Sunday, December 18, 2011

Discrimination against poor Singaporeans with foreign spouses....

UPDATE : Some people commented here and in TOC's Facebook that these rules are in place to prevent marriage of convenience when foreigners marry Singaporeans to get PRs. But how can it be?These spouses are denied after they have children and in this case the oldest child is 9 years old yet the mother is denied when  it is clearly not a marriage of convenience. Others suggest that the rules are there to prevent foreigners from cheating our men - this does not make sense because it is applied to poor men only....there is more to cheat from richer men...clearly that is not the case for this lorry driver who has been married for 10 years. The only possible logic is the govt does not want poor men to procreate and is using these restrictions to discourage them - it is already bad enough that hard working men find it difficult to make ends meet because of the income gap...they are often made  poorer because of govt policies often don't favor them e.g. importing cheap labor causing their wages to be depressed,  having no minimum wage laws and rising cost of living. Yet, the govt put more obstacles to prevent them from making their own lives better ....this Jason Lim struggled for 9 years to raise his family working as a lorry driver and on the day he died he still couldn't get PR for his wife.....what does our society gain by making him go through his ordeal? This is unjust.

This is one issue that really makes me angry and I'll keep highlighting it until the govt changes its policy. What they are doing is downright unconscionable, highly discriminatory, unnecessary and harms a large number of poor Singapore families. If this is the first time you learn about this, I hope you can tell others what our govt has been doing so that everyone is aware that the people they elect as leaders are doing this.
A few days ago, a lorry driver by the name Jason Lim died when his vehicle rolled off a barge Pasir Panjang Terminal. Jason Lim is married to a Thai national and has 4 kids who are Singaporeans aged between 4 and 9. His wife may not be allowed to stay in Singapore because Jason is no longer around.

Our authorities pursue a discriminatory policy against low income Singaporean men married to foreigners. Their wives cannot get PR or citizenship and can only stay in Singapore by applying for LTVP (Long Term Visitor Pass) . Supporting a family when you're  poor in Singapore is extremely tough given the high cost of living.  For these poor Singaporean men with foreign wives, their problems are compounded because those on LTVP are not allowed to work, cannot get subsidised medical care and apply for HDB flats.

Singapore gives out PRs and citizenship to so many foreigners.... many of whom have stayed here only for a short duration  yet PR and citizenship is denied for Jason Lim's wife who is also the mother of 4 Singaporeans who have to serve NS when they are older.

Making the poor struggle and undermining the well being  of Singaporean children with foreign mothers, harms thousands of families in our country.  It exacerbates the pain of poverty for these families without any gains for our society. If the PAP may think that they gained something by penalising the poor for getting married and having children, but they have not...they have lost the trust and support of these men and everyone in the country that feels that each Singaporean should be treated with fairness and dignity.


Anonymous said...

This is EVIL. Only merciless LKY n his pap can do such an inhumane thing. There is no good reason to pursue such a discriminatory policy against your citizens who took foreign spouces.
LKY n all those who implemented this policy will have to answer when they cross over.

Anonymous said...

Makes me feel sick how these poor people are treated.

Anonymous said...

This is not new. The poor has no place here. It's probably an eyesore to them. They'll leave it to other charitable organisation to help. How many of them donate their salaries. Only lip service for change in policy to help the poor.

Anonymous said...

Diginity and fairness is only for the rich.

And if it a case of rich vs rich, then we see who is richer and more influential.

Lucky, when will you ever learn? *shake head*

the govt is right said...

The poor in SIngapore shouldnt have the right to start a family and add to the burden of the state. Period

If they need to have sex, they can go to the legalised brothel and pay a meagre sum.

It is high time we regulate the conditions of marriage, a proof of income, educational qualifications , health standards and family background should be implemented.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lucky for highlighting this.To let you know the truth, my mother is a malaysian and my father is a Singaporean.For 17 years, she couldn't really get PR. Both of them are past 50 and I am still in education. As my father is the sole breadwinner of the family, sometimes I am worried if my father might just pass away, what would happen to my mother and I. We would lose rental of our flat and my mother has to return to Malaysia and I won't know which to pursue: education or work.

