Sunday, April 24, 2011

PAP has lost the moral high ground...

Yesterday there was a report about possibility of well known psychiatrist Dr. Ang Yong Guan joining the SDP[Link]. Dr. Ang was a was the chairman of the management committee of Punggol Community Club, and secretary of the Kampong Kembangan citizens’ consultative committee (CCC). He received two National Day Awards: a Public Service Medal for social and community service in 1995 and a Public Administration Medal – Military (Bronze) in 1996 [Extracted from Temasek Review]. He served in the SAF for 23 years before he left to start his own practice. Dr. Ang who has spent years working along side PAP MPs as a grassroots leader is not someone we expect to join the opposition...and the fact that he is thinking about joining the SDP, a party that has been the target of lawsuits, arrests and unfair public vilification by the mainstream media tells us how opinions and sentiment have shifted among people whom expect to be staunch supporters of the PAP. There are many other highly qualified Singaporeans who have succeeded within the system like ex-top civil servants Benjamin Pwee and Tan Jee Say questioning the leadership direction and calling for a change tells us that even insiders feel that the govt has veered too far off course.  Dr. Ang and Mr. Tan have joined the SDP and will be contesting in the Sembawang GRC

"SEMBAWANG GRC will get a $500 million makeover, to be implemented over the next five years."
-  Straits Times, 23 April 2011.[Link]

In the 2006 elections, the main problems/issues faced by Singaporeans were income inequality, rising cost of living (housing + healthcare+transport), structural unemployment. stagnant wages, and the negative effects of the large foreign influx. Today every single one of these problems has become bigger and more serious - Singaporeans face the same issues in the 2011 elections and the PAP again promises to do something about them if we vote for them. Of course, after the elections, they may deny that any of these problems exists or say it is not the responsibility of govt or blame it on their favorite bogeyman these days - globalisation. In the coming days, the PAP will use the mainstream media to explain why the foreign influx benefits Singapore, why its policies are good and so on. Some issues are too complex for some Singaporeans to grasp the full picture and its a matter of pulling out some selected numbers from here and there to show how Singaporeans have benefits just like what Mah Bow Tan did several months ago and what Tharman did in the recent CNA forum. In the coming days, their propaganda machine will go into full swing. The opposition will reach a limited number through its rallies and the Internet. But given many are worse off or directly hurt by PAP policies in some way, it is hard to guess what goes on in the minds of Singaporeans. The PAP will always say they will make things better during the elections and if you find yourself getting persuaded and swayed by them, I want to tell you a story.

In 1996, 103 veteran civil servants sued the govt[Link]. When they signed up to join civil service, they did so under a pension scheme left behind by the British govt. In 1973, the PAP govt persuaded them to sign up for a new scheme called CPF. They were told this scheme was better because they would take home more pay every month and they would be better off in the long run. When they switched to this "better" CPF scheme, they would have to give up their medical benefits and pensions.There were many civil servants put under pressure in the 80s and 90s to switch to the CPF scheme. I remember the Straits Times had article after article on the benefits of switching to the CPF scheme including calculation to show how much these civil servants will benefit from the switch. The man pushing for the civil servants to convert from the old scheme was Lee Hsien Loong. 2-3 decades later many of these civil servants who gave up their pensions realized they are worse off due the the inadequacy of CPF and escalating healthcare cost. They sued the govt and lost...then they appealed and lost again. When they made the wrong choice and believed what was presented to them, they committed an irreversible mistake which they regretted the rest of their lives. The pension scheme and medical benefits that these low ranking civil servants gave up were retained for top civil servants/ministers whose salaries also rose much faster than the average civil servant.

In a few weeks all of us have to make an important decision. We are shown numbers and calculations on how the foreign influx has created jobs for Singaporeans, how HDB remains affordable and massive upgrading carrots dangled to sway you to vote for them. Just remember what happened to those veteran civil servants who believed what they were told.

When the PAP hiked the GST to 7% we were all told it was done to help the poor.  Several weeks ago, Tharman went on TV and show some statistics to prove that GST benefits the poor - his flawed argument was the rich pay more GST than the poor. Before GST, the poor paid no taxes and the rich paid more in income tax and corporate taxes. Yesterday, the PAP govt announced there will be no GST hikes in the next 5 years. Great! But cynics on the Internet joked that the PAP will not be helping the poor more for the next 5
years using their original argument that GST hike was to help the poor.

