Monday, February 06, 2012

Fixing low fertility with immigration : A dangerous solution...

"Like it or not, unless we have more babies, we need to accept immigrants,"
-Lee Kuan Yew, S'poreans have to understand need for immigrants: LKY

When the population of Singapore was 2 million in 1970, Lee Kuan Yew felt that there were too many people and the fertility rate was too high and put in place a drastic social engineering effort to reduce the fertility rate and discourage women from having more than 2 children.

Today Singapore has 5.18 million people on this tiny island. If Singaporeans don't complain, the PAP govt would like to bring more immigrants  and grow the population. We all know it will be great for the boosting GDP growth, more people means more economic activity. The problem is overcrowding causing housing price to spiral up, public transport to be overcrowded, and increase competition for everything - jobs, places in school and healthcare services etc. The PAP effort to bring in foreigners at an extreme rate is rarely seen anywhere else in the world except in oil rich middle east where the foreigners do all the work while local indigenous people sit on top and enjoy the fruits of  foreign labor. Here Singaporeans are pushed out of jobs, housing and have to struggle with sharp increase in cost of living. Today 36% of the population is foreign - four out of ten people in Singapore.

Workforce expansion not productivity and innovation account for much of the growth in the last 10 years when the PAP govt stepped on the accelerator to bring in foreign workers. The increase in population density strained our infrastructure and caused the price of scarce resources such as housing to spiral up. Cost of doing business (rental, utilities, transport) less labor also went up which drove businesses to seek out cheaper labor to maintain their profits. This vicious cycle created a dependency on the foreign influx for growth - this is evident when slight moderation of this policy last year quickly caused our economy to slow.

LKY is now saying we should import more foreigners to solve another problem - this will surely drive us further into the vicious cycle and make us even more dependent on the foreign influx to solve our problems. Within a decade we will see the % of Singapore born citizens dropping below 50% and Singaporeans becoming a minority in their own country.

The best way to solve the low fertility rate amomg Singaporeans is to do more to raise it. Look seriously at the issues that is stopping Singaporeans from having more children like the high cost of living especially the high cost of raising a child in Singapore. Stop discrimination in policies that target only a segment of our population with incentives. For example, giving tax rebates for having children. Clearly, such policies target higher income families and leave out lower income families than cannot claim all the tax rebate becuase their income is not high enough.  Lower the income gap so that a person working a full time job can afford to get married and start a family.

Arguing that we have to import adults to make up for the short fall in babies today is technically wrong.  When we bring in adults today, it is to compensate for the shortfall between 1980 and 1990. During that period, the fertility rate was below replacement level but still relatively high about 1.8 to1.9. This converts to a shortfall of a few thousand to maintain a stable population but the number of new citizens (not counting PRs)  per year for the last 10 years is triple this figure. This large figure will cause us to have an even bigger ageing population several decades from now when these new citizens grow old....and the problem will be even harder to solve.

Resorting to short cuts like importing people to boost GDP growth and importing people to compensate for the lower fertility rate is unsustainable and putsus  in a vicious cycle of foreign influx dependency. In time to come, the Singaporean identity which we all treasure so much will be destroyed and with that the emotional meaning of being a Singaporean will disappear with it.


Veritas said...

Importing FT is the cause of low fertility.

LKY is trying to add oil to extinguish the fire. He knew all the while what he is doing.

I am seriously thinking that PAP has adopted a 0 TFR strategy. Everyone are imported.

Anonymous said...

I just treat him as a old record spinning and spinning. Why didnt he make noise when Mah Bow Tan undersupply the HDB flats?

Parka said...

What LKY said is quite hard to accept simply because it's quite true and reflective of where we are today.

It's also more of national security issue. Only Singaporeans can serve NS. Don't be surprised if there's an increase in the years to serve reservist.

Personally, I'm expecting it to be 1:1 in the future for the Singaporean to immigrant ratio.

Anonymous said...

running out of ideas.

Anonymous said...

When there were 2 million peoples in Singapore during the period from 1960s to 1970s, PAP said that there were too many peoples in Singapore.

