Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Presidential Election...

I was at the Bedok Library today. When you go past the library entrance, you will see a poster with our past presidents on it and a table with  a number of books on Singapore and a few books on our ex-presidents. I saw President Wee's book which I read a few years ago and a book on President Devan Nair.  If you look at our past presidents and their achievements, there are a few that stood out. President Wee was loved for being a people's president - someone who rose from a very humble background and was very approachable. President Devan Nair fought for workers as a leftist for years before he became president. The achievement that most Singaporeans remember well and probably appreciate the most is President Ong Teng Cheong fighting his ex-colleagues in the cabinet for greater transparency of the reserves. I have a confession to make here. In 1993, like many other Singaporeans, I voted against Ong Teng Cheong because I felt that having a former PAP minister check on a party he used to belong would be a real farce. I think he eventually proved all us wrong but he could not complete what he set out to do - to fight for greater transparency of our reserves....we don't even know how much it is yet we are accused of raiding it when we asked for more reasonably priced flats.

In 2008, when Lehman Brothers collapsed, thousands of Singaporeans saw their lifesavings wiped out due to financial products marketed by banks, I watched our elected leaders and MAS very closely for their reaction. I believe they would have walked away from this group of ordinary Singapore if possible and leave them to "swallow their losses" - the 1st act of the MAS was not to go and talk to these Singaporeans to find out how they can be helped but to have discussions with the banks. Our leaders said these investors went in "with their eyes open" and legally deserve no compensation. They forgot the impotance of  justice and fairness and the need to intervene to bring about a just outcome. Because our laws impose the mandatory death penalty for various crimes, it does not mean it is always right and just to put someone to death. The President holds the power to pardon death penalty cases and while our society debate whether we need to be more humane, we need an enlightened president who puts the spirit of justice above the letter of the law in such cases.

There is only one potential candidate who stood up for ordinary Singaporeans in the dark days of the Lehman collapse, only one candidate whom we can trust to continue and complete what President Ong tried to do to safeguard our reserves and fight for greater transparency and one candidate with the humility of President Wee that endeared him to ordinary Singaporeans.

I hope Tan Kin Lian runs. but I will respect him as much if he decides not to. It is a big persoanl decision because the post comes with a complete change in life, decorum and total loss of privacy. Also, Tan Kin Lian has shown he can contribute when the need arises without being president and the position comes with ceremonial duties that will take up a lot of time.


mr.udders said...

You may want to consider this post regarding TCB's views on detention without trial.

Lucky Tan said...

I also heard George Yeo was instrumental in bringing casinos to Singapore. I think I take a bigger issue with that.

Unfortunately in 1987 arrests, many people who should have stood up knowing it was wrong did not. Ordinary Singaporeans too did not stand up. I don't blame TCB because the entire climate was that of fear. Put yourself in his shoes, they had so much power at that time put people down and destroy them. Also, I believe only the ISD and a few in the cabinet knew full story and there was generally a lot of confusion at that time. Remember the detainees went on TV to "confess".

It is only with the benefit of being able to look back with greater clarity and with more information from the detainees themselves that came out later that we can get a full and clear picture.

Amused said...

You have a very limited number of candidates to choose from due to the constraints PAP imposes on the candidacy.

Let's hope Tan Kin Lian will be the Gorbachev of Singapore, and bring the country closer to the first world democracies.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed and appalled up till today that NOBODY ever questioned WHY such strict criteria needs to be in place to disqualify so many potential candidates in the first place? Once again, they show how elitist this present government has become. Are they truly necessary? This is yet another obstacle or barrier that PAP has set up (akin to GRC) to make their opaque system unaccountable with no transparency.

Time we Singaporeans speak out against such despicable deterrence for good and able candidates who want to serve, not merely hand-picked PAP backed candidates that serves a a mockery to our so called "successful form of democracy". What a crab and load of BS.

Fox said...


The president can only grant pardons on the advice of the cabinet, as shown in the Yong Vui Kong's case.

mike said...

