Sunday, May 01, 2011

WP Party Rally at Bedok Stadium 30 Aptil 2011

I went to Bedok Stadium at about 6:45pm so that I can chat with people attending the rally. I was curious to know if most of the people attending came from the East Coast GRC or from other parts of Singapore. My small random sample of 6 people shows that roughly 50% came from the GRC and the rest came from other parts of Singapore . Of course using a sample of 6 is not rigorous but I observed that many came via MRT so it is likely that many people attending this rally came from other parts of Singapore rather than the GRC the rally was located in. This may explain why the turnouts at rallies often do not correlate with the election results.

I chatted with a stranger who was eager to point out all the PAP 'flaws' - greedy overpaid ministers who burden the people to fill up govt coffers. He went on and on to talk about problems caused by CPF, HDB, ERP and all the other PAP innovations. Needless to say he was wearing a light blue shirt with a hammer. He assumed that I was one of the "undecided" crowd who needed some enlightment. I suspect these rallies are "preaching to the converted". The enthusiastic crowd is not there to be lectured on the details of policy alternatives but they are there to be pumped up so that they go back and enlighten others. Many are probably already familiar with the issues- they are there not for information but for inspiration.

I got out of the stadium at about 9pm to go to the HDB block next to the stadium to take a few photos. I found crowds of people gathered outside to hear the speeches because they couldn't get in and there were even people listening to the speeches at the bus stop. The common corridor of the flats were lined with people at the higher floors.

The PAP has a propaganda machine which it uses to spread fear, threats, pork barrel incentives and advertise its past achievements to get less informed Singaporeans to vote for them. The opposition depends on their supporters to get their message to others and they use rallies to inspire and motivate with a powerful vision for a better future. Nobody attends PAP rallies  because it is a waste of time - they serve almost no purpose when the PAP believes it can just scare, threaten and entice the people (with upgrading + grow & share $$) for their votes.


Anonymous said...

Lucky, i thot it will be likely that PAP will use the 'cooling' off day to have the last massive proganda push, probably under the disguise some kind of 'summaries' or finalreport by some 'independent' political analyst.

Is that allowed? Or if not allowed, probably they will just be fined a token amount.

Anonymous said...

continuing the above. I believe that was why opp is covered more in time round. Basically, they want to increase the pool of naive or undecided readers first for that final crucial cooling off day.

Amused said...

The GRC and cooling off day are just two undemocratic means used by the PAP to skew the outcome.

The opposition parties need to work extra hard to prevail in this unleveled playing field.

Vote for the Opposition. Vote for Singapore Future.

Anonymous said...

I attended a WP rally in Hougang on Thursday even though I did not belong to either Hougang SMC or Hougang GRC.

However, I would still vote for any opposition party that is contesting in my ward.

I feel that opposition parties ought to speak to voters to vote for any opposition party if they are fed up with PAP.

There are very few three-cornered fights this time round and opposition parties should now feel that they are sabotaging their own interests by speaking up on behalf of other political parties at their own rallies.

Anonymous said...


"The Chinese newspaper quoted UOB chairman, Mr Wee Cho Yaw said in UOB AGM:

No matter what is the outcome of the poll result, it won't affect the business sector much."

So why you all voters worry if you vote opposition? Got scared by PAP?

Anonymous said...

'Political issues' aside I thought the PAP is even totally out of touch in their campaign. They are still in the 60's and 70's where lorries with mounted with flags and speakers going round the neighborhood to campaign while the opposition are already very far ahead into the wireless era of the internet, face book and twitters offensive. I cannot believe that the incumbent having the most experience, 'highly'? qualified and expensive ministers supported by their ex-army buddies and affiliation have been totally ineffective in their propaganda agenda. My first thought is how silly and stupid can the incumbent be! My second thought is that, this alone I will surely vote for the opposition. Not only the incumbent are out of touch and irrelevant they are antiquated. Surely they should not be entrusted with Singapore future.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1/5/11 09:21

You have a good observation.

But then hor, it also depends how many % of voters are not just Internet savvy but also savvy enough to read Lucky Tan's blog and the likes lah.

Some more ah, internet, just like opposition rallies may be hugely "anti PAP", but not necessary PAP will lose leh, if judged by past outcomes. Tio Bo? (right or not)

So maybe PAP not really that out of touch, irrelevant or antiquated as you think.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1/5/11 09:21:
You are wrong. PAP has done the right thing and is not out of touch. Those Internet savvy voters are minority though Internet penetration rate is high. The majority is the silent voters who read MSM and many of them are rich and have high paper qualifications. PAP reaches out to this silent majority is the right move. My prediction is GE2011 will be another clean sweep by PAP, possibly 89:0. FYI, I am not pro PAP even I have benefitted sometime from PAP's policies. I vote opposition because I believe a true democracy is good for Singapore. But, I am sad that most Singaporeans are quite daft and political apathy. Be prepare for disappointment on 7 May - it will a clean sweep by PAP.

