Saturday, September 10, 2011

Why using current birth rate to justify foreign influx is wrong....

If you watch the video I put up in the last posting, you will hear Mr. Lee explaining why we need so many foreign workers because our TFR (Total Fertility Rate) has fallen to 1.01 per couple. He said that Singaporeans needs 60,000 foreigners per year to keep our workforce young and if we have a TFR of 1.80 we can do with a much smaller influx of about 20,000. Then he turned to Joan Sim to ask her if she has a boyfriend and when she will complete her PhD as if people like her are to be blamed for the need for foreign workers. Over the years the explanation for why we need such a large influx has morph from Singaporeans refusing to do certain jobs, Singaporeans lack certain skill sets and now it is blamed on Singaporeans' low fertility rate.

Here is the chart of the fertility rate in Singapore:

In order to maintain a stable population with a constant profile you need a TFR of just over 2.
See, uing today's fertility rate to justify the need for foreign influx is wrong because the people entering our workforce are born about 23-25 years ago roughly in the 1985-88 period. During that period the fertility rate averaged 1.71 with a high of 1.96 achieved in 1988. We need roughly 60,000 babies a year for a stable population -  a shortfall of 0.1 in the TFR translates to about 3000. In the late 80s we have a TFR of about 1.7 so the shortfall is about 9000-12000 entering the workforce today.  However, the PAP was importing people at a massive rate:

“Between 2005 and 2009, Singapore’s population surged by roughly 150,000
people a year to 5 million—among the fastest rates ever there—with 75% or more
of the increase coming from foreigners,”
Wall Street Journal.

Today's TFR of 1.01 means we have a shortfall of 30,000 that means we need 30,000 babies today to balance up or 30,000 20-year olds in 2030. ...we do not need 30,000 20-yr olds now.

The real reason for the large influx, I believe,  is to expand the workforce rapidly so that we can show very fast GDP growth - more input more growth. It panders to business demand for cheaper labor and benefits GLCs that are service providers as the aggregate demand expands due to population expansion. This generally works against the ordinary workers and in particular lower wage workers. Singapore has a very high rental to wage ratio due to high concentration of people+business. High rentals forces businesses to seek cheaper labor to stay competitive and it is a vicious cycle. Our labor chief Lim Swee Say tells workers to be cheaper but never says that rentals should go down to make Singapore more competitive. By growing the economy through workforce expansion rather than productivity growth, we are seeing very poor outcomes for ordianry Singapores - high cost of housing, overcrowded public transport, and stagnant wages. These are also the causes of low fertility among Singaporeans. The worse part is the govt turns around and blame all this problems on Singaporeans' themselves for having low fertility.

It is not Joan Sim'x fault that we need to import so many foreigners. It is not the fault of ordinary Singaporeans whom the PAP govt likes to blame. The truth is PAP's unbalanced policies, poor planning and pro-business attitude have put the interests of ordinary Singaporeans right at the bottom in its decision making....that is why so many Singaporeans are angry with the PAP.


Anonymous said...

It is not Joan Sim fault that we need to import so many foreigners. It is not the fault of ordinary Singaporeans that the PAP govt likes to blame. The truth is PAP's unbalanced policies, poor planning and pro-business attitude have put the interests of ordinary Singaporeans right at the bottom in its decision making....that is why so many Singaporeans are angry with the PAP.

It is our fault to trust them and giving them so much power, and that is why they behave that way

Anonymous said...

When will they stop lying to us?

Anonymous said...

A sharp observation indeed. Kudos to Lucky

Anonymous said...

Mr Lucky

The majority of singaporeans are NOT angry at PAP because they DUN know and DUN care!

This is why SDP always gets thrashed at the polls.

Until the likes of you wake up to this fact, all these policies will just continue. Business as usual.

Remember: The elites will always do well. They just have to climb a higher mountain of corpses. Your money offers little protection. If you persist in doing nothing, When the day comes, you too will be on your knees begging for scraps from PAP. Just like the poor are doing today because they have no choice and are afraid! And your LGBT friends will continue to do well because reproduction is none of their concern. Recall the AWARE saga ... ST and PAP are on their side.