The PAP wasted a lot of time on a barrage of uncoordinated attacks on the Workers' Party manifesto, Chen Show Mao, and badgering the opposition to say whether they are out to form an alternate govt - this is an amateurish strategy which most people can see through...if the opposition answers "yes" they will be attacked for their lack of experience. Some of the remarks have been weird, for example, Goh Chok Tong said future ministers will serve no more than 2 terms[Link] which completely contradicts the PAP claims that ministers are hard to find rare talents. The PAP also asked voters to scrutinize the details in the Workers' Party manifesto when the PAP manifesto which is one-tenth that of WP's has no details! Mah Bow Tan angered many by saying the reserves are raided if HDB flats are more reasonably priced based on income. A quick look at the larger scheme of things it is clear now to most Singaporeans that the purchase of HDB flats has drained our CPF and it looks more like the PAP has raided our retirement accounts to build massive reserves. Goh Chok Tong said the "ground is not sweet" this elections which is true but why admit and give voters a clear reason to vote against the PAP. Many speculate that the PAP is not so united this time with the abrupt departure of Lim Boon Heng and entry of high profile candidates from the SAF to replace those leaving. Tharman said a strong opposition is good for the country but he was contradicted by Lee Hsien Loong the next day who said the one party system is best for Singapore - how is that for confusion?

When politicians run for office, it is advantageous that they can project a strong sense of purpose, answer the pressing needs of the populace,and  show themselves to be more credible than their opponent. You start by seizing the moral high ground and start your campaign with an edge - you are the good guy and your opponent a baddie that voters should not trust. This moral high ground is lost by the PAP as they pursue their usual pork barrel politics and arrogant denial of citizens; problems. The number one problem this election is the relentless rise in the cost of living which is felt by almost all Singaporeans. The PAP started by denying that the problem exists by saying that housing, healthcare and transport are still affordable. The problem is the cost of living has risen while wages for a large number of Singaporeans remain stagnant - it is a waste of time telling people that things are s"till affordable" when everyone feels the pinch of rising prices. The people want leaders to seriously look at our healthcare and public housing schemes to find ways to stop the price rise that is outstripping our income growth. The candidates interested in serious change to fix the situation appear to come from the opposition.

I can't recall another election in the last 20 years that the PAP is viewed so negatively by so many people. Those who feel the direct negative effects of their policies have quickly woken up and the PAP leadership gives us the impression that they don't know how to steer us to a better future. The opposition has been able to recruit some very good  people and make this look like a battle between a group of "yes-men" and passionate people motivated by the need for change. Many people find the PAP recent move to hike ministers' pay repulsive given many Singaporeans are struggling to cope with the high cost of living. The PAP has a few fallbacks when things are not going their way - the mainstream propaganda machine, upgrading carrots and long term track record.  When voters are not so sure, the PAP will use their propaganda to say "  see how far we have taken Singapore from fishing village to a world class city". These days economic miracles are not so uncommon and unique. We have Taiwan, South Korea and numerous cities in China that have grown rapidly. For many Singaporeans, living in an expensive city with a 3rd world wage structure means that life is tough perpetual struggle. WP's vision of a 1st world parliament that would bring about 1st world quality of life and 1st world schemes for healthcare, housing and transport is appealing to voters. PAP's attacks on WP\'s vision without creating a worthy vision of their own send a strong message that their main interest is to preserve the status quo...a status quo that fewer and fewer Singaporeans want for themselves and their children .


No mandate anymore said...

LHL and his bunch of yes-man should have woken up by now. At a recent forum at NUS, LHL talked about how difficult it is to attract talent into politics. Well, looks like his problem is that the talented ones have all joined the opposition to build a better future for Singapore! The reality is that the PAP has lost it's mandate before voting even begins.

Anonymous said...

What I can say is that the main party will keep slamming the opp party from now and even aft election. There's a Chinese saying "Both hands cover the SKY"

Anonymous said...

I sense a possibility that with sentiments against PAP at an all time high, and if many people vote against PAP, there may even be a chance that the PAP will be voted out, if all 87 seats are contested.

Although this may not be what the voters intended, but it can be due to the win big, lose big effect of the GRC system.

We may thus witness a political tsunami on the night of 7 May 2011. If this happens, don't know what the government will be like. Who will become prime minister among the opposition?

"Live by the sword, die by the sword."

No mandate anymore said...

