Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why people should not hate Tin Pei Ling....

If you met her at somebody's birthday party, she would have been like any other ordinary girl.... as long as you don't discuss politics with her you will probably walk off without a negative impression of her. While she appears immature, naive, sheltered, materialistic and less than qualified, the vitriol directed towards her has more to do with her party, its selection system and undemocratic ways than Tin Pei Ling herself. If someone like Tin Pei Ling appeared in the opposition camp, she will simply be ignored...and if attacked by the mainstream media, would win some sympathy.  While she has flaws, how did Tin Pei Ling come to symbolise many things that is wrong with the PAP?

1. GRC system. She was put in a GRC so that she is rides the coat-tails of ex-SM Goh into parliament. This is a mechanism used by the PAP to bring in candidates that the electorate is unfamiliar with and cannot get elected on their own. Tin Pei Ling was a candidate that the public really feels is not ready to be an MP, yet the PAP used the GRC to bring her in against the wishes of the public.

2. Selection System. For years, the PAP has told Singaporeans that it has a stringent selection system that ensures quality and continuity of leadership in Singapore. This selection system seemed to have primacy over our election system which the PAP tweaked to "force" the people accept the selected PAP candidates. For years, the selection system brought in many"yes-men" and "yes-women" from the power-elite network who hardly said anything of significance in parliament. Most have very busy career and served as part time (quarter time) MPs. Tin Pei Ling came out of this selection system and most people can think of someone in their circle friend or colleagues more qualified than her to be an MP. She was the final proof people need that they cannot trust this selection system anymore - it will throw up sycophants who won't find anything to change in the system.

3. Excessive Compensation. For years the PAP claimed its compensation system for civil servants MPs and ministers will bring in the best people. This excessive compensation for the upper rungs of govt reflected the income gap in our society that has troubled many Singaporeans ...it goes against our value system and many questioned whether people are really getting paid what they deserve when some Singaporeans working full time jobs are getting less than $1000 a month while an elite civil servant delegating away his work could go to France for cooking lessons. Many find it hard to accept that Tin Pei Ling will be getting $15,000 a month for a part-time MP job. This is again proof that the compensation system put in place by the PAP is unjust.
Think about it - you don't really hate Tin Pei Ling. What you really dislike is the PAP system of GRC, selection and compensation. Tin Pei Ling did not select herself to be MP, PM Lee and other senior leaders did. Tin Pei Ling did not ask to be paid $15,000 a month, that is the PAP way of over-compensating elites who help to preserve their system. You love Tin Pei Ling not....but your hatred, she really does not deserve.


Anonymous said...

"Think about it - you don't really hate Tin Pei Ling. What you really dislike is the PAP system of GRC, selection and compensation."
Lucky Tan

Lucky, you are spot on but of no effect. And you should also have added that "despite all these, and almost all seats contested, a solid 60% still voted for PAP!"

This is the amazing thing about PAP and Singapore voters!

And very pathetic for the opposition.

Lye Khuen Way said...

Right-spot on !
In this GE2011, it was not the person most of us voted for or against.
It was the PARTY.

Granted the PAP could claimed victory in almost ALL contested wards, they clearly lost BIG time when you tally the votes.

The albatross of GRC/Excessive compensation etc are clearly some of the items the PM and his merry men/women would want to re-consider.

By the way, I have not got over that "pension from age 55 while still serving in the government" disclosure !
Not too sure my late father, ex-civil servant had that before he retire. Who can I ask/report to ?

Anonymous said...

True that most that voted against PAP probably voted against the party and not the person. But undeniably the new candidates are also terribly weak - not a single new candidate displayed any independence of thought and speech, none is worth a second look.

ahmad said...

The opposition couldn't have asked for a better example of failed PAP policies than TPL. I agree that our hatred toward these injustices should not be directed at TPL, but since she is the very embodiment of them, it will be hard for people to disassociate her from these issues, so poor Pei Pei will have to bear the brunt of the netizen's vitriol for the next five years.


Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10:39

Actually it was much less that 60%. PAP only got 56% of the vote in Marine Parade GRC. Even then, many people voted for PAP probably for Goh Chok Tong.

