Friday, April 29, 2011

Make things right for Singapore...

"If you want change, you have to be the change" - Nicole Seah

Do you want that fresh coat of paint and that covered walkway or your voice in parliament?

Frankly speaking, many Singaporeans are fedup with having to make this choice every election as the PAP rolls out its upgrading pork barrel and blatantly threaten to take it away unless you vote for them. This is wrong and it is in our hands to stop them. We are electing representatives for parliament not covered walkways and fountains for our estates paid for by all tax payers. It is wrong to use the people's money to win votes for yourself by threatening voters. That is how the PAP hangs on to power and that is why the PAP doesn't listen to you - they don't need to hear as long as you respond to their threats. It is in your hands to change this.

Yesterday, the PAP sent out a brochure to many homes called "Burning Questions". One of the burning question is why basic necessities should not be exempted from GST.

"If flour and sugar are basic necessities, how about biscuits and cakes? If bananas are are a necessity, what about strawberry?" - PAP's 'Burning Questions' newsletter 

When Malaysia considered implementing GST, the govt promised to exempt basic necessities [Link] so that the poor and elderly will not be so adversely affected by the GST. In fact GST is exempted for basic necessities in all developed countries that implemented it. It is difficult for the PAP govt only because they care little about the poor and elderly. They want to send our elderly to Malaysia and have failed to seriously address the issue of growing poverty and rising income gap. The real burning question is how long do we want to wait for them to fix the problems they created?

Singaporeans can't wait any longer. I attended the 1st WP rally in the 2006 elections. There were much more people in WP rally yesterday night at Hougang. We all know we can't be too optimistic when we see the attendence at these rally as it might not translate to votes. But you can sense that frustration with the PAP has grown and it has spread because the PAP has been deaf to the concerns of the people.
The PAP deployed its usually tactics of pork barrel, propaganda and gerrymandering to preserve power. 29000 voters in Aljunied GRC were sent to other constituencies in the coming elections likely because most supported the WP.  That is how the PAP wins - not by doing what is right and good for the people - but using threats,. deception (propaganda) and manipulation (of election boundaries). It is time to put a stop to this and make things right for Singapore.

WP Rally, 29 April 2011 (Friday)

Aljunied GRC
Venue: Serangoon

33 Yio Chu Kang Road
Singapore 545677

Time: 7.30 PM

Attire: Light Blue Top


Raphael Samuel said...
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jackie said...

When there is no alternative voice, no checks and balances, no transparency or accountability, then the issues which concerned us, and the policies that affect us would not be discussed and debated openly before being passed in parliament. What is to stop the ministerial salaries and bonuses from going up again? To say that the population we need is no longer 6.5million but more? To stop treating citizens as mere economic digits, which when deemed as economically unproductive become someone else’s problem? Have you not seen and felt all these, especially in the last 5 years? Do you not think we have to stop this elitism and move towards a more egalitarian society? Have you not had enough? Well, I have and I am voting for change!

Jon said...
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Jon said...
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Anonymous said...

If we voters do not make things right, not only will they not listen to us by feigning deafness, they will trample on us like insects.

Notice the tone of their outburst now. We are just making 'noises', they say. Would the first generation of leaders say such things?

Alfred said...

I would like my Freedom to be upgraded.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of wrongs to be right...

We can do this...

And we don't need the PAP for this if they choose to continue with their finite dinosaur selfish thinking & heartless ways.

kat said...

In the US, uncooked food like meat, chicken, canned food, wheat, flour, vegetables, fruits, soft drinks, fruit juices, cookies, crackers, baby formula, baby food, milk, cheese, yogurt, soft drinks, bread, snacks, etc....are exempt from sales tax. Food that are prepared/cooked for sale are taxable. I'm astounded that Singaporeans have to pay gst on food items in the grocery store.

Anonymous said...

my frens and i have done a little game to sarpork the ge. enjoy!

flash game


Anonymous said...

"I'm astounded that Singaporeans have to pay gst on food items in the grocery store."
Kat 29/4/11 13:50

If you are astounded with that, I think you will also be astounded no end with a lot other things too.

