Sunday, February 05, 2012

Dr. Toh Chin Chye : He fought his own party...

Singaporeans will remember Dr. Toh Chin Chye as a fighter. He fought for independence of Singapore and in the later part of his political career as a backbencher against his own party. After Toh Chin Chye stepped down his posts in the cabinet, he became a vocal backbencher often opposing his own party. Most notable was the graduate mothers scheme in which the PAP govt gave priority to children of graduate mothers for primary school enrolment when he defied the party whip and abstained from voting. He also strongly opposed the use of CPF for Medisave  arguing that healthcare should be a govt responsibility:

"The provision of health care facilities must be accepted as a social responsibility. It is not that an individual who has the misfortune to be inflicted with some particular disease is solely responsible for searching the facilities to cure his illness. This is a social responsibility which is accepted by governments all over the world. This is part and parcel of the organization of individuals into societies. It is a measure of the degree of civilization." - Toh Chin Chye, Aug 1983

Today, the sick in Singapore and their families shoulder the heaviest burden as a % of healthcare expediture in the developed world while the govt expenditure on healthcare measured as a % of total cost is the lowest in developed countries. You superimpose this on a wealth distribution that is the most unequal among developed countries and healthcare cost that is driven up by govt aspiration to pursue profits as a healthcare hub for the rich from around the world and you will understand how our healthcare system is financed exacerbates the inequality in our society.

Dr. Toh also spoke out against the raising of CPF withdrawal age from 55 to 60.  Today, the lockup of the CPF is made more stringent through the implementation of minimum sum  and CPF Life. There is also talk of further increasing the withdrawal age  to 65[Link]. The approach to push as much responsibility of retirement to individuals and their children (through parental maintenace act). Relying primarily on a provident fund  strategy today is only done in 3rd world countries. Due to the large income gap, a big segment of our population trapped in low wage jobs will not be able to accumulate sufficient CPF for a proper retirement. We see an increasing number aged doing tough low paying menial jobs for a living.

3 decades ago, the PAP resisted the ideas of Dr. Toh Chin Chye that would have made Singapore society more equitable and ultimately stronger.  It has now become more urgent to reform and fix the system in place.


Anonymous said...

Toh Chin Chye would have left Singapore a better legacy if he had;

a. Resigned & renounced PAP
b. Form a new political party to fight for his beliefs.

TCC in the final analysis.
Was just a typical Sinkie.

Daft in believing that he can "change the party from within." Or that the party is capable of "transformation".

Lacking in drive in not creating and supporting an alternative party that can act as a 2nd driver.
When the first driver falls asleep.
Or becomes drunk with hubris.

Anonymous said...

Is Dr Toh removed from the cabinet so that there is no obstruction for LKY to make plans for his son to take over as PM? Why does LKY describe Dr Toh as a bulldog? Is it good or bad to describe someone as a dog? Or all who belong to PAP are dogs? Then what kind of dogs are they?

Anonymous said...

From what I can see, many of them PAPpies are lapdogs!

Sgcynic said...

I oppose the CPF Life for the following reasons:

1) It fundamentally changes the trustee relationship between the CPF board and it's members. It was already bad enough that the government unilaterally raises the CPF withdrawal age and conditions repeatedly. With the various schemes in place - Medisave, Retirement Account, Eldershield, Minimum Sum - the government locks our CPF money in. However, through the CPF Life, the government now has the power to force us to spend our CPF on this product that we don't want. With this precedent, our CPF is definitely no longer ours. Previously, we lost the right to withdraw our CPF, now we lost our control of our CPF. Imagine that a bank not only has the right to deny your wish to withdraw our funds from our time deposit but also has the power to use the funds in the deposit to purchase products that it deems to be "beneficial" to us.

2) CPF Life is poorly thought out and structured. Recall that the minister in charge of introducing this scheme had to commission an independent committee to relook the entire scheme because of opposition to the poor structure and terms. Yet now, the CPF Life is still not pegged to inflation. Even the POSB gives us a miserable 0.01% interest. What takes the cake is for Lim Hng Kiang (I can't recall if it was him) to introduce an insolvency clause for the CPF Life to stop payouts if insolvent, with the assurance to the Parliament that such a clause will never be exercised. WTF?

Anonymous said...

"From what I can see, many of them PAPpies are lapdogs!"


I was thinking of pariah dogs.

Anonymous said...

"There is also talk of further increasing the withdrawal age to 65"

Hi Lucky, you're behind the times. Those of us who are below 55 today CONFIRMED withdrawal age of 65. This law already implemented a few years ago. Don't believe just check with CPF or log into your CPF online account.

The talk since 2010 is to INCREASE the withdrawal age from 65 to 67/68. Timeline probably by 2025 or so. This will affect those born between 1968 to 1973 the most as they will turn 55 around mid-2020s. They will be hardest hit by any extension to the CPF withdrawal age, just when they are at an age when they become very economically vulnerable, prone to permanent retrenchment, almost impossible to get any new decent jobs to build up savings.

Anyway, with the yearly increase in CPF Minimum Sum as well as the Minimum Medisave amount, 70% of people can't even withdraw anything when they hit 55. Don't even need to talk about withdrawal age at 65 or 68.

With the increasingly looser and wider-open-legs foreigner policies, you will see more & more older Sinkies being driven to become toilet cleaners and road sweepers just to survive. Of course, the PAPpy elites and newspapers will just say that Sinkies got no drive and not as hungry as foreigners.

Anonymous said...

We need to vote the PAP out before they raid all our CPF money!

Is there no one else..? said...

I ma curios how the party can have such a strong hold on their members.

To such an extent that TCC,TCB and perhaps some others, would remain silent, uncombative, and most of all completely impotent once they leave the party or when they disagree with the party's stance.

It is not a small party.

Understanding this mechanism that they employ would allow insights on what is key to their success.

After all these years.. is there no one else that can stand up and be counted as an independant?

If so, then what LKY says is true:

"we are too small, we do not have that critical mass"... import is the only option.

Lye Khuen Way said...

The late Dr Toh was about the last of the Good Few Men of the original PAP that most senior citizens have great regards for. Sadly he was unable to get his views through.
As someone suggested elsewhere, his various speeches in parliament as an ordinary MP in his last one or two terms, should be re-played ever so often to shame the current PAP MPs and educate the younger Singaporeans.

Was he prophetic ? All his objections seem to have been vindicated, if not in full at least partially.
Too bad, we do not have a Dr Toh in this Parliament, to counter LKY's call to "accept immigration so as to counter the falling birth-rate".

Anonymous said...

@11:15, because the media is under PAP's control. They will use it to destroy those who oppose them. It is this fear that causes those who left to remain silent. You don't have a voice if media does not report, or distort what you said. This is changing with the rise of Internet. We have a voice independent of SPH and mediacorp now. Time for PAP to make way for the new democracy!

Ghost said...

I'm sorry Lucky but Dr. Toh Chin Chye did not fight the PAP. He was a card-holding member of the party till the end and to my knowlegde, never voted againest any PAP policy in Parliment even those he diagree with. What's the use of saying things in Parliment if you are still going to vote for them. We should respect Dr. Toh Chin Chye for his role in the founding of Singapore and the PAP, but fighting his own party? That did not happen. The most you can say is that he argued on some points with them.

Anonymous said...

It is no coincidence that the pap degenerated after LKY casted away all the old guards except himself. Without people like Dr Toh, Dr Goh, Raja, Ong Pang Boon to check on his excesses, LKY just bulldozed his ideology and thinking all over Singaporeans. Ordinary Singaporeans are subjected to the full force of monopolistic free market while the elites were protected and pampered.
Singapore and Singaporeans would have been much better off had these old guards stayed on for another 10 to 20 years. All the young technocrates including GCT parachuted in to replace them worship LKY like a God.

Anonymous said...

@ ANON: 5/2/12 11:15
"I ma curios how the party can have such a strong hold on their members."

First of all there is the Party Whip which silences PAP MPs in parliament.

Secondly, all MIWs are Sinkies.
Daft and lacking the drive to have a different opinion from LKY.