Unfortunately before Parliament is even sowrn, Goh Chok Tong announced that he does not wish to continue to serve in Cabinent.

This looks suspiciously like those bait-and-switch tactics where the salesman promises you one product and gives you something completely different after your money is safely in his pocket.

Anonymous said...

The supposed hatred towards Tin Pei Ling is analogous to the supposed hatred towards foreign talents and foreign workers. The root cause is all about bad policies.

Anonymous said...

No one hates her. No one can hate her, as there is nothing really substantive abt her character to provoke hatred. All I have been able to make out is she is not very well read. She delights in expensive fashion accessories and when she is under pressure, she stomps and behaves like a twelve year old. And that naturally begs the question, what can she possibly contribute to command a salary of 15,000 a month? Most ppl are conscious of value for money and what continues to vex them is the issue of value for buck.

If she wants to get trained why not do an internship? But I think it is too much to expect tax payees to fork out 15K per month for her OJT. This is what most reasonable people hate.

If she can write creatively like that Darkness of the Brotherhood character. Or has the wit of Mr Brown. And embodies the quantitative intellect of Mr Leong of TOC. Most people will not be huffing and puffing.

But does she?

Henry said...

Lucky, Agreed with you plus one more factor - that her husband works so closely as the PPS of the PM. Smacks of nepotism..

Anonymous said...

With all the bad things about PAP as per Lucky Tan's blog, only 6 seats are lost by PAP! And a respectable (by Western standards)60% mandate!

If I were PAP, I think I am very happy and satisfied and even surprised, although I cannot say this publicly lah.

Next election for sure again no problem one.

wl said...

well said Dare we hope for a review of policies?

Anonymous said...

Poor Tin Tin, she has no choice but to become the obvious political scapegoat for the real problem, that the policies created by the PAP to protect their own interests in winning regardless of Singaporeans', are flawed to begin with. I would not say though that she seems to have any real substance per se, which accounts for why SM Goh Chok Tong's remarks against the NSP being a "no substance party" probably backfired on him and his team to lead to a lower margin of wins compared to the last decade and so on in his area. She has a tendency to speak incoherent, and if not, memorized scripted lines which seem to be less than inspired, and more than dictated to her for media presentation purposes. If she is indeed the media wing for the PAP, then that means they have seriously failed in their PR strategy, because they did not get the overwhelming positive response that they wanted, but a load of bewilderment and even anger from a public(at least from 40% of the population lol....or so I guess....).

Amused said...

Monetary incentive is probably the only tool left for PAP to recruit any strong candidate because PAP is no longer the respected and revered party of the past. Unfortunately, the financial reward failed to attract many strong candidates for the party. On the other hand, the opposition camp had no trouble fielding strong new candidates without any financial incentives.

Perhaps PAP should drop the excessive compensation as a recruiting tool and instead find other ways to reinvent itself to be competitive again in 5 years.

Anonymous said...

"Monetary incentive is probably the only tool left for PAP to recruit any strong candidate because PAP is no longer the respected and revered party of the past."
Amused 17/5/11 13:21

Sure or not? Then all the 60% who voted PAP also have monetary incentive?

Anonymous said...

@ Amused I think that using monetary compensation as a means of attracting candidates is in itself a two edged sword. The PAP assumes via such strategies that scholars and high-fliers are in their positions for the sake of money and achievements, which is largely a very very Singaporean mindset of "a person does well in whatever he or she does in order to earn more money", but it forgets that there are also those who do well in their studies and work for the love of it. In the same way, it can apply to politics too. It never exactly pays as much to be an opposition politician here, in the cases of people like JB Jeyaretnam, Tang Liang Hong and Francis Seow who were all persecuted in one form or another. However, this current trend of scholars and high-fliers choosing in larger numbers to join opposition parties such as the SDP, SPP, NSP and WP show that the incumbent has been somewhat misplaced in its strategy of PR and self-representation as a party in this age. This can be seen largely in the ways with which they attempt to do character assassination on the opposition parties and smearing their names with various titles and tags. I think though a large majority of Singaporeans are still uninformed about what caliber is, as I noticed in a night class I take, where one classmate of mine (who did not get a chance to vote but is sympathetic to the PAP) actually says that the opposition has no candidates of good calibre! I don't know what her definition of good calibre is, since she herself actually believes in LHL's apology and thinks he will do a better job from now on, although we know it is political rhetoric and can essentially stay that way if there are no changes for the better. Furthermore, she has that idea that being too educated with things like a PhD is in fact unnecessary, which makes me wonder perhaps that might be what people actually register towards some of the opposition candidates who hail from a rather academic background like Dr Chen Show Mao or Sylvia Lim(yes, I use Dr to address him because he has a PhD in Law and deserves that address, although he downplays that a lot).

