Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tan Kin Lian on the President's role and responsibilities...

A few weeks ago, prominent ex-civil servant, Ngiam Tong Dow, wrote an article that was published in the Straits Times. He wrote that the trust between the PAP and the people has weakened and 2 important issues needs to be addressed[Link to Ngiam's article]. The first is the high pay of our leaders and the second is greater transparency for our reserves. Although cutting the ministers' pay is not something difficult, the real problem today is the widening income gap which has caused great dissatisfaction among a large segment of the populace. This is much harder to fix as it is linked to the structure of our economy.

"The Singapore Government can seek to build more trust with citizens
by being more open about the size and composi­tion of the national reserves.

While there is no outcry on the secrecy now, a more open,
transparent approach can reduce confusion and dispel any doubts on the issue. I
would urge the Min­ister of Finance to consider publishing an annual audited
statement on the size and composition of our reserves. It can be presented as a
White Paper to the new Parlia­ment, which is due to begin its term."  - Ngiam Tong Dow.

While there is no public outcry on the secrecy of those reserve, every time the veil is pulled aside and we get catch a glimpse of what they are doing, the desire for transparency goes up. Take the Shin Corp deal that triggered Thaksin's downfall as an example. Once the light was shone on  the deal when Thaksin's political opponents had the deal investigated, it was found that Temasek used nominees to circumvent Thai laws to acquire Shin Corp [Link] and that result in massive losses when they wre forced to reduce their stakes[Link].

The suggestion by Ngiam Tong Dow to have Temasek and GIC publish an annual audited statement statement on the size and assets held in our reserves is a good start. It is ridiculous that the size of our reserves is kept secret from Singaporeans. Minister Mah revealed a few months ago that much of our reserves were accumulated from the sale of 99 yr land leases to Singaporeans who took up heavy loans to purchase their HDB flats. The purpose of accumulating reserves has to be very clear and there has to be a targeted amount of reserves to serve this purpose - it is best that this is debated in parliament along with the issue of how the reserves will eventually benefit Singaporeans. Without a clear articulation of purpose, targeted size and benefits,  many Singaporeans will always view reserve building with suspicion - it is build from the 'sweat and blood' of Singaporeans but whose interests does it serve? Is it there to cushion against economic crisis? Is it there to cushion against poor demographics of an ageing population? Is it there to feed and sustain a network of GLCslinked to the power-elites?  Is it to create jobs to parachute elites into top fund management positions?

Transparency is the first step to building trust -  if that is what the PAP wants. That we don't even know the size of reserves shows how far we are from any form of real transparency. We would like to know what performance benchmarks are used so that we can tell if the benchmark is correct and whether the reserves are well managed over the long term. We would like to know the overall risk profile of the investments as part of it is borrowed from our CPF retirement accounts. What Singaporeans are generally are asking for is no different from what other major sovereign wealth funds and pension funds already practise.

The PAP govt stonewalled President Ong Teng Cheong who was their endorsed candidate. Then came a number of high profile risky deals with bad results. We saw Ho Ching planning to step down for Goodyear then Goodyear stepping down so that Ho Ching can stay. All this does not create trust and citizens are not going to accept secrecy any longer.

Dr. Tony Tan has been an executive director in the GIC for about 10 years and was part of the Cabinet for more than 10 years. He is clearly not an independent candidate although he says he is. The PAP appear to endorse his candidacy. He was executive director of the GIC during the financial crisis and in the last 10 years we see only minor improvement in the transparency of the GIC - far less than what Singaporeans want and have been asking for. What we need today is a truly independent president who will work with the govt on the issue of transparency bringing along with him to office the mandate of the people and channelling these requests for information to the govt. While the PAP govt can still choose to stonewall him, it will be wiser for them to work with him to resolve these issues to win the trust and support of the people.


Anonymous said...

I have the gut feeling that in the end only one Certificate of eligibility (COE) is issued.

