Wednesday, May 04, 2011

PAP : Uninspiring, Unintelligent and Below the belt campaign

"What mistake has he made? You can take a minister and criticise him for not
delivering on perhaps housing and transport. Like Wong Kan Seng you can say he let Mas Selamat escape. George Yeo, what has he done to deserve this?" - Goh Chok Tong[Link]

Is Goh Chok Tong telling us to vote agianst Mah Bow Tan(housing), Raymond Lim (Transport) and Wong Kan Seng?

"Mr Lee assured Singaporeans that the government will take care of all Singaporeans, including the low- and middle-income group"

"We are upgrading Bishan Park. In a few months, you (will) have a new river in
Singapore, the newest river running along Bishan Park."

"That is something that our residents in Ang Mo Kio will be enjoying. And do you know how much this is going to cost? It's going to cost S$1.2 billion in the next five years - double what we spent in the last five years."  - Today, 29 April 2011.

The PAP govt implement means testing so that the middle income people who get sick have to pay more when they visit the hospitals. 2 years ago, they cut the subsidies for the education of children with special needs and the parents of these children have to pay more. When the cost of sending the old to nursing home went up, one minister suggested we send our elderly to JB to save money. One minister went to parliament to explain why he would only increase the aid to the poorest Singaporeans by $1 per day when the cost of living rose.

There is no money to care for the sick, old and poor but the govt has money to build a $1.2B river.  I hope highly stressed Singaporeans don't  get other ideas when they see the river. When you don't take good care of the people for 5 years, you have to dangle very big upgrading carrots to get their votes. This artificial river in Ang Moh Kio really takes the cake 

Pork barrel tactics are a large part of the PAP's campaign. They go round telling residents they will build this and that ...fountains, rivers, air-conditioned interchage, etc. using taxpayers money. These building programmes cost billions and could have been spent to provide better healthcare such as preventive care, better pre-school education for the poor[Link], treatment of children with congenital illness, etc. instead of buying support for the PAP govt.

When you don't do your job well for 5 years,  and don't have a leadership vision, you resort to old tricks and tired tactics. One of which is smearing your opponents:

The last election was this big hooha about a form. This time they play up a matter involving a HUDC resident who sent a lawyers' letter "coincidently" on the 5th day of a 10 day election campaign to demand for Hougang town council accounts. You try getting your PAP town council accounts before they finish auditing and see if they will give you a copy.[Low Thia Khiang's explanation] We know while most Singaporeans are intelligent enough to see through such tactics, a few % of the people will fall for it because some doubt is planted in their minds.

The PAP is putting in a lot of effort to prevent a loss in Aljunied. But I suspect it is not going to be just Aljunied that is having a close contest. I've attended election rallies for the last 4-5 elections and I sense that there is a big shift in sentiment. There are some in the crowd that are visibly angry and you feel this growing frustration among Singaporeans. Many friends who have no interest in politics in past elections have started to show interest in the coming elections because they are wondering "what has gone wrong". It is really hard to guess what is going on in the minds of Singaporeans after 5 years.

The assumption that most Singaporeans will vote for the PAP simply because "our streets are safe at night" may not hold true because there are many other things that keep Singaporeans awake at night. The PAP added to the financial squeeze and stress in the middle income family - the large foreign influx caused the cost of cars and private housing to escalate and the govt implemented means testing which affected the middle income the most at a time when they are increasingly worried about rising healthcare cost.  The shift in voting may mirror the rise in the number of people who have joined the opposition - people who don't normally join the opposition like Tan Jee Say, Dr. Ang and Chen Show Mao. My personal belief is that the outcome of this election is less certain that what most people think and PAP's poor campaigning has made it even more uncertain.


Anonymous said...


You are absolutely right about the sentiments on the ground. I was very surprised to hear from some of my friends that they will vote a dog or a cat instead of voting for PAP. They are young, educated professionals. They are also insisting that their parents vote for the oppositions.

In their mind, they are very clear that PAP is just telling one lie to cover for another.

The many losses made by Temasek (such as Shin Corp) and GIC have never been fully disclosed. Whatever the government is doing such as growing the economy merely benefits the rich few including all of PAP's men and women.

PAP's tactics of linking upgrading to votes is simply an insult to all Singaporeans who are paying taxes and served NS. People who join PAP obviously have no respect for the citizens of Singapore and should not be respected by us.

The citizens of Singapore are being accused of raiding the reserves of Singapore by asking for cheaper, more affordable "public" housing. We were speculating if PAP is using our CPF to beef up their much revered trophy i.e., our reserves. Well, Mah shot himself on the foot once again by confirming it. This really make us wonder is there any reserve left after their many mismanagement (oops investments) of our reserves? Like I have said in the past, if there is no transparency, you are simply attracting crooks to join.

