Thursday, May 12, 2011

PAP searches for answers....

Your rubbish is collected everyday. Our streets are safe. Most people have jobs. You have electricity, water and gas. The trains and buses may be crowded but they still take you where you want to go. Singapore is a stable place - we don't have riots, different races and religious groups live in harmony.....

"It is a surprise for us that the resentment is so deep and the unhappiness is so deep." In fact, it was only during the campaign, that "we began to fully appreciate the extent of the unhappiness and resentment towards the Government, hence the pledge by the PAP team led by Mr George Yeo for us to have a strong role in the transformation of the PAP itself."[Link]

Why is Nicole Seah so well received? Why are so many people hoping that she will be an NCMP to be their voice in parliament?  It is not just her pretty face or the ease with which she handled the media - she is afterall in advertising - it is her understanding of the concerns of the ordinary Singaporean that impressed many:
"Singapore has really developed as a country on a whole, but what we do not realize is that there are many cracks beneath and there are many Singaporeans who are falling through these cracks." - Nicole Seah, at the start of her election campaign.
The great mystery here is not why people are angry and unhappy. Ordinary Singaporeans know why - for those of you who still don't understand I suggest you read some of the postings in this blog on various issues. The real mystery is how the PAP with its vast grassroots network, meet-the-people sessions, feedback unit and forums can miss this. The answer to this question consists of 3 parts - PM's deep denial, elitist yes-men and the ivory tower. I guess when the PM saw the faces of men and women who turned by the tens of thousands it suddenly dawned on him that things are not okay\. However, he has no excuse for being surprised at what he saw. Over the years, strong signals have been sent to him on many issues including high ministers' pay, GST hike, the income gap, overcrowded buses and high cost of housing. At every point in time when he could have proactively done something he lost the opportunity by denying the problem is serious. For instance when asked about Singapore's high GINI index, his response was the GINI was not a good measure and he gave an example of Carlos Slim coming to Singapore which he saw as a good thing but will cause the GINI to go up. When asked about the crowded buses and trains I remember he said that people were still able to open up and read their newspapers so it was still okay. There were many opportunities if the PAP govt bothered to listen but I suspect they thought that ideas from blogs like mine echoed the resentment of a small vocal minority....

The truth is resentment runs deep and those who voted against the govt are much more unhappy than those who voted for the PAP are happy. There is net unhappiness. The PAP, I would argue, didn't acrually get a strong mandate to rule Singapore. Many voted for the PAP for estate upgrading rather than PAP policies. PAP policies carry an ideological extreme that few people in society would accept. For example, increasing the healthcare burden of Singaporeans as costs go up just to keep govt expenditure on healthcare as a % of GDP low - it is hard to accept such policies, It is hard to accept that car prices and public housing prices are their highest in the world. It is hard to accept our income gap -   bottom 10 percent of Singaporean households had an average monthly income of $1,400  last year, versus \$23,684 for the top 10 percent.

There is plenty for the PAP to fix. Be it reform or transform, they have to make major changes or more people will reject their system...and more people will reject them at the next election.


Anonymous said...

Who are your political masters?

Ex-PAP Supporter said...

Lucky Tan,

you seemed to forget that all PAP policies have been unpopular and have been met with waves of protests. So it's not that PAP have been deaf to criticism but that they have been desensitised to negative criticism over time (the analogy of the frog being cooked in slowly boiling water would be apt).

While it's true that PAP MP ATTEND the weekly MPS, it's not true that the MP MEET his constituents. Mine certainly did not and spend his time cooped up in his air-con office doing God knows what.

Anonymous said...

Simple question and everyone should answer but most won't and why talk politics when you can't even answer such a simple question?

Anonymous said...

all idiots Mah....LOL

Anonymous said...

"An imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of all republics." - Plutarch

Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

Who do you cast your vote for?

Anonymous said...

I think the incumbent is just basically impervious to criticism, having a reason for everything they do, and even if they do know that people do not take to their policies. I never saw my MP during the Meet-the-People sessions at all, and mostly, the people who appeared were grassroots volunteers who in fact seemed more concerned about chalking up reports and data to prove that they did in fact meet the citizens in the zone.

As for what GY and Lim Hwee Hua said about not knowing the resentment on the ground, I am basically not even surprised at all. I am sure that they have heard of it, but that they probably just brushed such remarks and criticisms off as the complaints of a disenfranchised minority.

Anonymous said...

