Sunday, May 08, 2011

Election Results : Joy, Sadness and Optimism

On polling day, I was only sure of 2 things - Hougang will be won by WP and there is a vote swing against the PAP. As a Singaporean voter, I have learned not to expect surprises especially surprises in favor of the opposition. But still a tsunami type results like the one we saw in Malaysia was a possibility because you cannot guess what goes on in the mind of voters. There was also a fear of a 86-1 result in spite of a vote swing against the PAP because of the averaging effects of the GRCs.

I was estatic when I heard that WP has won in Aljunied. I shouted "Workers Party!" from my apartment and a few voices in the neighborhood joined me. There was great joy and a bit of relief - a WP loss there would have been disastrous for Singapore when overall votes have swung against the PAP. I would even argue that it would be bad for the PAP because they will not be able to find impetus for policy adjustment as dissatisfaction rises among the populace if they had a clean sweep of the GRCs. If there is any good leadership left in the PAP, they will use this defeat to make changes to prevent a more precarious situation for themselves in the next election. It is also heartening to know that when it is critical to do so, most Singaporeans will overcome their self-interest of estate upgrading and do the right thing for Singapore. The breakthrough by WP pave the way for greater things for the is like breaking the "4 minute mile" once the first team does it, many more will come forward to try knowing it is possible. The WP has to be saluted for running a well coordinated, inspiring and passionate campaign touching the hearts of many Singaporeans.

I'm very disappointed that there were so many close contests that were lost by the opposition. In particular Joo Chiat SMC and Potong Pasir SMC where the results were close. There were also a number of GRCs won by the PAP with results in the ballpark 54% to 60% of the votes. Those would have produced many seats for the opposition if not for the GRC system that averaged the votes in those areas. These GRCs include East Coast GRC, Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC and Marine Parade GRC. I'm very sad Chiam See Tong lost his gamble to move to Bishan-Toa Payoh. He has won our hearts with his perseverance - despite his stroke, he has continued to fight for Singaporeans. Singaporeans will always remember what he has done to keep the hope of democracy alive in Singapore.

Today's Straits Times reported a 6.5% vote swing against the PAP with its vote share dipping to 60.1%. This is not the correct way to look at the support swing. The opposition contested in almost all constituencies including strongholds that were not contested in the previous election. If you look at only areas that were contested in both 2006 and 2011, we see about 10% swing against the PAP e.g. East Coast GRC. The surprising result was in Marine Parade where Nicole Seah's team  garnered 43.4% vs SM Goh's 56%. Marine Parade has not been contested for a long time. Many years ago, SM Goh would win by 70+% of the votes. If you discount the voters, probably 5-10%, who disagree with PAP policies but still voted for them due to the upgrading carrot, I think the % of voters who don't support PAP polices is roughly 45-50%.

Overall, the outcome is something that the opposition can build on to move the Singapore govt towards more balanced policies that will prioritise benefits for Singaporeans. The vote swing hopefully will be a wakeup call for the PAP to start a process of reform within itself and make significant changes to CPF, public housing, healthcare, transport and address the problem of rising income gap. I'm not  certain if the PAP will do that or just fall back to its "business as usual" will be a big mistake for them to ignore the clear signal that has been sent. One thing that has become apparent during this election is the flaws of the GRC system which resulted in weak candidates like Tin Pei Ling getting into parliament while voters in Aljunied had to undertake the very painful task of voting out of a fairly popular George Yeo so that Singapore has a strong opposition voice in parliament. The GRC system imposes such choices on the electorate and produces results that the electorate does not want. I think many see the need to remake the system limiting it to fewer seats (2?) or dismantling it all together.

I thank the passionate people in the opposition who stepped forward to put up such a strong fight with limited resources on an unlevel political playing field. Their grit and determination inspires all of us to continue to press on to make this country a better place for all Singaporeans.


Anonymous said...

I would think nothing will change much on 3 major areas:

1. High cost of housing and living.
2. Influx of foreign talents
3. High pay for ministers

If there is any change or at all, it will only be moderating the increase, that is slower rise.

