Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why PAP needs the upgrading crutch....

About a month ago, there was an exhibition in my area showing how the estate will be revamped in the coming years - a new MRT station, new bus interchange, parks and cycling paths etc.and the usual HDB upgrading for flats in the area. Singaporean voters know that their vote is linked to upgrading and which blocks get upgraded is decided by the % support for the PAP.  As the HDB flat is usually the single biggest asset owned by Singaporeans who have to service their housing debts for more than 2 decades, the threat to leave their ageing flats in a state of decay is a effective one. Just look difference between Potong Pasir and the PAP constituency just next to it - we should all applaud the real sacrifice of Potong Pair voters not to be lured by upgrading and doing the right thing. The HDB upgrading is perhaps the worst form of pork barrel politics in the world - as a threat and carrot it is very direct and real while politicians in other countries are only able hazy promises that their opponents can also many countries pork barrel politics is illegal.

"Vote the PAP and you will get upgrading earlier, he responds quietly and reacts with an amiable smile when a woman retorts: 'Do the upgrading first'." -Straits Times 14 April 2011 on how PAP's Hougang candidate, Desmond Choo plans to win votes.

In 2 recent forums, young Singaporeans asked the PM about the linking of upgrading to votes. Older Singaporeans don't bother because they have already heard all the answers and the answers can only make their "blood boil".  PM Lee gave the usual bad answers:

"The answer is that there has to be a distinction. Because the PAP wards supported the Government and the policies which delivered these good things." - PM Lee to student Seah Yin Hwa[Link]

Seah then asked if he could pay less tax and maybe "take one or two years off my NS?".

Linking votes to upgrading is unfair and undemocratic. It uses tax dollars collected from everyone to shore up the votes for the PAP during elections. The question is not whether it is right or wrong but why the PAP introduced this when most Singaporeans can see that it is not the right thing to do.

In the 1980s, the PAP was steadily losing % of votes election after election (see chart above). In order not to lose more seats, GRCs were created to "average out" the votes among strong + weak candidates. We can easily understand how this works by looking at how the PAP plans to bring Tin Pei Ling into parliament via the GRC route. While the GRC helped to retain seats for the PAP and brings into parliament weak PAP candidates that would have lost elections, the % votes for the PAP continued to decline right down to 60% in the election after GRC was introduced. If nothing was done, there was a good chance the PAP would lose a few GRCs in the 1991 elections. The PAP had 2 choices - fix their policies so that ordinary Singaporeans will benefit from them or tweak the system to retain their dominance. The PAP chose to do the later by linking votes to estate upgrading. I remember at that time many Singaporeans were outraged by this - you sensed that there might be a backlash against the PAP....sad to say their "kiasu" nature got the better of them and the % votes for the PAP went up after that.

Linking votes to upgrading actually carries very high long term risks for the PAP. Having found a way to unfairly coerce the electorate to vote for them, they make fewer adjustments in policy formulation thinking that winning votes is just a matter of dangling bigger and bigger upgrading carrots before voters - we are starting to see upgrading plans in excess of $500M ...very soon we will have billion $ upgrading plans. At the same time, voter frustration builds up and unhappiness with the PAP festers as the PAP go along the same path without making the long overdue changes. When the upgrading carrot loses its effect, there can be abrupt shifts in voting patterns that will catch the PAP off guard. Some people say that this coming election will be another "foregone conclusion" like the last 5 elections but I think it is a lot harder now to guess what goes on in the minds of voters.


Anonymous said...

The PAP has a good grasp of the kiasuness of Singaporean--always use fear as a weapon.

If there is any indications that the PAP is going to lose, I will speculate that 2-3 days before elections, two rounds of bullets might just fly in a crowded rally or a bomb will just went off in a MRT stn... yes, just play the terrorist card, and the PAP will get 80% of the vote.

Anonymous said...

On pork barrel politics and upgrading, I feel that some of the upgrading is unnecessary. Why upgrade if things are fine?

Anonymous said...

The "upgrading" and works done at Town council levels needs to be examined. Redundant work, some of them impractical and under utilised is seen if we look around us. Guess why so many contractors suck up to the Grassroots? thats to get piece of pie.

Examples are extensive walkways when the foot traffic do not justify. Gardens that get torn down and rebuilt. I stay in the East and see these happen all the time. There are some serious abuses of Town council monies.

Anonymous said...

the upgrading song has been sung for so many years and we have enough of it...for the sake of our future and our next generations, vote wisely.....

Anonymous said...

"Some people say that this coming election will be another "foregone conclusion" like the last 5 elections but I think it is a lot harder now to guess what goes on in the minds of voters."
Lucky Tan

Not when 66% or least 60% are happy and satisfied.

My prediction for this election outcome:

PAP 86 WP 1 (If Low TK remains in Hougang)

PAP 87 Opposition 0 ( If Low TK contest in GRC)

PAP will still win over 60% of all the votes. Maybe worst case slightly less but still at least above 55%.

One or 2 SMCs/GRCs PAP may only win 55+ % but overall votes for PAP will still be close to 60% or slightly more.

I give the outcome above a 90% chance.