If one is on the wrong side of the ruling party, the presidential palace could jolly well be a prison for any good president, where with any commonsense is a possibility to deny the elected office enough staff to help check and balance, deny information needed fed with misinformation. Hell anyone sitting in an office could also be denied simple things like freedom of movement, communication and mind you one's own personal doctor and medication. Yes this is a cruel world and this is a cruel and evil government.

Anonymous said...

Currently the three candidates running for Elected Presidency are: Tan Kin Lian, Tan Cheng Bok and George Yeo.

Both George Yeo and Tan Cheng Bok were former Member of the Parliament under PAP. Despite speaking out during their times as MPs, they voted along party lines and conforms to the party whip when voting for parliamentary acts, such as those that reduces the power of an elected president.

Therefore, I deem Tan Kin Lian as the only one people should vote for, especially if you are the 40% who did not vote for PAP and wishes for real checks and balances.

Tan Cheng Bok quitted the party only recently. Action speaks louder than words. He should have quitted 15 to 20 years ago if he is really sincere.

George Yeo is still with the PAP, definitely you won't want to hand all keys to the PAP, especially when PM Lee's wife controls Temasek Holding.

Anonymous said...

Your article is undoubtedly very interesting but is a poignant reminder that the President`s function is sadly restricted ironically by the creator itself ie PAP. I agree Mr Ong T.C. did try very hard to perform as President to the spirit of the law. Look what happened... he was unceremoniously dropped from the inner circle of PAP. Mr.Wee and Mr. Nair ,no doubt,were popular with the people, they understood the implicit `restrictions`and pulled no punches when performing their duties.
In conclusion, put simply, this
post is such a waste of tax payer`s
money, unless the President is
able to truly perform his duty to the spirit of the law.

Anonymous said...

Tan Kin Lian has my vote. He, of his own volition, came forth to help Singaporeans. He is sincere.

He has the gravitas to make a good President. You dont need an Oxford ascent and a tail coat to become a President.

Anonymous said...

Although Tan Kin Lian has his imperfections, I think he is the BEST AVAILABLE candidate (if he stands) so far for 2011.

In 1999 and 2005 elections, Nathan was not only the best available but also the only available!

Just like the PAP is the best available party to form the government. That's why they won 93% in the last election, despite all the imperfections of the PAP.

Choose the best available lah, tio bo? (right or not?)

Anonymous said...

"I am amazed and appalled up till today that NOBODY ever questioned WHY such strict criteria needs to be in place to disqualify so many potential candidates in the first place?"
Anon 5/6/11 10:31

Aiya, for General Election, candidate criteria is not strict what.

But then 60% voters rejected the opposition!

So if Presidential criteria is not strict, all the more voters will reject a lousy candidate!

So better be very strict. If not ah, I can also be candidate too. There will be chaos to the system!

Anonymous said...

As I have long suspected, PAP likes to monopolize talents in Singapore.

Tan Cheng Bock, Tan Kin Lian and George Yeo are or were PAP members.

My vote goes to Tan Kin Lian.

When the mini-bond investors were ostracized by the Singapore scholar-elites because someone said "they went in with their eyes opened" ... only Tan Kin Lian stepped up to right a wrong.

Every other scholar-elite became deaf, dumb and blind to the injustice.

Anonymous said...

The other issue is political neutrality of the President.

My only questions are;
a)Is a person politically neutral just because he resigns his long standing political party membership?

b)Does the President need to be politically neutral?

After all, President Obama does not have to resign from his Democrat Party.

c)Can a candidate endorsed by a political party ever be politically neutral?

d)How do we define political neutrality?

I just find the last minute act of resigning from a long held political party membership to "prove political neutrality" a bit of a wayang.

e)If political neutrality is that important, then a candidate should not be a political party member for at least 1 year. As part of qualifying criteria.

If neutrality not important, then let them keep their political party membership.

Loyal DiaryofASingMind said...

Dear Mr Tan, we notice that there are very few comments when you post on investments. I think it has something to do with the jargon. Many do not know some of the basic terms you use. Hence they can't participate and be engaged as much as they like.

Anonymous said...

"Our leaders said these investors went in "with their eyes open" and legally deserve no compensation."

In the past, I used to queue up in banks for banking errands and occasionally i would be approached by fresh-face "consultants" trying to push me investment products. As for open eyes, perhaps i was lucky. How about those aunties & uncles (barely knowledgeable in these areas) with life savings against so-called consultants riding on the "good name" of big financial institutions.

Those people on the high pedestal should see it with their open eyes on how these investment products were peddled on the ground before making such open-eye comment.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why in 1999 and in 2005 no "qualified" candidates other than Nathan wanted to stand as presidential candidate?

And now there are quite a few?

Why now different ah?

Any brilliant analysts out there can enlighten?

Anonymous said...

"I wonder why in 1999 and in 2005 no "qualified" candidates other than Nathan wanted to stand as presidential candidate?"

The use of the internet was not really widespread in 1999 & 2005 and we do not really know the no. of candidates applying, rejected or discouraged - or qualified.

Now qualification is much decided & formed by public opinion (also shared or spread by the discussions in the internet) as much as it is by the Presidential Elections Committee.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that Prof Tommy Koh is not running for president??

Anonymous said...

"I wonder why in 1999 and in 2005 no "qualified" candidates other than Nathan wanted to stand as presidential candidate?"

Because many things have gone from really bad to much much worse in the past 5 years and people are more aware than ever before that absolute power corrupts absolutely. People wants an independent President and NOT another PAP-Pet (read Puppet)!

Anonymous said...

I hope the next President is not attracted because of the money. One way to show his/her sincerity is to donate most (or all) of his pay to charity. If he donates 90% of his pay, he would still bring home more than $1K per DAY ($4+M / 365 days x 10%)!

Anonymous said...

Where can you find a job that earns you +$10K a DAY by simply being a "YES" man. Yes, you may have to shake hands with a few people from time to time, distribute cookies to boys scouts once in awhile and be entertained by those so called Charity Shows a few times a year.

Anonymous said...

I have never heard from our President asking people to donate generously. I guess he never do - or believe in doing -- such "stupid" things!

Anonymous said...

If TKL wish to join the race, he needs to show his passion and show his willingness to do something for Singapore and Singaporeans. Donate the pay away is one way to tell the PAP off! If his decision kept getting swayed by friends and wife, more than likely he would be swayed by PAP to be an "YES" man if he gets elected!

and the Same To You, G-Yeo!

Anonymous said...

I agree that it was difficult to disagree with ISD then. But to do so now and clarify his stand on hindsight is better than keeping it swept under the carpet after more than 20 years. We need the clarity that comes with time.

Anonymous said...

It is not so appropriate and also unnecessary for TKL to publicly say his wife object to his decision to be candidate. He should say this only after he has decided to be candidate, despite his wife's objection!

And suppose he decided not to be candidate, then it will also not reflect well on him that his wife can influence him on such matters.

If I were him, I won't let anybody, even wife, influence me on such decisions.

Transparency said...

I met Mr. Tan during the Minibond saga with a intention to forming action group to take up the matter with the financial institution. I am appreciative that he provided a platform for like minded victims to meet in Hong Lim Park and discuss our options in taking action again FIs.

My observation and interaction with Mr. Tan during that time was that he is a good person with integrity and brave enough to speak up for the victims when the government and its leaders abandon its people to protect the reputation of MAS and the financial institutions.

I have 2 reservations about Mr. Tan. The first is that Mr. Tan does not have a good judgement of character of people around him. The few people that he relied on for advice were there to take advantage of the cause to milk profit from the victims personally.

I was also told that the bank that sold the investment to Mrs. Tan compensated her the full investment amount when she identified herself as the wife of Mr. Tan KL. I hope Mr. Tan could keep this in mind if he submits as candidate as President, since this may create doubt in people regarding his initial intention in speaking up for Minibond victims.

Anonymous said...

I will vote for the candidate who will clip the wings of ISD in detaining political opponents. dt

Anonymous said...

EP can be a big job and a very difficult one if one choose to discharge the responsibility fully as OTC has shown it to us. On the other hand, someone else has also shown that this world highest paid job can be worry free and fun filling if you simply close your eyes and conscience and say "Yes" as needed, you would have no worries and be entertained all year round.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if TKL would be able to convince PAP to show us the reserves if he can't convince his wife on this $4+M job!

I am wondering if G-Y would be able to convince PAP to show us the reserves if his decision is dependent on the feelings of his friends about this $4+M job!

The said...

/// Tan Cheng Bock, Tan Kin Lian and George Yeo are or were PAP members.

My vote goes to Tan Kin Lian. ///

You are woefully ill informed. Tan Kin Lian was a PAP member for 30 years, and only resigned a few years back.

Amused said...

Transparency - "I was also told that the bank that sold the investment to Mrs. Tan compensated her the full investment amount when she identified herself as the wife of Mr. Tan KL."

If this is true, it's something you (Lucky) need to take into account. Also, since he is offering financial advice, he may also be speaking out for his clients. That is, if his wife and friends were not involved in mini-bonds, would he have stand out for the people?

So perhaps the mini-bond episode is not a good reason to support TKL. Of the important issues affecting Singapore workers - minimum wage, foreign talents, and cost of HDB flats, what were his positions? You need to evaluate him based on his actions BEFORE the election because anyone speaking out now may just be campaigning for the job!

Anonymous said...

Between TKL and TCB, look at their deeds and actions and i will ask myself which one has actually back up his words with actions.

My vote goes to TKL.

Anonymous said...

I think the elected President in Singapore do not have executive powers, unlike those in US or France.

He cannot initiate policy decisions or take a proactive stance to effect decisions. These belong to the PM and Cabinet Ministers.

He can only be reactive and have veto powers only for certain areas, like approval for the govt to draw from the reserves.

Other than this, the post is basically symbolic and ceremonial, like King, Queen, Agung or Emperor as is the case in other countries.

Therefore those hoping the elected President can do many things like abolishing ISA, commute death sentences etc etc are mistaken and their hopes misplaced.

Anonymous said...

Let me share with you a story about TKL.

When he was the NTUC chief, he had commented that he had saved NTUC expenditure by cutting down or stop engaging consultants. This tells a lot about this man. He viewed that engaging consultants to solve problems was waste of money. Then why in the first place employed consultants. Consultants are supposed to be employed to improve the operation of NTUC so that it become more efficient. He did not understand this simple fact. If there is no need for consultants' help, there is no need to employ any consultants.

I do not think he is so good a person to be our EP as some people see it. After all, he is formally a NTUC man. This also tells what sort of leadership he has if you really understand how NUTC is operating. He is considered PAP related person and will not get my vote for EP.

mr.udders said...

I agree with Anonymous on 5/6/11 at 16:49.

Re-posting her comment here for future readers:

"I agree that it was difficult to disagree with ISD then. But to do so now and clarify his stand on hindsight is better than keeping it swept under the carpet after more than 20 years. We need the clarity that comes with time."

Anonymous said...

In 2005, aspiring Presidential candidate Andrew Kuan had his former employer publicly disclosed his not so satisfactory work performance, even before the Presidential election committee had decided if he was qualified!

And no one is an angel, only human beings! So aspiring candidates in 2011, please take note.

Anonymous said...

The PAP is supposed to have their own candidate for the presidential elections, and I was wondering who that would be, if it is not Dr tan Cheng Bock, or the other two whom we have heard of.

Tan Kin Lian said...

Someone alerted me about the comments made by Transparency (18:19). I wish to ask this person one question and correct one fact.

Question: Who were the people advising me that had milked the investors? I did not hear of any complaint from the investors that were supposed to have been milked. If you know the facts, please send them to

I do know that some investors were disappointed about the class actions taken by the lawyers. Are you referring to these cases?

