Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Gambling : Singapore to overtake Las Vegas this year...

Quite amazing I think. It was also reported that Singaporeans have become the No. 2 biggest gamblers in the world[Link] after the casinos were build. Remember that George Yeo was the Minister of Trade and Industry when the decision to build the casinos was raised in parliament.

"Mr Yeo, as then-Trade and Industry Minister, first broached the casino idea in Parliament during the Budget debate last year" - Straits Times, 15 April 2005[Link]

Regular readers of this blog know how strongly I oppose the casinos and the negative impact it has on  our society. If George Yeo runs for president, you should not forget his role in bringing the casinos to Singapore - putting money above the values of our society.
Associated Press

Singapore to take No. 2 gambling spot from Vegas
Associated Press, 06.07.11, 04:44 AM EDT

MACAU -- Gambling industry executives say Singapore is set to overtake Las Vegas to become the world's second-biggest casino market as early as this year.
Frank Fahrenkopf, president of the American Gaming Association, said Singapore raked in $5.1 billion in gaming revenue last year and could bring in up to $6.4 billion this year. The city-state opened its first two casinos last year.

Las Vegas earned $5.8 billion in casino revenue last year, but is a mature market with little potential for big growth.

Fahrenkopf made the prediction Tuesday at the start of a gambling industry conference in Macau.

He said "it's going to be an extremely good year here and in Macau," where annual revenue will grow 25 to 50 percent this year.


Anonymous said...

Remember "In George We Trust"? God help Singapore!

Anonymous said...

You people should not call him "George Yeo". It's very rude and disrespectful! His full title is:

Emperor George Yeo

Anonymous said...

Ok, it may bring in the dough but that is one thing I do not wish to be overtaking anyone anytime.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they share the facts and figures for %/# of singaporeans gambling addicts who has also overtaken the world's No # 2 spot?

Why not the facts & figures for cases of home assistance or domestic violence/wrecking cases due to family members being involved in high risk gambling? Can MCYS provide that?

Why not facts & figures from volunteers on cases they have counseled?

Everything also about the economic growth & numbers of the country..what about its people? That's why MSM like ST FAILED big time!!

Where is the quality of growth , heartware that the new & reformed PAP has talked about??

Anonymous said...

Now that LKY has really taken a back seat, all the other PAP men are starting to exert themselves.

They are going to try and climbed over the PM's head.

There is a lot of unfulfilled expectations after the GE 2011. We do not need another PAP men to run for President.

What the GE 2011 has taught us is that without the opposition bringing up hard questions, we would never have gotten the 'sorry' and the drastic changes taking place now:
We could have MBT still the Minster of Nat Dev.
We could have VB still at MCYS; Mdm Halimah should be Minister of MCYS.
Mr Khaw could still be Health Minister and run up our healthcare cost.

Anonymous said...

Lucky, I find GY is a man of many excuses. I observed that he plays the diplomatic card all the time and sits on the fence. I have never ever, seen him stand up for anything where sacrifice is needed. I think he is a NATO guy - loved to talk and wax lyrical but no action. If I want fun and laughter, I will look for GY.

Anonymous said...

More like Singapore being the second biggest casino market rather than singporeans being no. 2 biggest gamblers... There's a difference. Having said that I don't like the casinos here either

Anonymous said...

With Tan Kin Lian pledging to give all but $300k of his salary to charity, I don't think George Yeo will be throwing his hat into the ring, notwithstanding that he will be drawing his ministerial pension.

P.S. I see "In God We Trust" printed by the American Mint. Is "In George We Trust" minted by the IRs?


Anonymous said...

IF our dear "Mr. Minibond" can become Educator Minister, then why not GY become the President? S'poreans have short memories...

Anonymous said...

Not Casino George pls. He had never stood up against any detrimental PAP policies during his political career. He will be good only for rubber stamping, wining and dining foreign dignitaries and playing a ceremonial host. Wait a second, isn't this exactly what we ate paying millions of dollars to Nathan for?? Lolololol...

Anonymous said...

If GY becomes President, would he gamble our reserves away at the casinos?

Anonymous said...

George Yeo had lost in the General election.

Should he contest the Presidential election and also lose again, I wonder how he will feel.

If I were George Yeo, after losing GE, I would rather just retire from all contests.

so1trg said...

Its just karma dealing its hand on George Yeo at the recently election.
Let him run I say and continue the wheel of karma he deserves.

Anonymous said...

Do casinos cause Singaporeans to gamble away more money? Here's an attempt to analyse

Anonymous said...

Today in Macau 80% of 25m visitors are local turned hard-core gamblers, including corrupted officials.

Today in SG 65% are locals. And how exactly are they going to cap it at 30%? And they started with " We wanted it to be a resort..." justification too. See where they are now.. Macau today is a no mans land..for its citizens is a sad ending.

jay said...

Singapore casino's uses the evil baby spirits to make money fm unsuspecting people.
Leave a packet of M n M under the table and watch them disappear one by one.
I even have bite marks on my leg to prove that these
Toyuls exist there.

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