Friday, August 26, 2011

Ivy Singh Lim : I've never seen my country so divided so unhappy so sad....

Ivy  Singh Lim spoke at Tan Kin Lian's rally yesterday. If you missed the news a few months ago, Ivy kissed the floor of outside the Supreme Court when her brother was acquited by the court.

If you find what she did somewhat amusing, you should consider the fact that her brother spend more than a $1m and 10 years to clear his name. Ivy promised to kissed the floor if ever her brother succeeds in his decade long pursuit of justice. Ivy's deep sense of justice and equality was strongly expressed in her speech.

Unlike that General Elections campaign which focuses voters' attention on various policy issues, the PE is focused on the character and morality of the candidates. Each candidate in the PE is far more scrutinised  than those running for seats in the parliament. Rightfully so because the president who is voted into the office by the entire population of eligible voters becomes the voice of the people - he represents the collective sense of justice...of what is right and wrong in our society.

In Sept 2008. tragedy struck thousands of Singaporeans who saw their life savings wiped out by the collapse of Lehman Brothers. They were sold complex financial products by banks that marketed them out as safe investments then covered themselves legally by getting the buyers to sign various declare they understand the risks and so on. I watched this saga closely as I wanted to see how our leaders and the authorities would respond - were they able to see that justice is not determined by rules but by outcomes? Which minister, which MP, which leader would step forward to help these Singaporeans? The minute MM Lee said that these Singaporeans "went in with their eyes open" and had no legal case, no PAP MP or minister dared to lend these people a hand. It was in those dark days than Mr. Tan Kin Lian stepped forward to speak up for these people - many of whom were illiterate, old and poor.

You see, Tan Kin Lian understood that justice does not come simply by applying the laws rigidly. The people who lost their savings trusted our big banks and never for one moment think that had to deciper the legal jargon of forms they sign. For ordinary folks, justice comes when you deal with people can trust - they are not educated as lawyers ...what good is the law anyway if it allows injustice? It was Tan Kin Lian who stepped forward, it was Tan Kin Lian who lend his hand to organise petitions and put pressure on the authorities. He didn't worry about offending the powerful banks, he didn't care if the authorities would come after him, all he cared about was justice...justice for the common people.

Whoever wins this election, Singaporeans have already won. Thanks to the candidates who stepped forward and offered much more, the Singapore presidency will never be the same again and the expectations for how the president can connect, represent and help the people will mean who ever wins this election will have to do the work of the people. The campaign process also brought out the prominent people like Ivy Singh Lim and Petrina Kow (hosted Tan Jee Say's rally) who came out to support the non-PAP endorsed candidates. They echo the same sentiment as those who feel that change is badly needed here and this country has "never been so divided, unhappy and sad".  This feeling also drive Singaporeans to vote for a president who possess a strong moral purpose and values sorely missing in the leadership of this country for so many years.

When Singaporeans stand in front of the ballot box tomorrow, they are not to be bothered with what the govt experts say about the limited role and power of the president and that he should remain silent on policies that affect Singaporeans. Just like in those dark days following the Lehman Brothers collapse, if ever the people need a voice to speak up for them, they cannot  afford to have a president who is silent or will say what the govt wants him to say. They will need someone who embodies the values, morality and courage to be able to stand up for them as an elected leader and representative of the people.


Anonymous said...

Once the election is over, tsunami of foreigners waiting near our coastline are waiting for our flood gate to be opened to flood our Singapore.

To make use of this great opportunity, we, the company directors of Singapore are ready to remove our Singaporean staffs from their jobs in our companies. The vacancies of these jobs are replaced by the foreigners who are very cheap.

We, the company directors of Singapore, are determined to make this happen.

Anonymous said...

This has signaled in fact the ending of the PAP dictatorship rule and possibly a collapse of the country before it reborn again to be a true democratic country.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucky,

Seems you did not want to explicitly endorse anyone, though implicitly I can see that you favour Mr Tan Kin Lian.

But I still want to remind people that voting strategically is important to ensure that Dr Tony Tan does not win.

Please read the endorsement of Mr Tan Jee Say by Mr Alex Au.

Anonymous said...

I finally found clarity as to why and who to vote to be my ELECTED president. I found this following Basil Hwang's speech at TJS's election rally on 23 August 2011.