When there are 5.18 million peoples in Singapore now, PAP says that there are too few peoples in Singapore.

How can 2 million is more than 5.18 million?

Does PAP know how to count?

Anonymous said...

Please go to junior nursery class to learn how to count.

Anonymous said...

For every 1 foreigner or permanent resident coming to work in Singapore, there is 1 Singaporean being sacked, replaced or retrenched.

For an old experience Singaporean, employers know that they can find a young foreigner or young permanent resident to replace the old experience Singaporean.

For a young inexperience Singaporean, employers know that they can find an older, more experience foreigner or permanent resident to replace the young inexperience Singaporean.

For a Singaporean woman who has young children, Singaporean woman who is pregnant, or Singaporean woman who is going to be pregnant, employers know that they can find an unmarried female foreigner or unmarried permanent resident to replace the Singaporean woman.

For a Singaporean PMET or any Singaporean, employers know that they can find a cheaper foreigner or cheaper permanent resident to replace the Singaporean PMET or replace any Singaporean.

At last, the consolation for Singaporean is that national service is reserved for Singaporean. National service provides the Singaporean's emotional meaning to sacrifice their life to defend ever increasing number of foreigners and permanent residents.

Anonymous said...

Just import 1 very good person as a PM is enough to solve the problem.

Anonymous said...

"Fixing low fertility with immigration : A dangerous solution..."
Lucky Tan

I would think that a greater danger is that at least 60% think PAP is the best available to vote, and which it really is. So these 60% are not really wrong but situation is dangerous nonetheless.

But these dangers can be overcome if there are at least 87 of Lucky Tan's calibre to contest and win GE 2016 with at least 60% mandate.

Only then can Lucky Tan's good and people oriented thinking be put into action to reverse the dangerous situation we are in now.

Anonymous said...

A lot of PR are not high income earners. It is a burden to the health care system. Does LKY understand?

Anonymous said...

Base on what he said, we should import babies and not adults.

He really does not know how to count.

Anonymous said...

old fart is back to his usual musings so nothing surprising here... anyway this fella got nothing to lose what, since he won't be around to answer for his worthless advice.

Anonymous said...

Sinkapore has gone. It is still good to stay if you have a high paying job. Save your money and make enough money. By 40, you should establish yourself in another better country and emigrate there for your rest of life. If you cannot find a job in Spore when you are young, go overseas to find a job and make some money and forget about this small rock. Island city state simply cannot survive in climate change era.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. The only way to solve our problem is to replace the PM and replace the party.

Lye Khuen Way said...

LKY seem to forget that his "stop at two" policy started it all. I dare say, that we as a 'nation' are not adverse to immigration per se. No, we are pissed off by the wanton import that "caught them off guard" !
Claiming that Japan greying population is a result of shutting out immigration is tellingly another half Truth of which LKY is clearly the Master.

Anonymous said...

Ask those instant Singaporeans from China or India who recently took the Pink IC and they will tell you about the indoctrination process, from tainted 'history' lessons that paint PAP as singlehandedly turning SG from swamp to '1st world' and a host of other half truths and lies telling the foreigners why PAP is good. They also encourage them to join the CC/RCs which Singaporeans avoid.

PAP is bankrupt of ideas to move Singapore forward. They only care about one thing which is their SELF-PRESERVATION at *our* cost.

The PAP is not importing foreigners for anything else other than VOTES. Their strong base of supporters, the old from the 50-60s era are fast disappearing and young Singaporeans see right through their bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Singapore's population is gradually being replaced by new PR and FT - the more well to do Singaporeans moved permanently to Australia, middle class Singaporeans moved to Malaysia, those younger Singaporeans completed their studies and do not come back...

Anonymous said...

Look around you and you definitely notice that most of the foreigners are citizens of China, Malaysia, India, Philippine and Myanmar.

In fact, a good estimate is that 80% of the foreigners come from these 5 countries, with the
largest number of foreigners from China,
followed by second largest number of foreigners from Malaysia,
third largest number of foreigners from India,
fourth largest number of foreigners from Philippine and
fifth largest number of foreigners from Myanmar.

