Friday, January 20, 2012

Man Jailed 12 months for stealing $32 to buy food for his mom....

UPDATE: There is an update on the case in B5 of today's Straits Times. The article is entitled "Mosque: We tried to help man who stole $32". In that article, the judge explains why he did not give a harsher sentence for taking $32! The judge says he considers the offender suitable for harsher punishments because of his past offenses but gave him an ordinary sentence because of the small amount and the fact it was used to buy food -wow! The judge is saying he is lenient. The mosque explains that it has worked with him for 3 years finding him jobs and giving aid. The man was unable to hold down a job. The mosque eventually gave him a job as an assistant caretaker but the man "threatened colleagues, hurling vulgarities at them and acting aggressively".  So they sacked him and left him desperate without aid ...that led to him committing the theft. The offender sounds like the toilet cleaner, we occasionally meet,  who would hurl a barrage vulgarities at you for stepping into the toilet while he is cleaning or the overly aggressive security guard whose anger you cannot comprehend....and he "disappears" from the job after a few complaints. I can't tell for sure in this particular case but I always thought some of these people have "mental issues"  - a combination of low IQ and/or uncontrollable aggression...manic depressive? Richer parents identify these disorders early and have them fixed by sending the child for psychologist treatment in early intervention programmes. Poorer parents cannot afford such treatment even at the subsidised rate and are sometimes not educated so they don't know what to do except to beat up the child for misbehavior. The child grows up unable to hold a job, ends up committing petty crimes and the solution today is to jail them for longer and longer periods. The safety nets and aid even for very clear cut cases of mental disability is pretty thin.....such cases that require early intervention and psychological treatment simply slip through and show up as criminal cases later on. In this tragic case, the mainstream media supplies information and bits of facts to encourage us to blame the criminal and view him as "recalcitrant" - but that approach is not going to improve our society and the well being of the underclass...we should look beyond the superficial and try to identify the root of the problem. Jailing someone for stealing $32 is not going to help us or the offender in the longer term.

One of the things I can't understand is the harsh sentences handed to people who commit petty crimes out of desperation. Here is one example. A man stole $32 to buy food for himself and his wheelchair bound mother because he was jobless and not able to get any help. His sentence was a jail term of 12 months (see report below).

A year ago, a homeless man set up a tent at East Coast Park because he had no place to stay. He was arrested and jailed[Link].
Surely hunger and homelessness should be sufficient grounds for mitigation.

In another case, a woman was jailed 11 years for steal some bangles and wallets[Link]. That was really harsh.

Then there are cases where the sentencing is not harsh. Like this case of theft of $13,000[Link] and forgery. The judge decided not to jail the criminal and let him off with a fine.

Man jailed for stealing $32 from mosque to buy food

Thursday, Jan 19, 2012
A jobless man was sentenced to one year in jail today after he had stolen $32 from a mosque.
The Straits Times reported that 40-year-old Noraizam Abdullah pleaded guilty last month to stealing the money to buy food for himself and his wheelchair-bound mother.
He also told investigators that he had stolen the money out of desperation as he was not able to get help from the mosque.

According to court documents, the money had been stolen from a donation box at the entrance of the Darussalam mosque along Commonwealth Avenue West on Dec 11, 2011.

Closed-circuit television footage revealed that he had carried the donation box to a staircase landing and removed the money in it after forcing the box open.

The Straits Times report also added that Noraizam had served six jail terms since 1997, which includes five years of corrective training in 2002.


Anonymous said...

"One of the things I can't understand is the harsh sentences handed to people who commit petty crimes out of desperation."
Lucky Tan

You or me can't understand? But does it matter?

As long as 60% understood that PAP should be govt. And that's what really matters.

Anonymous said...

@18:03,, Very funny. I don't see how your repetitive comment will add any value to the community.

First, it doesn't make the PAP look any better.
Second, it further solidifies the 40% opposition vote.

It would be better to keep your views to yourself and remain as the silent majority. The way it should be.

Silence is golden. Shhhhh...

Anonymous said...

@ ANON 20/1/12 18:03

You keep repeating the same thing over and over again.

You must be a PAP Member of Parliament.

Clear eyed said...

