Monday, May 16, 2011

MM & SM Leave Cabinet.: A break from the past...

While I disagree with many of their policies especially those that shaped the kind of political system in Singapore which I believe will be a long term liability, they deserve the credit for leading Singapore from the 3rd World to the 1st. They couldn't have done it without the contributions of Singaporean workers who were ranked number 1 in the world for 2 decades during the period of our most rapid economic development.

The problem is after we acquired our developed country status, they became as clueless as anyone else in the PAP on how to move Singapore ahead. MM Lee published his "Hard Truths" book which tells us to drive this country forward using rear view mirrors. I can't remember anything of significance SM Goh did in the past 5 years except his conversation with Gaddafi after which he praised Gaddafi for being an astute leader[Link]. Other than the strange things SM Goh said during the 2006 and 2011 election campaigns - I can't remember anything else of significance he did in the last 5 years - he served as an envoy meeting leaders from other counrtries, an overlap with George Yeo's post as Foreign Minister.....feel free to comment on this and correct me.

Together with his apology, the resignation by MM & SM offered PM Lee one of the best opportunities to show that he can lead the change in Singapore. However, PM Lee instantly drop the ball saying he needed time to consider the resignation of these senior citizens. This is really strange. Is he be able to say "no"? Is he going to call them up over the weekend to persuade them to stay on to "mentor him"? He should have decisively accepted the resignation, thank them for their contributions and declare himself firmly in charge of this country.

Globalisation has unleashed forces that make our collective social goal for a prosperous and more equal society harder to attain. We need leadership that can break free from the past to chart new direction based on a deeper understanding what is happening to the Singapore society and economy to counteract the forces that will lead to poor outcomes for Singaporeans. The PAP came into power on the wings of socialist ideology and then dazzled the people with an economic transformation that harnessed capital and investment from capitalist states. We need leadership again tto navigate this tough uncertain world where the free market and unbridled capitalism is yielding results inconsistent with our collective social goals. If we can't get this leadership from the PAP, the electorate will start to seek alternatives in the next election.


Anonymous said...

I believe PM Lee said so is an act of courtesy of his mentor. at the end, he will (should) accept it.

Anonymous said...

Whatever they do, the people of Singapore should demand for a total accountable and transparent government. This is the very first step to become a first world country.

Anonymous said...

//"Hard Truths" book which tells us to drive this country forward using rear view mirrors.//

It mean put to reverse gear and drive using rear mirror toward 3rd world country. Ha ha a... Just joking

Anonymous said...

Indeed a daft advice from LKY.
No wonder the current PAP buggers cannot anticipate many things looking at rear view mirrors, instead of spending more time scanning ahead.

The old guards from the PAP connected well with citizens and achieved much together with them, and they did it without having to be a cheat, a thief nor a liar!.
The 60% just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

"Globalisation has unleashed forces that make our collective social goal for a prosperous and more equal society harder to attain. We need leadership that can break free from the past to chart new direction based on a deeper understanding what is happening to the Singapore society and economy to counteract the forces that will lead to poor outcomes for Singaporeans."

Yup. You got to be realistic. Identify these forces, bring them to the table and maybe a new kind of government will emerge.

hayek said...

All PAP economic nonsense started when LKY decided using CPF for bailing out his friends in 1985 slump.

The rest is history. Even Singaporean is forced to deplete their pension fund in housing; they will still be systematically rob by MAS money printing.

History will judge him as an old liar and idiot, forever accusing Singaporean lazy and stupid-- but exactly he is the person who rob us all our wealth.

He will be rememebered as mamasan of all ponzi, a forever loser who oversea GIC and temasek losing monies.

Yet at the same time, for every mistake he made, he never failed to accuse Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

The whole pyramid structure will have to be demolished. What's left?

Anonymous said...

PM does not have what it takes to steer us in the direction for social good of citizens. PAP has lost its way and there is no turning back. We need new leaders with new vision looking adhead instead of living and glorifying the past.

Anonymous said...

We don't want to divide the nation. We want to harness or harvest the people's strength.

Anonymous said...

