Thursday, May 05, 2011

PM Lee : I'm sorry...

"When these problems vex you or disturb you or upset your lives, please bear with us. We're trying our best on your behalf. And if we didn't quite get it right, I am sorry but we will try and do better the next time," - PM Lee, Straits Times 4 May 2011[Link].

This is perhaps the best thing he can say at this point in time. I don't doubt his sincerity. Whether he is awoken to what has happened in the last 5 years because of the massive support seen at opposition rallies or something else, he sounded like he will really "try to do better next time". This came very late after his ministers, Mah Bow Tan, in particular spent a lot of time denying problems exsist- until last week Mah was still explaining to us why HDB flats are affordable. Throughout the last 5 years, PAP MPs and ministers have called Singaporeans fussy or implied that we are too demanding. All this time life was getting more competitive, stressful and difficult....and the frustration drove many to look for a way out in the form political alternatives.

The PM tells us he understands our pain and is ready to do better for us after the elections. Lets suppose we all believe him and vote for the PAP on 7 May 2011 and the opposition loses all GRCs. What do you think is going to happen? The parliament will be filled by 'yes-man' and 'yes-women' who subscribe to the PAP ideology and agree with the general policy framework. The PAP improves the transport system by urging the SMRT to in frequency of trains and Minister Mah increase the number of flats and cools the housing market further. That still leaves out many major issues that require major reform and remaking that will never take place if the PAP still dominates parliament.

The CPF is badly in need of reform. It is suppose to fund our retirement not our homes. Allowing CPF to be used for housing caused a large rise in resale prices as part of Goh Chok Tong's asset enhancement programme. Now we understand how all this money eventually flow into our reserves through land sales. A large part of our gigantic reserves managed by the GIC came from our CPF retirement accounts through the sale of land at high prices to home buyers. Furthermore, the remaining sum in CPF is lent out to GIC to earn a very low fixed return - the return on CPFrelative to inflation is the lowest among all major retirement funds include Malaysia's EPF[Link].Recently, when PM Lee was asked about the problem of retirement faced by Singaporeans, he said that solution is to sell their home. So the whole idea is to work Singaporeans hard to pay off an expensive property that they will have to sell to fund their retirement and leave nothing for their children when they go. This si something no 1st world country would plan for their people. A more balanced approach is for Singaporeans to fund their retiremnt to a certain age and the rest funded by progressive taxation of income. Insisting that everyone fund their own retirement when we have the highest income gap in the world and no minimum wage results in a large segment of the population working their entire lives but never able to retire.

In healthcare, Minister Khaw's approach has been to just pass the rising costs to Singaporeans. Hospitalisation cost has been rising a double digit rate in the past few years They implemented means testing that will squeeze the middle income when they become ill. The reason why the PAP does this is to keep its expenditure on healthcare down at roughly 3% of the GDP. This is the lowest among developed countries that typically have govt health expenditure of 13-15% of their GDP. Sick Singaporeans shoulder the biggest burden as a % of total expediture among developed countries. Contrast that with universal heathcare system in Taiwan, France and Australia where universal healthcare ensure that people have no worries when they become sick and the expediture for the system is financed by progressive payments that depend on income level so that the burden is light on the poorer segments of the population. In Singapore, the govt even insists that Workfare receipients and the poor contribute to Medisave so that they shoulder as much of the burden as possible when they become sick - this amplify the effects of the income gap.   Hard choices have to be made such as reallocation from othe parts of our budget, putting everyone on a universal scheme and reforming the way it is paid for so that the financial burden is taken away from those that are sick and poor. .

We have to review our FT policy that opens the floodgate to foreigners. Our infrastructure is strained and a large segment of our population suffer because their wages are depressed. This large influx has also caused a structural unemployment because employers are reluctant to hire older Singaporeans because there is a large pool younger foreign workers.