Dear Lucky, I too am dumbfounded and saddened. The man needs help more than punishment! If it's any consolation to him, for a few months he will be getting 3 meagre meals a day. But what will happen to his poor wheelchair-bound mother? Will she starve and how will she feel knowing her son is jailed for trying to get money for food for her?

As for some who got away almost scot-free for more serious crimes, who all know the reason but dare not voice it out. It took a 75 year old British writer to state it in a book, with all the evidence. And he was jailed for it.

Fred said...

this post tells a sad tale of severe - one could argue extreme - punishment which reflects a morally bankrupt society led by a government of thieves only interested in lining their own pockets with millions of dollars. when will the day come when the country and its citizens are better served by those seeking to work first for the people more so than for themselves? oh right! yes i am not being pragmatic but instead i am too idealistic?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Anon 20/1/12 18:03 is trying hard to send a message to Lucky Tan and the like minded to fight PAP in 2016 and win over the 60%.

And to start preparing NOW instead of being just keyboard warriors all this while.

That's the value I see in his/her comment.

Anonymous said...

Why are there so many poor people who resort to commit crime just for food.

Anonymous said...

anon@18:03 please lah accept the fact. This is a democratic society. Majority wins, moreover those who visit here are the 40% you mentioned. We can't do mcuh for you, repeating your comment only made you look like a fool. You may be unhappy that the 40% was and is continously been bullied just to take care of the 60%. I have the strong belief that one day this strategy will fail.

sgcynic said...

The sentences do not depend on the price tag of the goods one steals but the prIce tag on one's forehead.

Anonymous said...

Singapore's idea of social capital is compulsory National Service conscription and the ISA.

You have to accept that there are a lot of stupid people in Singapore. The real problem in Singapore is education. Many people lack a good education in this country.

Anonymous said...

We have become a greedy, kiasu, kiasi and selfish society. This will do us in the long term but...

No worries, Mr. Tan.

It is just a matter of time as the government is blind in the heart and has already lost touch with the people for the last 10 years. It is just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

I think only malays get more than 10 year sentence..part of lee kian yew eugenics solition....

Anonymous said...

In Singapore there is one set of rules for the pap elites, upper class and rich foreigners and another for the average Singaporeans.
Why Singaporeans tolerated such nonsence for so long is a mistery to me.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

take a look at this case, they only get 6 months! is there justice?

Anonymous said...

the link seem to be cut off, repost.

there is no justice in singapore anymore.

Anonymous said...

First of all, is there really justice on this small rock that practices fake democratic dynasty governance system? Not just the government itself, that type of system has actually flow down to GLCs and all government related organizations including education institutions.

The key issue of this small rock is that the government is totally unaccountable and transparent to the people. The fundamental issue is that the people are daft, i.e. uneducated, especially political awareness that is boiled down to failure of nation building and education system since independence. All these can be changed if and only if the present ruling government is ousted for a new reform promising government in future.

Amused said...

Can he appeal the sentence? Does he have a (pro bono) lawyer? This is a sad reflection on the society you live in. I'm sad that the mosque is also involved in the sentencing of this unfortunate man.

Disappointed said...

We have been conditioned to be ignorant of politics and social justice that such occurrence although disappointing but not surprising. The judge in question was appoint precisely for his ability to hand down sentences like this not for his wisdom or compassion. However, I'm still hopeful that we will change for the better and PAP will eventually forced to change or forced out. We must all keep up the pressure.

Anonymous said...

The other side of the story

Anonymous said...

Max 6 months jail for dumping a corpse.

Ghost said...

I don't understand why people are so angry about this sentence. The man had been offered help from the mosque but instead of thanking them, he went and stole from them!
The fact that there were just $32 was just luck on the part of the mosque. If there was a $1000, do you really think this man wouldn't take it?
The fact that this man is a lousy thief does not excuse what he did. He stole from people who tried to help him! Sorry but I don't feel any pity for him.

Anonymous said...

people are upset because there seems to be two sets of law. One for the rich and one for the rest. Quan Yifeng is another example...

Anonymous said...

The well-connected and wealthy gets away scot-free or a slap on the wrist (small token fine or short jail term) for offences committed.

Look at Breadtalk's George Quek... rammed his Porsche into police cars at a road block and arrested for drunk driving but got away with just a small fine when ordinary Singaporeans committing similar offences have all been jailed for months.

Thats why Singapore's courts are better known as Kangaroo Courts.