What is the Party Whip?

Lye Khuen Way said...

A minor oberservation or two.
The late Dr Toh did in his days in Parliament, "opposed" some of the policies put up.
Beside speaking up, he did abstained when it came to the vote.
That without the Whip lifted is as close as one could get in our "democracy" if you happen to be a PAP MP ! No ?

Anonymous said...

@ ANON: 5/2/12 11:36
"I'm sorry Lucky but Dr. Toh Chin Chye did not fight the PAP."

Once an MIW,
Always an MIW.
A leopard cannot change its spot.

@ ANON: 5/2/12 11:15
"I ma curios how the party can have such a strong hold on their members..... It's not a small party"

You are likely to find.
Most of the Singaporeans in leadership positions & influence.
Most are likely card carrying members of PAP.
The close relationship between government and business.
One of the characteristics of fascism.
Another being the desire for more babies.

This is one way to "fix" people.

Anonymous said...

If Toh Chin Chye and Lee Kuan Yew had exchanged places, maybe Singapore would be very different now. For better or for worse, can't say lah.

Anonymous said...

Majority of old-timer PAPies abide by the unspoken rule of never biting the hands that feed them. They are all beholden to the party and also they all depend on lifetime pensions and free medical to see them thru their remaining days. The free medical also extends to their wives, so they also need to think 3X before rocking the boat.

Moreover most of the old-timers are not that cash rich, although they are usually staying in landed property. They are not as sophisticated as the current ministers --- most of their cash and assets are stuck in S'pore. They need local medical services and cannot easily escape to secret Swiss resorts or even just Perth or Sydney suburbs if things go wrong here.

Anonymous said...

I felt the main difference in the mindsets between the original old guards and the team that stayed behind is in the hearts. The emphasis for money wasnt as pronounced despite the turmoils back then. You can consistently find at the time the country was really desperate and we were pissed poor, the people came first.

The unhappiness over the immigration policy wasn't about the people being slow not to accept what the country needs, but the way it is being handled should be examined. How to do that if everyone is out looking after his own future and pay? Hence until the next election, are these people really worth so much remains yet the question for the day.

Anonymous said...

He too chin chin chye chye how to fight kok yew


Anonymous said...

@ ANON:5/2/12 12:29
"Beside speaking up, he did abstained when it came to the vote.
That without the Whip lifted is as close as one could get in our "democracy" if you happen to be a PAP MP ! No ?"

If you know a policy to be bad for Singapore & Singaporeans.
And yet you did nothing.
Other than to abstain from voting.
Is this good enough?
Good enough for you?
Good enough for your children & grandchildren?

The Bible has this parable.
The parable of the Talents.

Is your loyalty to Singapore first?
Or is it to your political party first?
Choose carefully.
One of the answers make a mockery of your oath;
"We the citizens of Singapore..."

Anonymous said...


Could you do a book sharing on your blog asking fellow readers to suggest what's on their current reading list? It'd be great to share book title that many bloggers are reading. This would enhance all bloggers reading in time. It'd be cool to do that one a month or so. Cheers.

And thank you!

Anonymous said...

I think he is the last of the founding members that made Singapore what it is today. Too bad, history will now only be seen through the eyes of LKY. For better or worse. There will not be anyone to present a independent view of what really happened during that time in the 60a.

Anonymous said...

It's the people that needs to be reformed.

The ruling party has turned this place into Monaco.

Why should the party care if all the poor and sick citizens gets replaced by foreigners that holds PR or EP.

By this way, the party can move forward with getting more profits instead of getting bogged down by the poor.

Election will be a breeze also.

I say again, the ruling party has not a single reason to reform, but only the people who are unwilling to reform,

Anonymous said...

Why PRCS, Pinoys and India Indians love Singapore PR?

Q: Can I withdraw my CPF if I am leaving Singapore and West Malaysia permanently? If so, what do I need to do?
[ Your Retirement Savings And Withdrawals > CPF Withdrawals on Other Grounds > Withdrawal of CPF on Grounds of Leaving Singapore & West Malaysia Permanently ]

A: You may withdraw your CPF in full if you have left Singapore and West Malaysia permanently with no intention of returning to either country for employment or residence.