Just like the same gut feeling I had that PAP will sweep at least 90% seats in GE 2011. And it turned out true.

And I strongly believe that whether it is GE or Presidential elections, PAP will have no problem winning it the way they want. Even for GE 2016.

This is the uniqueness of Singapore. This has given Singapore peace, stability and prosperity (at least on the surface) despite whatever problems and unhappiness the "peasants" may have.

And by the way these "peasants" are only 40% of the voters even in the worst of times!

Veritas said...

Sovereign wealth fund itself is a crazy idea from the start.

Before world war 1, most countries stored their wealth in gold, and currency were nominally back by gold.

Currency Sing Dollar is back by unknown asset managed by GIC, held like top secret.

Sovereign wealth is a hedge to the debasement of reserve currency, the US dollar. Unfortunately, you cannot really hedge anything from this. First, in the age of volatility and extremely short economic cycle, nothing except gold is secure.

The tragedy for us is we are unable do it alone and unilaterally go back gold standard. Reason, that would be deem an attack on US dollar.

Anonymous said...

It is not just about MORE transparent on our reserve that could win back the trust of the people. The government needs to be TOTALLY accountable and transparent to its people. The people must have the citizen right to question any policy or law that is concerned with them and their country. There must be genuine debate on any policy or law to be changed or introduced. The debate must go beyond the parliament since the parliament today does not represent the true portion of the people. Only a TOTALLY accountable and transparent government will survive in this 21st century. One key role of the government today is to rise the political maturity of its people so that they can vote wisely and rationally a good government to represent them. The dictatorship or authoritarianism or totalitarianism will have no place in this political awakening century. One party dominant parliament will be a history for many many countries in this century.

Before GE2011, LKY had said to the youths "Do you think you can change the government?" The people should reply "Why not? Can we still live with this unaccountable and opaque government?" Change is a way to go regardless how this government tries very hard to hold on to power. Enough is enough. Let's change the government and review the past. Justice must eventually come. Be prepared. History has again and again prove this point.

Tan Kin Lian said...

Dear Lucky Tan
Thank you for an excellent article. I agree with Ngiam Tong Dow that the publication of an annual report is helpful in improving transparency of the national reserves, in increasing awareness and understanding and in building trust. I have made a similar suggestion in this document which was issued a month ago:

Two other pillars of my platform are:
- be a voice of the people
- be independent of the PAP government.

I want to play a role in re-building the trust between the people and the government.This is stated in my message, which is available here:

I also thank you for posting my video, which is a speech given to my supporters. It conveys the same message. I spoke off the cuff, so there were some words chosen that were not as good as a prepared speech.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan Kin Lian, you really need to talk less and be more self-assured. Singaporeans do not buy into the idea of having political leaders who talk too much. They are viewed as troublemakers and this do not go well with Singaporeans. Learn from the past, where oppositions who talk too much do not get into parliament, no matter how useful their speeches are in comparison to WP's. Goodness, I want to vote you but if you go on this way, I don't know if I want to vote someone who don't behave like a country head. You really need to talk less! Please!

Anonymous said...

Based on CIA factbook 2010 data, Singapore's public debt stood at 102.4% of GDP, ranked no. 9. Our external debt was 10% of GDP and internal debt was 92.4% of GDP. What it means is that our government owes us Singaporeans debt as large as 92.4% of our GDP or about $200 billion USD mainly in the form of CPF money. This money is used to buy government bonds to fuel the investments of GIC and Temasek Holdings.

We seriously need an independent President to check on the PAP government. PM Lee as chairman of GIC and his wife as CEO of Temasek Holdings does not bode well with the general public. The arbitrary raise in CPF minimum sum, the push for later retirement and the consistently low CPF interest below inflation rate makes us wonder what has happened to our retirement fund.

Let's vote for Mr Tan Kin Lian as President. I believe he can help us solve the mystery. Only he can account for our reserve and protect our CPF.

Anonymous said...