Lucky Tan said...

anon 10:08,

You're right in that there are rich and upper middle class that have done well and benefited from PAP type policies.

I think the problem this time is they aqueezed so hard they lost the middle class votes.

But many Singaporeans do put aside what their own situation and think overall what is best for the country. I think the concensus view gaining momentum is a PAP govt checked by a strong worthy opposition. This strong consensus will swing the votes in the "hot seats" and help to realise this.

If it doesn't happen, it just shows that the election system is so badly tweaked by the PAP to produce such an unlevel playing field, it overcomes the will of the people. Thia result will also be very bad for the PAP and this country...and that will be the debate of the next 5 years how to repair the system.

Anonymous said...

My mom saw PAP's lorry at Aljunied that was decorated like a float and she mistaken it as something offerred by some casket service.

Chow said...

What I hear from some of my friends who are Internet savvy is that they still doubt how the opposition can deliver on their promises or how they effectvel they can govern. They are hoping that the rallies will touch more on these topics although I doubt that rallies are the most appropriate places for these things. Still, many are afraid to change because they fear that the property prices will crash and that the oppostition will oppose for the sake of opposing and gridlock the parliament.

hayek said...

PAP policy in the long run may lead Singapore into war and disaster.

For the past 10 decade, we have been a money laundering center for the most corrupt and blood-taint money from Indonesia.

One day, the grassroot of Indonesia may have enough of it and call for revolution.

And the Indonesian then may turn against Singapore, to seize their rightful wealth.

hayek said...

Our FT policy left uncheck may lead to 10 million population one day.

In this decade, the US dollar is going to be worthless. By then, there will be turmoil, war and revolution all around the war.

Finance, which brings much of the ponzi wealth is going to break down.

Sing dollar, a derivative of USD is going to be worthless as well.

So how to feed our population?

I am pointing to a doomdays scenario, that really have some chance to play out.

hayek said...

-FT and end of Roman Empire-

One big reason Rome fall is because import of FT.

During the reign of Caracalla, the profligate government overspend themselves and could not have tax enough.

They need a wider tax base. Hence the barbarian are made citizen so that the empire can loot more tax.

That corrupt the prestige of citizenship and eventually made way for more influx of barbarian in the empire.

The short-changed citizen now refuse to serve the army. And Rome make use of more mercenary which eventually a barbarian general Odoacer overthrow the last emperor Romulus Augusta.

Similarly in Singapore, the elite need a wider looting base so the FT are brought in.

Bankster, property developer cheer. Meanwhile, citizen already question why must we serve NS.

History repeat itself.

Anonymous said...

"MINISTER Mentor Lee Kuan Yew on Saturday asked the Workers' Party to line-up its 'Shadow Cabinet' and name those who can fill the various ministerial posts."

Hey Lucky Tan, like that how ah?

Can you help WP with a good answer? So that they can tell everybody at next rally?

Anonymous said...

Hayek 1/5/11 10:43

I agree. I think there is a chance of a doomsday as you said.

But maybe not so soon lah. Maybe, just like PAP being voted out, not even within my lifetime.

Anonymous said...

What good is a 'voice' in the Parliament?

When the opposition offered Singaporean to be 'voice' for the people, some, including the PAP's MP and supporter question its usefulness or even sneer at it. Can a 'voice' buy you a meal? How ignorant are these people (i myself included) about the building of our nation.

In the early days of Singapore 1976, there was a young and brilliant man, who had no track record, offered to shout for the people's needs in Parliament. That very young man's name Lee Kuan Yew. Our pareets heeded his call. Together with his contemparary and hardworking Singaporean, we build a nation. Indeed, that voice morphed into policies and achievements which we reaped for many years. Along the way, less than perfect things happened but Singaporean overlookeded it as that 'voice' is still shouting for the people.

As time passes, that 'shout' for the people got softer and softer and we can hardly hear it now. In fact, that very 'shout' got louder and louder was not FOR the people, but against the people who had supported him, threatening, mockering, 'belittling' them.

Our 'shout' for us is now so soft, it's time we need a new voice to 'shout' for us.