Why can you go you poor NS serving ICT conscripted Singaporeans? You're short changed. THese pinoys don't need a CPF, they can retire with a singapore upper middle class lifestyles in Phillipines , China and live like kings and queens in India.

Welcome to the Singapore experience where SIngaporeans will and have been marginalised these past 15 years.

I expect kiasuism to turn extreme in our society over time.

Anonymous said...

In the world of TCC, Singaporeans are hard working people and the country has responsibility to take care of them.

In the eyes of LKY, Singaporeans are daft and have no spur in our hide. PAP has no such resposibility to take care of the people except the shareholders who profit from screwing the people.

Anonymous said...

Most Singaporeans are too brain washed and scared by PAP to do anything -- TCC, TCB included. I foresee that those so called FT's that PAP bring in would be the ones to bring them down directly or indirectly. It is just a matter of when not if.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ghost

It's common knowledge that Lucky doesn't bother with facts and details.

And I mean Obamacare has made the Healthcare CEOs really rich. And social mobility (and the education system) in US and UK are worst than ours and he wants to emulate them ...

Anonymous said...

@15:54, it may be due to you having some reading disabilities. Lucky Tan is referring to the Nordic countries like Switzerland when he made the comparison. ESM Goh said Swiss standard of living what?

Anonymous said...

Are Singaporeans wishing their fellow compatriot to revolt against the organization, establishment and company and behave like ingrates?

Anyone who survive and prosper in a pack must work as one in a pack, simple as that. Questions liked why not leave the organization, form a new organization and or speak against the organization sound so rebellious and who was forced or blackmailed into joining?

Do go to My Singapore News(Blogsire) to read some other views about the Late Toh Chin Chye and related matters.

Like to say some people are just like Dingo(wild species), hardly survive alone, in pack(unity) means power.
There is one character that PAP must be respected, it is its' cohesiveness all these years.
in comparison, the Alternative Parties are fragmented amongst themselves and more shamefully, within themselves.


Veritas said...

And social mobility (and the education system) in US and UK are worst than ours and he wants to emulate them .

Are you sure you are not lying? Another explanation is that you are an idiot.

In Singapore, all except one in the top 10 richest are either dynastic wealth, or property.

The Khoo (Maybank, stand-chart), the Wee (UOB), the Lee (OCBC), the Kwek(Hong Leong), the Kuok (sugar king)...etc.

The rest are either FT or property speculator...

Sim Wong Hoo is nowhere to be found. In short we are already a feudalistic country, and the richest prosper as a parasitic blood suckers.

Today Singapore system allocate the most capital to speculation rather than value creation like what Sim Wong Hoo does,

Anonymous said...

Funny.. and seriously.. no one knows that Dr Toh is actually 1 of the chief of a secret society branch? LKY is SCARED of him!

Anonymous said...

"Today Singapore system allocate the most capital to speculation rather than value creation like what Sim Wong Hoo does,

I agree with Veritas completely. PAP is not promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and thinking out of the box. It's promoting casinos and cheap foreign labour manufacturing. We have nothing to be proud of in SIngapore.

Where is the made in Singapore innovation?

Our government is now a business and running singapore as it's own capital for its own self-serving families. And many sinagporeans are either stupid, too fucking blind to see, too full of hubris that they can't see how dire the situation is going to turn out for singapore with this unsustainable economic plan or they're completely brain-washed to the point they are apathetic and diffident. Many singaporeans are nervous and lack confidence and creativity to migrate.

Anonymous said...

Dr Toh at least did not succumbed to the PAP's "bribe" of a post as a diplomat or some high official. He stayed and spoke his mind. Though he was eventually retired to save the PAP some headache in parliament.

We don't expect the Straits Times to play this out over and over again so the the blind and deaf 60.1% can understand why we need alternative voices. We the netizens need to spread this ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Dr Toh at least did not succumbed to the PAP's "bribe" of a post as a diplomat or some high official. He stayed and spoke his mind. Though he was eventually retired to save the PAP some headache in parliament.

