Sunday, October 23, 2011

Singapore Leads 'Occupy' rally Reluctance....

It is always interesting to watch the reaction of Singaporeans when the same events/situation take place here as in other countries. Surely there are people concerned about the social inequalities, corporate greed and the global financial system - I've met many people personally who feel strongly about these issues. However, why is Raffles Place rather empty today and last weekend? Before I attempt to answer that question, I'll tell you a few "protest stories".

I have a friend working with a multi-national company who was sent to S. Korea . 2 weeks into the posting, he turned up at the office and found that workers have blocked the entrance. Rather baffled, he pushed his way through the blockage.When he got to the office, he asked around to find out what was going on. It turned out, to his surprise,  that the small strike/protest was encouraged by the management. The S. Korean govt was about to sign an FTA( Free Trade Agreement) and there were some "minor" disadvantages for that industry. The protest ended after a few days. The goal was not to overturn the FTA but to send a signal that they (the industry) should be taken for granted and their interests traded away next time policies were made. For my firend who has never seen a protest in 3 decades living in Singapore, he exact words were "Like that also protest?!".

I was in LA many years ago when the cleaners (Americans call them janitors) went on strike and protested their working conditons- they were basically bullied by employers who sometimes underpaid them Most of them were Mexicans and many were illegal workers. The Californian govt had "close one eye" to the large number of illegals from Mexico that cross over the border to work. The protesters were taking a big risk because some of them could have been deported but they could no longer take the "injustice". After 2 days, toilets all over LA began to stink and public sympathy build up for these lowly paid workers - they were not asking for higher pay....only asking to be paid on time what the pay they were promised. Within a week, the LA authorities promised to enforce labor laws that protected both legal and illegal workers to ensure that these janitors were protected.

In the 90s, I did a self organised tour of Europe and stayed in Athens for 5 days. On the last day, I planned to take a cab or public bus to the train station. After I paid for my hotel stay, the guy at the hotel reception told me, "Bad day to travel today".  I stepped out of my hotel and instantly understood why. Protesting workers blocked the roads preventing buses and cars from moving. Thousands of workers were involved in the protest. Stranded and unable to get to my destination and somewhat curious, I decided to move around and observe the protest more closely. The protestors seemed to be concentrated at the parliament house where it was most rowdy. I made my way to the parliament house to watch the protest. The protesters were shouting loudly but lets put it this way : it was all Greek to me! Suddenly the protesters got very excited, extremely rowdy and the shouting increased in volume. A Greek minister or MP was making his way out of the parliament. I could see the protesters were very angry and were trying to prevent the minister from getting into his car. The police and body guards were able to create a path to the car. However, when the car door opened and the minister was about to get in, more than a dozen raw eggs was thrown at him and his suit was really messed when he was driven off. I found out later that that protest was organised by labor unions who wanted better pay for workers.

The distrust among workers, govt and business in Greece continues until today. Greece was a poor country and when they switched to Euros in 2002, the govt borrowed heavily to spend creating an illusion of wealth and GDP growth. A few years later everything fell apart. The tension between workers and govt reignited and we see violent protests in Greece today. There is little anyone can do the change what is coming for the Greeks - rising unemployment and economic pain. At a time when unity is needed to overcome its problems, the society appear to be disintegrating and falling apart.

I put up 3 stories to show the good, bad and ugly side of protests. Is not having protests all good? Well, they don't have protests in N. Korea because the citizens know that protesters "disappear" very quickly after they show up and the disappearance is permanent! Over time fear becomes habit and it becomes a silly idea to protest there. Their brothers in S. Korea are their diametric opposites and fervent protesters. Those who argue that protests hurt a countrry's economic progress just have to look at N. Korea and S. Korea. Protests are an important part of the political process and when used by a populace applying the right values can lead to a better society e.g. civil rights movement.