We need major restructuring of the economy to rely less on cheap foreign labor so that higher income jobs can be created for Singaporeans. We need changes in the way we take care of the poor and elderly - to build an new social infrastructure replacing the current piecemeal approach to helping them. We need to level the playing field in our education system, in particular, ensuring that poor children have quality pre-school so that they start at an equal footing. We need to give more aid to poor families and single parent families so that the children in this families can have a more equal start.  We need changes in our political system - move away from GRCs and linking votes to upgrading - so that all Singaporeans can vote without fear for the person they feel can best represent them in parliament.

The changes we need are not small and cosmetic. Our income gap is the biggest in the developed world. We have a 3rd world wage structure. If we carry on along the same direction, poverty will keep growing even as our GDP grows. For the declining quality of life to reverse and head upwards, there is a lot of work ahead to change the system we are in. Tan Jee Say used that phrase very often during the election campaign describing the PAP as a govt that "has lost its way". When Tan Jee Say was in the civil service, we were promised a Swiss Standard of living. We have strayed so far from that the amount of work needed to bring us back is huge.

The PM says he is sorry for the hiccups of housing.flooding and transport problems of recent months and years. But  there is also serious problem with our long term direction and the sustainability of many long term policies. We have already lost 5 years of time under PM Lee to fix these problems. We cannot afford to lose another 5 years. Unless voters strongly express the desire for change, it will be business as usual for the PAP. They will trade-off our interests with their other interets - that whole power elite network of GLCs etc to preserve it dominant power and concentrate the benefits of the system on the people at the top. To move the PAP back to the right direction, there is no choice but to have a strong opposition in parliament.


Anonymous said...

I used to be a strong PAP supporter for years. Not any more. I will vote for reform in AMK GRCs. This election really will not put the PAP out of govt (PAP have been saying that it is dangerous to vote against them as they may be out of govt as a hollow threat). I hope voters will see through this threat. We have to stay the ball rolling, 1st by getting the overall % to drop below 60%. Give teh govt a wake up call. We have had enough.

Anonymous said...

This is how my son says sorry when he did badly for exam ......

He withholds the exams result slip for the whole day. He wait till it is 5 mins before the school bus arrives. He then passes it to me quickly. If I am sleepy, I would sign without hearing sorry from him. I I am alert (but still very busy), I will sign and he says sorry.

The result is, my son still fails his exams. Do you want your son to fail exam again.

sgcynic said...

It is not just a problem of poor implementation, it's wrong policies leading to muliple failures at a systemic level. No less than a fundamental change is necessary, tweaks here and there simply will not do and just prolongs the slide and boils the frog.

Anonymous said...

Straits Times Thursday May 5 page A10

PAP team for Aljunied GRC is plan to hand-delivered a letter to all the residents today.

Anonymous said...

lucky, i'm surprised that you think Lee is sincere. the timing of his apology speaks volumes. he's just trying to buy sympathy votes.

Anonymous said...

it makes sense for us to cast our vote to Oppositions.

The agenda like "Sorry, we make mistake and Crying in the rain etc" wouldn't be in the list if the Oppo candidates didn't debate fiercefully in the past 6 days.

We should vote in Oppo to make our "noise" heard!

If the policies of Oppo is not concrete and not practical, let's give them a chance to show us their performance.

Afterall the incumbant policies like ERP (Every Road Pays), HDB, CPF (rich in CPF but live like a pauper in reality because $100k lock in CPF), MAS, Health care for singaporeans, were proofen in the past 5 years.
I leave it to you to judge.

Anonymous said...

The influx of foreigners is due to Ministers' KPI pegged to Singapore's GDP. Hence they bring in lots of foreigners as this will boost the GDP and they will get fat bonuses in doing so. Do you think they deserve their 8 months bonus after so many things have cocked up?

Anonymous said...

No need to blame anyone NOW nor is there a need to apologize.
The opportunity to have wrongs corrected and righted is here by courtesy of the Leadership.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to believe that PM Lee Hsien Loong was not aware of what's going on for the past ONE DECADE OR MORE. He had defended all his Cabinet Members all these TEN YEARS AND MORE, his FATHER and WIFE are incharge of the INVESTMENT ARMS OF THE STATE.