We don't expect the Straits Times to play this out over and over again so the the blind and deaf 60.1% can understand why we need alternative voices. We the netizens need to spread this ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Before the GE2011, we called PAP deaf frogs because for the longest time they refuse to listen to feedbacks and continue to bulldozers their "we know best, do as you're told" approach. It takes a election to reverse the million dollars Ministers' salaries and a apology from PM for not listening hard enough. After 9 months, I don't see much change. I'm still jobless, taxi fare has gone up, food too and birthrate is still low.

Tools for change... said...

Can we, internet savvy people & blog trolls be able to govern ourselves?

Can we ensure that we are able to provide a service that the rest of the world wants and are willing to pay for it?

Can we, create employment for Mdm Cheng who is 55 years old that she is willing to do?

Can we create an enviroment to allow Mr Kassim to work even though he has poor eyesight?

Can we redesign jobs for Lingam who is 48 years old who has been jobless for the past year?

What can we do to help ourselves?
Ignore the Government , the Party...
What can we do for ourselves?

Do we need Government?
Do we need THIS Government?

How can we make changes that will help us be happy in our home?

How will it satisfy us?

Will it take longer than 3 months?
When can this happen?
Who will help us?
What can be achieved?

What do you want?
What do we need?

Anonymous said...

If not us, ... who?
If not now, ... when?

GE 2016.
Choose & vote wisely.
If you don't give your fellow Singaporeans a chance ... who will?

The Opposition parties are not quitters.
Unlike the losing Aljunied GRC, they do not quit politics after ONE defeat.

Vote for the real stayers.
Who soldier on without a million dollar salary.

Anonymous said...

GE 2016 is a long way. Forget about change in Singapore. Shut up and obey! This is how we do it here in Singapore. Otherwise, leave.

If you litter, we'll fine you. If you smoke where you're supposed to, we're fine you. If you jay walk, we'll fine you.

We don't respect citizens here so we have ISA to keep you in line. Your thoughts and your hair do not belong to you. They're the property of the state. We have designed a life for you to lead, so shut up and follow.

We will make money out our citizens since we lack the innovation and out of box thinking to develop our own industries or niche areas.

You are our business. The citizen is our employee. So shut up and follow. This is Singapore for the next 250 years.

We have bestowed ourselves as the elites and you are just a low life commoner. We'll give you competition and keep you in line. And we make sure that we are always free from any political competition.

Anonymous said...

They put the tool in the wrong hole

Anonymous said...

Although Toh Chin Chye had left the government for decades, PAP can still win at least 60% mandate at every election.

So what's the issue?

Tan Kok Tim said...

He was a thorn to the PAP when he became a backbencher. They sighed in great relief when he retired from politics not to be heard of again. I believe his disappointment with the PAP must have gone with him to the astral world.

Tan Kok Tim said...

Our educational system is encouraging the pursuit of materialism like there is no tomorrow. More money is needed to chase after it is a sure way to make a society cold in the heart towards one another. We can see that the pillars of the founding of modern Singapore are slowly giving way one by one and like the glow of a burning fire fading into the sunset. More of concern to many observers is the fast fading away of even the old-guard permanent secretaries and senior public service officers of the various ministries and uniformed services. They are big names and giants in their own rights able to take on the PM and the ministers in crafting policies of state. They have been replaced by relatively younger and some are untested-scholarly types since 1990. Does anyone know any outstanding PSs or senior public service officers, who can hold up a candle to those prior to 1990? Some Singaporeans have expressed concerns with the possible decline of red dot once all the old guards are gone. They feel that the younger leaders who are parachuted into positions after 1990 could be of lesser quality in abilities though they might have all the super As and brilliant degrees in tow. Is Singapore’s future bright or getting brighter than ever before? The world has entered a very unsettled and severe time. Is Singapore able to get out of it unscratched or will be severely bruised?

Anonymous said...

"They feel that the younger leaders who are parachuted into positions after 1990 could be of lesser quality in abilities though they might have all the super As and brilliant degrees in tow. Is Singapore’s future bright or getting brighter than ever before? The world has entered a very unsettled and severe time. Is Singapore able to get out of it unscratched or will be severely bruised?"
Tan Kok Tim 6/2/12 12:30

Your concerns and worries are unfounded.