Correction of fact: I wish to correct what you said about the investment made by my wife. Hong Leong Finance sold to her the Pinnacle Notes. She told me about the investment later in the day. I read the brochure and disliked the vague disclosures of the risk, i.e. "you could lose all of your investment if certain things happen... read the prospectus".

I asked her to go to HLF immediately and get the money back. She said that HLF manager had told her that the investment could not be refunded. But I told her to tell the manager that her husband advised her to get the refund.

My wife told me recently that she did not have to use my name. She used her persuasive power to get the money refunded.

This occurred way before the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

Your post seem to imply that HLF refunded her 100% after the collapse of Lehman Brothers due to my name. This is not correct.

Tan Kin Lian said...

Dear Lucky Tan
I want to thank you for your article and request you to write to me at

hyom said...

As an investor in Singapore stocks, it surprises me that Tan Kin Lian is not sitting as an independent director of any public-listed company on SGX given his background.

My guess is that he has made too many enemies and lost many old friends by speaking up against the practices of the insurance industry and standing up for the Minibond victims against the mighty banks.

I cannot help but respect him for the sacrifice made.

michael13 said...

TKL was one of the few who dared to ask Singaporeans to vote for 'a change' during GE 2011, because the PAP government had performed poorly over the past 5 years. So this is the basic required quality of any candidate aspiring to become the next President of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans have wasted their 10 years under the current "elected" president for doing nothing much. He admitted he didn't know why he was a president in the first place.

Transpancy said...

I wish to apologize to TKL and clarify to all readers here that I am NOT doubting Mr. Tan's intention to speak up for MB victim was less than proper and was due to his wanting the FI to compensate his wife. I am merely stating a certainty that he must be prepared to face allegation of impropriety in the course of a election contest. I will write to Mr. Tan directly regarding the profiteering by his adviser which has nothing to do with class action.

Anonymous said...

Transparency. //I wish to apologize to TKL and clarify to all readers here that I am NOT doubting Mr. Tan's intention to speak up for MB victim was less than proper and was due to his wanting the FI to compensate his wife. I am merely stating a certainty that he must be prepared to face allegation of impropriety in the course of a election contest//

Compensate ? His wife cancelled the Pinnacle Notes (NOT Lehman Brothers’ Minibonds) one day after she bought the product. So it is a refund and NOT a compensation. And also this occurred way before the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

But your post give people an impression that HLF compensated her 100% after the collapse of Lehman Brothers because she is wife of Mr. Tan KL.

Amused said...

It is great that TKL clarifies it now. The Internet is doing the job of traditional press, as in western democracies, in scrutinizing candidates. It is not ideal but Singapore MSMs have lost credibility long ago.

The key here is "This occurred way before the collapse of Lehman Brothers." So TKL really did not have to get involved in the minibonds debacle. But he got involved anyway because he saw injustice where PAP saw none.

I wish the best of luck to TKL the candidate.

Anonymous said...

But he doesn't have the endorsement of the Brotherhood. Coming to think of it neither does GY or TCB either.

Maybe they feel, the role of the President should be outsourced to a jaga? What is the point of having a second key when you don't even know what it's supposed to unlock. What checks and balances are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

When the usual forum that I visited created a topic on "Who do you want to be the President?" I find this batch of Aunties really have nothing much to do or talk, as my family has been asking ourselves why are S'poreans paying $4m+ for a PR man who can formulate policies & make any decisions that will directly "help" Singaporeans. As a small country, do we really need this person?

Since there is nothing much we ordinary Singaporeans can do to remove this position, so I thought I wish this new President will set up a charity fund with his exorbitant salary package to help the needy who falls through the social cracks time & again.

And when I saw that Mr Tan has this intention to do what I have been thinking, I wish him all the best and will certaintly vote for him.

I will like to believe that he will do what he has promised and do it well.