Anonymous said...

"Discrimination against poor Singaporeans with foreign spouses...."

Assuming that such Singaporeans will vote against PAP, it seems they are among the minority 40%.

As a govt, whatever you do, just make sure majority will still vote for you.

On this aspect, PAP did very well for 46 years.

Anonymous said...

Not only is it human to treat all citizens equally. It is also a wise policy as many of the very successful past and present Singaporeans came from poor family. To reject these people is just like cutting of a little of yourself.

Anonymous said...

When next time someone say thank you for your NS contribution, think twice does he say this with sincerity or not. Thanks and forget you later is no use.

Anonymous said...

Actually poor Singaporeans with foreign spouses (most likely also not well educated) and have kids is a social concern.

Because the kids may not be materially adequately provided for and with the right motherly care and upbringing in the local culture and context.

This may give rise to social problems in future.

Hence it is understandable why the govt may discourage and discriminate such marriages and starting of family.

Anonymous said...

These foreign spouse can actually get work permit without affecting Singapore Company foreign worker quota if they really wanted to work and support the family (before the Singapore spouse pass away). Most of them are not working.. why? It is better to think carefully how they wanted to survive in Singapore before deciding to get married.

If our poor Singapore men fly to foreign country and married there, do you think they can get PR or citizenship easily?

Anonymous said...

LKY believes in eugenics. If you're poor, PAP will say that is proof that you're stupid, lazy or simply born with bad genes. That why die-hard PAP MPs will tell you proudly that money gives you dignity -- no money means no dignity. And that's also why billionaire Burmese druglord relatives can get PR and same also for Indoes with billions of embezzled money and protected by PAP from being extradited back to Indo.

But if you're a poor Sinkie who has done NS but cannot afford HDB and raise a family, PAP will tell you that you got no spurs in your ass, that's why daft and stupid. PAP don't want you to reproduce and have kids.

Anonymous said...

Singaporean must cheer and be grateful for LKY having a tomboy daughter, and Albino grandson. His personal tragedy probably shaken his eugenic ideology somehow.

Others, the life of poor will be 10x worse

Anonymous said...

I believe the logic was the fear of foreigners marrying Sporeans just to get an easy citizenship and Sporeans also making money from these marriages of convenience. That logic (which is the same in many developed countries) was sound up until recently, when Spore citizenships and PR were dished out freely anyway ...

Anonymous said...

I believe the logic was the fear of foreigners marrying Sporeans just to get an easy citizenship and Sporeans also making money from these marriages of convenience. That logic (which is the same in many developed countries) was sound up until recently, when Spore citizenships and PR were dished out freely anyway ...

Whether our poor are really poor by idleness or whether they are condemn to be miserable by PAP's policy.

Singaporeans are the most hardworking people in the world. So the answer is fairly obvious.

PAP are really the chief architect of creating miserable, despair on Singaporeans.

Raymond Toh said...

This is a very unfortunate event.. I believe the ica dont discriminate the poor but more cautious of having to look into case to case basis on sham marriage. Those negative comments about PAP and LKY isnt fair at all. Look at govt of other parts of the world. Whom is perfect? What we have achieved so far and being able to influence the world makes us great... U think we can achieve this without LKY and his PAP... DREAM ON..

Anonymous said...

My wife from Vietnam had to wait 2 years to get her PR after many visits to MPS and spending stupid money on STP and LTP applications. Even at ROM I had to hire a translator for almost $300 for the translator to translate the marriage vows when my wife could perfectly communicate with me in English. We are a very discriminated lot. Both of us have degrees. We are cash poor but have some asset. Even after having her first baby we were made to wait long long for her PR. When she gave birth in KK, we had no subsidies but the PR couple next to us had and their caesarian was cheaper than my bill. My friend married his China wife, voila! 3 months later she got her PR! I asked for the reason from ICA, through MPS I was told the 'quota' was higher for China. Now we know why we are 'Chindiaphilippore'....PR for China people like free.