Anonymous said...

If the locals can't compete internationally, then don't go,work and play internationally.

Or people will laugh at locally produced graduate, who is still single, who needs to be protected by.... bumiputra laws.

Sibey shameful leh

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for presenting all facts in such a concise and comprehensive way which I find lacking from our miw talents.

Please continue to write to enlighten the masses.

Don't give up, more will be at the 40 Percent side in tine to come.

I believe the truth will prevail.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous aware troll. Be aware

Anonymous said...

I am ashame of what all the clueless chaps in IPS. IPS put up an airy fairy reason for foreign influx because they know which side of the bread to butter.
Thanks to your post, I am and hope the other 60.1% are more enlightened considering all your down to earth reasonings.

Anonymous said...

opposition camp cannot hack it lah. backside hole pain pain need garbarmen to sayang backside hole lah.

lucky, backside hole neber clean one . garbarmen will have a good time licking it clean one ha

Anonymous said...

"Why using current birth rate to justify foreign influx is wrong...." Lucky Tan

If PAP can get 60% mandate and 93% seats at elections it means PAP is doing something right.

Unless 60% voters are daft to give a mandate to PAP for something which is wrong.

So you say lah, which is which? Majority voters are daft or is PAP right?

Anonymous said...

So now we all know the real reason for letting so many foreigners (under the guise of Foreign Talents) is to replace Singaporean that were never been borne. These foreigners must be indebted to the PAP government for providing them a job and a home. When they becomes Singapore citizen guess who will they vote come election time. Wake up Singaporean if you don't want this to happen work harder produce more babies.

Anonymous said...

A commentary by Colin Tan published in TODAY. He briefly highlighted an article which contained observations of close link between housing affordability to TFR. The article was based on a study now presented in detail at the Singapore Centre for Applied and Policy Economics website.

Anonymous said...

The truth is PAP's unbalanced policies, poor planning and pro-business attitude have put the interests of ordinary Singaporeans right at the bottom in its decision making...

Singapore should be alot better without those control freaks and their misguided policies.

Anonymous said...

Excellent insightful article. Wonder when can the ST produce such critical journalism.

Con said...

We cannot continue to infer.

We infer that if 60% voted for them, they must be doing something good?

We infer that since they are paid $$$ they should have the morals to do good?

We infer that since Tony Tan has such vast experience in finance, defence & education, he must know what is good?

We infer that LKY is a well regarded persona that he will do good?

Singaporeans are presumptious and very, very trusting.. as long as PAP say so, it must be so ( according to Chiam See Tong during an exchange with LKY in parliament)

Nigerians are having a field day conning us

Indonesians, Chinese, Taiwanese, Malaysians.. all getting away and laughing all the way to the bank.

Anonymous said...

The selling point of having influx of foreigners is that with the plentiful supply of labour, large companies will be encouraged to set up here and this will at the same time create jobs for Singaporeans.

For some reason this selling point is used less often now. Could it be that these large companies employ only a small number of Singaporeans? Instead, low births of Singaporeans is the new selling point which makes even less sense.

Anonymous said...

Help Increase Singapore's Fertility Rate.

Vote wisely in GE 2016.

Anonymous said...

Want more babies?
Provide the followings.
1) Free medical care for carrying the baby for 9 months and delivering the baby.
2) Free housing - at least 4 bedrms in the flat.
3) Free maid service for 5 years
4)Free education for every child up to tertiary level
5) Free from work for wifey to take care of babies for 5 years - must compensate lost of wifey income for the same period.
6) Free recovery program for wifey to get her back in shape.

If the 6 Fs are agreeable, we will replace ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Those evil MIW's couldn't careless about all the ill consequences. All they want is bonus, which is tied to GDP growth. HELLO, PAP! You are already the world highest paid politicians BY FAR! Can't you spare some thoughts for your country and your own country men, please? Why are you so blinded by the money? Your greed will bring retributions to you and your supporters! :-(

Anonymous said...

why do we listen to experts like Colin tan? pay him the sky to tell us that affordable cars will increase birthrates? Or did he say affordable housing will increase multiple home ownership?

Anonymous said...

