forum is a rushed affiar? This is a national event you know. Why are they rushing?

By now, Singaporeans are fed-up. 66% or not. They can see through the PAP machinations and they had enough.

Enough already! It's time for change. It's time we put an an to all the lies.

Anonymous said...

Farming waste of taxpayers monies for these goons to talk fock and sing song., if these sotongs represent us, SIN will Sink faster than your girl friend or wife sagging tits.

Anonymous said...

FARKING waste of taxpayers monies on these goons to talk cock and sing song., if these sotongs represent us, SIN will Sink faster than your girl friend or wife sagging tits.

That's better.

Anonymous said...

Jo looked badly prepared except repeat standard line. She cannot debate at all. I think PAP should send somebody else.

Anonymous said...

Reading all these comments, I seriously believe singaporeans deserve to be fukked by politicians.

Anonymous said...

You want a two party system? You can't even fucking argue intelligently like the americans.

Like someone said, fucking waste of tax payer's money.

Round goes to PAP

Anonymous said...

Disagree. Round is a tie.
Dr Vincent & Gerald put up some good points. The other two are not articulative and drag down the performance of the Opposition team, but at least they are representing the minority voices. If every politicians are as clever as PAP, then you get the 100 pounds gorillas.

Anonymous said...

"ou can't even fucking argue intelligently like the americans."

This is what our top quality education has produced for quality speakers in PAP.

Anonymous said...

Wrong. If you don't like to be fukked by PAP politicians so you turn your backside and offer it to the opposition politicians.

Is that suppose to be smart?lol

Anonymous said...

Quality speaker? You pay this fucker $120 000 per month.

Anonymous said...

I am not prepared to accept losses and keep quiet.
Are the present generation of Singaporeans such a disgrace, that we have no backbone to stand up for our rights any longer? Our ancestors or parents didn't come out here to look for freedom and a better life just so their children can get thumped down again. Please search your conscience, and do the right thing for our children/generations. We could thanked our previous generation for their wise decisions and put in their hard work to build the nation that we have today, we cannot take it for granted and now give away our power, freedom, and rights to a suppressing party before is too late. Think the kind of future you want your children to have, and the message you want to send to the present PAP. Your votes say something. When you're not in 100% doubt, cast for PAP. But when in doubt, cast for the Opposite.

They need to work back their trust from the people. Is high time we send them the studs and bake some humble pies for them.

Anonymous said...

Seriously folks, the vision of PAP is quite elementary or very base.

The oppositions vision? It basically opposes PAP in areas where they can garner enough dissenting votes to hit the jackpot.

Fark all. Change yes but not a choice between this or that.

Anonymous said...

If their vision is so elementary and base, then why are they not doing a good job in openly explaining them, with transparent facts and figures so that we can decide. Nothing should be so complicated that ordinary citizens cannot understand. The CDO fiasco in wall street is a good example. If the hedge funds tell you the product is very complex and you need PHDs & quad mathematicians to "get it", then clearly, they have something to hide. They themselves just don't get it!!

That's the reality.

Anonymous said...


All the policies to curb the excessive influx of foreign workers are only introduced after a lot complaint by the people for many years and just before the election. The focus on productivity is just smoke and mirrors!

If there is no election, PAP would not even bother to change their policy. Their policies are elitist and do not give a damn about the poor people in Singapore.

Whatever PAP does just before the election is only for show. They will revert back to their old ways when they return to power i.e.,
- They will collect higher GST,

- They will let in more foreign workers and suppress the local's pay.

- They will collect higher and more ERP while still collecting higher COE while roads remain more and more congested... A failed policy reinforced by another failed policy.

- They will charge higher for HDB and still claim that it is affordable and enslave us throughout our lives.

- They will pay themselves ridiculous amount of pay and do not show any real results that truly benefit Singaporeans other than themselves. Worst of all, they pay a president that does nothing super high pay just to justify their own pay… wasting our hard earned money!!!

- They will happily speculate with our money (GIC and Temasek), and lose billions and no not have to answer for it.

- Drag our CPF payout and pay interest less than inflation. I already give up on see MY CPF money…

- Kill our sense of belonging and pride for being Singaporeans.

- Promote the wrong value system e.g., Donate money once and get to name the Hospital. Have money means can buy body parts and live forever...

ALL Singaporeans PLEASE! Please DONT be fooled again.


Anonymous said...

I think primary debaters are better

Anonymous said...

"SG is the only country who is still in the mindset of -Build and they will come."

No, that's not true!

When it comes to building homes (HDB) and public transport infrastruture (MRT stations), the PAP government will squeeze you first until there is "sufficient" demand and then they will build.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans! how can you allow some one who has not served two years of Nat service to be our MP?

Are they(Govt) not sensitive to those men who gave two years of the best times of their lives to the country?

singaporeans! are you all so apathetic to what's going on in this land of yours?

Don't you care anymore? Or are your bellies full, you don't care?