As the people are boiled liked frogs for more than a decade, we also hear from 'experts' in the Lee Kuan Yew School of Policy Studies that the Sin LEADERSHIP has created a brand the World wishes to emulate etc. This School and its' staff should be made defunct, It had failed miserably to plan for the State and Its' citizens.



Anonymous said...

walk along Raffles place in any weekdays and you will see many FTs.
FTs are here to take our bank jobs, shipyard engineering jobs, etc.
Are Singaporens so choosy that even 5days week at Premier location is not good enough?

The FT policies have to review, seriously.
FT are here to make their pile of gold and they will move on.
Once i asked my Myanmar colleague what is his plan for future?
He planned to work in Singapore for a few years then move on to Australia. REason - work live balance. they left their country to look for greener pasture, they wouldn't settle for less than perfect place.
For Singaporean, do we have a choice?

Yes, we have a choice. Let's exercise our rights on May 5.

The Singaporean said...

He says sorry but the whole lot still gets their 30% salary increment and up to 8 months bonus? And we Singaporeans are still stuck in the ruck? Walk the talk, man, walk the talk.

Anonymous said...

"Recently, when PM Lee was asked about the problem of retirement faced by Singaporeans, he said that solution is to sell their home."
Lucky Tan

That's why we must have more foreigners come here and turn them into PRs and citizens lah.

If not, sell to who, tio bo? (right or not)

If not, how can the GDP grow? How can the reserves grow?

We don't have oil and minerals in the ground, you know?

Our alternative parties not even ready to form government, you know?

So you all still dare to vote out PAP?

Anonymous said...

I could not believe my ears: this must be the most expensive "sorry" in the world.

This "sorry" is a last act of desperation by the PM to connect emotionally with Singaporeans. And guess what Singaporeans are paying to hear this "sorry" for all the screwups in the last 5 years: millions if not billions of dollars!

No more "sorry", excuses and crybabies!

If the PM and his team are really sorry, please show some action: donate all your salaries in the last 5 years to charity and take a pay cut of 50% and no bonuses for the next 5 years!

Anonymous said...

if the apology is sincere, why are the ministers who screwed up still contesting this election??

Anonymous said...

This sounds largely like a form of rhetorical positioning, in other words, say sorry so that people will start thinking you want to change things. The question is, will it change after the elections when they are elected to power? I don't even feel that they plan to change the strategies which have caused more harm than good.

Anonymous said...

Minister Gan said "wage growth is not directly linked to GDP growth but more to productivity growth." (today's ST A18) I wonder then why his and his fellow minister wages are linked to GDP growth? Coming from manpower minister who is an expert in compensation, how can he accept this compensation structure as equitable.

Anonymous said...

"if the apology is sincere, why are the ministers who screwed up still contesting this election??"
Anon 5/5/11 09:07

PM already said what. We don't have enough talent!

And I would even think if they are not paid millions, things would be even much worse.

So you want bad or worse?

If you have only prawn or fish, which one you want?

Anonymous said...

For other countries like Japan, the ministers would have AUTOMATICALLY resigned!!! Can one say sorry and repent to judge if one commits crime...

Lucky Tan said...


we can argue until the cow come home whether he is sincere or not. For me it doesn't matter, this country is in need of major change and its not just going to materialise with a dominate PAP.

Anonymous said...

"Can one say sorry and repent to judge if one commits crime..."
Anon 5/5/11 09:18

Sure, in that case repent would mean fine, jail, rotan or the noose, depending on the crime.

notanotherspinstory said...

Lucky Tan, you should join opposition, your postings are very well written.

There should be an alternative think tank to steer the govt policies in right direction. Sack all the current ones, they failed terribly.

Anonymous said...

