Thursday, April 21, 2011

GE 2011 : Time for change....

The picture above was taken by a New Paper reporter and it shows Chee Soon Juan talking to Tan Jee Say. Tan Jee Say was Goh Chok Tong's principal private secretary from 1995 to 2000.  Although Tan Jee Say has not decided whether he will be running in the coming elections, the picture of him sitting across a very small table talking to Chee symbolises the serious need for this country to discuss and debate the issues that confront us today and in the near future. In 1990s, I remember a series of forum letters written by Chee Soon Juan to the Straits Times warning of rising income gap and poverty. At that time, he faced a torrent of citicism by the establishment that dismissed his warnings and ran him down for "engaging in the politics of jealousy". 2 decades later, we do not have the Swiss standard of living but the highest income gap among developed countries and a growing underclass that is struggling just to survive...and many who can't have to depend on schemes such as Workfare  to keep their heads just above water. Now Tan Jee Say, a top civil servant from the late 1990s, is sitting with the "Singapore Rebel" Chee to decide if he needs to join the opposition to bring about change in Singapore. It just goes to show how clear and compelling the signs are that this country needs to change its course.

In their manifesto, the PAP claims they will help Singaporeans to cope with the rising cost of living citing those one-off election goodies as the solutions to Singaporeans woes. But Singaporeans know that the big elephants in the room are healthcare, housing, large foreign influx and transport. Unless we reform each of these, our quality of life will decline, the income gap will rise and Singaporeans will fall into poverty in greater numbers. At this late hour, it is quite incredible for the PAP to put out a manifesto that just tells us they will preserve the status quo without major changes....quite amazing to hear Mah Bow Tan say cheaper public housing will 'raid' our reserves when most people known that expensive public housing has 'raided' their ability to retire.

"Workers' Party's proposal on housing dangerous...." - Mah Bow Tan, Straits Times 21 April 2011[.Link]

"85% of Singaporeans are living in HDB flats and we intend to keep the values of these homes up. It will never go down,” said MM Lee.Link

I tell you what is really dangerous. What is really dangerous is the PAP linking our retirement to housing by draining our CPF for the purchase of HDB flats. MM Lee said recently that HDB flat prices will never drop. But we know from housing bubbles around the world governments can never artificially make housing prices go up forever relative to income. The global economy to which the Singapore economy is linked is prone to recessions and when the high price of housing fall, Singaporeans will be severely affected and this is really dangerous...and it is the PAP that endangered us with its unbalanced policies.

The PAP approach to rising healthcare cost has been to shift the rising costs to the sick and their families through means testing to keep govt expenditure which is already the lowest among developed countries down. Singaporeans today do not have universal healthcare as about 18% (1 in 5) are uninsured. Pushing more financial burden onto Singaporeans as healthcare cost rise sharply due in part to govt policies to turn Singapore into a medical hub for the rich, has strained the finances of the lower and middle income groups. We are starting to have a system in which quality and timeliness of care is sharply differentiated based on your ability to pay - further exacerbating the effects of the income gap. Khaw Boon Wan liberalised the use of Medisave for Malaysian hospitals implicitly telling those who are too poor to seek medical care in Malaysia.

The foreign talent policy grew from one that brings in selected talents to help develop the Singapore economy to  one of massive influx straining our services and infrastructure. This influx has become a blunt tool for the PAP to grow the GDP by increasing the workforce headcount. The effects has been detrimental for ordinary Singaporeans who saw their wages depressed, cost of living go up and increasing structural unemployment as employers become less willing to keep older workers because they can import younger foreign ones.

The PAP manifesto of 1688 words just tells they intend to do things the same way despite the pleas of Singaporeans. The PAP is very confident (some say complacent) because it has a whole lot of pork barrel to influence voters:

"SINGAPORE : Residents in the newly-created Nee Soon Group Representation Constituency (GRC) will see their estates rejuvenated to the tune of more than S$600 million, under the area's five-year town renewal plan.", CNA, 21 April 2011[Link]

The Workers Party has presented manifesto with more than 17,000 words and within these words are ideas that will change your life for the better and put this country back on the right track. However, these words are not actionable without your support and votes to get the people behind them into parliament. I remember during the 2006 elections, Low Thia Kiang urged Singaporeans to put his A-team in Aljunied into parliament. In 2006, I was in East Coast GRC but thanks to PAP's gerrymandering,  although I'm staying in the same place, I'm now in Aljunied GRC.....and I'll be voting for change.


Anonymous said...

A nation of sheep will get a government of wolves - Edward R. Murrow.
Only you can change it. Vote wisely.

Green Hornet said...

May 7th - vote for change!!

NS Man said...

I can't imagine Singapore having 6.5 million people and I can't stand PAP ministers drawing 40 months salary for the next five years.

I am overseas now but I will call my mum, brothers, in-laws, nieces, nephews, friends and ex-colleagues, and urge them to vote for the oppositions. I will lso donate some money to some of opposition parties.

If everyone of us here do likewise, I think we have a chance!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lucky,

I've been following you for some time now and you've inspired me to start my own blog.

Let's continue to spread the truth

Opposition voters said...

Dear Mr Tan Jee Say,

We, the opppositon voters are anxiously awaiting for you to stand up for us. To speak for us.

Please do not ponder any further.

Time is running out. If you miss this GE, we may never have another chance to vote for you.

thefarside said...

Its very strange to have so many "establishment" people coming out (or considering contesting) against the party they had once served. The ground is moving...

Anonymous said...

Judging by the way the ruling party handled the TPL fiasco, I can only conclude that they will continue to bulldoze through the same policies that were in place the last 5 years, if left unchecked. Forget about masters and servants, it's like a pact with the devil

Anonymous said...

the mind of most sporean have been BRAINWASHED by PAP in the media & press for over 50yrs...the OPPOSITION must go all out to BRAINWASH the sporean mindset to make a CHANGE but it is gonna be tough...NOW we are in a new era where cyberspace can de-activate their BRAINS to wake them up but to those who are illiterate the OPPOSITION must get in touch with them on the ground to BRAINWASH them..then SPORE got HOPE! Cheers!:)

Anonymous said...

Mr JS Tan, please do your fellow men a favour. Unless you like us to suffer more in future, if not please save us. Time is running short, another 5 years will kill us esp for those who do not belong to the elite group and are struggling to get a job. Have heart.

hayek said...

Is there a civil war between Goh's faction and Lee's faction?

Recently Goh's walking dog ala Lim Boon Heng..etc has been throwing dirt on PAP on mainstream media.

Anonymous said...

The oppositions have limited resources to contest in every election moreover the ruling regime policy of marking out the boundaries and GRCs are always not in favour with the opposition. Every election is a uphill battle for the opposition but i really salute them for being resilence in holding out all the unfavouring situation to form a large time for all singaporean to appreciate the Movement in the Opposition...they will do their best in parliament ...please VOTE them IN! it TIME FOR CHANGES!!

Anonymous said...


I like your concise postings and would like to congratulate you for the well written pieces. I couldn't leave a comment in your blog because I don't have a valid ID. Thanks Lucky for allowing Anonymous postings and hope he doesn't mind me borrowing his space here.

Cheers, :-)

Anonymous said...

i really cannot stand pap anymore. they think they are gods and we are daft. i hope for change.

Anonymous said...

The fundamental change should be on the constitutions. Rewrite the constitutions to protect the people's right is the first task after change is mandated. Without a sound constitutions, any ruling party, not just the current PAP, can possibly abuse the power to amend the constitutions to suit its purpose. Only a proper constitutions can ensure the government to be the servant of the people and the people are the master of the country. Constitutions may be amended only after a referendum and should not be changed by just the parliament or the government.

Anonymous said...

I'm overseas, so can't read the mainstream media. What are some dirts that LBH has been dishing out? Any links?

Anonymous said...

In the past GE I had voted under Joo Chiat SMC, but when I checked the Election Dept website I found my electoral division is now Marine Parade. I am staying in the same home.
This is shocking!

Anonymous said...

Among all the policies, influx of immigrants is the biggest mistake.

That mistake will probably make our so called 'productivity drive' even more difficult since the immigrants will stand to gain more than the locals who have been gradually priced out of the market.

We require changes. Otherwise, we have somewhat endorsed the migrant policy. We require a more balanced society. Otherwise, we have agreed with the 'number game' set by the elites.

Anonymous said...

What so shocking about it?

Nothing will be shocking, even on 7 May, as outcome will be more or less the same. Rather, it will be boring and disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Recently, i visited Guangzhou and Hongkong. i am really amazed by what i have experienced. Although,their MTR trains are much longer, traction's motor are much powerful, faster and Most of their resident's buildings are towering over 40 storeys high. I felt that these two cities are really too crowded. Guangzhou have 10 million people and similarly HK not far.
i heard our Government are considering building higher hdb building in Bishan, Toapayoh, etc.
i doubt, how are they going to increase the length of the train. With 6.5 million people, how are the government delivered?

Anonymous said...

"Among all the policies, influx of immigrant is the biggest mistake."
Anon 21/4/11 17:07

That depends on who you are.

Anonymous said...

I am staying in Hougang and have voted for change for two decades.

Having been fixed all those years, I will continue to vote for change even if the opposition put a lizard or a cockroach against the PAP in Hougang.

There is nothing for me to lose by now, anyway. I am now a die hard voter for change.

Kojakbt said...

Talking about unaffordable healthcare, this is the plight of the Sohs family. Compare that to the Yeos... (written by a Papsmearer, forumer in SBF):


The Tale of 2 leukemia cases – Minister Yeo’s son vs heartlander Sohs’ daughter

Firstly, let me preface this by saying it’s no laughing matter that Minister Yeo’s son has leukemia and also that Marjorie Soh, the 12-year-old girl lost her battle with leukemia at the age of twelve. I can’t imagine the pain of losing one’s child at that age.

However, I am struck by the contrast and similarity between these 2 cases. In one case, Minister Yeo has a young son diagnosed with leukemia and the Sohs also had a young daughter diagnosed with leukemia too. One family carries on their life with no noticeable financial burden while the other family is, in effect, bankrupt and is chased after by creditors and had to sell their home.

Minister Yeo is a wealthy man, we all know this and despite the ability to get cheap medical care in Singapore for his son (such as $8 heart bypass surgeries available only to ministers like him), he chose to send his entire family (all 5 of them) to Memphis, Tennessee to live there for 9 months while his son undergoes medical treatment there. I am not even going to guess what the cost is. And while there, he renovated his house into a sterile environment for his son, yet another $1 million spent there easily.

The heartlander Sohs, in the meantime, used Singapore doctors and hospital (because the Government tells them they are the best in medical field in the region) and ran up a $400K medical bill. And still, the daughter died. I guess that Minister Yeo did not get the memo that he was already living in a country that has the ‘bestest’ facilities and doctors, and decided to take his son to the US instead. The Sohs have spend literally every dollar they have to save their daughter, just like any person reading this would have done. They have even sold their home and yet it was not enough to cover the bills. They will be made bankrupt soon. And no Government agencies, hospitals or doctors can or are willing to save them. Even a greedy doctor in the news cut her bill in half and then rebated some payments further for the sister of Brunei Sultan. But this is not applicable if you are just a normal citizen whom the Ministry of Foreign Affair will likely ignore if you write in for help.

Sad to say, in Singapore, this is not the exceptional case at all. From personal experience, I have friends and relatives who have incurred 6-figure medical bills despite all the plethora of supposed insurance and available financial aid plans according to the PAP. SM Goh used to say repeatedly that no one will be left behind in Singapore’s economic success. I beg to differ, many people are being left behind and they are not in the lower spectrum either. They are regular people, not poorly educated or jobless.

What happened to the principle that all will receive the same medical care? Since when it has been OK for a servant of the people like Minister Yeo to say local medicine is not good enough, I go to the US. If the Sohs could afford it, I am sure they would have gone to Memphis too, and maybe the Minister and the Sohs could have been neighbours.

Kojakbt said...