Anonymous said...

Let think about this question:
If 70% Singaporean are African, can Singapore achieve the same after 50 years.
If LKY was leader in indonesia 50 years ago until today, can he change indonesia like Singapore? Indonesia got a lot of resources.
Hong Kong, Taiwan and China do not have LKY and PAP, they are doing well.
LKY is just the owner of a good horse.

TokyoSingaporean said...

The concerned lady could continue to stay in Singapore if she applies for a job and is granted an employment pass.

They are some clear indications of the sort of foreign wives that would be given immediate PRship. The fastest is a waiting time of 14 weeks, i.e. 3 and half months.

I have known foreign husbands or wives who get immediate PRship. They meet a certain income bracket and has a bachelor's degree. Certain foreigners would have a tough time getting PRship. They would be those without/with degrees from Thailand, Burma, Vietnam (unless they're on government scholarships) and Middle Easterners.

Japanese and Koreans with degrees with get through the door the fastest.

I know of a fillipina lady who got Singapore citizenship and sponsored her filippina husband for Singapore PRship. This was also fast. 3 months and 2 weeks. During this period, her husband was on EP and is now working in an international school here. Most PRships are given to PRCs, India Indian, Filippinas, etc. who have degrees, a family with child/children and has a job in Singapore.

The lady in question could rent a flat from HDB but she would mostly likely not be given one as she does not meet any of the HDB criterion for staying in one. The plausible option is that the home protection insurance that she would have purchased would have the family paid their flat off. This would perhaps then give her ground to stay in the flat.

However, if the family is renting a flat presently from HDB, they would have to vacate it or rent one from the open market.

Personally, I feel it is not right to do that to a struggling widow, much less to one who is taking of NS-serving Singaporean children who would be ask to sacrifice their lives for the island.

My condolences to the bereaved family for their loss.

Awakened said...

Mr. Tan,

There is another vector at work which is often not widely known.

AWARE puts up cases and pressurized ICA not to freely grant visas and PRships to foreign brides of Singaporean spouses in order to protect female Singaporeans from being left on the shelves.

So, its a juggling act for ICA who has problems finding the balance.

Anonymous said...

"Actually poor Singaporeans with foreign spouses (most likely also not well educated) and have kids is a social concern.

Because the kids may not be materially adequately provided for and with the right motherly care and upbringing in the local culture and context.

This may give rise to social problems in future. "

Are you fucking kidding us? Are you suggesting two pinoys on PR can provide better motherly care to their child in the local culture and context given compared to a Singaporean husband and a pinoy PR wife?

Anonymous said...

Should give the wife PR and soon after, citizenship (given her hardship). She has 4 children, not likely she can hold a fulltime job for now. But her children will attend our schools, serve NS. These are the type of citizens we want. Win-Win situation. Much better than those FT who will pack up when economy goes downhill, or those PR who wait till their children too old to serve NS or keep their male children overseas, before becoming SG citizens. If SG deports her, then her children go back with her to Thailand. They will hate SG forever. Lose-Lose situation.

Anonymous said...

Now, I don't want to case aspersions on this chap's wife. I am familiar with this policy, and it is unusual for somebody's wife not to be granted PR even after giving birth to children many yrs ago. This sort of thing likely happens because there were some problems with the spouse.

Anonymous said...

The main reasons why ICA don't give her PR are:-

1. Poor and not high income earner. In fact she's officially unemployed for past 10 yrs. And illegal for her to work, unless some company apply WP for her.

2. Not much qualification. Probably only up to Sec education in Thai village. Not much transferable skills to S'pore city economy.