In George we trust... my big fat foot. George Yeo is a poor judge of character. He supported Jack Neo (a PAP member) when he was exposed as a sex predator. They will protect their own kind, regardless. Instead of being harsh to jack neo's Despicable Act, which is the only right thing to do, he spoke for him like he would for any other PAP gang members when they do wrong.

In this election, it is obvious that PAP continue to treat us like idiots. Well, we will see who the idiots are when the results are announced this Sunday.


Anonymous said...

No matter how much noises netizens make. The silent majority will remain silent and vote blindly against change. Do not underestimate that this silent majority is old and uneducated. Conversely, many are not "aunties" but they are politically apathetic and selfish. This silent majority is PAP secrecy weapon. That is why PAP is so confident to continue it's old ans proven tactics in election. They know they will return with more than 2/3 parliament seats which means they can still do whatever they like. Singaporeans are daft and have not national spirit in general. That is why Singaporeans remain silent whenever PAP amends the constitution to its advantage, eg GRC, NCMP, NMP, etc. This GE2011 is unlikely to change anything. After GE, you will see new constitutional amendments or laws designed to suppress oppositions, not just the alternative parties but also opposing citizens. I doubt the silent majority could be influenced to vote against PAP. So, 87:0 clean sweep by PAP is highly possible if voters are still daft and apathetic.

Alfred said...

to anon 08:03,

GO FRAK YOURSELF, you anal PAP cocksucker!

Anonymous said...

To Alfred 4/5/11 08:14:

What anon 08:03 said is quite true. Please instead of scolding him spend your energy to spread the truth to influence the silent majority whom you know if you really want the change.

President JFK ever said, "Do not ask what the country can do for you but ask what you can do for the country." If you think a change is good for the country, why do you not do your part instead of just making noise?

It is quite true that 87:0 clean sweep by PAP is highly possible if Singaporeans are still daft and if netizens do not do enough to influence the silent majority. Even if Aljunied, MP GRC, HG SMC and PP SMC fall into opposition hands. PAP will still be holding more than 2/3 seats in parliament to do what they like because even though opposition MPs can make a lot of noises, when come to parliament voting to pass any bills or laws proposed by PAP, PAP still has the majority to pass it. Only if oppositions can secure at least 29 seats, they are then effective to block any ill policies. This is a fact. Do you really think oppositions can win more than 29 parliament seats?

Anonymous said...

Sure there may be some who will even vote a dog or cat instead of PAP.

But one must also understand that there is a group of voters who may not be happy with PAP but will still vote PAP, no matter how good the opposition. I call them the "fixed deposit" for PAP at elections. They are the real "secret weapons" of the PAP.

You know fixed deposit are very safe, and the larger the deposit, the bigger the guaranteed returns.

And even if only 30% are happy with PAP, PAP just need 20% more as "fixed deposit" voters, plus well designed GRC system, and they will have a good chance of clean sweep (tsunami)of all the seats.

Like it or not, this will likely happen. And uniquely Singapore too.

That's why the outcome on May 7, although disappointing to many, is a also a big yawn to them.

Anonymous said...

"Do you really think oppositions can win more than 29 parliament seats?"
Anon 4/5/11 08:51

I tell you, since 82 seats are contested, if opposition can win 29 seats, they will also win big by also winning 60 or more seats due to the GRC system! And form the government!

GRC system only allows win big or lose big, no such thing (or rather almost impossible) as to win only 20, 30 or 40 seats!

It's either PAP "tsunami" or opposition "tsunami" on 7 May!

You say lah, which "tsunami" will happen?

Anonymous said...

PAP has some spectacular people like Cynthia Phua in Ajunied.

Fri, May 08, 2009
The New Paper

Teen arrested for violence at MP's office

By Ng Tze Yong

A YOUTH with low IQ has been arrested by police after flying into a rage at a Meet-the-People Session (MPS), upset at what he felt was his MP's cold-shoulder treatment of his mother's financial plight.

The 17-year-old boy hoisted an aluminium foldable chair over his head and slammed it against a glass door seconds after walking out of MP Cynthia Phua's Serangoon North office with his mother.

The boy, who has been released on bail, has been told to report back to the police on 12 May, where he may be charged with committing a rash act.

The offence carries a jail term of up to six months and a fine of up to $2,500.

The youth cannot be named because of impending court proceedings.

This is the third incident in recent months involving MPs and their constituents.