Anonymous said...

LKY is right.
Sinkies are a daft lot.

The guy is about 89 years old.
Can hardly walk at TCC's funeral wake. Don't you watch TV?
And TCC was 90 years old when he passed on.

And still you Sinkies waste time debating about what LKY says.
Who cares?
It's not relevant.
And he won't be around to fix the problem if he is wrong.

But worse than Sinkies.
Are the MIWs who continue to listen to everything that LKY says.

Learn from the British public.
Winston Churchill was an inspirational and steadfast Prime Minister during World War Two.
Once World War Two was over, the British people voted Churchill out in 1945.
When they realized Churchill was not suited for peacetime politics and nation building.

Different horses for different courses.
Different leaders & political parties for different stages of Singapore's development.

Wonder if the Party Against People ever heard of the saying "flogging a dead horse"?

Xianlong said...

'You Can't Produce a Baby in 1 Month by Getting 9 Women Pregnant'- Warren Buffett

They have 30+ years to fix the fertility problem. So much being scholars. What they want are not citizens. They want consumers to consume & consume liks locusts & use plastic bags so gdp can up up up.

Anonymous said...

Moi don't think they care what happen to Sinkapore 20yrs from now if the current group of import get old too.

By that time, most of those deaf frogs are either 3 feet under or is earning enough to retire and enjoy a swiss standard of golden years.

Any problem they created today is for the future to die is their own business. :(

Anonymous said...

I will be more receptive to the FT policy if our MPs n ministers faced the same competition with the same cut throst pay as in other 3rd world countries. If not, do not expect me to face unfair education/work competiton as a male S'porean who with NS obligations. My children now has to compete with foreign students and I think the end result would be that they are likely to emigrate some day. By then, S'pore will be like a budget hotel, just have a good time and leave, don't bother throwing the condoms in the bin.

Anonymous said...

There is a strategy in the mix of population. It is to maintain a balance in a basket of social and economic interests.

I think the issue here is who is driving the vision.

We need to put this to rest.

Anonymous said...

"Fixing low fertility with immigration : A dangerous solution..." - Lucky Tan.

The clear and present danger of SG which most of us knew, but pretended to be ignorant, is none other than LKY, LHL, their cronies and goons. Bluntly said : "PAP".

Replace all those blokes, trust me, the above topic doesn't exist. Opportunities given, but sadly to say, due to the 60.1% stubborn and ignorant daft, we're all DOOMED. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

I wonder whose idea was it to bring bus load of students to the wake.

Surely not the students?

Anonymous said...

Lucky, Singapore is addicted to foreign workers. Just look around and u will realise that without foreign workers the economy of Singapore will falter. There is no escape. When I go around I see foreign workers everywhere. From shopping centres to construction sites, from hospitals to hotels, from hawker centres to private clubs. Without foreign workers, who are going to do these works ?
LKY should shut up. His message is blunt and offensive to Singaporeans. Many Singaporeans realised and accepted our dependence on foreign workers even without the constant nagging from the elites. What Singaporeans objected to is the excessive imports of foreign workers. The papist Leegime have screwed up big time on this. Now the meer mention of foreign workers and Singaporeans reflex response is one of anger and frustration.

Anonymous said...

Bringing more foreigners are like addiction to heroin. The more you being the more you need as these foreigners will require more thrashes to expand their business.

Anonymous said...

We have way too many shopping malls for just a native Singapore poulation of 4 million +.

If we don't import in more foreigners, many of retailers simply cannot survive, given the high rental.

No choice. Must import more foreigners. Up our population to 8 million.

Anonymous said...


There are still many Singaporeans that don't read blogs and they are not aware nor do they know what you're talking about. If you believe your views are good for Singapore, what is stopping you for doing what you know is right?

Anonymous said...

"I just treat him as a old record spinning and spinning. Why didnt he make noise when Mah Bow Tan undersupply the HDB flats?"