3. No MNC or GLC will sponsor her for PME job and apply EP or S-Pass for her.

4. Ethnically considered different from S'pore main ethnic groups. S'pore is scared to create impression that it is easy for poor uneducated people from nearby countries such as Thai, Cambodia, Indo, Vietnam, Laos to immigrate to S'pore. Even for M'sians (who are considered similar culturally) S'pore govt will filter on race.

The only way to stay on is for some company willing to hire her and apply Work Permit for her. But WP only valid for 2 years. And nowadays renewal of WP is very hard. So after 2 years back to square 1.

The other big problem is that if she decides to go back Thailand, do her kids have access to Thai resources e.g. subsidised education, subsidised healthcare, resident/citizen rights etc etc?? Or will the kids be treated as foreigners and expected to go international schools and private hospitals etc??

Anonymous said...

Another example of anti-people policies.
(It's really anti-Singaporean policies).

By the Party Against People.

They don't like fellow Singaporeans.
"If you think Singapore no good, then why don't you leave?"

They don't respect fellow Singaporeans.
"daft", "need spurs", "what you want? 3 meals in a hawker centre, foodcourt or restaurant?"

But they claim to represent you as your political leader.
Since 60% of us voted for them.
Ask your conscience.
Do they really represent you with their million dollar salaries in their bungalows protected by Gurkhas?

Vote Opposition.
It's time we give real Singaporeans a chance to represent us in Parliament.

Don't worry about freak election results.
40% votes = 6 Opposition MPs
80% votes = 12 Opposition MPs.

PAP will still form the next government in GE 2016.

But would be nice if they get less than 50% of the votes.
Then can no longer claim to "represent" majority of Singaporeans"
Like Tony Tan.
Our 35.19% President.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 10:06

Both have correctly described the situation.
The ethnicity of Singapore is enshrined in the constitution.
Their percentages % are to be maintained.

The approvals of PR status for people from Chinese extract is to meet perecntages. This is also true for the Indians. These 2 groups have not been reproducing enough.

Education is also another factor so does economic benefit. If Thai or Krygystan can develope entrepruenual ventures, PR will be given.. regardless of education.

I think ICA could make exceptions and this case is an exception.

The rules are not cast in stone, neither is the constitution.

My best wishes to her and the kids, which one day will done the SAF uniform.

Anonymous said...

I am a Singaporean. I have a thai wife and she was also rejected of the PR after a 7-8 months wait. No reasons for rejection and just the standard template. FYI I have a Singaporean daughter with my thai wife and I am a 2nd Upper Honours Degree from one of the 3 local universities. Annual income around 50k.

With these factors my wife's application still got rejected. Worst was that initially the website showed only a 3 month wait for the result then 3 months passed and I called ICA and they then told me its 6 months wait then 6 months passed and I called again and then told me its 9 months wait.

Finally I went back to Thailand with my wife to visit the in-laws and just 1 week later came the rejection letter with no reasons given. WHAT UTTER NONSENSE!

The government can give PRs to unqualified PRCs cleaners and shop assistants but cannot give PRs to spouse of a Singaporean who at least have contributed a Singaporean child. This is our government with little thoughts for families with foreign spouses.

Anonymous said...

live with it! eat your hearts out! what 'poor' only yourself to be blamed! so poor, why fck so much and born pooor babies to suck on us and our tax system! so clever, go to johor or even batam or better still, go to bintan! complains? why say the govt not care yet you complain about chinese people come here to pay high tax and help your all go eat shit! if your life is poor, blame on your karma and ancestors!

Anonymous said...

PAP is evil, period. Nothing more to say. Continue to vote them out.

Anonymous said...

Singaporean society is becoming more and more materialistic, calculating and merciless over the years. We have lost a major part of out good Asian cultural and traditional heritage. We have also lost much of our human values of kindness, compassion, decency and care for those less fortunate than us. I have no doubt that the harsh and calculating policies of LKY and his papists played a major part in the decline in the good values in Singapore society. When government policies are so merciless, when government policies are so calculating, when government policies are completely based on $/cent, P n L, Singaporeans cannot but degenerated into mere $ digits. Singapore is a dog eat dog world. Can we afford to lose what little of the decent human values that is still left in us ?