It was not actually funny at all at that moment for me when the old man asked Joan Sim that question. From hindsight, that question smirked of self-righteousness and even outright sexism, blaming her and other women who are educated enough for wanting to pursue education instead of just simply becoming wives and mothers.

Anonymous said...

Colin Tan needs to get himself a toupee

Anonymous said...

Today's women don't just spread their legs and look like a balloon for 9 months. Today's women spread their legs, look like a balloon for 9 months and have a PHD.

Anonymous said...

Dear LHL,

kami ay darating sa mapagtanto ang iyong patakaran

Thank you
From pinoys with love

Anonymous said...

Don't forget LKY also tried to play God with his STOP AT TWO policy and GRADUATE MOTHERS scheme. Both resulted in the country taking a slippery slope down the path of population decline. When will the old fuck congenital liar admit his mistakes?

Anonymous said...

Is Population Growth a Ponzi Scheme?

Anonymous said...

Large Number of Permanent Residents Will Cause Singapore Population to Age and Age Faster

Recently, Singapore newspapers mentioned that there will be large proportion of old peoples in 2050 if there is no new immigrant. Hence, it is justified to take in large number of new immigrants now and this is to continue for as long as forever.

The Singapore newspapers reports are faulty, unreliable, biased and misleading.

Why is this so?

When large number of foreigners are imported and converted to Permanent Residents, what will happen to them when they grow old.

When a single foreigner becomes Permanent Resident at age 26 years old now, this person will be 75 years old in 2050. If this person chooses to remain single, who is going to take care of this old single Permanent Resident in 2050.

When a legally married couple foreigners without any child becomes Permanent Residents at age 26 years old now, this person will be 75 years old in 2050. If this legally married couple chooses to remain childless, who is going to take care of these old legally married couple Permanent Residents in 2050.

When a legally married couple foreigners with 1 child becomes Permanent Residents at age 26 years old now, this legally married couple will be 75 years old in 2050. If this legally married couple chooses to remain to have only 1 child, then this only child will have heavy burden to take care of these old legally married couple Permanent Residents in 2050.

The above 3 scenarios show that Singapore must not allowed to import foreigners who are single or legally married couple with no child or 1 child to be Singapore Permanent Residents. The reason is that they will cause our population to age faster.

Singapore must have a immigration policy to import only legally married couple foreigners, who have at least 2 young children who are less than 7 years old, to be Permanent Residents. To become Singapore Citizens, the Permanent Residents must have at least 3 young children who are less than 7 years old.
This is to ensure that new immigrants do not cause Singapore population to age.

By letting in large number of foreigners to be Singapore Permanent Residents regardless of their martial status and the number of young children they have, the policy will cause Singapore population to age faster and bring Singapore population disaster to Singapore in 2050.

Anonymous said...

"By letting in large number of foreigners to be Singapore Permanent Residents regardless of their martial status and the number of young children they have, the policy will cause Singapore population to age faster and bring Singapore population disaster to Singapore in 2050."
Anon 10/9/11 21:55

Not necessary lah. Yes naturally there will be more old people in future but PAP govt can counter balance this by taking more young foreigners in future too. So more people in future lah.

Maybe this is the reason why they say SIngapore can support 6 or even 7 million people. They can increase the population this way by a million or 2, say over 40 years lah.

So by 2050, old people naturally a lot, but young people by artificial means also can be a lot.

Anonymous said...

A lot of old people will die and replaced by other old people, so not necessary more old people in future.

Anonymous said...

"Not necessary lah. Yes naturally there will be more old people in future but PAP govt can counter balance this by taking more young foreigners in future too. So more people in future lah."

That is the problem. Because we need to bring in even more people to support the economy.

For example and from the all the noise, currently we need abt 5million (my guess) to support the current economy of abt 3.2million singapore citizens (crude extraplolation from the last presidential electorate).

Anonymous said...

As self-appointed owners of Singapore Inc, it is in their interest to have a free and globalised labor market.

Bear this point in mind and all their pronouncements will make sense.

The people have accepted the concept of running a country like a company. Now they must pay the price.

Anonymous said...