@Anon 08:25
Looking at how the citizens have been treated by the current government over the past 5 years, it doesn't matter who in the opposition becomes PM. Anyone of of the high-fliers would do a better job than the current PM. And don't forget, even if the PAP loses power overnight, the Civil Service machinery is still in place. Singapore will still run. And we will have new ministers who genuinely want to serve the people. Let's start with implementing the minimum wage and cutting ministerial salaries for a start. Majulah Singapura!

Anonymous said...

Khaw Boon Wan used his religion in an attempt to ward off criticism that he called people who cant afford healthcare here to go to JB. He is setting a very dangerous precedent.

By not crticising Khaw, the PM is giving the green light to all parties to start using religion as a campaigning tool

Lye Khuen Way said...

I can vouch that the ruling party has finally woken up as of the last 3 weeks or so. Noticed how the Roads have been repaved, lines painted, Big plans unvieled for almost ALL GRCs....
Sad is it not, being in-sensitive all this while ?

I can also vouch that the acceptance of the scrapping of the Pension Scheme for Civil Servants must have been a bad move.

My late father was wise enough Not to have fallen for the switch to the CPF Scheme. Well, he was 1) conservative, 2) saw how his medical coverage helped when my mother was dying from renal failure back then.

His sons ( me & my brother) had less of a burden raising our own families especially when he was hospitalised etc.

Why "they' retain the Pension Scheme for the Admistrative Service and then some speak volume about being fair to all Civil Servants also known as Government Servants to some.

It was I recalled, LSL who first use that phrase about speaking from "high moral grounds". Yes, the PAP has been moving to the lowlands since. Anyone care to correct me ?

Anonymous said...

Majority of voters (many of them are housewives) are passive and ignorant.

E.g. they don’t know these:
1) how much are our ministers’ pay and our national median pay?
2) ministers’ pay increase versus our national median pay increase from 2006 to 2010
3) number of months of bonus our ministers received versus the average Singaporean workers received from 2006 to 2010
4) our GDP increase versus our national median pay increase from 2006 to 2010.

To win, oppositions must find ways to reach these voters.

Some suggestions:

1) Find out all the issues and concerns that make these voters unhappy
2) high light these issues and concerns in the election pamphlet
3) high light the concerns of lack of opportunity to reach this group of voters in the election pamphlet
4) do more house to house visit and distribute the list of issues and concerns to each household
5) let them know that the election rallies will address these issues and concerns
6) Do more walk-about at hawker centers and markets.

Amused said...

Even though rising cost mostly affects low income citizens today, it is going to catch up with everyone in the near future.

If you have children, have you looked into the cost of a university education? A four-year university study costs about US$250,000 in the U.S. today. I will not be surprised the cost for a local university education will be in the $100k's in 10 years.

If all your CPF savings are used to pay for HDB flat, do you have a separate fund sufficient for retirement? There is no pension or social security for most people.

Do you have adequate medical insurance that will protect you from financial ruin in case of a severe illness in the family? The government medical subsidy is becoming a thing of the past.

How about your employment security? Is there even one? Are you prepared to be a destitute? Think it is not possible? Talk to the Stanford PhD who became a taxi driver!

As a prudent individual or head of household, you should decide what future you want for yourself and your children. Are you happy with the PAP vision that they promised 5 year ago and have since delivered? You be the judge!

Vote wisely.

Anonymous said...

To make up for the lost of expected increase in GST,

after the general election,

1) more and more foreigners are imported so that more tax are collected from foreigners with employment passes and more levies are collected from S-pass and work permit pass holders,

2) flat of HDB prices will rise and rise further so that HDB will collect more and more profit,

3) medical subsidies will be cut for Singapore Citizens so that more and more money are saved.

These have the following consequences on Singapore Citizens:

1) Singapore Citizens' are sacked from their jobs so that the same jobs are given to cheaper foreigners,

2) Singapore Citizens have to take 40 years and longer to buy 3-room or smaller HDB flats with some never able to buy any flat in their lifetime,

3) Singapore Citizens have to pay more and more for medical fees with some of them expected to empty their medisaves and life-time saving.

Anonymous said...

If you have difficulty viewing

you can still view TemasekReview through these 2 websites:

Anonymous said...

citizens are awakened, dare to stand up for the righteous, to act on the belief that he can save this country from going deeper into the rabbit hole, the time comes for payback all the bad policies that pawn us so many decades. remember the day, remember we can pen this down in history we have united to change the regime that already lost touch with the citizens, this is our time, this is our chance, lets show them what we can. Yes we can!