I am a resident in Ang Mo Kio GRC and I will be voting for the opposition not because they are the A team but because I want my pain and suffering to end. Let oppositions win all the GRC and tell Lee HL sorry is not good enough (sorry no cure). We have given you 5 years to prove yourself and you fail miserably. I am not giving you another 5 years to mess with my pain and suffering. Thank you. Unfortunate Singaporean who has done national service and reserve duties.

hayek said...

Hi Lucky

Financialization of economy and progressive income tax do not come hand in hand.

The tycoon will choose to stay at home instead of migrating here.

Nevertheless our banks in Shenton way in going to close shop within 1 decade will the destruction of USD.

If we discount those European tax heaven, the countries that has sustainable equality for all is those that has significant industries like Germany and Nordic countries. (Those tax haven is different from us in a big way)

Unfortunately, PAP's policy is extremely detrimental to development of real industries.

goondoo said...

Can Mas Selamat be released if he says sorry?

Anonymous said...

LHL only said IF they made any mistakes, he did not actually acknowledged any mistakes were MADE. After this GE, foreign immigration will be enhanced, to make up their next GE voter base and also because the population target of 6.5mil is still in place. Therefore, this GE, pls vote with yr children in mind, do you want more of the same shit for yr next generation? Who swallowed humble pie at the last minute? and may possibly turn back once back in majority? Arrogance and elitism of leaders have gone to new highs while citizens rights have plummeted. We shd not and do not have to be 2nd citizens in our own country.

Amused said...

Another area that Singapore under invests is education. Singapore is spending half as much as USA and Nordic countries on education. See the following link:

nathan said...

This is what we call PEOPLE POWER. Something which the great JBJ has been fighting for. If we can make the PM admit his mistakes it was because of the sheer power of the opposition supporters. We need such voice in Parliament, so that our PM would not need to apologise come the next election

Anonymous said...

If we believe this "apology" than we deserve to be treated as we have been for the last 25years

We must stop complaining and kiss our only chance
of a credible opposition in parliament goodbye.

To those sincere people in the opposition our thanks for trying to help, but it is in vain as we do Not wish to help ourselves

The PAP can do as it wishes as it now has the Peoples mandate!

Good Luck Fellow Citizens,.... Choose Wisely!

Anonymous said...

I will vote opposition this time, just to kick the PAP's nuts and slap their face to wake up their bloody ideas. This fucking country has been going down the shit path for the last 15 years already, and is destroying whatever is left of the middle-class, not to mention making the lives of the poor even more unbearable.

Under PAP, the middle-class is being systematically destroyed --- we are now seeing basically only 2 groups -- the rich elites and the working class. Only the elites can retire and enjoy a good standard of living. The rest of the population must work until they die. They cannot afford to retire or to fall sick, i.e. the working class and the working poor.

Isn't this even worse than in the 1960s and 1970s?? Back then, average people can still retire in their late 50s --- they already finish paying for their HDB flats within 5 years, and are able to utilise their hard-saved monies in their CPF when they turn 55. Their CPF monies are large enough becoz the housing prices are low and they didn't need to sacrifice their CPF money to pay for housing, and the govt then was pro-people in mandating a high CPF saving rate for both employees and employers.

Anonymous said...

Vote Opposition. Then tell incumbent, "Sorry, you've lost!"

IMHO, this apology is to buy sympathy votes.

Anonymous said...

If he is sincerely sorry, he should take immediate remedial actions by:

1. Sacking Wong Kan Seng and take back his 8 months bonus, NOW. Wong KS does not deserve the bonus nor his salary of $multi-millions for the last 5 years, for allowing Mas Selamat to escape twice yet still behaves so arrogantly as though he is above the Law.

2. Sacking Yaacob Ibrahim, the man who sleep in his job yet had the cheek to say that the Orchard Road floods happened once in 50 years, NOW!

3. Sacking his own father who made a huge loss through poor investments via the GIC and still keep threatening Singaporeans with his calculated callous "REPENT or else ...." threat, NOW.