The boy and his mother, 53, are familiar faces to the grassroots volunteers at the MPS.

The unwed mother with Primary 6 education gets by on a $400 monthly salary as a part-time cleaner.

He attended a special school and suffers from thalassemia, a blood disorder that renders him weak and sickly.

The mother said that things went from bad to worse in November 2004 when the boy's father disappeared and stopped paying the $300 monthly maintenance due to her.

As a result, she visited the MPS about once a month for the past few years to request for various kinds of financial aid.

Anonymous said...

Continued from above:

FORGIVE ME: Two days ago, the mother returned to the MPS alone
and with a handwritten letter of apology from her son.
January this year saw a crisis unfold in their lives, when the mother broke her wrist after falling off a chair while cleaning a fan. She hasn't worked since.

She said the HDB was then in the middle of repossessing her flat and giving her a rental unit, but she was unable to pay the $138 in rental deposit and stamp duty.

So last Monday, she went to the office at Block 125, Serangoon North Ave 1, where MP Lim Hwee Hua holds her MPS, hoping to have her sign an appeal letter for HDB.

But that day, Mrs Lim, who is also a minister in the Prime Minister's Office, was abroad. Fellow Aljunied GRC MP Cynthia Phua stood in for her.

The mother's request was granted - Madam Phua signed the letter - but mother and son left fuming, claiming that Madam Phua had put them down.

She claimed that shortly after they had entered the office, Madam Phua asked her son a series of questions:

'She asked him, 'Who are you? What are you doing? Why aren't you working?' she claimed.

The mother said she wanted to explain her son's condition, but wasn't given a chance.

'I felt like we were being scolded,' she said.

The meeting ended after two or three minutes, she said.

As they were walking out, the son snapped.

His outburst with the chair - two blows against the glass door, which didn't break - was 'strong enough to get someone killed', said the Serangoon PAP branch secretary, Mr Poon Mun Wai.

As grassroots volunteers scrambled to calm down the teenager, his mother begged a neighbour to whisk him home immediately.

Later that night, the police arrived at their flat and arrested him. He was released on bail at about 1am.

When contacted, Madam Phua contradicted the mother's version of events, saying she felt that their conversation 'went well'.

She said: 'Like any normal case at MPS, I have to try to understand the case first of all...

'I had to ask some pointed questions about his employment status to understand the root cause of the problem, so that I can be more effective in helping them.'

During the one week after the incident, the mother pondered what to do.

She got her son to shave off his shoulder-length orange-dyed hair to get rid of bad luck.

For days, she said, he couldn't find the courage to face himself in the mirror. He also decided to put on hold a long-time dream to audition for Singapore Idol.

Two days ago, she returned to the MPS again alone and clutching a handwritten letter of apology from her son.

'Please fodgive me for what I dad I am sinelely truely I'm sorry (sic),' the teenager had written in big, neat handwriting.

The apology, however, was not acceptable to Mrs Lim, who was back chairing the MPS after returning from abroad.

'I made it very clear to (the mother) that this is unacceptable behaviour. It is not justifiable in any circumstance. There's no excuse to be violent,' Mrs Lim told The New Paper.

She also explained that she was not in a position to excuse or forgive the boy.

'I was not present and the police are investigating into the matter. I believe the police will take into consideration the mitigating factors,' said Mrs Lim.

'From what I understand, Madam Phua was being very motherly and very helpful inside the room with them.'

Mrs Lim's response surprised the mother, who had spoken fondly of her throughout the interview with The New Paper just a day before.

She said: 'I know what my son did was wrong. But how can I not defend him? He is my son, he is not well and he has a problem with his temper.

'I don't want him to go to jail and have his future ruined.'

Anonymous said...


See how badly Lim Hwee Hua and Cynthia Phua, as elected MPs of Adjunied, treated the old poor lady and his low IQ son, in Adjunied!!

Why George Yeo, the nice guy, they're trying to paint did not stand up for them?

Spread the word around to the Adjunied GRC voters, reminding them what 'kind' MPs they elected in 2006.

Maybe I should distribute copies of this in Adjunied GRC markets/MRTs/shopping centres to remind them??

Hi Lucky, I also tried to the above in yahoo but was blocked. I think you also have a writing on this also, right?

Anonymous said...

An appeal to all true blue Singaporeans. Men who serve national service and reservists. Now is the time to turn the tide against PAP. May we turn the GRC, a mockery of democracy to the opposition's advantage. Let all the GRC that the opposition is contesting be won by them. This is certainly a big blow up to the PAP for creating this unfair, indeed not level playing field Whoever introduced this GRC has enjoy enough it's usefulness. It will indeed be a joy to see this disadvantages turn against them. What do you all think?
Thank you. Unfortunate singaporean.