Lucky Tan said...

anon 8:24am:

Thanks for the other side of the story. That side also appeared in today's Straits Times. We should not just consider 2 sides but a also larger perspective.

Anonymous said...

The luck was on the taxi driver and police. One could have been injured if she could not stop herself from venting her anger through vandalizing. While the other could have been killed on the spot if the Porche rammed on the police men on duty for the road safetyness of the public exclude Ghost and the judge who passed the sentence.

Lucky Tan said...


I'm not too sure if people are angry about it but it is something we really need to think about. There were people let off with fines for more serious cases and one actress got off because of her mental unwellness - depression. The 1 year is particularly harst for $32 for can't extrapolate to say the man would have stolen $ that you can also argue that an offender deserves a sentence for murder if he punched someone because he could have killed him. Remember he was sack and left desperate without money for you need that to live.

Such harsh sentences and harsh approach has led to Singapore having the 2nd highest prison population per 100,000 in the world.

Anonymous said...

LKY n his pap manipulated the electorial system in order to stay in power for so long. His abuses of the ISA and judicial system to oppress those in the oppositions have frightened Singaporeans into behaving like chickens.
If election in Singapore is free, fair and democratic LKY and his pap would have been thrown out of office long long time ago.
That LKY banned independent foreign observers from watching the GE in Singapore is a good indication that he is monkeying around.

Anonymous said...

I feel very very sad...

What can we do for this group of unfortunate fellow Singaporeans...

Anonymous said...

I find it very disturbing that the prosecutor wields vast power to decide the degree of charges to be levied against an accused person. The AGC is not able to explain why this is also and neither is it able to come up with a convincing justification about the way it chooses to charge a person in court. Two persons engaging in similar crimes can be sentenced with dissimilar punishments. Where is the fairness when the prosecutorial decisions that can mean a life or a death sentence are not made for public scrutiny?

Dear Lucky, you need to write more about such issues to raise awareness that our justice system is in shambles.

Anonymous said...

Poverty is the mother of crime.

Not my problem.... said...

Writing about it does not mean caring about it.

Who cares anyway?
Its his life
He is at liberty to do anything
He is also subject to laws

In any society, there will be a percentage of people who constitute the outliers.

The social strata is not entirely flat...not even in North Korea.

Help them?
sure.. there is already mechanisms in place, channels that anyone can go to for help.
Did he needed help to find a 4D betting outlet?
Did he needed help to find alcohol
Did he need help in finding tabacco?
Did he needed help in finding the donation box?

Attitude is all.

Smile & the whole world smiles with you

Cry & you are completely alone.

the choice is yours.

theonion said...

I noticed the mosque has stated that they were assisting for a number of years.

Further, is this the only S$32 or a series of events.
Further, since the mosque has tried to assist and most probably gave some stipend enough for food and water and shelter, it is unlikely that this was the first incident but just the straw which broke the camel's back.

And for the handicapped mum, i am pretty certain she could have been put in a home to be properly taken care of by MCYS, but may not have like it by the handicapped mother.

To all, does this mean that I can cry poor and than loot from everyone?

Anonymous said...

14.06 I think you missed lucky's point. He never said the man not be punished but the severity of the sentence mah. If u go ahead to loot we will have to ask for a heavy sentence on you since you have no reason like an handicap mom.

Anonymous said...

One country two systems. What about Quan Yifeng who beat taxi driver and damaged property. She was treated with leniency by the court. If you don't have fame and popularity, I am certain the verdict will be hugely different for the same offence

DanielXX said...

The foreign talent policy: how Singapore could become in the next 5 years:

Anonymous said...

i agree with you - this man sounds like he has some sort of personality disorder. somehow LT, you never fail to amaze me with your perceptiveness and thinking mind.

i have enjoyed reading your posts for few years now and have learned a lot from them. Coming from a triple science background, i knew nothing about economics but always found your charts and graphs educational. thanks for doing what you do.

Anonymous said...

Our government has made greed and incompassion respectable in Singapore.

Ghost said...


I'm not too sure why people have a problem with the judge. I don't.
The man is a repeat offender who stole from people who tried to help him. Not only that, this was a mosque. It's highly likely the money he stole (whether it's $32 or $1000) was donated by other people.
If this was his first time, then ok. I can understand why people say the sentence is harsh. The example you gave of killing a man with a punch is one punch but this is not the case here. This man is a repeat offender who is also an ingrate!

