Tuesday, April 19, 2011

GE : 7 May 2011


Anonymous said...

Many thanks to Lucky. I have been following this blog for more than 5 years and I have learned alot from you. This blog gave me a mind of my own and I learned to really think. Thanks. But I think in this coming election, the PAP will still win. Sad fact, most singaporean cannot think.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous above, my thoughts really resonate with yours. Lucky, you are a hidden genius - a great political observer. Thank you for revealing so many truths that otherwise we may not be able to find out. 'Lucky Tan' is your hidden persona and you must be an important someone out there.

And anonymous is right, PAP will continue to lord over us. Lee Kuan Yew has set Singapore's future in stone, there is no turning back. I emphathise with the real fighters out there, and also the millions of Singaporeans living in deception.

Anonymous said...

Any good fortune tellers out there who can read the stars and galaxy for Singapore?

Although logic and analysis can be good, but sometimes we also need to read the stars too!

If the stars say there are omens of great disharmony and negative energy in May and after, then things may not be as usual.

Because sometimes man proposes, god disposes.

The sun never sets said...

Change may not occur in my time.

Other generations may be more aware and will not take it lying down.

Even the Pharoahs did not last
Neither did the Romans

Meanwhile, I sit and watch.
The circus has arrived.

WiseVote said...

Every belief has a consequence. What's the belief you hold day to day? What do you like to say to yourself when people talk about PAP. What're your default words and phrases? Do you say Singapore is

(1) Safe/Peace (2) Clean (3) Successful

And these are reasons why you justified and voted them OVER and OVER again?

Now ask this questions. Did your VOTE for PAP guided you towards the following "problems" as a result of your belief

1) Safe = Police state. No freedom of expression in a fear climate. No free press. No open dissent or ability to peaceful protest/rally. No say in civic debate on important issues that affect us. Bankrupt, detain, house arrest, or oppression of Opposition candidates that threatens their power at all cost. ALL in the name of "SAFE".

2) Clean = Cover up of government mistakes, fudging data by yarn spinning on real demand/supply/cost/talent issues pertaining to transport, healthcare, food, hdb, employment etc. No visibility in GIC/Temasek our Sovereign wealth fund on how they borrow our CPF money to invest and accountability for losses. Pay for MPs million dollars salaries to avoid corruption. ALL these in the name of staying "CLEAN" , so clean that important data are covered up, dismissed or even showing up on surface anymore. What else are we not seeing?

3) Successful = Translate to Singaporeans have the longest work hours per week after Japan, work/life balance not as critical as GDP output, over reliance on maids and in recent case, justification for high influx of foreign talents. People are just digits in their cost center to grow GDPs. In other words, we are the automatons, the duds and poor foals metered by the Horse Masters with a whip to perform to the axioms of "Cheaper, Faster, Better". ALL in the name of SUCCESS.

Do you say because of (1-3) you have no choice, but to vote for PAP? Think again. Do all these results in your increased power of choice, or more a sense of no choice (powerless)? Is voting for PAP a focus on the past or are you taking stock of the present situation & decide for our future?

Our ability to step up and vote for CHANGE when we have a CHANCE, will determine our family & next generation's happiness. Help us stem the loss of our young talents who are emigrating at high rate. We are losing our own talents over new workers from elsewhere. What is it going to be?

An Outsider said...

Now is the time for everyone to walk the talk. This maybe the only and last chance Singaporean has to do what is right for themselves and for their children and countrymen.

You have the destiny in your own hand. Failing this you have only yourself to blame.

Do the right thing on May 7.

Anonymous said...

"I ask myself today, what is my dream?
I can humbly say, my dream, at 75 years of age, is to be able to fly the flag for the opposition in Singapore by Fighting a Good Fight, to win a GRC in the coming elections.

Some people say to me, “Why do you still want to fight the next election in a GRC? It’s time to retire. It’s getting too hard for you.”

But you know, this isn’t a hard job.

In fact, it is harder to bring up a family with little income.
It is harder competing for jobs with foreign talents.
It is harder to look after a disabled child, or an elderly parent
It is harder to afford hospital bills for your family.
These, are hard jobs that Singaporeans are facing. And it will get tougher.
--- Chiam See Tong

That alone inspires me. This election is about US. Thanks CST for the fight and reminder.

Crimebuster said...


They are AT it again! They call it outreach program, I call it outright bribery program. What they do to our leaders by paying them million dollars, now they want to bankrupt our youths by offering ipad..what's next?

