Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is this the PAP value system?

"If the annual salary of the Minister of Information, Communication and Arts is only $500,000, it may pose some problems when he discuss policies with media CEOs who earn millions of dollars because they need not listen to the minister's ideas and proposals, hence a reasonable payout will help to maintain a bit of dignity."
- Dr Lim Wee Kiat, PAP MP for Nee Soon GRC, 24
May 2011 in Lianhe Wanbao.Link

So they don't listen to people who are lower paid than themselves? People's worth is measured in terms of salary in the PAP?  If you're lower paid, you have no dignity?  Those highly paid executives won't listen to a minister because he is paid $500,000? That is silly isn't it? Even if a minister gets $50K a year, his policies will have far reaching effects so the stake holders have to be morons not to listen carefully to him.

His equating high pay to dignity give us an idea of the value system among members of the PAP - a rich person should be shown more respect than a poor person. A person higher up in the corporate hierarchy should be listened to more than a person lower in the hierarchy.

Ordinary Singaporeans listen to people who talk sense and have good ideas. They are not going to listen to a minister just because he is paid $2M a year.When Obama speaks, even billionaires listen to him even though he makes only one-fifth the pay of a Singapore minister.


Anonymous said...

Seen On TR:
Mollie Sim was mortified:

“What utter rubbish!! What’s next? We need the police more than what a drug trafficker makes so that they feel more authorized to arrest them?”

Daily Struggles of a Singaporean Joe said...

I now understood why they are deaf to all criticism and stopped listening. The ministers simply earned too much to listen to us, the lowly paid peasants. They really deserved the cut in salary so that they will start listening somehow.

Anonymous said...

Based on MP Lim's logic, How is President Obama (earns less than $ 1 million) is able to speck to the millions of Americans who earn more than $1 million a year? Even our junior minister of state will not listen to President Obama?

Fastastic PAP MP logic?

goondoo said...

Ooooh... now I understand why they are paying themselves so much. The more they are paid the more people have to listen to them. So it is easier to run the country that way. It is too inconvenient to run a country when everyone has a say. This is one hell of a novel idea. Wonder why I've not looked it this way all these years. Just goes to show we have a bunch of clowns with diabolical logic running the country. Very greedy ones at that. Bottomline is, these absurd salaries they are paying themselves are not defensible. The excuses would have been laughable had they not been so sick. PAP is ethically and morally bankrupt!

The said...

Yes. Mr Obama must be truly and utterly in awe and in shock about our PM's package. He will surely listen attentively to our PM whose "package" is 7 times bigger than his. His well-endowed package, that is. "Look here and listen up - mine is so much bigger than yours!"

As an aside, wonder how Obama or his Trade Secretary can get Bill Gates or Warren Buffet to listen to him?

hayek said...

What he speak is absolutely true. I wish to add further. No minister can have an aura of potent, mystification and power, towards the people if his salary is lower than them.

Lowering their salary to $800 a month, I bet even prostitute would be better esteemed.

The worship of wealth is what needs to be destroy. Unfortunately, PAP seek actively to strengthen the cult and to destroy our values.

Anonymous said...

PAP definitely has a leadership crisis. Time for REAL changes. Time to RESTRUCTURE the government. Time to go on Higher Plane.

Anonymous said...

u look down on prostitute ah? high class prostitute one nite fuck with a prince can get condo, u? u whole life work till death can only live in HDB lol

Amused said...

Is this the reason why the rich are getting away in much publicized (on internet anyway) court cases? The rich are worth more in the eye of the law.

When LKY was paid pittance in the 60's-80's, EVERYONE listened to him. This LIM guy has no self worth to be a MP!

Anonymous said...

It is controversial whether higher pay or being the highest paid ministers in the world will boost their confidence and standing with foreign dignitaries of far larger continents.

Is that what they need to do their job?

Anonymous said...


Sgcynic said...

Little wonder Singapore punches above its weight in the world arena. Our dignified PM was more dignified than the leaders of several western developed countries with his $3 million pay.

The past decade was indeed a period when the dignity of our minsters increase in leaps and bounds but their hearing got bad and heart hardened. Must be hard carrying all that dignity around.

Anonymous said...

This is the proof I needed to confirm
that PAP has complete lost their standing with the people. What utter rubbish!

If this is the young potential PAP is churning out, they deserve to be voted out.