Anonymous said...

You mean Ah Loong is the best candidate as PM?!

Don't lower your IQ by even suggesting it.

If you look at the opposition candidates, many of them are equally good if not better than Ah Loong. Ah Loong shud have been a university professor, like Stephen hawkings lah.

If we have Chen show Mao earlier, maybe we don't need to lose billions in our overseas investments and suzhou is not such an emabarrassement for us.

Wake up lah. Just because we were fed with swill everyday, don't mean it is the best food on earth.

Anonymous said...

Alamak...all of you so optimistic that 'citizens are awakened'. Please many civil servants I know are so bloody apathetic, they still think elections are not needed!! So comfy with the status quo they dont care abt election and mindlessly tick the lightning box!! It will take a v long time before SGeans become awakened.

NS Man said...

LKY said Singapore needs another 900,000 foreign workers.

This piece of shocking news should be the headline but this morning Zaobao cleverly hid it in the last paragraph.

Obviously, they remain recalcitrant even though the coffin is put before them.

On reaching out to the masses in the heartland, perhaps all oppositions should emulate Dr Chee's Hokkien video. Make them in Malay, Tamil, Teochew, Cantonese etc to reach out to max number of voters.

My friend who is a teacher switched to CPF scheme and happy like hell for receiving a lum sum into his CPF, now is banging the wall.

Trust PAP at your own risk.

Anonymous said...

"The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first."
-- Thomas Jefferson (3rd President of the United States (1801–1809)

Anonymous said...

Talking about ignorance:

CPF LIFE is another trick!
Many people signed up without understanding it.
Even TKL promotes it.


Anonymous said...

I think the inherent problem is that Singaporeans, no matter how much they complain, will still opt in the end to preserve the status quo. We have become a generation of people who choose to let others decide for us what we really want, and as much as we might witness all these sentiments of unhappiness online, these are only a minority of the people. A friend of mine for example--a pre-school educator working in the private sector--always complains about this and that government policy, but she is not happy with the opposition party either, and disses them too, so in the end, all I can say is, maybe she does not want either government(what does she want for government??I don't know...maybe Lindsay Lohan????)Apathy might not be a problem amongst civil servants alone, but also average Singaporeans in the private sector. It is that idea," as long as I keep my wallet, all the rest like voting and my citizenship privileges is really optional".

Anonymous said...

Typical PAP - denial, scaremongering, veiled threats, upgrading bribes and a big propoganda media machine behind them - they lost the moral high ground long time ago.

hayek said...

For the past 1 year, SGD vs USD drop a plunged a whopping 10% denominated in SGD. There goes our FX.

In terms of GOLD, then our reserve has taken a 20% hit. Your CPF is long gone, Ah Loong knew that.

The tragedy is that we are not allowed to save in gold, as it would offend our master USA. All asian tigers all not allowed to park their saving in gold.

We are going to suffer bitter fruits. Because we have rely

1) MNCs instead of our own companies.

2) export market excessively

Anonymous said...

Brain drain coupled with the massive influx of FT(foreign talent) which is unmonitored has been a huge problem over the last decade here. When you think about it, not keeping our own talents and our own people within the market, by encouraging them with benefits for productivity and so on, is basically one big flaw of our system which seriously will continue to leech people away from Singapore and outwards to other countries. Calling them "quitters" or whatever simply does not answer the basic problem which has already been in place, that they do not have an incentive to stay.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Lucky

a status quo that fewer and fewer Singaporeans want for themselves and their children .

U mean local-born Singaporeans rite?
Your statement is untrue as more and more "new" Singaporeans wants to status quo ... and PAP is importing them faster than the locals can breed.

Anonymous said...

"My friend who is a teacher switched to CPF scheme and happy like hell for receiving a lum sum into his CPF, now is banging the wall."

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Imagine your own money being controlled by some self-professed do-gooders.

Anonymous said...

"Yesterday, the PAP govt announced there will be no GST hikes in the next 5 years."

I really hope Singaporeans wiser up this time. PAP and the government are the master of packaging and marketing. When the elite want something, they will always get it and stuck it down your throat. Did anyone forget how the unpopular annuity is repackaged as CPF Life and force down your throat eventually ?

If GST is unpopular, don't you think the PAP will once again repackage it and reinvent a new "GST" tax to get more monies as this always their track records ! If the characteristic of a immoral government is greedy and corrupted, no amount of promise they made is valid. Remember that we have a government that has no integrity, credibility, responsibility and accountability.