Anonymous said...

Was taking a taxi the other day.

The cab driver said, "Aiya, who win, who lose, I will still be a taxi driver!".

I think that very well sums up why many people couldn't care less about who win, who lose, or about politics in general.

Anonymous said...

Did Mr. Taxi driver complain about increase in taxi rentals? I am sure he did. Well, he should not complain. Because he let this happen, by not caring about who wins and who loses.

Politicians really love people who care less about politics. It makes their job so much easier. No complaints, no need to change, even if they tighten the noose.

Maybe they should change the election law and make voting voluntary.

Anonymous said...

i don't want upgrading, what is so good about building new facilities such as Parks, New Community Centres, where mostly are used by foreigners, RC and not most local.

i rather live in Potong Pasir and Hougang where my monthly Conservative charge is much much cheaper. imagine paying $5 less for about 5YEARs. It is a saving of $300. Remember GOvernment only give aBOUT $800.

Anonymous said...

The wind of change is in the air.

After nomination, what did the PM said? “PAP is all prepared, except for the Eastern wind (he means the opposition)”.

Didn’t he know he is cursing own party? Eastern wind change the course of history in China during sanguo: PM Cao Cao was defeated by the Eastern Wind.

Anonymous said...

Change! YES,We Can.......and WILL!!

Anonymous said...


Anon 15.24. Me too!

But I do want one kind of upgrading, that we all can help to bring about.

How about upgrading our Government?

Anonymous said...

Yes, let's get Obama to be PM in Singapore. That will get rid of all the MM, SM, DPMs and etc, and at a fraction of the cost.

Anonymous said...

Lim Sia Sway says 'WE ARE DEAF TO THE CRIES OF THE FROGS!!" Get rid of this Minister without portfolia leeching on us.

Anonymous said...

I just learnt that Singapor’s public debt is so big: According to the CIA Factbook in 2010, Singapore has the 8th highest public debt to GDP ratio in the world: public debt is 113% of GDP!!!!!

Is Singapore going bankrupt soon, like Ireland and Greece?????

what will happen to our savings, our home and our children?

Pls someone ask PAP to explain:
is that call securin the future of singapor?

feel so helpless......

Anonymous said...

"I just learnt that Singapor’s public debt is so big: According to the CIA Factbook in 2010, Singapore has the 8th highest public debt to GDP ratio in the world: public debt is 113% of GDP!!!!!"
Anon 29/4/11 16:18

Our locked up CPF money, which the government can borrow is also public debt, right? So no worry, the money is still there. Can see but cannot touch. Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

"I just learnt that Singapor’s public debt is so big: According to the CIA Factbook in 2010, Singapore has the 8th highest public debt to GDP ratio in the world: public debt is 113% of GDP!!!!!"
Anon 29/4/11 16:18

Most of this debt is actually our CPF. But not to worry. Already got solution. Just reduce the debt by transferring from CPF to HDB and then to our Reserves. If still too much debt then increase Min Sum and Withdrawal Age, so that the debt can be rolled over for another 50 years.

Anonymous said...

Funny leh... The highest paid politicians of the world keep on saying they are unable to differentiate between basic necessities and other goods & services. That's why they keep on saying cannot reduce or remove GST from basic necessities.

But then horr, other politicians in other countries who are poorly paid and only get 1/6 or 1/10 of our politicians can do it leh. How come leh??

Anonymous said...

If the PEOPLE REFUSE TO RIGHT THE WRONGS THEMSELVES, there is nothing the Alternative Party Representatives can do for us.



Anonymous said...

Someone said, no matter who win who loss, he wld still be a taxi driver.

What happen one day when his children hv a degree, master degree or even a phd, and yet still become a taxi driver. Then what wld he think?? What wld he feel??

So for the fture of yr children, choose wisely. please open yr eyes.

Anonymous said...

You expect stupid ppl to check and balance? :)
The stupid ppl will entertain you stupid and it will be one happy stupid ppl lol

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Lucky

WP needs you.