Anonymous said...

"If the annual salary of the Minister of Information, Communication and Arts is only $500,000, it may pose some problems when he discuss policies with media CEOs who earn millions of dollars because they need not listen to the minister's ideas and proposals, hence a reasonable payout will help to maintain a bit of dignity."
- Dr Lim Wee Kiat, PAP MP for Nee Soon GRC, 24
May 2011 in Lianhe Wanbao

I believe President Obama of United States earning less than our Ministar would have lost his dignity when he will to speak to our Ministars.

Ha,ha,ha. It just show the stupitidy of our MIW.

Anonymous said...

If the minister or the MIW own a smaller house than you, it will be very malu. He/she MUST be entittled to a good class bungalow, a Ferari n Merc, yearly vacations to Europe, pay for all kinds of enrichment classes for their children etc. The long list goes on and on. This is the dependency mentality or I thought there is no welfare system in S'pore. That LWK is a joke, vote him out next time.

The said...

Talking about the size of your respective packages, this is taken from the "Humoresque" section of Catherine Lim's blog:

The male obsession with size

Began with Adam after the Fall,

When he looked down and said,

'Hey, this fig leaf is far too small!'

Anonymous said...

This Dr Lim is too young to be a MP not because of his age but premature value. How PAP selected him to be a MP tells al lot of this party. Dr Lim is not fit to be a MP. If he is a medical doctor, I wonder how he treats his patients, according how poor or rich they are. If he has a PhD, this tells you paper qualification does not mean he is a truely educated person.

Till today, he still wanted to defend the wrong policy of paying ministers and MPs out-of-proportion salary. I can bet if we pay way too little, say $10,000 a month for ministers and likewise reduced allowance for MPs this Dr Lim will not be willing to be a MP anymore.

Ask all those daft Singaporeans, do you want this type of people to serve you as your MP?

Anonymous said...

It is not only the PAP value system is at fault. Every singaporeans who send their kids through our school system and eventually climb the corporate ladder are at fault too.

Ask yourself, what are they all working for? Where does their self esteem lies? Dicknity!$!$! - ditto.

Chow said...

Oh g**, I feel so stupid listening to all those suggestions from my grad students under me who have helped make my experiments so much easier. I now know I should play the deaf frog in future. No wonder they don't listen to us.

Anonymous said...

"I can bet if we pay way too little, say $10,000 a month for ministers and likewise reduced allowance for MPs this Dr Lim will not be willing to be a MP anymore. "

There is some truth to that. But then, if you pay peanuts, you may also get monkeys, is also true.

The way I see it, the whole political institution needs to be pulled down.

Oh wait, it will logically collapse. Ha Ha Ha

Ben said...

That $16,000 a month sure will go a long way to jack up Pei Pei's dignity levels.

Anonymous said...

This joke of a PAP MP is a doctor.

This is the sort of people that MM Lee and gang would welcome with open arms into the PAP as they make IDEAL PUPPETS.

Doctors like these look at your address first to decide how to talk or treat you. People should avoid them like the plague.

Anonymous said...

With those words, Dr Lim had just throw away his dignity.

But not a problem, he can start shopping for another 'dignity'. For good discount, he buy them in bulk for his PAP colleagues as well. Preferably, get the extra large size ones.

Anonymous said...

You see, we have a lot of attas leaders who try to act humble. Act hor but when they wine and dine with the rich and the elites, then they are in their true element.

Reminds me of our filthy rich preachers who sell snake oil in churches.

But hey,that's our value system and they are all....non corrupt. MUAHAHAHA


aiyah, even GOD cannot help your self esteem that's why they preach plenty of grace to get wealth and be prosperous mah....haha haha. why do you suppose this kind of churches grow so big? BECAUSE OF...DIGNITY!


Anonymous said...

The PAP system may be distilled to as follows:

'For the LOVE of money is the root of all evils.'

notanotherspinstory said...

Goes to show Lim Wee Kiak's self-esteem is based on money only.
How shallow. What kind of leader is he?

Alan Wong said...

By PAP standards, DIGNITY is now measurable in dollars terms.

According to LWK, LKY and son must be filled to the brim with dignity whereas the discarded cardboard auntie has zero dignity.

What a dumb asshole PAP has just selected as one of their MP!

Anonymous said...

The values of this nation is closely linked to the values of our religious institution.