Anonymous said...

Dear all who are reading this

I admire the spirit of everyone in this space and believe that it must continue for the sake of Singapore's future.

Please do not allow the galloping number of likes that Nicole Seah is receiving (though MM Lee is back at No. 1) fool us into believing that the tide is turning. It is not. We are still the minority - at least based on the polls in 2006.

During that time, I had misread the ground and thought that change was in the air. Alas, it was not to be and the rest, like they said, was history.

Still there is hope because the silent majority is either ignorant or fearful of going against the establishement. But the numbers who are waking up and willing to give the opposition are growing and the momentum must be kept up - just like this page.

For those who will continue to vote PAP because they thought there are no better alternatives, it has to be stopped. Use technology to overcome this.


Use the phone to your biggest advantage. It is the tool that all of us cannot live with, 3G or not. Send your family members and friends a text. Highlight the challenges and make this people think. Do not be too personal and critical, people tend to be turned off - especially the fence-sitters. Raise issues like more casinos to come, losing jobs to FTs, rising costs, and the wasteful nature of GIC and Temasek; just to name a few. I am sure that you have more examples that will hit home the point better.


Play your Youtube videos and show them to your friends and relatives. Know the issues and be able to explain it sufficiently to those who matter. A revolution of change cannot happen without the people taking part in it. Be daring and turn on these videos at coffee shops or cafes.

Word of Mouth

The oldest and probably the most effective 'technology'. Gather a few colleagues over lunch or tea time and generate a discussion. There are bound to be some who are in a dilemma on the voting on Saturday. Use the opportunity to educate them but also be ready to ward off any PAP trolls. It can be challenging. Even if it is, you must do it. Finally, you could also consider the comforts of the home and persuade your siblings, parents, grandparents, uncles and aunties. This is particularly important for those who are unable to vote. Even if you do not convince them, use this opportunity as your political awakening.

Where Does This Lead To?

Honestly, I don't know. But I am trying everyday and talking to someone. I am not affiliated to any party but just felt that change is necessary. Though I am relatively successful and benefited immensely from the ruling party's policies, I just felt that it is not right. I am finding my conscience again and so should you. Hopefully, we will see a miracle on 7th May!

Everyone, let's do this, we don't have much time!

Thank you.

OnePeople OneNation said...

Over the past days, I am quite certain that you have come across a number of biased reporting and how criticism of the ruling party have been silenced. Prominent and credible candidates with the opposing views do not get to have their suggestions heard and their right of defence are harshly taken away from them.

I would not go so far as to accuse the every member of the ruling party is guilty of manipulating the press. Like a football match, we enjoy having a referee who gives us a penalty or free kick even though we do not deserve it. And if it goes on for the entire match, we cherish it and hope the good fortunes ride with us for the next match and beyond.

But is that good in the long run?

As citizens, we need to be worried. A trifle conversation inserted to make a potential opponent look bad may not seem to be innocuous but it has far-reaching consequences.

What if there is a virus and the press choose to keep mum? Worst of all, it could be a super-bug imported from a Foreign Talent. Or a complete mismanagement of our treasury (GIC and Temasek) and we are none the wiser. Don't say that it is not possible because financial tragedies like Lehman Brothers and Barings existed and it could happen to us.

Stand up against the curtailing of the free press. You have a responsibility to spread the word and make sure that those who are deaf to the real news, will have the ability to hear again.

Majulah Singapura!

Anonymous said...

The ruling party has only themselves to blame for eroding their political goodwill. Saying sorry will not help, they are not paid such salaries to make mistakes, no margin or error. For all the hardware they paraded, they forget software, those who can caste votes. The foreign mercenaries can't help them in this aspect, who knows they might explore sucj possibility and that is why they have to be rudely woken up, snap them out of their wet dreams. Time for S'poreans to leave no stone unturned, to think better at the ballot box, to reclaim birth rights as a S'porean

Anonymous said...

All are crooks, including PARTY supporters. Time to change the political system

Anonymous said...

//Do not underestimate that this silent majority is old and uneducated. Conversely, many are not "aunties" but they are politically apathetic and selfish. This silent majority is PAP secrecy weapon. That is why PAP is so confident to continue it's old ans proven tactics in election.//

These group of voters are ignorant.

But they may vote for change if they are aware of those facts and figures raised in the election rallies and Lucky blog.

PAP=You-die-your-business said...

It's not only the means testing. The queue for proper medical attention seems to be getting longer and longer. The following wait is what I experienced at one of our restrutured hospitals.