When they are forced to make a promise that they will not increase GST during election, rather than before election show how much nonsense this government is.

And then did anyone forget about mean testing when they say they will not implement it, but happily implement it after election nevertheless ?

Please. Everyone. This is a government that is shameful and corrupted. Everyone must wake up because this could be the last election the citizens' vote matter, and after which the govt will import another mass of foreigners to drown the vote of citizens.

Citizens should be wise not to screw themselve this times.

If citizens can't even help themselves to vote out evil bastards, no amount of Jesus's blessing and Budddha's help can help the citizens. Citizens should help themselves this time by voting out the government that only give lip service during election.

Remember behind the decision of govt is still decide by a refused-to-die oldman who commit so much evil things against Singapore, and still say "I'm stand corrected".
The old man and the govt can even turn black into white.

Oh goodness, citizens should wake up now .

Anonymous said...

Now this is what PAP is thinking now:
"Oh no GSt increase, but we can think out of another new tax for the citizens, and we also fulfil that GST has no increase".

Perhaps the GST will no longer be revelant in the future because the GST might be repackaged into another name which is far more devastating than original GST.

People of Singapore,
the PAP of Singapore is a cunning and shrewd greedy bastards who love to play with words. We know that and why should we want to continue to be play around by immoral government. Please vote them out of the sake of not your future, but the future of Singapore.

Lying and deceit is the cornerstone of this government.

Kojakbt said...

Lucky, another good article from you :) Keep up the good work!

Would like to share some postings from other sites with the bros here about what PAP is doing to Singaporeans with their flawed policies. Come May 7, pls remember to vote properly...

Used to earning $4000 a month as a sales manager just three years ago before been retrenched during the global financial crisis, he is reduced to ekking out a living as a dishwasher now making $6.00 an hour at a cafeteria – a lone Singaporean amidst a sea of foreigners in this service-orientated industry.

Anonymous said...

In today's Sunday Times, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan was quoted as saying:

"It has been brought to my attention - in fact it is the SDP which is suppressing a certain YouTube video, which raises some very awkward questions about the agenda and motivations of the SDP and its candidates."

Hey folks, any idea what video Dr Vivian was referring to? Is it still available on the Internet?

I am curious about these things, whether it is about PAP or opposition.

Kojakbt said...

Painful experience of a local PMET working in financial sector


Iceman says:

I can emphatize with the experience of this writer. I used to serve in the SAF, and after completing my bond in 1999, I left the organization for the private sector.

After about 10 years in the IT industry, I am jobless since I got retrenched in early 2009. Since then, I have not been working. I chose to take a break and concentrated on my postgrad study in NUS.

In the 2 years, I applied for countless number of jobs that are probably closer to my core skill sets. Honestly, there are job offers (although few), but I chose not to take them due to the pay (which sets me back by at least 6 years).

It is true that cheaper foreigners (not necessary talents) are here to take over many of the IT jobs in Singapore. These foreigners are happy to accept lower pay, primarily because their home country does not provide them the opportunities and pay.

Our government stance have been that job displacement of local Singaporeans is an inevitable part of globalization, and we Singaporeans are better off getting lowly paid jobs, compared to no jobs when the MNCs chose other places if our pay are high. The irony is that, despite having arguably the best education system in the region, we are still being paid the same pay as the foreigners coming from never-heard-of universities. Why then do we drive our children so hard in school?

Is the threat of MNCs moving out real if our wages are higher relative to other developing countries? It is real if the TOTAL cost of operation in Singapore is higher compared to other countries. For any MNCs, labour cost is not the only factor to consider when deciding whether to set up operations in a foreign country. There are other more important considerations like proximity to markets, stability of government, taxes, rental, skilled and productive labour etc. MNCs who chose to move out just because we are more expensive in labour will move out anyway, because their businesses only require low cost labour.

The saddest part about our government is that rather than upselling our country in other competitive advantages, they chose the easy way out by selling us as cheap labour. We might have created many jobs in the process, but the ones who benefited the most are foreigners.

To the writer of this blog, I urge you to stay positive. Don’t let this episode affect your many years of hardwork and training. This too shall past and you will look back one day to pat yourself in the shoulder to congratulate yourself that you made it through.

Kojakbt said...

Pls vote wisely come May 7...


Marvin says:

All lot of politicians had use ‘Globalization’ as a scapegoat for their failures. It was such a good blame tool that globalization is the best propaganda tool for politicians to utilized for any gains or blame for failures.

