Monday, September 05, 2011

Largest Protest in Israel held on Saturday.

The protest held in Israel on Saturday is the largest in the country. - 450,000 turned up It is not a protest for peace or war but one centered around 'social justice'. The inequality in the Israeli society has never been larger:

"The people demand social justice. Among the issues raised were the cost of housing, transport, childcare, food and fuel; the low salaries paid to many professionals, including doctors and teachers; tax reform; and welfare payments." - The Guardian[Link]

The Israelis were protesting stagnant income, high cost of livin, unfair taxation that favor the rich & corporations, income inequality and lack of social welfare. A society like Israeli with a population that has fought wars and where both men and women serve national service has very strong bonds - yet these issues threaten to tear this very cohesive society apart. The thing is Singapore is just as bad or worse when it comes to the issues the Israelis were protesting about - our income gap is higher, we have less welfare for the unfortunate,  tax code is even more unbalanced favoring corporations and burdening our poor with regressive taxes such as GST, our housing cost is high, our cars are the most expensive in the world, public transport is overcrowded, and a large segment of our population has not just stagnant but very low wages far lower than what they minimally pay working people in Israeli. Singaporeans have many more reasons to be angry... more reasons to protest....but we don't. We won't and don't know how. But it is a mistake to interpret this obedience as a lack of anger.

The PAP has won the 2011 and has some time to get reforms on the way. It is a great mistake for them to dither and try to get by with small tweaks here and there believing that they have some kind of  successful formula that has to be preserved. The electorate sent a clear signal in the GE and another one in the PE with a majority voting against the PAP-endorsed candidate. You look at Israel superficially and you think they have it made with numerous  thriving high-tech companies, low unemployment, high GDP growth, and what looks like rising prosperty - a buiding boom that put nice fancy buildings all over Tel Aviv. But the heart of the problem in Israel is the income inequality ....and this problem is even bigger in Singapore. Resentment has risen but because Singaporeans will never protest, its festers beneath what appears to be a peaceful facade. Surely the PAP knows it has implemented very extreme policies that caused our income inequality to be the highest among developed nations.....


Anonymous said...

There are protests and uprisings in many places.
Thankfully, Singaporeans will never be influenced or inspired to act like them.
We are blessed to be looked after by incorruptible and talented leaders in Sin.

Anonymous said...

Muahhaahahahah..the above reader who posted that is clearly someone from YP league who is trying to be "present but not seen" so obvious as quoted by Wikileaks. For him/her to say "incorruptible and talented" leaders in SIN city is a dead give-away.
And to say Singaporeans will never be influenced or inspired to act like them, is another sign of their arrogance and complacency.

Tick tock

runroad said...

...incorruptible and talented leaders in Sin.

If you remove all speed limits then there can be no speeding offences.
If you pay a thief not to steal then by definition you will have abolished theft.
If you legalise corruption...why, then surely there will be no corruption, eh?

Anonymous said...

The problem is far deeper. We worship "talents". Our mothers have been conditioned to kiss the ground of our highest tertiary institutions. Our leaders are selected based on who is who that graced the hall of fame. We are obsessed with success stories because often than not, successful people are rich and popular(influential).

And we ask ourselves, why is society so divided and...unequal?

Well, ask yourself whose asses have you been kissing before you take the liberty to lampoon your national leaders.

I won't be surprised you are talking with a mouthful of balls, like lucky.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the majority (say 60%) in Israel are not happy with the government. That's why there are large protests.

Perhaps the Israeli govt should learn from Singapore how to make majority of people happy.

Then the country will not only be peaceful and stable but also very prosperous, even though there may be a lot of inequality.

Just remember this, make the majority happy.

Or depending on the situation, even 35% happy is good enough already. Can even win an election! Hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

Have you been talking with a mouthful of fishy smelling balls?

Anonymous said...