Lim Roland said...

Everyone knows that poor educated man in sg if would like to engage with a local girl chances are very slim as the practical issue always boil down to money or status of work even. Imagine a degree holder woman would marry to a lower income and secondary education man that may earn even less than what she achieve? Chances are only 30%. With no other options, they select girls from country like vietnam, indo or Thai etc cos these girls requirement are not so high and can adapt what is given most of the time. Don blame them from doing so cos I believe a lot of them were discarded by previous relationship with sg girl. These man just would like t start a family based on their own, even if they earn lot less but at least they had a partner to fall on and not isolated by society.
Based on the late mr Jason lim case, I fully support that his wife should had attained PR long time ago or our ica or gov are giving all these undeveloped or developing country people that sg are looking down on them based from where they are from. human Right pls....everyone should have their own choice to choose in their life, right?

Social Conditioning / Engineering said...


A: To socially condition/engineer everyone to understand that English is superior to all other languages in Singapore and that if you do not know English, you can't even take the MRT easily!


A: To socially condition/engineer low-education Singaporeans men to not reproduce and dilute LKY's digits' gene pool!


A: To socially condition/engineer high-education Singaporean men to marry female university graduates so that the latter will not be left on the shelf - that's LKY's biggest worry since 1980s! SINGAPOREA


A: To socially condition/engineer Singaporean to think twice before joining politics: make an example out of Chia.


A: No! Nothing to do with holding grudge against a dead man. Again, it's about socially conditoning/engineering Singaporeans - particularly those holding high ranks in the govt - to think twice before opposing PAP openly.

See? Everything is about SOCIAL ENGINEERING / CONDITIONING. Once you understand that, you will understand why PAP does the things it does. It is not concern about this widow or any individual. It is concerned about making an example out of the widow for all to see, and PAP thank you for publicising this so that all will know who to marry or not marry in future.

Did this lorry driver vote for PAP in the recent election?

If yes, serve him right.

If no, my sympathy!

fark 60% sinkies said...

In practically all countries in this world, citizens' have rights and one of this unalienable right is the right to have one's foreign spouse become a citizen, without any condition - be it educational or financial - attached.

But in Singapore, some brain-washed Sinkies agree with LKY that poor or lowly-educated Singapore citizens have no right to reproduce or to marry, and if they insist on doing so, their foreign spouse should be denied citizenship.

Since these Sinkies think citizenship does not come with rights (right to marry, reproduce and have spouse living together in the country permanently (i.e. citizenship)), then why do these Sinkies complain about foreigners being treated just like citizens?

Confused sinkies, I called them!

Anonymous said...

EVIL. The government policy is not transparent. How come unskilled PRCs getting PR so easily while the skilled foreigner married to Singaporean getting rejected? Marriage should be a valid reason to approve PR application. Who are they to disapprove their marriage, right? The one who makes this rules, is rich. That's why.

Anonymous said...

If you're PRC, you just need to have any job for 1 year to get PR status. If you're India indian, you should have salary of $2+K then easy to get PR. If you're some other race, you need to have salary of $5+K and work here for 1 year before getting PR.

If you're multi-millionaire, then no need to even step FOOT in S'pore. Just authorise your lawyers and bankers to buy 1 or 2 million-dollar condos in S'pore. And sign some papers in S'pore High Commission overseas. Singapore MFA staff will deliver gold-sealed envelop containing your blue IC to your house overseas.

People like Jim Rogers and Mark Mobius can get PR for themselves and their entire families with a snap of their finger. But they don't even spend 50% of their time in S'pore. Mostly they are flying around in New York, London, Switzerland, Germany, Shanghai etc.

And most of the PRC and India PR holders are simply economic migrants. They will send their sons away before they will do NS. Once these PRs earn enough, or when they themselves become older and no company in S'pore wants to hire them anymore, they will simply sell away their HDBs, condos, and withdraw out all their CPF and retire as millionaires in their home countries.

