Wednesday, April 27, 2011



Anonymous said...

Bravo Workers' Party!!! My family in Aljunied GRC will give you our votes.We need alternative voices in Parliament!Many of our neighbours too pledge their votes to you. All the way! Worker's Party! Worker's Party! Voters of Aljunied GRC, It's now or never!

Anonymous said...

Don't just stop at pledging your votes.

Try and convince close relatives, parents, good friends to also join you in your cause.

Every vote counts.

Please don't spoil your votes.

Anonymous said...

Watching Thor tom-morrow. Yippee.

Anonymous said...

Some of my educated friends are sarcastic about the oppositions. I am not sure why act this way, but it seems their thoughts are some regurgitation from the mass media, yet their qualifications are alot better than mine. Why?

Anonymous said...

Great! That's a first step but a great step forward by Low Thia Khiang and Workers' Party.

And if they win, even if only just this GRC, and even with only 50.XX% majority, it will be a turning point and a milestone in Singapore political history!

And if manage properly, for sure the momentum will build up and continue from here.

So Aljunied voters, your vote is a starting point and of great significance to the future direction and development in Singapore politics.

Amused said...

Remember, every vote that you convince to vote opposition instead of PAP changes the vote count by 2 (+1 -1). So do your best to convince your parents, your relatives, and your neigbours!

Anonymous said...

The fact that LTK chose to get out of his comfort zone (HG) to contest in Aljunied sends a very clear cut message. That he is willing to risk everything for his political cause. The only question is, what is his political cause? Which I'm sure, everyone can find out through the things he debated and argued in parliament.

Anonymous said...

We have already lost and will continue to be so - if we let these clowns lead. But hack,good for punters(clueless) to cash in on the fights.

noname said...

So envy of members @Aljunied GRC. I wanna be with the top team from Workers Party as well! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

To Anon 27/4/11 23:28

In politics it is like this. Not just in Singapore but everywhere where there are elections.

First of all, you must win at elections to have a start. Never mind if only a few seats.

Once you win, you will start to attract people, including talents.

And if you can add more talents in future elections, you have chance to win more. So you build up from there.

You cannot lose all the time or have only 1 or 2 seats and have no improvement. Which is what has been happening to our opposition.

Because nobody wants to associate with losers and this becomes a vicious cycle.

To break this vicious cycle, you need to take a big, bold step, which is what Low Thia Khiang is doing at this election.

The political cause is of course to build a credible alternative!

Anonymous said...

//Don't just stop at pledging your votes.

Try and convince close relatives, parents, good friends to also join you in your cause.//

Anon. 22:04

But most of us are not that articulate and knowledgeable to convince relatives and friends to vote for change. Don’t forget they have been brainwashed by the MSM (they prefer to watch TV and read Straits Times/Lianhe Zoabao) for over 40years.

It would be a lot easier if we have information such as:
1) how much are our ministers’ pay and our national median pay?
2) HDB prices increase versus our national median pay increase from 2006 to 2010
3) ministers’ pay increase versus our national median pay increase from 2006 to 2010
4) number of months of bonus our ministers received versus the average Singaporean workers received from 2006 to 2010
5) our GDP increase versus our national median pay increase from 2006 to 2010
6) ……….

Hope oppositions provide the above information in the election pamphlet so that we can use it as taking points to convince our relatives & friends.

Anonymous said...

This is how much they are earning compared to leaders in other countries. Note the disparity

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 27/4/2011 22:43 who said that highly educated grads are sometimes actually more sarcastic towards opposition than anyone else, it is because they have become too critical of virtually everything. They criticise the incumbent PAP, but they also criticise the opposition. All in all, no one will satisfy their desire for a government. It's that idea that the PAP "fell short of their promises", but "I won't vote for what I don't know and think they will undermine the government anyway" mindset. Rather a defeatist mindset.

Anonymous said...

singapore voters r masochists. they ask for the pain. they are spineless. they dare not try to get rid of what's bringing them down. they prefer to whine. looks like the old man was right when he calls them 'daft'.

Anonymous said...

Finally, I see that there is hope for Singapore!

Anonymous said...

There are two types of voters, active voters and passive voters.

Active voters attend election rallies and use the internet to express themselves. Most of them have already makeup their mind to vote the party they support. But these voters are the minority.

Majority are passive voters. They don’t attend rallies and prefer to stay at home to watch TV and read Straits Times/Lianhe Zoabao. Most of them are ignorant.

E.g. they have no ideas about:
1) how difficult is to get the parliament to approve the increase of $10 for the needy
2) how much are our ministers’ pay versus our national median pay
3) how much are HDB prices increase versus our national median pay increase from 2006 to 2010
4) ministers’ pay increase versus our national median pay increase from 2006 to 2010
5) number of months of bonus our ministers received versus the average Singaporean workers received from 2006 to 2010
6) our GDP increase versus our national median pay increase from 2006 to 2010

These voters may vote for change if they are aware of the above.