And to continue, learn from Mr Ong Teng Cheong. If you want to talk, at least don't piss the the people off from not voting for you first. Talk for all you want WHEN you become a president. This is EQ! Over 60% of Singaporeans do not need you to oppose the PAP government. If you are going to portray yourself as that, you are going to lose big time! Forget all these talk of being voice of people, being independent. All the president wannabe are more of less singing the same tunes. Worse of all, to iterate, you paint yourself as anti-PAP! You are gonna lose more support if you do that. Singaporeans do not need a president who'll squabble with PAP government all the time! We want one who can work with PAP to change things better for us eg. Singaporeans first policies. Please repackage yourself! The pro-opposition no. is less than 40%, maybe just 20%. In GE 2011, many voted against PAP not because they are anti-PAP to the root. This group will not care who become the president as history has shown that presidents here are nothing but rubber stamps. Please improve your image, portray yourself as the kinda president Singaporeans (the kiasis) want. Someone who love Singaporeans, who's eloquent to represent Sg in meeting overseas leaders, who speak well of Sg to other countries. Goodness, there's not much time left. Please improve your image and most importantly, don't talk like an opposition head and talk less! Goodness. Whether I vote for you or not will depend on if you make any improvements to your image to be a country's proud representative. Don't think so far, just focus on winning people's heart first. Don't think of democracy for now, majority of Singaporeans are stupid and think nothing of democracy. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Think Bernie Madoff. Vote wisely. Our CPF is at stake.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan Kin Lian, some of your advantages in this election are your age (much younger and hence more energetic to do things), your experience in NTUC's successs, your academic background to understand Singapore's sovereign funds, your rags to riches story (hence can understand the poor having been through that), your willingness to take a much lesser salary (was it 50 or 70% less?). Please sell these to the Singaporeans to connect with us. The intellects will vote for you but you need to do more now to reach out the the masses and anti-PAP speeches will not go well.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan Kin Lian, all my friends will vote for you.

To us, your image is not so important.
To us, whether you can do all things ceremonial is not important.
To us, whether your eyes blink or no blink, it's not important.
To us, whether you can handle diplomatic relations is not important.
To us, whether you talk a lot or talk little is not important.

What really matters is that you are the only one who can account for and protect our reserves.

This is the only reason we need, to vote for you!

Anonymous said...

Rex comments as follows,

I like Lucky Tan's posts, they are very well written and thought provoking, balanced and constructive.

one of the readers asked Mr Tan to talk less.

In some ways it is a good advice. 言多必失。You are bound to make some slips sooner or later, Mr Tan Kin Lian. Maybe the anonymous writer is correct Mr Tan, you could close the PR campaign for a while, especially till after the COE is issued...

I guess MR Tan is caught in a very difficult circumstance. Tan Chen Bok is wellknown, so is Tony Tan. By comparison, MrTan is not so famous. So other than making speeches, how is he going to reach out to more people? It's a practical problem.

All i can say is that being a presidential candidate is a thankless task. Damned-if-you-do-this-damned-if-you-dont kind of task. All i can say is that only someone with quite a bit of real passion would stand for elections to contend as PResident. I said elsewhere, rich men, ex CEO's, ex Bankers - they'd rather play golf, fly to canada, swiss alps, stay with their kids in England, sip wine in French Riveria, go on their private yacht trips, socialise with other Beautiful People - rather than to get their hands dirtied with trying to make a difference in the life of singaporeans.

I have no doubt as to who i am voting for. I am not too concerned with the other aspects of being PResident, like looking high class "to promote Singapore" abroad. In real life, politics is more deep/dirty than having a smiling face to show to other international heads to convince them to invest or to make them understand singapore. It makes little difference in reality.


Anonymous said...