#1 & #2 will affect negatively Singapore's reserves and GDP if it is adjusted down. Basically Singapore will be nothing without these 2 things.

#3 is due to the fact that as a result of GDP growth, private sector salaries are very high so therefore minister pay must keep up in order not to be seen as cheap skate and hence cannot atract talent, although this is debatable.

And with the latest election outcome, more reason for PAP not to be too worried about political fallout from the 3 things above.

Unless opposition ready to form government at next election. And that is 5 more years to go, still a lot of time for PAP to monitor and evaluate.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Lucky

There is no point blaming the GRC.
The old, poor and Malays (the people most marginalized by PAP) voted for PAP. Because other than WP, the opposition were either stuck in their ivory towers or simply do not have the resources to reach out to the needy.

SDA, SPP, RP, NSP and SDP should merge or at least get out of the way of WP.

If you look at the results objectively, you will see that the people of Singapore vote for personalities. As forewarned.

If the liberals, thats you Mr Lucky, continue to fight the same way, they will continue to lose, serving only to provide PAP with a legit MANDATE.

Please think about this. And Mr Lucky, WP needs you.


hayek said...

Things are not completely gloomy if we look closely at the results.

PAP win 93% of seats with 60% of popular vote precisely because of gerrymandering and nothing else. Corresponding to the popular vote, the opposition could have win around 20% of seats in absence of gerrymandering.

But this election has shown that gerrymandering is increasing difficult for PAP, especially in the east.

All constituencies in the east namely Aljunied, Marine Parade, Joo Chiat, East Coast, Tampines, Mountbatten, blows up, leaving PAP less than 60% of the popular vote.

That make gerrymandering more difficult in the east.

If PAP continues its current way, i am confident the eastern Singapore will be flying the flag of opposition by next election.

Anonymous said...

"SDA, SPP, RP, NSP and SDP should merge or at least get out of the way of WP."
Cassandra 8/5/11 10:58

It is indeed ridiculous and it pisses me that we have so many opposition parties in tiny red dot.

How many governments can they form at any one time?

Some more with only win big and lose big as the only 2 outcomes and PAP being the one party to it?

Hope the failed opposition parties wake up to this common sense.

Jon said...

Two former principal private secretaries failed in their election bid (Tan Jee Say and Ong Ye Kung), while the 27 year old wife of a principal private secretary got into parliament (Tin Pei Ling). That's the irony of the GRC system!

Sooo Sad! said...

" the cognition of the brain must be added the experience of the soul"

Singaporeans are aware of the truth.
( need for change )
But they need to experience it too.

They need to feel again the crowds
They need to feel the loss of jobs
They need to feel the price increases
They need to experience ( again )
the large divide of salaries

They need to see ( again ) how much is $3,000,000 per month
They need to see their CPF but cannot touch!

They lack imagination, despite having seen the same film twice.

They need to experience the pain again... and they do not realise that it can get worse.

Ghost said...

To hayek:
Sorry but I have to disagree with you. PAP won over 60% of the votes so they won the GE handily. Many other ruling parties in many other countries would be delighted with getting 60% of the total votes cast. That is just a fact.
As for the results in the east of the country, I believe it is more due to the WP putting all their heavyweights there than anything wrong with the PAP.

hayek said...

The HDB heartland especially in the north and west supported PAP. The reason lies entirely in demographics.

Those places are either new estate or HDB build-up that has hosted most of our newly mint citizen.

In comparison, there are less new citizen in the east because estate there are mark up with a premium. New citizen tends to support PAP but many will change their voting pattern in around a decade. Once you are on the boat, you will think and feel like Singaporean.

For the new estates, there are a large number of newly wedded couples, under the yoke of 30 years mortgage. They will not want to rock the boat and see asset price fall.

That is understandable.

But things are different in the east. There are more aboriginal Singaporean as well. Its gonna get interesting.

hayek said...

