Sunday, September 25, 2011

MHA Statement tells us why we should abolish ISA....

MHA responded to a statement by former detainees calling for ISA to be abolished by attempting to justify the arrest those detainees. Please read the statement for yourself and think about what the MHA is saying.

MHA statement found here.
"Nine were actively involved in Communist United Front (CUF) activities in
support of the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM), which was committed to the
violent overthrow of the constitutionally-elected governments in Singapore and
Malaysia. They infiltrated legally-established organisations like trade unions
and student associations, and instigated illegal strikes and demonstrations to
cause mayhem and civil strife, to complement the CPM's armed revolution.

The saboteur had been conveying a bomb for an attack in Singapore, and was
travelling along Still Road (Katong) when it detonated prematurely, injuring him
and killing his two accomplices. Such was the volatile and dangerous security
situation then prevailing in Singapore. Following the CPM's call in 1968 to its
underground networks to return to armed struggle, new CPM organisations were
formed in the 1970s which included killer squads to carry out sabotage,
assassinations and other acts of violence."

In the past it was very easy to accuse people of being communists unless they were on the side of the colonial govt. Trade unions, student unions and people fighting for independents were hauled up and locked up by the Special Branch. During this tumultous period, the working conditions for workers were poor and strikes and demonstrations often broke out . MHA assertion is that these people were communists who instigated workers to strike amd demonstrate - strikes and demonstrations were common in developing countries and they still break out very often today in developing countries. There are laws to handle labor strife without resorting to something like ISA. Even in developed countries such as USA we often see strikes when workers are badly exploited by employers - the most recent on involving  45,000 workers from Verizon[Link].  Countries that ban strikes without strong legislation to protect workers expose their workers to abuse and poor working conditions. Those strikes, whether they were legal or illegal, instigated or not - can a strike ever occur without 'instigation'? someone has to call for a strike and lead it - is besides the point and does not help to support the retention of ISA because many countries handle strikes without the ISA.  The MHA then says that these 'instigators' were linked to the CPM (Communist Party of Malaya)  - surely if these people were linked of CPM, the evidence can be produced - otherwise the ISD can just haul up anyone and accuse them of being linked to the communists when they are just peaceful socialists with good intentions. Let me ask you....where is the CPM today? It no longer exists!  So why should we retain ISA for a threat that no longer exists?

In the 1980s, seven of the sixteen ex-detainees were involved in a Marxist plot
to subvert and destabilise Singapore. The plot was part of the CPM's renewed
efforts to rebuild the united front by penetrating and manipulating
legally-established organisations. Three of them infiltrated and manipulated several religious organisations and, exploiting the religious cover, pursued
activities towards subversive ends

The Marxist Conspiracy was 24 years ago and I'm still trying to figure how Vincent Cheng and Teo Soh Lung were supposed to be able to subvert the govt of Singapore by defeating the SAF, SPF and hoodwink the entire nation into a violent revolution to overthrow their beloved PAP govt.  Vincent Cheng the alleged mastermind of the plot must have handwritten his entire plan on a piece of paper somewhere otherwise how could the ISD have known about such a plan? Vincent must have swallowed the paper prior to his arrest because no evidence (no weapons, no paper)  was ever produced to prove this allegation. The MHA now justify Vincent Cheng's arrest simply by repeating the allegation against him. That allegation was all it took to detain him and that is why people want the ISA abolished. What is there to stop another govt some time in the future from using against its political opponents by making accusations it does not need to prove?

I suggest you go through the entire MHA statement and think about the issue but I will leave you with a simple counter argument against what MHA has said.

Why do we need such a law when all other developed countries can ensure the safety of its citizens without it?  Do you feel insecure in Japan, Finland, Sweden or Australia?.....We spend far more on defense, intelligence and the police per capita than most of these countries. Many of them are bigger in geographical size than Singapore with a bigger population to look after yet they do not need such a draconian law.

The PAP govt is very unwise to keep such a law that it cannot justify because its existence links the PAP to an ugly past. The PAP govt with the help of the British eliminated an entire generation of prominent socialist opponents including the likes of Lim Chin Siong and members of  the Barisan Socialis using the ISA when they were conducting a legitimate constitutional struggle and getting ready for elections they were likely to have won. The PAP then  ran this place with authoritarian leadership and its brand of authoritarian capitalism. 4 decades of unbalanced policies later we find we have the most economically unequal society among all developed nations. By retaining the ISA, the PAP reminds us what it has done in the past including holding the world record for the longest period of detention for a prisoner of conscience - Chia Thye Poh was detained by the ISD for a period longer than Nelson Mendela without a single charge or trial - how does one justify the detention of a 25 year old physics professor for a period of 32 years?