Herein lies the deception that Khaw, Mah and the other ministers have played on the Singapore people:

1) Health care is affordable. No, it’s not. Ask the Sohs and thousands like them.
2) You can monetize your flat for your retirement. Well, not if you, your spouse or child has a serious illness, in which case, you will do just like what the Sohs did – sell your flat to pay for the medical costs. What are the odds that a serious illness will happen to you or someone in your family before the age of 65 years? It’s high. So, good luck to you if you are relying on your flat to fund your retirement.

What does it say about a country with hundreds of billions in reserve, multimillion dollar ministers and politicians, shiny new high rises, fantastic Government buildings, politicians who go overseas for medical treatments and French cooking, and all these cannot save one little girl’s family from financial ruin? If you still think you want to vote for the PAP, you have rocks in your brain. Just remember, TODAY IT WAS THE SOHS. TOMORROW, IT COULD BE YOUR FAMILY. Just like that.


* Minister Yeo sent his son to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital ( for treatment. St. Jude is internationally recognized for its pioneering research and treatment of children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases. Ranked the No. 1 pediatric cancer hospital by Parents magazine and the No. 1 children’s cancer hospital by U.S. News & World Report, it is the first and only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center devoted solely to children. St. Jude has developed research protocols that helped push overall survival rates for childhood cancer from less than 20 percent when the hospital opened to almost 80 percent today. It publishes more research articles than any other pediatric cancer research center in the US.

St. Jude treats more than 5,700 patients each year and is the only pediatric cancer research center where families never pay for treatment not covered by insurance. No child is ever denied treatment because of the family’s inability to pay. It is financially supported by thousands of individual donors, organizations and corporations.

(Papsmearer: That’s right. You read that correctly. Even though Minister Yeo is a foreigner, a total stranger, this hospital would still treat his son for free if he did not have the money to pay for it. Got such thing or not in Singapore? Unheard of, even Minister Khaw has to pay $8. Yet, the PAP has no qualms about bankrupting a family for hospital bills. I wonder if Minister Yeo even paid anything for the treatment of his son!).

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky,

Thanks for choosing WP, I am also staying in Aljunied. Let's help bring WP into a first world parliament!

Fedupofprogress said...

PM Lee - Of 116,000 jobs created last yearm 51% went to foreigners. So 49% local+PRs. The influx of FTs have benefited the economy. They keyword here is "Economy",not the people. Why not 70% locals?
That explains why they are not outlining their manifestos in clear terms because Singaporeans will reject. They will continue to do so - growth at all cost.

Grace said...

The electoral threat of WPs and how MBT should come clean with his "Taiji"

Anonymous said...

Come on, fellow singaporeans. It's time for us to change the status quo, and salvage what's left of a future for our children and loved ones!

Reject the PAP at the ballot box on 7 May! Vote for change!

Anonymous said...

Yes, i will vote for change. I cannot stand it anymore!?

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan Jee Say,

Please stand up to rescue S'pore. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

"... although I'm staying in the same place, I'm now in Aljunied GRC.....and I'll be voting for change."
Lucky Tan

Last round PAP won 56% in Aljunied GRC.

I think this round PAP may still win but even if it is 50.XXX %, it will still be a win.

And this is for sure, if PAP can win Aljunied, it will win all GRCs and SMCs, except Hougang (if Low TK remains there)

This, I predict is the most likely anticlimax to happen on the night of 7 May 2011.

Lucky Tan, it may then dawn on you that alas, your blog and vote makes no diference.

Anonymous said...

"I have not decided yet" reported the headline in the New paper dated 20 April 2011 regarding Tan Jee Say.

Wah Lau eh, at this time still hesitating and cannot make up mind ah.

If the report is accurate, and if eventually Tan Jee Say contest in my ward, I will also be hesitating whether to vote for him, even though I want to vote for opposition with good credentials.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Lucky

Half of your fans think Chee is a moron while the other thinks he is some kind of mole.

Which sort of sums up Mr Tan's chances as well as confirming MM Lee's observation that singaporeans are indeed daft.

Btw, 7 May isn't too far away. Talk is cheap! WP needs more than just your pitiful vote... they need your resources ... money and time. Come on .. setup a collection or something!

