Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fellow Singaporeans, I think we have made a big mistake.....

"Dr Balakrishnan said the election has been a good learning journey and at the strategic level, many PAP policies are right but their implementation and communication can be improved "

- Vivian Balakrishnan, 9 May 2011.

"2011 has seen a generation that does not remember from whence we came, but that is to be expected. But I do, and those amongst you who are over 50 will remember"

- MM Lee, 9 May 2011

We have to thank the Aljunied people for doing the right thing. However, it seems that losing Aljunied is not strong enough a signal to wake the PAP up. As soon I heard Vivian Balakrishnan say that PAP's problem is not its policies but communication of its "right" policies, I realised that the PAP has gone into relapse and denial just 2 days after polling. I suspect after its soul searching, the PAP leadership will come back to say that everything less the few clear-cut mistakes like Mas Selamat + crowded trains, everything it has done is right and the only problem is with their style and communication. We should have voted in the WP East Coast GRC team, we should have listened to Goh Meng Seng and voted Ncole Seah's team in Marine Parade into parliament to tell the PAP and SM Goh that he is accountable for policies such as asset enhancement, GRCs and broken its promise of a Swiss standard of living. We should have sent a stronger signal.

More people have come to understand the effects of PAP policies either because they are directly or indirectly affected by it. That is why the PAP is losing votes. We are talking about a wide range of policies from housing to foreign influx to high ministerial pay that Singaporeans have come to understand much better because the effects of these policies are becoming apparent. It has nothing to do with PAP's style or the  way they communicate these polices. It is the polices themselves that are the problem. Although 60.1% voted for the PAP, about 10-20% disagree with their policies but voted for them due to the upgrading carrots. Among the silent majority that voted for the PAP, many did so for the simple reason that they don't want a sudden change of govt although they don't support the PAP policies. PAP policies that allow the foreign influx are opposed by the majority of Singaporeans.

As for MM Lee's remark that the young are a generation that "does not remember whence we came", it is not true. It is precisely because the young today know how things have worked in the past - good affordable housing, drive to higher productivity, strong national identity and social cohesion, the time before GRCs + upgrading carrots, reasonable ministerial salaries etc - that they know that the Singapore govt has lost its way. We cannot be ethernally grateful to a govt that is no longer the same.

Singaporeans have made a mistake. We thought that putting the WP team in Aljunied GRC is sufficient to wake the PAP up and create a 1st world parliament but denial runs deep in the PAP - they still believe they have the right answers to the people's problems. What was needed was a mini- tsunami that we never got. Now it could be back to business as usual for the PAP after they hire a PR team to sugar coat their pills. What is needed is not softening the hard edge of their policies but serious reform. Our CPF funds need higher returns to beat inflation or many are doomed to a poor quality retirement because the GIC borrows our money at a low interest rate to invest for higher returns that are not given back to us. We cannot continue to allow the govt to keep healthcare expediture so low as the cost of healthcare goes up and the burden is passed onto the sick and their families. We cannot continue with the foreign influx of cheap foreign labor as it is a vicious cycle taking us away from higher productivity, better incomes and ultimately a higher quality of life. We also need to reform public housing to deliver greater affordability and public transport to deliver better quality of service.

There is plenty of change needed. I'm not hopeful the PAP will get any of it done. They might just change style and not substance believing that 60.1% and 81 seat is a strong mandate to just continue doing what they have been doing.


Lye Khuen Way said...

Yes, the sense I get is that the ruling party seem to be in denial. Just two days after the polls !
I belong to the 50+ group, and guess what ? Majority of my peers are pretty pissed-off.

Anonymous said...

I think the internet needs to step up in its role as a check and balance in a first world democracy. With the elections already over, what else can we do?

Anonymous said...

I have the solution for you ---immigrate!

jim reeves said...

I got the same impression when I read Vivian too: they think the problem is one of style and not substance.

LHL however says that trade-offs need to be made in consultation with the people. He is right.But whether there will be real trade offs or change is yet to be seen.

Real change comes when sacred cows have to go and one of them is the current spending on the military and the other is the influx of foreigners.

Anonymous said...

PM Lee said :"attracting investments and talent (he didn't say foreign talent, just talent...is it the same story again?)...accumulating adequate reserves (continue to maintain high rents by all the GLCs?)...maintaining political support for policies which benefit Singaporeans (not maintain political support for policies...CHANGE the policies)" He is definitely in denial. I can't believe that he is so clueless!

eagle29 said...

Honestly, I dont know what to say. Even with the truth splashed right on the faces of the PAP "leaders", they just refuse to acknowledge their wrongs. Yes, blatant self-denial, as one commentator described. Looks like the PAP is going back to square one and walk the same path. Takes another 5 years to wake up.

Living_on_borrowed_time said...

it was our fourth attempt, with so much talks going on at coffee shops, streets and online i thought the time had finally arrived. how wrong was i. even with 2 more votes(my boys) we still could not right the wrong. singaporeans are typically all talk only. all the efforts by lucky came to naught, ultimately they still could not overcome the fear factor. have to kickstart my plan and good luck to lucky hopefully you would be able to see the day when singaporeans will stand by your side.

The said...

/// As for MM Lee's remark that the young are a generation that "does not remember whence we came", it is not true. ///

"Whence we came" - it is good to remember the past, and the older generation do remember. However, that was 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago. The gratitude had been repaid many times over by more than a generation of Singaporeans who consistently voted in the PAP.

Now,we are talking about the current and future elections. The mandate is for the next 5 years, based on the track record of the past 5 years. Has the track record of the last 5 years been good? You judge for yourself. Can the current PAP team match up to the original team who brought Singapore from 3rd World to 1st World? What about the difference in ministerial pay then and now?

The irony is that the original team produced tremendous result on decent pays, whereas the current team produced mediocre results on indecent pays.

The key is not just remembering "whence we came". The more important question is "whither are we directing our course?".

Anonymous said...

The first crack of change will take place in 2021 election. Thereafter, it would take another 10 years for effectual change to happen.

If you are willing to wait at least 15 more years before the quality of your buses and trains starts to become less overcrowded, good for you.

I can't wait that long. As a general opinion, nothing really changes. My take is that a new political system will be crafted. Something like an enhanced version of the GRC system. These coming 5 years is the time when the incumbent will take time out to craft a newer cunning politics.

They didn't use our taxpayers' money to study an MBA at Harvard University for nothing. My take is that more will vote against the government. But the new political devices in place will ensure they still get a more than proportionate voice in parliament.

By then, I would have enjoyed a great life in another country. And I will never want to return to Singapore ever. A souless place where the elderly and human dignity is not respected. Where human freedoms are not applauded, where kiasuism and kiasism are pervasive, where chronic arrogance is common. Where the government makes more of an effort to highlight the distinction betweeen elitism and the commoners, rather than between citizens and PRs.