Look at the whole world and you will realized that those countries that had planned properly, the ill effects of globalization can be minimized. These countries utilized value chain to overcome the initial problems.

But Singapore on the other hand was doing just the opposite. Instead of moving toward a high value chain, they are still playing the cheap game of low value to compete with 3rd world countries with cheap labor. The worst of all is PAP’s policy to bring in massive low quality foreigners and resulted in the drastic fall in productivity.

One of PAP’s biggest failure is it is unable to move up the value chain after in power for 50 years. They are still doing the same dog tricks of the 80s where they roll out red carpet for MNCs which depends on cheap labor. When these MNCs with low end manufacturing needs move out, PAP was caught red handed. PAP did the unthinkable by massive influx of cheap labor of doubtful quality and brought down the wages of local workforce.

On top of that, PAP had relentlessly inflated cost in Singapore through a lot of indirect expenses. GST, ERP, public transport, electricity, property rental had increase so much that we are the 2nd most expensive city in Asia next to Tokyo in the UBS’ Prices and Earnings study.

A further UBS study had shown that the average quality of life in Singapore had fallen to 3rd world country standard. This is a very serious problem! Singapore was the worst performing countries of the 4 Asian tigers in term of quality of life for the average citizens.

PAP had also further alienate its own citizens by exemption of NS for new citizens, put in heavy resources for helping businesses in massive overseas recruitment to bring in more cheaper labor.

PAP had totally lost their moral when they peg their salaries to top performers. While their obscene salaries which is already few times higher that those of 1st world countries was further increased to greater heights, the salaries of the average citizens had fallen drastically.

180,000 people 40 years or older in Singapore were earning less than S$1,000. Another 154,000 over 40 were earning less than than S$1,500. Together they made up more than 17 per cent of the 1.86 million-strong local workforce. During the same period HDB prices had reach the peak which had double or triple fold compare to 10 years ago.

My 35 years old HDB 3-room flat bought in 2003 at $177,000 is worth $320,000 now. On top of that, the PR buyer is willing to fork out a further $30,000 COV.

If this is not serious enough, what is consider serious?

LKY was famous for his arrogant quote in the 80s that his policies were so profound that average Singaporeans will not understand. But is it truly so?

hayek said...

--Why Asset Value Must Rise?--

The pre-requisite of the oppressive FIRE economy,(Finance, Insurance, Real Estate) is

-the people must be put into debt.

Imagine what happen if we are all debt free? DBS, UOB and OCBC...etc will go bankrupt.

-Asset value must continue to rise.

The elite holds considerable real-estate. A rise in real-estate effectively put the people into renting paying serf.

The problem is when is the music going to stop?

Many Singaporean is really over-stretch with to the max with 30 years mortgage. It is impossible to further increase the debt ratio.

The good-collateral are all gone. Currently it requires just a shock to cause a depression.

I think the mother of all depression is going to come to pass within this 10 years if we do not undo PAP damage.

Kojakbt said...

Lucky: "I can’t recall another election in the last 20 years that the PAP is viewed so negatively by so many people."

Make that since independence. I'm a long time observer of the many elections in Singapore. In the last 5 years leading to this GE2011, I see:

* People sprayed graffiti on NKF building condemning the elite

* People burnt a MP

* People heckled a MP in hawker center

* People called in to threaten MP

* People threw chairs in meet-the-people session with a MP

* PAP MPs are said to be escorted with plain clothes armed guards during their walkabouts these days.

I certainly don't condone the above unlawful activities but I'm shocked to see such things happening in Singapore. One must certainly ask why it is happening now...

Anonymous said...

"Many Singaporean is really over-stretch with to the max with 30 years mortgage. It is impossible to further increase the debt ratio.
Hayek 24/4/11 13:16

Singaporean overstretched? That's what foreigners are here for. So as to relieve the Singaporean overstretch.

What's the problem even if foreigners become majority and citizens too? PAP victory will be even more assured!

hayek said...

-Social Darwinism is Rubbish-

LKY likes to preach "Survival of the Fittest", competition, but unfortunately nothing is further away from truth.

To Darwin, species that evolve in harsh environments such as the desert, or the icy polar region, will produce species that would be more fit for such environments rather than gentle lamb on a peaceful perrie.

Darwin applied his theory in the biological and environmental spectrum. He never advocate there is an iota of SOCIAL application of theory.