You may call it spin. I see no difference from that of a liar. Spins seek to blur and distort reality. That is a lie. They had to reduce their 3 million to 2 million per year because last year the PM Lee apologised and admitted how incompetent his leadership and his team has been.

Pm LEE admitted: these past 5 years have been stressful. It's OK, he has nothing to worry about financially, does he?

You can't retire at 65. Cos that's the age where you have finished paying your flat and there is no money to pay for your retirement. The same goes for the rank and file civil servants who will also have nothing to retire as the government has removed their pension and they receive no medical benefits like they used to.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is addicted to cheap labour and our SMEs are having difficulty improving productivity.
Also we need to change our lifestyle in order to reduce the dependency on foreign workers

1. No hawker centers and food courts and Coffee Shops. Eat either at expensive restaurants or eat in at home.
2. No Domestic Maids. Their jobs should be replaced with childcare centers and old age homes who will do the job professionally.
3. Professionalise the construction industry to improve productivity and reduce dependence on labour.
4. Increase the pay of bus drivers.
5. Discourage the expansion of service industry since local people are not interested in the jobs offered. Just look at the casino and hotel industry. Mostly pinoys..

The above suggestions are already implemented in some European countries.

Check out the article in business times on Why SMEs don't bite the productivity carrot.

Anonymous said...

Gilbert Goh of Transitiong
will hold an event to talk about foreigners taking over jobs and other issues arising from these aliens.
It will be held at the Speaker Corner at Hong Lim Park on 11th Feb 2011 at 5pm.
Do bring your friends, colleagues and families to listen and socialize with like-minded fellow Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

The emotional meaning of being a singaporean has already disappeared a long while ago. With this election where only 6 seats to Opposition and they called it 'watershed' will have to believe that anywhere near 20 seats is game over for SG inc..That's the impression and bs they keep drilling into the singaporeans' psyche - instilling fear.

Anonymous said...

I am an investor of REITs and a landlord. I got vested interests in increasing the population, since it means more business for my tenants. And in turn, I can collect more rental.

I support immigration! Screw the sheeple!

Anonymous said...

f you think that Immigration is dangerous, what about using your genes for cloning.
We can create millions of clones like you.
However before we proceed we have to check whether you have any genetic defects or harmful mutation ?
May be your offspring will be luckier than you ? Lucky Tan
or will they be called UNLUCKIES Tanb

Anonymous said...

he is using today's birth rate to justify today's lack of numbers in workforce, which is not correct.

unless you tell me that a baby born today, can immediately join the workforce.

today's lack of numbers in workforce is caused by the birth rate 30 years ago.

this is the time when there's the Stop at Two population control policy, and the various eugenics policies in place in Singapore.


The Old Fart is not stupid. He knows very well in his heart that the "foreigners are talents" argument and the "import adults to compensate for few babies" are both nonsensical rubbish that he personally invented.

He invented these reasons because he is not able to tell you the true reason as the truth is politically embarrassing to say:

LKY need to import foreigners or else in 20 years times, there will be more Malay than Chinese in Singapore, given that Malays' birth rate is near 2.0, while Chinese' birth rate is less than 1.0. He knows these foreigners are not talented, and they are adults not babies. But these 2 facts don't matter to him because they do not impact his TRUE reason for importing foreigners!

Anonymous said...

The Stop At 2 Measure was a big blunder.

The importation of aliens to be residents and citizens will be a fatal blunder.


Anonymous said...

@ Patriot:

The old fart is GOD.
So two wrongs make a right.

Anonymous said...

In politics, sometimes there are inconvenient truths and reasons which is not wise to publicly state or admit.

So normally politicians when faced with such matters, will use the "red herring" approach to deal with it.

Another is to opt to remain silent, eg "I don't comment on rumours".

Anonymous said...

The emotional meaning has already disappeared. 53% of Singapore youth would migrate given a chance. We are the most unhappiest youth (17 to 34) in Asia according to Readers' Digest. About 150 000 Singaporeans work overseas and 1400 revoked their citizenships each year. Many are getting PRs overseas. Many are opting to retire in Malaysia or overseas. NS has been reduced to 2 years and many youths no longer know what they are defending except to protect the assets of the rich people in this country.