It boils down to proper governance of the state; no different from that of proper corporate governance for companies and businesses.

We can trust the government that they will do their job honorably but we still need someone else to verify independently their deeds.

Lucky Tan said...

anon 12:39,

I think people know what to do. I asked around and voters are smart enough to know how to overcome the splitting of votes.

The situation was complicated by TJS joining the fray - he did run a very good campaign and had a huge turnout during his rally.

Whoever you vote for the expectations has already been raised and the president has to do the work of the people. Even Tony Tan said he will look into the arrest of Marxist Conspirators, he also spoke on the PA vs WP issue and so on.

I'm glad TKL ran and gave us expectations of what a good president should do. His standing up for the ordinary people against the powers time and time again...whether he becomes president or not, he will always be on the side of the ordinary Singaporean.

PHY said...

Here are my thoughts :

- Those who are still confused about the role, should refrain from stupid voting. These lot of daft singaporeans will generally put the "safe choice" in. Better they abstain.

- Those are still undecided, their choices are really narrowed to 3 - TKL/TJS/TCB. Anyone other than TT

- A vote for TT is like getting a cat to look after your fish. Or as TCB says - Same ingredient, different soup.
Besides, from the rally last night, we just discovered that TT is still a chairman of National Research Foundation which reports to PMO office. How is that independent? In fact, is that a violation of the elections rules which may disqualify him? The website of NRF is down as we speak.

- Of the three candidates - who has the depth and understanding of what a proper governance & check like? While I admire TKL for his sincerity, authenticity and courage, he was rather out of depth when it comes to some questions posed to him in Forum or F2F. So he's off my list. But I hope he continues to be a strong advocate for Singaporeans!

- That remains TJS/TCB. I agree with Alex Au's observations on TCB. He's been playing the middle ground very well, and posturing very successfully too. He stands neither here nor there on the fence, but I suspect to many people, that is a safe/middle way. SO he still have an edge here.

- TJS resonates with my beliefs that the Govt needs a proper check/balance particularly with our reserves that is a deep dark hole. Leong Sze Hian rightly pointed out that the reserves was used 27 times during Nathan's era but yet we've only known it once! There's still a lot to be account for. If I purely look at the recent Aljunied Win - after WP's taken over all that saga and unfair practices that came to light by the PA, I can imagine what sort of abuses/non compliance/grey areas are going on in there. We wouldn't have known these if there's no fresh pair of eyes to look at.

Personally, my vote is for improving a system and make it more transparent, more robust that can withstand a vibrant check/balance. Any modern progressive country should aim to be first world in that regards..the only way to find out, is for an assertive candidate.

I hope Singaporeans can see beyond the looks/vanity of the ceremonial and picture on the wall. This is not about against/anti PAP - but genuinely wanting a system that is robust and can withstand time and longevity beyond a particular Party.

Good luck , and good cooling

Anonymous said...

Gong Lan:- boys and girls you mark my words here. Whosoever wins this PE2011, the PAPist will amend the Constitution to DEFANG the Presidency of all of its powers. Too much rampaging around has already been done by the 4 candidates, all of whom said many things and made many representations that are frankly Unconstitutional, causing untold confusion and raising unrealistic hopes and aspirations. The PAPists is under no obligation to fulfil any of such promises and aspirations - with the attendant result that there would be a backlash in GE2016 which would further erode the PAPists' thinning margins. This amusing street party has gotta stop, and stop it the Papists will. Samson is threatening to pull down the temple, cannot tahan anymore. Then we can all return to the Goode Oldes Days of the SPH reporter, the Gynae or the ISD dude: piss and quietude again, at long last.

Anonymous said...

I will vote for the one who mentioned pension for the old and forgotten singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Agree. They will shut down any true patriot president. If Mr OCBC wins....then no problem....
The sheeps get to vent a little , some sheeps who voted him in will sleep blissfully that they picked the most presidential looking chap to cut ribbon & shake hands ( nevermind the $4million) whilst the rest moves on to endure another few more good years of PAP Government.

We The Sheeple are truly disunited & playing right into their grand scheme of things...

By the way ...check out youtube....Ang Peng Siong & Josclyn Yeo & That Aw girl from mediacorp practicing their polishing abilities. Priceless

Anonymous said...