What did your masters tell you to say?

Anonymous said...

for the 60% dun complained, u deserved to be fxxx, but the 40% are innocent!

Anonymous said...

Have you had your masters vet your words before uttering?

Anonymous said...

We need to change. Change for the better. Change for the bettererer and change for the bettererest.

Anonymous said...

hmmm....anyone wants to wash my feet?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I got power u know. One vote. Anyone want to wash my feet?

Anonymous said...

And its still so vividly clear in my mind: days before election, George Yeo said they were "not out of touch with the ground.".

Anonymous said...

"PAP searches for answers..."

I doubt the PAP will find the answers, more like they will invent the answers, continue with group masturbation.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky

I have been following your blog for a while. I have been inspired by your example of how you started this blog after GE 2006 to share what knowledge we have for the good of Singapore.

As such, I have started my own blog. Do drop by when you have the time.

Anonymous said...

If resentment and unhappiness are so deep now and yet PAP can even get 60%, that's wonderful, isn't it?

So no way PAP will lose in future lah.

Anonymous said...

PAP received strong mandate of 60%.

Well done, PAP. Please continue to implement your good policies as these are well supported by the people as shown by the strong 60% mandate.

Anyway, if there is deep resentment and unhappiness, as long as they still vote PAP, it is OK.

Anonymous said...

Change is inevitable. We must rise up and change. No change no gain. Change for yourself by self and of self.


Anonymous said...

PAP is the best and stupid whipping boy. You think they will listen? Please.They enjoy being whipped because they are sadomasochist. LOL

Anonymous said...

See what happens without LKY suing all these oppositions and exposing their dirt?

They decided to "listen" LOL

Anonymous said...

sue cannot...don't sue...also cannot. catch 69 haaaaa

Lye Khuen Way said...

Hi Lucky !
I noted that there is or are someone asking who "your political masters are ?". As usual, they are all anonymous. That is ok.

Same sick thinking, no , change that to sick brain-washed mindless PAP suppoter(s), just like their political masters who were "clueless" till mid-campaigning that there were really a lot of un-happyness/ frustrated Singaporeans both yong and the not so young ( the 50+).

Anonymous said...

Well,somebody must be your political masters, who? Who do you speak for? If you support party politics, surely you have a political master whom you ultimately serve right?

Anonymous said...

Anon 21:30

There are two positions for most people.

Either you speak for PAP or you speak for the opposition.

I fuk them both for stupidity. So I hv no masters muahahahaha

Anonymous said...

people all around the world will think..........

PAP win 60% of the vote = 81 seats

opp win 40% of the vote = 6 seats

my child ask me why,i dont know how to answer.

next time u go shopping,u see a item which is $87,after 40% dicount,dont be too happy,it might only $6 less.if customer ask me,they will say gov teach want........

Anonymous said...

people all around the world will think..........

PAP win 60% of the vote = 81 seats

opp win 40% of the vote = 6 seats

my child ask me why,i dont know how to answer.

next time u go shopping,u see a item which is $87,after 40% dicount,dont be too happy,it might only $6 less.if customer ask me,they will say gov teach want........

U see. Tis one has got deeeeeep resentment. he speaks like from opposition side.

who u master?

Ah chiam? Ah vince? Ah Ken? Or ah chee b?

Anonymous said...

why u di siao anon 21:36? u must be fromPAP

Anonymous said...

Don't forget GOH MENG SENG

His skill is he can swing from tree to tree to tree. lol

Anonymous said...

To anon 21:41

Small dogs like u can bark whole day long. End of the day, you belong to the minority here. Quoting your master, you must recognize what is high, what is low, what is above, what is below.

Anonymous said...

Anon 21:41

Seems like u are the only dog here..
It's PAP versus Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

@anon 22:29

Which mother from the zoo born u? You see singaporeans fighting PAP NOT FROM ANY POLITICAL PARTY OR NOT?

You try fighting PAP without a party lah...can or not?The last I checked, most singaporeans were watching soap opera while these political opponents fought.

Do they represent everyone? Hell no. Only dickheads like you think they do

Anonymous said...

Really? They don't represent eeryone? Geeze. I didn't know that.

Anonymous said...

And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?

Anonymous said...