Anonymous said...

talking about quota reminds me of my previous company taiwanese MD said to us that local staff salary too high that he can get 3 china girls for each singaporean. By the way our salary is not as high as he claimed, in fact the increment is about 100 every 4 years, our salary hardly reach 1800 after 10 years if we don't do OT. This is the mindset of these foreign boss, they look down on local staff, always think negatively, trying to replace us with cheaper but not better foreigners. Why i say is not better, i ever train one of the china girl he hired, it took me 3 months to learn to do only 10% of our local staff workload, due to the fact she don't even know english, can only copy and paste previous email message. The best part is after 3 months, the taiwanese boss decided to return her to the agent. For goodness sake, please don't torture us like that, waste our time, our effort. We pity her cos she spend 8000 on agent fee just to come here to work.

Anonymous said...

Oppositions good for Sin said Tharman? Can they be objective? If he is, sir, you would not have wasted precious time debating with his successor - his wife.

And now we have to be traumatized by your choice of candidates?

A bloody waste of taxpayer's money If you ask me too.

Anonymous said...

My ex-colleague, he is a malaysian working here, he always went home on friday to see his wife and his daughter. i asked him his salary, he said around 1600. But compared to us, he can survive with such salary there, has a wife who quit her saloon job becoming fulltime housewife, a new born daughter, own house on a freehold land which is cost 10 times cheaper than my 3 room hdb flat. I ask myself what is the point of being a citizen here? My salary only slightly more than him, yet i can't own a car, a wife, a child, and i got to pay the debt of a 3 room hdb flat for 25 years. I don't even know whenther i am still able to sustain that kind of cpf contribution after 20 years to continue paying the hdb loan. Who say our hdb flat is a home? We don't own it at all. It is no different from rented flat!

Anonymous said...

DR Vincent is very solid.

He is able to say many things that we have in mind. Well done.

Protons said...

All i can say is this. If we continue to let the "unholy triangle" of PAP + Civil Servant + GLCs to form, in the name of peaceful cooperation, then we will be in big trouble. There will be clear abuse of taxpayer monies, lack of independent check/balances for whistleblowers to come forward, and we will have build a nation that does not have the robustness of others as PAP like you to believe.

Ever wonder why they are so fearful?
- For power?
- For ego?
- For being exposed?

Consider Taiwan. It is an extraordinarily country : politically treacherous as it claims indpendence from PRC, and physically vulnerable, as it is susceptible to earth-quakes. But unwittingly, the world today is more dependent on Taiwan than on Arab oil. Around 60% of world's semiconductors are produced in TWN.; this is far greater market share of an essential component of the tech industry than Saudi Arabia's share of global energy needs. And its a small country with multi-party system and true freedom and democracy. What do we have to claim our spot on the world? Other than a constant fear that MNCs will take away jobs?

It is NOT too late to put things back on the right tracks, and for Singaporeans to find out for themselves, a healthy and realistic view of a political system that we and our children will inherit. The only way for you to know is to vote equitable Opposition party in so that we can have a real witness and understanding of situation. We need the Yin to balance the Yang. The longer we live in reality, the sooner we will come out of our denial.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this Vincent guy is a cut above the rest. An eloquent speaker who are able to provide incisive yet compassionate remarks at the same time. He is actually a good role model for PAP to learn about leadership. I will vote him in for sure.

Does anyone know where is Vincent contesting?

1 Vincent is equal to 100 PAPies.

Anonymous said...

The ying and yang, that's a good one. lol
How about black and white or maybe, grey and grey-er?

At best, they come out agreeing to disagree and the taxpayers will bear the hefty bill to maintain them.

You? Still be pulling your greasy hair. lol

Anonymous said...

Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, not do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. To keep our faces toward good change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.

~ Helen Keller

Anonymous said...

For the same taxpayer money, I would rather it goes to Opposition party than to pay the fat cats.

Anonymous said...

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. -- Abraham Lincoln

When time comes for voting, we will show them we are no fools.

Anonymous said...

//Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong says the PAP has not been successful in getting people from the private sector despite trying very hard.

Still speaking on leadership renewal, he said that in time to come, with the exception of former prime ministers, Cabinet Ministers may just serve two terms to make way for new blood. //

Haha why am I not surprised on the first statement? Then I am surprised at the 2nd statement..huh?
When you cannot get enough people, but you will shorten cabinet terms to two? WTF!!? And the best part is - "with the exception of former prime ministers"..why is this PM so special? Are we still running a family dynasty here? And what makes him so damn sure that the prime minister can stay on eternity terms forever? Does that mean voting/election is fixed?

Anonymous said...

I agree that you can humiliate PAP by voting in duds.

Is that what PAP wants because to them, they rather the whole country sink, and you with it, than to see you gloat in power and wealth?

Anonymous said...

It is a foolish system. Your call.

Anonymous said...

The whole concept of contesting to win people's heart is....silly.

Just get the job done and stop farking with our minds

Anonymous said...

Dismal performance by the opposition parties.

When challenged " what changes will you put in place if you were the Gah'men?"

Should have seized the moment. A large blank canvas was offered and the opposition failed to capitalise on it.

We all know there will not be a change of Gah'men.. but it was an opportunity for the opposition to paint a dream that we all hoped.

Think & behave in a political manner... not some technocrat lah!
We have too many of them already!

Anonymous said...

Who says only opposition parties can provide checks and balance?Who says we need to pay and pay for their services?

In this day and age, we can be the...judge.

Anonymous said...

The electorates enjoy having their asshole screwed left and

Not happy with right party, turn their backside over to the left party and bang!

Not happy with the left party, turn their backside over to the right party and bang! LOL

Anonymous said...