Too late. This disappointed citizen has left! Not that it matters anyway. I am sure the rest will stay...

Anonymous said...

Political parties are pseudo opposition.It will never get the job done. Get the real deal

KL said...

When my good staff leave I always try to ask them to take back resignation even though I dont mean it so that they feel valued as sometimes I dont like some of their habits. Its liek this in Management maybe he wants to squeeze something out from like free work and cover some of George yeos work.

Anonymous said...

@KL Do you mean reverse psychological tactics? I was assuming at one point that the two(MM Lee and SM Goh) were adopting some form of reverse psychological tactic to reverse the ground sentiments of dismay and disapproval against the PAP. But I am not so sure. Either way, we have another 5 more years to be screwed by the incumbent party regardless of whoever in their party is in cabinet still.

Anonymous said...

I think they are Aiming for Presidency in August

Anonymous said...

Everyone, regardless of wealth and status, must leave this world one day.

So it is good that MM Lee and SM Goh thinks this is the right time to leave the cabinet while still alive and not until they die a natural death.

It will be a tragedy for Singapore politics and renewal if PM Lee still needs MM Lee and SM Goh to be in cabinet until they become comatose or die.

Anonymous said...

PM Lee failed to seize the moment.

Yawning bread made a very interesting analysis on PM Lee's response and his very apparent lack of leadership.

It is very obvious that he has so far failed to make any of his Ministers take accountability of their multiple policy failures and mistakes and can only managed a belated apology to the public days before polling.

Anonymous said...

Hoping 2015/16 to change, too late!
By then, Native Singaporeans will be the MINORITY!

Anonymous said...

LHL can't even stop his 27 yr old Ling Ling from flouting cooling off day rules. You think he can lead?

He is the biggest joke of a PM we ever have.

Anonymous said...

Aiya, they may do this with good intention, but there will surely be a section of people who will say they ’sa-ka’ the PAP.

Why dont they let people have their free say.
It’s people rights and perogative to express their views.
It wasn’t Lee’s right or perogative to deal out severe extermination-style punishment to opp. party because doing so is depriving people of their rights, and by extension punishing those who voted Opp. to represent their voice.
Dont forget it is the people who voted in Opp.
Opp candidates like jeyaretnam and others didnt just gatecrashed Parliament; they were people’s elected choice.

By pushing them to a corner and wrecking their life Lee wrecked also their family life.

If the table turns, and if Opp. were to become ruling party and if they were to punish his son or grandson in the same manner as he did to others would he like it? I DONT THINK SO.

I respect him for building the nation, but I also dont agree to his ruthless method of exterminating his opponents. A wise man should take on the challenge and face it squarely and NOT kill the challenge by using extreme methods causing damage and ruining more than one life. Killing it is easier option but a coward and bullying way.

Family members, extended family members, friends and supporters of those Opp who suffered under LKY’s hands, bear witness to their sufferings and they will tell you how LKY actions wrecked their life and caused sufferings, and the picture wont be pleasant.

Lee is infamous for his authoritative (if tactful) or dictatorship (if honest) style not just nationally but internationally, but it is evident he doesnt give two monkey about that side of his image. So equally if he’s not afraid of people’s impression of them, then why should people consider his feelings in that aspect.

Respect works both way. It’s not given, he has to earn it.
Well he earned it very well in some aspects but at the same time failed miserably in other area. No one is perfect, invincible, in disposable, or immortal. People will see him for what he is, good bad ugly warts and all.

His resignation shows he has wisen up. Either that, or he’s doing it to save his party from further damage – take your pick.

Anonymous said...

"...they deserve the credit for leading Singapore from the 3rd World to the 1st"

Only that they don't.

LKY and GCT did nothing. The hard work and resilience of Singaporeans, and a certain Albert Winsemius, should take the credit.

In fact, I would declare that Singapore succeeded IN SPITE OF them.

A lie, once told frequently enough, becomes the truth and the overarching narrative.
The grand lie that Singapore or Singaporeans owe a debt of gratitude to LKY, GCT (and even the PAP) must be nipped in the bud. Otherwise our future generations will have a warped perspective of local history.

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