Saturday, April 30, 2011

MM Lee : 'Aljunied voters will regret choosing WP'

What MM Lee said is found here[Link]

"Stop PAP" sign at Serangoon Stadium where the WP rally was held yesterday:
What do you think was on voters minds when Lee Hsien Loong decided to increase the GST to 7% and increase ministers pay shortly after he was given a strong mandate the 2006?  When he campaigned for a strong mandate in 2006, his message was he will take care of the poor, look after Sngaporeans and address the widening income gap. But the moment he got into office his priority was to increase GST and increase his ministers' pay.

Lets look at the promises he made in 2006.

Now that it is election time he is saying the same things again - that he will take care of Singaporeans and help those in need.  These is only one intelligent line (and countless unintelligent ones) I remember from George Bush:

"If you fool me once shame on you. If you fool me twice, shame on me..." - George Bush.
We deserve to be called daft if we fall for the deceptive marketing again.  The PAP as usual announces a gravy train of good news during the election period just like they did in 2006[..look at the 2006 goodies gravy train]. They can announce so much good news that your ability to think properly and make a good judgement is incapacitated. The latest ones are NWC's wage increase recommendation and $800 that was credited into your savings account yesterday night. PAP's tactics for wining elections are : GRC, gerrymandering, propaganda, upgrading pork barrel, one-off cash payments and sometimes character assasination when other methods fail.  After they win, promises will be forgotten and it will be business as usual.

Instead of being confused by the tactics and arguments, ask yourself this simple question : Is your life better today than it was 5 years ago? The PAP ministers are paid much more today than they were 5 years ago...if they are paid more not for making your life better, are you sure you want to keep supporting them and giving them a strong mandate to do what they have been doing?

If you don't want any regrets after 7 May 2011, ask the right questions and vote wisely!!!

WP Rally, 30 April 2011 (Saturday)
Bedok Stadium
1 Bedok North Street 2
Singapore 469642
Time: 7.00 PM
Attire: Light Blue Top


Anonymous said...

Dear Lucky Tan,

With your readership, could you please help to post this video and make sure people get to watch this very good speech from Png Eng Huat? He totally moved me! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Whatever they promise, statistics, etc., just look around you. There is always a cheaper FT waiting to take over your job, nowadays, even the doctors and lawyers are not spared.

Anonymous said...

Actually hor, I am an Aljunied voter. To me whether PAP win or WP win, I will still be alive, will still live in the same flat and also most likely still having the same job.

I also never go to Meet MP session in my whole life. Because I believe in solving my problem myself. Not PAP, and definitely not opposition either, can solve my problem.

So you see, no difference leh, whether PAP or opposition.

So probably, to be fair, to give each a 50-50 chance, I will draw lots to decide who I shall vote.

So God helps whoever I shall vote.

Anonymous said...

PAP is arrogant, just look like the newly-elected ex-army chief Chan Chun Sing.

I will show you a few youtube videos to prove my point.
Fast forward to 0.20, look at the fear in her eyes when she was caught by surprise by Chan...poor aunty. Look at his body language, is he speaking to his army kah kia or what?

Another PAP candidate Inderjit Singh Vote Mr Singh if you fancy a 1.2 billion dollar new river in Bishan Park or a lift number indicator on every floor. That is all he can do.

And Lui Tuck Yew's analogy of trees vs wild mushrooms. He spent his whole speech talking about that. Does he have any idea how precious Lingzhi mushrooms and truffles are? Does he know that the PAP tree is already rotten to the core, and needs to be hacked!

It's utterly disgraceful. I wasted my precious time watching these clowns spew the same party rhetoric that I felt like puking after watching.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Lucky

You may want to watch DPP's speech and grow a pair.

Unfortunately, DPP is too weak but perhaps WP can make history.

The WP needs you. Singapore needs you.

Anonymous said...

