Thursday, February 16, 2012

An incredible basketball story.....

Sports instead of politics for a change.

One of the most inspirational sports story I've ever heard is unfolding right now. An overlooked basketball  player who took the most unlikely path to an unfacied NBA team because nobody else wanted him is making waves in the NBA. He went to college without a sports scholarship and was undrafted when he left college in 2010. His physique is unimpressive - he is shorter and less athletic than the average players. He graduated from Harvard and the previous Harvard player to make it to NBA was 60 yrs ago when the playing standard was much lower- if you want to play basket ball professionally, you wouldn't go to Harvard.  The first team that signed him, the Warriors, put him on the inactive list and waived him to another team, the Knicks,  that wanted him as a backup player. They were 2 weeks away from releasing him when he was brought off the bench because the team was losing badly and became shorthanded due to injury. In the next 3 games, he broke the previous NBA record  for the  highest 3 game point total for a starter since the 1976 NBA and ABA merger. In his fourth game, he outscored basketball superstar Kobe Bryant. In his fifth game against the Raptors Tuesday night he smashed Shaquille O’Neal;s record for the most points scored in the first five starts of a career (136 vs 129).

This player's name is Jeremy Lin....and by the way, he is an American-Chinese


Anonymous said...

Yep, it's Lin-sanity!
And he's Chinese-American.

Anonymous said...

"They were 2 weeks away from releasing him when he was brought off the bench because the team was losing badly and became shorthanded due to injury."
Lucky Tan

That's why one must not only be the best available but also at the right time and right place.

Everything must be best and right. And just one thing wrong also finished.

Applies in sports, politics or whatever lah.

Anonymous said...

One more thing. Must also know right people. And this will even create right time and right place.

Anonymous said...

It is also very well known, he is a guild man aka brotherhood.

Ng Eng Hou said...

Yes, heard about him a lot. Both China and Taiwan tried to associate with him, wanting to take some credit for his fame.

I guess such stories mostly happen in the US, so far never hear of the same incident in our boring Singapore island with its emphasis only on scholars and paper qualification.

Moral of the story is always to be prepared, not to lose heart, keep improving yourself, so that when time comes, you will be able to take advantage of the once in a lifetime golden opportunity.

Luck = Preparedness meets Opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Korean media said that he got Korean linage. I guess every famous Chinese WILL have Korean linage, according to the Koreans.

Anonymous said...

Even Lucky has caught on to LINsanity! JLin is LINcredible!

Amused said...

Believe in yourself. Everything is possible. Not just in America!

Anonymous said...

I am an NBA fan and Jeremy Lin created an impression on me when Golden State Warriors signed him even he was undrafted in the 2010 draft. But subsequently the team played him during garbage time and so his statistics were not impressive. I thought he could slide into oblivion since with so many good players coming in the draft every year, if one does not get opportunity to be a starter during his few years in the league, it is normally a journeyman career or have to give up playing basketball. Some rare exceptions are Tony Allen of Grizzles who becomes a starter thru his hard work after a journeyman for so many teams.

So that's why it is a sensation for a unheralded guy like Jeremy to perform at this level, noting that he has prior limited playing experiences even as a sub.

The other thing to note is that Jeremy thrives in the system by the current coach Mike D'Antoni who needs a creative and unselfish point guard to make the offence tick, and Jeremy's ability to go to the hoops is a plus and opposing player does not know how to defend him. If they try to defend him by blocking his path, he can dish to other players who can score points easily. If they wait for him to come to the hoops, then he can drain a jumper or a 3-point shot. So such an intelligent, unselfish and offensive point guard is highly valued in the league, and that's why he has been compared to Steve Nash. It is very difficult to guard point guard like Jeremy as he can create points for himself or others. Certainly there are point guards who are more athletic, shoot better than Jeremy, but most of them would demand the ball (and the glory) to themselves.

The other factor is that he has a Harvard degree with a 3.1 GPA, and to the American public it is rare to have an Ivy League player performing at such at high level as Basketball is predominantly denominated by the blacks amongst the 4 major sports, and he is an Asian American. So a lot of people are baffled since he challenges the stereotypes people have on basketball (not good in academics but good in playing bb) and Asians (good in study and not in games).

Moral of the story? The opportunity awaits the person who is ready.

Anonymous said...

You guys read too much into it. A freak is a freak. But a good one.

Anonymous said...

We have our own Linsanity here in Singapore.

Just imagine.
The son of LKY also becoming Prime Minister.

Never in a million years did we think that LHL could overcome the odds that were stacked against him.

Meritocracy's finest hour.

Lye Khuen Way said...

What a nice distraction from the usual postings.

Great story nonethess !

Anonymous said...

MR Lin is a Christian ... u are pissing your anti-religious fans/mob Mr Lucky ...

Anonymous said...

Lin is truly an American.
He is born in USA.
He grows up in USA.
He studies all the way from junior school to university in USA.
He speaks American English.
He like to eat American food.
He behaves as an American.

This is in contrast to the foreigners that are imported to Singapore. PAP addresses these new immigrants as Singaporean.
But no matter how you view them, these new immigrants are not Singaporean.

These new immigrants are not born in Singapore.
These new immigrants do not grow up in Singapore.
These new immigrants do not study all the way from junior school to university in Singapore.
These new immigrants do not speak Singapore English.
These new immigrants do not like to eat Singapore food.
These new immigrants do not behave as a Singaporean.

Roxane said...

It's nice that he's not winning just because of his height. Instead, it's his skills.

Anonymous said...

"Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he's Asian"

Floyd Mayweather

Ghost said...

In the limited time I had seen Lin play, I must say I could understand why so many teams pass on him. He is averaging about 4 turnovers per game which especially poor for a pointguard and his outside shot looks a little on-and-off.
However he is fast and has a quick first-step that allow him to blow past his player. But as John Wall found out this season, speed is something NBA teams could adapt to. It would be interesting to see how Lin adapt once other teams prepared for him.
Personally I want Lin to be a success. He's Chinese and we even share the same surname. However for that to happen, he need to lower his turnover ratio and pray Mike D'Antoni sign an extension to his contract. His coach's up-and-down style is perfect for him.

Anonymous said...

I am more a NFL and MLB guy, not exactly an NBA fan but Lin actually makes me watched a little NBA last week.

He doesn't have to play like MJ or Kobe or James, as long as he plays decent basketball, many team would sign him, more a marketing tool to Asia then his game.

He would also have to tone down on his religious believe for the China market, the PRC govt would not be too please with that, and for heaven sake, absolutely no "Tebowing".

This story will cool off in a couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

I stopped following NBA after Micheal Jordan retired the second time. Not even Shaquille O'Neil, Kobe Bryant or Yao Ming could bring me back. Started following the Knicks two weeks ago. That's Linsanity!!

Anonymous said...

My personal favorite rags to riches athlete is Kurt Warner from the NFL: He was bagging groceries before he got the chance to play. When he did play, he was instrumental to helping his team win one Superbowl and getting into two others.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully he will inspire more Asians to take up professional basketball and make it to the NBA.

Anonymous said...

Come 2012 olympics, I hope the US team will field him when playing against tiongland. Maybe tiongland will field yaoming? but yaoming has retired.

And I forgotten that they no longer deploy NBA players for the olympics. They field "under 21 college" basketball players.

Anonymous said...

Hi, still following Lin-sanity, there's this article: