Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Workers' Party Manifesto

Some food for thought before I discuss the manifesto. Wong Kan Seng urge voters to ask "hard questions" about the WP' manifesto. ..here are a few hard questions. The weekend New Paper gave extensive coverage to Minister Shanmugam's political career. He mentioned that he took a pay cut of 65% to join politics and we keep hearing this type of stories from PAP candidates. Minister Ng Eng Hen for example told everyone he took a pay cut because he was paid millions as surgeon. But the hard question Shanmugan should have asked himself was if capable lawyers like himself had to be paid so much...how will poor people get justice when they cannot afford capable lawyers like himself. Ng Eng Hen should ask  if surgeons like himself are paid so much how are poor people going to have access to his services when it is needed to save their lives.

The truth about the WP manifesto is it generates hard questions for the PAP to answer not the other way around!  Why did the PAP take us along this painful road on which they seem to be the biggest beneficiary of the current system when other roads exists?

If you listen to WP on the above video, you will realize that much of what they proposed is similar to what has been posted on my blog. Not that they have taken ideas from my blog .... these are workable ideas that will improve the lives of Singaporeans that have emerged in the past few years and have been discussed in various forums - other political parties have similar ideas. Because of PAP positioning on the political spectrum which is far to the right[Link], our opposition parties' proposals look very "middle-path" and centrist.

"As for Tin Pei Ling, we first noticed her in this (NUS) hall in 2007 when we had a party convention. She was one of the speakers and she impressed the audience. We made the right decision. It looks like she’s going to MacPherson and she’ll be a good MP in due course,”  - PM Lee on selction of TPL

"Besides studying whether the gap is widening, it is more important to find out if the lowest-income group is able to get by and not fall into the vicious cycle. Many people are complaining and blaming the government for this problem. But is this really the responsibility of the government? I don’t think so" - Tin Pei Ling PAP 2007 Party Convention

You can read Tin Pei Ling entire speech here[Link]. I brought this up not to discredit TPL, there is enough of that on the Internet already but to show you how the PAP select people based on the same ideological framework. I wonder if Ms Tin would have been selected if she said  that the income gap is worsened by PAP policies and the PAP must embark on serious changes to address this issue....if she said that my guess is she would have been crossed out immediately. Take the example of NMP Siew - he was, in my opinion, the most hardworking NMP ever brought into parliament and one who will stand up and ask the hardest questions and argue his case vigorously....what happened to him? They decided to replace when his term ended. My point is this - the PAP has made claims that it has a diverse team and all Singaporeans need to do is support this team and they will be well represented in parliament...they try to tell voters there's no need for opposition. The PAP this time round took in new candidates mainly from the SAF, NTUC, civil service and banks. If they were from somewhere else like Ms Tin, I'm sure the selection process screens them for "ideological compatibility". The end result is policies in recent years that increase the pay of ministers, increase the burden of sick, old and poor (GST), widen the income gap etc. The PAP likes to say that there is no choice but to do what has been done for the long term good of Singapore but policy options actually only disappear after they apply their ideological contraints.

The WP's manifesto is developed based on a completely different philosophy. During the debate on Minister salaries, MP Low Thia Kiang challenged the PAP ministers to peg their salary as a multiple of the salary of the bottom 20% of workers. The PAP pegged their pay to the highest income earners. This example is the clearest illustration of the difference in the philosophy of the WP vs the PAP.  There is no free market in the world for ministers salaries (otherwise we could have gotten Bill Clinton at a lower cost) and it is determined purely by the ideological motivations of individuals. That we have to pay the highest salaries in the world for PAP ministers, says a lot about how extreme PAP ideology is....it is hard to find a person like Tin Pei Ling who can stand up and declare that the income gap is not the responsibility of the govt - that is why she is so strongly endorsed by PAP ministers and considered impressive by the PAP leadership.

PM Lee said a few days ago that Singapore does not have enough talents for a 2 party system. He is wrong. The PAP cannot find enough Tin Pei Lings to fill its ranks because there are not many people attracted by its ideology and philosophy - many intelligent educated loyal Singaporeans don't want anything to do with the PAP. You see real talents emerging in the opposition ranks and these people stepped forward sacrifcing much with little to gain.

The PAP's unusual ideology is what drove campaigns/policies such as "stop at 2", graduate parents scheme, "cheaper, better, faster", GRCs etc that most Singaporeans find hard to accept. In order to stay in power, the PAP resorted to less than democratic means of controlling the media and repressing opponents...how else do you get the populace to accept what you do and retain dominant power. There is no other society in the world that has elected a govt like the PAP when elections are  free and far and there is freedom of the press.

The important changes will never come from the PAP (voluntarily). Their new candidates for the elections shows how determined they are to preserve the status quo, If you want change, you have to support another party with ideas based on a different philosophy. Only when the PAP loses seats, votes and support will they be able to overcome their own ideological constraints and do what is right for the people of Singapore.


Ghost said...

All manifestos by political parties, including the PAP, are just there to score political points with the public. So I don't put too much weight in the Worker's Party Manifesto.
As for the Tin Pei Ling issue, it has become a distraction for the PAP and they needed to tackle the issue of her marriage ASAP. The sooner they do that, the sooner the issue will blow over.

Civil Servant said...

As a civil servant, I find it tragic to see that the PAP has completely lost its way and is clinging on to power to fatten its own pockets.

They have lost political mandate and this will be self-evident over the next 3 elections


ed said...

As usual, none of the chinese-centric 'opposition' parties are concerned about the interests of the non-chinese as opposition parties are here in the UK. In that, these chinese-led 'opposition' parties are a product of the PAP themselves. I won't expect a Sylvia LAM or a CHEE to notice any of these things. The workers' parties here in the UK point out far more instances of institutional racism and its consequences that are applicable to singapore as well, but which, predictably skips the attention of the 'opposition' in singapore, along with the non-chinese who follow or sign up with them.