PAP don't care as long as these things continue to jack up GDP and create money for themselves and their running dogs. Stupid Sinkies in the middle just get slammed and squashed.

Anonymous said...

PAP hates the Singaporeans who are poor because they are thought to have inferior genes and a burden to the government. All their policies make it difficult for the poor to survive in Singapore and hopefully the poor and "inferior stock" are decimated. In Singapore, the poor only receive help from charitable organisation whereas the PAP only pay lip service. How many of our highly paid PAP elites ever donate to these charities?
But why ia PAP dishing out Spore citizenships and PR so freely to
foreigners the last few years= foreigners working as hawkers, pre-school teachers, masseuse, bus drivers, cashiers, sales staff, etc.

Anonymous said...

anyone who can still agree with PAP policies after reading this is not human.

Anonymous said...

Will you stand for election?

Anonymous said...

"Will you stand for election?
Anon 19/12/11 22:44

Any candidate who is not from PAP will only have a 7% chance of being elected.

Still want to stand for election?

Anonymous said...

The hard evil truth of Singapore is that poor Singaporeans must serve national service to sacrifice their lives to defend the rich Singaporeans because rich Singaporeans are worth multi $millions $billions and rich Singaporeans control the lives of poor Singaporeans like a remote controller controlling a robot.

Anonymous said...

"The hard evil truth of Singapore is that poor Singaporeans must serve national service to sacrifice their lives to defend the rich Singaporeans because rich Singaporeans are worth multi $millions $billions and rich Singaporeans control the lives of poor Singaporeans like a remote controller controlling a robot."
Anon 19/12/11 23:42

If like that the poor Singaporeans can don't vote the PAP what.

But 60% voted for PAP. 60% are rich Singaporeans???

Anonymous said...

so like illuminati ..elite gets the treats and scraps are left to us normal mortal. Elites can procreate while normal people sink so low as slaves..isn't that what PAP have been like ?

go to link:

green investments said...

This is discrimination, pure and simple. The Singaporean government does a great job overall, but this is pure discrimination against the middle class.

Anonymous said...

HongKong, Taiwan n South Korea don't have a LKY n pap. Yet are they worst off than Singaporeans ? So all these bullshits being drummed into the minds of Singaporeans over the last 51 years that LKY n pap is indispensible to Singapore must be purged from the consciousness and subconsciousness of Singaporeans. Wake up from the papist induced coma u r in to reclaim the land which is rightfully yours and not the fiefdom of a family.

Anonymous said...

You want to change in 5 years when you cannot change after 46 years???

Awakened said...

This is life in Singapore in the 21st century. Learn to ger used to the PAPies way of getting away with things. It is impossible to change in 5 years. If you want a change to occur immediately, there must be a revolution or an uprising. That won't happen in Singapore as the government has ISA and acts that puts you in jail if you and your friend demonstrate. Yes, in this 21st century in so-called first world Singapore, if you go out with a placard with a friend to demonstrate that systemic refornms and abuses are not tolerated or you seek accountability in this island, you'll get jailed.

Lucky Tan knows this. And he lacks the courage to do what he knows is right. Simply blogging is not going to get it, you need to create a greater impact; you need to market your work. Market your blogs or compile your blogs and publish it locally; it that's not possible then overseas. People want to know what is happening in Singapore.

This brings me to my point which is often missed in your blog work.

The real approach is in education. That is what is perpetuating the status quo. You need to take a look at education. That area receives the most propaganda and it churns out sheep-like behaviour which is reinforcing what is happening in Singapore. The real mind control is in the classroon.

Recent issues such as Values Education and Citizen Education, Civics and Moral Education, along with mechanical rote learning - what do all these methods and approaches seek to reinforce? Left-brain thinking.

And left-brain thinking is all about following ...(fill in the blanks)

Thought control of citizens begin in the classroon.