What do you all think?

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you all a statistical fact.

Even if PAP were to win only 50 over per cent of the votes, they can still win at least 80 over seats out of 87!!

This is the beauty of the GRC system!

Actually I pity the opposition. If I were them, I would not bother to contest at all.

Unless there is only one opposition party and I am the leader and have 87 quality candidates to contest all the seats.

Anonymous said...

In reply to the above comment...We should all do the best to fight for what we think is best for our country. I'm going to go to the meeting of my opposition party that is contesting my ward this Sat and see what I can do to help. It's not helpful to be fatalistic and do nothing about it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 08:48 that the outcome is again predictable. Simple reason is that Singaporeans are not politically mature and most do not understand true democracy and they only read MSM. Change might be possible after LKY's influence has gone and PAP starts to split and crack into fragments. For those who want change, they will be disappointed in this GE. LKY is right to say that PAP is confident to win this GE and also the next. He knows very well the behaviour of Singaporeans, especially the older generation. Given another 2 GEs, i.e. 10 years, many older pro-PAP people have gone and replaced with more younger generation, real change is possible. Again, it may not be so because majority of the new citizens are from countries either without democracy (China) or ill democratic system (India). These new citizens do not really understand true democracy. So, the outcome at the 3rd GE and even 4th GE may not cause any changes too.

For those who want change badly can experience it by moving to those countries they like. It is free movement, after all. I believe most Singaporeans would prefer no change because they have the culture of materialistic lifestyle. Do you want change if it ended in worser economic condition for you? The answer is NO for most Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 09:11


One Can Eat An Elephant With Small Bites!

Anonymous said...

The same argument can be used for promoting of civil servants, no? If you do not support the ruling party, the "upgrading" of a govt supporter's career will have to take priority over a non-govt supporter, all things being equal. Where does this warped reasoning stop?

Anonymous said...

"The answer is that there has to be a distinction. Because the PAP wards supported the Government and the policies which delivered these good things." - PM Lee to student Seah Yin Hwa

Dear PM,

Opposition wards supported the Government just as much as anyone else; they pay taxes, they do NS, they are required to obey the same laws etc. Some of them even voted for PAP! So why are they so unfairly discriminated?

What people don't agree with you is your pork barrel politics! Your dirty tactic and other abuses put this country to shame!

Singaporeans Act Now said...

IF the citizens of a country will collectively and consistently vote for their short term self-interest, THEN this country is doomed. Better to emigrate before the ship sinks.

But I have faith that younger Singaporeans are more sophisticated voters who are less apathetic than their older peers. New media and our world-class education system have sharpened their thinking skills and broadened their horizon such that they better appreciate the pitfalls of PAP pork barrel politics.

It is our only hope that this coming will put a full stop to PAP's self serving stance. Ordinary Singaporeans like me may not be able to do much to help develop a multi party parliament, but we can at least contribute our Grow and Share bonus to the opposition cause.

And yes, don't forget to tick in the right box.

Anonymous said...

Dear all
Respectfully, enough talk already.

If you plan to vote for the alternative parties, commit yourself to also convincing one friend, parent or relative to join you in voting for change.

If all of us do this, we DOUBLE the number of votes for change.

a) If your friend or relative has hired a maid to look after his elderly parents.
Ask him if he is paying the maid’s levy. If yes, then ask him why is he paying a tax on filial piety.

b) If your friend or relative is hiring a maid to look after his baby or child.
Ask him if he is paying the maid’s levy. If yes, then ask him why is he paying a tax to stop Singapore’s declining population.

c) If you are looking after your elderly parents;
Tell your parents that you have to pay GST on all the food and medicine you buy for them.
Tell your parents about the maid’s levy you have to pay to hire the maid to look after them.
Then ask your parents why are they supporting the PAPies who is taxing you for performing your filial duties.

d) Leave nothing to chance. Make sure you show your elderly parents exactly where to mark the ballot paper.

e) If you have young friends or relatives who are looking to buy HDB flats.
Tell them that they are lease holders. HDB flat belongs to HDB. Then ask them why do they need to pay stamp duty and property tax on a property that does not belong to them. Why do they have to pay lawyer’s fees to re-confirm that the HDB flat belongs to HDB?

f) When you succeed in converting one new voter. Ask that new voter to also commit to converting another new voter within his family or circle of friends.

This war can only be won, one voter at a time.
Focus on achieving your quota of ONE new voter.

Anonymous said...

HDB upgrading is a trap, it will trap you to continuously vote for PAP and their unbalanced policies in order to maintain a status quo.

The only way to break out of this is to vote for more oppositions in and if the oppositions win more than 50% of the votes, they will upgrade wards that deserves upgrading - even PAP ones.

Anonymous said...

HDB upgrading crutch is useless because
Singaporean children,
Singaporean grandchildren, Singaporean younger brothers and sisters,
Singaporean younger relatives
cannot afford to buy sky high HDB flats.

HDB upgrading crutch benefit Singaporean Permanent Residents because they buy the HDB flats now to sell them later for big profit when they leave Singapore and return back to the foreign countries they came from.