"People like Singapore because it's a real economy, a real city, it's got a rule of law and a transparency about it, and a world-class talent pool. I see clients the world over wanting to come to Singapore and have some of their wealth actually be held here."

But while Ms Fraser remains bullish about Asian economies in general, she recognises that challenges are looming. "The biggest challenge in the world at the moment in terms of what will drive economic outcomes is going to be politics. It happened in the US recently. Europe's political solutions and framework for what happens to the euro, the banks and the sovereigns, is going to be very much up to the politicians.

Meanwhile...her eyes light up when she sees the tiers of trays bearing afternoon tea treats at the Brasserie Les Saveurs on the ground floor of The St Regis Singapore. And while her preferred tea choice of Lapsang Souchong is not available, she is thrilled to try a Smoky Russian variety recommended by the staff.

Anonymous said...

Where are the "reform" that was promised in GE2011, and the so called "talented" MP that we have. They are just happily collecting their high salary and allowances quietly.

Anonymous said...

Our incorruptible and talented leaders tried to resolve the social divide by its socio economic policy of mass importing foreigners. S'pore daughters can maary the rich, or hook up one of the expatriates in the many drinking holes here or even find a western mate via internet to escape misery thru' emigrating abroad. S'pore males are a bit tricky, but with so many foriegn women on social visit passes, our low income segment have choice of thais, viets, myanmar, china, indonesia and cambodia ladies as choices. It is commonly thought that settling down occupy the spirit and provide some relief from tension and unhappiness of daily living. The israelis are a homogeneous society, bond by a distinctive culture and religion that check them from pursuing our solution

Anonymous said...

Oh i missed, the 50000 visas originally planned for filipinas. I suspect again its our talented leaders' multi prong low cost, non fiscal, social based solution addressing the thousands of low income domestic workers and our own local lower income minorities.

Anonymous said...

"Surely the PAP knows it has implemented very extreme policies that caused our income inequality to be the highest among developed nations....."

Ideologically the PAP is simply not capable of comprehending this. The past decade has proven this, period.

Anonymous said...

Lucky...dont be too quick to say Singaporeans wont protest. Havent you heard of Hock Lee bus riots? Hopefully we wont come to that otherwise all that was build by our forefathers (not FTs) through their blood and sweat will come crashing down.

Anonymous said...

Anon 00:21 "Singaporeans will never be influenced or inspired to act like them."

I'm sure the government believe just like you too. That's why they don't care about us.

Anonymous said...

Uprising can happen only when the peasants are really hungry. Look around every Singaporeans are well fed and life is good as compared to nearby countries. The elites know how to pacify the Singaporeans so that they are just without hungry. So, Israel and middle-east uprisings will never happen in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

uprising can only happen if people have balls,

Anonymous said...

Your school system doesn't inculcate balls in you. Instead, it teaches you to suck balls.
Ask the women, they are most skillful at that.

Anonymous said...

singaporeans do not protest. singaporeans just migrate. this world is more interesting than just singapore.

Anonymous said...

singapreans are highly demanded overseas not like those from arab countries - a lot more difficult for them to get entry visa.

Anonymous said...

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.”
– Frederick Douglass

“A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves.”
– Bertrand de Jouvenal

“When people fear the government, there is tyranny; when government fears the people, there is Liberty!”
– Thomas Jefferson

Anonymous said...

Some commentors mentioned that what matters is that 70% of singaporeans voted for a president who had past links to the PAP.

I'm obliged to point out that the PAP camp was split into 35% TT and 34% TCB.

And mind you, the 34% requested a RECOUNT for the other 35%.

You have split camps in the PAP.

Anonymous said...

@anon 11.49.......only peasants and hungry protest? Very naive and very shortsighted indeed. Obviously you dont have a slightest clue about Israel or the Middle East!

Kwamesvwg said...

There are protests and uprisings in many places. Thankfully, Singaporeans will never be influenced or inspired to act like them. We are blessed to be looked after by incorruptible and talented leaders in Sin.