Went to Polyclinic due to abdominal pain. Got 1st appointment fixed @ SGH Urology Dept but need to wait approx. 2 mths.

Then went for initial examination by doctor and taken urine sample for lab test. Appointment for CT scan have to wait another 4.5 months. WTF

Have to wait another 2 weeks for next appointment to see doctor.

Total wait = approx. 7 months that is not counting what they will find out in the scan. Apparently if you want to pay as private patient, the waiting time will be greatly reduced.

Now Health Minister, pray tell me what kind of world-class healthcare standards is that ?

Anonymous said...

"Went to Polyclinic due to abdominal pain. Got 1st appointment fixed @ SGH Urology Dept but need to wait approx. 2 mths."
Anon 4/5/11 10:38

I have similar experience with National Heart Center. Becuase it is not an emergency, need to wait 2 months for an appointment.

Luckily still alive.

But if pay much more and go private hospital, maybe even next day can have appointment!

So there is such a thing as "No Money no talk", or rather no early talk.

Life is like that lah, like it or not. Not just in Singapore but everywhere also.

Anonymous said...

Sorry is cheap without action. PM should hold the minister accountable for the mistake.
If PM is really sincere in his apology then he should do the following:
1)MBT and WKS need to step down as minister. Especially MBT who keep saying HDB housing is affordable even statistic presented by Hazel on how fast the pricing of flats has risen over the last few years.

2)All the minister should take a 50% pay cut for the next 5 years. The saving of the 50% pay cut will be used to help those people who have bought expensive housing during the last few years. (I got my flat in 2000 so I do not benefit from this)

Steve Wu said...

Goh Chok Tong did not have a clean record during his tenure as the prime minister. He might be remembered for not fulfilling the promise of a Swiss "standard of living", but one big mistake was the mishandling of the SARS crisis.

Some 33 people lost their lives as a direct result of the SARS crisis. Some of these deaths could have been prevented but they weren't. MOH did not have a reasonable surveillance program when it should have, after failing to learn from the 1999 Nipa virus outbreak. Quarantine was not imposed until it was too late for some people. Thereafter, too much emphasis was placed on contact tracing and too little on direct prevention.

The minister for health was Lim Hng Kiang at the time (now MTI minister); he performed so badly that he had to be replaced. The director of medical services was Tan Chorh Chuan (now president of NUS) was equally clueless. He had responded to the Straits Times forum that a quanrantine was not necessary when it really was, only to backtrack 5 days later. Those were 5 precious days!

Historians will look favorably at how Germany handled the same SARS crisis. In Singapore, the mishandling of the crisis was whitewashed, perhaps forgotten. Therefore, the PAP cannot claim that it knows how to handle a crisis.

Anonymous said...

//Still there is hope because the silent majority is either ignorant or fearful of going against the establishement. But the numbers who are waking up and willing to give the opposition are growing and the momentum must be kept up - just like this page.

For those who will continue to vote PAP because they thought there are no better alternatives, it has to be stopped. Use technology to overcome this.//

Agree. Many of the silent majority are ignorant and have been brainwashed by MSM for many years.

To convince them, we need to provide them some easy to understand facts and figures to show them that HDB affordability change from bad to worst during the last 5 years (from 2006 to 2010) and minister’s pay increased much faster than the national median pay during the last 5 years.

Anonymous said...

That is right in citizenship - Ask what you can do for the country and not what the country can do for you.

Do you want a third world parliament and a dominant government? Not a strong government as defined by PAP. Government can still be strong in first world parliament! Consensus and participatory politics is superior than elite politics simply because more brains is better than one or few brains.

Do you want to have a say in running this country? Or, rather you would prefer a few elites to run the country for you and when thing going wrong you just have to complain to them every 5 years?

Do you believe that only PAP members can run this country properly?

Remember a real change is to vote in at least 29 oppositions MPs to the parliament and no less. The fact is you need at least 2/3 majority in parliament voting to move or object any bill or law including the constitutional amendment.

Anonymous said...

//Do not be too personal and critical, people tend to be turned off - especially the fence-sitters. Raise issues like more casinos to come, losing jobs to FTs, rising costs, and the wasteful nature of GIC and Temasek; just to name a few. I am sure that you have more examples that will hit home the point better.//


To convince those fence-sitters, it would be more effective if we provide them some easy to understand facts and figures such as HDB affordability change from bad to worst and minister’s pay increased much faster than the national median pay during the last 5 years (2006 to 2010)

hayek said...

Beware of too much democracy as that will destroy our country.