'First world parliament'? Yes, as far as the interests of the chinese are concerned i see.

hippo said...

"But the hard question Shanmugan should have asked himself was if capable lawyers like himself had to be paid so much...how will poor people get justice when they cannot afford expensive lawyers."

put the even harder question to your "star" returned from outer space and tell us if he minds his fat pay cheques.

Anonymous said...

What a waste. You should be writing about LBH.

Anonymous said...

Underlying the "talent renewal" spin is a secret shame that PAP cannot attract the kinds of talents it wants without revisiting some of his father’s deeds.
Now as the pool narrows, it can only cull from those limited sectors, with attractive money to retain and silence their loyalty. A far cry from his father’s day of bankrupting and demolishing them. LHL now pays for full-price to invite political allies, to bankrupt their souls instead. Singaporeans are the ones paying for the price of another Goliath of a new kind.

IF I have to vote an "understudy" like TPL who is willing to be “Groomed” and indoctrinated” with PAP values, then I would rather vote in an Opposition candidate and give them the chance.

hayek said...

Hi lucky,

I have a question. Since you are an engineering manager, what is the percentage of Singapore you actually hire?

Anonymous said...

""As for Tin Pei Ling, we first noticed her in this (NUS) hall in 2007 when we had a party convention. She was one of the speakers and she impressed the audience. We made the right decision. It looks like she’s going to MacPherson and she’ll be a good MP in due course,” - PM Lee on selction of TPL"

Oh, and her husband JUST HAPPENS to be PM Lee's private secretary! How coincidental!!

Anonymous said...

Love to read your articles - so thought-provoking, persuasive, and lucid. Wish you were a politician. You can contribute more to society that way.


Anonymous said...

Trauma & Recovery make good sleep partners!

If LHL think she has already passed the baptism of fire, he clearly has no clue. This is just the warm up!!

Downtrodden said...

WKS said singaporean has gotten soft due to lack of crisis.
WKS also said singaporean can judge if an MP is good after his/her first term, if candidate gets re-elected.

He should seriously create more crisis like releasing more terrorists or criminals out of the cell. Then if he can catch them, only proves that he is a good-cat. Problem is, he has been an acting" DPM for so long, I think we the people cannot simply pay for his insurance premiums anymore.

We have been getting all these time, sub-MPs who come into the cashinery to be understudy. No wonder they can't balance the YOG budget, lost all the Town council sinking funds in bad investments, overestimated the inflow of poplulation against infrastructure and crying over some spilled milk like built casinos and failure to implement minimal wages. Enough said, enough studied. Time to buy insurance plan for your old-age, in case some understudy sent you to some JB homes at old age.

1000thflower said...

Confucius fell off his roof
To provide the world with proof
-An aphoristic test-
Who laughs last, laughs best.

Concerned said...

The Party has cleverly produced an all-star US vs THEM clip here. The subtext to me is that the elites (foreigners & locals) are on our side to root for SG. Anyone who's not on the same side, is consider "outsiders". Do you see any Opposition parties /faces here? The lyrics is even more ludicrous!

"Everybody wants..but not everyone can..so let's help them. Gracious, respect yada yada yada."

Come on - why don't they show some graciousness to CST and build a town office for him? Is he not a singaporean who loves SG? And the rest who do not vote for PAP is not on their side?

Is it just me? I believe this is a very dangerous play on division between parties that play along loyalty lines to our country. Tell me what you think.


Lye Khuen Way said...

Another great write-up !
Am quite sure many in the PAP camp
read this and many, many other blogs.
We have our EMU and emu.

WKS & company, I am afraid are no longer on Moral-High-Ground.

Anonymous said...

Why bothered with a party Manifesto when they publicly announce they are not even ready to form the government?

And also of what use is the Manifesto if they are not even confident of winning a GRC (Low TK said he may remain in Hougang), let alone deny PAP 2/3 majority?

How can you expect voters to be confident of their Manifesto, their candidates and party when they are not even confident of themselves?

No wonder lah, 66%, or over 60%, of voters always voted PAP.

And what secret weapons are they talking about? It has all the while been an open secret, where voters' choice is concerned.

Not really because PAP is good but because opposition is worse.

Amused said...

A couple comments -

The claim that there is not enough talents to support 2-party system is hogwash. There are many western REAL democracies with similar polulation size as Singapore.

It is common in (big) businesses that the leadership is surrounded by like-minded people, or yes-men. PAP is infested with yes-men as witnessed in parliamentary debates on issues such as minimum wages. Corporations like these will only decline overtime because they do not have new ideas. These corporations are everywhere (in Japan, Europe, USA, and SINGAPORE.) E.g. IBM => Microsoft => Google (=> Facebook.) To move forward, the best bet for Singapore is to replace PAP with another party with new ideas, and not to maintain the status quo. If you care for your children, you should do the right thing.

Protons said...

//Why did the PAP take us along this painful road on which they seem to be the biggest beneficiary of the current system when other roads exists?//

Because they "Singlely" & Overwhelmingly can! Voters have done it over and again, and until they put in more Opposition MPs there're just insufficent "voices" to speak out for its people. The PAP Is the Gahment. Thus they do what is good for the State AND the Party, rather than the Citizens. People have to start recognize that they are not McDonald.

To those considering their vote in this election I can only beg you to ask questions relevant to you and always end each question with "for me." So do not ask "who is the best candidate for Prime Minister." 'who is the best Party for the Country." Ask "who is best for me & represent my voice in parliament." Do not let others choose the questions and do not get seduced by someone else's presumptions about what you care about. Then we might actually have a real election that could serve the most important purpose of elections -- arriving at collective balances between conflicting interests in our society. Not choosing a fast food goliath that pretends to be everything to everybody.