More about demographics.

Most will agree that the old tends to support PAP. PAP asset bubble ponzi enrich the old and impoverish their children.

Those old certainly would like to see HDB rise and of course, the continuation of FT policies. Because rent from FT contributes to their pension as CPF is now worthless.

The old is also less informed, gullible and ball-less.

But many young are completely pissed. PAP are able to get votes from the young if they successfully induce them to buy HDB.

Once you are in the property ponzi, you want PAP because they will try find another sucker.

And so, the 6% drop of PAP are contributed in no small part by the by demographic change.

The demise of the old and the coming of age of the young. As more and more old pre-1965 died, PAP can expect to lost more and more of their base.

Chee Ming said...

Actually, I see this election more like the US presidential election in 2004, that is George W. Bush Jr vs John Kerry.

Observers commented that, "This election is not George W. Bush vs. John Kerry, it's more of George W. Bush vs George W. Bush".

I think it's the same for this election as well. In this case, it is not the Oppositions and their policy that does not goes well with the voters, it's the PAP's policy of the last 5 years that does not goes well with the voters.

Anonymous said...

To the people of Hougang and Aljunied, I Solute you!


Anonymous said...

Every time a policy is created and implemented, the pandora box will open up. PAP probably never envisage the day they could lose such a good, high calibre minister grade member like GY, to gain such a much-despised light-weight mp when they created the GRC scheme. They probably might not be thinking too deeply about the FT policy either. The only candidate who seems so far to have given much thought to the future impacts of the new immigrates is Chen Show Mao - see his speech made on 5/5/11. Aljunied has made a wise and lucky choice indeed.

Anonymous said...

Change cannot come through votes. Few understand that and put their trust in our electoral system.

I think SIN has lost. We have good people but our electoral system divides them and resigned good ministers..

And yet we have goons who think WP wins is progress for SIN

Allan said...

The PAP has returned to power again despite all the anger and hatred to their unpopular policies. Although many have expressed their support  explicitly at the opposition parties' rallies and on the social media, there are just many more would just go to the polling stations and cast their votes as usual irregardless of the issues and situations. Thanks to the opposition parties for giving us a chance to vote... To be a true citizen.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what Lucky wrote. There is ~10% of votes swing away from PAP this time.

Singapore politic is now entering an new era. Previously, any swing of votes hardly hurt the PAP due to first pass the post system and high % of vote (>70%)PAP enjoyed. But now, PAP only managed to won few GRCs (B-TPY, EC,MP, M-K, Nee soon,TP) with lesser than 60% of votes. Any future swing of votes will result in significant increase in opposition seats.

Anonymous said...

Change is subjective. Even PAP is now talking about change.
Your idea of change and my idea of change is as different as the next person you ask.

I think majority just like to use this COOL word change but has no idea where we are heading with this. And such a vague concept may even create more disenchantment and divide us further.

One thing for sure though. The kind of change that brings about peace and UNITE the people cannot come through the current western democratic process(get this into your idiotic minds).

Fight all you want. You are unlikely to gain ground to implement your kind of change leaving PAP to call for changes as they deem fit.

In other words, more pep talk. Even changes but retaining the status quo.

Your idea of CHANGE is pathetic!

Anonymous said...

"I thank the passionate people in the opposition who stepped forward to put up such a strong fight with limited resources on an unlevel political playing field."

Yes, the unlevel playing field is magnified by the unlevel coverage by the local media during the general election.
The local media are Straits Times, New Paper, Today, Channelnewsasia, Channel 5, Channel 8, Channel U, etc.
The general election news from these local media have these characteristics: manipulative, biased, unfair amount of coverage, meaningless.

I am heading and progressing fast in the direction of obtaining less news from reading the local newspapers and watching the local TV news. It is beneficial to me and also in your interest to spend less time to read local newspapers and spend less time to watch local TV news.