The warfare against Singaporeans has only just started since GE 2011. I think that whatever the PAP says about going to "listen" to the people, we are not necessarily just going to accept them passively. Let's just say that people now are more self-aware of the way things are running within the incumbent, basically all 'yes' and no disagreements within the party itself. As for what will happen, well, when the PAP continues to implement things such as the FT policy and imports so many PMETs in hordes from overseas, they probably are not having an intention to search for the answers to our discontent as much as trying to find answers to answer themselves as to how to get themselves to remain in power. I know that I am being pessimistic here, but 2006 proved me wrong when even despite a brain drain of Singaporeans starting since the late 1990's, the incumbent was still talking about importing "FT"....that definition of FT is in itself vague....

Anonymous said...

To anon 22:45

You must be living in a life of soap operas like your masters who don't know how deep the resentment is on the ground. To them, this is called sleeping on the job. To you, this is called living in self delusion. If you have difficulty understanding, please go and see a psychiatrist.

Anonymous said...

You have to understand deep down, PAP policies are driven by a deep and flawed understanding of social Darwinism. I don't think natural selection and evolution are to be doubted. It is an accepted fact of life. However accepting it's occurrence, should not mean embracing it. The role of society and the government by proxy, is to enact rules and policies to counteract excessive outcomes of the forces of selection. However PAP on the other hand, take it to the extreme. They wholeherTedly embrace social darwinism, thereby explaining why they are apparently impervious to the cries of those who had fallen through the cracks. They are the weak, and hence deserve to be selected away, in PAP's book. This is the government we voted in on 7th may 2011.

Socks Salesman said...

It is mandatory to vote. It is mandatory you buy my socks.

Anonymous said...

How do you intend to help the weak? Raid the reserve?

Anonymous said...

It is mandatory to vote. It is mandatory you buy my socks.

12/5/11 23:37

How is that democratic?

Anonymous said...

hhmm,why clean up then post again? better answers that way?lol

hayek said...

Yesterday, one more colleague went back China. Not many in Singapore know that engineer wages of Singapore and China is roughly the same.

PAP can no longer attract talent from China. Now, we are still attractive to Indian.

The salary of engineer is so low that no top student here study engineering. We are going to be destroyed just the way UK is.

Anonymous said...

Just 5 days after WP took Aljunied, I already started to feel the effects. The same problem and complaint to TC in the past which they would fix within a day, now wasn't even fixed after 5 days!

Really I don't know what is the reason for the delay now.

hayek said...

When people start to leave for China, we can rest assured that Singapore's living condition become more wretch than a 3rd world communist country.

And PAP is hell bent to make the life of worker here even more terrible. We are going to have more FT, lower wages...etc. Eventually, even Somalia and Afghan is going to have a higher standard of living than us.

Anonymous said...

The salary of engineer is so low that no top student here study engineering. We are going to be destroyed just the way UK is.
Hayek 14/5/11 08:32

This phenomenon has been around for many, many years.

In the past, manufacturing has been able to create many jobs to spur GDP. So they mass produce engineers. The entry level to engineering course in university and poly were lowered to fill in the vacancies. Later foreign talents were also used to fill the vacancies.

Now manufacturing was no longer the star job creator it used to be, having lost our position to China.

So what can you expect in terms of pay and prestige for engineers as a profession, if you are just an average one?

And how many doctors and lawyers do the universities produced every year? And wonder why they can attract better students and command better pay and prestige than engineers?

hayek said...

I am not talking about manufacturing but R&D engineer.

There is very serious breakdown in such employment market. One one hand, the influx of FT depress the wages so much that only a goon would study engineering.

On the other hand, employers in Singapore are having a "hard time" finding "engineers"-- all despite that 90% engineering graduate could not find engineering job. They change their profession.

The availability of FT has made employer bypass our young people, giving them no place to acquire necessary skill.

Many FT is not necessary smarter but 3-4 years of experience in their home country give them a high advantage in job market.

The government is the culprit that make the young people sit idle.

When I left my previous company, they are not able to "find" my replacement for 8 month and more...etc, among a pool of ten of thousands unemployed engineering graduate.

And few people know that because of FT system, engineer salary here is being peg to China and India level or even lower.

Anonymous said...

imagine if say only 50%+ chose to vote for thieves and liars?
it will be spurs in the PAP's hide, to show more urgency searching for answers.

but tough luck, we can now "thank" the 60% !
they rather PAP "invent" the answers, dish out more BS for another 5 yrs.

Business Owner said...

A good number of people support PAP.

Some do for historical reasons
Some do for fear of unknown
Some do because they are capitalists.