Anonymous said...

13.40 post

correct what, we all received ang pow on May 1 plus promise of estate upgrading mah

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucky
I don't know why you are helping PAP perform their post-mortem analysis.

Let these high priced local talents solve their own problems.

Which means that they will have to fly in some equally high priced foreign talent as consultants to help with the diagnosis.

If there are any PAPies reading this post.

Yes, it's all Tin-Tin's fault.
Make her your scapegoat.
PAP is fine.
Don't fix anything if it ain't broken.

It was a once in 50 years event.
But what to do, it's happened.

PAP is the bestest in the world.
Just follow Lim Swee Say's advice and continue to make PAP even betterer
PAP will win by a landslide in GE 2016.

Majulah PAP!

Cynical Investor said...

Err, she could have said "No".

But she said "Yes" and so has to live wiyh the consequences gd ($$ to buy designer gear) and bad (riducle, hatred, anything else?)

Anonymous said...

I would rather have a stripper in parliament than TPL. She could have derailed the PAP's MP team and I would not pity GCT. If she is considered one of 4G leaders, we are doomed. Wonder what went on in the minds of those who recruited her?

Anonymous said...

We have a bad system in Singapore.

It starts from education. Look at how our children are grilled very early in life and robbed of a childhood. The teachers in MOE system are equally grilled from the EPMS politiking and it trickles down to our young.

We need to break this old "shut up! and just follow mentality" that is so PAP-ingrained.

Singaporeaans are overworked, as what you mentioned, we are the world's citizens who worked the most hours. Now, when you have leaders telling you that after you worked like a dog in this country, then you cry for work life balance, they say your spurs are not stuck in your hide and they label you as inefficient.

We have a bad system in civil service when they burned your time like hell and then tell you when you're overloaded that you're inefficient. And the civil service system compares one dog with another dog and says the other dog could take on more and is a more efficient dog.

We have become a souless country with PAP to blame. I think more and more should speak out and up. Otherwise, the government still thinks the system is OK and the ground is always sweet.

Just look at how many civil servants are resigning. Every year, thousands of teachers are recruited to NIE.

Same old PAP, same old policies. I think there is just way too many resentment on the party because of their inaccountability, millionaire lifestyles and disuniting appraisal systems both within the civil service and in government. And many of these younger papies are learning from the old lky school of thought to be arrogant and discriminating on their own fellow Singaporeans.

Just look at the appraisal systems in civil service and you will understand why the removal of pensions and the introduction of EPMS has sowed many politicking and seeds of discords among civil servants towards the government. You now have many ex government scholars joining the oppositions.

I hope PAP will take a good look at its appraisal systems. Build unity. Not politiking. Otherwise, it would face a drastic vote drop and people are resenting their uncaring leadership and their leadership styples are being taken up as examples and roles models by the seniors and leaders in civil service. These seniors will emulate the PAPies behaviour of gerry mandering, using hdb carrot sticks to appeal to people's greed and fear to keep them at bay. People are sick of this. Too long and disrespectful to be treated that way.

4 more years of bad times? As is the ruler, so is the ruled.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Now we have our very own Sarah Pei-Ling.