Singaporeans were good at organising protests in the 50s and 60s. We protested against colonial rule. We protested for independence. We protested for workers' rights. Even in the 70s, some Singaporeans protested against the Vietnam War. Over time effiecient police action against protesters,  tightening of rules on public assembly and control of the media to convince the public that protests are always bad, misguided and destablising turned this whole nation into non-protesters. At some point even the PAP thought it was not so good an idea for the population to be so obedient so they carve a a small place at Hong Lim which they called the Speakers Corner. People started going there to organise small protests when they feel that things were not done right in Singapore. I guess that the govt felt a bit uneasy when they discovered that using digital cameras and  Internet tools such as YouTube, the small place has a bigger reach than expected.  The govt decided to put up their cameras and people wondered whose entertainment those recordings were going to become (police? ISD?) and activities at Hong Lim started winding down.

There is no lack of reason for an "Occupy Raffles Place" protest. We have higher income inequality than most places like New Zealand and Australia where people turn up to protest income inequality. There is no lack of corporate greed and excessive executive compensation - the ratio of top executive pay to ordinary workers is higher here than in most places where people protested. The social contract here broken by the high cost of living and rising poverty have left many here feeling tehir sacrifices are not being repaid but still...there are no protests.

Singaporeans have over the years lost their ability to stand up for what is right. There is habitual apathy, mind your own business attitude and many Singaporeans under years of authoritarianism learn to leave solutions to the govt because political participation by ordinary citizens always comes with a big price - police action and humiliation. For those who will turn up, the fear is others won't and the few will be left holding the bag....ridiculed by media for being misguided and a segment of society that believes this govt can do no wrong and should be trusted all the time to solve our problems. The reluctance to protest is not the result of a lack of problems in our society but a deeply ingrained fear and many years of authoritarianism that resulted in an excessively apathetic and obedient society.

Singapore leads Asia in 'Occupy' rally reluctance[Link]

KUALA LUMPUR -- Australia and New Zealand started the rolling global protests denouncing corporate greed but capitalist countries elsewhere in Asia were reluctant to demonstrate, with the turnout in wealthy Singapore almost zero.

Protesters gathered across the world on Saturday to denounce bankers and politicians over the international economic crisis, with violence rocking Rome where cars were torched and bank windows smashed.
Protesters had gathered in Japan and across Southeast Asia, but in the hundreds at most. Singapore didn't even manage that.

The pro-government Sunday Times appeared to take pride in the non-turnout after a call to gather at Raffles Place in the financial center failed to materialize.“What's missing in this picture?” it asked on its front page above a picture of three policemen patrolling an almost empty Raffle Place.
Speakers' Corner
An unidentified person had set up a Facebook page and Twitter account calling on Singaporeans to protest against income inequality and a lack of accountability in the country's sovereign wealth funds, prompting a police warning.
Singapore bars demonstrations, gatherings or speeches without a permit except at a tiny “Speakers' Corner” in a small park at the edge of the central business district


Amused said...

This apathy is very unhealthy. Just like the recent Chinese incident where a little girl was run over by trucks and nobody cared, the failure to engage is detrimental to the well being of the society. (Do they still teach in schools?)

Anonymous said...

Aiya, majority of Singaporeans (60%) are happy and satisfied, how to protest?

If they are so fed up and really wanted to protest, they could have done so - but legally, silently and easily, through their votes!

And this year they even had 2 chances to do so. And the 2nd one they even increased their votes from 60 to 70% for candidates closest to the PAP!

So you tell me lah, protest for what?

Protests will only happen when majority people (at least 60%) are unhappy and not satisfied.

And not only protests, they will also vote out their govts before or after that.

Kojakbt said...

It's true that thanks to efficient police actions, strict laws on public assembly and control of the media, Singaporeans dare not protest openly for fear of arrests.

However, it's not true to say that Singaporeans are a apathetic and obedient bunch and will not protest. In fact, if you observe carefully, Singaporeans are protesting on the Net everyday. This, in part, is due to a more vocal net-savvy younger generation and anonymity provided by the Net.