One do not need to look further than USA. In US, the government is paralyzed because of democracy and they are not able to make necessary but painful decision.

Democracy is prone to being hijacked by the elite, the rich and various interest group.

The bankruptcy of US these group gaming the system. The rich lobbied for tax loopholes, the unions especially doctor union (aka medical board..etc) lobbied to prevent new particpant of the profession, making US paying the highest medical bill in the world. Last but not least, the maggot teacher union....etc

What we really need is to rebuild the moral values of the people that is destroyed by LKY.

We also need to check on the rentier tycoon's power especially those who got their wealth through finance and property.

Then we are able to progress as a nation.

eng hock said...

Hi Lucky,

I have just came back from my weekly marketing trip with my parent. I spoke to some of our regular market vendors and sad to realise that lots of them are still afraid of voting for oppositon because of fear that they will be punished by the government after the elections. I did my part by telling them that my family had been voting oppostions all these years and we are still running a successful business without any problems from the government agencies. I think the fear at the ground is real and all of us should spend the next few days talking to anyone and try to help to take away the fear if fear is the obstacle for them to vote oppositions. Let's walk the talk and change the course for our future. Tks.

Best Regards
Eng Hock

melvinskip said...

After watching/reading the MSM, this is my conclusion. What say you?

A lot of voters don’t get this election, its not about US or even the OPP…. why the swarm of ex civil this or top scholars that joining the OPP??

Or is it a power struggle in the PAP it self ? Machiavelli wants to clean house and clear the way for The Prince

The questions on everyone’s mind is how many OPP should be in,

But the more important question is
Who we want as the next PM?
Both PM/SM has been jockeying for their protégés to be the next PM

Here are our 2 prime candidates for Future PM

Small Lee's Ki-chiu BG Chan Chun Sing


Old Goh’s Relief Efforts GB TAN CHUAN-JIN

This GE is a stage democracy . Let Voters think they are voting for change . But we are all pawns in their Power And Play .
Who are we weakening by voting in more OPP ! It's pretty clear to see if u take a step back to see the big picture .

If aljunied goes who stands to gain ? The hardliners faction in PAP !

Once the PAP moderates MPs are wipe out with our help n the Trojans in OPP gains power ! Then the take over is complete .
Vote left or right . It's still the same ASSHOLES !

Only way to even the playing field, is by kicking out
VB’s Holland GRC, MBT’s Tampines GRC, KBW’s Sembawang GRC or WKS’s Bishan GRC?

Why go for the PAP members who caused us the lest pain? Why the MSM are harping on losing Aljunied and more surprises to come??

but I m afraid only the moderates PAP MPs will fall on the swords ….. then we will have BG (Ki-Chiu) Chan as our next PM!

its not who we vote for, but who counts the votes that matters! Welcome to the MATRIX

Anonymous said...

"Sorry is cheap without action. PM should hold the minister accountable for the mistake."

Please lah. This useless PM can't even hold himself accountable and you want to his lackeys to be accountable ? Don't forget this incompetent chap needs his lackeys to be his scapegoat of failed policies !

Anonymous said...

If you buy into his apology for this election, be prepared for another apology five years down the road.

Anonymous said...

In the past, their majority votes came from the women.
This time round, it is going to be very different!!!
Besides themselves, the women are more concerned about the future of their children!!!
Do they hv a future??
U cannot lost yr jobs in 30 years if u hv a 30 years mortgage to pay!!
Look around you, how many of the graduates in the 70-80s can work more than 20-25 years after graduation??
I hv seen many of them fall-out half way, or after 20 years.
They were lucky bec they could paid off their 5 rms, 6 rms hdb in less than 10 years!!!

Where got future for most of these youngsters????

Anonymous said...

//Remember a real change is to vote in at least 29 oppositions MPs to the parliament and no less. The fact is you need at least 2/3 majority in parliament voting to move or object any bill or law including the constitutional amendment.//

I would be very happy if we have 10 opposition MPs after this election.

There is a great difference between 2 opposition MPs and 10 opposition MPs.

If this election votes in 10 opposition MPs, I bet that PAP will immediately look into the issues of cost of living, FTs, property prices, etc.

Anonymous said...