It`s no longer Pay and Pay. It`s Propaganda Action Party. Today, they have dropped to a new low: People Abusing Party.

Anonymous said...

60% did not think large influx of foreigners impacted them. They arent worried because of their jobs and do have properties.

They only will come to senses after they are replaced at their jobs or their children cannot compete or buy anything in Singapore.

Pappies only for themselves. Their wages alone, many of us need to work 10 lives!!! And Pappies only want their own friends, families and closed ones to lead, perhaps a political dynasty, absolute control over daft Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

This country:

1. Give ministers sky pay which ordinary people will have to work multiple lives.

2. Reward loyal dogs with sky high pay so that their loyalty is locked in - super scale civil service.

3. Import and give toilet paper PRs and new citizenships to PRCs and Indians to dilute opposing voice. More than 3M foreigners will flood the city and 2M will become PRs and citizens. Singaporeans become minority by 2016.

4. Workers in GLCs and ministries are constantly reminded that they owe government a living. Try to exert absolute control to gain maximum votes.

5. Drain ordinary citizens pay and savings with sky high cost of living and properties. A hungry man will not revolt, will spend time looking for $$ solutions.

6. Use political strategies to divide and conquer. Also use fear to intimidate.

In the 60% daft Singaporeans are easily conned and manipulated. They suddenly discovered they have been replaced at their work place and their kids do not have a place in universities nor they can compete at jobs with such low pay or they cant even afford HDB.

Anonymous said...

"3. Import and give toilet paper PRs and new citizenships to PRCs and Indians to dilute opposing voice. More than 3M foreigners will flood the city and 2M will become PRs and citizens. Singaporeans become minority by 2016."

Voting Singaporeans are already the minority. 2.35m out of 4.98m.

Anonymous said...

Low birth rate is the best excuse to do state prostition or some call it open legs policy.

Dafty Daft said...

Remember, all those who gripe here:

You are part of the 40%.. you have no voice in parliament.

You are probably the 32% too for the PE.. you too also have no say.

So, shut up and go back to work..

Anonymous said...

now Singapore has one of the highest population density in the world; 6500 people to one square km, compare
to Malaysia ( 25 people to one
all thanks to foreign import.
no thanks to govt. policies.

Anonymous said...

Why gripe? Go "shoot" your parents for sending you to tertiary institution that teaches you to be good lap dogs or be the best money making bastards.

Shoot them for brainwashing you to be the best bastards you can be in life under our meritocratic system.

Without the lot of best bastards you can be, there is nothing for lap dogs and mongrels/stray dogs to gripe or protest.

Your parents gave birth to you and raised you up to be the best bastards you can be.

Now go solve the root of the problem by shooting them.

Anonymous said...


Kojakbt said...

Very good write-up from Lucky. Please pass the info around.

I would like to add this analogy. It's like telling people that you need to eat food to maintain your energy and survive. Nobody will deny this.

But when one over-eats and grows fat, one will start to develop other problems like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases etc...

Singapore is like that now. We currently have an over-influx of FTs that's creating all kinds of problems for us presently...

In my view, we need to reduce FTs population to pre-2006 level so as to make Singapore more livable and sustainable. And that means, we should at least reduce FTs by 500K to 4.5M level.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I can do a crop circle on your pubic region.

LKY and PM LEE please go and die! said...

If readers recalled some time back, this liar Lee Kuan Yew said this 2 years ago:

"Over time, the MM says, Singaporeans have become "less hard-driving and hard-striving." This is why it is a good thing, the MM says, that the nation has welcomed so many Chinese immigrants (25 percent of the population is now foreign-born). He is aware that many Singaporeans are unhappy with the influx of immigrants, especially those educated newcomers prepared to fight for higher paying jobs. But taking a typically Darwinian stance, the MM describes the country's NEW SUBJECTS as "hungry," with parents who "pushed the children very hard." If native Singaporeans are falling behind because "the spurs are not stuck into the hide," that is their problem. "

This fucker is a downright liar. He brought in 25% chinamen who he has converted to new singaporeans and 25% of the population is from these fuckers and they don"t serve NS!

LKY is a liar! In the presence of NTU students, he says one thing and outside Singapore, he says another.