Anonymous said...

Aa a SINGAPOREAN i feel it is unfair the judge gives him 1 year jail what the goverenment and president of singapore are doing they must help theses poor people instead jailing them Law must be fair to poor and rich people with good lawyer will win for them SINGAPORE WILL BE DOOMED IF THESES CONTINUE HAPPENING .

TC said...

One country but two systems -- 1 system for the rich/famous, another for the poor.

The folks that are still trying to deny/defend this, do you even have any compassion? It is absolutely ludicrous to get a jail term for stealing $32.

Did anyone notice ST publishing a photo of a woman who stole a can of abalone and asking anyone who knows her to call to report? Surely there are more pressing matters in our country!!

Thankfully I'm already making plans to retire out of this country. If my investments outside this country do well, I intend to retire before the age of 50.

TC said...

should be... "The folks that are still trying to deny/defend this, do you even have any compassion? It is absolutely ludicrous to get a 12 month jail term for stealing $32."

Ng Eng Hou said...

Jailing him will not solve the problem. Have to help him to get jobs or try to train him on some living skills. After he is released, out of desperation, he will steal again.

Doesn't Make Sense!

DanielXX said...

Dear TC of 00:28,
Yes I remember that just a few days ago in the inner pages of Straits Times. It was absolutely amazing! What are they trying to do???

Singapore, or at least Singaporeans, will decline under the current regime if we continue in this manner. The garment have mismanaged the immigration policy and infrastructure terribly under the guise of the "Washington consensus": privatisation, liberalisation, deregulation. Singapore has become too free-market to the extreme of free-for-all. As we grow older, we will find ourselves moving more leftwards of the political spectrum and Singapore becomes less and less to my taste.

Amused said...

White collar crimes can easily cost 1000's times more than $32 yet. Yet they generally get off easy when compared to the harsh sentence in this case. This man "stole" money to feed his mom. Some parents in dire situation steal to feed their children. Should we put them all away for a year? This kind of sentence is practically unheard of in western democracies.

Anonymous said...

This is to be expected in our country. Institutional help is not a given at all.

When you lose your job to retrenchment, you can't go back to your and grumble to yourself that you need to plant potatoes and cabbages for your staples and drink apples for breakfast.

That is not gonna happen here. You'll fall into starvation and since the government has made seeking help disrespectful, you can expect as much from them. Social assistance when in dire circunstances do not get much support in parliament. As you can see this from Vivian Balakrishnan's remarks on how much of a hawker centre or food court, you ought to give to struggling Singaporeans.

Many Singaporeans seem unaware that the government is taking advantage of their rights and money. Their CPFs return is a merely 2.5% whereas inflation in 5%.

Many Singaporeans are living from hand to mouth. If they don't have a job, they are in life-threatening situation. Many Singaporeans are stressed. And stressful people complain a lot.

Because of the dire state of insecurity due to the government shifting its healtcare management to the people instead of taking charge like in other countries such as Norway, Japan, Australia, etc., where healthcare is heavily subsidised in the country, Singapore's government would rather take Singaporeans' income taxes and used it to finance their ministers' own retirement pensions.

It is clear we have a problem in Singapore. Our needs are not being taken care of.

The government is turning a blind eye to these matters. ISA is still lingering in the background for their own safety net.

Singaporeans have zero safety net.

The Singapore's symbol is actually Newton Circus. But with so much hype, it has made its citizens and tourists believe that Singapore's symbol is the merlion.

It's all about hype here.

TokyoSingaporean said...

"White collar crimes can easily cost 1000's times more than $32 yet. Yet they generally get off easy when compared to the harsh sentence in this case. This man "stole" money to feed his mom. Some parents in dire situation steal to feed their children. Should we put them all away for a year? This kind of sentence is practically unheard of in western democracies."

In Japan, this is too completely unheard of. The policy here is to rehabilitate and not put the man into jail as it would aggravate the situation of his family further as the man is required to work and feed his family members.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are so powerless and confused, all they could afford to do is merely sit and watch their government's excesses.

Anonymous said...