Anonymous said...

I think that Singaporeans also have become very apathetic to the point that they think that their country is very good and much better governed than other countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand by virtue of one party in constant power over the decades. I used to think when younger that the country was indeed well-run, but over the last decade, after all these examples listed out by Jackie(FT coming in hordes almost ravenously; soaring ministerial bonuses and salaries; widening income gap between rich and poor; bulldozing and steam-rolling of the average Joe and Jane as human subjects under the impact of corporate income, often without real income rise or even possible retrenchment for the sake of being replaced by cheaper and younger labour) have bulldozed their way through and responses by authorities was just that it was a "ill of globalization", I lost faith and saw it all as just pure political rhetoric.

I bumped into a former JC friend who is now married and working in the civil service here. He admitted that Singapore is run like a business corporation inc, but that said, he tells me he is a PAP supporter because he thinks that there is nothing to rock or change and that we Singaporeans take for granted what we have. I think it is only people who are well-off who can say that kind of stuff, and not those who have to fight for what they have, even if for a decent meal at the food court.

Anonymous said...

Goh ct laughed at WP's first world parliament. He said, if having more oppositions in parliament is what they meant by first world parliament, what is so big deal? even Zimbabwe has first world parliament, among many others
He so bad hor.

Anonymous said...

/// Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just learnt that Singapor’s public debt is so big: According to the CIA Factbook in 2010, Singapore has the 8th highest public debt to GDP ratio in the world: public debt is 113% of GDP!!!!! ///

You mean now then you find this out. Not to worry - this is public debt, not external debt. It is largely government securities issued to broaden the debt market. Singapore is a net cash country. More than US$200 billion in reserve.

Since you were at the CIA site, didn't you notice or read the footnote about this debt?

The Emperor Speaks said...

"Remember your place in society before you engage in political debate... you must make distinctions - what is high, what is low, what is above, what is below..."
- Emperor George Yong Boon YEO

Is it? said...

How do you know the 29 000 are WP supporters? They could jolly well be PAP supporters.

Let's go for 8million in population said...

I reackon the aim of this divide and conquer is simply to heighten the fear of electorate. To play up on the electorate's unfounded fears that their votes are not indeed secret. This is a powerful psychological tool as it makes people wonder how did the PAP manage to sieve out these 29 000 voters and know that they are not PAP supporters?

The answer is they don't know. If the government did know who voted for which party, surely the government would do more than simply redraw the boundaries.

This is a psychological game and well-oiled by our government. You have to give them credit for feeding into the fear of the electorate.

Anonymous said...

I think they do know who you vote. Otherwise they wouldn't redraw boundaries, and then everytime they redraw it is always to their advantage. But why should we be afraid, life cannot be much worse.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, despite the whole "upgrading" thing that has been thrown around all the time every few 4-5 years of the elections, I don't technically think Singapore has changed for the better inside. We might have gained a higher GDP, and so-called greater corporate income, and properties might look newer or more upgraded, but wages have stagnated, and living costs have risen alongside a falling standard of living. Comparing the case of Malaysians abroad with us, whom I met when travelling, they do not necessarily make that much less money than us(contrary to what we are taught to think through media or if not, popular conception of Malaysia being "poorer") and have the same buying power as us.

When that happens, what we see is simply ministers being awarded with a higher salary over this time period. I believe discerning people will know that no matter what, claiming that you award politicians higher salaries to prevent them from being corrupt is not an exactly convincing reasoning. Making a politician's credibility and moral character dependable on MONEY--lots of it especially coming from taxpayers' wallets especially when they are strained in these times--is suspiciously similar to a form of bribery???? Bribery, in its technical definition, is giving someone benefits, so that he can be "better" to you. Are we therefore "bribing" our ministers as a people to become good politicians for us?

Anonymous said...

"If flour and sugar are basic necessities, how about biscuits and cakes? If bananas are are a necessity, what about strawberry?" - PAP's 'Burning Questions' newsletter

And who is to complain if they start off with flour and sugar + rice, oil, salt, certain vegetables. Who is going to complain.