The emotional attachement is already gone, more so with the dilution of the Singaporean identity.

If you can't even afford a flat, what is there to defend? You need own a home first in order to have a stake to defend. Since 99-yeard HDB flats are leased to Singaporeans, it's clear we are protecting the government investment in public housing, which has many foreigners, PRCs, Pinoys and India Indians living.

Singaporean men are short-changed here. The Singaporean women are not producing the babies. The men are serving NS and reservists....what the fuck are the Singaporean women doing on their part to reduce the falling birth rates, eh?

So, it was good of LKY to impress on the NTU PhD lady that she's waiting her time and youth.

It's time Singapore women do their National Service instead of whining 24/7 for their childish women's charter because they're insecure.

Don't forget, LKY regretted created a lop-sided gender role in Singapore and would have wanted a gender role that of Japan.

The key issue is housing. Too expensive and that's causing 44.2% of Singaporean men between age 30-34 to remain single.

Lucky Tan is also single.

We need to get our ladies married in their 20s as once they're past 30, their shelf life is falling and they no longer have what men want.

There are too many single and sexually frustrated singaporean women out their in their 30s who have missed the boat. It is a concern as the supply for those in their 20s is low as men always want a yougn wife.

Hence the unique Singapore phenomennon of finding a young bride from Vietnam, China, Indonesia and now, the Phillipine.

I'm concerned about these ssingaporean ladies in their 30s. There is no point regretting later on in life after having a career and realizing have a family and children is actually more fulfilling for them and built and wired within their biological destiny is the quest to reproduce and have offsprings.

Anonymous said...

You know that the situation is dangerous. So what should you, as a moral person, do?

Anonymous said...

"Sinkapore has gone. It is still good to stay if you have a high paying job. Save your money and make enough money. By 40, you should establish yourself in another better country and emigrate there for your rest of life. If you cannot find a job in Spore when you are young, go overseas to find a job and make some money and forget about this small rock. Island city state simply cannot survive in climate change era."

I agree with what you say except the alst bit. Singapore's geographical position is unique. It is out from the ring of fire. So, it will survive. The problem is this small rock is a barren land with no resources and is afflicted by a poltical system that is anti-out-of-the-box-thinking and innovation. Entrepreneurship and innovation is purely lips service.

All Singaporeans know. At the end of 46 years of ingenuity, you have 2 casinos to show for it. What kind of sustainable economic vision or plan is that? That's just an easy cop-out solution. And it is understandable because the PAP is not a bunch of creative men, are they? Otherwise, their creativity could have done much better than a grossly cop-out of 2 gambling centres.

What sort of PRODUCTIVE input does two casinos contribute to a country's GDP?

Are you kinddin' us?

Anonymous said...

LKY always take Japan as an example of economic stagnation. However, after so many years of slowdown, the Japanese culture has prevailed. Their companies are still worlds's beaters.

i believe that the Japanese have their ways, their people are willing to sacrify for their future generation.

In the sub-urban, with a reduced population, many japanese are moving to stay in landed home which are affordable now. With more spaces, their population will regenerate organically. They don't need to import like Singapore did.

LKY should learn the latest tactics from the Japanese and throw out the ideas of importing FT. Citing Stagnation of Japan Economy due to non import of FT is obsolete.

More Singaporean then can have a chance to live in landed home like most of the "Elite Singaporean"

This is call Singaporean Dream not Pigeon Holes Dream.

Anonymous said...

It is because the PAP cannot think of any other way to grow the economy than by using the shortcut easy way of importing massive number of immigrants. Knowing that it will result in Singaporeans experiencing a shortage of of jobs, housing and having to struggle with sharp increase in cost of living, they still persist in this policy.
Basically the hard life average Singaporeans are suffering now is a result of their incompetence. But thses MIWs still think they have to compensated with world-class pay.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

He has to understand that Singapore belongs to Singaporeans. Not just him alone. And all these for the sake of the nation, national development, etc are a big lie. Policies must be good for Singaporeans. This one clearly is not as shown in the reaction of the citizenry in the last polls. dt

Anonymous said...