First of all, the fact that this guy stole from someone, means that someone lost $32. The judge has a duty to ensure that this does not happen to someone else again. It is easy to sympathise when you are not the one who lost the money. I wonder how much sympathy you will have left if this guy steals $32 from you every day to buy food for his mom.

Reading the update to this story, I can't think of any other way to help the man. Sending the man for psychotherapy will not help because much of the process requires acknowledgement for the problem and support from friends and family, which I don't think he has.

Sending him to jail might not be a bad thing. There is a chance he will benefit from a regimental and disciplined life, and in 12 months, hopefully he end up in a good halfway house which can help him learn a skill and find a job and hold it down.

Hopefully, given the story is widely publicised, the guy's mum will be put in a home where she receive the necessary help she needs.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:24,

"It's all about hype here."

The middle-class is shrinking in Singapore. More and more Singaporeans are struggling, worried about whether they could retire in dignity and keep their houses instead of being told to sell it, remorgage it or downgrade to get some cash for retirement.

To tell citizens to downgrade, remortgage and sell their owns in order to retire is disgusting especially when that ex-Minister Mah Bow Tan is presently drawing pensions from the people.

Since the downfall of our economic model here in this country with the 2 casinos, 3 recessions in 10 years and the numerous instances of economic mismanagement by the government, Singaporeans are struggling with rising inflation in all aspects of their life, including education. But they try to convince the outside world otherwise using public relations (Straits Times and Channel News Asia) and image control, that Singaporeans are rich and all is well.

Guess what? All is not well. In fact, it's getting worse every 3 months.

Anonymous said...

"Hopefully, given the story is widely publicised, the guy's mum will be put in a home where she receive the necessary help she needs."


That's Singapore's idea of social capital and caring for its citizens. That's why, I'm migrating from this shit hole.

Anonymous said...

"Guess what? All is not well. In fact, it's getting worse every 3 months."
Anon 22/1/12 12:29

True, but only for the minority, maybe around 40%, at most.

Any govt, not just PAP, will surely know that there is no such thing as 100% happy and satisfied.

Just get majority, say 60%, happy and satisfied is very good already.

Amused said...


Thank you for your comment. I am very glad to get this very typical Singaporean reaction. First, you extrapolate the crime (“if this guy steals $32 from you every day”) to justify the sentence. He got convicted for stealing $32, not $32 EVERYDAY. If you can prove that he steals $11,680 ($32x365), perhaps he deserves the 1 year sentence. But you can’t prove that, can you?

Second, you pretend to be concerned but are actually not interested in helping (“I can't think of any other way to help the man…”)

Third, your other excuse is that “he will benefit from a regimental and disciplined life.” You seem to think that jail is beneficial and that it will "help him learn a skill and find a job." Perhaps you should visit or even spend sometime in the cell to find out.

Finally, you end with saying that it’s not your problem – “Hopefully, given the story is widely publicised, the guy's mum will be put in a home where she receive the necessary help she needs.” You are making a lot of assumptions here. If everyone thinks like you, the poor lady will be starved to death.

You need some fresh air. Get out of Singapore. Move to western Europe, north America. Hopefully, you will be wiser one day. At least your children will be :)

Anonymous said...

In Sin, the Law and JUSTICE
are separate entities.


Anonymous said...

In Tunisia 2011, Mohamed Bouazizi was humiliated for trying to sell fruit and vegetables to support his family. Out of hopelessness, he poured inflammable liquid over his body and set himself alight outside the local municipal office.

Right in our homeland 2012, Noraizam, a jobless man was sentenced to one year in jail after he had stolen $32.

Is there similarity between the two events?

Don't regret staying in Singapore said...

Concur with Anon 14:48.

I have to add that Singaporeans are not civilised. What that China Professor spoke about Singapore is true. They obey because they don't have the human quality.

Singaporeans are rude and kiasu. PAP is full of hubris. So what's new? I'm sure Lucky Tan is migrating too. Either that he's playing the market.

We have one of the HIGHEST numbers of citizens who quit their citizenship. Close to 1000 Singaporeans revoke their citizenship each month out of a citizen population of 3.27 million Singaporeans. Why?

Can someone explain? Japan, however, has one the lowest number of citizens revoking their japanese citizenship even though it experiences, tsunamis, typhonn and earthquake.

It's simple. There is a safety net and universal healthcare in Japan.