Instead, I have benefit and you will also benefit more by spending more time to read much more meaningful, more accurate, more truthful report of news from internet via:
New York Times,
USA Today,
ABC news,
Washington Post,
Miami Herald,
Wall Street Journal,
The Times,
Financial Times,
The Irish Times,
NZ Herald,
The Australian,
The Financial Review,
Financial Post,
The star,
New Straits Times,
The Brunei Times,
China Daily,
South China Morning Post,
NHK World English,
The Japan Times,

In short, dump the local media and embrace the internet.

Anonymous said...

stoopig and disillusional ppl deserve to live and leave in defeat

Anonymous said...

Bottom line, your butt has been kicked, losers. LOL


Anonymous said...

Was waiting for Chiam & colleagues outside the polling station last nite. After the results, he came out like a man to face the press and us people who waited for 5 hours (nobody complained). There was not a pair of dry eyes. Women were crying openly. Guys like me had to fight back tears.
Chiam, you are a hero, a gentleman and a true legend of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

the whole democratic process is a joke. after all the 'good fight', good ppl who can serve lost the opportunity to serve their country men and duds should not get in got in instead.

overall, singapok lost.

Anonymous said...

Singaporean who have failed to vote and those that spoil the votes should be punished with heavy fines to teach them a lesson that voting is a serious matter. Outcome of the election for a few SMC constituencies such as like Potong Pasir or Joo Chiat would yield a different results.

Anonymous said...

Ya, fukking idiots now talking about how to win the next election.

better go geyland and get yourself an erection if u want thrills la

Anonymous said...

PAP lost a GRC is not the end of PAP. Alternative parties did not win more than 1 GRC and 1 SMC is the end of democracy and probably the end of alternative parties. PAP will continue to gerrymandering and prosecute oppositions to uphold its ideology of one-party political system.

Those think that WP's won in 1 SMC and 1 GRC is a beginning of change. FAT HOPE. What change really can this result brings about? Without 30 opposition MPs in the 87 seats parliament, opposition MPs can NEVER stop any bill, law or policies proposed by PAP. The very most opposition MPs can do is making more noises on behave of the people. So WHAT CHANGE? Expect PAP wakes up and change itself? Really DAFT HOPE. In conclusion, Singaporeans (at least 60%) are mostly daft.

I doubt next election GE2016 will be any different if PAP can do some successful lip service or wayang to pacify those daft Singaporeans.

Singaporeans shall have no right now to complain all those stuff they did before 8 May. They deserve it. I am migrating and say good bye.

Anonymous said...

It is really sad to see the result of GE2011. Such a tiny country with only 2 millions eligible voters has so many GRC and SMC. If this continues and oppositions do not have A team like WP in Aljunied, then that's it.
The system has to be changed. One voice for one singaporean and valid through out the whole island without linking it to any GRC or SMC.
God bless.

Anonymous said...

Vote, you lose and lose and lose.

What's there left?

No imagination to think out of the box?

You deserve to lose.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Lucky

By now I am sure you know that the election results was as predicted by PAP. PAP deals with numbers and information. From the comments so far, your bunch is still relying on fantasy. I do not doubt the heart but u will lose again.

Please join WP.


Anonymous said...

Anon wrote The old, poor and Malays......
I beg to differ. I am Malay and the Malays are still hurt with the remark made by MM. What we read in MSM, ST or BH is not a true reflection of the feeling of the Malays. The fact that PAP lost in Aljunied and got lesser votes in East Coast, Tampines and Marine Parade is because of the swing in Malay votes. There are more Malays living in the east than there are in the west.
PAP got their votes from stupid self centred cowards regadless of race and religion, young and old, rich and poor.
Those who voted against them are either hardcore PAP haters or a new feeling of being a united Singaporean.
If you had been to the WP rallies you will understand.
Singapore for Singaporean!!!

No_eye_see said...

Hi Lucky,

The majority has spoken, despite all our efforts to educate them.

Sad to say, despite all the chances given to them, they've chosen this outcome.

I given up hope on my countrymen to awaken from their dream. This perverse form of 'democracy' that is not supported by a free press is wrong to me.