This is the new Singapore corporation. Accept the dirt, if you like. Not me...I will do what the government is doing. Use the people and milk them like a cow, it seems we should all milk the system and prostitute it back to our immoral leader, who doesn't spare a thought nor care for us.

Kudos to the 40%!

Anonymous said...

"Among the silent majority that voted for the PAP, many did so for the simple reason that they don't want a sudden change of govt although they don't support the PAP policies."
Lucky Tan

Exactly! As long as the opposition is not seen to be a total alternative for PAP, I don't see why the next election should be any different.

We need people like Lucky Tan to be in opposition, not just a blog critic. Because just a critic not much use, even if there are many, as can be seen.

And not just one Lucky Tan, but many, many to become opposition candidates. Only then will Singapore politics got hope.

Amused said...

It is wishful thinking that PAP will change its policies. Singapore Inc is like a monopoly. It will not change its ways unless it is forced to. Monopolies (PAP), to maximize profits (GDP), will use market dominance (93% seats) to suppress innovations (oppositions) and erect significant barriers to entry (GRCs/MSM).

Anonymous said...

"Dr Balakrishnan said the election has been a good learning journey and at the strategic level, many PAP policies are right but their implementation and communication can be improved "

He's right! At the strategic level, they got 60% of the votes but have stategically garnered a more than proportionate voice in parliament of 93%. Now, that's strategically smart. 'Cos the other 40% who did vote for them were strategically given a much much less than proportionate representation of a voice in the same parliament. 40% of Singaporean voters got 7% voice in parliament. So, strategically, there have indeed gotten it right.

Thanks to previous commentors who pointed this fact out.

Anonymous said...

If Singapore become one huge GRC, PAP will guarantee win one, 100% seats.

As long as if only 50.01% majority voters still think PAP should be government.

So to further improve their chances, PAP should have less but bigger GRCs and no SMCs in future. Like that opposition sure die one.

Anonymous said...

Gob Meng Seng should have voted into parliament.
Why, you stupig voters? Why? Why? Why?

Otherwise, we would have free bananas sundae served by Nicole Seah

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The opposition parties need to coordinate and focus on a concerted strategy. The PAP will not change, that is to be expected even if they lose 2 GRCs. The dominant force is still hanging ard and will not accomodate. If WP runs Aljunied well, then next GE will be even more exciting. If we do not see any culling within the PAP soon, then we can assume they will not change. The trains are still packed, cheap foreigners are still around, NS men still have to be inconvenienced, kids still have to pay for tuition etc. Kiam chai lives goes on. But at least we got some voice back and that is good.

Dissapointed Singaporean said...

Dear Lucky,

Thanks for all these informative articles especially during the election period.

Your indepth analysis has "opened" up the eyes of many including me who would otherwise be clueless and listen to the MSM spin tales about how great our "leeders" are.

I felt a sense of disappointment when I saw that the PAP has gotten back with majority of seats. Tears welled up yesterday when I saw the pic of the Chiams bidding farewell to Potong Pasir residents.

Despite asking friends, family members to vote for opposition, RP still lost in West Coast GRC. We have not sent a strong enough signal to PAP. They will never change their ways, now that they are given the almost full mandate

All the problems that you had always discussed at your blog will still be there and might worsen.

The only thing left to do now is to leave this place. There's no more hope to change. That was our last chance and we blew it

Anonymous said...

Please lah , Lucky, I tot you are a smart guy. you mean you actually believe them for one second? LOL I didn't believe them one bit!

The only way you want things to change, just do it, like I did, migrate!

Anonymous said...

Its OK. Singaporeans are pain loving bunch.

Do you think they will change just over some relatively mild losses?

From the result it shows even those voting want to stay status quo.

Anonymous said...

Yah lor.

Change underwears better, cheaper and faster than change policies

Anonymous said...

I had similar thoughts when I saw that it the MSM.

After 2 days of reflection on what the result might mean, I am quite certain that the result did not anywhere reach the tipping point required to get the PAP to seriously review its policies and directions.

Maybe the loss of another 2 GRCs might have done it.

Sure, there will be some soul-searching within the party. But I believe any change will be more in form than in substance, softening the edges.

At the end of the day, 60.1% of the popular vote, by any standards, is a resounding mandate. The impetus for change is not compelling.

Therefore, the ground movement to engage and debate govt policies and implementations must continue thru the social media. We must continue exert pressure on the govt thru constructive contributions to the debate.

Anonymous said...

Result of PAP's period of soul searching can be summarized by a simple slogan:

"New Wayang, Same Old Actors"

It's not just a hearing problem.

The deaf frog is also blind and senile.

Anonymous said...

True, we need to send a strong protest signal we will not tolerate peanuts politics. Give us hearty coconuts or we will vote out more gerrymandering ministers

More oppositions for next election!

Anonymous said...

MMLee also said: You believe the Workers’ Party is in Parliament to help the good of Singaporeans or to oppose the PAP?”

Behind this question is an implicit, subtle assumption, that PAP is good yesterday, today, and forever. Therefore any party (WP, or any other) which oppose PAP is bad, yesterday, today, and forever.

Is the assumption true? I think not. Today’s PAP is totally different from the past. Meritocracy has been increasingly replaced by cronyism. Unproven, raw, newbies with highly questionable credentials have been shoved hastily into parliament by PAP, for reasons nobody really knows. These are very dangerous manoeuvres, and has serious implications for the future of Singaporeans.

In such a situation, then “oppose PAP” as in MM Lee’s quote, is congruent to the concept of “help the good of singaporeans”.

We have to set the assumptions correct first, and we have to agree on the baselines first before commenting on others, Mr. Lee.


Anonymous said...

What you can expect at most is cosmetic change.
To have substantial change, you have to wait another 100 years.
What to do? We are childish and stupid to believe the lies.

Anonymous said...

TODAY, Tuesday quote PM Lee " The first priority is to grow the economy by staying plugged into the world. This will be done by attracting investments and talent to Singapore...(Increase FT)

We are interetsed in per capita GDP and not just total GD.....(Continue with GDP based growth, otherwise how to improve per capita GDP?)

Any changes?

Alan Wong said...

MM doesn't sound the least bit remorseful about his threat that Aljunied voters shall regret for 5 years if they voted for the opposition.

Now that the Aljunied voters has defied his warning, maybe WP should fire the first salvo in Parliament by asking MM to elaborate what sort of dire consequences is PAP contemplating for Aljunied residents ?

Does it also mean that PAP is prepared to sacrifice the other voters who have voted for PAP in meting the punishment for them ?

market2garden said...

Operation Singaporeans vs PAP Round 2 [SGvPAP 2] begins with VB's unsensical statements?

SGvPAP2 for next
Next GE - GE2013/14.

ladybird said...

This election is a great disappointment to me. A leopard can never and will never change its spots.