Our PM and his team draw the highest salaries political salaries in the world and they can't even provide universal health or lifetime pension for its citizens just like Japan. And the Japanese ministers are paid peanuts compared to our Singapore politicians.

Our politicians are rich and the people are poor.

There is no point complaining or defending these anomalies and inconsistencies in Singapore.

Just migrate. Singapore can't make it anymore. It's over. The sooner people realise this, the better.

But some Singaporeans have gotten too comfortable to earn a better life for themselves in another better country.

To these stayers, good luck to you. You gonna really need it. And you'll definitely repent as what LKY says.

When the shit becomes clear, we would have long forgotten Singapore and its politicians who practices political bullying.

Singapore won't get better. It would only get worst as the government is incompetent.

Good luck and don't regret it later in life.

Peace and out.

Anonymous said...

"Close to 1000 Singaporeans revoke their citizenship each month out of a citizen population of 3.27 million Singaporeans. Why?"
Don't regret staying in Singapore 22/1/12 20:09

Is it necessary to know why?

More important is that these Singaporeans can be easily replaced with foreigners from the whole wide world by making some of them into citizens.

And most important of all is to ensure that 60% of citizens (doesn't matter originally from where) will vote PAP during elections.

Anonymous said...

Yes Mr 60% has been hammering his point across ...left ,right & centre....& i'am afraid he makes sence.......

Anonymous said...

The justice system reports to the pap that is why they can do what they want. do not forget, the grandmaster is a law graduate trained by the jap in ww2.

Anonymous said...

people voted pap out of fear not because they like the pap. singapore is just like a small scale north korea.

Anonymous said...

Anon 22:10,

It doesn't help to hammer or remind others of the 60%. There is no sense in doing so.

No point griping about it and wasting time on it too. It's better to write your own blog or join a political party.

I much prefer to learn a third language and migrate. There is no point harping and fixating on the 60%. It's unproductive.

If you want to stay in Singapore, you have to accept it. That's just the way it is.

Anonymous said...

It is not in the business of the goverment to provide universal healthcare for Singaporeans or provide a safety net in case something untoward happens to its citizens.

It is not the business of this government to make you secure. With security, you will undo their hegemony. And why would they ever want that?

Anonymous said...

But how to win over the 60% from the PAP?

Lucky Tan or Anon 22/1/12 23:41, any "can work" idea?

Lye Khuen Way said...

Lucky, your update with regards to the latest article in ST, pretty summed up my own feelins when I read it.
1) we have seemingly unequal sentences for different 'social classes" ,
2) our justice system and value system do not seem to be in sync.
Or do we have any value system left ?

avelc said...

Quite a few readers mentioned about migrating -- care to share where you are migrating to? Have you already applied for PR?

At the moment, I plan to retire in Malaysia as I already have property there. No restrictions of foreigner ownership of freehold landed too.

Anonymous said...

"Look at Breadtalk's George Quek... rammed his Porsche into police cars at a road block and arrested for drunk driving but got away with just a small fine when ordinary Singaporeans committing similar offences have all been jailed for months.
Thats why Singapore's courts are better known as Kangaroo Courts.
21/1/12 10:33"

Was George Quek part of the ministar salary review committee?

If he is , then hmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

One set of law for rich Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and Foreigners.

Another set of law for Poor Singaporeans and Ordinary Singaporeans.

This is a very sad and very unfair situation in Singapore.

Where is justice in Singapore?

where the wind blows said...

Its a capitalistic system where your skills in creating wealth is revered.

Regardless if that wealth is for yourself or will create jobs..

Regardless if you have previously been convicted by another justice system or not..

Tim Dotcom will be welcome here too.

Its about marketing our nation's infrastructure
lax justice ( for the rich )
cheap labour

and mind you..

no beggars too!

So, what shall we do?

Nothing, really.. just enjoy and cruise along.. the 0.2% will demand a lifestyle that you & I can only salivate for.

The remaining 60% THINKS they are excercising great prudence.

People like you and I will just visit bloggs such as this and vent our thoughts..and opinions..

We do not really intend to rock or change boats anyway.
A knock on your door at 3am from ISD will reset all our compass to point in the same direction as the 60%..

I bet my last arse hole hair.

Happy Lunar New Year..
Its ah loon's year.. dont play,play

Clear eyed said...