Don't know how it works?

You got blain or not?

Anonymous said...

I feel the whole CNA Forum is just a farce. They should open to forum as a live show to the general public to question the parties on their contribution if elected.

Anonymous said...

They have admitted it is hard to get 'good candidates' to represent the people. In the first place, is there such a thing as 'good politician' or someone so free of dirt and worthy enough to represent you or the masses?
With the then strong man around, it was possible to create an aural of "righteousness". But his era has passed and with no one filling his giant shoes, more and more, we are beginning to see ...duds.

Call it the curse of your political system if you like.

Anonymous said...

when our government set a target population number of 6.5million the rots starts. You simply cannot pour more water into a full bottle ! Our island is just a dot. There is a limit to how far we can grow. You don't need a rocket scientist to understand that.

Anonymous said...

tharman gives the green light..duds gave the thumbs desperation...gates open even, duds are coming in from both camps.

Anonymous said...

The day when the opposition say they:

will contest all seats,

are ready to form the government

put their "star" candidates in Ang Mo Kio, Tanjong Pagar or Marine Parade GRCs

will be the day I will vote for the opposition.

Not only me but 66% of voters will also do so. For sure.

Anonymous said...

I think we have found our next PM -- i.e. Dr. Vincent Wijeysingha!

Also, if our president were as compassionate, he would have been a much respected president than a constant subject of jokes!

Anonymous said...

you mean the president is also a...gosh..dud?lol

Anonymous said...

one conclusion i drawn from the airing: pap candidates are simply greedy and uncompassionate. they are driven by monetary gains for joining politics. opposition candidates are humble and compassionate. they are driven to create a better future for singapore even if they know they may not be able to win election, will lose their day jobs and may be prosecute by pig. to become opposition under a dictator rule is indeed admirable.

Anonymous said...

why do they always mentioned 85% people own hdb? no one except hdb ever own hdb in this country. if it is still under mortgage, the bank/hdb is the one owning it. even if the hdb is fully paid, they are only leasing it. i am really ashame of my own fin minister. cannot even understand such simple things.

MrBrown said... 85% of the lower income group.
Tharman sneaked that one in last minute.
But they have yet to define which "lower income group" bracket. I say they should use the median income of that group for hdb prices then.

Anonymous said...

i think this josephine never do homework. she mentioned that the companies will go elsewhere if FT not allow. does she know that most big companies here are GLC/TH owned here? does she mean they wanna go somewhere with our money? does she know that these GLC/TH related companies are the ones that get in the FTs instead of employing SGs? Just check the number of non-singaporeans working as SIA stewardess.

Anonymous said...

I would say let's check how much of labour force does the sum total of GLC-owned companies in Singapore. There must have been few hundreds Orgs across sectors, and reckon few hundred thousand employees. What % is that of our total GDP? Then add to that the Civil Servants incluidng the Unions+PAs here, and you will see how insidious all these parties play into PAPs hands. And how much indirect influence and votes they would garner given their entrenchment. So much for "robust" check and balances.

Anonymous said...

"Just check the number of non-singaporeans working as SIA stewardess."
Anon 4/4/11 11:37

You want to know why?

Because there are not enough Singaporeans qualified or if qualified, NOT WILLING TO WORK as SIA stewardess.

Just like there are not enough Singaporeans qualified or if qualified, NOT WILLING TO BECOME PAP candidates. That's why new citizens are also chosen. Or Tin Pei Ling (for those below 30 years) is also chosen.

Anonymous said...

its about the pool. if they can only drawn from singaporeans, they have to make do, even older singaporeans. but if they can drawn from cheaper and younger foreigners, then these will replace singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

given a choice, would you want to work under...dictators? if not, how to get people to do your bidding or submit to your whip?here, we  lure them with big fat account beyond the average joes dream in a lifetime or lucrative careers through quanxi etc....still, only the foolhardy will swallow the money bait in the name of service to their fellowmen..ya rite. but at the end of the day, there will be some deluded who really believe  he/she can make a difference in an alliance of any tom dicky and hairy...or foo,tin and the pussycat long got degree, phd or masters of the universe is eligible to be a political idol. better if your edukation is accredited by harvard,oxfark or tokyo bukkake anointed.

heard the deal is so good...even oppo also want a split in "$erving their fellowmen".so they got their big guns lawyer adulterers, mysterious candidates and their tongue twisting gang ..and many who can't see daylight will ride toad(not coat) tails. all  eyes on the coveted and limited addiction  thrones that sing to the tune of  15k a month...for a start.

but once they get in, like the crooked old man...occasionally mumble here mumble there or zzzzzzzzz. represent me or themselves hah?

Russell said...

COme on, everybody knows SIA stewards(ess) are just some glorified waiters(ress) in the air. Just like MPs. They are just glorified Customer-Service Reps on the ground. The real people doing the brainworks are only the PermSec and Civil Servants make the executions happen. All that fanciful degrees are just needed for the front-runner to look good and presentable when they go on overseas missions to shake hands with dictators and crooks. Who are we kidding..that they need million dollars for such jobs? The real crux is that PAP with its notorioius years of suppressing political activist and silencing strong views, find it hard to attract talents. There are just no followers who wants to work for LHL. So they just have to offer the highest price to the highest bidders! Cheapening the whole electoral process and the nobleness of the political job all within 1 election period. Singapore is getting sinking low.