Anonymous said...

HDB upgrading crutch is useless because
Singaporean children,
Singaporean grandchildren,
Singaporean younger brothers and sisters,
Singaporean younger relatives
cannot afford to buy sky high HDB flats.

HDB upgrading crutch benefit Singapore Permanent Residents because they buy the HDB flats now to sell them later for big profit when they leave Singapore and return back to the foreign countries they came from.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon 08:48 prediction.

But 66% votes does not imply 66% happy and satisfied.

Majority of voters (many of them are housewives) are passive and ignorant.

The opposition parties have very little opportunity to reach these voters because they will not attend any election rally held at remote places such as stadium.

The party that controls the MSM, CCs, RCs …. will likely get most of the votes from these voters.

Anonymous said...

HDB upgrading crutch is useless because
Singaporean children,
Singaporean grandchildren,
Singaporean younger brothers and sisters,
Singaporean younger relatives
cannot afford to buy sky high HDB flats.

HDB upgrading crutch benefit Singapore Permanent Residents because they buy the HDB flats now to sell them later for big profit when they leave Singapore and return back to the foreign countries they came from.

Anonymous said...

You want your jackpot, and you want to eat it? What hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Lucky is beginning to display the "Pot calling the kettle black" syndrome.

Anonymous said...

As he paints the other party unrighteousness, he becomes blind to his party hypocrisy.

Everlearning said...

When you have neighbours who smoked heavily outside your window which happened to be the common corridor you shared with them, you felt frustrated and fretful.

During the seventh month, they burnt the incense papers at the same common corridor and you had to inhale the smoke, you eventually gave up staying in a HDB flat.

You might already have an upgraded HDB home or being promised you are going to enjoy an upgraded home, but would you want to continue to stay if you have neighbours who are inconsiderate.

Vote me and I give you an upgrading facilities might not be what I most needed.

Anonymous said...

Well,depends on what the painter was wearing when he paints isn't it? If he is painting a nude, he could be naked you know. lol

Anonymous said...

My advice would be just ignore the carrots dangled. After a while when realised that there are no effects in dangling upgrading carrots to us, they will start to consider seriously giving us what we really need - policies that benefit the citizens in the long run.

Anyway, most of the grc estates have been upgraded so they can last without upgrading for the next 5 years la.

It's more important to drive home the message that estate upgrading doesn't affect the citizens' voting choices. Then in time to come, we'll have both policies that benefit us and also estate upgrading regardless of our party choices.

But this will require many of us to have a mindset shift. Anyway we really don't need another fresh coat of paint for the flats or shelters that link us from our hdb flats to the busstop what :p

Anonymous said...

"When the upgrading carrot loses its effect, there can be abrupt shifts in voting patterns that will catch the PAP off guard"

Carrots will always be part of the dish. With the growing appetites of the masses, they would want to know what the rivals are offering.

At the moment, they need to work on stealing

Anonymous said...

I have a lucky relative who has migrated to Vancouver many years ago.He told me a story of how an ordinary parent sued the local government and won.For decades the city of Vancouver has been charging fees to high school students who wish to take up summer courses.This is a voluntary
endeavor for those who wishes to be
ahead of his peers. And so the City thought that it has a right to charge these students fees. Per
course , it can amount to about $200 or more.
One day a parent thought that this cannot be constitutional because
tax payers fund education for
everyone and at anytime.You guess
right, in a truly democratic society like Canada the case was heard before the courts. The finding was obvious: The City
has no right to charge fees.
Dear Lucky,you are right.
How can upgrading of HDB flats
be a selective option to our incumbent government? Is this
unconstitutional? Just what kind
of democratic political system are we leaving to our children?

Anonymous said...

Upgrading of HDB estates =

more foreigners and permanent residents

= depressing salary for Singaporean

= Singaporean squeezed out of job market

= expensive HDB flats

= more permanent residents living in our estates

= more competition for schools

= more overcrowding in buses and MRT

= less subsidy for medical fees

= more waiting for medical treatments

Anonymous said...

There are many ways you can prepare carrots. You can chop it up and dip it tomato juices, strip the skin and shaft it into the oven or you can take it raw from your backyard.
Carrots have become the main stable no party can do without.

Anonymous said...

PAP offers carrots. WP offers banana?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

chee offers pancake. lol

Anonymous said...

Pretty idiotic this PAP carrot...


Using the public monies (taxes direct/indirect) to offer the carrot...

Public who believe the carrot and vote PAP cannot see or fully understand they are actually using the public past, current and future money (sure up GST, ERP etc to get back money the PAPIGs preceive as "belonging" to them)...

PAPIGS think they are smart...but actually in the end these pigs in white see thru "political" party uniforms are not!

LOL too.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:53

In my humble opinion, we shouldn't just be serving women voters only.

Anonymous said...

"Having found a way to unfairly coerce the electorate to vote for them, they make fewer adjustments in policy formulation thinking that winning votes is just a matter of dangling bigger and bigger upgrading carrots before voters"

My,my, lucky has found a "fairer way" to COERCE the electorate and does it

Anonymous said...