Some of our national leaders, including judges, drink, or get drunk, from these churches.

No wonder its "dignity" is protected.

Anonymous said...

Half a million dollar preacher is so passe. Now you don't have a few millions from many sources, how to be God's anointed servant? lol

The dignity or indignity of it all. lol

Anonymous said...

How came the President has got no say in anything and no one seems to respect him when he is the most highly paid amongst the gang?

Anonymous said...

Imagine if the preacher collect average wages for spitting saliva on stage, I tell you, he will have an audience the size of an asian prick ha ha ha ha

james yang said...

Lets see how their damage control team respond to this controversy!

Anonymous said...

So as one commentator said, his KPI is not tagged to performance, but to his dignity. LOL What utterance!

In fact, I have long suspected that most of our PAP leaders felt the same way, especially the new lot. Their sense of self-worth is justified only by the amount of money they earned so that they "feel on par" when they are talking/negotiating with leaders of the shallow.

I would even hazard to say that there's probably a grain of truth behind the reasons why we have such large reserves. So that in Shanmugam's words.."when we are trotting around the globe and talk to the big guns of the world, we "punch above our weight" with that large stash of money backing us up! Dig deeper guys..the truth are unfolding.

That's what 60% of voters voted for

Anonymous said...

Everyone wants to abuse the system for money, even religion. How to trust them anymore?

Anonymous said...

So PAP finally admits that their only hope is to buy "respects" by showing off their pay cheques instead of demonstrating their capabilities and cares for people (which they don't have)! This country would be sick for the next 5 years with the presence of such virus!

Anonymous said...

I watched Obama give his speech at Westminster Abbey to the Commons and the Lords. Only $400,000 per annum? All the ministers pale before him.

Our Ministers and MPs and Senior Civil Servants should try writing books to earn extra keep like Obama.Dont look at public coffers to compensate for what you maybe cannot do like Obama.

Anonymous said...

One day many years back,there was
a year-end party organized in honour of Supremo`s 2 decade reign.As usual his son and lackeys were the only ones invited.
Supremo:How do we let the world know that we do not just have tiny red dots under our fig leaves? When we speak, we want the world to sit up and listen!
Lackey: Why don`t we gold-plate our
fig leaves as heavy as our legs
can carry?
Supremo: Brilliant! Son, implement
this policy immediately.

Anonymous said...

A simple logic and benchmarking: If our ministers want to draw more pay than i.e. Mr. Obama, Listen... and Look... what and how he delivered his speech in London.

I expect our ministers (Env and Trans)could help to reduce more lighting, more dust particles in the air which are uniquely happened here and it caused so much lightings and loud thunders ever. We want a good sleep… That’s a simple request. we talk about pay later

Anonymous said...

Wonder how much you need to pay for a little honesty? And integrity? ....

Anonymous said...

I think this guy is polishing on the wrong side and seriously undermining LHL's reaction to the voters. Regardless of justifications and formulas Mr. Gerard Ee may come up with, the expectation has been set. If he fails to align the recommendations to that of the mainstream leaders of the world, his reputation would be gone totally. I give him the benefit of the doubt and he knows better that god is watching with the voters! For sure he can play the "Yes" man game but he should know that he will bring PAP down along with himself doing that! It would be a great shame if he fails the opportunity to put the country back on track.

If Gerard Ee makes a reasonable recommendation but PAP rejects it, then the sports-light would be back squarely on PAP with intensity never seen before! Would it cause spontaneous ignitions everywhere? Probably not but the damage would be beyond repair.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Lim,

Now that LKY and GCT only get MP's pay, I suppose they can never raise their head ever again based on your believe and values!

Anonymous said...

I say we should call for a referendum in addition to the Committee recommendation. Just to double confirm that the people agree/wants what the committee suggest.

Anonymous said...

“Of the billionaires I have known, money just brings out the basic traits in them. If they were jerks before they had money, they are simply jerks with a billion dollars.”
-Warren Buffett

Anonymous said...

If our ministers want to earn big bucks, they shouldn't serve the people. They should serve God.

Cleaning aunties also serve the people, look at their pay? Can't even afford Korean hairstyle

Anonymous said...

With the kind of money these preachers earning, even their pubic hair can be styled Korean

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that an MP (civil servant) will say such a statement.
It only shows that the high salaries we have been paying the ministers have given them this wrong concept of placing value on a person based squarely on his/her financial worth.
It is so sad!!!
So will the government value less those of us who earn below a certain salary scale?
Touch your conscience when you attempt to answer it

Disgusted... said...