Anonymous said...

The brains and ideas are often foreign imported.
With money, you buy their services makes you look good when you mouth their ideas.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of you when sick, will seek the approval of a stranger before heading to see your doctor?

Anonymous said...

imagine, a demoralized 40 to 50 year old man has to seek a 27 year old punk for jobs or housing problems.

The 27 years old just need to be good with her script, offer standard state approved replies and humiliate the retrenched professional with her 15k easy peesy. Haaaaa...

Anonymous said...

I think Lucky wish he was that...lucky. LOL

Anonymous said...

you never know...some ppl seek their tua pek kong first before seeing the doctor you know kekeke

Anonymous said...

Hey,why be so ageist? next time, your father may have to see a 19 yrs old for jobs. HAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

"imagine, a demoralized 40 to 50 year old man has to seek a 27 year old punk for jobs or housing problems."

Because the demoralised 40 or 50 year old man is a minority of voters! (33% or less)

If not, the 27 year old, even under a GRC, will not even be elected!

Anonymous said...

66% have been saved by our gambling dens izzit?

Ah Hai! said...

I enjoyed the forum although it was a little too short; I think CNA could give it 90 minutes instead of just one hour. On the whole, I do feel that the forum is quite an eye-opener for me & both Gerald & Vincent did a good job. I dont mind if my MP isnt the best speaker in the business cos I want him to work for me & not read to me! If by speaking well is a good candidate then I would vote in Lee Tai Sore (the Redifusion story teller of old).

The other thing I gather is I would probably have Tharman as my PM than LHL, he speaks better & seems kinder. At least, I feel he wont gice us rubbish excuses like It Happened, What To Do & Let's Move On!

I hope my place will be contested, so I could do my part as a citizen. Well, even voting a chair is better than PAP, at least I know I could sit on it or use it as a ladder!

HappyYet? said...

SM Goh giving singaporeans a black & white choice -
either live like (1) SG hamster-style (2) Bhutan/Philippines village style. Gee I wonder whatever happen to all the european or american styles in between that he conveniently ignores?
In other words, we'll grow at the expense of space/cost, or we can stagnate and live a happier farming life. If that's the version of our future, it is very bleak. We should start telling our young generations to settle for 2-3 Bdrm HDB to be paid over 20-30 years. Wow..I don't think PAP feels any remorse or responsibility in all that making of singapore at all.

Anonymous said...

Joke lah you people. not because of the casinos, you would have sank under the current leadership much earlier. if you guys really got the substance( so clever hor) or got the system right, why yield your land to casinos?

your casinos bought you some time and with duds coming into parliament with screwed up ideas dividing the people, you may just speed up your own

Anonymous said...

"i am really ashame of my own fin minister. cannot even understand such simple things."

You mentioned he doesn't know it. You must be a fucking idiot if you think he doesn't know. These motherfuckers have engineered it in the place. Make no mistake about it. They want it this way.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:09 gave a good rebutal to paying peanuts would attract monkeys. Yes, it's highly plausible that no one wants to work for the son because of the father. Hence the son paid sinful millions to attract greedymongers to join them.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Tan,

We need people like Vincent -- AND YOU -- in the parliament! Please make yourself available for us to vote.


Anonymous said...

We need 87 Lucky Tans to contest all the seats for opposition in this election.

Only then will I vote for opposition.

If not, nothing will change, even if I vote opposition.

The Pariah said...

Yes, yes, yes - Dr Vincent Wijeysingha's comments and responses most certainly resonated with me!

His father did a good job, raising his son. Not sure that I can say the same for the Lee family!

The Pariah

Anonymous said...

Give me a clean, efficient and transparent system. Cut out the middleman, the wayang and the waste.

Inclusive means diffusive. No more monopolization of power and definitely out with duds.

Anonymous said...

Well done Mr Lucky!
Finally, you see light.
More of the same pls.

Please remember:
There are no "election issues".
"election issues" are but a distraction.
Most Singaporeans are stupid and and are clueless about ideas and policies.
They vote for personalities 1st and goodies 2nd.
They vote for Low TK, for LKY.
PAP knows this. Which is why come elections they kiss babies and make the opposition look bad.

Remember also how the opposition handed power to PAP by doing the "right thing".


Anonymous said...

Ministers, secure your future or our future?

I think, secure your future FIRST, then our future, if we are lucky.

Anonymous said...

Lucky, you too give Temasek a bad name to PAP. First Temasek investment failure, then Lecturers from Temasek Poly joined opposition, then Internet dissident from Temasek Review, then Temasek principal son joined opposition, and me TJCian reading your blog. It seems to me Haw Chong and National are more loyalty

Anonymous said...

Contrast that with PAP's style exemplified in SMRT's latest incident.

Despite knowing for years that it is dangerous not to have railings around the MRT tracks, SMRT with PAP's blessing, did absolutely nothing. It did not matter to these rich PAP bastards that lives were lost along these tracks. They did not feel any responsibility for the citizens who felt so dejected that they had to commit suicide with these MRT tracks.

Now today, we see even an innocent Thai foreigner can lose her legs, no thanks to the inaction of these heartless elites.

I wld like to see how PAP is going to stew in their juices this cominge election.

TalktomyHand said...