"But 66% votes does not imply 66% happy and satisfied.

Majority of voters (many of them are housewives) are passive and ignorant."
Anon 14/4/11 10:49

If so good lah, for PAP and Singapore.

Luckily, Singapore got this type of voters.

Or else opposition will become government which is lagi(more)worse.

Anonymous said...

choose between...cheapo carrots and expensive carrots izzit?ha...

Anonymous said...

The carrot is for your rear so that you can tahan another 5 years of getting screwed - daily.

Anonymous said...

muahaha u not happy ah?

Anonymous said...

aiyah, WP bring down the house...I mean hous$ I can buy cheap cheap..wait prices go up and make...cheat cheat money...haaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

Is upgrading really so important?

Look at the "improvement works". How many are useful?

Of cos the kiasu Sinkies do not bother to think.

I am not exactly sure if upgrading was the main issue in GE97.

The core PAP support was about 60%++.

The main problem was in 2001 when stupid sinkies in the 4 contested GRCs gave the PAP 70++% of the vote.

The voters essentially said that the PAP was doing an excellent job

Anonymous said...

PAP immoral carrot is better. However, I am open to moral carrots too.

Anonymous said...

Do singaporeans really think PAP is doing such an excellent job? On reckless spending perhaps!


$75.7m for Ministerial Pays - 30% increase
$4.2m to President - 20.8% increase
$387m - YOG overblown budget
$400k - MBT Marina Bay Naming Project
$271k - HM designer chairs for MOM backsides
$44m - Aljunied Town Council sinking fund lost in financial investment
$12m - Holland/PasirRis sinking fund lost in investment
$38 Billion - Temasek loss
$60 Billion - GIC loss

As usual, they always EXECUTE first, REMEDY later. Think how they will recoup these cost from you after the election? There'r no free CARROTs in this world, particularly this island!!

Anonymous said...

Size doest matter so long it fits the hole. I welcome competition,

Downgraded said...

MBT said Homes for life:
Third, our housing commitment to Singaporeans is a long-term one, HDB not only sells you a flat but comes back to upgrade it from time to time, budget permitting."

I think he should change the last sentence to read

''PAP the ruling party comes back to upgrade it once every 5 years, votes permitting" making it a far more accurate reflection of the reality.

Anonymous said...

again,another self demolished article. what's next?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the people need a reminder of TIPF issue?
How they deliberately hid funds and deny Opposition wards and taxpayers money for selective PAP benefits.

Anonymous said...

The HDB upgrade thing I don't bite it. But the scholarship one offered by WKS is tempting.
of course, i also wonder where he gets the money to fund this?

Anonymous said...

Actually, if someone offers me a moral carrot or an immoral carrot, can I vote for a dildo instead?

BERUBAH 改变 மாற்றம் CHANGE said...

We can each do our part in this upcoming election by disseminating this 2011 election video (got English one, got Chinese one, and even got Malay one!) widely to our friends via our facebook, twitter, email, blogsite, or simply get our parents and grandparents to sit in front of your computer to view it :)

Anonymous said...

I think your choices are limited to front or rear entry though some may attempt an oral entry.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a tough choice for the electorate. I hope the courting rivals will throw in some lubricant.

Anonymous said...

Vote for upgrading and you vote for the people who do not have the balls to fight fair.You vote for people who manipulate the system to win.
In any other situation they will be considered cheaters and label as such. Here they call themselves the "A' team . They are so green eyed that they pay themselves so much money and without guilt try to justify it. Tell me Singaporeans do you consider these men honest? They will do anything for ensure they remain in power and enrich themselves, this men are do different from their mentor. He betrayed the nation by joining the Japanese, betrayed friends and the British records shows that they knew him to be manipulative and not trust worthy

Anonymous said...

thats the problem with one party rule. they can do what they like just like in the dynasty era. the problem is not with upgrading or high cost of living. the problem lies with the one pary rule.

Anonymous said...

My cab driver spilled his beans the other day. He complained about having it hard making babies. The carrot isn't working now that I am juggling with two full blown jobs, he lamented

Anyone who enhances his carrot by a few more inches will get his vote.

I hope Sylvia listening.

Mrs K said...

LBH defended NCMP role "

"The NCMP is not set up to change government policy, the NCMP is set up to highlight whatever weaknesses there may be in government policies and if the NCMP can do that in parliament, I think his or her standing will be quite different come the next election."

Translation -
Can talk only. We can tolerate the "noise".
But cannot vote against us/our policy.
Just do the thinking for us (like playing devil advocate" ) that's all. Because we got groupthink so we just want people who can voice out individualthink for us ..because we can't do that anymore. But in the end, I have the final say. So thanks very much for your input & time..

BIG BS!!! Don't you find that patronizing to our intelligence? You have sooooo lost touch PAP!

Anonymous said...

Carrots are versatile and very adaptable. The obscure ones may suit some while others prefer cheaper,better and faster produce.

Anonymous said...

Agree..they lost touch.

From the ground recently, MP Lim Hwee Hwa was heckled by a resident. Said she only come-a-knocking near election time.