Go and die lah you old fart! You are cursed by many Singaporeans to your grave. You are more intrerested in power than the people.

You have created an extremely stressful and unhappy society in Singapore where almost everything is a pressure cooker. How many more lies and cover-ups and f*ucking hypocrisy are you going to mouth.

Anonymous said...

Dear lucky, singaporeans are to be blamed for every wrong thing happening to singapore cos we do not know how to vote properly. singaporeans are not smart enough to see through what kind of person LKY is long time ago. singaporeans are also not brave enough to challenge lky and family. do not fall into the trap of blaming else we are just like pap.

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Anonymous said...

We the COS must change our mindset , MIW n PAP will not give a damn fkuc about us....lets vote for a change come 2016GE. Tq

Anonymous said...

Btw, the views of a 80+ man (yes he's a man) being bantered as gospel truth tells you a lot about the state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

Government in cahoot with banksters and developers to enslave the public through high debts so as to enrich themselves and the elite class.....nothing new! One can either use their feet or their vote. Take your pick.

Anonymous said...

any bangster out there? want free bang bang?

Anonymous said...

More reasons why Joan Sim will not have a child in the next few years
1. It will take her 3 years to get a new house.
2. The new house is expensive
3. Her suitors are lagging behind her as they have to do NS.
4. Foreigners are competing with her for jobs.
5. Singapore does not have proper child care facilities for couples like her. Want to let a domestic maid take care of her child?

GL said...

I see all the criticisms. Those who criticise, do they have an alternative plan to address the aging population problem? --GL.

Anonymous said...

@ GL.......the alternatives are clear to see but if you chose to have eyes that cannot see and ears that cannot hear, you wont be able to see nor hear no matter how much is being written or say! Maybe in addition - just not enough between the ears.

Anonymous said...

A lot have been said. One wonder why it is so difficult for governments around the world to put country and people first. Watch YouTube: George Carlin - The American Dream.

Anonymous said...

Lucky just pointed out the flaw in attempting to solve ageing problem. He further offered a solution, that is to look at the TFR of 20+ years ago to account for the shortfall now... provided the immigrants do have more children than locals.
If the root cause of low TFR is a matter of circumstances than choice, mass immigration do not solve ageing problem too as these new immigrants will be subject to the same circumstances.

Pandit said...

Dear LKY,
हम आपकी अच्छी खबर का इंतजार कर रहे हैं के आव्रजन सिंगापुर करने के लिए विदेशी के लिए जलद्वर खोलने के आगे.भारतीय प्रतिभा की आपकी प्रशंसा उनके राजनीतिक और नागरिक दोनों क्षेत्रों में नेतृत्व में बढ़ती भूमिका के द्वारा देखा जाता है. सिंगापुर भालू हमारे स्वागत में अपने ज्ञान को प्रशंसापत्र के लिए नई इंडियंस के रूपांतरण दर.
Bombay India

Anonymous said...

Wow, Lucky Tan, the foreigners are invading your website too ! So are the trolls.

Whatever for ? Afraid that truth will prevails.

Please continue to enlighten the locals, we need to be wise by 2016, vote for Change.

We are not Xenophobia but we are just a little red dot, we are afraid we may sink soon....

Anonymous said...

Who wants to wager that when parliament opens, opposition MPs will not give PAP a hard time?

Anonymous said...

Wow,all of a sudden quiet. Hehe

Anonymous said...

Lucky's Strike: 
"The truth is PAP's unbalanced policies, poor planning and pro-business attitude have put the interests of ordinary Singaporeans right at the bottom in its decision making....that is why so many Singaporeans are angry with the PAP."

Ever  Occurred  to one and all that this was 90% premeditated & that there is more to come ....... ? 
From the issue of Overpriced everything & depressed wages to foriegn influx .... What have we not learned from the west ? Or rather what have we done to emulate the west ? The pattern is so obvious ...... its hidden in plain sight .
And while we sweat the small stuff, the theives are making their getaway right from under our nose.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"1. It will take her 3 years to get a new house."

Correction: The fastest you can get a BTO provided it is not the sale of balanced flats is 3 years and 9 months.