Sam Tan of PAP said in Chinese forum " It’s like the hand of a man, which has five fingers. If we look at them separately, we may criticise, why is the thumb so fat, why is the ring finger so small, and the middle finger so long. But if we combine all fingers together, so that they can unleash their power as one, then we will be able to handle anything, take up anything or let anything go at ease."

Me think PAP always act like it is the big thumb, giving itself thumbs up. And actually I feel like we need to give them the middle finger instead.

If me go on that logic, then PAP is the thumb (down), and there are equally important function for the 2/3/4/5th fingers (ie. Opposition parties), so that when they come together ,the integral whole (of the hand) can work together. Sol et's face, we are not a one thumb country!

Anonymous said...

Lim Swee Say said "Instead, we need to elect the best people into the parliament as soon as possible, for it is with good candidates elected into the parliament that we will have the best MPs possible, and with the best MPs, we will have the best cabinet, and with the best cabinet, we will have the best government to develop Singapore to its best."

In other words, waiting for (or in event that) PAP fails so that an alternative party like WP can come in..ain't going to happen. Wow. We should let LSS have the crystal ball before Wall Street crashed. And maybe he could even predicted that the 1 in 50yrs remote chance of Japan's nuclear meltdown will never happen too. Why bother with SM Goh future-sprouting visions. LSS already know what the future in 50years will look like. SUCCESS Guaranteed ! As long as they have monopoly of talents and keep enriching them.

SOmebody ought to tell LSS that not ALL talents want to join PAP. If all talents went to work for IBM , today we would not have HP, Oracle or Microsoft, and customers would not have benefited. When you're Avis #2, they try harder. Eventually they Avis overtook Hertz. And please , Tharman told us we have 2% unemployment (highly skeptical) you told us we have full 100% employment. We can go figure who's trying to mindfark us.

Anonymous said...

Despite the flaws the PAP is perceived to have, why is it that the majority votes go to them?

And just only 66% majority and they can secure 98 seats!

Although Vincent Wijeysingha is very good, as endorsed by Lucky Tan, do the majority of voters see it that way?

Do they think he can effect changes even if he wins?

Do you think even the combined opposition can win to deny PAP 2/3 seat majority?

An even if they win, which is unlikely, can the opposition even stay united?

Politics is not about one or 2 man shows.

Anonymous said...

Cow said...the young are disintereated in politics because today's politicians,unlike his generation, are non corrupt and therefore they feel that they are in good hands.

Well Cow, it could also be that they have been mind farked by the middle kingdom to think all is fine and hence the disinterest.

The mind fark is so successful that they have yielded their rightful inheritance to be more than numbskulls.

Now if you breed a generation of numbskulls, you will exacerbate the imbalance and the price of social disaffection will be steep.

Unity is strength said...

Dear Lucky Tan,

It' s marvelous to see this piece of article can spark more than 100 comments.

Many netizens are reading your articles because you write well and with your abilities, may I sincerely suggest you start an article on , " How to help the opposition win in the election ". You may also request readers to start to brainstorm on this matter. I am sure many concerned readers will respond.

If we just talk and no action, nothing will happen or
change. Do seriously give a thought.

Anonymous said...

Most Voters are afraid to let Opposition win because they are afraid that the value of their flats/house will drop once the opposition take over the care of their area.

This is something that the opposition have to overcome.
Once this is overcome, more people will vote for opposition.

Anonymous said...

The minister must be laughing inside when his criticism of the government's economic policies was based on one or several encounters of unverified testimonies of the man on the street.

Moral of the story: when you beat a snake, try not to blow your pipi.

People are so easily impressed when you know your...ABC.

Anonymous said...

goodness. more emotionally young and naive people are offering their "services" to the nation because of tin. the 15k plus the limelight of rich opportunities are certainly working well for the nation.

huat ah. more good years ahead for SIN.

Protons said...

With severe brain drains in SGP, no wonder the desperate attempts to import talents, and keep touting us of the last batch of the 4G talents they have. It has confirmed my suspicion since GCT sprouted the Quitters/Stayers labels.

Why can't they just openly admit their policies have failed so miserably, and address what it takes to win the hearts/minds of Singaporeans instead? I am beyond sad to see this trend. But if I were to be interviewed, I would fall under the explorers category too.

Anonymous said...

Reattached links

Anonymous said...

"Why can't they just openly admit their policies have failed so miserably, and address what it takes to win the hearts/minds of Singaporeans instead?"
Anon 5/4/11 12:08

You sure their policies failed?

You sure they cannot win hearts/minds?

Then how come they can win the majority votes every election?

You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

//Then how come they can win the majority votes every election?//

Very simple.
1)They use laws to suppress people.Thumbs that sticks up will be hammered.

2)They use MSM to pull the wools over people's mind. German hitler & Mao's China are great example of what a dictator can achieve once they control the MSM. Major lack of free press.

3) They gerrymander their electoral zones according to game theories, GRCs & walkovers.

If they remove all the above 3, and still win the hearts/minds of people, that will be the day I GIVE PAP full credence. Until then, all these are merely visages. The day this happens, Singapore's history will be judging SM Lee in a different light, and PAP will be seen and voted in differently. I challenge if they have the spine to do that. That's the major reason why they need to be in POWER. You just don't know what you don't know.