Why is our PM starting to apologise for all the mistakes his government had made? I believe it is the damage control strategy he is adopting. Mr. Prime Minister, isn't it too late to do that? Your father threatened us to repent if we vote for the opposition in Aljunied. I am telling you that many other GRCs will have to do the same come this Saturday. They will repent if they don't vote for the opposition.
Your SM said that the government will be weakened if they lose Aljunied. Wah what tall stories the big mouth SM is trying to tell? PAP claims to have capable candidates to run the government. How come it has to take losing a foreign minister so badly? With so many "so called yes man" candidates around surely our MM can mentor them in no time. If they are so capable some private home tuition by MM will quickly put things right Isn't it.?
We didn't allow a walk over mentor minister be paid millions for nothing. Is SM trying to tell us that the PAP has nobody to fall back if BG Yeo sees his own demise? Now I understand his fears. His newbies are all mostly civil servants or military personnels. These are all "YESMan" who have been taking orders all their life in their careers. How do we expect them to be able to be decision makers ? Only yes man survive in this present government. According to SM they only need a core group of 4 to 5 Cabinet ministers to run the government. The rest are just shoe shine boys made to sing "Four legs good two legs better." in parliamentary sessions.
Why is SM so fearful of losing a Foreign minister ? Oh I forgot they were buddies when SM was the PM.
If BG Yeo is so good how come we are still not making any progress in the international scenes.? How come we still have baggages to carry with of immediate neighbours after all these years?. How come the average Americans and Europeons still ask the question "Which part of China is Singapore?
On the question of BG Yeo's outstanding issues with foreign dignitaries let us not forget that after all BG Yeo goes out to negotiate with foreign dignitaries not on his own power or standing. They probably do not notice the absence of a diminutive figure among the crowd He is just a representative of the government. He wears the Singapore government's crown given by the people of Singapore. So a loss of one foreign minister should not affect the international standing of our Government. Be a sport PAP you need not have complete of control of all the 87 seats. Be humble make use of Opposition members to be your partners rather than enemies. After all Having a friend is better than having a foe. I am sure the opposition members of parliaments will not choose to destroy Singapore if they have a heart for the people of Singapore. You do not coerce people and use fear to get people to vote for you. If you sincerely love the people of Singapore they will automatically vote for you. You need not even have to resort to money politics to do the job for in doing so you cannot satisfy everybody. Instead you spread the pie in Health care, education, transportation, housing etc...You need not have to raise workers' salaries if you make everything cheaper by transparent subsidies for the people.

Anonymous said...

The GE is interesting bec everybody seems to be talking about ""OUR FUTURE"".
So what are our future??
1) 10-20 years old: it is so stressful in their study. But even those who could make it to the University, do they really hv a good future??
2) 20-40 years old:: It is very stressful in yr jobs!! The HDB prices are so expensive!! The costs of lving are so high. U just cannot hv any savings.
3) 30-60:: U just cannot afford to lose yr job. If u lose yr job, u may not be able to find a perm job in the rest of yr life-time!!
Just look around u, so many older PMETs could not find a perm job after 5 yrs, 10 yrs when they were were "retrenched" or "let go" in their 40s or 50s. Most of them hv to live on their savings.
4) 60-80:: Near impossible to find any jobs. And they were their loyal supporters all their life before.
So see who got future??

Anonymous said...

PAP is giving me the impression of a very childish spoilt child who doesn't wish to share and learn from mistakes unless caught red handed or threathen, leaving no choice but to apologise.

Anonymous said...

@4/5/2011 13:50
Well, that sounds like a creepy situation. Friends of mine know both Chan Chun Sing and Tan Chuan-Jin through army NS days, and some actually are endeared to the latter, in that they hold him in awe. But considering the current incumbent party's system of 'yes man', even if either becomes the PM, in time to come, do you think it is going to make a positive different to Singapore and Singaporeans, especially with their atmosphere of 'yes-man' and 'fear and loathing'? I understand it if it is in the army that they have to hold a certain degree of awe for servicemen, but what of getting former army officers to run a country??????? I really do not know what is going to happen. A country should and must never be run in any way like the way an army is run, or else, there will be dire consequences, especially if we take into consideration the existence of any siege mentality operating here. Not saying that either will end up as the PM, or even that they will run the country like an officer. But this scenario is just crazy bizarre and creeping me out.

Anonymous said...

I did not even know you could UPGRADE A RIVER! Uniquely Singapore! How about upgrading minds, as suggested by an opposition party member? This is all sounding like a Beyonce song, "Upgrade You".

Anonymous said...

Any country that is controlled by military personal(s) or ex military personal will only lead to more trouble.

Look at the Philippines and Indonesia under Marcos and Suharto respectively.

Other countries fared just as bad if not worse, Idi Amin, Gaddafi and Nyanmar etc.


Anonymous said...

Govt-people emotional connection is important during voting times ..

Anonymous said...

the pap is the highest paid and most arrogant party in the world. pride goes before destruction.