Anonymous said...

anon 14.30 has listed most of what is wrong with the way of thinking and the attitude here. some have asked: can u blame just the ruling party for this?

i believe one can certainly put a very large part of the blame on the pap. it has fed and encouraged the way pple here think - having a lot of money is all tt matters. and - no need to think for yourself. i'm in charge and i know best. just obey.

it will take at least 20 years to move out of this ghastly frame of behaviour - if sudden and drastic change is undertaken now.

perhaps what is missing most in this country is good managers, pple who who can bring the best out of you, wherever. there is also a need for pple to want to always give of their best abd actually work towards that. pple who are honourable.

simply instilling consideration is going to take decades. look at how uncouth the so-called elite are.

i also agree totally with an earlier poster who asked why we are trying to help pap fix its malfunctioning record player. let them sort it out themselves. if they cannot themselves see how their policies are going wrong and why these are going wrong despite all the direct remarks made, then they are obviously not the best that money can buy. and that has been pretty obvious for some time now.

however, we ourselves too have to take control of our lives and our behaviour. simply depending on the govt to fix it is a cop out - esp since they cant handle things - and harks back to what we say we are trying to shake off.

hayek said...

The main reason of our problem is LKY and his useless son LHL.

LKY seems not being able to live a single day without enslaving the citizen.

The tipping point of a change in Singapore's system occur somewhere in early to mid 1990s.

Then, Singapore was facing certain degree of labor shortage. The demographic shift could have force the rich to create a high productive, high wages and equitable society.

In one stroke, LKY's FT policy destroyed everything. A high level of shadow unemployment rate in Singapore means company can fire anyone at will. They can hire from oversea pushing our salary and employment condition to 3rd world level.

Anonymous said...

I posted this in a FB comment when one of my friend who's a friend of TPL requested for us to stop our attacks on her:

"Not against her, but against what she stands for. The arrogance that the electorate cannot do anything to stop her from riding into parliament on SM Goh's tailcoat. The bias media blitz to heap praises on her while smearing others demonstrated the gutter news we're force fed daily. Turning our parliament into a nursery for "training" party members spotlighted the GRC system's flaws. Her statements claiming that the problems that citizens faced are not the gov's problems exposes the yesman clone mentality in PAP's group think and her relationship with a certain someone also suggests that she got more help than should be provided. People are not amused by the above. At least the Kate Spade was funny."

Anonymous said...

I don't hate her, I despise her.

If I were her and knowing that I am not wanted by the electorate, I would resign.

Her continued presence make a mockery of the whole government machinery and demeans herself every increasing day.

If she is determined to serve the people, the more she should get out of parliament and start her training elsewhere.

She is just a money grabber. Passion for service? My foot.

The only thing I am amazed is her thick cow hide.

I hope karma comes early for her.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous at 17/5/11 18:49. By not resigning when she broke the election guidelines, she is obviously there for the money. Note: Even GCT acceded that TPL has negatively impacted their team's GRC vote share.


Anonymous said...


You forgot to mention cronynism. There is wide speculation that TPL was selected as MP because of her husband, who is LHL's deputy private principal secretary.

We have too many cases of ministers' children winning top scholarships, or relatives of ministers or key PAP members given high ranks in the stat boards because of their party connections.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans should not hate her but blame her. It is not entirely true that the GRC system and the PAP selection make her an people-unwanted MP. She has a choice not to join the rotten party and refuse to be an election candidate. She obviously either does not know the hard truths of the Singapore politics well or is attracted by the glory and $15K. Any upright and right-minded Singaporeans today will not want to be associated with the PAP.

As early as in 1980s, I had a young friend who was very active in grassroot work. One day he suddenly resigned and totally left the grassroot organisation. I asked him why and he said most if not all grassroot leaders were there to advance their own personal agenda and most were running their business. Do you understand why he said that? Surprise that such non-sense had been there since 1980s. Daft Singaporeans cared only materialistic gains such as 5C and did not bother flaws have been there. Only now when it burns to them (high cost of living, high HDB prices, FTs, etc), some of them then wake up and yet majority are still dreaming and apathy. Is it too late?

One hard truth is that Singapore needs a total accountable and transparent government that has been defined by UN as good governance. The so-called strong government as defined and promoted by PAP is not a good governance. The question is how could a non-accountable and non-transparent government is good governance? The facts spell itself.