But having a blanket across-the-board gst on everything does not negate the fact that gst is harder on the poor more than the rich for basics like rice, vegetables, oil, etc with immediate effect upon point of purchase. While targeted assistance to help the poor will come much later, if it ever comes after the damage is done.

Is it so difficult to define or start picking what constitutes basic necessities to exempt from gst which is a social good - while they do not seem to have problems justifying the presence of casinos with so many measures to discourage singaporeans from gambling yet may not totally eradicate the consequential social ills that come with it.

Anonymous said...

You don't respect their voices, they don't respect your voices and in the midst of this disrespect, you are surrounded by a sea of confused voices.

Where do you think this will end up?

Witness said...

There is not a case that the government knows who you vote.

They don't. How do they draw the boundaries? It's simple. After the damn election results are out, and they know what are the percentages of voters for the opposition in that constituency, they just divide and conquer that constituency.

It's as simple as that.

In 2015 election, the same will happen. The government will look at next weeks' voting results and then decided wbich constituency will be redrawn.

Sembawang GRC was not redrawn and it's simple to not why.

Only about 100 000 voted for SDP in 2006 and 700 000 voted PAP. So, there is no need for the goverment to redraw Sembawang GRC. And it didn't.

So, your vote is secret. Only your fear is not secret. And it's rational too.

So quit being a coward, and grow yourself politically mature.

The time has now come for the people of Singapore to witness the first wave in its political history.

Anonymous said...

Well, end in hell if it is already not :)

The Pariah said...

Interesting that Mainstream Media (eg, Straits Times) did NOT highlight the flwg point made by Chen Show Mao at WP opening rally at Hougang, viz:

Chen Show Mao hit the nail on its head by asking if voters will continue to be "COWARDLY LIONS" in GE2011 because number of rally attendees ≠ number of opposition votes as proven by GE2006 results.

Hip Hip Hooray for HOUGANG/POTONG PASIR voters who showed their courage and stood up on our behalf for past 20 years!!!

Will the rest of Singaporeans Stand Up For Singapore and follow the previous footsteps of Hougang/Potong Pasir voters?

And show our lion-hearted courage in this land of SINGAPURA in GE2011!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

If the PAP makes a clean sweep of 87 seats on the night of 7 May 2011, it means any of the following:

1. Majority voters support PAP, in spite of all the unpopular policies, so it is OK for PAP to continue these policies.

2. Some voters voted PAP although they are frustrated with PAP, but because they have no better choice as PAP will form the government and hence vote opposition no use unless they can form the government.

3. No matter what, even if opposition can form government, and even if PAP makes life like hell for them, even if they don't like PAP, these majority voters will still vote PAP. Real hard core. This is the most wonderful scenario for PAP.

If it is #1 and #3, then opposition really no hope, even if they are very good and can form government. They can close shop.

If it is #2, still got hope if opposition next round aim to form the government. If not, better close shop.

So folks which scenario above do you all think is the reality?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Get money today??
How much u get?? 300?? 500?? 600? 800?
In HK they get more than S$900.

If tere r more APs, may be we will get more netx round!!??

Anonymous said...

"Get money today??
How much u get?? 300?? 500?? 600? 800?"
Anon 30/4/11 12:41

That's why need to be the government, then can have money to give money.

Opposition how to give money? From their own pocket hah?

And that's why opposition need to win to form government, don't say not ready to form government. Like that always lose one.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Where could I find the videos of the rallies, please? Are they on Youtube?

I can't make on most days of the rallies as my child is preparing for the mid-year exams. I would love to see Singaporeans united to bring a first world parliament.

Anonymous said...

Our vice-principal in school tells us arrogantly that he will vote for PAP. And he tells us that we are too scared to vote for other parties. He patronised us teachers. I wonder where he learnt this behaviour from.

I know my answer.

The 35% Fence Sitters said...

To the opposition to may or may not be reading this comment:


35% of the fence sitters are the civil servants. There are many who are disillusioned by the removal of their pensions and the unaffordable HDB rented flats.