As long as the opposition is nowhere better than the PAP and therefore at least 60% will continue to vote PAP, no matter what.

Simply because PAP is still the best choice available, even if there are real concerns and worries.

Anonymous said...

@ ANON: 6/2/12 14:19
"As long as the opposition is nowhere better than the PAP and therefore at least 60% will continue to vote PAP, no matter what."

I disagree.
I say Singaporeans should vote Opposition even if Opposition team is far less qualified than PAP.

This is the only way to train real leaders from the Opposition.
The co-drivers who will take over when the MIW driver falls asleep, or becomes too senile to drive safely.

Opposition parties are not QUITTERS.
They are always there for Singaporeans.
Elections after elections.
Unlike the MIWs who are QUITTERS.
e.g. Aljunied GRC.
Quit after losing only one election.

Georgie Porgie pudding & pie.
Kiss the girls and make them cry.
When the boys come out to play.
Georgie Porgie ran away.

Transform PAP!
Ha! Ha!
Maybe he transformed PAP by quitting!

Anonymous said...

TCC is not a "fighter" nor a "hero". He is just a normal Singaporean who cares for himself.

Anonymous said...


Quote "As long as the opposition is nowhere better than the PAP and therefore at least 60% will continue to vote PAP, no matter what."

That is your personal view. I think there are quite a number of opposition members already better than PAP and list the following.

Chen Show Mao is better than Lee Hsien Loong,
Low Thia Kiang is better than Goh Chok Tong,
Sylvia Lim is better than Grace Fu,
Pritam Singh better than Vikram Nair,
Gerald Giam is better than Baey Yam Keng,
Tan Jee Say is better than Lui Tuck Yew,
Nicole Seah is better than Tin Pei Ling,
Vincent Wijeysingha is better than K Shanmugam,
Chee Soon Juan is better than Teo Ser Luck,
Hazel Poa is better than Lee Bee Wah,
Goh Meng Seng is better than Mah Bow Tan!

Anonymous said...

How true!

I was talking to cabbie today and I found out that he never heard of temasekreview or The Online Citizen and I urged him to check out these sites so that we could generate a multiplier effect of awareness about the issues affecting Singaporeans. One of the main issues is housing...Singaporeans won't have any to retire to when they hit 55. 70% Singaporeans can't withdraw their CPF by then as they can't meet the minimum sums.

Anonymous said...

Many Singaporeans are chained and see the picture that the government is painting using its mainstream media.

Many Singaporeans have come to accept this as reality, that this how life should ONLY be like in Singapore as a Singapore citizen.

It's time more are realized and awakened to true reality that Singaporeans have been short-changed while the government debates a second time in parliament of the importance to sustain the million-dollar lifestyles of its ministers.

It's time to spread the awareness.

Lye Khuen Way said...

To Anon of 5th Feb 13:39,
1) You quoted me, but assumed that I commented as another Anonymous ! I comment using my REAL name in almost all opinions expressed on line.

2) I was trying to fiqure out what the Parables you mentioned had to do with this discussion. Sorry, after more than 24 hours, I am still lost ! Am a bit intellectually challenged, this time.

3) Back to your question(s) as to what Dr Toh or any of us who disagree with Government Policies, can or should do, I would politely reply that we can only debate / argue so much. Our only recourse, is the ballot box every 5 years or so.

tc said...

Everyone has their opinions, but it really doesn't matter. Very very few have the opportunity and political will to change our system. If you think you have it, start serving NOW to prepare for GE 2016.

Your vote is your only chance to change this.

For me, as a Singaporean, i've paid a visit to Toh Chin Chye's wake at 23 Greenview Crescent as a show of respect for one our founding fathers.

And in 2016, I'll be voting for the party of my choice in my constituency. Nothing else can change the system.

I've chosen my future, which is to retire in our neighbor up north (Malaysia). You too have a choice,

Anonymous said...