Certainly, I do see many netizens actively participating in political and social discussions on the Net.

And I also didn't think it was a fair statement to say Singaporeans think the PAP govt can do no wrong and should be trusted to solve our problems all the time. At least, at present, 40% of the Singaporeans don't think so... (previously, it was 33.3%)...


Anonymous said...

60% votes do not imply 60% happy and satisfied.

For your information,

North Korea Kim Jong Il won 100 percent of vote with 99.9 percent turnout

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak won 88.6% of the votes.

Anonymous said...

Anon 23/10/11 14:20

North Korea got famine and hunger, so maybe many were too weak to protest or even go to vote.

And Hosni Mubarak already overthrown and on trial now.

Didn't you read the news?

Or maybe your head need to go for medical checkup if you still want to compare North Korea and Egypt with Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Anon 23/10/11 14:40

I am not comparing North Korea and Egypt with Singapore.

My point is, Mubarak won 88.6% of votes does not imply that 88.6% are happy and satisfied.

Therefore, 60% votes do not imply 60% happy and satisfied.

Lye Khuen Way said...

Once upon a time, we would thumb our noses at our neighbour for their "tida-apah" attitude.
Well many have moved on.
We have adapted to that sad apathy after years of conditioning that protests/strike were bad for the economy/country etc.
It will be difficult. A challenge to "put some spurs into our hides" as someone reminded us not too long ago.
Nonetheless, I have this dream, just like another someone. This someone who was more prophetic than the earlier "someone". There is now a non-white US President and as they said, Pigs/swine did flew/flu. No ?

Anonymous said...

singaporeans are members of nato - no action, talk only.

Anonymous said...

In any protest that'd happened in the western countries, typically you have 1/3 who oppose, 1/3 who counter-oppose, 1/3 sits no the fence. So will be mostly true that you don't need 60% - just a number.

In Egypt, only 1 million (8%) of the population showed up in Tahrir Square. The rest as they say is history for the 88.6% voted for Mubarak.

Libya has a 4.5m population. Gadaffi as astutely observed by our Emeritus GCT who called him an "astute" leader who eventually landed in sewage and a bullet in his intestine because the people just can't "stomach" anymore.

Singaporeans have been neutered.
PAP will not budge. IT will be seen by them (the hard-liners) as yielding to populism. While the people are still pre-occupied with bread/butter and their fear to care. FTW KKK! Kiasi kaisu kiachenghu.

Even SG Tourist Board these days called its tagline "Your Singapore" openly touting to tourists, foreigners or any tom,dick, harry who transits here to work, play and gamble that it's theirs for the taking. So don't even hold that dream is "Our Singapore" too long lest you get disappointed.

Focus on your makan and shopping lah.

Anonymous said...

"Focus on your makan and shopping lah."
Anon 23/10/11 17:53

That's right.

And 60% have good makan and shopping. The rest 40% have not so good one. But all 100% focus on makan and shopping. That's why no time and no one for protest.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it will be 60% voting for such quick-fix policies of this half a century old government.

Just you wait and see, it'll drop to the 50% range pretty fast in the next 4 years.

The fact of the matter is the people inlcuding the 60% are just sick and tired of PAPies elitist policies that benefit only them and their families only.

They're self-serving themselves at the expense of the people of Singapore and have clearly in the last GE lost touch with Singaporeans.

Those Singaporeans who are voting for HDB better think of their children's future when it's their turn to start a family.

Once these 60% start sparing a though for others instead of being downright selfish and greedy, they'll get the picture. IN any case, most younger Singaporeans will be voting for the next 4 years.

Singapore Man Of Leisure said...

Hello Lucky Tan,

The Greeks and South Koreans have protesting in their genes and history. The Greeks against the Ottoman empire; and the Koreans against the Japs and Chinese who colonised them...

I do agree with you that I find it puzzling too - where did our own protesting heritage of the 50s and 60s went to?