They will be "selling or lelong" our citizenships/passport to the foreign talents soon.

sigh..what has this society become under the fascist rule.


Anonymous said...

After 7 May 2011, these are the scenarios that will happen:
doom days for the next 5 years,
living will become worse and more miserable,
many pre-election tricks will be reversed,
GST will increase to more than 10%,
flood of foreigners will be coming,
more Singaporean jobs will be given to foreigners,
price of HDB flats will double in the next 5 years,
healthcare subsidy will be reduced for Singaporean,
more overcrowding of public transport,
COE and ERP will rise,

Anonymous said...

New Game Online - Vote Out The PAP Candidates You Do Not Want!


James Bono said...

May 7th will signal a change in Spore's history

Anonymous said...

seriously i can't understand why they insist on their foolishness. can't they understand that in time to come, the current young generation who suffered from these suffocating policies will ultimately be the majority ones voting, with the older generation who remembers those glorious days slowly being phased away?

Anonymous said...

I happened upon this video about capitalism and its effects on people. It is 80 minutes long, but I really suggest that you sit through it.

I got chills when I think about the parallels of actions and events with what has happened in Singapore. My thoughts after watching? What is the true history of Singapore? Each and every Singaporean must know about this so that we can make a Singaporean Singapore.

The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism,

Anonymous said...

It will be good if voters aware of

Ministers’ income from 2006 to 2011

And the nation’s median income from 2006 to 2011

Anonymous said...

While delight to see the encouragement messages of change but will it really take effect? Having gone through the fourth times election, nothing new and changes. From the time of Cheng San till today... I really feel so disappointed and upset. Someone in yahoo commented that the "depreciation" of current situation is due to attitude of how the civil servants contributed. The truth is there are many yes men who are not willing to rock the boat so as not to rock their rice bowl. But being true blue singaporean, they rather sell themselve for the sake of living rather than helping to steer a ship that is almost crashing. I am in that ship and when I cant change, I rather jumped into the sea and be drown than to do thing against my conscience. I felt proud and stand high when I was young but no longer now. I thought I am an alien in this island because people are fearful of discussing politics here. Only started last year where I started to find so many interesting articles dicussing about daily issues etc. The best is still LUCKY TAN's article. Full analysis which relate to what I am thinking. Thank that you have ushered good writeup that make me feel like I am not the alien here. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky and others

I will be travelling for work during Polling Day! I called the Elections Dept and was told (nicely) that I don't have to vote despite the fact that there is a polling station in Beijing where I'll be. This is because I hasn't registed as a resident in Beijing which doesn't make sense since I'm based in Singapore.

I was then informed that I should go to any Community Centre to reinstate my status as a voter with my passport as proof of my trip.

So I guess my vote doesn't count for much then...

Anonymous said...

The government is not addressing the real issue in housing.

Many young Singaporeans can't wait 5 years for a HDB flat to be build to start a family.

So they need to purchase a resale flat whose prices are sinfully high that they can't afford and are trapped.

This matter is not addressed and cannot be addressed by making newer flats cheaper with more housing grants when the real problem is the waiting period and exorbitant hdb resale flats.

What is the government doing to address this? Nothing!

They are whitewashing this issue. We don't need grants. We need flats to be build within 1 year. Can the government do this? Yes or no? Since the government insist on forcing young Singaporeans to wait 5 years to get their nest, then are thy providing transitional rental apartments at subsidised rates to help these young Singaporeans who are many waiting for thier flats to start a family soon?

Nothing has been done nor expressed in their manifesto. They are NOT addressing the matter and are sweeping it under carpet. It seems to me the government is not going to stop making $$$$$$$ from its hdb flats.

It wants the public housing in singaproe to be commercialise for profits. Hurting the younger singaporeans doesn't bother them.

They are expremely incompassionate. Our leaders are inconsiderate and not understanding people.

But no qualms when it comes to increasing their salaries before elections.

All these are broken promises. Once bitten, 3 times shy now.

Anonymous said...

judging from the number of people who worked for pap/glc/th, pap will win. thus, the balance should all vote opposition. so long as opposition is strong (with 30% to 40% seats), more sweeteners will be introduced by pap to protect themselves from being out of power one day.

Anonymous said...