Anonymous said...

btw Mr Lucky ... your BFF isn't too please with WP's manifesto.

And check out the VERY SERIOUS discussion.

Anonymous said...

You can view temasekreview without difficulty:

Anonymous said...

"......In our eyes our leaders were failures. A cacophony of yes men that wouldn't take a stand and fight for the things that could have saved us and were too proud to listen to anyone in the field......"

Tampa, Florida

hayek said...

Let us celebrate with fire-crackers and lion dance while seeing George Yeo Son got Leukemia. This is really divine justice for people like him.

George Yeo used to be Minister of Health 2 January 1994-25 January 1997. He has allowed medical bill to sky rocket.

Divine has does its work in punishing liars and rentier elite and I hope they will be punished 100x harder.

Meanwhile, do not forget to mourn for average Singaporean who got bankrupt by medical bills.

SG Girl Next Door said...


Thanks for sharing the Soh's story. Brought tears to my eyes...

Anonymous said...

The number of expats (non asians) in my company is of a significant number and most of them draw a sum of more than 7K a month whereas. They can afford rentals of places of more then 3K a month. This is not even my salary. Many of these are not as competent as they are relative to their pay scale. The EDB is supporting them to be here which ties in to taxes going into their pockets. I am asking for a pay scale relevant to their level of competence which singapore is all about. meritocracy. I think not.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I read and think about foreigners in Singapore and the feelings of alienation by Singaporeans, I am reminded of a book;

"The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" by English historian Edward Gibbon.

Wikipedia link:

Excerpts as follows:

"According to Gibbon, the Roman Empire succumbed to barbarian invasions in large part due to the gradual loss of civic virtue among its citizens. They had become weak, outsourcing their duties to defend their Empire to barbarian mercenaries, who then became so numerous and ingrained that they were able to take over the Empire."

Anonymous said...

As always,a good piece.

Has anyone ever thought how the development masterplans of the various goverment departments(ie the CIVIL SERVICE eg LTA, NParks) have been shamelessly HIJACKED by the candidates as THEIR OWN?

They make it sound like they have planned and justified and sort its funding,when in truth they have little or NO input.

So whether the incumbent candidates WIN or LOSE,the masterplans will be executed .

A recent ST report hints that the new downtown line in Bukit Timah is the work of the MPs there. The line is in advanced stage of construction,and will not stop whatever the outcome of the polls. No?

Kojakbt said...

ST Headline (22/4)
Foreigners help create good jobs for S'poreans: PM
1.5 local jobs created for every foreigner employed at new $3.7b wafer plant

In remarks acknowledging Singaporeans' worry that foreign workers were taking away good jobs from them, Mr Lee cited statistics to the contrary. He said that IM Flash Singapore employs 1,200 workers, of which six in 10 are Singaporeans and permanent residents (PRs), and four in 10 are foreigners.

My observations:

> 6 in 10 are SGs and PRs. But he didn't want to breakdown this figure further and stealthily lumped Singaporeans together with PRs in his "statistics". Are PRs Singaporeans, may I ask, Mr Lee?

> This useless daddy's son used a factory example to illustrate. Sure, when you want to employ foreign WP or SP holders in factories, there is quota for foreigners. That is, you must employ a certain number of Singaporeans before you can employ certain number of foreigners. But for PMET jobs (ie, foreign EP holders), there is NO quota. PMET Jobs in Shenton Way, Suntec City, Tampines, Changi North etc are slowly taken over by FTs. I was even told that a certain MNC on the 14th floor of Suntec Tower 5 now completely employs FTs!

Anonymous said...

So what if the flat i live in is worth a million? It can only be realised if it is sold. Where will I live after that? In another smaller and costlier flat,for which my mortgage will now be more and longer. So will the lowering of HDB prices really make a million HDB owners unhappy,as is claimed by MBT?One million who have fully paid up their units ? And One million all waiting to sell out to downgrade? To emigrate?

hayek said...

"According to Gibbon, the Roman Empire succumbed to barbarian invasions in large part due to the gradual loss of civic virtue among its citizens. They had become weak, outsourcing their duties to defend their Empire to barbarian mercenaries, who then became so numerous and ingrained that they were able to take over the Empire."