Not so luck for MP Seng Han Thong, was burnt in YCK. MP Phua in Serangoon was thrown at with a chair by a boy. All these happened in 2009 recently. These are just the tell tale signs...

Anonymous said...

If you are not using your carrot, may I borrow it?

Anonymous said...

I think all the PAP MPs need some major upgrading..
they are carrying heavy crutches..


They can't walk their talk anymore and do the residential walks without these crutches.


Anonymous said...

I hope you wash your carrot first.

Anonymous said...

Big fan of your blog. Here are some thoughts as we head into the elections.

In previous elections, those born before 1965 formed the majority of the electorate. These Singaporeans had experienced the wonder years when Singapore’s economic progress was unparalleled. The majority of the electorate moved into spanking new HDB flats sold at rates that allowed you to pay them off in 5 to 10 years. There was solid income growth and every year seemed better than the last. To continue to enjoy the fruits of such economic growth, they voted en mass for the PAP.

This election however, those born before 1965 and those born after 1965 are approximately equal in number. We are therefore seeing the start of a generational shift. 1965 is significant as it marks the start of when the cohort entered the workplace. Translating forward, by 20 years, this generally means from 1990 onwards.

If you look at the job market from 1990 till now, it has literally lurched from crisis to criis. There was the Asian financial crisis, SARS etc. It was also in the 1990s that we had the start of the infamous FT policy which steadily depressed wages while driving up the prices of everything. The situation never got better (in spite of PAP promises) and things steadily got worse.

This election will therefore be different because the life experiences of those voting is different. Many would have never enjoyed the wonder years and know only a PAP run Singapore that got progressively worse.

In this election, the P65 will form approximately 50% of the electorate. By 2017, they will form over 75% of the electorate. The PAP has failed to deliver economically to this group which is why we are seeing an Opposition resurgence. In favouring form over substance, the PAP sought to bound with the P65 by introducing all sorts of gimmicks to look hip and cool. These include our hip hop MPs and the latest Tin Pin Ling gambit. As these failed to resolve the underlying problem of poor economic performance, these have not worked.

In this election, we should see the PAP dominance crack. Prior to the announcement of the boundaries, it was obvious that the popular vote would be between 55% to 60%. This translates to the likely loss of 1 to 2 GRCs. The recent events suggest the situation is a lot more serious and there is a good chance that the 55% will not hold. If the underlying popular vote is indeed below 55%, then it is extremely difficult to predict the outcome due to the limitations of sampling. Gerrymandering would have a limited effect and the outcome is completely uncertain

PestControl said...

Leeches are 'worms' with suckers on each end.

Leeches can range in size from from a half of inch to ten inches long. Most feed on decaying plant material. and are parasites, feeding on blood and tissue of other animals & zombie MPs.

There's one major 10inch long one. How come he's not at the other camp sucking MPs blood and whatever inches Not enough enuchs to go around maybe..sucked them dry already.

Anonymous said...

No worries, I use rubber on my carrot.

AK Tam said...

//It was also in the 1990s that we had the start of the infamous FT policy which steadily depressed wages while driving up the prices of everything. The situation never got better (in spite of PAP promises) and things steadily got worse.//

I agree with yr assessment. The FT policy already started albeit slowly since the 1990s. I returned from overseas and found that Singapore suddenly had alot of foreigners. Over the years, the market sort of recalibrated itself now and then with the various crises and we saw some purge and attrition. However things became different. They started the import of cheap labour and it suddently changed the labour market. I found myself not just competing with foreign top talents in executive , but I also found that across the board in the low-mid positions. As anyone running a company would know, cost is a key factor. With the rising cost and the desire for high revenue/margins, companies start to look at such talents. And based on last 4 yeaers, it was a total game-changer. Singaproeans are slapped right in the low, middle & high end. There's simply no way to run a race without getting hurt either ways. The PAP has lost my respect.

Anonymous said...

This is a group that do NOT want to change.
Everything is status-quo and they can't bring themselves to admit that some overworn policies have run its course, and the results are slowly straining the people and not working out. Sad sorry shameful state.

Anonymous said...

The last time I used one with rubber, I ended with carrot juice all over the floor. No thanks.

Anonymous said...

The current unique-lee & private-lee club run by PAP clearly can only be described in 3 :

1) the practice of rule by an elite
2) the belief in rule by the elite
3) the consciousness of or pride in belonging to a select or favored group

This is their Manifesto of PAP. And they claim to have the best interests of Singaporeans? And Singapore the Nation?

TPL is a clear example. How to have faith in model like that?

Anonymous said...

You should buy rubber with the " lightning rod" logo. Leak resistance.

Anonymous said...

HDB dwellers do pay 'sinking fund', which is being managed collectively unlike in the private condos where the fund is managed by the residents themselves.
The primary objective of the fund is help maintain and upgrade the building after certain years. This is the fund contributed by the residents and not donated by the community council or the landlord (i.e. HDB), and the residents are absolutely entitled to the right of use of the fund for the intended purposes.
Unfortunately, the 'right of use' is closely tied to the MP background.
Since NMP can only voice out in the House, we need slightly more opposition MPs in the house to correct the man-made errors in the country - since 80% of Singaporeans are staying at HDB.