Anonymous said...

Finally, the wind of change sweeping the world is about to reach Singapore.
Just months ago, who would have thought possible the regime changes in Eygpt and Tunisa. Or imminent regime changes now occurring in Yemen, Syria and Libya.
The wheel of history is turning. We are about to witness the "unexpected" in Singapore.
May Heaven bless Workers' Party.

Anonymous said...

WP is great! A true breakthrough! Enough is enough from the PAP. Let's move on with the true democracy!!!!

Anonymous said...

WP's Low Thia Khiang made a brave and courageous decision to leave his Hougang fortress for the GRC, a bigger battle field. That decision proved that he is many times better than the old man himself and all his paper generals and all those who hide behind the cloak tails.

He, LTK, has earned my respect and I believe many others too. I am not good in writting my thoughts but I believe you can understand. I wished that WP will win the Aljunied GRC.

Anonymous said...

Please Aljunied GRC residents vote for the worker's party and do all of us singaporean proud. I also say not for just Aljunied but for all other constituents. I am at Ang Mo Kio GRC and I will be voting for the opposition. I wish to say to PM Lee let this be my farewell note to you and your A team. I sincerely hope this GE 2011 PAP will be history. We have been hurting and suffering for too long. Thank you, your unfortunate singaporean.

Anonymous said...

Voting for WP@Aljunied will send a message to the PAP that we are not just "noise", that they cannot treat us like dirt, call us daft! We do have a voice - use it! Vote wisely! Vote for change! Vote for checks and balances!

Anonymous said...

remember for Aljunied people that if you vote for PAP, you are agreeing that PAP can continue its way without accountability, transparency and responsibility towards the public, and you agree that those PAP MIW can continue to get increasing millions in salary, perk while your salary become stagnant with increasing foreigners.

Please be daft to vote for PAP since you yourself will face the wrath of PAP's "honest mistake" and self-serving policies.

But aware that this may be the last election before our vote in subsequent election are drown by foreigner-converted vote, the very instrument that PAP use to ensure it has more good years .

Anonymous said...

Dear ANON: 28/4/11 01:06

Who says;
"But most of us are not that articulate and knowledgeable to convince relatives and friends to vote for change."

Respectfully, the issues of "Freedom and the role of the Individual" has been debated throughout hundreds of years of history:

May I quote you some of humanity's greatest minds on this subject:

"A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves."
-- Bertrand de Jouvenal

"The Romans used to say that courage is not the only virtue, but it's the only one that makes the other virtues possible."
-- Benjamin Netanyahu to Brian Lamb on C-SPAN's Washington Journal, Sept. 21, 2001

"One man with courage makes a majority."
-- Andrew Jackson, 1832

"I am only one, but I am one.
I cannot do everything, but I can do something.
And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do, I should do.
And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do."
-- Edward Everett Hale

"The greatest menace to freedom is an inert people."
-- Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis

The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress."
-- Frederick Douglass

"The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men."
-- Plato

"A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government."
-- Edward Abbey

"Freedom is not something that anybody can be given;
freedom is something people take and people are as free as they want to be."
-- James Baldwin, Nobody Knows My Name

There are many other such thoughts & ideas from Generals, Politicians, Poets, Philosophers etc.


Amused said...

It's great to see so many people cheering for opposition parties here. But you really need to translate your words into actions and hopefully votes.

Be a volunteer for the opposition party in your ward. Invite your friends to join you. Yes, you can change the world!

Anonymous said...

i tihnk what amused said is right. if we can be volunteers for the WP then its more effective to convince our surrounding friends than just paying lip service at the coffeshop gathering.

Anonymous said...

Volunteer your help to WP, Aljunied GRC. The supporters braved standing in the noon-day sun, waiting a long, long time just to cheer WP candidates on Nomination Day. You should have heard them roar. I'm following LTH 'take on a 'tiger' (a Chinese idiom). "We know there is a tiger in the mountain, but we are moving towards that mountain. ... " I'm doing this For People.For Nation. Towards A First World Parliament. Shaping Our Future.

Anonymous said...

At last it is happening.

They have been carving up Aljunied to make sure the support is not eroded, by removing the high density opposition support areas of Aljunied, and I believe the WP realise that there is no time to wait. Such fiddling with boundaries will make it more and more difficult for the opposition. It is either now or never.

I hope WP wins. That will be history making. That will be a good start for change.

And I may add, there may not be another better chance for Singaporeans to ensure a better future for their children. said...

Quite helpful piece of writing, thanks so much for this post.

Justin Fox said...

So envy of members @Aljunied GRC. I wanna be with the top team from Workers Party as well! Good luck!

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