Anonymous said...

see it is so nice to sit back with the majority in the predominant party and be self righteous. if your colleagues from cambridge and harvard say yes, how wrong can you be in agreeing with them?

by riding on the brand, you get good money, the best in the world without being smart or hardworking. so now and then you see this angkat king carrying files and so helpful. becos brother, millions are at stake!

but i can see the opposition more sincere and hardworking becos they are underdogs. which rally shud i go?

Anonymous said...

I was at a farm yesterday (living overseas, having escaped from Lee's Utopia). The farmer had left the gate open. Some sheep came out of the paddock, and wandered around. At dusk, surprisingly, most of the sheep returned on their own to the paddock and the comfort of the shelter of the adjoining barn. Got me thinking. Many Singaporeans, unfortunately, have been domesticated by the PAP (it starts in kindie) and the spirit, the spark that people like JBJ and CSJ show is looked down upon. The real world is too difficult. Lets return to the barn and let produce wool for the Lee family.

Anonymous said...

Is it in your interest to vote for PAP? Please read the latest article on Temasek Review below before it is taken off.

Anonymous said...

If the PAP still win 87-0, I will die laughing. Hahahhahahahha!

How more XXXXX can voters be?

XXXXX means whatever you think lah.

Anonymous said...

Some1 pls help translate this blog into Chinese and Malay!

Anonymous said...

We generation Y are not afraid of change and not afraid to revolt and this time, we want and NEED BIG CHANGE!

PS. please cross in the box on your polling card on who you are voting for, and EXTEND the lines right to the EDGE, properly!


Anonymous said...

Many of my friends have told me that they will be voting for the opposition this time. They were ex-Pap voters who didn't want singapore to sink. I'm thinking of doing the same since many would still vote for the PAP. So there is all to gain.

I do not like the idea of emotionally pressuring voters with upgrading. This is wrong and divisive for singapore.

We should not discriminate singaporeans using their house. This is immoral. It is not right.

I say no to another 5 more years of mas selamat escapes, 10% gst, $500 000 hdb flats (half a million), no to more erp ganties...they are already building to hypocrisy and arrogance...

I don't want a PM who needs to be handhold by a mentor minister. And the mentee disagrees with his mentor. So why pay the mentor, $300 000 per month? $10 000 per day?


And I don't want another 5 more years of propaganda.

Majulah Singaura! Majulah! Merdeka!

Anonymous said...

I doubt that anyone wants a country that does not belong to them. Some are just however apathetic to the point that they are almost shooting themselves in the head and leg (incapacitating themselves). All I can say is this, vote wisely for your future and for the nation's future. Since the incumbent PAP did all those things to ruin our nation and erode our national and cultural identity, bringing in a host of issues, they will definitely renege on any promises of wanting to listen to the people, because it is a strategy to gain votes, by suggesting that we are ruining the governance of a country without them. If a country is beholden only to one party, and has no real other options, what does it say about us? That we cannot even have good leaders governing us beyond the 'yes-man'? Or that there is something essentially wrong with our system to begin with? Vote for change, and for the power of the people to change Singapore for the BETTER TOMORROW!

Anonymous said...

Up-grading and construction are big money projects. The cost will have to come from taxpayers in the form of taxes and fees. Guess who will be the ones laughing all the way to the bank?

Anonymous said...

Regarding MOE Teachers and what's happening in our pressure cooked system:

Anonymous said...

I read with interest that people aged 40 and above are inclined to vote for PAP. I beg to differ and the tide is changing. My whole family are staunch PAP supporters and my girl friend's family too. This time round, all are determined to vote the alternative party to give PAP a wake up call.

Anonymous said...

The nerve of PAP Ministers to question Hougang accounts is beyond me. We know w lot of TCs lost money investing and this has been disclosed. But what has never beed discussed for disclosed is "who" the the fund managers to these TCs. How were they appointed. If this was revealed, people might get a bigger shock. Lets not even to go the issue of reserves,GIC,Temesek,Bonuses of Ministers or even their assets or net worth.

Anonymous said...

they only come when they needed u......

Anonymous said...

"no to more erp ganties...they are already building to hypocrisy and arrogance..."

Now you know where most of the budget is spent. It spends on build more erp ganties, electronic carpark system. Just look around you, these are common place now, and mine everyone, these are not "affordable" ! No wonder, this government always scream budget deficit.

Instead of spending money fixing flood issue, they spend money on PayAndPay system !

escorts said...

This can't actually work, I suppose like this.

Anonymous said...

The longest day has an end.

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Anonymous said...

Carve your name on hearts and not on marbles.

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Anonymous said...

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

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