Sunday, May 22, 2011

Taiwanese Current Affairs on Singapore...

Extensive coverage of everything - our political system, defence, Ho Ching, COE etc. The good, the bad and the ugly.


Anonymous said...

Some of the stuff they mentioned are wrong

Lucky Tan said...

I noticed too. Just amusing how the view our society in a completely different way and how a talk show can hold the attention of an audience for hours.

Quite amazed they even went as far back to discuss Lim Chin Siong's arrest and LKY's early work defending union workers

Anonymous said...

Those things about 星光部队 preparing to strike back from Taiwan, is it real?

Anonymous said...

Taiwanese media is always known to be quite liberal amongst the various Asian medias, other than South Korean media, in terms of their coverage of other countries and even their own domestic affairs. In fact, this allows for a check-and-balance to the government when the press is independent from the government. I believe that we have a lot to learn from such presses and their countries, although they have their own problems too at times, but we are still the 154th media and that is not a good thing at all.

Lucky Tan said...

anon 10:52,

They got that wrong. It is an impractical strategy as the logistic trail all the way back from Taiwan is just not possible.

Anonymous said...

It seems both ruling KMT and opposition Democratic Progressive Party admire Singapore's achievement.

Despite many factual mistakes, I find the show interesting.

Taiwanese are definitely culturally and socially closer to us compared to the PRCs.

Anonymous said...

/// Lucky Tan said...
anon 10:52,
They got that wrong. It is an impractical strategy as the logistic trail all the way back from Taiwan is just not possible. ///

Lucky, not quite. It is not an impractical strategy. The main consideration is the dispersal and decentralization of our military assets and hardware.

In case of sneak attacks, we will still have the hardware to strike back. Besides Starlight, we also have training and assets in Brunei, Australia, Thailand, France, US, etc.

Troops from Brunei, Thailand, Australia can be airborned and brought back within hours. Planes can be armed with full payload and flown back within a day to strike back. Tanks can be shipped back within days.

But more importantly, unlike Sep 11, we are dealing more with conventional warfare, where there is ample time during PBH (preparation before hostility). You don't activate your logistics only when the first shot is fired. You would have noticed the enemy's massive exercise, mobilization and PBH.

The key to this strategy is really not to put all your eggs in the tiny Singapore basket. You can hit Singapore, but those tanks in Kanchanaburi are not going to sit idly.

Anonymous said...

Tanks in numbers can't hack it without the required manpower to use 'em or has the minimum hours of training/experienced to use 'em too as well as the necessary logistics train/support and service personel to give all these hardware the depth and space to execute necessary tactical/strategical plans to "beat" the enemy.

What is the point of having so much hardware but it takes time to gather and use subject to logistical support, train manpower and external operational overseas HQs to work / coordinate effectively.

A tank with fuel/ammo/etc without a trained crew is still a kill in my book. Same goes for the rest of the multitudes of "expensive" hardware overseas.


Anonymous said...

Why do you assume there are no trained tank crew? For each operational tank, there are more than 1 set of trained crew.

Logistical support and coordination - why do you think the SAF has been training in all these foreign lands? So that the procedures and processes are well oiled and can be activated at the press of a button.

Anonymous said...

More interesting view from a foreigner who knows little about Singapore:,0

You can see the perception will always over-shadow the hard truths. Should those countries emulate exactly what Singapore did in those ill aspects, the government may not last long.

Can you imagine this foreigner sees that Singapore has an accountable and corruption-free government?

Just take the ministers' pay issue. PAP has applied gerrymandering and other skewed tactics to obtain majority seats in parliament which was empowered to pass bills to increase ministers' pay even though most Singaporeans objected or displeased with such ridiculous pay. Do you think this is not corruption?

Legalized corruption is still corruption. Also, abuse of power is a form, a highest form of corruption which eventually leads to illegal transaction in money or a form of money.

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