Anonymous said...

I belong in the post-65, and is my second vote. It is a no-brainer who is going to get their arse kicked, and their carrots licked by leeches!!

Anonymous said...

God said that you must believe in Him before you may enter Heaven. See the link between God and PAP?

Anonymous said...

No wonder. I am currently using "Wonder Pra".

Roger said...

Good clarification, annon 17.41.

But so how/why would an MP from a PAP ward be able to offer an expensive upgrade program whereas ones from Opposition like HG/PP cannot? Clearly there's more to meet the eyes.

Savinatham said...

Great article from Yawning bread on some abuses going on in some estate.

Anonymous said...

"Wonder Pra" is for women you toad

Anonymous said...

Ms Tin will be the crutch to GRC! She is going to be the weakest link. Despite calls for her to stand in SMC, she should remain there and pull the whole team out!

Anonymous said...

And "lightning rod" is for men? how could I be so daft.

CKL said...

Mah says his ministry will work with partners to transform the way Singaporeans live, work, play and commute.

He also revealed that a population size of 6.5 million was used as a planning assumption for the Concept Plan. However, it is not a population target. you believe that 6.5m is not a target? We are already at 5.2 now. They announced in TIME article basically to the whole word, that we will get to 6m. Now MBT said 6.5m !!! Why can't they just get consistent even if they are lying.

Anonymous said...

If all else fail, try the CB brand

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Residents in opposition deserves their hdb upgrading as they pay the same taxes too. They are Singaporeans too not second class citizens.

To say opposition not good enough? Even they send a monkey for election, am sure will get many votes cos it's paid peanuts!

Singaporean Voter said...

Is estate upgrading really that important? I don't see much difference between the prices of HDB flats in Potong Pasir and its neighbouring estates. Ultimately, what determines the price of a flat is its location and size. Of course covered walkways is good to have but that's a minor factor in HDB prices.

If Singaporeans throw their voting rights just because of some upgrading, they deserve to be screwed by PAP.

Stan Yeow said...

Dear Sir,

been reading your blog for 5 years now. Since GE 2006.

I really hope you can come out and join one of the opposition parties.

Look at Gerald Giam the blogger. He did good at Worker's Party.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of monkeys, I seriously think soon enough they will start hiring and training them for
cheaper, faster and better productivity!

PM on Question forum said very stupidly, that a hawker was using some kind of machine to do "Tze char" to improve productivity.. I just LMAO..then again, when GCT had brought on the cheap FT crutch mentality among businesses and singaporeans here, maybe one day this scenario might just happen!

Christsake said...

Why is LBH still talking and defending on the faulty concept of NMP/NMCP? He's already retired wah!

The word "TIRED" is in the word retired...does he not get it? People are tired of his babbling. Nobody buys it. And he's the MP who will always be known as the one who brought in all the cheap FTs and made it into a widespread crutches for singapore. And the MP that failed to legislate minimal wage for local workers. He can use his time to go to churches and pray for the families who have been ruined by the casinos and all those jobs that went to mostly foreign talents. Then he can feel like Jesus who heals the lepers, for real .

hayek said...

If we are not able to produce something ourselves, we will forever be condemn to low wages.

MNC set up shop here precisely for reasons of wages arbitration, tax evasion or money laundering.

PAP has actually realize the problem but unfortunately, they are unwilling to sacrifice the status quo for our overall well being.

hayek said...

People must have who is the one who is responsible of production?

Its of course, the engineers. But over the years, the wages of engineer is so depressed that engineer become an object of derision and contempt.

With the civil servant, bankers, doctors, lawyers forming a highly paid cartel without producing anything, smart Singaporean will never want to be engineer.

We will be condemned forever. As for banking sector who brings in lots of odious income, it will probably go on for another 10 years before the music stop.

Anonymous said...

I for one would like the Lee family to declare their assets. It's so easy to declare on state TV that you did not enrich yourself but if you do not have the honestly to be open to scrutiny shut the fuck up. Come on. If you are so uncorrupted why hide

Ng said...

That's where their ego & pride comes in. Instead of bravely u-turning (at pace) they kept piling it up and made it so worse. We are at a critical point now where it is simply just NOT sustainable, breaking the camels back. Low wages has no place in Singapore. You can NEVER outcompete with India & CN. That's their game, why fight them!!

LKY had it easy because of India/China economic path and thus making us succeed. Now that they have caught up, is time to play a different game, up the value-chain. What does it fxxxking take for them to acknowledge it and redesign a way forward?

Anonymous said...

To anon 20:09

Agree. For lee who's used to suing for libel or hauling pple to court, they always say : If you have nothing to hide, and are above board, then be transparent.

Apparently they only preach, and it didn't apply to them. The sorry state of the enormous height of elitism.

Starburst said...

But they did move up the value-chain!

Private-wealth for the rich, famous & despots
Money-laudering for small elite grp & casinos
Carving out super snobbish Sentosa land for the crooks

LHL is beginning to look like the George Bush of USA.
If only water cost as much as oil, he would already have flogged Hyflux to the highest bidders & buyers by now.