"I can't understand them (the crackpots)... they come at election time and they say,'Vote for me.' What for? They say,'for democracy'. What is democracy? 'So that I can shout in Parliament.' What are they going to shout?"
Lee Kuan Yew, December 1976

Anonymous said...

LKY has done a lot of good for Singapore. Unfortunately now he is undoing all the good he has done plus destroying it. How can pork barrel politics be morally good and right? How can tweaking all the electoral boundaries right? How can GRC be right? How can walk over be right? How? How? How? I want to stop all the pain and suffering most of us are going through. I am a resident in AMK GRC and I will vote for the opposition so that they can right all the wrongs or else Singapore is doomed and finished. Do vote for opposition suffering singapore before it is too late. Thank you. Unfortunate Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1/5/11 11:41

Maybe even best case scenario for opposition, you are just 49.9% minority of voters.

Also I think, if PAP wins Aljunied, it will make a clean sweep 87-0, for sure, or at least 90% chance.

Saying it as it is.

Citizen at Large said...

Any party voted in to be opposition

cannot change the constitution
cannot change the elections act
cannot change the elect boundries
cannot change temasek holdings+GIC
cannot chnage any agreements with other govments

They can only discuss and mention their views and vote against it.

The majority vote wins.

Who knows if the elected MPs can be bribed?.. maybe he/she wants to have a quickie S$1 million.. half price of a PAP minister and yet help to pass the bill?

I dont know.. its a risk and gamble for me

Anonymous said...

And the wage recommendation this year is exactly how Mr Lim thinks it should be done: "Higher increase in total wages, not higher increase in built-in wages."

"One is responsiveness to the upturn, share the gain with the workers, and yet ... flexibility in our wage system so that we can respond should there be a downturn," he told Today.

I thought that was addressed long ago with the MVC ( monthly variable component ) to prevent loss of jobs?

So now we need another?

Yeah, moving goal posts just as LTK said.

Anonymous said...

Even if we lose ministers, there will be many to step in..

And in any case, these ex ministers can already retire and sail the 7 seas.. maybe we should revoke their citizenship.. on the charge that they acted "deterimental to good order" or something like that!

Anonymous said...

As far as it concerns anyone, Singapore has to stop being "beholden" to the incumbent, and we need to emancipate ourselves and evolve beyond the idea that we are owing anything to the incumbent to do for us. It sounds very much like the American ideal of the "self-made man" who is able to lead a society, but at no circumstances in history have we ever had a Singapore which was ready to acknowledge that we can operate with a balanced parliament with nearly half or more of the seats being taken up by opposition. It has happened in countries like Canada, Australia, South Korea, and their countries have picked themselves out of the specter of being unknown countries to become giants. We need to evolve and change into a more gracious country in our parliamentary system, especially now all the more, with more opposition members as much as possible. Can you imagine a parliament where everything gets steam-rolled and bulldozed aaway in the name of the statistics of GDP progress? Have we forgotten about the people, their souls, their true need to be heard?

Anonymous said...

"MINISTER Mentor Lee Kuan Yew on Saturday asked the Workers' Party to line-up its 'Shadow Cabinet' and name those who can fill the various ministerial posts."

Why must any party / any person be guided to answer just because of his line of questioning.

Does singapore have the conditions or allow for such conditions to germinate in the first place & in the present context for the opposition to achieve the necessary critical mass for a shadow cabinet to be formed - like in uk, europe & usa.

It is chicken n egg situation where someone is happy to see
if the dog can be 'tricked' into chasing its own tail.

Anonymous said...

For LKY to insist a shadow cabinet to be named, he must also uphold his part of the agreement.

In Oz, our shadow ministers have similar weight as the cabinet ministers. They are given the same airtime and column space on all media. They get to debate with their cabinet counterparts on TV very frequently. They have the same goal post and play the same ball.

If LKY is big-hearted to do that, I am sure Low Thia Kiang would welcome the challenge.

Anonymous said...

Low Thia Kiang can counter LKY's challenge by insisting the current PAP ministers jointly declare their absolute networth together with those named in the so called shadow cabinet...starting with LKY and son, LTK and Sylvia to reciprocate.

ps: Lucky Tan and Leong Sze Hian can do the audit :)

Anonymous said...

.....A MUST WATCH SPEECH.........

Anonymous said...

Mr Lucky

Well done. The WP needs you.
As a candidate.

Hayek @ 1/5/11 10:52 is absolutely correct.
Lets hope we still have a chance in 5 years.

Anonymous said...

are u not with wp??

Winnifred said...

Surely, the guy is totally just.