4. Sacking Goh Chok Tong continuing to be arrogant and snobbish and for stirring up shits within his own party, NOW.

5. Sacking the ex-Malaysian Khaw Boon Wan for deliberately escalating the cost of health care and impossing Means-Testing upon the poor and middle class and for rwanting to send our poor old folks to die in Johore Bahru, NOW.

6. Sacking the clownish and uncoth Lim Swee Say for wanting Singaporean workers to be "Cheaper" and taking Singaporeans as Fools, NOW.

7. Sacking the One in charge of the Civil Service Teo Chee Hean for using taxpayers' money to give to the civil service people including all the ministers 8 months bonus last year, NOW.

8. Sacking Raymond Lim for the cramp MRT trains and errecting more ERPs to rob more money from the people instead of finding better and more effective ways of solving the traffic congestion problems, NOW!

9. Sacking his Minister for Manpower, the son of a Gan, for facilitating the ease of influx of foreigners into Singapore to take away our jobs, and hiding important labour statistics from Singaporeans, NOW!

10. Sacking the incorrigible and arrogant Mah Bow Tan for causing much hardship upon the HDB dwellers and for pricing HDB flats beyond the reach of many young couples and middle-income group, NOW!

12. Sacking his own wife Ho Ching for the huge losses of taxpayers money suffered by Temasek Holdings durint 2007/2008 period, NOW!

11. Sacking many other useless PAP MPs who have not been speaking up for their constituents NOW.

12. Last but not least, he should take the childish still wet behind the ears, though 28-year-old Tin Pei Ling out of the Contest NOW!

Only then will the Singaporeans be appeased. PAP Ministers enjoy the World's Highest Salaries, so nothing but the Best must come out of them. Not Excuses after Excuses.

Vote wisely, vote for our country Singapore's future, NOT PAP's future!

Anonymous said...

Is he truly sorry or just a ploy to gain sympathy votes?
Just recently at a university forum that he said he will still continue to deny opposition wards the upgrading funds.
Business will be as usual if he gets a overwelmingly majority this GE and the divide and rule style of his will still prevail.

Anonymous said...

There is a vested interest for all of them to remain in power.

More so for the family.. being addicted to power and authority, they cannot have that in another country despite all the money in the world.

Deny them the power & the authority

Then you will see the true persona
Then we can hear the " sorry" statement again..

Mahathir must be smiling from ear to ear... absolutely delicous news

Anonymous said...

Aiyoyo, daft will believe any politician says sorry lah. This is to buy votes from the silent majority lah.

To make a real change, you must have enough opposition MPs in parliament. To have only a few or 10 or even 20 (same have suggested) is insufficient. Our political system needs at least 1/3 MPs in parliament to vote against any bills or laws or constitutional amendments to stop any change in or new policy. That is at least 29 opposition MPs and also all opposition MPs must vote for the same. Other than this, if PAP still have more than 2/3 majority in parliament, the less than 1/3 opposition MPs can surely make a lot of noises but when come to voting in parliament they cannot block any policies proposed by PAP. So, what is the difference as compared to now having 2 opposition MPs in parliament?

My prediction on this GE2011 is that there will be NO CHANGE AND BUSINESS AS USUAL for the next 5 years because PAP will still return in power due to silent majority effect and GRC system. We will again have more than 2/3 seats or yesmen/yeswomen in parliament.

Anonymous said...

Sorry no cure lei...especially when real harm has been done...

How many fellow singapores literally bleed for all these half baked selfish policies...

Can sorry cure these fellow singaporeans who fell "thru" these deliberately created cracks by "crazy" PAP policies...


Anonymous said...

It is the time we true Singaporean must act now before we get marginalized.

Anonymous said...

Dear all opposition supporters

Though each of the opposition rallies attracted tens of thousands spectators, and there may be in total 200,000 attended the rallies, but 200,000 is only 9.09% of the total voters of more than 2.2 millions.

Majority of the 90.91% (2 millions) of voters may not be aware of those issues raised during the rallies. So please work hard to convince these voters to vote for oppositions.

Anonymous said...