To the PAP jailing a poor hungry man for one year because he stole $32 to buy food is lenient and in their own eyes they are merciful and compassionate. To them the poor, the weak and the old are like vermin and have no place here even though they are born here. If they can they will banish them to JB, Batam or whatever country that will accept them. Singapore is for the elites and the rich, whether local or foreigner.

Anonymous said...

While I admit there are lots more things could be done by PAP to help the less fortunate group of Singapore. I don't see how this article is relevant.

Discrimination of ex-convicts is not unique to Singapore, which is probably why he couldn't get a job, which in term leads to repeated crimes and the heavier punishment with each crimes.

Please don't make it sound the government is solely responsible.

Anonymous said...

Things must also be seen in perspective.

How many people are like the case of the man who stole $32?

Probably only 0.0001% of total voters.

And even if there is only one, it is already one too many!

That probably explains why harsh punishment is needed.

Anonymous said...

"Please don't make it sound the government is solely responsible."
Anon 23/1/12 17:58

That's right. And things cannot be that bad as Lucky painted when PAP could still win at least 60% votes every election.

Anonymous said...

There were already discrimination against prisoners who applied for jobs. This situation was made worse because of PAP loose policy on immigration.

The mass influx of foreigners has worsened the discrimination against prisoners who applied for jobs as employers can easily fill job vacancies by employing foreigners without giving the prisoners any chance.

As PAP continue to mass import large number of foreigners, there will be more difficulty for any normal Singaporeans, not to mention prisoners, to get decent jobs paying decent income.

The man who was jailed 12 months for stealing $32 to buy food for his mom is going to be common and normal in Singapore society.

Anonymous said...

"The man who was jailed 12 months for stealing $32 to buy food for his mom is going to be common and normal in Singapore society."
Anon 23/1/12 20:53

I bet PAP is not so daft as to allow such things to be common and normal that will affect their 60% mandate.

PAP is smarter and knows the ground better than you think.

If not, I think Lucky Tan would have contested the last election.

Anonymous said...

12 months for S$32 is too harsh.
Considering his situation,a shorter jail sentence is more appropriate for this case.

Let the punishment fit the crime.

Anonymous said...

12 months for S$32 is too harsh.
Considering his situation,a shorter jail sentence is more appropriate for this case.

Let the punishment fit the crime.

Anonymous said...

I've live in Singapore for 33 years now and let's face it, there's no public spirit in our country. There's a lot of the darkside to it actually.

For a country that is super humid and hot, it needs to open up to attract talents from around the world which it can't because of its horrendous track record on human rights.

Many Singaporeans are not aware that they are getting a bad deal in health care, retirement (if that's possible), quality of life, etc.

Why would many people live in Japan even though it's prone to what the above anonymous poster wrote?

It's because of public spiritness, good weather and people trust each other more than Singaporeans do among themselves. In fact, SIngaporeans are trying to do each other in.

It was great being singaporean, but not anymore LT.

Things are gotten worse in this country.

There's no cherry blossoms here. They keeping talking and bragging at times of it being multiculrutalism but there's hardly any events in the open-air for its citizens to enjoy. Japan is a mono-lingual country but it has many festivals to look forward to each month.

The problem is the PAP govertnment. They have made singapore a dead society where there is no soul. IN fact, many singaporeans who seem to have a livebeat, are those who travel outside singapore.

For the rest, its mindless chatter in the trains.

For serving NS and ICT, singaporeans are really short-changed with their million dollar ministers. And the population can tolerate this. It amazes me too. BUt these days, it doesn't.

Anonymous said...

"Please don't make it sound the government is solely responsible."

This is what I mean by stupid singaporeans. They can go to NUS or NTU or SMU but they're daft.

Have it not occured to you that the real problem is that the punitive measures or jailing people is not the solution?! Are you not open to other meaningful measure? What about rehabilitation? What about counselling? Therapy? Post-jail assimilation?

This is a country that believes choking people to death with a rope is the right way to go for someone who is caught with drugs. No questions about it.

Singapore lacks a moral philosophy. That's why most singaporeans are termed as lacking human quality and need tough laws to tell them what to do. THey can't do it on their own. THey can't even maintain quietness in the MRTs. Noisy asses.