HDB will quote you 4-5 years. This assuming you can get a low ballot number.

I'm sure that are still a lot of singaporeans who still believe that it takes 3 years to get a BTO.


So put that 4 years, sir.

Anonymous said...

Well, whether 3 or 4 years, you have plenty of time to fuk your wife and get her pregnant.

Anonymous said...

The PAP was able to suggest to the majority how they should think without the majority realising it. That is why the majority are daft and continue to keep the PAP in power, allowing the PAP to do as it pleases.

Why many Singaporeans plan, hope, want, desire 2 migrate said...

I hope Singaporeans know that we are the only country in this world that allows PRs to buy both public and private housing at the same time.

A PRC PR can buy a resale hdb flat and after the minimum occupancy period is allowed to buy a condominium.

This is one significant contributing factor that causes our young couples not to have access to overpriced resale flats and 4-5 years to get a flat.

I don't think this is uniquely Singapore. I think it has a lot to do with Uniquely PAP.

Anonymous said...

Each new FT will have a multiplier of three. When he become PR or citizen, if he has family back home, he will bring his spouse and child to join him after settling down, further competing for job and school places. The single FT who come alone likely to be indian, western or blangladedhi, male, sexually virile and compete for a local mate in your workplace, clubs, etc. This reduces the choice for local men and PAP got to give out more social passes for women of SEA and fillipinos to tame the frustration caused by the social void and giving them more justification to foreign intake. Sg demographic transformation as an end result for its poplulation policy will be a world first just like it's COE ERP. Kudos S'pore u the can treading where no nation or govt tread.

Anonymous said...

"Well, whether 3 or 4 years, you have plenty of time to fuk your wife and get her pregnant."

And where do they stay when the child is born?

More and more Singaporeans, especially the younger Singaporeans are gradually realising that we have a serious problem in this country and your spouting unthoughtful remarks is not helping advance the course to a better Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing guys,

The government is churning citizens to the PRCs and pinoys within 2 years of residency in Singapore.

Now, by GE 2016, you can add up the number of new china, phillipines, india amd indonesia annointed citizens who will vote in GE 2016.

5 years is more than enough for the government to bring in new voters to tip its scale for the elections.

The floodgates are opened and is continuing to open.

25% of the citizens in this island are foreign-born.

Come GE 2016, more than 50% will be voting in as most of their new voters are working adults and the PRCs' family members.

Many of the India Indians' wives are not working and are full-time housewives.

The voting landscape is being engineered for the first time. And for good reason.

So expect, an increase in the votes this GE 2016 for the incumbent.

Singaporeans will be and must be a minority come 2016. And it's already happening.

Anonymous said...

@anon 13/9/11 09:11

Already told Lucky. Many times.
He doesn't care and doesn't want to hear. Ideals more important to him. U die is your biz.

Its probably too late.
But you may want to take comfort in the fact that the same FT-Citizen policy will eventually be the undoing of PAP. Just like when AnLuShan realized he is more powerful than the Tang emperor. And the FT Praetorian Guard of Roman Emperors. History always repeats itself.

Kojakbt said...

Interview with a new citizen

Posted by theonlinecitizen on September 12, 2011 23 Comments

~by: Jewel Philemon~

the following is an email interview with a 46 year-old new citizen Raj (an actual but shortened name):


TOC: Where are you from?

Raj: I am from Chennai the capital of Tamil Nadu, India.

TOC: When did you become the citizen of Singapore?

Raj: I have been a PR (permanent resident) since 1999 and became a citizen in 2007.

TOC: What brought you here?

Raj: I first came to work in Singapore in 1998 as a IT professional in a MNC. Then in 2008, I set-up my own IT solutions company.

TOC: Is your family here? If so, how many of them are here?

Raj: Yes, my family is here. My wife, daughter and son are here. My parents visit us at least 2 times a year as well.

TOC: Is everybody in your family a citizen of Singapore as well?

Raj: No, I am the only Singapore citizen. My wife and daughter are PR and my son is on a student visa. My parents have long-term social visit visa.

TOC: Why have not your immediate family become citizens?