From tomorrow onwards, I'll be starting my plans for migration.

In any case, I appreciate all you efforts over the last few years to enlighten us. Thank you for all your wonderful work.

You are truly a patriot.

Anonymous said...

You think lucky will last another 5 years repeating the same old thing? lol

Anonymous said...

young men see visions and old men dream dreams but you MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

i really hope the ruling party raises GST to 15%, and run the HDB residents of Holland-Bukit Timah to the ground. how little self respect do these people have? seriously.

Anonymous said...

60% of Singaporeans voted PAP and they got 93% of a voice in parliament.

40% Singaporean voted against them and they got 7% of a voice in parliament.

Is this a fair and proportionate representation of the people's right and concerns?

60% got MORE than proportionate voice whereas the other large 40% get a MUCH MUCH less than proportionate voice in parliament.

In the spirit of intellectual honesty, does this make any sense?

What kind of system or perverse democracy is this?

Now, by 2016, what happens when 1 in 2 Singaporean votes against the PAP (which it will happen because they won't change)?

I agree with some anon that a psychological warfare will be wages against the Singaporeans and foreigners in this coming 2 years.

I have stopped reading nor watching TV anymore to prevent the propaganda from seeping in. My life experience shows that life sucks under them, BIG TIME.

The internet gives a balanced view of things.

Anyway, I'm migrating.

I can't stand being with dafty Singaporeans. Motherfucking stupid Singaporeans.

40% voted against them and they get less than 8% voice in parliament.

Even God doesn't want to help Singaporeans. Their eyes are blind and so are their hearts.

So tell me, why is GST increasing? How long will salaries remain stagnant? When will HDB flats and COVs of resale flats stop increasing?

When? MAH is still in power to screw us EVEN more. Why do we even vote?

Thank you, Mr Tan.

I'm planning to move out. I'm giving myself some time to apply.

Peace and out.

Anonymous said...

I feel saddened and deflated by the elections results this year. I know there is a lot to be thankful for in the workers party wins, but i can't help feeling this terrible sense of loss and emptiness at the overall result. I guess against my better judgment, i allowed myself to hope for the impossible. I'm sure many others feel the same way. As the election results came in I felt like my country was being occupied. ;[ I'm glad the vote margins were relatively narrow. It shows that Singaporeans can sacrifice self-interest for greater things. If not for that I think i might have given up on this country already. Hats off to the opposition politicians who keep trying election after election, you are made of much sterner stuff than i am.

Anonymous said...

## i really hope the ruling party raises GST to 15%, and run the HDB residents of Holland-Bukit Timah to the ground. how little self respect do these people have? seriously. ##

PAP didn't promise not to rise GST. They only consider not to rise. Please wake up!

Anonymous said...

Sorry it's no reason to rise GST for the next 5 years and not a promise from PAP.

Anonymous said...

"60% of Singaporeans voted for the incumbent and they got 93% of a voice in parliament. 40% Singaporean voted otherwise and they got 7% of a voice in parliament. Intriguing."

Well, they have crafted a one-party system in their design. They have built it into the system' that's why it turns out odd.

Anonymous said...

@@@@@@"Overall, the outcome is something that the opposition can build on to move the Singapore govt towards more balanced policies that will prioritise benefits for Singaporeans"

You must be kidding. What have you been listening all this while?

In the electoral battle, all the parties were mostly clear about where they stand on policies matters.

@@@@@@"The vote swing hopefully will be a wakeup call for the PAP to start a process of reform within itself and make significant changes to CPF, public housing, healthcare, transport and address the problem of rising income gap. "

The voters roughly knew what the stakes were and they have voted for the CONTIUATION of PAP policies.

You daft or what?

Adversarial politicking must cease. It is daft people like you that we have wasted good people and brought in duds.

Anonymous said...

get real. majority voted for PAP policies. PAP is OBLIGATED TO CONTINUE OR PLEASE THE MAJORITY

end of story UNLESS oppositions send PAP TO HELL.

but can or not?

cannot right?

so you r talking TWAT lah.