Anonymous said...

Still, a tough choice between carrot and banana.I think I need something bigger.

LKF said...

On attracting international talent to S'pore, Mr Goh said the island needs to remain open. "Because if you are able to collect a pool of very able people, no matter what the challenges are, we are in a better position to overcome." Even though rules have been tightened to make the process of acquiring S'porean citizenship more "selective", those with good knowledge, skills and entrepreneurship will still be welcomed.

Can GCT clarify or MOM please provide the "Terms & conditions" of what they mean by selective.

Also, PAP will still NOT stop importing talents with high skills -- why can't he find them in SG? Does the high skills imply PMET" that makes between $5-20k? which is taking away jobs from local PMETs. And why do we continue to bring in entreprenuers instead of groom? What exactly have they done in this area? Why do they kept thinking that we can inflate and import our out to first world country?
Start nurturing SG's own entrepreneurs! On one hand PAP like to make us believe that they have slowed down, but on the other hand, they still have not really.

Anonymous said...

"MP Lim Hwee Hwa was heckled by a resident. Said she only come-a-knocking near election time."
Anon 14/4/11 17:16

Aiya, what's the big deal? This is part and parcel, or what is termed occupational hazards, of campaigning.

If I were her, I would just ignore such idiots, even if they use 4 letter words.

Because I have more important things to do (part time) and be well rewarded monthly for it. And guaranteed for 4 to 5 years.

And this is really a big deal!

hayek said...

On attracting international talent to S'pore, Mr Goh said the island needs to remain open
Do you think top engineers will come here to draw a salary of $3000?

I have seen the reverse flow of the most creative engineers and scientist back to 3rd world India China instead.

They are so sick of Singapore system.

What we have here is actually the 2nd and 3rd class engineers who got a job here because firms in their hometown give them 2-3 years of working experience.

The company in Singapore basically deprive many of our best young engineers a place to start off condemning them to perpetual stupidity.

This is what LKY created.

Grace said...

If some of you have been following the news on ASX & SGX which was rejected of course : -

As Swan said in rejecting the proposal, ‘Let’s be clear here: this is not a merger. It’s a takeover that would see Australia’s financial sector become a subsidiary to a competitor in Asia.’ Jobs and expertise would have flowed to Singapore, and with them Sydney’s efforts over decades to become a genuine international financial centre.

...Yet there is another, even more fundamental and less attractive way, in which the transaction was not a merger of equals.

For this would not in substance have been a takeover of one corporation by another, but a takeover of the ASX by the Singaporean government. One of Lee Kuan Yew’s sons is a member of the SGX board. Another son just happens to be Singapore’s Prime Minister, and his wife runs Temasek, the state’s immensely powerful and wealthy sovereign wealth fund. A complex web of cross-shareholdings and directorships mean Singapore Inc is alive and well and doing the bidding of the Lee family."

LKF said...

But Singapore has some secular growth winds at its back that should help offset the global economic drag. First, Singapore is increasingly replacing West European hubs as the preferred place for private banking......Finally, Singapore is growing its own money tree: a Boston Consulting Group study finds that 11.4% of Singaporean households are millionaires, the largest proportion in the world.

Read more:,8599,2007470,00.html#ixzz1JZ11jVCE

SGP has enriched 11.4% of millionaires. I bet all our PAP MPs are all on the list. And how much tax do they pay again>?

Anonymous said...

"Do you think top engineers will come here to draw a salary of $3000?"
hayek 14/4/11 21:30

Why would the PAP care so much as to whether they come here or not?

Our economy still grows even if 2nd or 3rd class engineers come here.

And don't forget our casinos too. And the many ultra rich foreigners who came here to buy high end property or park their money to make Singapore a private banking hub.

And so what if these cause problems, eg high cost of living, property, etc for our people. 66% will still vote PAP due to lack of better choice!

Single Malt said...

PAP will win again. no need to guess what if!

Anonymous said...

"Finally, Singapore is growing its own money tree: a Boston Consulting Group study finds that 11.4% of Singaporean households are millionaires, the largest proportion in the world."
LKF 14/4/11 21:48

Now you know why 66% are happy and satisfied is actually no big deal!

That's why I think PAP is so confident.

Vote4YrVoice said...

AGree. The 11.4% millionaires must include the MPs.

ResponsibleMeh? said...

Mah dismissed WP's manifesto on pegging median income for HDB purchase price.

Said they were irresponsible.
'You can't get something for nothing,'

Retort to Mr Mah, it's very simple -why not just reveal and share with us the actual cost for the flats by BTO exercise? Why does he insist on keeping quiet despite the repeated calls by citizens?
Just use the HDB awarded tenders for each batch (civil, mechanical, electrical, etc.). Then give total cost divided by total sq feet build to give COST per PSF. How is that difficult>

As i quote the blogger TheMightyPen -

I agree with minister Mah that you can't get something for nothing, but he must also understand that you get nothing by hiding some things. Larger subsidies for housing will always remain larger in his mind, if he is not prepared to be transparent about the cost of building houses for Singaporeans. The level of actual subsidies given cannot be determined by hiding the actual cost!