Raj: We have properties in India and so my wife cannot take up Singapore citizenship because Singapore does not allow dual citizenship. My daughter is 17 and my son is 13. They can decide for themselves if they want to take up Singapore citizenship when they turn 21.

TOC: Why is your son on a student visa and not a PR?

Raj: If he is a PR he will have to serve national service. Like I said, I will let him decide if he want to put his roots down in Singapore or go back to India when he turns 21.

TOC: Where do you live?

Raj: I live in a condominium in the east part of Singapore.

TOC: Is your wife working? And where do your children study?

Raj: My wife is a housewife and my kids study in GIIS (Global Indian International School).

TOC: Tell us a little bit about your friends here in Singapore.

Raj: We have friends who are from India as well as Singapore. My kids must grow up knowing their roots and our Indian culture, so we purposely go out of the way to stay connected with our friends from India, especially those from our own hometown. But we also want them to know Singapore’s way of thinking, so we also have some Singapore friends.

TOC: What are your hobbies?

Raj: I am very occupied with my business so no hobbies as such. But we never miss going to temple and we also participate actively in Bhajans.

TOC: What are some of the difficulties you have encountered in Singapore?

Raj: Many difficulties to name. Like when we first came we stayed in a HDB flat and my wife did not know how to hang out the washed clothes from the bamboo pole. Living and adjusting to so many different races of people is a very big challenge.

TOC: Is there anything else you want to say?

Yes. One of the reason I took up Singapore citizenship is because I want to contribute to this country. It has an efficient government and because of that, the country has prospered. We are accepted and treated well by most people in Singapore, but some also see us suspiciously. But I hope they will realise that I migrated here with my family just like most of their parents or grandparents did many years ago.

Anonymous said...

That Dr Khor Swee kheng must be talking through his highfalutin asshole when he wrote....Meritocracy is the only way to tackle inequality fairly, in ST forum

Sure Dr, you benefited from a system that oil your bloody asshole that's why your privilege asshole fart fume permeates our political airspace. Even the haze from Indonesia can't beat your foggy fart fume.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Didn't you guys read the wikileaks?
There're already 1m of citizens/PRs here. That's already 44% of the last election voters. Native Singaporeans = You have already lost out in the race to usurp your fellow competitors and govt. It is like the TFR rate, anything below 1.1 is totally irreversible! Start your migration plan.

Secondly, anybody who follows the world economic news will know that Chinese have the highest savings rates per person in the world. That's why they're very attractive to PAP. Whether they actually propagate more offspring is irrelevant. Who knows more than likely , they are even more prepared to bring in their own elderly parents to SG. Thereby increasing the aging populations. The biggest irony ? They can't even create/safeguard the jobs of ordinary local workers especially those from 40-65 years age group, they want to import more of those to add to the problem. Is only recipe of disasters waiting to happen. Just watch.

Singapore Research Analyst said...

Future Population Growth Scenarios in Singapore Report uses flawed assumptions and has a doubtful conclusion

The below study justifies the government increasing migration into Singapore by large numbers.
Future Population Growth Scenarios in Singapore Report, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

The study justifying massive increased migration uses flawed assumptions:
1) Using a flawed extreme scenario of ZERO migration and an increase of fertility rate, and presenting that scenario as having a disastrous impact on Singapore's population growth,
2) Using a fertility rate of 1.85 as the upper limit for fertility rate increase, ...when Malaysia has 2.51, USA has 2.05 and UK has 2.0
Source: World Bank, 2009 actual figures.
The point of this article is that the study has committed logical failings - the benchmark upper fertility rate to be achieved at year 2025 is set at 1.85. This commits the logical fallacy of begging the question - why this number? This number is low.

Conclusion: Changing anyone of these assumptions will modify the evidence to show a better picture supporting the point that Singapore can still grow without massive migration.

Anonymous said...

I am even more worried about how these foreign workers are destroying the demographics of Singapore as well as the social ethics and civilised society we Singaporeans fought so hard to achieve over the last few years. I know its wrong to blame these low-skilled foreign workers for lowering the level of civilised societal values in Singapore, but definitely they have made Singapore look like a third world society again.

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