So stop your cutesy little "why they still win elections everytime". Is a very disgraceful claim.

alk said...

Most PAP's policies, if you look at them from commercial point of view, they actually make sense. For example, look at how MBT develop new town named Punggol 21, which was used by GCT in 1996 election campaign.

All the flats had been built away from the town centre where MRT station and bus interchange are located. So for years, residents at Punggol have to travel by LRT/bus to its town centre to take train/bus elsewhere. They disregard the time and money the residents have to pay, let alone the environmental impact.

But commercially, this will allow the land/flats to appreciate over time, thus enabling MBT to sell new flats nearer to the town centre at least 50% more than the original flats!

And for years, their justification for developing amenities is pure critical mass... disregard the inconvenience of the residents and they dont see such as public service just like commercializing wet markets!

Anonymous said...

All you can say about Vincent is that he is probably the most charismatic of the lot..but I prefer tharman charisma.

Look, should we let charisma sways us?

If you are looking for impressive candidates, look no further than LKY.

Moral of the story: you go that path searching for PoP stars, you will come back to square one and end up...worse off with the old man leaving behind a huge vacuum of power.

The democratic system is a dud one. It is only good at dubbing goons like lucky or most of the undiscerning electorates - and that is despite his well organized political knowledge.

Anonymous said...

//So stop your cutesy little "why they still win elections everytime". Is a very disgraceful claim.//

Agree with Anon 5/4/11 13:32

Anonymous said...

will opposition field dream teams? at the end of the article, ST, you know where the push is.

Fabian was right to caution against a star studded team. as we know, the group think is very real.

but the ST team is in awe of STUDS.

now we understand why the eve's generation has brought the curse on us, don't we?

Anonymous said...

"now we understand why the eve's generation has brought the curse on us, don't we?"

the chow charbo mentality? HAHAHA

Anonymous said...

My greatest mistake in life was to have trusted the government. Now, we are paying for it in terms of housing. Growing up, I really thought they would care for us. Now, I realise I am just a digit and a means to an end for them. I truly regret that I didn't realise these things in my teens. Otherwise, I would have been better prepared. There are many Singaporeans who are still asleep and unaware that this government's policies will hurt them. Only the younger generations are badly hurt by their policies especially their 4 years BTO. I regret I ever was born into this country. I regret being a Singaporean. I no longer see myself as Singaporean. That's just a label the government puts on me. This is not home when you have to wait 4 years for a flat to set up a family and you don't have money to buy a resale flat because the COVs of resale flats have skyrockets due to the government's excessive entry of foreigners. Where is the young Singaporean family suppose to do? Because of this personal hurt, I urge as many Singaporeans to vote for many oppositions into the parliament as the government has turned a deaf ear to the ground. They are deaf and blind. I have given up on the government's lies. They lie too much.

Anonymous said...

the studs looking for looooose women.. so is chao chee bye mentality. Lllool

Anonymous said...

Young or old, taken together, those who are hurt or poor are still a minority.

And with WP Low TK and SPP Chiam moving out of Hougang and Potong Pasir to contest in GRCs, don't be surprised if the newspaper headlines after voting day is 87 vs 0 in favour of PAP.

Anonymous said...

reminds me of the time when the religious gang tried to take over the feminist organization. realized that the only time you see their strong presence is over carnal matters.

how propetic..haaaaa

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

" I don't think the public expects the government to perform miracles and solve these problems overnight..."

I have a different view on that one.

Given the bloated and massively obscene pay package they are paying themselves, I AM EXPECTING MIRACLES OVERNIGHT. Nothing less.

Otherwise, stop all the chest thumping, come back to earth, and bring the pay package closer to the ground.

Unity is strength said...

Dear Lucky Tan,

I have posted a request on 5/4/11 06:50.

I am waiting for you to start the ball rolling.

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder why our ministers are openly welcoming opposition partticipation?

Because they know you guys are DAFT that's why! LoL

Anonymous said...

i wonder if this vincent works for pap cos pap always likes to destroy opposition. i prefer gerard ngiam humility. i also prefer alec tok from the chinese forum.

Anonymous said...

Can you spot the daft" ones.

I go where the money is said...

I dont know about you guys, but I recieved my $110 refund for my TV license.
I will also get about $2000 in cash dividends & utilities rebates!

Will any opposition give these to me too? Can they double it? or maybe lower the cost of rent, car, bus travel, fuel, food and labour?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Lucky

Please see how a professional prepares for an election.

Obama, as a person and leader, is a piece of sh*t.
But he is a politician par excellence.


4thedaft1 said...

//I will also get about $2000 in cash dividends & utilities rebates!//

That's $41 per month spread out over 48months in 4years period. So you can spend $1.37 per day. Enough for your chicken rice? Or 1-way bus fare?

Roy said...

"I go where the money is said... @ 5/4/11 20:51"

? If you really really insist.. go stay in Low Thia Khiang's ward ..ask him to take $200 from you every month every month till the next election, then 2 weeks b4 election ask him to return you.. its not too much work.. I'm sure LTK can accede to your request..

Crazy guy you are..

Anonymous said...

If you dont want the $$ or feel it is not worth your while or it is against your principles... can I have it?

Anonymous said...

Parliament is serious business. Why subject it to a meat market and street wayang comes election?

Because your democratic process makes monkeys of you guys.