My take is that after closing down the chinese medium schools, we have become more individualistic; less on contributing to society first.

It's a good thing no one or few turned up at Occupy Raffles Place in Singapore. Imagine Singaporeans listening to "anonymous" organisers. LOL!

I glad that readers who write to newspaper forums use real names nowadays (OK, it's bo bian).

We need to take responsibility for what we say or write. Then others will take us seriously.

Anonymous said...

I know of those who sing the tune of 'self dependence' and 'keeping yourself employable', until they themselves are faced with the reality that befell others.

Singapore has the highest incidence of myopia in the world, and that is not just physical.

Anonymous said...

//Once these 60% start sparing a though for others instead of being downright selfish and greedy, they'll get the picture. IN any case, most younger Singaporeans will be voting for the next 4 years.//

So what? The 36% newly minted Singaporeans will also be added to the pool.

Anonymous said...

Easy, when you make the people worry about getting their children into their choice schools, when you make the people worry about affording HDB, when you make the people worry about how to upgrade to private condos, when you make people worry about being unemployed after they hit 40, when you make the people worry if they will be make redundant in favour of cheaper foreigners, when you make people worry about crippling medical costs when they fall sick, when you make people worry about COE going up, when you make the people worry about if their children will get a place in tertiary institutions, when you make people worry about when they are going to get their hands on their CPF that rightly belongs to them, there will be hardly anyone left to protest about income inequality. The irony is, a lot of the problems listed above can be solved if there is more income inequality.

Anonymous said...

So what? The 36% newly minted Singaporeans will also be added to the pool."

Correction: 36% foreigners are on this island. There are no statistics as far as I know that says that these 36% foreigners are newly-minted Singaporeans.

It takes a minimum of at least 2 years of stay on this island before you are granted a pink IC.

Having said that, how many of these 36% are taking up pink IC? This number has not been revealed as far as I know.

So don't worry about the newly annointed. Worry about the 60% instead.

Anonymous said...

See, when the Singaporeans have so much to worry with no solution for them, where got time and mood to go RP ???

Jokers with 100s of K income surely wont go RP, rite ? Did You go RP yourself ?

Journalists and matas are paid to jalan jalan and kaypoh kaypoh, different from the people.

Anonymous said...

What about protesting of the $9000 dollars given to new NSF men, and leaving the old NSF men with nothing, but sweats and mental torture of doing NS/Reservist.

Anonymous said...

OF the 36% of new migrants, based on 2006 data and insights, 45% are eventually given citizenship back then. Use your deductive logic and we can surmise the years after 2006-2011 the numbers must have increased..say 50% - 60% +/- range? Thus our situation today.

You do the math by 2016, my dear friend, how many are net new migrants.

South korea sim card said...

Great, great post! It’s something I have never thought about, really, but it makes a whole lot of sense. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Singapore Man Of Leisure said...
"We need to take responsibility for what we say or write. Then others will take us seriously"

What is your real name then ?

There are so many good articles in the net that I don't even remember the names of the authors but somehow always remember the gist of the message if it somehow strikes a right chord with reality.

Anonymous said...

"Singapore Leads 'Occupy rally" is like day dreaming to build castle in the air as enjoying super long free holidays will be keeping principals and teachers very busy and fully occupied.

Very soon, principals and teachers will be paid high year end bonus with high increment in salary. They will be very busy to enjoy their super long year end free holiday in November and December.

This holiday is just tip of the iceberg as principals and teachers are paid highly to enjoy even more holidays than anyone can imagine.

To summarize, principals and teachers are paid highly to enjoy holidays. They enjoy
1 week of March holidays,
4 weeks of June holidays,
1 week of September holidays,
6 to 8 weeks of Nov-Dec holidays,
1 youth holiday,
1 extra national holiday,
1 teacher holiday,
1 children holiday,
2 election holidays for year 2011,
numerous less than half day work to celebrate the numerous holidays,

Wow! principals and teachers are having relax, easy and carefree life as they are paid highly with high salary and high bonus to enjoy life.