Anonymous said...

Lucky, u r a fukking joke

Anonymous said...

8/5/11 19:54.
Completely agreed with you. Feel a little deflated by the results. Inspite of the narrower margins, it appears that many singaporeans(hardcore pap supporters, apathetic singaporeans and new citizens), are just too blind to see that the arrogance the pap exhibits are running singapore down. They still seem to be easily 'bought' over by the incumbents out of pure selfishness or unfounded fear. Its shameless. I salute all the alternative parties candidates for their grit and determination for fighting the system that keeps changing election after election. They have fielded such selfless candidates who, unlike what LKY thinks, are not interested in running Singapore to the ground but making it better than today. I did my part and sincerely hope this is just small step in future wins in Singapore for the alternative voices that desperately need to be heard.
From LHLs speech I am supremely pessimistic he is going to change anything. He seems to be focused on adjusting his team to the change in 'environment'. No where does he bother to mention about focusing on the people. So much for that apology!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8/5/11 16:58

If you were at the WP rallies then you should know that there were few Malays at the rallies.

Anonymous said...

Salute the opposition leaders?
Some but not all.

SDA pls do Singaporeans a favour ... go away.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There are too many black and white thinkers here.must be our daft education system

Anonymous said...

nothing to be sad as the results are expected. next elections we shall see new citizens exercising their votes i hope.

Anonymous said...

ya, it is either this dud or that dud. You want durian or banana? choose. No, you can't have two big melons.

No wonder no babies

Anonymous said...

The truth is PAP has failed to stop its declining popularity. If this trend continues, it could well lose power in 10 years time. It had better change but alas, it is too big to change.

Anonymous said...

Fair comment. To survive as a party, they need to keep pushing the limits of servitude.

That's a major mistake committed by all political parties.

They can't see it because they are too drunk and blind.

Anonymous said...

"The truth is PAP has failed to stop its declining popularity. If this trend continues, it could well lose power in 10 years time. It had better change but alas, it is too big to change.

8/5/11 23:17"

Most incumbent political parties run like a machine, in that it continues and runs on and on for years in its same mindset and policies. Even if the presentation changes, and the words change, the substance do not. In the 60's and 70's, the closing down of free presses and mergers into one SPH, as well as the ISD detaining of suspected Marxists in the '60's, were what lingered on as memories among the older generation. Now in the 90's and the twenty-first century, we have mainstream media bombarding us with news about how Singapore aspires to be a global city to be envied by others. We hear news about increased GDP, numbers and stats tweaked or directed to show us a positive picture of a rosy future ahead. We also have Facebooking people who have their own brand or take on the whole issue even as sympathizers of the incumbents' views of change, in that they welcome the GDP growth and so on and whatever is pushed to them by media. The question next is whether this machine will even stay on and remain the same, and whether it can even change itself. I doubt it, because ultimately, history shows that there is a weak point to everything. Nothing is infallible, even a system which permeates all of society or the major strata. It always has its own weak points. The only time when it claims to be infallible is in the case that it evolves to become something akin to North Korea or Burma, which is very unlikely for now, given that Singaporeans have to want to believe that they live in a modern society in which they can still progress in whatever ways they can, or if not, at least survive like anybody else. We have to remember what happened in the case of Japan's politics as a country, where the predominant party ruling the country were governing for over 50 years until the people got so totally fed up that the votes all swung the other way. Until the incumbent party can prove its worth that it will "reflect" on its "mistakes", none of us can predict how votes can swing or change over time at all.

Anonymous said...

in 2006, wp didnt have that a team yet it was a close call at aljunied.

do you find the results in east coast and marine parade grcs exactly like aljunied grcs in 2006?

Anonymous said...

With this big win, I think the WP should start ramping-up their recruitment excercise for party members and cadres so as to enhance their capacity in building up a sizeable war chest and more A-teams working the ground well ahead of the next GE.