Every time when we are close to an election, we see the ugly sides of those who tussle for power and money,including the incumbent.

Ditch the western model.It is trouble everywhere. Surely there is a better WAY?

A more balance system minus all the duds?

Anonymous said...

aiyah, they have no faith so can't move the mountain. let them die in their own foolishness.

Anonymous said...

***Will any opposition give these to me too? Can they double it? or maybe lower the cost of rent, car, bus travel, fuel, food and labour?***

since it is just a shot just to keep you temporarily satisfied. y not if they r able to form the govt. isn't our reserve high on a per capital basis.

as for lower the cost of rent, car, bus travel, fuel, food and labour, don't you think you have directed your attention to the wrong target.

Anonymous said...

I am extremely bothered by how PAP continues to tax (i.e. take $) from everyone, and purport to give back to those in need. Can they guarantee that no one falls through the cracks ? If not, then there are some unfortunate persons who are made to suffer unnecessarily and this is wrong.

Tharman claims that the rebates (i.e. workfare) are more than what was taxed. It sounds really silly and in-effective that the government has to do a double effort to take and then give back. I'm sure it's easier to simply tax those who should be taxed, but in such a situation, the government won't be seen to be generous, isn't it. This is so sad when the government has lost sight of what is important for the people of Singapore, versus what is good for the political party.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Vincent does his father proud. He's a cut of leadership above the rest. What I admire about him is that he listens and he has something to offer. Tharman does not listen. He pretends to listen as that's what he's supposed to do. I believe Tharman has heard it all but he doesn't care. The only difference is that Tharman knows WHEN to be tactful, something our PM doesn't know at all. Anyway, I never voted for the PM.

Anonymous said...

I believe that I’m born again and that Jesus is my savior. I have no doubts about me going in the rapture, except one. I have a sexual relationship with my boyfriend (obviously we aren’t married) and every time we are intimate, I start having doubts about whether or not I will be saved. I’ve read so many times in the Bible that the sexually immoral will never see the kingdom of heaven, and that scares me. Will my relationship with my boyfriend prevent me from going to heaven (in the rapture)? What should I do?

LKYcalledmeDAFTonNATGeographic said...

It's been 10 years and Singaporeans still resent the government for paying itself millions. It seems to me the government is fighting hard for the elections for themselves not for the people of Singapore. They want to keep they guaranteed million dollar salaries for the next 5 years.

ExCivilServant said...

Aiyah, don't worry lah. By now, the people know about this government's lies very well. Just sit back, and observe the upcoming elections. There will be surprises as all oppositions are planning to contest all the wards. This means we will have a chance to witness all those walkover GRCs all these years voting. Then we will have a clearer picture whether the 66.6% of PAP's last votes will remain stay the same or drop.

Many young Singaporeans are voting and we know they don't support the government's policies. So, even if PAP wins, the surprises in store would be good for Singapore's history.

PAP has been complacent all these yaers. Mas Selamat, the international terrorist, escape and potential grievient harm to Singaporeans is a serious matter.

Also, the government preventing civil servants from having a public voice to exercise their rights as a citizen to speak out is another case in point. Many civil servants would be showing their opinions during this many are not for the government's removing their pensions. But the government pays itself millions and KEEPS its pension scheme. Is that fair? Now that civil servants don't have pensions, many won't be supporting this policy. There is nothing for them at the end of their civil service career. In the past, many civil servants voted for the government because they have something to look forward to. Their pensions. Nowadays, things have chnaged. They have nothing to look forward to at the end of their career. This, alone, will sway many votes away from the present ruling party. Many civil servants are becoming aware that there is nothing there for them and that the government doesn't care anymore.

And that's the hard truth.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon 08:38,

If you’re born again, having sex with your boyfriend won’t keep you from going in the rapture.  Our salvation is based on belief, not behavior.   And if you’re born again you shouldn’t have doubts about whether you will be saved because you already saved (Ephes. 1:13-14)

Anonymous said...

All eyes are on the JACKPOT. Who do you want to give it to on draw date?

That's a multi million dollar question as punters and claimers fight for a share.

Anonymous said...

I think many Singaporeans have a good frame of reality with regard to this government.

Last night, I was in the train and there was an Indian couple from INDIA. They had 2 young children with them and I refuse to give up my seats for them. Why should I fucking hell give up my seats for you motherfucking chinamen and indiamen? You are the reason the resale flats went up and we couldn't buy a flat to start a family. So I refuse to relent to them. Soon, I will pass them a note in the train when I exit my station. In it, would be written: "Go back where you came from. We hate to see you here. Get lost! The government will let you in. But we would never accept you nor let you in into our homes, you smelly parasites. You are the reason for why our trains are crowded. You are not welcome here."

Anonymous said...

I want to be able to find my own source of income.

It can be a job, a business venture or simply gambling.

And in my pursuit, I want to be left alone. I do not want regulations to hinder me. I do not want endless tax and fees, just because I have no choice but to get approval from some agency.

I do not want to be dependant on some MNC to allow me have a job.
I do not need the Gov to provide me with a job

I need a Gov that does not bother and hinder me in my pursuit of an income.. if you cannot give me a steady income and are unwilling to fufill that role, then, leave me alone to build my dream.

leave me alone to find my own health care provider

Leave me alone to find my niche in life

Just look after the cleanliness of the roads and street.