We shall suffer for the next 5 years. When will Singaporean learn!!!??? If someone should complain about PAP again, I shall tell him to shut up and that he deserved it if he had voted for PAP.

Dark days are ahead :')

lynn said...

I totally agree. I have voted for CHANGE in Aljunied. Yes, we made history but I'm disappointed in the rest. As a Singaporean, I felt short-changed by sudden policies without any consultation and where we are still caught doing the processing.

I'm in the 50 group also and I'm honestly very sian to hope for change. Rather bring my money to retire elsewhere and for a better life for my kids.

Born and bred Singaporean

Anonymous said...

Looks like S'poreans need a wake up call instead. Stop living in your own world where apparently only S'poreans are suffering. FYI, the rest of the world faces such issues and we as a nation are competing against the world.

Hard to survive in SG? It just goes to show that a lot of S'poreans have zero idea what a govt's job is, which is not only to look after the people, but to manage the nation in the global waters. If we an't compete internationally, you don't have to worry about your CPF returns, cause there won't be any jobs in the first place. Think about that for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Looks like S'poreans need a wake up call instead. Stop living in your own world where apparently only S'poreans are suffering. FYI, the rest of the world faces such issues and we as a nation are competing against the world.

Hard to survive in SG? It just goes to show that a lot of S'poreans have zero idea what a govt's job is, which is not only to look after the people, but to manage the nation in the global waters. If we an't compete internationally, you don't have to worry about your CPF returns, cause there won't be any jobs in the first place. Think about that for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Change. Change everything. Just change!

Anonymous said...

You're right Lucky. Its a policy problem, not a PR problem.

PAP thinks its just a perception-emotional-communication-image problem. They think solutiuon is to enhance appearance of listening and empathy, and to explain policies better.

No, the policies are the problem. Economic competition from foreign workers, crowdedness, high property prices (including private).

Its too bad they won 81 seats. Look at the stock market rise the Monday after elections, even the investors know its back to business as usual. Big business and shareholders will be the winners and the salaried Singaporean will pay the price of his folly.

Anonymous said...

`Power is addictive.`

`Absolute power will corrupt...`

`Call it a regime or call it a
monopoly, it has cannibalistic

I blame the people in-charge of the
electoral process, I respect the
votes of the 60%... such is democracy.

Anonymous said...

B4 the election singaporeans were daft, they got 'dafter' as the election drew near, then they will be at their daftest in the next election. They deserve to be fried and not boiled slowly.

Anonymous said...

I tried my best in Jurong GRC. Even with NSP's C-team which never saw any real campaign action :P

But for all the talk of hearing our feedback and being better servants, they are back to their old tactics again...


Sacking an NSP supporting from Jurong Town Council? Wow. One day after elections!

Who's next? Prof Tambyah?

Anonymous said...

A new day has risen. Revolution people. Demand change!

Change or nothing!

Anonymous said...

Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

No matter how much Lucky and the other bloggers dispense their wisdoms, Singaporeans will alway be at their 'daftest' at elections.
Before election, they always 'talk big' and boast how they defy unfair policies and resist freebies and can never be bought over etc etc.

Anonymous said...

No matter how much Lucky and the other bloggers dispense their wisdoms, Singaporeans will alway be at their 'daftest' at elections.
Before election, they always 'talk big' and boast how they defy unfair policies and resist freebies and can never be bought over etc etc.

Anonymous said...

No matter how much Lucky and the other bloggers dispense their wisdoms, Singaporeans will alway be at their 'daftest' at elections.
Before election, they always 'talk big' and boast how they defy unfair policies and resist freebies and can never be bought over etc etc.

Anonymous said...

They say we laymen cannot protest. They can do whatever they want because we foolishly gave them the mandate no matter how unpopular the policies.

Well, the vote is our only voice. Our precious once in 5 years feedback channel, and we WASTED IT!

Were we so easily fooled? They say they have changed. They will consult. And we gave them another resounding mandate. Haven't we heard this before? See how ineffective that was?

What was effective? The threat of real opposition. In just 10 days, see what concessions we received? Promises to 'calibrate' foreign worker inflow, no GST increase, deferred MRT fare increase, rise in HDB $8000 ceiling etc.

Our only defense is a strong opposition. Real opposition who can vote, not just impotent NCMP who can be ignored.

We've just allowed ourselves to be screwed for another 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Election over...return to deaf frog mode...

Anonymous said...

Change must come. Change now or be forever changeless

dowell said...

in my opinion, we did not lose our chance. our voice (votes) was prevented from amplifying by the political strategy gerrymeandering. In fact, 40% of voters tried to send the signal to PAP. PAP sees it but on national TV, they will never say their policies are wrong. What we need to observe is NOW, behind the scenes, is PAP going to do something about its issues or continue to self-deny? It's all said and done, if we have to suffer, we suffer. But in 2016, I know Singaporeans will resend the message again, whether or not policies or strategies are played upon us. If i die tommorrow, i'm happy to see Singaporeans so united and love this island so much to care, absolutely no regrets whatsoever. If I dun die tommorrow, I will tell my children and grandchildren about this great year 2011. PAP! Look at how Singaporeans love Singapore, PLEASE! Love Singaporeans back!

Anonymous said...

PAP's secret illegal election poll

Round about cooling off day, we saw all sorts of rumors surfacing of mysterious bookies and mysterious data mining done by the PAP.

Now that the dust has settled, the truth is starting to emerge. During the elections, the PAP or a group related to the PAP secretly commissioned an illegal election poll. This was done by an Australian based polling company called UMR Research. You can see the topline findings of this poll here:


The data collection was from 3rd May to 5th May. The method of data collection is given as online interview. This is however almost certain to be incorrect since you cannot obtain a statistically random sample via online means in such a short period. As interviewers doing face to face would have been seen, the methodology was most likely via telephone interviews conducted from overseas (hence using an Australian polling company).

The total sample size of the poll was 522. This was stratified into sub samples of 52 each, meaning that they covered 10 GRCs/SMCs of interest. The Confidence Level is 90%.

On interest is slide 6 where the respondent was directly asked whether they would vote for PAP or the Opposition. At the overall aggregate level, the sample size is 522. The Confidence Level is approximately 96%. This incidentally is illegal.

Also of interest is slide 10. This shows the perception Singaporeans have of the various parties. WP is off the chart and coming very close to matching the PAP. The concerns about SPP surfaced as this study showed that it was the most popular among the other Opposition parties less WP. NSP was the surprise package. Their poll results in Marine Parade and Tampines were almost as good as WP. Their image according to this poll however puts them on par with SDP. Clearly there is something else happening which is not being captured in the poll.