Anonymous said...

Please read and forward.

Living_on_borrowed_time said...

@ hayek said...

Most will agree that the old tends to support PAP. PAP asset bubble ponzi enrich the old and impoverish their children.

Those old certainly would like to see HDB rise and of course, the continuation of FT policies. Because rent from FT contributes to their pension as CPF is now worthless.

The old is also less informed, gullible and ball-less.

my folks in their mid-eighties did their parts in wp victory @aljunied. they are not what you defined them to be.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8/5/11 16:58

If you were at the WP rallies then you should know that there were few Malays at the rallies.

Yeah i was there. One must know that the % of malays is a mere 14 % or perhaps much less.
But the presence of malays was irrelevant. There was a sense of camaradie, regardless of race. We felt so singaporean amidst the influx of the new citizen and the pseudo singaporean (PRs). It is not the numbers that is important, its what i (X) is crucial. Asked yourself, how many % of malays are there in Hong Kah or other constituency with majority chinese voters. Why blame the malays? Are we not been marginilised already? Why add salt to our wound? However the percentile of malay and indian voters is still far too small to cause a huge dent to PAP (based on the HDB policy of race % capping per block). Whoever you are do your calculations and analysis properly.
Perhaps you believe what you read in ST and what you heard from PAP malay MPs. Go ask the man (malays of course) in the streets. And if i'm wrong...i istand corrected.

7-8 said...

Lucky, you are wrong.

I asked myself the same question.

I did a rough calculation of the results in the places that were also contested by the opposition in the last elections. The PAP's share of those votes is only marginally smaller. 59% instead of 60%. The swing is therefore only 7%, not 6%. Surprising but true.

In 2006, the contested wards were all in the east. In 2011, 2 wards in the east did poorly - Pasir Ris Punggol and AMK.

7-8 said...

Correction to above: the swing in the wards contested in 2006 is only 7%, not 10%.

The other news is that there are 34 seats where the opposition lost, but is on 40% or more. That's 38 if you include Holland BT, where SDP won 39.9%.

(In 2006, there was only Aljunied.)

So if there is another swing of the same size against the PAP in 2016, PAP could lose another 20 seats easily. I think the opposition could do with a few more seats but I am very uncomfortable with them having more than 1/3 of the house.

Anonymous said...

i am disappointed with the election results. election is about the future not some past records. election is not about upgrading. election is not about who can be voted in or out. people here failed to use their votes for democracy, justice and equality. singapore will continue to be a commercialised slave city of sins. singaporeans have made the choice to be a slave rather than a master of their country. singaporeans have made the choice of having high housing prices, influx of fake talents, high pay of civil servants, overcrowding.

Anonymous said...

Instead of touching on many problems Singaporeans faced. PAP should go right to its root - the influx of foreigners.

Our labour union has failed its workers. Singapore has many Singaporeans talented worker but PAP did not recognise and tap on them. Instead they allowed employers to mass recruit uncessary foreign imports in the name of "foreign talent" to depress our salary and shunned Singaporeans from working in their organisation. To house all thise unncessary "foreign breed" our housing price rised and our income stretched, our transport systems crowded and our identity and culture eroded - a perfect storm - created by PAP.

If the root cause of all the above problems are not solved and MOM continue to hide important data of Singaporeans jobless rate. Singaporeans promise PAP will not get is 2nd chance of mandate - at least half of Singapore Maps will be swept with blue and red instead of white. The coming years will see how PAP deal with our problems if they wanted to deal it at all.

Anonymous said...

PAP will adjust the policy for the next GE - bring in more FT, give them citizenship and vote for PAP in GE2016.
This group of people will be voting for PAP for the sake of their high pay and good living that PAP gives to them. Why change? said...

There's no doubt, the dude is absolutely just.

Dennis said...

i really hope the ruling party raises GST to 15%, and run the HDB residents of Holland-Bukit Timah to the ground. how little self respect do these people have? seriously.

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