Come clean Mr Mah. We know how responsible you were with the $400k marina bay naming project. Now you just have to take the responsibility of sharing with the citizens the real cost of subsidies.

Anonymous said...

WoW solid and impressive material to drive a wooden stake into the hearts of demons in parliament. Hope the new davids you guys are fielding will get into parliament and REPEAT the bold words here, and in other blogs, otherwise, why pay them 15 biggies a month to REPRESENT us and NOTHING comes out of it.

Time we send the new warriors to slay the goliaths in the whorehouse their predesessors failed to do despite all the opportunity in the world and please, make sure this time, they repeat EXACTLY everything said here and everywhere, can?

We must get our money worth and...don't want to be cheated of our good faith in them again right?

Anonymous said...

actually, you can promise almost ANYTHING to the most, kena shot down in parliament only what.

Anonymous said...

" A complex web of cross-shareholdings and directorships mean Singapore Inc is alive and well and doing the bidding of the Lee family."

Time to lock Satan away? Will WP do us all the honor?

Twitter said...

Wow #TinPeiLing invited another slew of criticisms: 465 in 6 hours on Yahoo Fit-to-Post. This is what I consider a gone case...twitter @Debswee

Anonymous said...

Imagine even the Australians are calling it a complex web of cross-shareholdings ....

Now imagine our PA, RC, CC, Town Council etc are all in the web of PAP & Government?!!

How to untangle? People HAVE to vote in LOTS of Opposition voices or there'll not be another decade before they run away with our money. Wakey-wakey from your slumber.

Anonymous said...

Cut the crap, just deliver the carrots. The bigger the better.

NuclearMeltdown said...

Think your flat keeps going up? Don't even buy into the upgrading carrots. Read here

The $270b bailout on HDB flats.

Smartie said...

Thanks for the great post and exchanges here.

If 11.4% are millionaires, then there's still a 88.6% who are not, so they will try very hard or die trying??
Actually, given all the asset prices have gone up, if I sell off my HDB flat and go work as part-time MP @ 15k per month I also will be a millionaire by now fact, 85% of those who live in HDB flats can also sell and become (paper?) millionaire? That's such a good lobang. So why don't we all just do that!

Afterall, Lee said if you not happy either you emigrate or run for office. On that basis, then if everybody who is not happy, sell off their hdb flats and go run for office, then singapore will not only

1) have many talents that come forward to form Team A, B - Z
2) but also we can become a full-employment millionaire country - first in the world!

Sound good? Logical?

Anonymous said...

Upgrading is not what we are looking for. We are looking at nation building. We are looking at the quality of life...

Anonymous said...

Last i checked, quality of life is comparable to Russia.

Anonymous said...

Go in and spoil the reserves, spread it and let's PAARRRRTEEEHHH!

Vote ALL oppositions into power! Time for change, time to PAAARRRRRTEEEEEHHHH

Anonymous said...

GMS is the sum of the opposition. Either this old fart is a mad cow dissease or he is a liar and an opportunist like the rest of the cast.

Have to wait for the credits to roll.Meanwhile, sit back, prop up your legs and pop some popcorn. Hope is a bloody good movie.

Anonymous said...

Upgrading is meant to jack up those older HDB flats price so that HDB can sell their new flats to the Gen-Y at a higher price. Parents gain is children/grandchildren loss. Parents bought lease flat for 99 years at the age of 25 years old. By the time they are 75 years old, the flat they lease have 49 more years to go. Upgrade again? I think most likely they will pull down the whole block and ask lessee to sign another new 99 years lease. If they don't enbloc the lease of the flat will expire in 49 years time and the asset value becomes ZERO. Yes, i strongly believe the $240b bailout is real.

Anonymous said...

I used to live in a 4 room point block flat bought new from the HDB in 1973. The cost was $15.5K then.

Later there was some upgrading.

Since last year the resale prices is between $400K to $500K!

Despite that the flat has only 60 years of lease left.

The pay of a fresh engineering graduate in 1973 was around $800-$1000.

Today it may be $2500 - $3000. An increase of about 3 times.

But now even a new 4 room flat is already $400K. An increase of 25 times compared to 1973!!

I pity the younger generation now.

How to get married?

How to get a HDB pigeon hole to stay?

And of course forget about having kids.

Unless they can earn $15K at age 27!

But what I don't know is whether this will translate into opposition votes that can deny PAP 2/3 majority.

We will find this out in a few weeks time.

Anonymous said...

Problem with ppl like you is that you are working the sum on the paper AS IF you were once young and you figure...can't make it.
Try getting in touch with reality out there. Engage at least 10 young couple who put their name down for a $ 500k unit and ask them...Are you crazy? Why do you think you can make it, when you would balk at the number, and how do you actually work out the sum?

Wisdom of the day: If love sucks, you could be looking for love in all the wrong places.


Anonymous said...

For the longest time people have bern asking, what's the Spirit of SIN? There is apparently no consensus on that but if you figure it out, who knows, that maybe our answer?