Look at the Singapore stock exchange and identify how many companies listed are GLCs.If you include employees of the main govt.
machinery, more than half of the
working population is directly or
indirectly linked to the govt.Is
this setup by economic fate or
pure manipulative design?
The ole man is a true genius in
political football.He has us sealed
up in this inescapable dome only
to resign in our fate.
But I say screw it! I am going to do my part. See you on May 7th.

Anonymous said...

Our MAS directors notoriously high salaries paid to the bloated government is 50% higher than US counterpart. Yet, the average singaporean now own 7 credit cards, up from 5 from the pre crisis year, is a worrying trend. What does that tell you? Who's perpetuating the servant master myth.


Anonymous said...

WSJ - It is not UP to the government to deliver the debate we want. It is UP to the Voters to put their votes in for Opp and DEMAND & DEMONSTRATE that we want the debate, voices and accountability in the House of Parliament.

Let's take charge of our future! No one own our future other than ourselves.


Anonymous said...

PAP won 44% of seats in 2006 without a single vote.
Let's deny them the virtual certainty that led to their complacency. The new faces will not diminish the groupthink and complacency. Only more Opp voices that will represent the people can do the effective check and balances on their dominancy.


Question is, have we become so docile that we have no more fire in our belly to vote for change? What can sarawak teach us?


Anonymous said...


Analysts said the PAP was likely to benefit from its stewardship of the economy during the global financial crisis, when it used public funds to support job retention and stimulate consumer spending.

Gross domestic product surged by 14.5 per cent in 2010, with 115,000 new jobs added to the economy during the year and retail spending up by 7.2 per cent. Fears of a hard landing have been dissipated by GDP growth of 8.5 per cent in the first three months of 2011 compared with the same quarter a year earlier.

However, income disparity has widened steadily in recent years, with the top 2 per cent of employed residents now earning an average income of 12.9 times that of the lowest 20 per cent, compared with 10.1 times a decade ago, according to a report by Malaysia’s CIMB bank.

Opposition parties are seeking to increase the number of contested seats, which may help to increase their share of the overall vote. The PAP won 44 per cent of seats without a vote at the last election, down from 65 per cent in 2001.

But the opposition is divided between a number of different parties, with widespread divisions over policy and strategy. In several constituencies a number of anti-PAP candidates are likely to split the opposition vote.

The PAP has led the country since 1959 when the island achieved internal self-government as part of the British empire. Singapore joined the Federation of Malaysia in 1963 but was expelled and became independent in August 1965.

The party, led until 1990 by Lee Kuan Kuan Yew, father of the present prime minister, has named more than 20 new candidates at this election in an attempt to present fresh faces to the electorate and combat any impression of complacency.

Anonymous said...


Growth is still too strong for comfort: an 8.5 per cent year-on-year expansion of gross domestic product in the first quarter came after a 12 per cent annual rise in the fourth, when Singapore was easily the world’s fastest-growing developed economy. The fact that the average Singaporean credit card holder now carries seven of them, up from five pre-crisis, is surely worrying. Yet while it is too early to say whether the central bank’s directors have earned their notoriously decent salaries – roughly 50 per cent higher than their US counterparts – one thing seems certain. //

Anonymous said...

7 May outcome:

PAP will win between 80 to 87 seats.


Because if opposition can win 10 to 20 seats, most likely they will also win 80 to 87 seats due to:

1. GRC System.
2. Singapore is small, urban and hence quite homogeneous in all SMCs/GRCs. Voters in Tampines GRC will be about the same type and mix of people as in West Coast GRC. There is no such thing as rural areas or one race majority areas like in other bigger countries.

Hence no such thing as win 10,20 or 30 seats. Either win 80 over seats or less than 7 seats!

So therefore 99% chance opposition will not be able to deny PAP 2/3 majority.

The outcome on 7 May will hence be boring and disappointing to those who suffer and wish for change.

Those who suffer will most likely continue to suffer. Unless they help themselves. Only then will God (not PAP, not oppositon) help them.

Anonymous said...

PAP sucks your money with their recurring 5-year plans; your money goes to each of their pockets by the million$$$; many voters get cheated by their threat to block HDB upgrades and bribed with tokens; 66% succumbed to their tricks and resulted in 100% getting screwed again and again -- 5 years at a time! We daft Singaporeans are worse than prostitutes for that we get paid once and get screwed for 5 years. To protect yourself this time around you need to tell everyone you know that unless we vote in enough alternate voices, there would never be any checks and balance!

Anonymous said...