LTK said - is only logical that people buy an insurance against rainy day. I think rainy day is an understatement. People will buy an umbrella for rainy day. What we need is to buy one against loss or damages caused by reckless & fiery politicians who today are making unaccountable loss of all kinds. That includes (1) town council sinking funds (2) YOG national budget (3) SWF like GIC/Temasek to just name a few that are publicly known to us.

Common sense is not so common after all.

Anonymous said...

"To move forward, the best bet for Singapore is to replace PAP with another party with new ideas, and not to maintain the status quo. If you care for your children, you should do the right thing."
Amused 12/4/11 20:08

Amused, if you read Anon 12/4/11 20:05, will you be amused by your statements above?

Anonymous said...

EDB said it best on Complacency (4:40m)

A man jumped off from the top of tower to commit suicide as he pauses on the 3rd floor window he said "So far so good"!! That's PAP for you today.


WP's manifesto outlined how, as a party they will work with people, and their vision/mission approach. It is clear and helpful. Do not mistake their humility with no-confidence. Unless of course, you have already gotten used to the arrogant haughty trade-offs that the PAP has been dishing out, and think is perfectly ok with such an elitist approach.

Chye said...

To Anon 20:20

It is hard to have any confidence in an election informed by biased reporting by MSM owned by government & run by Intelligence agents and journalists who miss the point of what we are looking for, brought to us by political outlets who let their biases hang out on their white sleeves and by a population looking for a quick answer to the wrong set of questions. This 66% is a shallow victory. LKY should have written a book of "Connecting-the-red-dots" to instruct its people how to do so behind all the veil of deceptions.

Anonymous said...

Question is: are the opposition parties satisfied with the replies of our supreme leader and if not, please spell it out clearly and rationally.

Anonymous said...

"Question is: are the opposition parties satisfied with the replies of our supreme leader and if not, please spell it out clearly and rationally."
Anon 12/4/11 21:10

I thought WP "star" candidate Chen Show Mao already spelt it out clearly and rationally. He said something like "red and white", for national soccer team, not "white and white", and "PAP is not the whole of Singapore". Very good and clear, what.

But the problem is the secret weapon he and the opposition counts on may just turn out to be all the while open secret, the 66%.

Call the 66% shallow victory or what not, mind you it is a solid 66%, not 49%, 50 or 51%.

Anonymous said...

But if PM answered well, why do we need them? Let White be the predominant color and the red, supporting.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, and her husband JUST HAPPENS to be PM Lee's private secretary! How coincidental!!"

Just like in the movies. The protagonists just happens to meet one another coincidentally - e.g at the most unlikely timing on the road, shopping centre, airport, beaches and sometimes in the jungle.

Anonymous said...

Ting Pei Ling may talk or behave like an an ordinary girl, BUT she is definitely NO ORDINARY GIRL!

Of course what is not ordinary about her is for you intelligent voters to draw your own conclusions and vote accordingly.

And PAP of course must have good reasons to be confident of your vote, or else they would not have chosen her.

And all the blog comments, online petitions, etc won't make the slightest difference to the outcome that PAP wants.

Kaffein said...

Heh. Since when did your blog get infested with termites?

Good read.


Anonymous said...

Why didn't anyone ask PM the single most important question? What would be their KPIs for the next 4 years? That answer will determine the behavior of the government & MPs moving forward, and what kind of life Singaporeans will have.

I suggest we give them a brand new sets of KPIs to reset their priorities.

1) Work & listen humbly, tirelessly and sincerely to win back the 20 wards that Oppositions have won. Whatever it takes

2) Slow down the FTs, put in and enforce clear quota with employers

3) Build up the infrastructures and curb all excessive and unnecessary expenses esp. designer chairs, naming projects & frivolous bonuses

4) Review HDB cost price & reduce Market rental prices to keep cost low to allow assessibility. No GST increase and keep all tax minimal

5) Create real jobs, pay fair & minimal wages (not just band-aid fixes like WFS) for experienced workers between 40-60 yo.

6) Reduce all Ministerial pays and especially President.

Those would be a good start. Only condition is that you vote for anyone other than PAP. It will restore the balance which I sincerely believe are the "opportunities" we as voters can give the ruling party a chance to redeem themselves. They, like everybody else, need spurs in their hides to truly put into practice the act of empathy "to be in one's shoes". That's the best understudy program we can provide our leaders who wants to be healers for the lepers. We, as a nation need to heal now.

Anonymous said...

mom's friend sent her some blog post by some bleeding stupid 40-year old singaporean called derek wee (WHY do all the idiots have my surname why?!) whining about how singapore is such an insecure place, how old ppl (ie, 40 and above) fear for their jobs, how the pool of foreign "talent" (dismissively chucked between inverted commas) is really a tsunami that will consume us all (no actually he didn't say that, he probably said Fouren Talern Bery Bad.), how the reason why no one wants kids is that they're a liability in this world of fragile ricebowls, how the government really needs to save us from inevitable doom but they aren't because they are stick-shoved-up-ass elites who have no idea how the world works, yadayadayadayada.

i am inclined - too much, perhaps - to dismiss such people as crackpots. stupid crackpots. the sadder class. too often singaporeans - both the neighborhood poor and the red-taloned socialites - kid themselves into believing that our society, like most others, is compartmentalized by breeding. ridiculous. we are a tyranny of the capable and the clever, and the only other class is the complement.

sad derek attracted more than 50 comments praising him for his poignant views, joining him in a chorus of complaints that climax at the accusation of lack of press freedom because his all-too-true views had been rejected by the straits times forum. while i tend to gripe about how we only have one functioning newspaper too, i think the main reason for its lack of publication was that his incensed diatribe was written in pathetic little scraps that passed off as sentences, with poor spelling and no grammar.