Mr Tan Kin Lian,

good for you to have supporters like anonymous at 10/7/11 11:15. However, you really have to improve your image to win the masses. I am worried for you when thesatayclub criticised you like that and so do some members of public in yahoo singapore. If Singaporeans are an intelligent lot and want the PAP to be checked, they would have voted SDP and other opposition parties in. They did not. They only want the co-driver (as WP portrays and sells itself) in and hoping for the best (nevermind if the driver and co-driver are both sleeping). That is the Singaporeans' mentality. Singaporeans never learn. They want a stable government as most Singaporeans have vested heavily in this country eg. property. They don't want instability. Please, don't just shoot off your mouth, be smart, say things that people want to hear. I heard Goh Meng Seng is assisting you in this election? No offence to Mr Goh, he's a courageous man, but he may not be a good advisor. You have to learn from winning models, not losing ones! All the best again, not much time left.

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

If you support Mr Tan Kin Lian, please do your part to campaign for him online. Let Singaporeans know why you want to vote for him and why you don't want to vote for other candidates.

Mr Tan Kin Lian needs our support. There is a big SPH machinery out there to bring him down. He cannot do it alone. He needs our help. Vote for a people's president. This is not a battle between three candidates. This is a battle for greater transparency in our government. This is a battle for Singaporeans.

Mr Tan has taken the bold step to risk his life. Mr Ong Teng Cheong had sacrificed for us. So had Mr Devan Nair. Please do not let the sacrifice go to nought. Do something for Mr Tan. Support him to put things right.

De Leviathan @ Sg said...

@ "Transparency is the first step to building trust - if that is what the PAP wants. That we don't even know the size of reserves shows how far we are from any form of real transparency. We would like to know what performance benchmarks are used so that we can tell if the benchmark is correct and whether the reserves are well managed over the long term."

I must agree with Lucky Tan.

Read :- Presidential Election Watch Part II - Tony Tan As EP - Too Close For Comfort ?

sgcynic said...

We cannot even trust Tony Tan to be transparent on his "independent" presidential candidancy. How can we trust him to secure our national reserves? Vote for integrity and honesty.

I wanna be president! said...

Its "Ngiam Tong Dow".

Whoever will be president cuts no bone with me. The office is as toothless as my grandfather.

It comes alive only when past reserves need to be used.. and even then, a simple signature is requires and 1 panel of "wise" men will guide him..

Other than that, cut ribbons, smile, shake hands, drink champange
go for world tours, all expense paid. with a credit card too!

Damn!.. should have joined a GLC years ago!! there goes my chance.

Anonymous said...

Some people may think that TKL "talks too much" and is trying to grap "attention".

This impression is very wrong. TKL is known to be a very "hands-on" man; particularly in reaching out to the ground or grassroots. And he is fighting his camapign very "hands-on" as we have seen him in the new media.

So positive Singaporeans should help him to reach out to more "heartlanders". If not he will lose because the Main Stream media will be very pro-PAP and Tony Tan, and not help TKL or TCB at all.

Anonymous said...

TKL is saying that he is the Voice of the People. So of course he will be vocal. If you want someone silent, vote for Tony Tan. You can count on him to keep quiet and not say anything as the PAP does as the PAP pleases.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans have missed their chance for a Berish 2.0 type of rally (outside the election timezone) that is. Even the malaysians have more guts than us...sigh and shake heads.

How daft are sinkies??! You already have top 3 guys from the familee (Lee/Ho/Teo), and they want to put in TT so it keeps within their steady daft is daft..

60% Singaporeans are gutless, spineless and in denial. I challenge them to stop dragging their feet long and see all the symbolic success but don't want to address the rot within..

Anonymous said...

All the three Tans, my vote is going to TKL. This is also why I voted opposition in this year's GE. Majullah Singapurah!

recruit ong

Anonymous said...

Tell us please!

Who is going to give the Sin President any power?

Is the President Of Sin giving
him/herself INDEPENDENCE to act
according to his/her own conscience?

Anonymous said...

All 3 Presidential-hopefuls are credible candidates. Whether he is pro-PAP or pro-Opposition or nonpartisan (much preferred) does not matter but we definitely do need someone energetic, credible, honest, empathetic and very comfortable with numbers. My vote therfore goes to Mr Tan Kin Lian.