Felice said...

actually, i think you people should
thank TPL for coming out to be PAP
candidates BECAUSE OF HER :
!. singaporeans can see the flaws of
the GRC where one can piggyback a cabinet minister to parliament.
2. Singaporeans can see the "connections" realities at work within the PAP.
3. singaporeans now start to question the selection process of candidates where PAP always say they have to pay private sector rate to convince some telented potential candidates to join PAP..
this time,look at this kind of kate spate candidate !!

Anonymous said...

obviousy she is there cos of her husband. just like that ho jinx. what kind of meritocracy is that? more like monarchicracy.

Anonymous said...

pap can only attract dumb people like tpl, smart people like csm will join wp.

Karen Fu said...

I don't like Tin Pei Ling. I am that blunt. Not only that the choice was wrong for the parliament, one must also question how she managed to get a scholarship at NUS. That's the scary part. Her character is flawed and its obvious she is unfit for office.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah! What is a mere $15,000 per month? It is just PEANUTS leh!

Dorothy said...

I hate her for being so arrogance. I hate her for her greed. I hate her for her dishonesty. I hate her fake smile, her big nose, her big mouth, her acting cute.. Oh my God, can PMO quickly get rid of her so she will disappear forever

Dorothy said...

People just don't like her at all, period. From her look, her big mouth, big nose, her fake smile..her everything. How can she represent the common folks when the flaw list gets longer and longer by the minutes

dolphin81 said...

Lucky is right.

It is GCT who put her in.

If she is doing well in life, it is natural that she thinks all PAP policies are good.

Most Sinkies are self-centred & short-sighted.

GCT is probably much more elitist than LKY.Most of the nonsense policies are a result of GCT, not Lky

Yet many middle-aged people still insists GCT is pro-people.

Sinkies are really daft.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I guess it boils down to how unfair the whole system is.. Someone of that quality can be an MP; and when PAP boasts of their stringent requirements to get the best candidate out from their system which is also the reason this elites are getting such high pay. Is it a poor attempt at lies or do they even bother? Does PAP think we are fools?

Anonymous said...

Tin Pei Ling and her bosses in PAP have ordered Ke Xin Ying, a journalist for Shin Min Daily to smear Nicole Seah. It appears that Lee Hsien Loong has no inclination to reform PAP for the better.

I got so fed up with the unfairness of the mainstream media prostituting themselves for a few silver coins that I googled for "Ke Xin Ying" and guess what I found?

There's a posting in soc.culture.singapore that described how Xin Ying'd ex-boyfriend had sold her used panties on the internet to some bangla supervisor. It also described how Xin Ying has a kinky way of exciting herself in the MRT.

Anonymous said...

TPL loves you ppl!
TPL loves you ppl not!
yakk..bey tor lah !!) means vomit in hokkien words.
People! TPL loves $$$,Power & fame only. can't prove a slight sense of maturity, brilliantness,that should have shown in one's self cultivating good breed & inner strenght thru living. do not show you privacy action publically, another terms for"pap"

Patrick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

LHL in introducing TPL to GCT is making a mockery of the GRC system and is communicating to Singaporeans that LHL knows how to tweak the GRC system to his advantage. It is better for the challenge to come when next GE2016 is due. Make sure the Singaporeans knuckle LHL out of office.

Anonymous said...

I agree the system is flawed. But, the last part if the system is the most important - the candidate and prospective MP herself. If the candidate doesn't have the humility to recognize herself to be a liability, she shouldn't be there. And, so far she hasn't done anything to justify changing this view.

escort tenerife said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky, this post comes two years late, but while I agree with you that pork barrel politics and carrot dangling are not the way to go, I think the GRC system is not flawed.

If you just think about it, in 2011it was what enabled the WP to win 5 seats, a large number of the voting population and size of the land area, and even oust a minister out of parliament. Just as Tin Pei Ling probably got in because of Goh Chok Tong, the more rookie WP members in the ward also could get in because of Sylvia Lim and Low Thia Kiang.

So it is a double edged sword that the PAP has created for itself. It can monopolise a GRC but can just as well lose it. It forces the opposition to throw caution into the wind and rather than hold onto the one man fortresses of PP and Hougang, generate a strong enough team to compete for a GRC.

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