derek, derek, derek darling, how can you expect to have an iron ricebowl or a solid future if you cannot spell?

if you're not good enough, life will kick you in the balls. that's just how things go. there's no point in lambasting the government for making our society one that is, i quote, "far too survival of fittest". it's the same everywhere. yes discrimination exists, and it is sad, but most of the time if people would prefer hiring other people over you, it's because they're better. it's so sad when people like old derek lament the kind of world that singapore will be if we make it so uncertain. go be friggin communist, if uncertainty of success offends you so much - you will certainly be poor and miserable. unless you are an arm-twisting commie bully, which, given your whiny middle-class undereducated penchant, i doubt.

then again, it's easy for me to say. my future isn't certain but i guess right now it's a lot brighter than most people's. derek will read this and brand me as an 18-year old elite, one of the sinners who will inherit the country and run his stock to the gutter. go ahead. the world is about winners and losers. it's only sad when people who could be winners are marginalised and oppressed. is dear derek starving? has dear derek been denied an education? has dear derek been forced into child prostitution? has dear derek had his clan massacred by the government?

i should think not. dear derek is one of many wretched, undermotivated, overassuming leeches in our country, and in this world. one of those who would prefer to be unemployed and wax lyrical about how his myriad talents are being abandoned for the foreigner's, instead of earning a decent, stable living as a sales assistant. it's not even about being a road sweeper. these shitbags don't want anything without "manager" and a name card.

Anonymous said...

The above is the fundamental problem.Don't whit wash it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"But the hard question Shanmugan should have asked himself was if capable lawyers like himself had to be paid so much...how will poor people get justice when they cannot afford expensive lawyers."

put the even harder question to your "star" returned from outer space and tell us if he minds his fat pay cheques.


Anonymous said...

hhmm..heard massage parlors are doing roving business in our booming economy.

Anonymous said...

The long letter is the..true color of our elitist system?

And somebody attempted to...white wash it?

Tsk Tsk Tsk

Scumbag ed said...

This is just a manifesto.

Wait until they come into power and the action may just fall short of the words.

Words are cheap.

Anonymous said...

Without the casinos, Singapore is left with nothing. - PM

If I were still a Singaporean, I would be very very worried.

The novelty of a casino will die off in less than a decade. What's next?!

If Singapore does not build up its value-add proposition to the world, going down the food chain will be even uglier. Maids for export or world class brothel?

Anonymous said...

I love WP's manifesto. Especially the part on reviewing civil right restrictions the cowardly PAP imposed past few years.

Imagine if you video a policeman committing violence in dealing with a suspect, you will be breaking the law to film evidence of the policeman's crime! This is typical of PAP's style - they have put in many laws to shield themselves from exposure of their mistakes.

It is obvious that PAP is desperately trying to cling on to power and money by all means, sacrificing the interests of middle and low income Singaporeans. You can be sure there are lots of skeletons- paid by Singaporeans, in their closets.

I know the ground has changed. During a walkabout by George Yeo in Aljunied, I could see that people were not
so warm or eager to deal with him. Singaporeans made the biggest mistake of returning PAP to power year after year.
Now is the time to vote out PAP and set our Singapore on the right track!

PAP is Power Arrogance Piece (of shit) said...

Ms Tin-Can saga shows up PAP's traits perfectly:

1. PAP candidates share the same ideological platform - you die your business! The PAP government is not responsible for your well-being or sufferings! So people, pls don't expect any changes from within.

2. PAP will never admit their mistake. Ms Tin- Can is such a poor candidate that people can see through no matter how much dressing piled on her by the PAP controlled newspapers. See even Pinky has to pretend all is well and Ms Tin-Can is the "talent" PAP is looking for! This "die die we made no mistake for we are Demi gods" attitude is also seen from other sagas eg Wong Can't Sing Can't Catch a Limping Terrorist, Yacob's Once in 50 years Singapore Great Flood and Vivian's Bloated and Blundered See-mi-si YOG Sports Meet etc.

3. Lastly and most importantly, PAP does not care about your wishes nor opinions. You have no say, you make make only "noise"! PAP will either play a deaf frog or insult you according to their fancy. Their favorite degrading terms include "daft", Charles Chong's "green eyed lesser mortals" and "dogs". Anything to get you out of their "elite, uncaring face"!

So people, we need to show these PAP fat cats who is providing their kitty food. Here, kitty kitty, here is the trapdoor out of the parliament.

Let us put in Chen Show Mao, Vincent Vigeysingha, Tony Tan, Hazel Poa, Jeanette Chong Alduross, Jaslyn Go and Slyvia Lim. Let them be our handlers of the PAP bullies in the parliament!!!

Anonymous said...

"looks likes" - is that an assumption? such baseless and groundless comments can only be made out of a leader of one party rule. its a tragic to hear it from a PM mouth.

Alan Wong said...

Just compare the haste of how our PAP MPs approved our million$ Ministers' payscale with min. fuss and contrast it the lengthy debate which our infamous PAP Minister questioned whether those on PA assistance expect to have their meals at hawker centre, foodcourt or restaurant.

Also, compare the means testing they implemented for the rest of us for our health/medical needs while on the other hand so many of our PAP Ministers, MPs and well-connected elite continue to receive scholarships for their offsprings and relatives.

Every election comes, they give each of us a couple of hundred dollars. But over the next 4 to 5 years, they are going to take back thousands of dollars from each of us in the form of taxes, levies, GST, COEs, ERP, HDB profits, land cost, licence fees, etc.

Are we not tired of PAP's hypocrite and false pretences come every election ? Are we really that daft willing to be conned again and again ?

Anonymous said...