In fact, I have heard of Mr TKL through my husbands after reading many forum letters in TST bringing issues that concerns most Singaporeans, which also include those who have lost their hardearned monies in the Lehman case.

But please Mr TKL, please be prepared for any unpleasant remarks or accusations from MIWs, but we understand no one is perfect and we believe you are good enough to be our President.

Anonymous said...

A friend emailed me on a post that said GY was responsible for cutting the quota for medical student entry from 200 to 150 in the past.

In short he is partly responsible for the shortfall in out doctors now.

Anonymous said...

Can TKL pass the President Election Committee (which decides candidate eligibility) screening?

And the $100 million company criteria is just only one of the criteria, right?

If he can't, then even if he is willing, and majority folks willing to vote for him, all these will come to nought.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Tan Kin Lian will qualify as a candidate in this election, because PAP will find ways to discredit him before the election. So most probably Tan Cheng Bock will be our next Electoral President but never go through Election Voting. What a joke again.

Anonymous said...

Yes Goerge Yeo mooted the Casino idea and pushed for it. For this, we cannot forget that this development has brought more pain by sucking many into huge losses, debt and families brokenness.

I hope he is wise not to embarrass himself further because he can't wash his hands off the fact that Casinoes are his idea.

Anonymous said...

All depends on the outcome of the Presidential Election Commission which decides on eligibility of candidates.

Who knows there may only be one eligible candidate so no need to vote lah!

Frankly, I could not be bothered with all these lah.

Doesn't matter who is President or which party is government. Because if I am rich, I will still remain rich. If I am poor I will still remain poor.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mr Tan

I will vote for you if you promise that you will help to :-
- bring about a change in the government housing policy for singles. Singles who are not married. All singaporeans regardless of marital status should be treated equally.
- look into gracefull retirement via reverse mortgage. I wonder why there is no reverse mortgage product in Singapore. I believe, this will help many future retirees wake up everyday without having to worry how to fund their retirement, when to downgrade, where to move to. With the rise in property prices, downgrading means moving to a less prefered location, much smaller apartment.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 21:46

Don't be naive. This is not the job of Singapore President.

lorongm said...


This is a bit off topic, but I thought that you and your many readers may be interested to know that in spite of the fact that both LKY and GCT are supposed to have left office, the PMO's directory shows that LKY and GCT both still have Principal Private Secratries (and their PPSs have Personal Assistants) and Press Secretaries (and the Press Secretaries also have their own Personal Assistants!), etc serving them. This must be at tremendous cost to the tax payer, unless both LKY and GCT are personally paying for these staff. Check out under Ministries/ Prime Minister's Office.

Seems like nothing has changed at all, and taxpayers money is still being squandered by the MIW.

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal? Like someone said, it is basically a ceremonial role. And the other point is: he is only one man. He does not possess absolute wisdom and infallible judgment and hence, why are we elevating such a role or looking towards such a man for salvation?
Our problem is the political body or structure that needs an overhaul. That has not happened yet.
So the elected president is nothing but a $4m PR job. If so, among the three, who has the better PR skills or make better company at state function?
Obviously the hugely popular and well connected GY - free spiritedness adds to a more interesting engagement
But I suspect his effectiveness as a politician will be greatly hampered because of the restrictive role of a president. Furthermore, how many want to see a repeat of OTC saga when he was president? The situation he created was simply awkward and I think, it is unlikely it will be repeated.

At the end of the day, the role is more fluff than substance.

Anonymous said...

I think there are provisions for the President to be removed from his job even after being elected, if he is later found "unsuitable" for the job.

There was a precedent on this in 1985, when then appointed President Devan Nair was asked to resign due to something "unsuitable" found about him.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Tan Kin Lian,

You agree that the President is obscenely overpaid. Now here is a chance of a lifetime for you to take it and give it back to the Taxpayers. You need to be specific and bold to create a vociferous roar that everyone would stand up and pay attention to you! You would be known the world over! We would be proud of you! You would get 5-stars if you donate 90% or more of that obscene pay. If you think that's too much to give away, how about drawing just the same pay as President Obama for doing nothing! It would still allow you to donate 80+% away. If the other candidates are here for the money, they would have no chance at all. Please take the lead and be bold.