With values like that, I think we should boot them out of the country.

Let them swim on their own, after all they claim to be extremely talented and command high wages.

Certainly the ground work to lose another 10% votes has begun.
They need not have any strategy.. it seems to be "auto-pilot" already!

I say again: boot them out!

Anonymous said...

Religion inspired prosperity is a full proof lying corporation. If I have no conscience making that kind of money out of people, why would I mind even my pubic hair is plated in gold if that's a requirement for holy ordination?

Anonymous said...

Like it or not, pay, like wealth, is an implied measurement of a person's worth, in terms of standing, prestige and power.

PAP MP Dr Lim Wee Kiat is just speaking aloud what most people will consider it as a matter of logic and fact.

And some value systems although being such, it may not be nice to say it aloud, which is why people react negatively more because of this, rather than about the matter itself.

I would think that Dr Lim was not being tactful by speaking it aloud rather than anything else.

And I think Lucky missed this important point in his comment.

Anonymous said...

To anon 13:17

I completely disagree with you. If the value system would be as you say, we would still live under slavery and tyranny, countries run by despots. Maybe that is what you secretly wish.
However, we live in modern, enlightened times, where the people elect their representatives. These people get the power from people and not the money they make.
The statement is so wrong in so many aspects. No teachers, lawyers, policy makers could work in a fair system if it were based on who makes more money.

It's not at all about him saying what others don't dare to say. It is all about him exposing his party of the value system they carry.

It is utterly disgusting, nothing else.

Anonymous said...

What's the correlation between pulpit and pubic?

They both take center stage for a hair raising experience.

Anonymous said...

Dr Lim’s logic makes no sense. The reason CEOs and so on listen to our ministers is not because the ministers are well paid. It’s because they have been selected/elected as representatives of the people of Singapore.

Respect the role, not the salary.

Anonymous said...

What this "Dr. MP" is implying that the Ministers must be paid more after the "salary review".
It reveal how greedy they are and how much they have addicted to the $$. They don't care about the average man in the street. Wonder how he got his "Dr." from when he is speaking through his arse!

Anonymous said...

Another idiot that has somehow managed to pass through the tea-party test.

I think the quality in PAP is declining.

Anonymous said...

Can change ever happen with our Parliamentarian such as Lim Wee Kiat talking in the manner he did after the Prime Minister declared his conviction to work for the people?
Maybe, the PM may have to lay off a few more in the Parliament before his change can bear any fruition.

Anonymous said...

What is going on in this tiny city? Ministers of the cloth ripping off the people under broad daylight. Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

The fact that this Dr Lim even says this only points to the mindset prevalent amongst the members of the PAP that the more money you have, the "better" and "more respectable" you are. It is the notion that you can buy credibility and talent over with money, and a lot of money at that. However, the shortfall of talents in the incumbent party since the last GE 2011 has occurred, in which most of the scholars and former government scholars all turned down PAP offers, such as Chen Show Mao and Jimmy Lim, to join opposition parties, and people who, like Tin Pei Ling, can honestly say that she does not say what to say, are merely scripted or unconvincing in their delivery of lines enter the PAP party. As it is, it is a TERRIBLY flawed premise to assume that respectability of character can be bought over, and that is akin to the former logic the PAP was using to justify their exorbitant salaries, in which they award themselves billions on the whole in order to refrain from taking away millions from the people.

The said...

/// Anonymous said...
What's the correlation between pulpit and pubic?
They both take center stage for a hair raising experience.
26/5/11 13:42 ///

More like:

They both take centre stage for money raising expedience.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that the pecking order of PAP MP Lim Wee Kiat are as follows:-
1) Money/Asset/Possession(wealth)
2) Power/Authority
3) Profession
4) Look(superficiality)
5) Virility/sexual prowess and
6) Age

If we have some leaders worshiping money and power, it is to be expected as some invariably go into politic just to get them(wealth and fame/infamy).

Anonymous said...

Could it be that the pecking order of PAP MP Lim Wee Kiat are as follows:-
1) Money/Asset/Possession(wealth)
2) Power/Authority
3) Profession
4) Look(superficiality)
5) Virility/sexual prowess and
6) Age

If we have some leaders worshiping money and power, it is to be expected as some invariably go into politic just to get them(wealth and fame/infamy).