Prior to the Roman Empire, the Roman Republic collapse due to rentier elite's import of "foreign talent".

The "FT" is the cause of moral decay that culminates the the end of Roman Empire. Allow me to explain.

During the punic wars, Roman peasants were conscripted to serve the army and left their farms behind.

After the victory, the Roman landed elite found their wealth exploded when victory give them a plentiful war-slave. (cheap FT)

The citizen farmers found themselves unable to compete with "cheap FT" and are driven to bankruptcy.

While soldiers who fought the punic wars often returned home to find their family in ruin. (Slave FT destroyed the honest agrarian lifestyle)

Many peasants were driven to debt. Meanwhile, due to exploitation of slave, then witness a high surge of slave revolt most notably the Spartacus War.

These homeground war ruined the citizens further.

Cheap FT is not new, it has happened in history, just that u do not know it.

Kojakbt said...

From Sales Mgr $4K/mth to dishwasher $6/hr!

Used to earning $4000 a month as a sales manager just three years ago before been retrenched during the global financial crisis, he is reduced to ekking out a living as a dishwasher now making $6.00 an hour at a cafeteria – a lone Singaporean amidst a sea of foreigners in this service-orientated industry.

Anonymous said...

When the U.S. housing market tanked in 2008, the signs were already there 2 years beforehand. In 2006 Professor Shiller had indicated that the American household debt ratio to income of 120% was too dangerously high. Any dynamic change in the
economy`s variables will cause the
housing bubble to burst. Professor
Shiller in fact had a shoe thrown
at him in one of his famous public
Dear Lucky, you are right to say
that the ole man is quite wrong
to suggest that housing prices
are to ascend geometrically
into eternity. Has the ole man
taken the astronomical debt to income ratio into consideration?
He is definitely not an economist.
Perhaps, its just a brilliant ploy
to extol loyalty and an uncanny
patronage to the voters.
Speaking of uncanny patronage,
Gadaffi was handing out U.S.$400
to every of his loyalists and tribe in Tripoli just prior to the current civil upheaval.
Singaporeans must by now distinguish between good governing policies to short term `Gadaffi` patronages.

Anonymous said...

Anon 22/4/11 11:23

Singapore is totally different from the US or Libya, so it is meaningless to compare.

Are we as big and powerful as the US?

Are we under attack by NATO or what not foreign power like Libya?

And do we have oil or large land area like Libya?

Is our PM Lee like Gaddafi?

We are not even like Malaysia, even though similar in terms of history, culture and racial mix.

Singapore will hence not be like any other country.

Anybody who thinks that the 2008 political tsunami in Malaysia will also happen here is dreaming.

And I would say that the outcome on 7 May will be boring and disappointing, either 86:1 or 87:0 in favour of PAP.

Don't hope for anything new, as things will be as usual.

You must help yourself if you want something new and positive for you.

Anonymous said...

"Don't hope for anything new, as things will be as usual."
Anon 22/4/11 11:44

Hahaha, that's right and you are talking about outcome on 7 May.

Even Lucky Tan also agreed, "More of the same..." in his blog, and he is talking about the PAP Manifesto.

So swee, swee (perfect) lah, the PAP Manifesto will match reality on 7 May 2011.

Anonymous said...

I detect a PAP mole.

Anonymous said...

"I detect a PAP mole."
Anon 22/4/11 11:59

Not a mole, but only says things "as it is." Or "most likely it will be".

Like the saying, "calling a spade a spade".

Anonymous said...

Follow the #sgelections twitter to get a feel of what the grounds (esp young) are. You don't need to sign up account to follow..quite interesting post there

Anonymous said...

Lucky, saw u in the newspaper! Too bad you are not coming to Bedok

Russell said...

Tan Jee Say of SDP now said Economic policies will lead to social disintegration. The ESC report was a total whitewash..! The ominous signs cometh.

Anonymous said...

"Tan Jee Say of SDP now said Economic policies will lead to social disintegration. The ESC report was a total whitewash..! The ominous signs cometh."
Russell 22/4/11 16:01

I agree. But can he win? Even if he can win, can the opposition deny PAP 2/3 majority?