This illegal election poll shows just how far the PAP will go to win. Just like the unfair handling of election complaints (Opposition disqualified for being 30 seconds late Vs No action against Tin Pei Ling for campaigning on Cooling Off day), it is unlikely the police will take any action even if a police report is made. If the PAP is not prepared to act fairly and ethically, then what are the chances that they will keep all those promises they made to win the elections?

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Link was broken. Please use this:


Anonymous said...

I am disappointed as well by this comment as it shows the pride and defensiveness. Since PM had apologised, just admit it and move on to the solutions.

Though it seems that the hope of real change is looking bleak, let's see what they going to do instead of what they say.

Anonymous said...

It means another good 5 years ahead for foreigners, another bad 5 years ahead for Singaporeans who are struggling to make ends meet, including the jobless, structurally unemployed, and also, the lower income groups. All in all, it means a battle on full mode, against the lower classes and middle classes, in a bid to eliminate them in the name of natural selection, while the rich gets richer. And @ Anonymous 10/5/11 11:20, while volunteering for the NSP(surprise!), I checked with a friend who is in the civil service, and he told me that civil servants are NOT ALLOWED to volunteer for opposition parties! Surprise!!! *(Ya right!) The incumbent however enlists their volunteers from a bunch of various civil sectors and ministries, whether or not the volunteers like it, and require these volunteers to be present as polling and counting agents. So well, you can guess how one-sided the power structure is and how it sides with the incumbent. The incumbent has assumed automatically that it IS the government and will be around yesterday, today and tomorrow. On many counts, I thought that there would be change this elections, but I was wrong. An increased 40% voted for the opposition, but only 6 opposition seats in parliament???? What joke is this???? And what one-party system????? What joke is this again????

Anonymous said...

Due to the ignorance and their mindset of Singaporeans, the public vote the PAP again. Singaporeans deserved to be screwed for the next 5 years instead of making a change now.. this 5 years 2011 - 2016. Given the opportunity to vote wisely this time, Election 2011, with 82 seats contested, very good chance to support the alternatives, why must wait for the next 5 years. This is SAD, You Sporeans unhappy over the current policies.....ask for a change. Look at the result of the election!

Angry, isn't it!.

Anonymous said...

Singapore Inc.
* Business As Usual.

Anonymous said...

Change everything. When we change, we become new again.

Anonymous said...

So which void decks in Aljunied GRC will WP MPs start conducting their Meet the People Sessions?

Or when are they going to start?

The longer this is not started, majority Aljunied GRC voters will start to regret their choice.

Anonymous said...

To those who voted for PAP out of fear for their govt jobs, selfish bastards

To those who voted for PAP out of HDB upgrading or e growth share money, u r short sighted idiots. Pay back time will cone soon. It's not a IF but a WHEN

To those who voted for PAP out of ignorance, go and die poor in JB when u grow old but pls dun burden your loved ones and children

And to those who talk so much at kopitiams and Internet but voted for PAP, Shame shame shame

Thank you Hougang. Thank you Aljunied. Thank you Worker Party

God has mercy on us all

Good Luck

Chee Ming said...

I don't know what to say.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for change. Change it is, change will come. More changes, less changes.


Anonymous said...

We pay them millions and they still can't do what you talk of: surviving in global waters. 3 recessions in 10 years, mind you.

Anonymous said...

when i read this report on what balakrishnan said yesterday, I realised that this minister still does not understand the problem. He did not have the guts to say these words before polling day. The reason why he said now is because he has won by a comfortable enough margin in his holland-bukit timah GRC. This minister hasn't been made to pay for the mistakes he had made so he doesn't learn. He is one of those self-proclaimed super talents who get paid in millions but grossly underestimated the YOG budget without thinking that this was an incapability on his side.

Anonymous said...

These are changing times. We are are changed by change. Time for more changes

Change we need, changes will come.

Well done

Koh said...

It is not only denial but "double talk". It is time "they really sit up & really listen" to the people. They must secure Singapore's future and not PAP's future after all the later's future will come up for scrutiny in another 5 years time. I guess Singaporeans will have no choice but to work closely with the Worker's Party MPs to secure our children's and their children's future if the Ruling Party refuses to abandon its "out-of-date" and "out-of-time" thinking and policies.

Anonymous said...

If opposition is not ready to form the government, they will always lose, and lose big, for sure.

Aljunied, even though they win this time, will remain one and the only one GRC that was won or may even lose in future.

Anonymous said...

The Serangoon ward of Aljunied GRC, which includes Serangoon Gardens, is supposed to be a upper middle class area with a lot of landed properties.

I was hence surprised that PAP Lim Hwee Hua polled the lowest for this ward in the GRC.

Also in Joo Chiat SMC, private property is 90%. Another rich people area. And yet WP managed to get almost 50% of the votes!

That means the rich not necessary support PAP lah.

So PAP got more support from the less rich (and there are more of them) like those in HDB lah.

No wonder overall PAP still get 60%.

Is my analysis right?

Anonymous said...

Change has already happened. Never have they lost a GRC. Never is there 6 opp. voted in. Never have they got as low as 60.1%. Never have they apologise, Never have they capitulate ( lower ceiling for HDB, slow foreingers intake etc..), Never have they encounter a media they do not know how to deal with, Never have you seen youngsters daringly taking them on,....and Change will continue....cos NEVER will old man be around come 2016! be sure of that.

Anonymous said...

They can't very well backtrack now. I have always found that the hardest thing for people or organisations to do is to say that they are genuinely sorry and work to undo what they have done.

With the current Constituition and the majority that the incumbent party has in Parliment, they can pass any law they want. Why would they ever do anything to weaken their reins on power?

OnePeople OneNation said...


I feel that you would need to blog a bit more on the psychology and profile of the voters and this is largely in response to Anon: 14:37.

During my walkarounds and the constant persuasion to move the ground, I have come across numerous old and browbeaten citizens who are unmoved by some of the daily challenges that they are facing.

A mere whiff of the Grow and Share package is enough for them to forget their sufferings and the reminder that they have been the ones that the neo Singapore society has forgotten.

This is perhaps similar to real-life scenarios that we are familiar with. Mother brings up child, child goes to the university and becomes the CEO of the company. Child deserts the mother in an old-age home but she is still beaming with pride at the mere mention of his name and when the driver sends a tin of Khong Guan biscuits to her.

Upon reflection, the Mum blames herself for not imparting enough values within the child but hope that the proverbial prodigal son will return one day.

What do you do as a bystander? Bring the child to his kness in front of the Mum and she will blame you for hurting her flesh and blood.

This generation has to pass before anything more moves.

Anonymous said...

The only real changes they will make are the electorate boundaries and rules of the game to gain advantage in the next GE.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are not dependable to effect change.
Despair not, nature has many ways to cause changes.

Anonymous said...

Change is inevitable. We can't resist changes. Change is hard but change we must.

Change. No change no gain. More changes more rewards.

We must change.

Anonymous said...