The capitalists are employers, business owners, landlords.
Ask your neighbour in Bukit Timah or Joo Chiat if he/she owns another property that is being rented out.

Ask them if they are business owners and if they will employ a singaporean as opposed to a foreigner.

Ask Sembcorp waste management
Ask Seng Huat construction
Ask D'beute florists
Ask Manu's curry stall
Ask Mr Teo's tennants

PAP and Singapore are pro-business... and businesses look at staff costs with an evil eye. Nothing else matters.


Anonymous said...

The real mystery is how the PAP with its vast grassroots network, meet-the-people sessions, feedback unit and forums can miss this.

They are deaf to criticisms.

child's play.... said...

of course I am deaf!

My 1st concern is profits
My 2nd concern is costs!
My 3rd concern is to stay in power
My 4th concern is to ensure all the
above is monitored!

I do enough to keep you away from my goals.

Of course, now that you cry & show that you can erode my power, I will review my strategies to ensure that I keep all I have!

Sure! I will listen to you
Sure! I will MAKE other people listen to you
Sure! I will review processes

B U T !.. fundermentally,

My profits remain UP!
My costs remain down!
My power is retained !
My monitoring resumes!

What else do you want?
I will listen....( hee! hee!.. yeah! rite! )

nah, nah, nah, nah, nah,... you cannnnot catch me!!!

Anonymous said...

Precisely. What can oppo do? Eat taxpayers money. Isn't it expensive to pay them millions, now they have 9 in parliament, the next 5 years to put on a show?

Rip off isnt even appropriate a word to describe it. criminal closer.

Anonymous said...

the next five years will be very difficult for singapore. with inflation so high and having to pass on costs of upgrading, it will be a double whammy.

Disbeliever... said...

who is afraid of inflation?

Nobody, as I can see.

ERP $2.00, also long queue to get into city at 2pm/4pm/7pm sat

Long queues at TOTO outlets

Food courts, also jammed pack!

Suntec exhibitions packed!

Long queues at taxi stands

Taxis can even pick & choose customers!

Inflation?? yeah, but no one is noticing except people here, which is probably less than 100..

Anonymous said...

PAP searching for answers.... Here is one.

Every Singaporean should have the right to own a new HDB flat; whether married or single. If the government cannot build them fast enough, the government should subsidise first time buyers to make the price closer to new flats. HDB flats in the secondary market is priced out of most first time buyers' reach.Because foreigners have jumped onto the bandwagon.

The government have created this mess, so sort it out.

Special attention should be given to the singles who are in their 50s and above today. This is the group that contributed heavily to Singapore despite the scarce resources in those days. Education resources than was scarce. It was the norm that if you can't get into the tertiary education, you start work immediately to put the rest of your siblings who can, through school. Many have to work 2 jobs, to keep the family going. Many are single, not by choice. So don't penalise them. they also need to retire and live a dignified old age.

Does the government know how mant of these people want to have a space of their own, but can't afford to?

Anonymous said...

Large proportion of singaporeans who work, earn their keeps - including the ability to buy affordable homes.Maybe those who try to pressure the govt for cheap sale should work better and faster and earn your keeps too or, pay like everyone else?

The Pariah said...


When the PAP is already so "MALFORMED" in core values, the PAP will remain "TRANSFIXED"!

A leopard cannot change its spots.

Can a man change his character overnight?

It is NOT about fixing OPERATIONAL KOP-OUTS here and there.

It is about the CORE VALUES that underpin PAP policies, laws and regulations (eg,

- Exploiting the weak: Send Ah Kong to JB;

- Favouring the strong: Facilitate flippers who buy condo today can become Sale Com members tomorrow to drive 80% of neighbours to en bloc your family home without your consent;

- Moral oorruption: HDB Lift Upgrading if you vote for PAP.

KL said...

Yesterday, one more colleague went back China. Not many in Singapore know that engineer wages of Singapore and China is roughly the same.
On the positive note it means that our labour cost competitiveness is very high, However this means suffering and poverty if infalation is runaway flamed by high housing, transport, health, education and food cost. In china everything is booming and r and D cost is now astronomical university charging USD25,000 for basic research, cheaper in Singapore I dont go there now, I need researchers and can pay more please contact me.

Erica Rivera said...

"An imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of all republics." - Plutarch Need I say more?

Kramer said...

It is mandatory to vote. It is mandatory you buy my socks. 12/5/11 23:37 How is that democratic?

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