We are low in human rights and it's clear why that is the case. Singaporeans themselves lack self human rights and values. If singaporeans were morally sound, they would have sent a strong message to the incumbent's policies. Did they?

Singapore is still a police state, even in the modern 21st century.

We're a joke with PRCs, Pinoys and India Indians walking around...

Anonymous said...

This is just plain sad. The Singapore government is just stupid, hopeless and ridiculous. I don't think he stole the money just because he needed to, he stole the money because he was driven by impulsive behaviour.

As someone who has bipolar 1 aka manic depression and who still has impulsive thoughts and actions, I think he probably had extreme impulsion which is often beyond your control, unless medicated and taught certain measures to control his behaviour. Yes, I've stolen from people years ago and I'm not proud of it. I managed to get that under control over time but I'm no psychiatrist and I doubt everyone can control themselves, unmedicated. Impulsive behaviours for many psychiatrical conditions include shoplifting, gambling, eating or drinking too much, addictions, overspending money, getting carried away with planning ambitions, insufficient sleep, anorexia, bulimia, attempted suicide and so on. For impulsive behaviours, the cause is likely neurological and lecturing someone to "control" himself will only delay it but not stop or minimise it.

The judge should have sent him for psychiatrical treatment at IMH because his work behaviour wouldn't have improved otherwise. That's because if he had some other issue like hallucinations or inability to tell apart reality from fiction or extreme fear of people(an uncontrollable feeling his colleagues, supervisors or even the government were conspiring to harm or even kill him) or racing thoughts, he wouldn't be able to function normally or even interact reasonably with others. You just don't plunk in someone with psychiatrical issues, into work and behave as though they will become a "normal" person. Mental issues won't go away ever but with diet, medication, exercise and so on, they can be managed. Too bad... if they had properly treated him, he would have become an asset to Singapore society but it's a shame in Singapore, we only step on and discard others.

I'm receiving psychiatry treatment at IMH for manic depression and I can tell you it's a joke. The doctors didn't even tell me I'd a disorder even though they prescribed medication for that condition. But there was little choice as private is just too expensive. I guess, in this world, you just need to depend on yourself and do your homework by googling up your meds. I still have other conditions not being treated like OCD and fear being able to function normally after the meds.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 24/1/12 00:13

"The Straits Times report also added that Noraizam had served six jail terms since 1997, which includes five years of corrective training in 2002"

How many chances do you need? If $1mil was in the donation box, he would have made off with it.

The headline makes the punishment seems really harsh, but seems like he's incorrigible

Anonymous said...

Imho, stupid people like him need to be put to death. I'm scared my children will become retarded if they even breath the same air as him. Wait they fail all their tests and then cannot go into university and cannot find a good partner.

The PAP should sterilise and lobotomise insane people lah. That way, the healthy and normal population will be able to live happily without worries their children will breed with lesser blood.

The "unlucky" spouses of such people need to be sterilised too. What if they become more stupid after coming into contact with them? Best thing is to shoot all of the mentally retarded while they're still young, so don't need to waste money on treating their problems.

Anonymous said...

While we are talking about this topic, today news came out that chief of SCDF and CNB are under investigation for corruption. There is not better way to prove how the kangaroo is going to mete out the charges. It has been debated that our court is so screwed beyond recognition that a book like a Once a jolly hangman became talk of the town. Now is the time for the court to prove Singaporeans are wrong about it.

Anonymous said...

Problem is our deaf frogs see being poor as the root of all these problem and how being poor is a bad gene that would pollute our gene pool.

That why they are not willing to support with more aids or even look further into the real cause of the problem of the poor, as to them, poor itself is the root of all problem. :(

Anonymous said...

This pretty sums up the sad state of our judicial system

theonion said...

Lucky and anons

The statement of 1000 Singaporeans per month is in error, it is 1000 per year.

Further, nobody has answered the question, would you than agree that if I have aged handicapped parent and I can than "loot as I like" especially from the kind souls here inclusive of Lucky?

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans need to be more worldly.
corruptions happen in every human society.
Need not be too alarmed as corruption in Sin is super low.
Or is it becos there are few people looking into it?

Anonymous said...

The poor man will be in heaven and the rich judge in hell, come judgement day.

Anonymous said...

the approach should be to make him work and earn the 32 bucks and let him off. Then, continue to make him work for his subsistence.

Why jail?

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