I believe the problem is not with the netizen (ie 40% for opp). Rather, there is still a large number of people who dont go online for independent view on the net.

The challenge is how to reach out to these people.

Anonymous said...

Anon 15:37

Please see One People One Nation's post.

Don't think you could move these folks.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 15:37 writing:

There will some who will not be moved, but not all. I manage to persuade one and fail another one, both hard-core pap older folks in their 50s and 60s.

In my opinion, there are a large chunk of people whom were pro-pap but had felt disappointed and upset in this election. LSL's apologies could have swayed them. That's why i think MM Lee is wrong- it's precisely that these people think PAP had done a lot for Spore that they accept LSL's apologies.

Anonymous said...

Please visit http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/open_letter_to_pm/to sign the petition.

Anonymous said...

The changes that hit us is watershed indeed. Can we not change when hit by the tsunami of changes? As waves of changes wipe over us, we shall all be changed from glory to glory


Anonymous said...

old habits die hard.....the choice had been made and Singaporeans can only wait for another 5 years hoping for more change....glad for those who have voted wisely cause your conscience is clear....as for those who think a new coat of paint is more important, 5 years for you to repent.....

Anonymous said...

Sigh, the author exactly mirrored my thoughts when I read the news article on LHL speech for GIC's dinner and Vivian's recent speech.

They have not changed after all and the daft Singaporeans have once again been hoodwinked.

Singaporeans are really a tough lot, they can be kicked left right center by the PAP and still they would smile and vote for them.

Well those that voted for the PAP can only blame themselves for being screwed for the next 5 years. For me, at least I know I have tried. I may have failed to effect change, but I tried. Cant say the same for the other 60%.

Especially disappointed with the 50.1% of Potong Pasir people, they have paid for the upgrading by selling their soul. Pui.

Anonymous said...

How many of you voted for the PAP (to give them a last chance after the apology stance at Raffles Place) and regretting it now ?

Anonymous said...

Unless a major major disaster hits Singapore, it will take another generation to effect any real change. Unfortunate but true.

How many local talents would have been lost by then?

Anonymous said...

Keep your eyes & ears open for new, cunning ways to maintain their power ... I can see this coming. Only reason it's not now is the Presidential Election is coming.

I hope that many candidates will step forward like the opposition candidates this GE. Am hoping New President can also act as a check & balance, how else to save ourselves from a collision course with disaster involving unaffordable HDB flats, high cost of living & more FTs.

Won't be long now people will pay & pay when everything also increase in price.

Anonymous said...

No hope for this country!

It took a foreign dignitary from Germany to speak up for Chia Thye Poh after 23 years of imprisonment without trial. No one in Singapore spoke up and dare to challenge our conscience.

And a further 7 years for him to regain freedom of speech.

No one is brave enough to engage him and he had continued to pursue his studies overseas.

Now he resides outside Singapore. Thank God for that.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why nobody realised that until after the fact. It was patently obvious that they have never admitted that the policies were the issue, only execution. The rot is embedded in the system and the PAP politburo are all engaged in groupthink, whatever bullshit diversity they claim.

This was why my family and I never bought into this "we can change" and "we will evolve" bullshit and left SG 3 years ago to become Australians now. We were just not convinced that most Singaporeans will want to change. Seen too many examples of whining and then not doing anything about it. That are heaps who whine about wanting to migrate and the number who actually had the courage to do so are miniscule.

If there is one thing I do agree with LKY it is that Singaporeans are too daft. To keep voting the same bunch of clowns hoping for a different outcome (policy or % of opposition) is downright bizarre. If any of you have the ability, LEAVE. That is the only way to go. Forget about the sentimental BS about feeling Singaporean. You are nothing but a statistics and economic unit to them.

And by the way I used to work in the government. Too bad the OSA prevents a lot of shananigans from being publicised.

May Rulers of the World Be Righteous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
OnePeople OneNation said...

Possible Improvements by GE 2016

1. All blogs and forums are only accessible if one logs in using your SingPass.

2. In land scarce Singapore, all available sites for rallies will be confined to HDB void-decks, party premises and ball-rooms at 5-star hotels (no prizes for guessing which party will be there).

3. The General Elections in 2016 will see only 5 consituencies up for grabs; North, South, East, West and Central.

Tanjong Pagar GRCs looks like the map of Chile and stretches from Kranji Turf Club to Sentosa Genting Casino.

4. To recognize the Singaporean's thirst for Opposition representation, a Lower House will be created. This effectively alters the one-man, one-vote system. As an elected member of the Lower House, the responsibility is to manage Town Councils and ensure that the estate's flowers are watered.

As for the Upper House, whose power will be equivalent to the current Parliament, the criteria to stand for elections are:

1. Existing or former MP
2. Approval from Cabinet

5. Anyone standing for the Lower or Upper House elections must be at least 30 years old (Unfortunately, Ting Pei Ling will be eligible but not Nicole Seah).

Anonymous said...

Hello Fellow Singkies,

Get ready for another 5 more years of PAP messing around with your lives. You have asked for it. You have given them the mandate of 81 vs 6 in Parliament.

Get ready for another 5 years of hardship and sufferings. Don't complain and complains any more. They are just noises, nothing else. To deal with noises, one only has to switch off the radio or tv. Not much effort needed.

The real awakening is not in complaining but in action. Your action in GE 2011 was not in congruent with your complaints. So, you are all just like NATO (No Action, Talk Only).

You have again handed your own power to a group of self-righteous, self-serving and self-enriching uncaring elitists elites. you have nobody else to blame but YOURSELF!

Anonymous said...

Going by previous elections, it will be a lesisurely 3 to 6 months before Parliament even sits.

Once they meet, the first order of business will be to set an inter- Ministry committe.

This inter Ministry committee will have like 20 sub comittees.

These will appear to be hard at work with perhaps even public hearings.

At the end of the day, anything the public has to say will be "not feasible".

They will publish 20 thick books containing motherhood recommendations.

THe Ministries will take these and study them carefully.

After careful consideration, they will implement 5 of the least offensive and which involve the least amount of work.

3 years will have passed and absolutely nothing will have changed.

Anonymous said...

Lucky may not be in Sin to vote in the next election.

Anonymous said...


That settles the question. In fact all future questions.

They are like the fixed deposit for PAP at elections - very safe, the bigger the amount, the bigger the guarantee returns.

And don't need a lot, just 60% amount will guarantee return to power with 93% of the seats.


Anonymous said...

George Yeo has made the right decision to retire to disassociate himself with those if he is not one of them. Therefore there is nothing sad about it. For those who have made mistakes, you have to bear with it for the rest of your life. 2011 was the last window. Rest assured, life is going to be tough for you and many generations to come. Even till your death, you'll not be forgiven by those who had made the right decision and whose life and their many grnerations have been destroyed by your mistake! My advice - give yourself a good, hard bang against the wall or shut up!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Lucky

Among the silent majority that voted for the PAP, many did so for the simple reason that they don't want a sudden change of govt although they don't support the PAP policies.