Anonymous said...

Reserve value publication is a small start.

what is also important is the use of these reserves?

what is the purpose of these reserves?

Anonymous said...

The elections have been cast as a Talent contest.

What many have lost sight of is that the purpose of elections is to vote for the one who best represent your interest. (commonly derided to as 'Populist' sentiments)

Vote for a better future for yourself, your children and those who are dear to you.

Anonymous said...

"...They only want the co-driver (as WP portrays and sells itself) in and hoping for the best (never mind if the driver and co-driver are both sleeping). That is the Singaporeans' mentality."

Once elected, could Tan Chen Bock become the sleeping co-driver who is more than willing to be part of PAP's coalition government?

At least Tony Tan or Tan Kin Lian are not as pretentious.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11/7/11 11:17

Don't count your chickens before they are hatched.

Who knows, there may not even be a contest after all.

Anonymous said...

Strange why there is no news/coverage about TCB submitting his application at the Dept?

So could there also be another quiet candidate who last submitted his form?

Anonymous said...

You can also count on both Dr Tans to remain silent if anyone of them win the election.

Anonymous said...

Quiet candidate should not have submitted at all.

If so shy and scared, why want to be President?

Anonymous said...

I asked my dad who is he voting, he said he is not going to cast his vote, reason being EP is powerless and it is just a show put up by PAP for foreigners to watch. I told him since EP is here to stay and there is nothing we can do, we might as well choose the one who we believe is doing it for the betterment of Singaporean (like donating part of his salary for good cause) and more importantly, least connected to PAP and therefore in better position to do the 'check and balance' work. He is convinced and we are all going to vote for Mr Tan Kin Lian.

Anonymous said...

Problem is, do voters even have the chance to vote for Tan Kin Lian, or even to vote at all?

I have this strong feeling that Tan Kin Lian may not get his COE.

Anonymous said...

Much ado about a window dressing.
How important can it be?

Anonymous said...

Think Iceland wisely.

Anonymous said...

Many of us feel that Tony Tan has discredited himself.
The charge is that he erred in not declaring an interest – or at least the family connection. Furthermore, why would anyone in their right frame of mind pass all their hard-earned savings into a national bank, just to have them tell you that you're not getting any open statement from them? Would you?

As for TCB, people are still yet to know where is his stand on our Reserves, and his views are, and how he's going to bring his lack of finance background into this role. Silence is definitely not an option.

As for TKL, we just wish he attack less(of those dissenting views) and just focus on his campaign.
Otherwise, he's looking damn petty.

Anonymous said...

What Bersih. By the time Sinkies wake up, all will be too late..then the rots are everywhere..what are you going to do? I can hope those who 60% kiasi voters will do the right thing and put in an independent President so we can have some sort of transparency. We are probably just few light years away from MYS situation.
The signs all written on the walls..but they prefer to be believe in the sleepy drug called hope-pium...

Apathy said...

So, after the hoo-hah, we get a president whom we voted and hoped for transparency, in respect of the national reserves.

Great. we know how much is the reserve, how much was lost, how much was gained.

Think for a moment, what happens next? I bet my 5cents that there will be more questions. And where will you and I be? still struggling with our loans and fighting with FT for space and jobs

You think for 1 second that you will get discounts, hand outs, and increase in your CPF?