You talked about justice. I think justice is brought about my true actions. Mr TKL's Lehmann act hardly qualifies for that, it was merely opportunistic. You should have seen for yourselves what happened in Hong Kong. Those consequences can still be seen to this day at the doorstep of major banks in Hong Kong.

Mr TKL's proclaim of 100,000 signatures for a bid tells you how accurate his back of envelope calculation is. his command of language is not very impressive too. That should tell you why the turnout was poor - first impression fails.

Which candidate, other than TT, has that accurate sense and can speak fluent English? TSJ.
He's young too. Vote him and he has aplenty time to up the PAP ass.

Anonymous said...

Its the business people, the SME, the clan that is the most kiasi.

They feel absolutley helpless to defend for themselves because they need business and generous holes for them to build huge profits.

Note the gentleman standing next to TT in the photo.. is he not a businesman involved with construction works, properties? vested interests right?

The ordinary citizen wants change
The businessmen want money

Anyone else can be president but not TT... he must not win.

If he does ( which is very likely )
then we will have to wait for another 6 years.. by then Parliarment would have amended lots of things..

The WP MUST look out for these amendments and highlight the effects of these changes.

We live in interesting times indeed

Anonymous said...

Ivy LIM SINGH for President!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Win win outcome for the 4 Tans, the Government and Singaporeans

TCB 32%
TT 31%
TJS 24%
TKL 13%

TCB - Despite a low winning margin and securing only 32% of the popular vote, he will get on with unifying Singaporeans ? a major theme of his campaign. He will have to draw on his many years experience in politics, use his common touch, his instincts to bring together people of all political alliances.

TT - Secretly relieved that he lost by the narrowest of margin. Tried his best. After all the last time he fought in an election it was a different world - no internet, no social media, control of information, much more compliant people. Unifying Singaporeans will be a herculean task which is never one of his strengths. In recognition of his "sacrifice", GIC offers him to return as Vice Chairman. TT can use his deep experience and knowledge to manage GIC for the benefit of all Singaporeans. Besides as head of GIC, he can meet and engage any central banker or politician in the world.

TJS - Hit jackpot when he received the COE and rode on the opposition bandwagon to establish himself as a credible opposition candidate. His securing almost one quarter of the popular votes gives him credibility to launch a new opposition party which could attract the likes of Nicole Seah, Dr Wong Yong Guan as members and be a serious force to contend with in GE 2016.

TKL - Big relief that he got his deposit returned which saved his face. Vindicated that "some people" did vote for him. He can start a NGO to conduct feedback from Singaporeans and be the voice of the people.

The Singapore Government

The strategy of allowing 4 candidates to stand has paid off. An EP without a majority of the popular vote would be less confrontational with the government which has 60% of the popular vote. Although not their preferred choice, TCB is a known figure and can be trusted to work well with the government.


Singaporeans have a unifying EP, a strong and experienced hand helming GIC, a potentially strong opposition candidate for GE 2016 and have another feedback channel to voice their concerns.

A True Singaporean

Anonymous said...

Read somewhere that according to astrology, 2012-2013 is going to be a messy period for governments around the world. Many governments will fall or concede power to the people. Will SG be part of the change?

Anonymous said...

What I think of the 4 PE Candidates?

TT - A company will not nominate his Accountant to audit his company's account.

TCB - He's sitting on the fence to decide when (not whether) he should go left or right.

TKL - Blame everybody but himself.

TJS - Will not hesitate to go "headlong".

Anonymous said...

The Brotherhood has never lost a single battle in the virtual before. I mean never. We need them now. We need them on our side. Only they have the know how to teach us all, how to climb over the vote splitting when 4 Tans run for a single seat.

kingfisher said...

"Politics without Principles,
Education without Character,
Science without Humanity,and
Commerce without Morality
are not only useless,
but also positively dangerous."

- Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Anonymous said...


With clueless opposition leaders like u, is there any wonder why singaporeans are divided and sad?

TT is going to win. Do u really think he would do anything for us? Just look at LHL post GE! PAP will now get another 5 years to become stronger and to punish the sheep.

Because u lack balls, our future just got a bit darker. Dun think ur wealth can save u. With absolute power they can do anything they want.

Majid Ali said...

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