Aiyah..stop the wayang lah...we want to FACE REALITY....FACE THE REAL WORLD.... please don't gather CHILDREN on TV and ask CHILDREN QUESTIONS and PAINT YOUR VERSION OF A UTOPIA SIN lah.....because...the HARD ON TRUTH HARDER THAN THE OLD MAN TRUTHS is that people like CHOW CHEE BYES with HARDER QUESTIONS ARE MANY who want to take you on and so long your POLITICAL SYSTEM/STRATEGY .....IGNORES THEM....FIX THEM.... SIN will not have peace and forever be prosperous so...CUT THE CRAP .... SHOW US THE REAL BATTLE BETWEEN YOU POLITICAL SCUMBAGS .... we like to see how you DEAL...or FIX PEOPLE LIKE CHOW CHEE BYES and the LOWs, the CHIAMs and the JBJs in HONG LIM PARK.....UNMODARATED HORetc.

however, if you find confronting REAL PEOPLE WITH HARD ON QUESTIONS TOO BLOODY HARD TO HANDLE...maybe you should come up with a system that really works...which means....even the CHAO CHEE BYES can accept it....can?

if not...stop your wayang, stop ignoring the real battlefield and face up to our REAL WORLD

Anonymous said...

Even when 火烧眉头, PM Lee still cannot promise to not to increase GST! That shows hor, GST is definitely going to go UP, UP, UP after the elections.

Don't play play with your vote. Vote for PAP to increase your cost of living!

Or vote Worker's Party, SDP, NSP and other opposition to oppose PAP's wrong policies?

Anonymous said...

the party is like wee the father,,politically correct,,which indeed appear beautiful outward,,butt wee's daughte(the letter above),,is what's lie within PARTY manifesto,, full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness?

Anonymous said...

Yes..the love of money is the root of all evils.

Who don't love money? XXXtians love them the most MUAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Buy$$$ out the political parties,maybe then we have real peace...Ho Ho Ho

Anonymous said...

you never know, you never know what POWER$ will do to ppl...haaaaa

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Buy$$$ out the political parties,maybe then we have real peace...Ho Ho Ho

13/4/11 10:29

Give them the...jackpot lor...maybe they will be more agreeable..lol

Anonymous said...

PArt II - HArd truths you won't read about on MSM


PestControl said...

Ever wonder how termites survive? Technically they eat the microbes inside their guts which eat cellulose. This is what wood is composed of.

Basically they re-consume their own waste, as many herbivores do .

There is one termite who doesn't have any reasoning & writing skill here. He can only spell "hohoho" "Muahahaha" & "hahahaha" & lol" should go eat the dead woods in PAP.

Anonymous said...

What is the point?

In the previous election, PAP was supposely voted by "66%" of the electorate/public...and it translates to 2 - 3 opposition MPs and 80 plus PAP MPs in parliament...

Even if PAP wins by "50.0000001%"...parliament will probably have 3 - 4 opposition MPs and 70 plus PAP MPs...

So...PAP self serving, short terms gains ONLY for themselves 1st at the expense of country & fellow "citizens" and distructive policies will continue....why? Because these bunch of self serving greedy idiots still owned the "majority" of the so called "mandated" votes in parliament...

The ONLY way forward is to make PAP lose this coming GE...no maybe...or give the PAP lesser votes...or less chance...or spoilt the votes...or stay neutral...the ONLY WAY is to vote these blood suckers OUT!!!!! and MAKEING THESE GREEDY SCUM the minority in parliament...

Than ONLY than we can talk about fixing the important stuff...

Reducing excessive public funds going into the pockets of those who do not earn or deserve these funds...limiting public funds going into projects with dubious scammers...etc


Anonymous said...

One of the context out of last night Q&A with PM Lee wherein he was still insistent on justifying the government stand to withhold upgrading to taxpayers who have voted for Opposition Wards. Despite the various pleas and reasoning put forth by citizens, he didn't budge on this one.

The same sincere-looking affable guy who has learnt from his Father in meting out deprivation and punishment to his opponents - the same oppression/abuse and are now trying to get a little power from 'doing unto others' - all done in the name of love, fairness and protection and so they continue to perpetuate the abuse to innocent taxpayers never mind the fact that they didn't support PAP but have the same love for its country.

Where would that lead to Singapore's political maturity? Today it is a simple HDB upgrade program, tomorrow it will be car-park & schools building, dividends, "targeted" assistance, mean-testing etc is not hard for one to imagine the scenarios? After all, that's how MM Lee had slowly neutered the Unions, the free press, freedom of expression/speech & planted its RC/CC/PAs to a large extent - all in the name of peace & security.

Let's take it further. What if more Opposition parties are in parliament, will they also threaten to shut down the government if Opposition Party did not agree to their policies?

Trebuchet said...

Eh Lucky, about NMPs you forgot Walter Woon (although I also respect SKH). Managed to get some legislation passed, became attorney-general, wrote some amusing books. Never a PAP man.

Anonymous said...

I heard that to be a good politician, you not only need to hold a gun in your hand, but have the guts to pull the trigger if need be.

Do we have such politicians?

Anonymous said...

Walter bay chai lah. legs shake too much kena kicked out

Anonymous said...

Me will vote for an Opposition this year.
Not because me against PAP.
But me curious to see politicians robustly debate on the policies they support or reject. It's been behind closed doors far too long. And the one-sided statements constantly performed by the MPs are just hilarious & meaningless to watch.

Is about time, we have a world class parliament like WP said. After all, me paid their million dollars salaries and if they can't show me they have what it takes to think, debate, defend the merits and what not, then they don't deserve to be there. Anybody who wants to be understudy shld be NMP. Don't care who u connected with, but when you are young, your judgment is impaired. Just as when one is too old and irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

We don't want a political system that allows duds into the house. Can the multimillion PAP ministers resolves that?

Anonymous said...