You guys need to understand that far too many of us have vested interests in increasing Singapore's total population. Don't care if it is by citizens, new citizens, PRs or just FTs.

We got vested interests by rental, more sales for our business or cheap labour.

Our wallets are talking louder than your mouths.

More foreigners, or more population! Whatever the means!

Anonymous said...

Look around you :
low-skilled jobs by FW
- cleaners, labourers, contruction
mid-low skilled by FT
- sales, receptionist, clerks, bus drivers, truck drivers,
mid skilled by FT
- sales, office workers, property agents
skilled by FT
- IT, nurses, engrgers, mgrs
highly skilled by FT
- doctors, lawyers, CEO, bankers

even owners of some hawker stalls are Foreign.....

Anonymous said...

We have to accept that if they are allowed to exercise their egoic and self-preserving demands on singaporeans, we will as, citizens, be phased out of our own birth country.

We need to reclaim singapore by sending a much more acute message in the next election. It's no longer funny anymore. Everywhere area of life, foreigners are coming in and we're prostituting our national identity to these people.

There must be a limit but this government is insisting otherwise and has compromised our quality of life.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are short-changed, marginalised and are slowly phasing out of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Do you seriously believe the PAP government think beyond 2016 General Elections.Many of them have died,many and their families have retired overseas with their ill-gotten wealth and they can't be bother what happen to this country.
Singapore for the past 46 years has never been a nation and it will be one.The PAP government has stopped using One People One Nation.
The latest I heard is We Are One.
May we ask We Are One WHAT?

Anonymous said...

Lucky maybe happy to know that....

Private-property prices fall sharply in core area

By Reico Wong

THE property cooling measures introduced late last year have started to show a significant impact on the housing market.

Prices of private apartments and condominiums have dropped by as much as 10.2 per cent in the Core Central Region since the fourth quarter, suggesting that home buyers became more cautious after the additional buyer's stamp duty took effect in December.

The average selling price of such units has fallen to $1,600 per sq ft (psf) from $1,781 psf in the fourth quarter, according to data released yesterday by the Singapore Real Estate Exchange (SRX).


Looks like the govt intends to continue to treat housing like a CASINO for the rich.

Ng Eng Hou said...

You have to find ways and means to grow the economy, you have to beef up the necessary infrastructure (transport, healthcare,education,etc). You have to lower the costs of livings (education fees), provide universal and affordable childcare facilities to encourage childbirth.

Currently now the economy is not doing well, with many people especially the old ones and even the educated ones having difficulties in finding a job after they get retrenched. You have to solve this before you talk about importing people. If not, this is going to create more friction in the society.

By Keep Saying You Need Immigration Without Helping The Jobless, You're Telling Us You Can't Care Less About Those Unemployed People!

Anonymous said...

Many yougn Singaporean couples are unaware.

CPF contribution rates drops in their ordinary account from 23% to 21% to 19% from 35 years and below to (35 - 45) years old to 45-50 years old respectively.

What happens when you turn 51 years old, the CPF contribution to the OA account (where HDB cuts your monthly instalments from your CPF) drops to a staggering 13%!

Now when you turn, 56 years old, the OA drops to 11.5%!

At 61 one years old, the OA plummets to 3.5%!

If you are taking on a 30 year loan as most couple do, you will be struggling when you hit 51 years old. Pray hard, you're not retrenched and that your salary increases!

The CPF system needs to be reformed. But the fucking PAP government is pretending there is no problem.

Stay awake!

Anonymous said...

To make it affordable, young married couples, even if graduates, should just settle for a 3 room resale HDB flat as their first home, if their parents cannot help them with payment.

Anonymous said...

Look at the attitutes of Singaporeans towards the elderlies. They dont want old people around their estates. They dont even care if their MP fuks around so long as he gets things done for them.

Why bother to serve them? I suspect their stinking attitutes have been nurtured over the years by our hypocritical leaders emphasis on economic growth and the pursue of the "good life" - which they can afford to live.