Read what this lady says about this election in Straits Times Forum page. I disagree with her totally. She is obviously not aware of the pain and sufferings of some of our fellow countrymen under the rule of PAP. I myself am born in 1974. However, I do not share her views at all. My parents were deprived of educations and thus has to go through years of hardship doing menial work to survive and support our family. If education were given free for low income families like mine, my parents would not need to worry so much. Also, if the government during those days provide more subsidise for my family, my dad would not had to slough so hard that his health deteriote so badly that he died soon after he retires at 60 yrs of age. I was only in my early twenties then. Imgaine how heartbroken and devastated I was at that time. When I started out working, I was retrenched thrice in my life with little or no compensation at all. If our labour laws were strong, I would be able to get a good compensation package and not need to worry so much while I am finding another job.

I do not have the dilemmas like Ms Choo because I am casting my vote to the opposition.

Post-65, pre-Internet, first-time voter's dilemma

SINCE Nomination Day, there has been irate online debate against the People's Action Party (PAP). I attended both the Workers' Party and the PAP rallies, and the poor turnout at the PAP rally saddened me.

I was born in 1974 and am 37 this year. I did not go through the hardships my grandparents went through in the 1960s, and was not born in the Internet and mobile phone era. However, I think I am extremely lucky to be born in Singapore, where there is an able government.

Of course, our Government is not perfect. There is no perfect system. There are policies that I am not happy about. But at the end of the day, I think I have gained more than I have lost.

This General Election, not only am I a first-time voter, but I also have a tough choice to make, being a resident of Aljunied GRC.

I understand the concern over the rising cost of living. But is the PAP all that bad?

While I do want to consider the opposition party come Polling Day, the Workers' Party still has no plans for Aljunied. I also do not see any of the WP members visiting my block.

Choo Sing Nian (Ms)

Alan Wong said...

"AND IF we didn't quite get it right, I am sorry"

Just imagine whether your ex-girlfriend will accept your apology if you apologise to her in this manner :

"AND IF I have fucked you, I am sorry".

Anonymous said...

"AND IF I have fucked you, I am sorry".

"And if I have fucked you in your nose hole or any hole other than vagina hole, I am sorry and apologetic but not repent"

Anonymous said...

"While I do want to consider the opposition party come Polling Day, the Workers' Party still has no plans for Aljunied. I also do not see any of the WP members visiting my block."

Why talk about plan and visit if PAP is now desperate to replace you with 1.5 millions of foreigners ? You are just like someone who dream of owning a house when you are to lose a job ! Wake up and get real and repent !

Anonymous said...

"Read what this lady says about this election in Straits Times Forum page. "

Don't you know that those articles probably go through transformation when end up in ST forum page ?

Anonymous said...

Did I hear it correctly? Today LHL said he apologised after "serious consideration"? That means it was not from his heart! Wonder if he has one?

Anonymous said...

Me trawled through many blogs and found no one calling for the Prime Minister to resign but instead asked him to fire this minister and that minister. As the CEO of the State, the Prime Minister had the last say over his men. Why then are netizens asking him to sack his subordinates and not his resignation?



Alfred said...

So sorry Mr Pee-M,


Ly said...

PM say he shares our concerns and will review those hot issues. Without strong opposition presence in parliament, I doubt much will change. There is no mentioning of immigration and foreign intake policy. Lim Hng Kiang still talk about 1/3 of foreign worker for the working population limit his choice of investment. His tone like he wants the criteria to expand. Khaw is talking about revising medishield plan and sounds like we are going to pay more premium which has gone up twice. Are they really listen to us or they just want to carry on what they think is "good"?

Anonymous said...

Minister Lim Hng Kiang was even more ridiculous in his reasoning that employers can bully employees. He seemed to tell the World that Singapore is lawless in labour issue.


Just cannot understand why some people like to reason without using their heads. Of course some take all their fellow citizens as morons. When leaders lose their consciences, the society they ruled become worse than the wild jungle.


Anonymous said...

PM Lee: I'm sorry...