Very sad to read cruel policies by HDB our gahment.
And they call themselves gracious? My foot.
That mtv that help each other, means no money no talk. MBT rather make money from FT but will not help local singaporean who desperate.

i invite people to go to east coast beach..there is a section where alot of people set up tents, mostly malays. Outsiders see singaporeans relaxing having good time, but these are people who don't have house and are tenting permanently and move around!!


Anonymous said...

"We don't want a political system that allows duds into the house. Can the multimillion PAP ministers resolves that?"

What do you mean? They are fielding duds, shouldn't the oppositions do the same?

Anonymous said...

The people of Jurong & Bishan-TP where they have unveiled the master-plan should ask their MPs what happened if PAP lose the votes. I am certain they will not go-ahead and it's all just a quid pro quo arrangement. Singaporeans who can't see beyond what their action will do in the long term are truly short=sighted. It is like people are asked to sign away their legal rights on the basis that they have been told the risks and benefits and agree to them - aka informed consent. And how free are you really to withhold your consent? And where on earth does PAP get the funds for upgrading? Is it state owned or party owned funds?

Anonymous said...

dont be sooo jealou of my supeerior english. I no need write long winded like lucky, and keep repeating crap. my english so supeeroor, a few words will demoleesh your argument muhahahaha

Anonymous said...

They are not worried about duds. Dud's job is Yes and No. Enough Yesses on your side, you call the shot.

Anonymous said...

Good "Ah Quas" (transvestites) look like one, talk like one, act like one but they are not one.

NoFTleftbehind said...


One PArty, Can't Mati, Rule Singapore?

Just take anything that is widely believed and invert it, preferably with a wise-sounding paradox. Perfect examples -

The more we have multi-party parliament to make us look democratic, the worse we are. All you need is one A team". Or

"It is the obsession with having more alternative voices like NMP/NCMP which is actually making us better to be a Party that takes in broad views". huh? Some more?

"There are enough talents in SG. But most don't want or can't serve for various good reasons. I am your BEST talent for SG, so will my future son if he choose to come forward next. Talents like ours are rare. We have no choice, is a sacrifice someone has to do for the love of SG.

Now, your turn...

Anonymous said...

First, Thank You, Lucky Tan for your blog.

I notice that nothing is said about retirement age. Is it then that Singaporeans, except the rich who can afford, will thus work till they drop?

What I would like to see is that the retirement age doesn't get shifted every few years until our CPF savings are just 'view-only' but 'no touch'. I started contributing to CPF at 18 years. I was told 'Save for your Retirement'.

What has happened since? Is retirement only a 'opium dream'? Lucky, you too want to retire. I know you can afford to. But, have a heart, help others like me, to RETIRE. Thank You!

Anonymous said...

PM Lee "Now if everybody in Singapore does that, we are in trouble,” he said. “So there has to be an incentive to vote for the government.”

The incentive to vote for PAP is for the MPs to do a good job in representing voters. So far, they don't have a good feel.

Harry said...

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Anonymous said...

To anon 12:23

Even WKS is dangling a BIG carrot like scholarship now. So I think for the benefits of having more scholarship for our children, we should all vote in PAP? Very tempting leh.. These are good right?

DreamOn said...

To anon 13.02

Here's a read for your CPF & retirement status. Sadly not very bright future under one party rule.


Anonymous said...

People should go watch the movie - Inside Job.


I predict at some point, the sequel to LKY's book will be written by his son, title "Shocking Truth". But that can only happen after the music stop, after more opposition parties are voted in to hold the 1 party rule accountable, and after people stop taking BS statement like "trust us" during elections to keep the cronies and loyalist in power.

Anonymous said...

Nothing matters now. It is now a number game. Get your best duds into parliament and topple the power.

Anonymous said...

First there's not enough talents.
Then there's talent but no desire.
Now the desire is to have less talents

First there's no issue of money on the table
Then there's issue of removing money off the table
Now the money IS the issue

First there's a need to pay well to attract honest MP
Then anyone who wants to make money, honestly won't want to become an MP
It is very attractive to pay for honesty, name your price.

LHL has been a disingenuous flake all along. He simply can't connect with common sense on the grounds anymore. If you didn’t see that from the start, it makes you less, not more, smart.

Anonymous said...

no talent also can as long as god decree. get as many as you can into power through two party system and be the big cok and changes everything. good luck lucky.

Anonymous said...

15:51,...solid England..HAHAHA

Anonymous said...

where got no talent? we have many capable ppl who can open mouths smell like sunflower. secret to hitting the jackpot?.MOUTH FRESHNER.

get some and win big.

good luck with your two party system.

Anonymous said...

Get the FUCK out of the House if you intend to FUCK AROUND... right, Lucky?lol

Anonymous said...

If WP can send SL, LTK, & CSM + 2 others form a GRC, they can take down MBT, GY or Vivian anytime! Please context strongly and confidently. I am salivating at the thoughts. Wish you could come to my ward !

Anonymous said...

"Politics in #SG are now less adversarial". Translation: We have not sued others for defamation recently.-- from a twitter

Anonymous said...

To: DreamOn, 13:02,April 13, 2011

Thanks for url. Will read. The point I want to make is: We pay world-class salaries for ministers, why then can cpf members not be allowed to draw on their cpf, which is their hard-earned, forced savings, don't cpf members also get world-class services which means their future cared for so well by world-class ministers, that lesser mortals can retire?

I don't buy the BS that we all enjoy longevity. Poverty is an internationally-recognised important risk factor in mortality. THE POOR DIE FIRST & IS THEIR CPF MONEY TO OUTLIVE THEM? Buy Coffins?

Anonymous said...

Dear all
Respectfully, enough talk already.

If you plan to vote for the alternative parties, commit yourself to also convincing one friend, parent or relative to join you in voting for change.