Anonymous said...

""Wow! principals and teachers are having relax, easy and carefree life as they are paid highly with high salary and high bonus to enjoy life.""

To top it up, they have a motto "Teach less, learn more" but then just look @ the questions they give out as homework. Yeah, teach less so parents need to spend more on outside tuition in order to catch up. what a way to go and create a secondary educational market.

Anonymous said...

How could we allow Singaporeans to join this global protest against greedy bankers and politicians? We have the highest paid politicians and also bankers and these people are in political power. To allow protest is like slapping their faces. How could this happen?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Anon 22:59,

But what the fuck is the relavance here?

Anonymous said...

24/10/11 23:38

sorry anon.

What kind of relevance does your fuckhead expect.

Anonymous said...

How about being relevant to Lucky's posr on "Singapore Leads Occupy rally Reluctance?"

Anonymous said...

25/10/11 00:53

does anyone need to be guided by such parameter that you have mentioned when posting.

certain posts (on or off-topic) may just flow off from some previous ones (again on or off-topic). this is the beuty of internet. if you don't like it, just buzzzzzzzzzzz offffffffffff.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are no different from Chinamen in terms of gross apathy. The former ones have long become those that they bemoan.

Anonymous said...

"certain posts (on or off-topic) may just flow off from some previous ones (again on or off-topic). this is the beuty of internet. if you don't like it, just buzzzzzzzzzzz offffffffffff."

And so the garbage collector turns in the garbage once again. Little did Miss Lulu knows that chicken do fly.

Anonymous said...

"certain posts (on or off-topic) may just flow off from some previous ones (again on or off-topic). this is the beuty of internet. if you don't like it, just buzzzzzzzzzzz offffffffffff."

And so the garbage collector turns in the garbage once again. Little did Miss Lulu knows that chicken do fly.

Anonymous said...

wah liao eh, anon 1:10, you're such an ass leh. Serious liao! Are you another yueyue killer? what kind of nettiquette are you promoting huh? Xiao huh?

You damn tulan is it?

Anonymous said...

LOL! He's girlfriend must be an ex-teacher. Muhahahahahaha! That's why he condemn teachers so much..muhahahahahah!

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans share the occupation of RP with FTs daily to make their pile!

Anonymous said...

Being a prison in the mind is one of the most impenetrable prison in the world and does not require externaling policing subsequently.
Thats whyvLKY & the PAP IS ONE OF THE BEST EXAMPLE OF MIND CONTROL & of course you need willing particpants. Self censure is great once we have WE THE SHEEPLE....regardless of race language & religion.
Dont comment & point fingers & tsk tsk when those chinese walk right pass the poor dying run overed gal... We are just like that here in sgp....
Me me me ....

Me Too ! Ha ha...... Man in the mirror

Anonymous said...


We have protested when we voted PAP out of Aljunied GRC resoundingly. As a result, the ministers "sleeping on their jobs" i.e., Mah, Raymond and Wong got ousted.

Unlike previous election with huge groups gathering at opposition rally but all talk and no action, this time the people voted fearlessly with both their hearts and minds.

Whether protesting is good or bad is 见仁见智。 I am proud of all Singaporeans who voted wisely this time round. It clearly shows that we may have been socially engineered by LKY over the years, but we are not stupid and will act decisively when necessary.

PAP can take us for granted at their own peril.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
what kind of nettiquette are you promoting huh? Xiao huh? You damn tulan is"

boss to you lah. who is coming here to promote nettiquette. don't divert lah. n don't u think u have forgotten that you have been mixing ass n nettiquette.

Anonymous said...

""And so the garbage collector turns in the garbage once again. Little did Miss Lulu knows that chicken do fly.""

Little Lulu probably learns more from the internet than from your own garbabge head.

Anonymous said...