I am the hougang PAP rally now.... Again Talking about how we are a 1st world country now... I think the new and even the old voters have to understand that the OLD pap and the NEW pap are different now... The OLD lead us out of the woods... I am not SURE the NEW will bring us to greater height or into the woods again... Just look at the ministers pay.. It's ridiculous that the ministers are paid millions what PM LEE decides to donate his share of pay increase? Indeed a leader... A leader indeed to the PAP ministers...a leader to the people of Singapore? I have my doubts... My suggestion come polling day is this: if you cannot make yourself to vote for opposition and you cannot also being yourself to vote against the PAP. Void your vote...let the PAP govt knows, we are no longer satisfied with the way things are done in the govt now...I stay in AMK, I cannot see eye to eye with reform party, but I am also not satisfied with the PAP..... So, I know what I will do come polling day....

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 30/4/2011 20:05,
I cannot believe that you said this kind of thing. Voiding your vote is equivalent to selling your birthright, and no different in nature from the guy who was arrested for claiming he wanted to burn his vote. A vote can procure change, or it can destroy it, and by voiding it, you basically add to the destroying of any possibility for change, and the perpetuation of the old status quo and order.

Anonymous said...

30/4/11 17:40
"So you see, no difference leh, whether PAP or opposition."

The difference is that power does not stay with one group for too long together with the inherent benefits of managing and distributing national resources. It gets democratized among a more varied strata of society which you get affected.

There is no difference to you cos you can't see it (just like a frog that is being cooked slowly in a pot w/o it feeling it). Pain threshold can be raised slowly - not too fast as one will feel it immediately and suddenly.

If there is no difference, why should election process be conducted once every five years and each party has to fight so badly for your vote.

Amused said...

Ronald Reagan won the 1980 US presidential election against Jimmy Carter by asking one question -

"Are you better off now than you were four years ago?"

Vote wisely.

Anonymous said...


Aljunied Voters needs new brooms to make their constituency cleaner and better. It is just municipal issue, nothing to do with international relation and other highfalutin matters.


Anonymous said...

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has said it would not be "the end of the world" if the People's Action Party (PAP) loses Aljunied GRC in this election.

Wah, why he said that hah?

Looks like WP got hope lah. Tio bo? (right or not)

Anonymous said...

Maybe "reverse psychology" is used by MM Lee when he said that. But either way, I think that Chen Show Mao asked a really good question. Rising costs of living, stagnating wages, falling productivity with the hordes of FT workers brought in, some of whom were not even that credible and have lied about backgrounds and qualifications alongside the absolute lack of checks and balances against a government which always awards its ministers increases in salaries does not seem that much more convincing as a reason for anyone to keep on voting for the incumbent. By attempting to play on the politics of fear and loathing, the incumbent could technically backfire against themselves in time to come.

Anonymous said...

The old man said that losing Aljunied GRC is not be the end of the world for the PAP, but it certainly will be a more difficult world for his son. He probably needs more ministers in his office to hold his hand, dealing with so many opposition MPs in Parliament.

Anonymous said...

"With your readership, could you please help to post this video and make sure people get to watch this very good speech from Png Eng Huat? He totally moved me! Thank you!"

It is really a video worth watching ! It is really convincing and hard truth.

Lucky Tan,
please put it for the sake of lesser mortals.

Anonymous said...

It is a sheer waste of talent if Vincent doesn't get into parliament? He's the man for the job.

I'm having in my life seen such a politician. He's brilliant.

Anonymous said...

"It is a sheer waste of talent if Vincent doesn't get into parliament? He's the man for the job.

I'm having in my life seen such a politician. He's brilliant."

He is very intelligent and witty. And most importantly, his look and voice are as sexy as his bald head ! He is megamind of Singapore with superpower. Let's vote him in and unleash his power unto parliament

Anonymous said...

You guys are a bunch of gonards...PAP all the way!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 30/4/11 21:53

You dont have to be too have upset to see few comments here and there that encourage 'bochap' or super-pro pap comments.

I just witnessed some kind of cyber war in yahoo for the topic on LKY's comment:'Adjunied will regret choosing WP'.

The front were many angry comments which looks of genuine voters as can be seen from the different language, stories and mood they are.

The thing is going viral with over 2700 comments just today and still growing now. To get a bases of comparison, LSL most controversial article took few days to even reach 2000. Yahoo start changing it's headline from 'regret' to 'eventually repent' and then to back again. Angry comments with very 'thumbs-up' and very fake and pro PAP starts appearing (from the language and flow of thots, look similar). But there was no stop to rate it is increasing.

Now what I see is they 'hide' the page with 'regret' which has 2700 comments at the back of the list of article displayed ( and put up another same article with new heading 'will eventually repent' at the front of the listing ( Of the course, this new article only has less than 100 comments.

It appears to me there are many high tech 'RC volunteers' working overnight to 'police' and 'intercept' and 'adjust' the mood on the net

The Pariah said...

Once upon a time, PAP was opposition party.

Back then, our parents and grandparents gave PAP a chance to get into Parliament to learn on-the-job.

Now, it is our turn to give Opposition Parties the same chance to start our journey towards A First World Parliament with meaningful checks-and-balances.

The Pariah said...

“Courage is not a lack of fear, but the ability to act while facing fear.” Anonymous

Anonymous said...

You can slap people once, perhaps even twice but never thrice without being kick in the arse.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...Anon @ 30/4/11 21:53

Not upset, the message is to others as much as to the original Anon 30/4/11 17:40. This is the wonder of internet affording the free exchange & sharing of ideas & opinions & debunking of flawed logics.

Thought 'police' & high-tech RC volunteers can only do this much. At the end of the day, only good logics backed up by personal observation n experience will reign supreme & stick longer, again depending on one's frame of perspective.

There are larger issues that these high-tech volunteers cannot solve themselves but will just throw the smoke back at you - eg boasting about past track records which already has the word 'PAST' and asking you to come with solutions not knowing that they may be the very obstacles to solutions.

Anonymous said...

I believe the George Bush quote was,
"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again."

Anonymous said...

"If you fool me once, shame on you.
If you fool me twice, shame on me..."

If you Foo Me Har, then how??

Senior Singaporean said...

I am staying in ALjunied GRC. I will definitely regret if I do not vote for WP in this GE.

I have given the PAP 50 years to prove itself to me. Therefore, it is only fair that I should give WP (or any other political party) a chance to prove itself for the next 5 years.

What is 5 years of being in Parliament as MPs compared with 50 years of total power and fat bank accounts?

So, without any emotion but with only hard facts, my family, sibblings and myself will definitely vote for WP.

Anonymous said...

For the middle income folks, my advise about the Grow and Share package $$ that they have received is that it should NOT be spent on shopping. It is meant to be RETURNED to the PAP when the IRAS send you the income tax bill.

Anonymous said...

Did you know who created the shortage of doctors? NUS (they had a quota). Now they are saying that because of this shortage, we hiring foreign doctors. The smart foreign doctors don't want to come here to work in our hospitals. Why? Because they are pressured to handle patients as units of production. They will be measure by how many patients they "process" in an hour. Hospitals want to generate profits unlike those in Europe and Canada where they have a moral duty to treat and cure the sick.

Anonymous said...

George Yeo was the one who pushed for the casino in 2004/5.. vote him out of Aljunied!

Almost all the other MPs just went along. see here:

Anonymous said...

If this is called REGRET, i had already REGRETTED for 20 years!!! I have waited 20 years to get this one vote to change this incumbent rotten to the core like a shiny rosy red apple with lots big worms inside. Look at Hougang, look at Potong Pasir, i will stay in Aljunied forever once WP took over it! Pls give me 25 years of REGRET! 5 years is NOT enough for me! said...

So, I do not really suppose this is likely to work.

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