Anonymous said...

Laws in Singapore can only be passed or abolished by at least 2/3 majority of elected or walkover MPs of the ruling party in Parliament.

So in order to change the laws, a party must win 2/3 of the seats in elections. Never mind if only win 60% of votes. But must at least win 66% of the seats. Better still if can win over 90% of seats with only 60% of votes.

So people can argue in blogs or whatever to abolish this or that law but it is of no use, especially in Singapore. Form a party, win the elections with 2/3 majority seats and form the government first. Then argue and talk.

This applies not just in Singapore but everywhere with elected governments.

Anonymous said...

Obviously a severe case of amnesia. Malaysia who has the same ISA law is going to repeal it. Mind you it is only just recent weeks and months ago that Malaysia has seen mass confrontation between the police and demonstrators in KL and elsewhere. I bet if these had happened in Singapore the govt would conveniently used it to justify the continued retention of the ISA. What are we to make of this? Malaysian govt is mad or is it more like the Singapore govt is unchanged or unrepentant in its undemocratic and autocratic ways?

My conclusion is that LKY cannot lose face even when he is shown to be patently wrong and bullying. That's the ONLY reason for not killing the ISA and replacing it with updated ones that reflect the current times and situations.

One can well imagine and understand the reasons for the Arab Spring - when there is seemingly no other ways to make a govt listen and mend it wayward ways.

Anonymous said...

LHL is very wise to retain the ISA.
Let me explain. In my company, i observed that my GM is a Burmese, many senior managers, engineers, technicians and etc are also Burmese.In a nut shell, about 70% are Burmese and the rest are either Singaporean and others. Although, my boss is a Singaporean, he has no awareness of this. The company is at a mercy of these foreigner. What happened if they want to start something fishy, the ISA can applied on the Foreigner and ensure our safety.

Anonymous said...

Detention without a fair trial must be abolished. It can be used and misused and worse, it can instill fear and anxiety.

Anonymous said...

Anon 25/9/11 18:15

me thinks you're one retard who really thinks his/her boss is not aware... anyway you're next in line to be kicked out...

Anonymous said...

Anon 25/9/11 18:15

Don't call them Burmese or foreigners.

For all you know, they may have become Singaporeans already, especially the managers and engineers.

And maybe part of the 60% PAP votes in GE 2011.

Anonymous said...

Ho Kwon Ping, husband of NMP Claire Chang, was detained by the ISD for two months when he was 29. Would the MHA like to comment on reasons for his detention?

Kalu Sarkar, Devan Nair's physiotherapist was alleged by then President Nair to have been detained by the ISD to extract incriminating statements on his escapades in Sarawak.

These are just two examples where detention without trial were done for political purposes; abuses that only abolition of the ISA can prevent from happening again.


Anonymous said...

Devan Nair's letter to the Straits Times about Kalu Sarka -


runroad said...

If it is not clear to the Singapore citizen now, it will soon dawn upon even the most charitable govt apologist that it is back to business as usual for the PAP. Gone and quickly forgotten are the tearful apologies and promises about turning over a new leaf now that GE2011 and PE2011 are safely out of the way. As Lucky has pointed out they are now in 'justify mode' and busily explaining just exactly why it is that the obscene salaries are an absolute necessity and why Singapore will be certain to descend into anarchy and chaos if this wonderful weapon of the true despot, the ISA, should be taken away from his benign grasp.

Does it matter that the MHA of 2011 is repeating exactly the same old lies that were mouthed by LKY and his media 'running dogs and poor prostitutes' all those decades ago? We now know that every single political detainee was framed on a crude Communist/Marxist accusation and jailed without trial under the ISA by a smooth-talking, utterly unscrupulous lawyer who admitted as much in a candid TV interview not so long ago.

No, making this 50-year old authoritarian dinosaur of a government see the error of its ways will be like turning around a super-tanker in less than a nautical mile - an exercise in futility. It is only when enough citizens understand this fundamental fact and care enough to adopt the Arab Spring approach of cutting out the cancer that afflicts this city-state that any meaningful change worth the discussion will be brought about.

Anonymous said...

The crux of the matter is power control. It seems to me the incumbent is hard-up on maintaining power.

Thus GRC was born to allow for a majority seats to be sustained even with a smaller percentage of voters.

60% voted for them yet they got 93% of the seats. Is this proportionate representation of the voters' voice?