Leave me alone to seek justice

Leave me alone to have my own education

leave me alone to find my own grave

Do not compel me to serve in the armed forces

Do not expect me to wave a flag when YOUR friends come and visit

I will find my own transport

Do not compel me to travel in your system

Anonymous said...

I like the system.every 5 five years or so, we see all kinds of people emerging, like magic, to say all kind of FLOWERY things just to get to the...JACKPOT.

Very Colorful Flowers as vibrant as the fake ones.

Anonymous said...

I am probably the only idiotic sinkie to say the PM's idea of leadership is seriously flawed - oppositions, even worse. lol

Quick, send me to IMH lol.

Anonymous said...

In LHL's words - Singapore is a superpower, just like USA. Wow, their head has swelled so much. Just years ago, GCT said we are first world like Switzerland. And he clearly didn't see there was any issue in abusing taxpayers money or wrong in denying Opposition wards the funds/benefits of estate enhancement.

And one of LHL's justification for high salaries upfront is to compensate for politicians who "could not" go on speaking circuits post tenure unlike US. (because he didn't want them to go around sprouting BS & challenging the party perhaps?). The question to ask is - why is it our problem to have to provide welfare (pension funds) to these politicians post-career? Does the man on the street have the same privilege? If these are men who are so highly coveted and talented, what are we saying - that they couldn't even manage their own career?

What is it going to be for the voters'?

Anonymous said...

The voters are...mesmerized. We constantly produced a kind of leadership that keeps them ....mesmerized.

You let them vote, they look at $$$.

Game over.

Anonymous said...

You did well. The era is over. The signs are there. Are you ready to ...ride?

Anonymous said...

haha..the signs they are seeing is....$$$....haha

Anonymous said...

I meant...the ONLY signs in their dirty politicsl minds...LOL

Anonymous said...

Politicking is a dirty business. :)

May the Man win. haaaaa

Anonymous said...

Interesting no...same old PAP crap...

"Elect me & my PAP team" i will ensure there will be x millions to upgrade elderly friendly faciliities and make the infra better....

Problem as follows:

1) These x millions comes from who?...from the people of singapore.

2) Promising "something" but using other people blood monies...where is the shame! And conscience!

3)If x millions note enough? It is okay...jus up GST, ERP etc to get the remaining x millions to meet the "promise"...who monies is it again? The people of singapore.

PAP politicians always talk about directly/indirectly that others must always do the sacrificing you truely see the PIGs really making factually real sacrifices for singapore and its people...barely any.

Uppity gluttony pigs alrite no matter what they say or state...after all their actions shows and speaks louder than any those who can see now and the fall out in the the current & future generations of singaporeans kids.

Bury these white gluttony PIGS this coming GE! For too many years only empty promises and more "bitter" medicine for others but never for themselves....bury these white PIGS!!

Anonymous said...

"I go where the money is said..."
Do you know where all these money is coming from? Singaporeans are one of most heavily taxed people on earth - all the COE, ERP, GST etc,etc. There could easily be more money to be spread around. No need to be in cash; services, charges, housing costs, etc could be lowered. Use your stupid brain!

Anonymous said...

"I go where the money is said..."
Do you know where all these money is coming from? Singaporeans are one of most heavily taxed people on earth - all the COE, ERP, GST etc,etc. There could easily be more money to be spread around. No need to be in cash; services, charges, housing costs, etc could be lowered. Use your stupid brain!

The Pariah said...

Well said, Lucky.

It is harder for the socially disadvantaged to make it now - compared to 20, 30 years ago.

The trappings of meritocracy (eg, govt scholarships) are there. But the essence is no longer true.

It takes much more to catch up with the kids from rich families who go to Pat's School as a toddler and have tutors in every subject who are better qualified than their school teachers.

More kids from rich families get the best scholarships - then LKY says it's because of their genes - clever father, smart mother.

Anonymous said...

Lucky, how does the election process ensure the 'integrity' of my vote?

I think that's the critical now.... I am dont want to be mistaken as the 66% in the last election.

I am sure many have the same feeling.

Anonymous said...

I'm just curious... Mr Eugene Wijeyshigha certainly was a school principal, but not of a junior college as far as I know.

Anonymous said...

Come On All Singaporean!!!

No matter what you written here, All opps party candidates need your secret weapon i.e. your vote. Sometime I really feel we are NATO, and practically wasting our time to read and write about things that we are not satisfied with but not putting it into actions.

My thot is Opps is very unlikely to get 1/3 of the parliament seats basically it takes time to change the facet of the polical environment. We understood Malaysia had achieved that during the last election. However, Singapore opposition might need another 2-3 elections or even next 20 years to achieve the 1/3 of parliament seats.

Anyway, there are many blogs and news (yahoo posts) bringing up issues similiar to here. I think we should educate people around us about all these issues inorder for our voices to be heard LOUD AND CLEAR.

If Opps can maintain the current 2 seats and win an GRC for this coming election, I think we should consider as blessing and have take a big step in letting our current political party knowing what is actually happening on the ACTUAL ground.

Anonymous said...

chen show mao should be represented in this online forum discussion instead of gerald as he is still young, chen show mao should impart his experiences to gerald and also lead the workers party as chairman to make the workers party the First World Parliament! WP WP!

Anonymous said...


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