You speak of trimming the leaves. What use is that if the root of the tree is not tackled? You may keep on trimming the leaves and the tree will still continue to grow.

Work with the root of the tree. That's harder, but that's where change is truly effective.

Anonymous said...

We have a lot of foreigners in Singapore whom the government has given PRs to. These people come in with centuries old racial discrimination in the bloodlines.

The india indians PRs are here with these...

Racial discrimination by indians to indians.

Could someone find out about the sort of shit that the PRCs are bringing here with regards to their centuries old values?

Their children are to serve NS, you know. How are you going to protect a country with these kind of values?

Anonymous said...

"Lucky Tan knows this. And he lacks the courage to do what he knows is right. Simply blogging is not going to get it,". Unquote.

Whence each respected blogger appears at Speaker Corner(Hong Lim Park), me guesstimates each of them will be able to get 200 attendees. If ever five of them get together, me says confidently, the crowd will be a thousand and more.

Really wishes that one day 10 bloggers and more can co-ordinate and hold an activity for their readers and supporters. Me am sure there will be at least a few thousand there to appreciate and thank them.


Anonymous said...

You want a better Singapore? You have to start organising yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 20/12/11 12:54

"Their children are to serve NS, you know. How are you going to protect a country with these kind of values?"

Sorry, majority of PRs (80%) will send their sons away before they can be hauled up for NSF.

Many PRs don't register their newborn sons for PR, so no NS liabilities.

Those cheapskate PRs who register their sons for PR in order to get subsidised education and healthcare. Many will break law to send their sons away after finish O-levels.

Anonymous said...

How hinduism practices discrimination:

Caste system in the general practice all over India.

And India Indians are coming to Singapore.

Many of the labourers you see working in Singapore are dalits who couldn't get jobs home because they're classified as untouchables.

Upper class India INdians are now in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

these ppl are committed to starting a family in Singapore...

sometimes i do not understand why ICA is so anal...

Do they not understand they are messing with families lives? Imagine the stress they have to go thru....

yet they give PR freely to the undeserving (ppl who abuse the PR scheme)

Anonymous said...

The hard truth is that nothing will really change unless you give PAP a taste of competition.

There is only so much writing you can do. Ultimately, you need to replace the people running this country with the right people values that we sorely lack.

You need to replace as they have been in power for too long and they have become creatures of habit.

In the next 5 years, as more generation Y enter the market, it will then hit them.

Anonymous said...

How do we protect our children from anti-people policies by the PARTY AGAINST PEOPLE?

GE 2016.
Vote wisely.

Anonymous said...

I will still vote PAP.

Anonymous said...

I will still vote PAP.
Anon 20/12/11 20:09

Not just you alone. Must be 60%.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we have to think about the solution. Do you think its a good idea to give a free pass to be a Singaporean/PR just because one marries a Singaporean? What are the social implications? The rule is in place for good reason. There are already many mail order brides from poorer countries, esp PRC. Many consider this no different from human trafficking. If we give a free pass to any Tom Dick and Harry to become SG citizen who marries a Singaporean, the social implications will be worse.

Singapore is not the only country with an increasing trend of mail order brides . Hong Kong, Korea and Japan as well. What are these countries doing? Do these countries auto give citizenship to mail order brides? Would be interesting to find out what these countries are doing before slamming our govt for everything. Seriously, Singapore is already a mini PRC. I can imagine if mere marriage is a free pass to PRship, the entire country will be flooded by PRC in no time. Is that what u want?

Anonymous said...

Our chinese population is declining.

Do you really want our gahment to give out PRs so easily to non-chinese applicants?

Do you want to wake up one day and realise chinese has become a minority race here? Look at the chinese in malaysia now under the hands of UMNO.

I'm sorry, this is the political reality.

Anonymous said...

The Last Comment is smack of RACISM.

Anonymous said...

Vote for PAP..

Anonymous said...