Lucky needs not be disappointed with no occupation of RP, Parliament House or anywhere.
All Lucky needs to do is get the people to boycott all activities by the Peoples Association, grassroot organizations and MP walkabouts.

There will be problem convincing the 60% diehards in Sin lah. But never mind, if 30% or more of them stop seeking self glorification to have photo shoot with the politician VIPs or have their babies touch by them, it can be considered success. Better still, boycott these stalls and eateries displaying politician portraits at their outlets. No point supporting these sycophants.

There is no need to show middle finger to the portraits at road junctions. No need for civil disobedience, no need to blame PA for its' lop-sided misbehaviour. No need to spend transport fare and waste time to see journalists and mata mata there earlier than You. They wont be there to welcome You, but if it is fame of a different kind that You want; go and shake their hands, they will hold You very tight.

See, it is so easy, just show your disdain by keeping a distance. No need to swear and curse, no need to get angry, no need to bother them.

Just leave them alone and You can be sure they will come a begging.

So, blog on Mr Lucky.


Anonymous said...

When the most iconic opposition blogger, that's u Mr Lucky, openly tells his supporters NOT to oppose PAP (or something "bad" will happen)...

Btw, check out Libya! Great job by your beloved Obama!
Endorsed by Lucky cannot be wrong!

Anonymous said...

//Btw, check out Libya! Great job by your beloved Obama!//

The mandate given by UN to NATO is to protect civilians of Libya. The best way to protect the civilians is to stop the civil war, which, according to a rebel leader, killed at least 30,000 people and wounded at least another 50,000, by imposing an immediate ceasefire and oversee the reform of Libya.

But NATO chose to do the opposite. NATO rejected the ceasefire proposed by the African Union, which were accepted by Libya government. NATO chose to let the civil war expanded and provided arms and military training to the rebels and conducted 26,233 sorties, of which 9,634 are attack sorties.

Attack sorties are missions flown to identified targets with the sole purpose of destroying them. Legitimate targets include, military hardware (tanks, air bases etc) communications, and command infrastructures, troop convoys, and as we have seen Gaddafi himself, his family and anyone else that happens to be near him (one of the attack has killed 3 of the Gaddafi’s grandchildren age between 2 to 3).

Since June 2011, NATO became more desperate and started attacking non-combat buildings and basic infrastructures (for example, NATO airstrikes on the Tripoli headquarters of the state-owned national TV broadcaster Al-Jamahiriya and two of its installations on 30 July. Three journalists were killed and 21 others were wounded in the airstrikes). The attack at basic infrastructures has caused Tripoli residents having difficulties in getting water and electricity supplies.

If each attack sorties fired only2 missiles and each missile is capable of destroying a building, we can envisage that how much damage the 19,268 (2 x 9,634) missiles have been done to Libya. The total population in Libya is only about 6.4 millions.

I dare to say that NATO is the main contributor to the dead and injury to the more than 80,000 Libyan ( the figure could be much more as the rebel leader don’t have much information from Gaddafi controlled areas). So far, not much information about the casualties suffered by Gaddafi’s side, because almost every time after the attack, NATO and the western media will issues the standard clause “mission completed successfully and targets destroyed, any casualties arise from the attack could not be verified”. But if we based on the 2 “friendly fire” incidents which killed 13 civilians and 5 rebels’ fighters and wounded many more others.(“friendly fire’ is defined as NATO mistook the rebels as Gaddafi people. That is, NATO has the intention to kill those people!). The 9,634 attack sorties could have killed and wounded an estimate of more than 150,000 people. [(13+5) x 9,634 = 173,412]

Many of the innocent people like the Gaddafi’s 3 grand children (age between 2 to 3) and the 3 journalists from the TV’s headquarter, were killed not at the battle field or war zone, they were killed by the well planned NATO attack sorties at their residential area or work place.

Tripoli residents have difficulties in getting water and electricity supplies is also the results of NATO well planned attacks at the basic infrastructures of Libya. How many civilians get killed when NATO attacking these basic infrastructures? In fact Tripoli is not the city at war, why is it received the most attack from NATO?