Survival of the fittest in a competitive social environment will eventually turn human society into a harsh and dangerous hell rather than a Garden of Eden. Survival of the fittest, as a human evolutionary process, will justify an escalating circular feedback loop of mutually reinforcement between increasingly more aggressive species and environments that increasingly require more aggressiveness for survival.

Human civilization under the law of survival of the fittest competitive market capitalism will evolve away from that which is morally good and socially desirable in human beings because such human traits are often the most fragile and unfit for survival in a society where ethics is not only perceived as weakness, but is actually a impediment to survival.

If Darwin is alive today, he will say "fuck you LKY and LHL"

Anonymous said...

Classic Animal Farm scenario...

Apples are reserved only for the PIGS who are the brain-workers.

Chow said...

Unfortunately there will be many who prefer the status quo. Let's face it. The PAP us neither fully wrong nor are the Opposition fully right. It is what we the electorate want. If there are sufficient people who think and feel that life is going on all right for them they will vote the PAP till something happens to them. I'll put it anecdotally: two of my friends who are regulars in the army are seemingly supportive of the status quo. One quotes the usual "without us Singapore is finished" lines from the PAP. Some comments I've seen seem to rejoice more in the fact that polling day is a public holiday (can I take MC?). This is what it means. Of course the grc is silly but even without it, are most people sufficiently affected? Only the polls will tell.

cpt said...

i love ur blog.. i hope u would write more.. also dun go getting urselves into trouble during the next two weeks.. we dun wan pap to sue anyone of u and stop u when u win the election!!!

Anonymous said...

People of Singapore, haven't you had enough of the sefl-righteous PAP yet? Haven't you had enough of their policies?Think of your children and grandchildren.
Lets us all take a big risk and vote in the opposition. It will be a calculated risk worth taking. We now have many people of calibre and some are well known-personalities.
Let the people of Singapore have their voice back!!!!....bebrave123

dolphin81 said...

For those who are doing well for the past 10 years, we cannot fault them for wanting to vote for the PAP.

THe worst part is those who have been hit hard for the past decade but still want to vote for PAP.

IF we can win over this group, there will be a massive protest vote.

Kojakbt said...


>> two of my friends who are regulars in the army are seemingly supportive of the status quo. One quotes the usual "without us Singapore is finished" lines from the PAP.

Bro, unless your 2 friends are high fliers (ie, scholars) in the army, you should tell them not to be too happy. In fact, they should start looking for jobs now before their contract is up.

SAF these days will relentlessly retire ordinary regulars so as to give more opportunity to promote people from the bottom.

If your 2 friends are just ordinary regulars, I pity them. Very soon, they will be joining the ranks of the unemployed... and it's even worse for army regulars without any other job experiences...

Anonymous said...

The following Youtube nicely sums up what the PAP has been doing.

Anonymous said...

Many 'aunties' and 'uncles' and 'grans' are still a bit pro pap - they are still scared of repercussions and believe that their votes are known etc.. my own relatives included - frustrated with this group - how can we make them understand?! BTW, what's happened to TR?!

Anonymous said...

Our leaders should never have confused manpower policy with immigration policy. It is good enough for them to open the flood gates to those foreigners for ‘economic reason’, so often propagandize but there is no need to issue them PR status.

After issuing PR status, the leaders again are confused and assume that it is related to housing policy. It does not mean that because you are PR, you are entitled to buy public housing when really Im not sure what those PR contribute to Singapore. It so common for them to ’settle’ here when the kids are young as one gets cheap education and a safe enviornment but upon their graduation, they migrate to other countries like Aus, UK or back to their home country.

Back to my point, PR should earn their right to buy public housing, by staying a minimum number of years to at least prove they are here for the ‘longer’ run.

I also really wonder how the HR department assess the CVs of foregin applications for white-collar jobs. When I applied for white-collar jobs overseas in my area of expertise, the headhunters tell me that my chances are slim simply due to the fact that I do not have local experience in their country.

However, it seems so easy for foreign nationals to apply for jobs here. Look at the number of indians and filipinos in white-collar jobs. Are you sure there aren’t qualified Singaporeans to get on the role?

Such brilliant polices have resulted in a life of hardship for locals. Well done. our leaders. Congratulations to all locals!

Robert Tan said...