//From available information, Mr Chen has spent 40 of his 50 years out of Singapore… He now turns up and asks Singaporeans to elect him as a Member of Parliament. Surely, voters have a right to know from the Workers’ Party if such a candidate can identify with the aspirations of Singaporeans and has a stake in our future?”
- Dr Ng Eng Hen, //

So let me ask Dr Ng a question.


Between a decades long-staying PR & a decades long-away Singaporean, who i a better son/daughter of Singapore?
Does it depend on your KPI where one contributions is a more superior measurement over the other - by Economic vs National duties?
Has CSM not done his NS? Not returning now to SG to serve as a non-guranteed MP latter in his life not of same magnitude by PAP's standard, as opposed to a PR who simply could not surrender her allegiance to her native country?
The former has chosen to return home and form another Team A in Party B, but the latter has chosen to keep her Exit Plan B. And there are many PRs of such who fall into such a category.

Is Dr Ng questioning the motivations, or the aspirations of citizens here?

Anonymous said...

Anon 20/4/11 16:06

Doesn't matter what, or who, the PAP question, or not question.

What matters is whether Chen Show Mao can depend on his secret weapon - the people's votes!

Don't say a lot, can Chen Show Mao win by just 50+ %?

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Suppose urban Singapore (700 sq km) is one huge GRC.

So when people vote, it is either they want PAP to be government or not.

What do you all think will be the outcome?

If answer is yes for PAP, then why should it be much different when it is divided into GRCs and SMCs?

Hence if any party wants to fight a Singapore election, better fight on the objective that they are ready to form the government, not to get a few more seats.

Otherwise they will not even near to deny PAP 2/3 majority, let alone form the government.

And nothing much will probably change in terms of policies.

Fed up... said...

Is Toa Payoh-Bishan GRC contested?

I want to vote for WP

newground said...

There are no opinion polls in Singapore and the government is deliberately not publishing statistics on young voters but this age group (21-34) is now quite large and will grow and they are generally anti-establishment and don't give two hoots about the 3rd world to 1st journey story. The young voters today will shape elections going forward! PAP knows this and have not yet figured out how to capture their imagination.

Anonymous said...

To 16:23 anon

I think CSM has a VErY good chance of winning. Although based on singapore's historical facts, there're aren't many Opp candidate who had won on their first virgin electoral run? (I'm not sure..memory is deluding me here). Most got in on 2nd run.
Having said that, times were different and so are the quality of candidate. CSM is a league on his own. Singaporeans would be foolish not to seize the opportunity to get him into the House. If not, they will have to wait for another 4-5yrs before they get a chance to do so again. By then, who is to know what sort of electoral or constitutional changes the ruling party might make to up the barrier ante.

IF CSM can win this election, there's a good chance he can draw a good team to come forward and who knows, WP will be ready to form the alternative govt.
But for a start, people have to start ensure they get this insurance plan. Is like lottery...no point in wishing you want to win a lottery..one has to first BUY a ticket!!

cpt said...

The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few... it is time to harvest...

Anonymous said...

After years of abusing the political system from all parties, the incumbent has eased on its " dirty tactics" which inevitably opens the political field to all kinds of ....."possibilities".
I think overall, no matter what the percentage of spoils attributed to the warring parties, the country will be more divided and more cynical.
Expect a lot of soft campaigns to repair the psychological damages to the people or to massage a positive national image.

Anonymous said...

Why fight when you can have a peaceful process?

Tsk Tsk Tsk

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Lucky

Since you dun believe the opposition will win, why dun we just bash the Christians? Better still, blame them for the inevitable defeat! That way we can feel superior and absolve ourselves of all blame when PAP scr*w the poor for the next 5 years :-)

Anonymous said...

To anon 22.43

iPad giveaway contest halted by PAP. Strange it was even allowed given MP Shanmugan is in the GRC. http://bit.ly/gyzeqd @sgelectorate

Anonymous said...

Ministerial salaries is PAP's archilles heel.


Anonymous said...

daft ppl who blindly follow a daft political system have brought about many very UNSUITABLE people or characters into politics. this is partly due to the daft political process which turn off RELEVENT talents

hey, we need ppl of INTERNATIONAL standard and not ah beng,ah seng ,aunties and senile ppl just because they have paper qualification and some grassroots experience lah. we need these RELEVENT talents, not "servants of the people", as GATEKEEPERS(NOT representatives lah)

Anonymous said...

u forgot...ah Lian lllll

Anonymous said...

yes, these duds should just do grassroots or community work if they want to "serve the people" .but let you know first hor, no 15k salary. I wonder how many still want to " serve the people"?