If all of us do this, we DOUBLE the number of votes for change.

a) If your friend or relative has hired a maid to look after his elderly parents.
Ask him if he is paying the maid’s levy. If yes, then ask him why is he paying a tax on filial piety.

b) If your friend or relative is hiring a maid to look after his baby or child.
Ask him if he is paying the maid’s levy. If yes, then ask him why is he paying a tax to stop Singapore’s declining population.

c) If you are looking after your elderly parents;
Tell your parents that you have to pay GST on all the food and medicine you buy for them.
Tell your parents about the maid’s levy you have to pay to hire the maid to look after them.
Then ask your parents why are they supporting the PAPies who is taxing you for performing your filial duties.

d) Leave nothing to chance. Make sure you show your elderly parents exactly where to mark the ballot paper.

e) If you have young friends or relatives who are looking to buy HDB flats.
Tell them that they are lease holders. HDB flat belongs to HDB. Then ask them why do they need to pay stamp duty and property tax on a property that does not belong to them. Why do they have to pay lawyer’s fees to re-confirm that the HDB flat belongs to HDB?

f) When you succeed in converting one new voter. Ask that new voter to also commit to converting another new voter within his family or circle of friends.

This war can only be won, one voter at a time.
Focus on achieving your quota of ONE new voter.

Anonymous said...

Have you guys received the Growth-and-Share package? I think PAP overlooked an important criterion before handing it out. PM can always argue that similar to the Upgrade Program, voters can only redeem the package if and only if they vote for PAP in the upcoming election!


fedupofprogress said...

Did anyone read the UBS report? Here's a report card of what our PAP has done.

Zurich and Geneva have wage indices (gross) of 119.8 and 107.5 respectively. In contrast, Singapore has a wage index of only 31.3, comparable with Moscow (30.9), Tallinn (28.7) and Johannesburg (26.7) .

Malaysia is still a developing country and has a GDP (PPP) per capita of only $14,215, less than 3 times of ours, the ordinary Malaysian citizen has about the same domestic purchasing power as Singers.

A Singapore worker will have to work 3x times longer after 27.5 hours.Singaporeans spent on average 2,088 hours at work per year with 11 days of vacation.Singapore was ranked the second most expensive place to live in after Tokyo, surpassing Hong Kong for the first time.

Is your pocket filling full, or is your MP's fuller?
Has your work/life/bal improved, or worsen?
How to stay afloat and have baby when you can't get even money and rest?! Now they want to talk productivity!! From cradle-to-grave they keep driving us into the ground. Who's speaking out for us the last 4 years?

Crimebuster said...

PM said in Q&A
- Total $400 million is given to people. $3000 to $4000 is ALOT (stressed) of money. 400k people benefited.
- $3 billion Growth & Share is not a small amount AT ALL (stressed)

Now compared this :
$75.7m for Ministerial Pays - 30% increase
$4.2m to President - 20.8% increase
$387m - YOG overblown budget
$400k - MBT Marina Bay Naming Project
$271k - HM designer chairs for MOM backsides
$44m - Aljunied Town Council sinking fund lost in financial investment
$12m - Holland/PasirRis sinking fund lost in investment
$38 Billion - Temasek loss
$60 Billion - GIC loss

You add them up singaporeans! How much more will they be getting back from you for the next 5 years! Have they recoup yet? And how is their generosity to the people.

I quote PM on GST rise " I very much doubt that....unless we go wild on spending plans.. But if we are prudent & careful and the economy grow, then we are ok".

You decide.

Anonymous said...

The tribal wisdom of the Dakota Indians, passed on from generation to generation, says that when you discover that you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount.

In modern education and expanded government, however, a whole range of far more advanced strategies are often employed, such as:

1. Buying a stronger whip.
2. Changing riders.
3. Threatening the horse with termination.
4. Appointing a committee to study the horse.
5. Arranging to visit other countries to see how others ride dead horses.
6. Lowering the standards so that dead horses can be included.
7. Re-classifying the dead horse as "living-impaired."
8. Hiring outside contractors to ride the dead horse.
9. Harnessing several dead horses together to increase the speed.
10. Providing additional funding and/or training to increase the dead horse's performance.
11. Doing a productivity study to see if lighter riders would improve the dead horse's performance.
12. Declaring that as the dead horse does not have to be fed, it is less costly, carries lower overhead, and therefore contributes substantially more to the bottom line of the economy than do some other horses.
13. Rewriting the expected performance requirements for all horses.
14. Promoting the dead horse to a supervisory position.
15.  As a last resort, sell it to your rivals.

Anonymous said...

16. As a last resort, teach Young Horses that dead horses are only fit for neighbouring countries. When the Young Horses become Dead Horses, wonder where they go then. Neighbouring countries overcrowded with Dead Horses.

Anonymous said...

Agree ;-) Time to dismount the dead horse that they kept flogging!

Anonymous said...

Soon, NMP & NCMP will become the symbiotic Reps that are the alternative noises for people.


People, if you don't vote overwhelmingly to get Opposition some major seats in parliament, that is what will become to SG in 10 yrs time. Ball-gazing into 2030, much like the PAP that could not find credible talents to serve, Singapore island will not find any foreign talents who wants to be a citizen with no rights!! They will start lelong their passport. Tragedy.

Anonymous said...

"But the hard question Shanmugan should have asked himself was if capable lawyers like himself had to be paid so much...how will poor people get justice when they cannot afford expensive lawyers."

put the even harder question to your "star" returned from outer space and tell us if he minds his fat pay cheques.

Anonymous said...

Young man's parents were trying to figure out what their son's future career would be so they decided to give him a test.

They took a twenty dollar bill, a Bible, and a bottle of whiskey, and put them on the front hall table. Then they hid, hoping he would think they weren't at home. The father told the mother, "If he takes the money he will be a businessman, if he takes the Bible he will be a clergyman but if he takes the bottle of whiskey, I'm afraid our son will be a drunkard."