Sorry to tell you this Lucky. While there is a increasing level pf negativity against the PAP, most will still continue to vote the PAP. Why people may asked ? Let me related a story of someone I know who was raving on and on negatively about the PAP. So when I asked him whether he was going to vote against the PAP. He was quite for while then lament "No choice..who else is there ?". So Singaporeans people will complain, but will do nothing.

Chow said...

@kojak. Exactly. It is, however, not my forte to convince people nor will they be convinced outright. The primary reason may be that because they do not feel the effects of globalization in the army and they probably still get bonuses and increments so they can't appreciate it as of now. As Robert put it, many still complain but for some strange reason refuse to exercise their right to vote. Go figure! Maybe we all are just hot air after all.

Anonymous said...

How come no opposition party has taken up the casino issue - its a prime example of a leadership that has lost its way and will probably mobilise latent opposition in society which had been suppressed during the "debate" last time? MBT says housing is not so important as there are many issues - he's damn right as there are so many issues that its going to set PAP's butt on fire by May 7th!

Anonymous said...

"No choice..who else is there ?". So Singaporeans people will complain, but will do nothing."

There are still a lot of such people. They do not understand that inviduals like them make the numbers collectively and shift the balance. These people are sadly always be standing on their own shadows, feel powerless, complaining and yet pick up the knive themselves cutting their own nose.

These people may feel remorseful or cry one fine day when they realise suddenly why they have behaved in such self defeating manner earlier.

Anonymous said...

If so many high flyers can stick our their neck for the people, the least I could do is to give them my vote and support.

Anonymous said...

"The PAP has a few fallbacks when things are not going their way - the mainstream propaganda machine, upgrading carrots and long term track record."

The spiel spewing out from the incumbents are tired repeats from yesteryear. Singaporeans deserve better than this. Where is the passion to serve? If the desire to rule is only for lining their pockets, then Singapore will be better off with new leaders that has visions and the same yearnings for change as change is what we want. So far nothing substantial or new has been proposed by the PAP. Their desire to keep the status quo benefit some of the people but mostly are for themselves as any change will hurt them. Promises from the last elections if many can recall are:

1) Our Vision: A Better Life for All

2) Create More Opportunities For Singaporeans

3) Give our Young The Best Start

4) Encourage Every Citizen to Play a Role

5) DO More for Lower Income Singaporean

6) Help Older Singaporeans to lead Full and Active Lives

7) Provide Affordable healthcare for All

8) Staying Together, Moving Ahead

If they had succeeded we won't be where we are today. The problems we faced today are rising costs many artificially inflated by the government themselves. Please vote wisely.

Amused said...

"No choice..who else is there ?". So Singaporeans people will complain, but will do nothing.

Here is a little suggestion - convince your own parents to vote opposition! Believe it or not, the young can be quite convincing to their own parents.

Then work on your relatives, friends, and neigbors. You won't convince everyone. But for everyone you convert, you make a different of 2 votes (+1,-1)!

Anonymous said...

Ten years ago, a fresh graduate pay is about $2k and now is about $2.2k. Ten years ago, HDB 5 room flat is about $200k and now is about $400k. The current ruling party is very good in robbing our reserves to enhance their reserves, in suppressing our wages to enhance their wages.

Kojakbt said...

The current tide turning against PAP can be traced back to 2006...


Year S'pore FT
2004 3.1M 1.1M (26.6%)
2005 3.1M 1.2M (27.8%)
2006 3.1M 1.3M (29.4%) << PAP adopted open FT policy
2007 3.1M 1.5M (31.7%)
2008 3.1M 1.7M (34.6%)
2009 3.2M 1.8M (35.8%)
2010 3.2M 1.9M (36.4%)

* FT pop includes PR
* FT indiscriminate increase causes multiple problems: Job competitions, wage depression, infrastructure overload, competition for places in education system, increase in housing prices which indirectly fuels rental increase and inflation, social problems etc.

Anonymous said...

//The worst part is those who have been hit hard for the past decade but still want to vote for PAP.

IF we can win over this group, there will be a massive protest vote.//

Anon. 24/4/11 16:53

To win over this group, we need to

1) Find out all the issues and concerns that make these voters unhappy
2) high light these issues and concerns in the election pamphlet
3) do more house to house visit and distribute the election pamphlet to each household
4) let them know that the election rallies will address these issues and concerns
5) Do more walk-about and distribute the election pamphlet at hawker centers and markets

Anonymous said...

The cost of living and medical expenses is too high for the sandwiched class.Especially for single income family that need to take care of parents and children.

Should be addressed and not be left as it is.