1. TCC did not oppose PAP. Fact.

2. Social mobility is NOT "Who wants to be a billionaire". PAP uses US and UK as example cos they are the only developed countries worse than SG. And check out the number of posts where Lucky praises the US system and Obama. Lucky is clueless.

Btw, WB, Gates, Facebook dude were from rich families.

3. Ask GMS and TKL just how much good Lucky's fantasies were to their election campaigns.

At this rate, in 100 years ur grandchildren, if any, will stil be suffering and bitching about PAP. Probably in Chinese. If u want change, u need to wake up 1st. And get the likes of Lucky Tan off their arse. And open up their wallets.

Anonymous said...

The romance of poor people making it to the banquet table.

The rich will remain rich.. as much as they can maintain. You would do the same too.

Royalty, the gentry have survived and they have all evolved into a different form. The poor have not changed.. they may have an electric fan, a tv, a phone, a fridge... but they are still poor.

The entire world has embraced capitalism.. including Cuba. And capitalism is what the PAP and Singapore is.

You & I enjoy everything capitalistic. We are unhappy about some having more than us.
We claim that we want equality when in fact, what we want is more than our neighbours.

It can be money, cars or holidays or even a dog.. as long as we feel we are better than the Lims living next door.

Hypocrisy is alive and well here.

Anonymous said...

@ Lye Khuen Way, 6/2/12 18:46

Sorry. You did use your own name.
My bad.

The biblical parable I referred to is found in this hyperlink:

Famous parable that goes like this;

A man preparing to leave on a journey entrusts his possessions to his servants.
He distributes his wealth among three servants, apportioned to them on the basis of their abilities.
To the first he entrusted five talents,
to the second two talents,
and to the third one talent.

My point being;
Since TCC did not resign & renounce PAP;
he has not fully employed his abilities to the fullest.
A sad waste of talent.

GeraldHeng Sr. said...

Greetings Dr.Toh Chin Chye has been basically correct to champion Health Care for All in a Single Payer System like British, Canadian, Australian and most European Governments. Health Care is not a Free Market Buy and sell commodity !The Singapore medisave Anchor open up Health Care as a Government Profiteering Business making the PAP original promise to the People in 1959 and 1960's elections a Real Sham ! USA 's Medicaid and Medicare System for the elderly age 65+ and the fiscally poor is under attack by the Conservative Republicans but its doubtful they can mean or win ! Right USA has a MassCare Organization led by its Iron lady Dr. Patricia Downs Burger MD whose proposal under MassCare is a Single Payer System of Health Care by Goverment Fundings much like what Dr.Toh Chin Chye was championing and we of course know who side-lined and demobbed him !May Dr. Toh rest in deserved peace as he went Home to His Lord in Heaven,Be Joyous Dr. Toh, we mortals in Singapore and elsewhere who remember your Noble Aspirations for us, part of us too went along with you to the Lord ! Blessings of Life, Liberty, Love and Prosperity are your everlasting legacy of an Equal and Just Society !

Gerald Heng Sr. Metrowest Boston/Cambridge,MA.USA [ a Stray Dog Quitter since break-up of Merger]

Anonymous said...

There are many able leaders in the first-generation PAP who genuinely cared for the welfare of the citizens. But because LKY and GKS do not quite agree with these people so they are gradually removed and replaced by people who formed the crop of self-serving Ministers we generally see in the second- and third-generation MInisters. They are invited to join PAP generally because they will act according to the command of the top in the party in return for the financial reward they reap from their astronomical pay. So we have the top among the MIWs only interested to maintain their grip in power with its accompanying rewards, making decisions to improve the life of ordinary citizens become a secondary priority. Those mid-level and lower-level MIWs work mainly to meet the KPIs of the PAP party which may not align with the interests and welfare of the average citizens. This is the state of Singapore politics.

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Remember the middle group MPs of Goh Chee Wee's team.? What happen to most of them.? Why did they left the PAP government.? Many are capable leaders such as Tan Eng Liang who was describe in Time Magazine to be possible candidate for the post of PM in Singapore. Is it due to protectionism.? Now we really wonder...!!!