And assuming (and a big one) the opposition can deny PAP 2/3 majority, can they even be united as one when they can't even do so before the elections.

Even a much bigger country like Malaysia has only 3 main opposition parties - PAS, DAP and PKR.

Tiny Singapore, just the size of urban Klang Valley (KL and its suburbs) in Malaysia, has WP, SPP, SDP, RP, NSP, SF, JP, DPP, PKMS as political parties!!!!!!!!

And even need to loan candidates from each other or can't even decide not to fight 3 or 4 corner fights!!!

Any wonder why majority voters will want to stick to the status quo? Or the outcome on 7 May will be boring and disappointing?

Anonymous said...

/// hayek said...

Is there a civil war between Goh's faction and Lee's faction?

Recently Goh's walking dog ala Lim Boon Heng..etc has been throwing dirt on PAP on mainstream media. ///

More than likely - I was thinking along the same line. SM Goh seems to be saying all the "wrong" things recently, so much so that PM has to counter him. Example - limiting ministers to 2 terms - implying there are too much "talents", while the official PAP position is that Singapore is too short of talents to have 2 teams. But they forgot that they have 5/6 ministers in PMO doing FO.

Now Tan Jee Say is coming out to the opposition. Note that Jee Say used to work for SM Goh. Are they signalling to those credible talents out there to strengthen the opposition. One fighting within the PAP, and the other without the PAP.

This election and the next will be interesting to watch.

Anonymous said...

"One swallow does not make a summer"
Greek critic, philosopher, physicist, & zoologist (384 BC - 322 BC)

The opposition need to have 87 candidates with the educational and work background like those of PAP, united like the PAP, BUT WITH THEIR THINKING AND CONVICTIONS DIFFERENT FROM PAP AND CONTEST AS ONE AND ONLY ONE PARTY IN THE OPPOSITION!

Until the day this happen, nothing will change from the status quo.

ALfred said...

to Anon 17:38;

Frak you PAP dicksucker!

Anonymous said...

i always wonder how come payback time always comes so fast for those little "one-off election goodies" after PAP becomes our master, is it the mandate of heaven or people to slave our lives under their regime?

Anonymous said...

Anon 17:44

But you will be shafted all the same.

Anonymous said...

If you have difficulty viewing

you can still view TemasekReview through these 2 websites:

Anonymous said...

I watched Tan Jee Say speaking on TV last night. I was very impressed by his articulateness. I especially liked what he said about jobs in casinos versus jobs to educate our children. The gahment does not put Singaporeans first. There was a time when it was a must for MNCs to promise technology transfer so that S'pore could progress. Every time I hear about FTs I wonder why they are not made to promise to train Singaporeans so that our adults & children can move up the talent rungs. Only TJS said on tv that additonal teachers for our students could nurture our work force. I salute him!

Anonymous said...

i didn't know singapore got paparazzi and is political motivated one, until i see this photo of Dr Chee having a conversation with someone. look like the pap fanaticism now on overdrive mode this coming hard eRection.

Anonymous said...

I have heard enough of bullshits and elephants shits for the last 10 years from the MIW and I have enough.

I only voted twice when I was in my twenties. Since then, in my fifties, I have not voted. Give me a chance to vote and I will vote for a chance even if it means to vote in a monkey.

scheng said...

Mah's remark is very insulting.
If we cannot raid govt's reserve, what about govt raids our reserve?
1. CPF cut of employer's contribution.
Used to be 20%. Was a time when it was 13%. That is a salary cut of 7% by govt. Until now still not back.
2. Numerous calls for salary cut
Over the years, many calls by govt to tell us to accept salary cut.
3. No cut in housing price
Since salary suffers cut of 10% to 20%, on top of CPF cut, logically HDB should cut the price of new HDB flats accordingly.
Never happen. Only size reduction of 10%.
4. Govt increases demand by bringing in foreigners.
5. Govt limits supply by limiting the building of new flats.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I work in Kaki Bukit. maybe we can have tea if you free. ^^

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