Not even if there are dead bodies on the streets.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, lay Singaporeans seem to have florid(high-falutin) and imaginative ideas about the National Reserve. Other than the Said Figure(Amount), who has seen and got benefited from It?
The First Generation of Singaporeans, those in their fifties and older when Sin got its' independence, are mostly dead and those born soon after, not many are left. So, there were at least near two generations of Singaporeans who never got to smell the Reserve.
As for those living Singaporeans, will they be different from their predecessors?
To say that the EP's Primary Role is to safeguard the Reserve do not make much sense either, especially when the President is being paid a ridiculous remuneration to do a certain function that, which will only occurred if there is a freak situation when the State is economically stricken. Otherwise, the President will shake legs and get his remunerations with occasional attendances to events as a VIP celebrity.
By the way, are Singaporeans having no faith that 87 Parliamentarians are having their says in the custody and use of the Reserve? And they have to depend on one person to decide! How absurd can it be!
So, why are Singaporeans thinking so highly of the Sin President's role in their livelihoods and well-beings. No Singaporean has been tangibly affected by any Sin President yet since the day Sin has EPs.
At least a hair band prevents the hairs from going messy. However, in the case of the Sin President, not only he is not a unifying figure, the election for one has cause so much squabbles amongst the citizens.
And though the President Of Sin is less useful than a hair band, many Singaporeans are so work-up about the election for one.
I can only conclude with the hindsight of the Past Presidents, it makes no difference to Singaporeans whether or not we have a president.
BUT, NOT HAVING ONE WILL RESULT IN LESS CONTENTION AMONGST THE POPULACE. Or have one for ceremony, pay him/her like a performing artiste and not that of an international star.

Anonymous said...

i hope all 4 get their coes, but i reckon most wud be comfortable with TCB and TT due to their long history of public service. This P election is important for sg, may the best man wins.

Anonymous said...

Historically, your support has been a kiss of death.
Shouldn't you consider supporting Tony Tan?

That is if there is even going to be an election.

Anonymous said...

Submitting COE application is still not closed yet.

So there is possibility of no fight, 2, 3, 4 or even more corner fight!

So the next few weeks will be interesting, assuming Singaporeans are interested.

Anonymous said...

Tan Kin Lian + Workers' Party in Parliament = A Faster CHANGE for a BETTER Singapore, sooner.

Anonymous said...

To anon 10/7/11 10:46

You should instead talk less. The problems that we face in this country at present has a lot to do with individuals like yourself who don't speak when it matters.

You should not discourage others. I don't consider it a reality check. I consider you a coward for perpetuate and sharing a dying trend in today's Singapore.

That's your opinion if you think Singaporeans don't want leaders who speak out.

Who wants a PAP who speak out a lot in defense of their incompetencies? Even the PM spoke out and your views are outdated. And outmoded.

40% who voted against the government are realising that the GRC systems is downplaying their rightful participation in parliament. They have a disporprotionate representation. Don't you agree?

If you're not going to help us make Singapore better, then the least you could do as a polite gesture is to refrain from exerting implicit pressure on other Singaporeans to speak their mind and their views.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

..." At least a hair band prevents the hairs from going messy. However, in the case of the Sin President, not only he is not a unifying figure, the election for one has cause so much squabbles amongst the citizens."

Yeap! agree with you on this.

I really do not know what the hoo-hah is all about.. suddenly the president can do wonders!

I believe TKL wants the limelight and the perks that goes with it.
TCB already has landed properties and pets, TT already born with golden spoon and never washed his own underwear.

TKL is the "people's" president because he uses simple words and with tones that ordinary citizens are familiar.

Anonymous said...

I am agree with you on this.
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Anonymous said...

Finally there is HOPE for our country!!!

Support Tan Jee Say!!!

Anonymous said...

TKL is the "people's" president because he uses simple words and with tones that ordinary citizens are familiar.

Hmm you know what.. Andrew Kuan wud be better if that is the case, he is always smiling and shaking hands..

Anonymous said...

Tan Jee Say is a man with no pretension.
At last there is one worthy of my vote.

duckless said...

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Anonymous said...

"it is not right to use tax payers' money on the public transport system because it is not fair - not all tax payers use the public transport so it is unfair to do so"

the same logic could also be applied on the upfront costs on national iconic buildings or places like the explanade, museums, stadiums, bird park, zoo, courts, etc, etc, as not all people use them or use them with the same frequency.

ain't the improvement of public transport is too encourage usage while discouraging negative externalities from private transport.

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