Anonymous said...

Serve my foot.LOL

Anonymous said...

You mean, global standard? :)

Anonymous said...

daft ppl too stupid yo figure it out.

Anonymous said...

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Protons said...

The Men in White are always right?
Or they can't be proven wrong?
Do all the masters out there agree?


TK said...

Agree with Lim Swee Say, people shouldn't gamble and bet big. LEave that to the tourists.

Singapore should just play safe & buy insurance plan against storm & lightning strike thrice.

Anonymous said...

All these excitement, tensions and hooha will build up until it becomes very "hard" up to evening of 7 May 2011.

And then there will be an anticlimax around ten to midnight 7 May 2011. And all the build up tensions and "steam" will be released and things will be "soft" again.

This cycle repeats every 5 years.

Anonymous said...

And that process is suppose to elect the best leaders to secure our future?

I only see a lot of wayang kulit surfacing(puppets) and idiots who attack the foundation of our homes. I wonder who these parties masterminds are?

Mah is taking you guys to the end game. There is no backing down for these idiots who challenge him.

The whole political process is a bloody joke.

Anonymous said...

we hold elections for the purpose of "show"... since we embrace capitalistic pursuits.

Do you want to earn as much money as you possibly can?

Do you want to have as much choice in shopping for goods & services?

Do you want to have opportunities for
your self?

The elections is a neccessary attribute, a symbol that we embrace capitalism.

Anonymous said...

Shan has issued the challenge again. What is "first world parliament"? he mocked. He has no idea yet. WP, this is your chance to knock them off their sockets.

Anonymous said...

"The elections is a neccessary attribute, a symbol that we embrace capitalism."

true. all the more we shouldn't go the election way if we want serious checks and balances.

Anonymous said...

From what me, an ordinary Joe, understand, 1st world parliament is like those in 1st world countries where the ruling and opposition are equally strong. After each elections they even take turns to be government.

No such thing as not enough talents for 2 or even more teams.

Also no such thing as GRCs in elections or minister mentor post in their cabinet.

And definitely no such thing as people afraid to join the opposition.

Their mainstream media is also neutral and balanced, not pro government or anti opposition.

I consider above healthy attributes of a 1st world country and its system.

Based on above criteria, we are definitely not anywhere even near their 1st world parliament.

Because our opposition is not even anywhere near to being able to deny PAP 2/3 majority, let alone form the government.

And had remained this way for an amazing 45 years!!

So this time got hope or not? You say lah.

Anonymous said...

11:01, think harder

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:22

In other words, the political system "serves the capitalistic pursuits of the people". So when the rulers said, let's "serve the people", they meant exactly that, isn't it?If so, we have a political system that turns our people into capitalistic creatures with no soul. The ideat of "serving the people" entrenches and enriches those(few) who exploit the people's STUPIDITY.

Unless you are serving the interests of the rich elites, "serving people" is a STUPID CONCEPT if our objective is peace and an endearing prosperity.

PAP wake up your fukking idea.Your idea of " serving people" is rather EVIL.

Anonymous said...

Actually why not Singapore become one huge GRC with 87 MPs?

And any party must have 87 candidates in order to contest.

So that the winning party will have one shot all 87 candidates voted in.

This system will be cheaper, better and faster for everybody, isn't it?

Maybe this will be also an incentive for more people to join opposition!

Anonymous said...

your democratic process is deceptive and even demonic.

everyone who is part of this process has contributed to the wide disparity between the rich and the poor( with all its problems)
so long as this political process remains, if you care to logically examine the whole process, you will never achieve the " checks and balances" you are looking for.

look at the fruits, the evidences are stacked against you

Anonymous said...

Fuck the stupid people who run our world.

Change yes. Kick the bloody western democratic system out of the window and send it to HELL

Anonymous said...

Shan is a first class scribe. Don't play play or he will have you for shark's fin. LOL

Anonymous said...

it is a money game at the end of the day. the old man is good at it. he knows the weaknesses of the people and he gives it to them. that's how you stay in power. give to people what they want and they will remain faithful followers.

so long as the 'good life' lasts of course.

so mah said, you are playing a.....dangerous game

you lose.haaa

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This will not succeed in reality, that is what I think.

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This won't work in reality, that is what I suppose.

Anonymous said...

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