They could get 45% of the votes and still garner 60% of the seats. They would still be in charge of what laws to pass as they have 2/3 majority of the seats in parliament. DO you think that's fair? Do you think that is a correct system? Do you think that's right?

The future is not so far away where a freak elections results for the above scenario to happen in Singapore. 5 more years?

Anonymous said...


I would imagine already that there is a lo tof anguish among Singaporeans. It would peak in 10 years.

When a person has to force his wife to work and he himself have to hold to 2 jobs with no social security, when enough is'll see some changes.

It would take 20 years for that to happen; not 10 years. We don't have leaders who are confident and creative at problem-solving.

Anonymous said...

If you have citizens who are fed with propaganda on a daily basis such that their flesh are conceived on that diet, I doubt you'll get much of a critical citizenry.

If you throw sex, pleasure and lust on the TV screens and have registered prostitution in your backyard; such that stressful people who live in a pressure cooker society can have relief from time to time from the oppression, your guess is as good mine if change would come any sooner to Singapore.

There are sufficient devices which are in place for people to find relief in this country. Frustrations can be kept at bay as there is opium in the air to sedate you. Casinos, registered brothels, alcohol etc. are devices for pressure release. You want to keep the lid on the people but not too much so that they would revolt. But you also need to set a valve in that pressure cooker so that the abuse can go on without an explosion.

This is what's happening to many Singaporeans these past years.

Anonymous said...

Hahahah.....there was a time when LKY refered to these things as "jingles". LOL!

Anonymous said...

ISA is a good tool to ensure perpetual rule by PAP. If all else fail, there is always ISA to put all the opposition away. Don't think there will be any motivation to abolish this abominable piece of legislation.

Anonymous said...

scarecrow scares crows. If crows try anything funny still, scarecrow may just spring to life. most farmers are not bothered by its presence. crows, however, seem to be very disturbed.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder how the old man can continue spending the rest of his remaining life without the slightest human decency to admit that he has caused so much harm to so many innocent people just because they opposed his political tyranny ?

Is it because of guilt that he only now tries to find solace in some kind of religious practice ? So sad for a man without even the basic honour to respect another person's life !

And talking about the importance of building character, what a joke coming from a family of hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

XiJinPing, widely seen as the next Leader of China, is being praised by none-other than our own LKY.

He puts it "I would put him in the Nelson Mandela class of persons. A person with enormous emotional stability who does not allow his personal misfortunes or sufferings to affect his judgment. In other words, he is impressive."

All wise words from a supposedly wise old man who knows how to see where the winds have tilted and is eager to curry our own kaya butter with the most powerful nation. What did Xi do to warrant such a profusely high accolades from this autocrat? Apparently he was in exile for 7 years in a rural countryside when his father was purged 3 times. Those 7 years were pretty damn life-transforming to attribute his emotional intelligence. Now look at our own Chia The Poh in Sentosa. He has earned himself nothing but a "Marxist socialist who plot against govt" with no charges after decades.

What more crap are the people of Singapore still prepared to put up with this old man and his outdated and faulty ideologues in this 21st century? How many 25 years (or 1 quarter of a lifetime) are Singaporeans prepared to stand up for truths to prevail?

Anonymous said...

Xi Jin Ping ironically, graduated from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of Tsinghua University, majoring in Marxist theory and ideological education!

LKY said "My definition of a Singaporean is that whoever joins us is part of us". He must really mean it - since Chia Tye Poh didn't join them (PAP) he's not one of them, but against them.

李主席万岁! For another 40years, befitting the Spineless Singaporeans. Since PAP has removed all the civic liberties like assembly for sentient beings, why KPPB when a corporate animal here banned the assembly of spirits & ghosts in an animal farm called Safari Zoo? Now they call it foreign devils, soon, they will also ban 7mth ghosts & Qing Ming. You have given them permission to remove Bt Brown graves, what else is left? They are NOT satisfied with just rights of sentient beings anymore, soon they'll come after the ghostly rights of your ancestors too. No amount of prada, gucci, condo, bmw that you've acquired and intend to burn for them is going to matter on this island anymore. Cos they're banned too.

So Singaporeans, just get used to it one more time, huh?

Anonymous said...

Not happy, sue.

Anonymous said...

Sue? Only for the Dafts !

Anonymous said...

Watch the clip, and you'll understand what REAL activist do. Not some pompous superficial platform calling every youth to "Be the Change" and yet they can't even "Activate"! International joke of the world stage. First world country, trying to solve with 3rd world solution.