Please show that you are a leader and not a follower!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize how much money that was until when it is compared to that of Obama. I think our current one should donate a big part of those he had collected over the last 10+ years instead of taking them to the grave!

Anonymous said...

What if tkl did not picture in wonder how the investors would address their anger and frustration over their loss? Perhaps a HK style mass protest and march a better job in taking the matters to the financial regulators and banks also happen here? S’poreans may be apathetic but money can make one become charged emotionally and u can’t predict how things will blew out. Without any recourse, even resort to personal vengeance against the sales people who sold them? What TKL did provide a dignified channel for investors to seek redress, I think those who sold the products should be thankful.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Lucky Tan,

Tan Kin Lian has officially announced his intention to contest the presidency.

If you want to contribute to his election campaign, please help us publicize his election Facebook page:

Thank you!

Anonymous said...


I see GY as a concept person, a thinker who would have made a very nice and able professor.

Anonymous said...

Now that TKL has decided, I am concerned whether he will be given the certificate of eligibility (COE) by the Presidential Election Committee(PEC).

What happens if in the end only one COE is issued by the PEC and TKL is not the one? No need to vote lah, right or not?

Then it will be another repeat of 2005 and 1999. I have a gut feeling this may happen again.

Just like I had the same gut feeling PAP will win at least 90% seats at the last election and this had turned true.

Disheartened said...

Tan Kin Lian is given too much credit just because he stood up for the mini bond saga.

He lacks much from a character perspective i.e graciousness, humility, to make a good President.

He is too arrogant and chauvinistic as clearly seen in his NTUC days.

But then again, the rest of the candidates are not much better...

Like some mentioned, the EP is a waste of taxpayers money.

Transparency said...

Given the choice of GY, TCB, and TKL I would support TKL as President. I believe he is no longer in support of PAP judging from the fact that he is not given a directorship or management seat in GLC or related public listed company. It also means that he has the courage to speak up against the government when he sees injustice like in the MB case and made enemy with MAS's CEO and Chairman. They fail to protect Singapore investors to claim against big FIs. The result is that a Singapore investor on average were compensated 30% of the capital while a HK investor were compensated with a minimum of 80%. I would expect him if do likewise if the government squander away our reserve with unwise investment.

Anonymous said...

To me, I find TKL is more operational and TCB is more strategic.

GY doesn't know what he is doing and doesn't have what it takes to stand up and speak up for what is right.

TKL good at day-to-day, fire-fighting role, while TCB better for long term strategic advisory role.

What is the EP's role? Is it more operational or strategic?

Anonymous said...

Our leaders said these investors went in "with their eyes open" and legally deserve no compensation. They forgot the impotance of justice and fairness and the need to intervene to bring about a just outcome.

In the dark closing days of CLOB market they said it is our fault for being greedy even though CLOB was traded thru our official exchange; this is what they meant by no one gets left behind, when it mattered blah blah

Anonymous said...

Wonder when the President salary review would be out. If it is after the election, than the amount might be dependent on who become the President. If he is PAPist, he may get by 0.95% cut. If he is independent, he may get cut by 95%!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tan KL in one of his proposal papers suggests that if he is elected he would donate ~93% of the President's pay to charity. My hat off to him and will support him fully without reservation. If Mr. Tan CB truly care for people of Singapore I hope he will withdraw from the race in order not to split the votes. He will be respected too if he does that.

TKL Link:

Anonymous said...

I hope Mr. Tan KL's papers would be widely publicized. May be Lucky can start it off with an article focus on that.

Anonymous said...

I was undecided about Mr. TKL but now I am convinced that he is the best candidate, by far!

Anonymous said...

LHL also said he would donate his salary increase to charity. Till now I have heard no news about it.

duckless said...

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Kenneth Cummings said...

Why is it that Prof Tommy Koh is not running for president??