Anonymous said...

I don't mind their super pay if it results in super performance in improving people's livelihood, and which is their job.

But the fact that things had become worse for many people in this regard makes their super pay not justifiable and even illogical.

That's why resentment sets in.

Anonymous said...

Lucky Tan,
they finally provide explanation as why million-dollars ministers don't listen to lesser mortals all along ! Because the Ministers are paid millions, and lesser mortals are paid peanuts !

So ministers are not listening to lesser mortals' ideas and proposals because of huge pay difference and lack of dignity !

"because they need not listen to the minister's ideas and proposals, hence a reasonable payout will help to maintain a bit of dignity.""

PAP Supporter said...


singapore peasants are such losers, Dr. Lim Wee Kiat is just telling Singaporeans the hard truths!

What Dr. Lim Wee Kiat has said is not politically incorrect but nonethless reflect reality which is that our society is a shallow and materialistic one and that people is quick to judge a book by its cover.

If you don't like what Dr. Lim Wee Kiat had said, then don't vote for him at the next GE lah, make so much noise for what!!

You think being a MP is easy meh, it's a thankless job! Like what ex-Minister Lim Boon Heng said, "When Jesus healed ten lepers, only one came back to thank him."

Anonymous said...

What he means to say is, if you have no money, then no one should either respect, listen or even bother to treat you decently.

One thing is for sure, I will never go and see such a doctor even if I am dying.

What if he says to me, you may have to die bc if you con't living, it will be very difficult for rich people who may be of need of your organs.

pockaroo said...

If this is the prevalent thinking of the leadership, then I can only conclude we have a bunch of losers with clinically extreme inferiority complex.

This must be the only place on the planet where you can measure self-esteem and dignity quantitatively in dollar terms.

So you don't have to listen or show respect to anyone with less wealth than you. The leadership is reinforcing the stratification of social classes delineated by wealth.

Anonymous said...

looks like we are too early to say these incumbent had "transformed", now we got to wait 5 more years to refresh their memory.

Anonymous said...

If you think healing works, pls walk into the hospital with us and allow us to pick at random 10 critically ill patients for your most anointed in the land to demonstrate the power of healing through Jesus.

Put down the names of your most anointed preachers under my comment. Better if you can inform the press or publish this most wonderful event will be conducted in the papers for the glory of God.

We can't wait to be raptured by your Jesus or your most anointed conman - missed the may 21st rapture.

How about it? Any takers? I dare anyone of you talk god sing song Christian out there :)

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable..but true... we do have a bunch of Jokers as our leaders.......!

What a Joke!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Lim,
Please apologise to our country, your President, Your esteemed colleagues and the nation for making senseless remarks unbecoming of a Member of Parliament. Your appointment as a Singapore MP is an honour to serve the country with all humility and decorum. It saddens us that our Prime Minister saw it fit to bestow such an honour to someone who demeans his position and public standing. I trust that the Honourable Prime Minister will perform his duty and and remove you as an MP for shaming everyone and dishonouring your colleagues who are also MPs. I would like an assurance from all Members of Parliament that they too share my views on your statement. Thank you.

Ahsoo said...

Since Dr Lim believes money can bring dignity, what about setting a minimum wage for the lowest income group? What about giving allowance to those elderly poor?

Have Dr Lim and his PAP ever thought of giving them some dignity, so that they don't have to work as cleaners or cardboard collectors at advanced age, or wait for handout during election year?

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucky,

Please share yours thoughts on the local property market with the new Minister of National Development.

Anonymous said...

Mistake number 1 of many more to come in the next 5 years.

PAP strike 1.

Anonymous said...

They are the PAP elite .
Thats y there is forever a big divide / disconnect between the singaporean and the government / ruling party.

They "look down" on the people which they rule,in particular those poor one. They "look up" on those well-to-do and those in power.

Anonymous said...

Thats not what he said?!? He said businessmen have these values... And thats 100% true or have none hear ever dealt with these sort of people?

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is this -
when they have to come out with crap excuses means that it is indefensible anymore.


Anonymous said...

very true lah! now many children don't listen to their parents bcos they earn more than them. Younger don't listen to elder too. Wu rui lang kong way tua tua xiang. Bo rui lang kong way bo lang tia. Biger cars bully small car, bully motorbikes on the roads, this is truly singapore.