Seriously, when will you be ready to face reality?

Until you look at yourself in mirror and recognise that the reason for utter defeat is the face in the mirror, you will always lose to the PAP. You will be a dog living at PAP's pleasure.

I used to admire your intellect but now I am forced to admit that you just like to listen to your voice/text.

Last word of advice:
Please start recruiting while the people are still giddy from euphoria. Before PAP start wielding the big stick.

Good luck Mr Lucky.


Anonymous said...


Chris said...

To all who belong to the 60.1%: you have permanently forfeited your right to whine. Not only that, you owe an apology to the other 39.9% of us, and to our children and grand-children for your stupid decision. You were given the chance of a lifetime and you blew it. What the f*** were you thinking? You really didn't expect them to get back to business as usual????? Where have you been all of your 50+ years? "What can we do?" You could have voted wisely, that's what! Goddamnit.

To the other 39.9%: we can only curse and swear that our fellow citizens either didn't have the brains or the balls to do the right thing and we and our descendants have to live with the consequences of their stupid acts. Heaven only knows when they will come out of their deeeeepppp slumber. Damn!!

Anonymous said...

When there was a calling to do the right thing for our future and the future of our children, only 40% responded.

When there was a calling to vote out those non-performing ministers for we know they will not be asked to step down, they still won by a comfortable margin.

Overall, voters are still enticed by the upgrading carrot, asset enhancement and worst of all, voted out of fear rather than with their minds and hearts.

May 8 2011 - a pathetic day for Singapore. So what that PAP's percentage is down to 60.1% (lowest since 1963)?


Anonymous said...

Change is on the horizon. Change is making way into dry places. Change will bring transformation to more changes.

Change! We need to change!

Anonymous said...

A lot of PAP votes actually came from the apathetic kind. The ones who hardly surf the net, only read the MSMs. My lady colleagues voted for PAP because they did not know their opposition candidates even when they were from WP or the SDP.(Who is Teo Soh Lung, they asked??)
All they concerned about is they get to do their shopping, watch their favorite HK or Korean soaps and they're satified.
Some even bought into the PAP hype that oppositions are out to make trouble for the Govt. Honestly, I hope next PAP govt policies hit them hard so they can wake up to their senses.

Anonymous said...

The line up of LHL cabinet is the most crystal clear sign to confirm if he has really listen to the voice of the people.

I pray he will not like his other colleagues and choose to treat them as noise and go into deaf frog mode.

I am very worried with the remarks made by this so-many-times-proven-despicable Vivian Balakrishnan.

My friends and I are in our late 40's and we are watching if LHL is walking his talk.

George Yeo mentioned in his press conference that LHL apologised after talking to him during their review of the campaign in the middle of the election. He reiterated the transformation of the party, and emphasised that it is not reform but transform.

Lets see the cabinet line up. It is a clear compass on which he will chart the new direction.

Mr Lee HL, we are watching.

Anonymous said...

Lucky Tan,

Perhaps you can write a post on this, could the taxpayer end up paying George Yeo nearly $100 million in salaries and pension?


Anonymous said...

i think 60% of singaporeans have spoken, they dont mind the policies. its too late for the 60% to claim now that they disagreed but still voted for the pap cause they fear change.

Anonymous said...

Part 2/2
Astonishing, isn't it that the pension is payable based on the "Highest annual salary of any office held by him" and "highest monthly rate of salary". So, it doesn't matter that the MP was a low ranking parliamentary secretary for 17 years, and then became a multi-million $ minister for 1 year. His pension will be based on 2/3rds of his salary as a minister, as that is his highest annual salary of any office held by him. So, it also doesn't matter that there are occasional reductions in salary during recessions, since their pension is based on their highest annual salary.

On this basis, SM / PM / MM will get 2/3rd x $3 million for the rest of their lives. I understand that if they are eligible for pension and they are still serving, they get both salary plus pension concurrently. (see section 5).

Or did I forget to tell you that pensions are exempt from income tax? This is stated in the Income Tax Act!

It gets better. The Act says that the pension can be commutated. This means that it is paid in 1 lump sum instead of monthly payments for life. The lump sum is equivalent to 175.14 months of pension, i.e. 14.6 years of pension. It doesn't matter that the minister asks for it because he has terminal cancer and has 3 months to live. He will get 14.6 years of pension paid to him in 1 go, and it will be tax free. If MM's pension is base! d on 2.5 million (conservative estimate), his commutated pension is $36.5 million. Can buy a GCB with it, without any bank loan!

This is a real scandal. I was horrified when Goh Chok Tong proposed recently that ministers serve 8 years only, and new ones come in. It means that the pool of multi-million dollar pension earners will get bigger and bigger! It will add to the financial burden of future generations of Singaporeans having to pay for the pensions of people who have already been paid too much during their terms of office.

Who in the private sector is entitled to pension? And yet the ministers, etc are collecting tax free pensions on top of their world's highest salaries. Now you know why George Yeo is fighting so hard to keep his job as minister

Anonymous said...

"Mr Lee HL, we are watching."
Anon 11/5/11 01:24

So? So what if WKS, MBT, VB, YI are reappointed to cabinet again?

Majority voter mandate for these people, you know.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11/5/11 07:35

Of what use are you complaining about their high pay and pensions?

60% have already spoken in favour of them and their policies!

What can you do?

Anonymous said...

What use is MONEY when it cannot be brought along to the nether world?
MONEY can be an encumbrance to happiness, You know ?

Anonymous said...

Yeap , business as usual. Check out this Indian news report excitedly reporting that 150,000 PMET jobs will go to foreigners in Singapore this year and encouraging Indian citizens to seize the opportunities.


Anonymous said...

PAP ministers not only enjoy high salaries. Many people still unaware they are paid performance bonus that hoes way beyond the 6 months "cap" for everyone else.
On top of it, office holders enjoy pension which works out to two-thirds of incumbants' salaries.

So despicable.

Pension on top of salaries which are based on what "they could have earned" if didn't go into politics!! Could all of them really able to earn those kind of salaries in the private sector?

Everyone else in Singapore can only justify a wage increase if they acquire new skills or increase their productivity.

For them, even when mistakes were made, there had been no accountability

Anonymous said...

My countrymen are only a hidden 40 percent within the faceless crowd.

Anonymous said...

Will they merge AMK GRC and Aljunied GRC to create a super GRC next election? After all they also share common boundary.

In this election, AMK GRC PAP has 69% and Aljunied GRC 45%.

So by merging, next round PAP average out (69+45)/2 will possibly get 57%?

This will be a great strategy to win back Aljunied, isn't it?

And maybe overall also reduce total GRCs to only 3 or 4 and no SMCs? Is it OK under the law?