Mr. Lee, I'm sorry...

But I don't trust you and your A$$-Team anymore!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Lee, may be you should check if this is possible: ask that big guy in Istana to grant you clemency and ask your cabinet to order him to say "YES"! That way you can face your voters proudly and say: FU DAFTs!

soojenn said...

Your last para. sums it up very well.

"The PM says he is sorry for the hiccups of housing.flooding and transport problems of recent months and years. But there is also serious problem with our long term direction and the sustainability of many long term policies. We have already lost 5 years of time under PM Lee to fix these problems. We cannot afford to lose another 5 years. Unless voters strongly express the desire for change, it will be business as usual for the PAP. They will trade-off our interests with their other interets - that whole power elite network of GLCs etc to preserve it dominant power and concentrate the benefits of the system on the people at the top. To move the PAP back to the right direction, there is no choice but to have a strong opposition in parliament."

Is he really sorry, he still has not apolgise for the mismangement of the twon council funds, losses in billions of dollars by Temasek & GIC, or are these not mistake. A longer version of my take on this is at link

Anonymous said...

a worthless apology from PM Lee!
i rather he showed it, by retiring his father and wife, Goh CT, Mah, KanSeng, Raymond, Swee Say, EngHen, Khaw, etc, wef!
looks like the list has to include retiring the spin artists in ST, kangaroos in the judiciary, thugs in isd, stooges in PAP grassroots.

the perfect apology that comes to mind would be for PM Lee to take all those mentioned above along with him, on a one way boat trip to the south china sea!

Anonymous said...

Would his dad say that we are daft if we pardon him?

Anonymous said...

86-1. PM/MM suckers S'pore with good cop, bad cop routine?

I've been discussing the elections with two friends - one is an experienced political consultant and the other a psychiatry expert witness. I've been in a daze in the last few hours about what just happened and how the PAP has seemed to come back from the dead in Aljunied. These two helped make sense of it all.

As you well know, with 24 hours to go to Polling Day....the ground sentiment seemed to have swung in PAP's favour.

Basically, their expert opinion is that it appears that the Singapore electorate has fallen for one of the oldest tricks on the political playbook, albeit one immaculately executed - The Good Cop, Bad Cop Routine! This is commonly used in US foreign policy and domestic politics...the best example of this would be the Bush-Cheney act in the 2004 US presidential elections. US vice-presidential incumbent Dick Cheney played Bad Cop to devastating effect, taking out presidential challenger John Kerry and cleared the way for George Bush to win re-election in the starring role of Good Cop.

We have just witnessed the Singapore version in the last 3 days.

First, you have Bad Cop LKY come out blundering with threats, blackmail and his usual bully-boy ways. Now, this scares an estimated 15-20% of the swing voters into going back into the arms of the PAP but it also alienates an approximately equal or slightly smaller percentage of voters against the PAP. So zero-minimal net loss for opposition

The second step is Good Cop LSL coming out and saying sorry. This brings back the LKY-alienated voters while keeping the fearful voters in the PAP fold. The result is a huge net gain in the swing votes. What aids the Lees is that the electorate does not know which cop is more powerful - is it the Bad Cop or the Good Cop? You are confused, you are uncertain, and in that uncertainty is when you are most susceptible.

Hours later, it is polling day. You cast your vote. What has happened, the Good Cop Bad Cop routine, is still in your subconscious. Most people who fall for it will never know they've been suckered. A few will slowly realise it.

The electorate wakes up on Sunday, and everyone is amazed that the PAP has won 86-1.

Impossible they think, the ground was so bitter! How did the PAP perform a near clean sweep.

Welcome....the will of the Singapore people has just been thwarted by the Good Cop, Bad Cop routine.

axt said...

Not fair hor.... when the PM starts repenting only at the end of the 5 years for a few days while we have to repent right from the start for 5 years.

Anonymous said...

He probably will feel more sorry for the people at the next election(2016?)

Anonymous said...

He probably will feel more sorry for the people at the next election(2016?)