So the parents took their place in the nearby closet and waited nervously. Peeping through the keyhole they saw their son arrive home. He saw the note they had left, saying they'd be home later. Then, he took the twenty dollar bill, looked at it against the light, and slid it in his pocket. After that, he took the Bible, flicked through it, and took it also. Finally, he grabbed the bottle, opened it, and took a whiff to be assured of the quality. Then he left for his room, carrying all the three items.

The father slapped his forehead and said, "Darn, it's even worse than I could ever have imagined..."

"What do you mean?" his wife asked.

"Our son is going to be a politician!" replied the very unhappy father.

Anonymous said...

Good and Evil, the dichotomy of a politician or the two faces of Wee. Do we need them?

Anonymous said...

if you ask fake singaporeans whether they trust politicians or not, they will say ...yes.

we live in a utopia of yes people lol

Anonymous said...

Ah, it explains where all the "yes people" comes from muahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Mr Lucky

Good post.
But time for talk had long passed.
Please help to mobilize resources for the opposition party of your choice.

With the opposition parties bickering against each other if not imploding, surely you must see that the situation is dire.


dethroned said...

She should get a job in journalism instead. As a co-host, she's promising. As an MP, not a chance in a million. Besides, this is not some university school project. Better that she start from NMP if her husband is so desperate to share pillow talks.


Goes to show, PAP will field her in MPGRC regardless of noises from lesser mortals. Eat their hearts out.

Anonymous said...

UBS report on SG & Russia has same standard of living.
wowza..i better to be russian then, at least i get to drink vodka everyday!


Anonymous said...

Hear the PM questioned on how WP was going to fund its plans listed in its manifesto. For a start WP would fire the redundant MM and SM and save 7 million.

Anonymous said...

PAP has sowed the seeds of its own destruction long ago.

As Lord Acton said, "absolute power corrupts absolutely". Singaporeans should vote opposition not because it is necessarily "stronger" but because the PAP is no longer fighting for the common citizen, but for themselves and money. The average citizen's life in Singapore has detiorated over the past few years and wages are seriously low, not to mention serious overcrowding throughout the nation.

A true patriot has to recognise that the government is there to serve the people, not the other way around. That is why we pay taxes, and observe the law, THERFORE all the ministers owe us their service. So Singaporeans should vote carefully, on their rights, and not based on fears of their property value.

The worker's party addresses this cost of living problem, but there needs to be other parties involved to create a multi-party system, to fight for human rights etc. The PAP monopoly is unhealthy and has to be broken for the sake of the people.

If even 14-year-olds can see through the fakeness, then it is time to change. TPL is a minion of the PAP, and just a lucky dummy candidate that is fielded by the PAP.

We have to take a stand, now.... WE must change the system, or MRT will just get more crowded, housing more and more expensive, Standard of living get lower and lower!. Of course, foreign talent will reap all the benefits along with the ministers, but what of our own people? We have to care. We have no choice now.

Cast your vote in the right direction.

mindofagoldfish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mindofagoldfish said...

now that we have had the privilege of institutionalizing more opposition voices into parliament - it is a key concern for us at this moment to delve into a deeper understanding of the WP's agenda and work to amend the current gaps in their manifesto. broaden your understanding of what more can and should be done. i believe we have a vital part to play in making this opposition party the ultimate party that represents our concerns in society.

here's the link to one of the most comprehensive and articulate blogs i know in SG that addresses some of these issues. best to read with a pinch of salt.


mindofagoldfish said...

Correction. Replace "ultimate party" with "ONE of the parties" - i don't mean to say WP is the only opposition party deserving of intellectual attention. WP is one of the many parties occupying the growing spectrum of competent parties. WP does appear to have a stronger mandate that appeals to many though.

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Bagaimana Cara Agen Situs Poker dominoqq Online Menipu Membernya?
Kamu mungkin bertanya tanya bagaiman suatu situs dapat menipu para membernya. Sebab tampilan semua situs judi online umumnya sama saja, sulit untuk memebedakannya dengan situs judi terpercaya bila kamu masih awam. Terdapat beberapa cara bagi agen judi untuk melakukan kecurangan poker online pada para membernya. Cara cara yang paling sering dijumpai adalah sebagai berikut :
Tidak membayar penarikan dana membernya.
Admin dari situs tersebut ikut bermain di meja sehingga member sulit menang.
Credit yang ada di dalam akun hilang sedikit demi sedikit tanpa alasan yang jelas.
Berhati hatilah bila di tempat mu bermain terdapat indikasi indikasi kecurangan diatas. Tentu akan sangat mengesalkan bila terdapat situs poker uang asli penipu karena kita memerlukan uang sungguhan untuk bermain.
Ciri Ciri Situs Poker Penipu
situs poker penipu
Dengan begitu banyak situs yang memiliki pelayanan yang buruk dan penipu, tentu akan sulit untuk menghindarinya. Kami yakin, sebelum mendapatkan situs judi online terpercaya seperti yang ada di halaman utama kamu akan sering menemui situs penipu. Berikut kami memberikan ciri ciri dari agen agen yang melakukan kecurangan poker online :

• Customer service yang tidak professional dan lambat.
• Umur situs yang masih baru atau dibawah 1 tahun.
• Minimal deposit terlalu rendah.
• Bonus besar yang diluar logika (berlebihan).
• Proses dana baik deposit maupun withdraw lama.
• Terdapat bot ataupun admin yang bermain di meja.
• Tidak membarui situsnya secara berkala.
• Akun tidak bisa dibuka /di Hack (pelakunya terkadang adminnya sendiri)
Dengan memperhatikan hal hal tersebut kami jamin kalau kamu akan terhindar dari situs poker online penipu. Tentu dengan bermain di situs yang terindikasi terdapat kecurangan judi online akan merusak pengalaman mu dalam bermain perjudian online.


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