Singapura Pundit said...

"Everyone knows that virtue is not exclusive to any religion. As long as we preach and practise tolerance and harmony and freedom of religion, we shall continue to be at peace with ourselves and to make progress." - Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Deepavali Message, 1978

Anonymous said...

Give them their pay ( not wise to demoralize them anyway). It is not how much one makes but how much one gives away that determines the kind of leader you are.

As the people's leaders, the best way to appease and lead others on filthy lucre is to break its power through your generous heart.

Give most of your money away(from your current salary) for social good, unlike the degenerate CEOs.

Anonymous said...

Yup, they will stand even TALLER next to these rich CEOs and tycoons if they give away their money while they hoard and indulge in ravenous living.

Even TALLER than any other foreign presidents and prime ministers.

No excuses for feeling "small" and disrespected. Afterall, they get to be paid respectably and the people should be proud of their leaders for putting most of their millions to good causes.


Anonymous said...


SG Girl Next Door said...

讲多错多, 终须惹祸。

The more (unnecessary) comments one makes would incur more errors; leading to trouble in the end.

Anonymous said...

Absolve salary = monetary remuneration + benefits + authority / power.
No matter how much a private CEO is paid, they don't have the authority and power empowered by the people. So in turn, the ministers' absolute salary is way more than the CEOs

Anonymous said...

Can PM Lee tell us exactly how much he earns so that we can give them the exact respect and dignity?

Anonymous said...

This type of mindset stinked to the core. Irrational at best. I hope Dr Lim Wee Kiat read this.

Anonymous said...

You drive big cars,live in big houses and have many mistresses do not make you a great man. Not even if you rule a nation makes you a great man.

What makes one great should be redefined.

Blessed are those who give.

That separates monkeys who drive porsche from the rarity of men who give away much of what they don't need to live sensibly.

Greatness comes from one's soul, not in one's possession.

Elite Mini$ters said...

So, I see, this Lim Wee Keat guy is actually attracted my the million dollars of minister's pay, not by any passion or commitment or conviction to serve the commoners?

Interesting. These PAP elitists are coming out to show their actual self, their inner self, to all of us at such an early stage - in less than a month after GE 2001.

All those "sincere appologies" and promise to "reform" and talk of an "all inclusive" society by PM Lee have gone down the drain/gutter.

Three cheers for PAP Elitist Elites! Three cheers for Tin Pei Ling for being able to get paid $15,000 a month so easily!

Singaporeans have been short-changed again, big time, one more time.

Anonymous said...

u see pastors driving merc,bmw,sports car etc in XXX condos and pampered like princes or not?

the dumb followers give give give...they pocket pocket pocket for selling fart air...and these pastors are GREAT people in society.

muahahaha...what tok you lah. this is SIN you are talking abt. that's why our ministers so like that....muahahaha

Anonymous said...

ah so, to the lee-chers....if you have not gived until tears roll down like salad cream on a slippery lettuce leaf, you have not served.

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting video that helps explain some of the problems this country has been facing in the last few years (leadership-wise):

RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

Anonymous said...

aiyah. Read today ST lah. zoom in on what mr lee said about leedership in Tokyo.

He is right and therefore we are doomed HAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Read the following links on various topics of salary discussions :

Its origin a white paper & the committee panel remains anonymous/unknown) (April 07) (March 07)

Hansard Parliament debate in 2007

The Reward for High Public Office

UK Ministerial Salaries

So 17years have passed since the White Paper was written in 1994. I wouldn't be surprised if the author is actually PM Lee himself while GCT was still in PM then. Both Senior Ministers raised and fought the issues hard so to pave the way for him subsequently. Now it took Singaporeans 17yrs to bloody wake up and really making it an issue. An issue (a pet-hate of singaporeans) it still is today.

For those who argue that we have to pay Politicians high salaries to prevent corruption. That's akin to saying we should pay Druglords loads of monies so they can take their drugs (or use innocent drug mules) elsewhere will help keep SG drug-free. So what's the point of having a death-penalty to "deter" drug offenders in first place? In fact, why not argue that we should policemen lots of money too so that they will stay corrupt-free before they're incentivised to bust criminals? Where does it all end?!