In Shenzhen, there're 17 suicides and the activists jumped in to rally for the workers. In Singapore, there're 15 cases or more in reservoir suicides, or people unfairly locked up like ISA detainees, and Singaporeans still "waiting " for SPF or govt to solve and speak out for them?!! How much more sorry-a -state is here?

Okay granted, you can say the recent keyboard warriors over the Halloween ban is a good start, and I'll tell you is a looong shot. Why care two hoots about invisible ghosts when you can't even face your old ghosts standing right visibly in front of us!

We can go about your life freely without repercussion because we aren't doing anything. So despite whatever people think ISA is "about", it sure as piss isn't about the individuals above (I don't know any of them personally so I have no bias here ).

It's about humanity. Uniquely missing in Singapore. Blatantly robbed by PAP. Blissfully permitted by Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

ironically,youths are targeted for " change" because they are the easiest to in pt, they are the most eager to sell their souls to tithe collectors.

Anonymous said...

the pt to suing is the sacrifice. if you are not prepared to lose your life for your beliefs, few will be daft to lose theirs for you.

Anonymous said...

What is right and wrong? what is true and false? sometimes it is not as visible as black and white. if one wants to go against powerful people, he or she must be highly intelligent else do not go into such trouble. if chia is any good, lky would not be able to capture him. if lky is so easily defeated, would he be so well known in the world? people respected him not because of his kind hearted personality but because he dare to do things no one would do otherwise like retaining the ISA.

Anonymous said...

the body is beautiful.. is not obscene as said.. dun be prejudiced.

Anonymous said...

The PM did it... leave no stones unturned and no sacred cows unexamined!!! Najib clap#clap#clap#

Anonymous said...

Come on lah! You know very well the government is a bully, Why do you think so many Singaporeans hate them? 'Cos they treated Singaporeans as children and not adults...LKY called Singaporeans daft, mind you.

Anonymous said...

//the pt to suing is the sacrifice. if you are not prepared to lose your life for your beliefs, few will be daft to lose theirs for you.//

Daft and dafter. Look at JB Jayaratnam, Chee Soon Juan or Francis Seow and many others who followed those a"sacrificial steps" as you said so. How many were/are successful and how many singaporeans out there came out to stand and fight for these people when needed?
One must realize that you're fighting within a system that is NOT a level playing field. You have neither the might nor the resources to fight these people other than your human spirits, and hopefully some brains.

LKY being a lawyer have used all his knowledge and power in his place to protect his turf. History has proven that..he abolished our civil rights, sued to bankruptcy, jailed to infinity, exiled you to hell etc etc all in the name of "security" and "peace" in exchange for your compliance.

LHL being an mathematicians & MBA guy, will used all his game theory and vast resources of money in his power to play his game. So you want to "out-jail" his father, or "out-spend" his son, you better have a better game-chaning plans than what they can offer.

In fact, Govt can't pin charges on Chia The Poh all these decades already mean Chia has won. Or put it another way, they simply don't have a CASE, PERIOD!

Anonymous said...

//the body is beautiful.. is not obscene as said.. dun be prejudiced.//

Don't disagree is a beautiful body. Except it has cancer inside. The tumor cells are slowing developing. Soon a body will be destroyed and it's just a hardware that carries your heart ware.

In reality, even when I buy a PC/Mac, I have to upgrade them every other few years, with installation of new software that is compatible or it will crash/not compatible. SG has all the gorgeous hardware, but they simply ignore the software. Keep trying to launch the latest PC model with a third world pirated software ..can run or not?

Anonymous said...

Rule of law should not be confused with Rule by law.

Anonymous said...

"Rule of law should not be confused with Rule by law". Unquote.

Unfortunately, Singaporeans care not a bout the Difference.

Anonymous said...

Let's put it this way.

LKY will simply go down in history with the stains of the ISA victims -- Just as the chain-smoking communist dwarf - Deng Xiao Ping for his Tiananmen killings. Every anniversary year, it will be the days chinese remember their brave and courageous fellow activists who stand up to the brutality of the regime, and not the benevolent man who opens up China.

In time to come, singaporeans will remember Sir Stamford Raffles who started the fishing village, not LKY who liberated it into fishy market.

Fine by me. Makes history even more interesting for our generation, don't you think? Headline will just read "Big Man, Small Picture".

Anonymous said...

After a posting by TOC of an Straits Times article on gangsters involved in a by-election on April 16, 1958 something happen to the site. This article supposed to be able to access on the National Library now disappear completely. I wonder whether is the ISA at work.

Anonymous said...

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