The parties benefited from the expanded war are the NATO’s arms manufacturing companies and the defense related industrials. NATO’s construction industrials will have many big contracts when participating in the reconstruction of Libya (Libya is rich and can afford to pay for the rebuilding). Also, NATO’s petrol companies will benefit from the oil rich Libya if the rebel has the control of the country.

Anonymous said...

See, Singaporeans must have peace and stability and never to suffer like the Libyan People.
We can have the peace by keeping away from leader liked Gaddafi and his cronies and supporters. Nood need to spit at them or look at them in their face, alright with their pictures in the prints and tele/broadcasts. No need to feel sad or sleepless when they are removed, peace of mind remains and no damage to the innocence.
Yes, we need peace, peace in the tiny rock and more importantly peace of our own mind.

Leave the sinners to themselves, just sin not oneself!


Anonymous said...

"Singapore has the highest incidence of myopia in the world, and that is not just physical"

Ha ha ha ..... I like that . Sweet sweet sweet observation/ correlation

Anonymous said...

By the way .....amidst our navel gazing Gaddafi has been whacked by the super elites thru their thugs called NATO when he tried to rock the boat, i think (cos u got to do your own research)....with his pushing $ encouraging of african nations to use the dinar gold coins for exchange of OIL & other precious stuffs.
Why i ithink its worth investigating is becos we & future generations ...meaning possibly 5years from now , will be paying & slaving even more under the power elites thru their CARBON TAX HOAX & their Global Central Bank , UN etc once these IMFs, World Bank pretents to make way for their "more stable" ONE WORLD police,banks,etc
Problem , Reaction , Solution

Anonymous said...

NATO will go in & whacked the people & destroy the buildings & infrastructure .
Then UN "peacekeepers " will enter to ENFORCE peace ala Iraq, Kosovo ,Serbia etc . Where Got Peace ?
Then the HALIBURTONS , Big Oil , Big Pharma & all these slimy oligarchical cartels will move in to rape , plunder & enslave the poor libyans even more than thay ever did or did not suffer .... Depending on wether u think CNN, FOX ,BBC,CNBC,REUTERS,ASSOCIATED PRESS, YAHOO NEWS, SKY, TIME/Warner/AOL....has been hijacked & run by the same oligarchs.....Becos whatever on all the different news channels must be truth .
(Btw lets not name countries becos THE SUPER ELITES dont have nationalities....they are transnational all-powerful elites that controls even the governments of most countries)

Anonymous said...

Well ruled country does not need all these World Organizations such as UN, IMF, NATO etc. These are big spending useless bodies with as much problem within themselves as in a poorly administered nation.
There are corrupted regimes and there are corrupted World Organizations.


Anonymous said...

"All Lucky needs to do is get the people to boycott all activities by the Peoples Association, grassroot organizations and MP walkabout"

Isn't this another sign of being apathetic? Why can't we take the bull by its horn or walk into the lion's den to voice out?

Anonymous said...

Hehe, seems like there is chances of Singaporeans finding the Libyan way more effective than the American way.

Anonymous said...

'Why can't we take the bull by its horn or walk into the lion's den to voice out?

28/10/11 13:46'

Anon, well said. Go for it, when you hold the horns in yr hands, you can be sure that many will join you. They will squeeze the balls, tickle the ears and massage the bull with you.

Anonymous said...

Yes bruther/sister, walk the talk.
Start the ball rolling! You are our hero!!!

Anonymous said...

Patriot did not say do nothing, have to read the comments between the lines.

Anonymous said...

When the police chief makes a statement to the press saying they will arrest people for going to Occupy Raffles Place, I'm not surprised people stay away, even those who believe in the cause. It's not that we're not happy, it's not that we don't want a change for the better, for the income inequality to be reduced. But we live in a country where they can detain you without trial, indefinitely.

Anonymous said...

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