Is my analysis and assumptions possible?

Anonymous said...

Change. We need change. We can't be wearing the same underwear all the time. Change.

Remember to change your underwear.

Anonymous said...

only change - we will get a higher percentage of New Citizens from China and India to replace the disaffected, internet savvy voters.

Anonymous said...

we will wait and see... in 5 years wat is achieved.. by the new ruling party in aljunied GRC....

Anonymous said...

Dear lucky, BOHICA

Bend Over, Here It Comes Again

allanpeters said...

for every one disenfranchised and marginalised Singaporean that decides to migrate, the government will simply replace them with one (or more) PAP-loving new citizen..

This is a highly sophisticated form of ethnic cleansing.. And thanks to those who voted due to gratitude, ignorance, fear or bribes received, this social genocide will continue for another 5 more years..

Thomas said...

Just bear in mind that politic is bloody dirty and if 'SORRY' is the mgic word for PM Lee, it sure work this time just for this election.

Anonymous said...

@allanpeters I used the word "financial holocaust" once to describe what is happening, of citizens being displaced by the quest for greater GDP growth and greater numbers, before a Canadian friend. He found the word strong even as a Canadian, and yet, he agreed as someone sitting outside the whole picture from his cosy little corner there up north that financially and politically induced diaspora seems to be prevalent or highly possible as a trend here in Singapore from the mention of it. The disconnect between the common person on the streets and his or her neighbour(a process of dehumanization all in the name of earning more money and more goods) is growing, and in the process, people do not care for each other anymore. All that we ever talk about is money, money and money, but there are other things in life worth living for, such as dreams, learning to show kindness and charity to the less fortunate, and learning what love, hope and even faith are in life. Have Singaporeans even realized this yet? From the looks of the results in the elections, I doubt so. Those who grow disappointed like me have 2 choices: 1) learn to tame any optimism and just settle for realism (making us potentially daft at times); 2) leave this land. Sigh, such are evil times.

Anonymous said...

The thing is there remains Singaporeans who don't know or don't care. The same Singaporeans who would claim that the policies don't affect them. The same Singaporeans, our dear MM lee are calling daft...the same 60% that voted the incumbent back into power.

So the rest of us wind up "repenting" for the next 5 years. But unfortunately 5 years later they will do it all over again because those same Singaporeans never learn.

Anonymous said...

yes, I too agree that we - the common voters/Singaporeans - had made a BIG mistake. Personally, I doubt that the ruling party will ever change .....
The tide was not strong enough .... and the signal (only 6+3 opposition members) is too weak now ....

Sophan said...

So much for not liking PAP. If really unhappy about it, like many people say, leave SG. No one asked you to stay in SG. Like it or not, PAP won. No matter how much one can complain, if you strongly believe PAP won't change, then leave. Do not pollute the minds of the people who still support PAP. You got 5 years of chances to leave, so do it.

And what on earth is the meaning of 1st world parliament, or world-class parliament? Who has the right to define it? Don't say 'a perfect country' or 'happily ever after citizens'. This is reality. NO country in the world can achieve such wishful thinking. Go migrate somewhere else that meets your WORLD-CLASS parliament.

And what makes you think that, IF the opposition wins, they get promoted, they earn more, our taxes becomes their pay, but end up they didn't keep their word of being the 'mouth of the citizens'? PAP said the EXCACT same things when THEY first got elected. EVERYONE uses beautiful words to win over the people. But what makes you so sure that the OPPOSITION keeps their word? Because, after all, our money goes to them. They're gonna earn big bucks too. Are you willing to shoot them back if they end up like how you proclaim PAP to be now? Do you have the guts and humility to step forward and say, 'We regret our decision' if it happens? Even the opposition said themselves that they are ever-ready to speak for the people, BUT NOT READY TO GOVERN SINGAPORE. If that line still cannot buy you to think that PAP has done a so-far wonderful job in keeping SG a safe and sounds place, then good luck to you and your future kids. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Just like Football association of Singapore , PAP think that their players are from our late choo seng quee,dollah kasim,rajagopal and eric paine ERA. they play passionate and good football but their pay are much much lower and they play because of representing singapore. Lets compare to our current footballers...all play LIKE good and being paid well...but their performance are very very poor....!!!
So how is our current minister compare to todays footballer....??? Same la...all talking cock only...here good there good but singaporeans are feeling the pain and misery daily...!!!

dolphin said...

The problem is that stupid Sinkies left the job half done.

The pop vote share at 60% is still too high. It has to be in 50+ range.

We failed to knock out a few more GRCs.

The grandmaster of the FT policy GCT is still in power.

If he feels the NCs are strong behnind him, he will mass convert more foreigners to citizens and mass import even more foreigners.

Anonymous said...

WTF - just searched tin pei ling for last 24 hours on google and found this:

Kate said...

WP winning Aljunied is not a strong enough signal because they are a middle-of-the-road party who agree on some of the policies imposed by the PAP (read:Gerald Giam). When you have an opposition that picks and chooses its battles with the PAP and refuses to challenge them at every level, how threatened do you expect the PAP to feel?

Anonymous said...

Singapore can have many 5 years to change and form a really democratic government.

But the question I asked myself is, "How many 5 years do I have?"

So, thanks, but no thanks. I'm getting hell out of this place.

Anonymous said...

We all look at the world through colored lenses, people. You may argue that most pro-PAP voters voted in spite of or in ignorance of their policies, I do know that many voted because of.

For every person who voted for the PAP in ignorance of their policies, I'd wager I can find someone who voted for another party not because they believe in that party's policies, but because they have an axe to grind.

Does the PAP have to do better? Sure. But let's apply the same scrutiny equally.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Vivian, it is not your communication.PM communicated very well but still, the disquiet.

The problem is one of Authority, not your fine communication.

You should know, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Oh and for those who want to leave Singapore, sure, your choice.

For me, a vote is a very simple thing. It has already accomplished what it can accomplish. But, if I have ownership of my country, it goes beyond casting a vote.

I can actually do something more than type at a keyboard and hope many people notice. I can actually rally people to be involved in shaping Singapore into the country we desire it to be.

Should we leave it all to the politicians? I say, no. If we really care about the poor, let's do something about it. If we really care for the sick, let's do something about it. If we really care for our children, let's do something about it.

Why wait till the next elections come around?

chwee said...

Unfortunately we are going the path trodden by the Japanese. They also had 1 party rule for 50+ years (LDP), but by the time the opposition was able to overcome all the patronage, electoral shenanigans etc, the country was already in serious decline. It took serious stagnation before the majority woke up from their slumber, but by then the ties between top govt bureaucrats, industry heads and various rent-seeking lobbies were too entrenched, resulting in fiascos like Fukushima.

Anonymous said...

"Why wait till the next elections come around?"