Nobody wants to be surrounded by death and sickness...even theirs.

Anonymous said...

The first thing you need to learn about governance is to stop serving Singaporeans.

How many understand that?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tan,

Singapore is merely 46 years old. In world's standard, it is still a child.

Japan existed way before Christ was born and America is 300 years old.

We have a long way to go.So it's tough and frustrating when one begins to expect that a child grows up as fast as possible.

Most Singaporeans, men and women, are pedomorphic.

Anonymous said...

You must be near your grave.

Anonymous said...

I have no objections to immigration.
As long as the new citizens are pro-Singapore.
Which means anti-PAP.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Anonymous said...

" Stay awake!

9/2/12 19:32"

That is correct, and 99.9% of people do not understand the implications.

The strategy here is "hope lor".
Hope I get promoted
Hope I get salary increase
Hope Gah'men change the rules
Hope my shares go up in price
Hope I win TOTO/4D/Football
Hope I can sell my flat with huge profit
Hope my commissions go higher

Hope is the best way for 99.9% of people.

Little do they understand that fate is in their hands... and they have chosen to line up at singapore pools....

The cycle of earning money is never smooth. That is why diversification is vital.

This is what the gahmen has done to try to smoothen out the earning cycles:

Manufacturing is always in the background ( this includes ship and rig building)

To support large numbers of foreign workers, to get them occupied:

Singapore Air show every 2 years
PC/IT show every year
Great Singapore Sale every year
Christmas holidays every Dec
Chingay parade every Jan
Deepavali every Nov
Hari Raya every year
Casino every day
Exhibitions every quarter
World Gourmet seminars every 2 years
WOMAD every 3 years
CHOGM every 5 years
APEC every 2 years

The list goes gives the hotels,restaurants, shops, taxis lots of business.. it keeps our roads, walkways jammed with people of all types.

Do you think your uncle who runs a shop, drives a taxi, works in a hotel or airport would agree to reduce FT and such??

Its fine if we don't want to have all these gatherings.. just tell your MP that... tell your stock broker too.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The said...

/// LKY's TRUE REASON said...
The Old Fart is not stupid...

... LKY need to import foreigners or else in 20 years times, there will be more Malay than Chinese in Singapore, given that Malays' birth rate is near 2.0, while Chinese' birth rate is less than 1.0. ///

Yes - spot on.

Anonymous said...

DanielXX said...

I cannot believe MM Lee really supports this "growth by immigration". His generation went through thick and thin with Singaporeans and he should know full well what an overdose of immigrants will do to the old generation of Singaporeans. It will hit them hard because wages stagnate while costs rise.

My feeling is that this current generation of PAP leaders are pushing for it. To me that is moral corruption of the lowest order. To sacrifice ordinary Singaporeans just so you can put a feather in your cap when you meet world leaders. They will be out in the next election if they don't put a control to this.

Anonymous said...

When they have decimated the poor and enslave the middle class, the middle class escape to other countries while the poor dies off. By then the ruling party will not need to bother about anything but more profit growth with the help of foreigners, and then the rich will cannibalise each other to stay in their dwindling Ivory tower.

Well, I'll die off but the rich will have to kill each other. Hahaha! Animals!

Anonymous said...


Did you see the following statement made by Shanmugan? He openly admits that PAP made a mistake in their foreigner import policy. I thought the official PAP statement has always been that foreign workers are good for the Singapore economy, help create more job opportunities for Singaporeans and will lead to better wages for Singaporeans???


Finally, they confessed they have always been exploiting Singaporeans, growing GDP that is linked to their super high pay and bonuses at our expense.


Please see the excerpt from the following news link:


"Mr Shanmugam said the influx of low wage workers from China and India had impacted Singapore's low-wage workers, whose salaries have not risen in line with inflation during the past decade."


Thank you Shanmugan for owning up!

Anonymous said...

Hello Anon 11/2/12 12:13

Ya lah, he admit but more importantly he also said:

"We had the ruling party stay in power with 60 per cent of the vote, 93 per cent of the seats".

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