Please study this group carefully and update your rally speeches accordingly.

It is precisely these fence sitters here who will ultimately decide your entry to parliament.

Pleae focus on them a little bit.

60% of this country run on civil service.

Kudos to Sylia Lim for addressing this issue in last night's rally. She was smart to allay the concerns and reassure the voters.

Use this slogan: "The time has come for democracy in Singapore. The time has come for your voice to be heard. The time has come for the much needed change that everyone is asking for. The time is here and now. Make that difference today. Vote for change! The time has come for your voice to be heard. The time has come for the voters to be respected once again. The time has come for SIngaporeans to be respected once again. The time has come for your complaints to end. The time has come for an end to your suffering.

You may use any of these statements in any order that you want.

Please remind the voters that LKY called them "daft" on a national geographic interview. Google his quote.

PLeae remind the voters what Geroge Yeo told the voters to know their place in the packing order. The highs and the lows. Google it.

These statements will persuade more voters who share these sentiments to cross for you.

Do it! And good luck! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I actually think the reason why the WP stated that they are not seeking to become the new government is not because they are not ready, but more because if they were to position themselves as such, then they would have fallen into a trap of "opposing for the sake of opposing" which is always used by incumbents and their supporters against the opposition parties. More than ever, I see the necessity for a more gracious Singapore in politics to evolve, and it has nothing to do with party sympathies anymore, but to do with the basics of what our society needs.

Anonymous said...

Fair. What does it need? Western democracy?

Anonymous said...

The answer is simple. Singapore needs to EVOLVE its own democracy vis-a-vis what the people need and want. But the fundamentals of democracy such as the freedom to speak your mind from your heart, no more propaganda and hypocrisy, and of course, the classic one (among many others): NO MORE FEAR.

For a start, one should vote for a party that will be your voice and not one which threaten you with fear.

Apart from these fundamentals, I don't know what you mean.

But to me, as a general opinion, many sees the PAP as a hybrid regime, much less a democratic one.

Anonymous said...

"Is It? earlier asked how do you know the 29,000 are WP supporters? They could jolly well be PAP supporters"

Wake up my friend! We are casting our votes according to precincts now and they know from the votes cast which precinct have more opposition supporters and which do not. That statistic is then used for redrawing of boundaries. You think the redrawing of boundaries is for fun.

Low Thia Khiang knows very well that the PAP already tried carving up Hougang by demolishing blocks of flats that housed hard-core opposition voters to dilute opposition votes.

Anonymous said...

Then you are daft and will always be defeated(part of the reasons why rulers managed to stay in power for so long)
Carry on thinking like the opposition, or even the incumbent, there will be no resolution or real changes because, whatever you do to "evolve" within the system, you will return to your old vomit.

And it will be forever the pot calling the kettle black.

Nomoreelderlysellingtissue said...

For Opposition Rally and Lucky Tan said...

To the opposition and Lucky Tan:

Please make a list of the bad points in this country and read it out to the people and inform them.

We are the first in the working the longest working hours.

We are the first in Asia with the most number of unhappy citizens.


Please do this as many will forget after they get their atonement $$$.

Lucky, you should a first list world in support of democracy.

This is because the list will serve to direct Singaporeans on the type of SIngapore they want. A better Singapore of which this present negative A-list is the present status quo.

Please do it, Lucky.

And we'll be lucky this time.

Anonymous said...

This is a powerful slogan.

Vote us into parliament so that we can help you. Help us to help you!"

Anonymous said...

Empower us to empower you! We will be your voice in parliament!

Anonymous said...

I hope the opposition are hiring part time videographers or anyone to upload their rally speeches on the internet please. The videos should come in fast and furious.

Some of us can't make it to the rallies and we're overseas voters.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...30/4/11 15:14
And it will be forever the pot calling the kettle black."

At least, they take turns to do that rather than one pot has the continuous privilege to call the other kettle black. Ask yourself, do you want your butt to be kept on being kicked by the only bully w/o retaliating.

Anonymous said...

Fair and human. But what's the long term consequences?

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