It has always been the weakness of the Govt. They have one rule for everything, and no considerations for changes.
Their inflexibility results in citizens who need help , but can't receive it cos they didn't satisfy one of the rule.
Sack this high paying ministers. I hope by now soe of these 60% have realised their folly in voting for the PAP.

Les les said...

"the govt does not want poor men to procreate". You hit it!

Anonymous said...

To quote this fellow's stupid remarks.

"The poor in SIngapore shouldnt have the right to start a family and add to the burden of the state. Period"

Wow, the poor has no right to love children or to want continue their bloodline? Go tell that to them.

"If they need to have sex, they can go to the legalised brothel and pay a meagre sum."

Promoting moral decline right there. Oh, if that's the case, we need more foreigners to work as prostitutes to cater for the 'poor'. Yeeeaahhh bring on the FT! *Sarcasm*

Anonymous said...

this type of things also often happen in first world countries so not surprising.

Anonymous said...

I share the same views as you Lucky Tan. PR can be given to those who actually have NO intention to stay in Singapore to apply for citizenship.
I believe most are here in Singapore make Singapore as their stepping stone.
I hope someone can bring this issue up to the World.

Anonymous said...

U better Buy Urself a 5-floor house , put all the bloody high standard items inside n don't come out to see the real world. Plsdon't use ur microsight to judge the world as it make ppl feel so sick. Look at the nabour countries, such a small island u can call it "world" standard? U better study ur kid's history book to be more educated.

Anonymous said...

Don't u agree that it is a ml ster policy??? MONSTERS!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

as a foreigner, I don't see most of the singaporens are rich ppl. In fact, they like to pretend that they are rich ppl in anywhere n their mind drive them in the same way. Their act is hypocritical n cockiness. Most of the time They will protect their own ppl n hide the truth. They are spoilt by the gov and they really like to complaint for even a tiny issue. Especially Singapore men, because they were not grown in a tough environment before, once they grown up n becomes a adult, some of them still rely on their parents n seek protection from their spouse. If this is a proofing thing for sg, I really feel speechless....! I hv no intention to insult any sg citizen but I'm just express my real thinking n experience.

Anonymous said...

What are u talking about? Why ur brain-washed singapoyens always like to put ur farking blame on Chinese? Most of them are well educated as urs. They came here is to produce more wealth, of cause they deserve the PR/Citizen, otherwise, do u think ur brain can fight with those china genius?!!!? Well, if u are talking abt the poor educated Chinese wp holders, use ur damaged brain to think! They are doing the lowest level of jobs which u ever never willing to do through ur whole life! Shouldn't u show ur appreciation or respect to them? Without them to work in sg, u will be the one to do it n to be laughed at by other genius ppl.

miss maliha said...

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Anonymous said...

Yes I a greed that ICA policies is only for the rich. As for poor honest living Singaporean, what a bad faith ah.....just wait for at least 10 yrs then apply for LTVP+ may be the human officer in charge will consider k... Gd luck, so many foreign rich people deserve to raise family in Singapore rather then poor Singaporean.... long live .....ICA....

Anonymous said...

finally multi racial harmony is failed. let the malay who belongs to singapore to rule the land and push those chinese singaporeans to run back to bulshit chinese mainland. so no to western country ideology who created all this nonsense through UN NATIONS.

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Anonymous said...

Singapore is a country of $$$$$$$$$ . the more $$$ you get , the more human the government treats you . So Singapore is doing its best to allure those riches by saving taxes for them . Singapore knees down to beg those rich foreigners to become Singaporeans . While Singapore looks down at its own people with a lower income . If you're earning less , you're nobody . If you're earning less than 5K per month , ICA will not service you with pleasure . If you're earning less than 3K , you're not welcome . If you're earning less than 2K , you are not qualified to get served .

So I'm wondering , one day if anything ever happens to Singapore , who will stay ???? Not those foreign riches for sure , not those new comers with PRs in fact stay for more money , not even Singapore born riches ....the only one who will stay is those who Singapore government despises the most . ....the normal Singaporeans , and their spouses who love their husbands.