In short, we want to pay fair price, but not ridiculous out of the world price. If they continue to persist pegging public sector pay to private sector pay, then the MIW in my opinions, have lost the plot and the integrity to govern.

Anonymous said...

How ironic. Dr Lim is saying that there must be a minimum wage for ministers. These are the very same ministers that have vehemently denied the people of Singapore a minimum wage.

Whats more, he says that ministers should have a minimum wage not because it would enable them to live a decent life but because ministers need a certain amount of excess wealth in order to appear dignified in front of business leaders! So regular Singaporeans cant have a minimum wage to live above the poverty line but ministers (who draw their salaries from public funds) are entitled to one for egoistic reasons!


Anonymous said...

Good that there is no wage limits for pastors. Praise God. God wants to prosper all, amen?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That was quick, shot himself in the foot even before the 1st parliamentary sitting.

Let's keep score:

I.N. -- Out May 2011
LWK -- Out May 2011

Least we forget.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

For @anonymous at 26/5/11 13:17.
It is exactly this kind of value system that the government shouldn't have inculcate in the governance of Singapore. To be an MP & Minister is alraedy an honor, not about huge monetary benefits. It seems that LKY & GCT have not internalize this simple ideal when they shove the "million dollars ministers" scheme onto the Singaporeans.

Singapura Pundit said...

"With a 75 per cent Chinese majority in Singapore, it is easy to work up Chinese sentiments and to get power on the strength of the Chinese vote. We eschewed the tactic. And we stopped others from doing so. Instead, we persuaded the Chinese to accept bilingualism with English as the first language.
So we have avoided racial polarisation. This is no mean achievement."
- Lee Kuan Yew, Speech at the SAF Day Dinner held at Istana on Thursday, 2 July 1987

Anonymous said...

aiyah, just bring Singapore down lah. more ppl will be happier lol

Kin said... we know what kind of MPs we have in PAP. Kudos to our leaders!!!! Where would sg be without you!!!!

Singapura Pundit said...

"So, you see, it is the quality, the mettle of a people which decides its future; not the size of the territory, the girth, the numbers."
- Lee Kuan Yew, Speech made at the Opening of the Agricultural Show at the Kallang park on 19th September 1965

Anonymous said...

if Obama visit singapore, will he feel ashamed when talking to our Ministers or even our PM?

Anonymous said...

who says singapore got no "minimum wage", look at our incumbent, they so easily justify their million dollars as bare minimum standard to uphold their almighty dignity.

Kojakbt said...


Need a favour from you. If you have the time, do you think you can write something to rebut Khaw? I know he is talking rubbish here... looks like they still think large scale importation of FTs is good for Singapore...

As reported by CNA, 29 May:

Meanwhile, Mr Khaw was asked at the forum, about the large presence of foreigners in Singapore.

Some in the audience said they felt threatened when it came to competition for jobs.

Mr Khaw acknowledged that too many foreigners were allowed in, the last few years, and there was a need to calibrate the numbers.

But he noted the relationship between economic growth and foreign labour, and said by reducing their numbers, Singaporeans are accepting there will be trade-offs.

Mr Khaw said: "We thought (taking foreigners in) was important to bring wages to people's pockets, so that we can grow as fast as we can... (and) catch up with other countries.

"But now, we get the message that 'we don't want so much growth, that we are prepared to accept slower growth'.

"It actually affects the youth immediately, because when you slow down growth, it means that job opportunities also come down (and) starting pay also comes down".

Other issues touched on at the forum included alternative pathways for youths who want to pursue the arts, and global competition.

Anonymous said...

I think it's been known since the last GE election that MAh Bow Tan had screwed the hdb system. And Khaw is send in to fix it. I think more should done to communicated to those who are presently affected by the mispolicies how they can be helped. I believe minister khaw understands the gravity of the situation and we should give him a chance.

Shawn Shanker said...

yes I am all for reducing fancy sounding economic growth which benefits the elite at the expense of our national character (less foreigners and no more imported sportsmen and sportswomen)for the sake of the local population

Anonymous said...

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vamp said...

No lah, you people r 2 much. He is overworked and underpaid tat's why all these gibberishness and delusion. For 500k, you dun get good and capable leaders, that's wat i gather from our government. If you pay peanuts, then you get monkeys. To employ ah meng caliber leaders then you ll have to increase your GST to maybe 20% otherwise jus keep the monkeys and be content with what you can afford.

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