You are entitled to speak through your vote once every 5 years. Unfortunate, that's the only thing that count, or the politicians are afraid of.

The drawback of such a voting system are many.

If you want proactive citizens, who are empowered to "vote" everyday , you will have to dismantle the current voting system and replace with a system that empowers the citizen beyond a single vote once every 5 years.

Really daft system that many don't question.

Anonymous said...

An overwhelming majority of Singaporeans have chosen the PAP. This is democracy.

Anonymous said...

Saddam Hussein said the same thing too when he was alive, about overwhelming majority in Irag choosing him, this is democracy.

Anonymous said...

Well,if that being the case, the silent majority has to live with its choice since they were so fearful of a regime change. They had their opportunity and wasted it.

Anonymous said...

I personally think the chinese will bring this country to its downdall if it keeps sticking to its top-down power politics.

Benedict said...

"Many Pap policies are right." This is not necessarily a wrong statement. It could be the case that several policies are good. However, what needs to be stated (or what people need to hear) is that some policies are not right enough.

I think something should be done also, an acknowledgement, that the people did not vote in one of the incumbent MPs. This is a breach in democratic election. Why is the PAP not addressing this? Would this not make them more accountable to the country?

The critical citizen is not playing a "vote the PAP out" game. Politics should not be a petty game. That's why we're angry about petty, trivial, plebian MP. What justifies everyman's tax going into the salary of yet another common folk volunteer? No.

This is why Potong Pasir didn't do so well, but Mr Chiam's health ails and he subsides as a potent rational voice in parliament.

We do want intelligent, patriotic selfless leaders. We also need people who say the right thing. George Yeo says the right things. Now he's gone and we need another. Pap needs to be NEW MEDIA literate, because its incompetent PR is causing it to lose credibility. Our Government cannot afford to lose credibility further.

- A Singaporean

Anonymous said...

Play with words. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I think most of you are the minority and as the minority , and if you are so unhappy, I urge u to migrate and leave my country alone.

The majority of our ppl have decided. This is their wish. Stop influencing negatively with your lousy arguments.

Anonymous said...

Is ok. Just expect to hear apology and all the I don know what to say, I think non of the policy I'm going against by tpl. The greatest change of PAP. Ya somewhat I disagree mm lee's statement. True, we should remember how hard it was last time. But we maintain everything as of then or should we improve? All country is improving, and we lack behind? Should consider it. Hopefully, they have repent enough before 5years time that they started to realize about the importants and regret. And, not forgetting that $15,000.

alex.har said...

Pretty soon, Singaporeans will realize that they have been duped by the "Apology". It was just a move to get Mandate at all cost. Now they have the Mandate, they will do as they please.

Singaporeans must think about their next move because the PAP Govt next move is quite clear. They will continue to do more of all those things the peopl said they shouldn't.

On friend of mine is China applied to come into Singapore some 6-7 months ago. He was told to be patient and to wait after the election. True enough he had his positive reply yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Having lived abroad many years, I can safely say that living standards in singapore are extremely good, the economy is buoyant, and the grass certainly isn't greener on the other side.
Every society unfortunately has people that suffer. But we here are better off than even most of the western countries.

Anonymous said...

Its easy to put the blame on foreigners but many of you don't even consider that singapore is the best success story in Asia because of its ability to attract foreign talent.

You just have to look at Japan and the mess its in to see that its inability to integrate non-japanese has caused a 20 year recession

Dion said...

Chill man... It's only 4 days after election... We got 5 yrs to go! Too fast to conclude eh? If u dun have an open mind and keep scrutinizing PAP's every word, I don't think it's reasonable... The oppositions haven done anything constructive too no? Move out from election fever already!

Anonymous said...

I told guys, all of you be cheated since day one of the last five years,or maybe 10 years.

There are cloning the same species as there are to take over the party and the government,to secure their iron rice bowl,more dangerous there are now starting to pycho the army into it, army was trained to obey order , and any take no for an answer and it standby for the day,of emergency to go into marshall law control.

Human Being said...

LOLX.... this is life i guess

we all gona stuck on this self perpetuating propaganda espouse by our PAP government

they gona hit the people hard with this talk of global economical crisis or supply side crutch or etc....

then they sugar coated their talk with "meet the people" session, RC ,PA , NTUC , making people believe that PAP can only be the savior

Despite all the education and exposure, how many people really validate the economical development model adopt by most nation and only believe in the model higher GDP = higher quality of life.

Nonetheless,people must exercise their responsibility as a human being and take responsibility for their action

All of us got 5 years to "repent" and "regret" despite our choices


TokyoSingaporean said...

"You just have to look at Japan and the mess its in to see that its inability to integrate non-japanese has caused a 20 year recession "

Really? Japan could afford to go into recession but the economy is intact. As a matter of fact, its yen has not fallen during these periods of stagnant growth. This is because the japanese borrowed from their local banks.

Japan doesn't need to grow as it is pretty well-developed.How handphones do you want each japanese customer to own? It's now about balance. Not about GDP growth at all cost.

The standard of living in Japan is one of the highest in the world. No.9 in fact, for the best place to live on earth. Singapore is 22nd, one notch above Israel.

Let's get things right. Japanese enjoy high income. Wealth is shared out. There is a lot of social capital in Japan.

Singapore had 3 recessions in 10 years. It's non-discriminatory immigration policies has depressed local Singaporean wages, causing overcrowding in the MRTs and buses, a drop in quality of living, the government was caught by surprise, and HDB flats are out of reach by younger Singaporeans and Mah Bow Tan erroneously still say flats are affordable if you can take on a 30-35 year loan.

You need to get a sense of perspective. Foreigners are supposed to improve Singaporeans' quality of life not depress our wages and then put us on economic slavery for a supposedly "affordable" hdb flat. Graduates can't start a family unless they have $40 000 in their cpf to enter a resale market as many can't afford to wait4-5 years for Mah Bow Tan's BTOs.

Singapore is declining because of its questionable leadership. And 40% of Singaporeans recognised this.

The said...

/// You just have to look at Japan and the mess its in to see that its inability to integrate non-japanese has caused a 20 year recession
12/5/11 00:55 ///

Wow, talking about logic leaping over Mount Everest. You are the first person to link Japan's decades-long recession with foreigners.

The root cause of Japan's long recession that started in end 1989 was the humongous property and stock market bubbles that were allowed to develop over the years.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky, please don't mislead Singaporean anymore. PM Lee didn't apologise. He just feel sorry to his good policy which minority don't understand it.

PAP also didn't promise not to increase GST for the next 5 years. It just no reason to inrease for the next 5 years. Please wake up!!

Opposition lost the election is due to most opposition don't understand simple english from PM Lee. Anyone can proved me wrong?

Anonymous said...

The next five years will be very difficult for singapore. singaporeans better immigrate than complain.

Nathalie Uy said...

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