Friday, February 24, 2012

Threats of Defamation Lawsuits : Not a way to win over netizens....

You ever wonder...... why President Obama can run a country with 311 million citizens without ever   threatening to sue someone for what they say and leaders of a small island have to waste their time doing this through their lawyers? There are not enough problems around to keep them busy? Leaders suing ordinary citizens for saying something in public or on the Internet does not happen in any other developed country except one. I thought they were trying to win over the younger generation - the Internet savvy Singaporeans who spend their time on Facebook, discussion groups, reading blogs, online papers etc. The Internet has transformed everything we do and how we think. We now assimilate and process information from multiple sources and exploit this information to make decisions. Because the Internet is open, free and unregulated, people using it have learned to filter, weigh, ignore, avoid and discount information....there is so much information and people have learned to cope with it. There is plenty said about Obama,  Merkel, Ma-Ying-Jeou and Noda on the Internet but they don't threaten to sue anyone.

Richard Wan identified himself as one of 6 editors of TREmeritus and was threatened with multiple lawsuits shortly after his identity is known. Well so much for encouraging people to identify themselves, Alex Au received a letter saying that allegations surrounding some public figures exist...he didn't even said say what the allegations were just that they exist . These threats of lawsuits are a waste of time because it spreads fear among people who have identified themselves and does nothing to control the source of the allegations - the forums, discussion groups. In fact following the report of these threats of lawsuits, I notice there is heightened interest among people in what the actual allegations are. These threats encourages people to post criticisms anonymously and drive legitimate voices underground, when you select some people to threaten for some  allegations unknown to most people, people do become fearful. This is a reminder of our authoritarian past and tendency of our leaders to suppress criticisms using various means. This sensitivity to allegations and criticism is strange and alien to the younger generation that have grown up with the Internet as an integral part of their life- ideas good and bad flow freely, quickly and unhindered.

The best way to deal with the way people and information is for govt to be transparent, accountable and give citizens access to as much information as possible so long as it does not compromise national security. Why can't we have a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) like they do in all developed countries that are democracies? Having access to full and accurate information will reduce the need for people to seek out alternative sources of information. Even when questions are asked in parliament, we see this reluctance to give full disclosure - we can trace the MP Vee's question on scholarship for foreigners ...he had to ask a few times and a few different ways to get the numbers. If this is a govt that is not doing things it has to hide, then allow the citizens full access to information and that is the best way to stop people from speculating and depending on less reliable sources of information.


theonion said...


There is a significant difference between libellious allegations and criticisms.

Frankly, since you are in the mode, how would you feel if someone "opines" allegeds hypothetically that you have a criminal record which involves pedophilia etc or something as outragoues.

further, the freedom of speech which you proclaim does not seem to apply once religious inclined people are involved and only extremist "religious" secularism is allowed.


Lucky Tan said...


Of course there is a difference. However, the fear and uncertain it generates has a negative effect that will also drive citicism undergound. Once you have a tendency to get people for speaking on what ever topics, you silence them.

Anonymous said...

Kee chiu if anyone here believe me when I alleged that PM is a gay and married to a man?

Who so blur sotong come out from IMH wants to be the first?

Anonymous said...

The people needs to know the truth.

I am utterly disappointed with this 'new normal' espoused by the PM. He has further proved that PAP is incapable of change. And I now know why he has 'so many agendas' to attend to before considering a by-election for HG.

His agenda is to fix the oppositions and suppressing the dissents.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, anyone who aims for power will get burnt lah. Oppositions included.
They are not in the spotlight yet. When they lay hold to some real power, then we shall see.

Anonymous said...

This blogger has said it well and to the point. The onus is on PM Lee to "demonstrate" the integrity, not to just take his or his lawyers' words for it.

I am sick and tired of the tactics they try to employ here. I challenge them to go after Facebook, Twitter, Google links where there are millions of uncontrolled comments/links out there. If they can sue everyone to their pants, good luck. It only proves how insecure they are.

And mind you, your so called 'integrity, honesty, character' reinforced by legal protection (an OB zone) does not say a shit or prove a thing. People are smarter than that. And people should not be afraid to speak out against the government and its policies.

Viva la 2016

Anonymous said...

Ya lor..
That is why our Reporters without Border just ranked us 135th out of 179th.
Apparently we upped one point from 136th last year.
Not because the 'free press' is doing anything better.
Is attributed to the active citizenship in participating, sharing and disseminating information !!

Wah..first world credits to the talents of singapore - first time proud of Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Oh yah and our judges are appointed with the aid of the President who was also from PAP, just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Some thoughts here.. By now, we know the power of internet and its vast reach out to masses of people. If people minds are ignited, they are a very powerful resource. And if people are willing to give to their country,they can bring great change and our country will be very prosperous! The question is how leaders can seek it and not suppress it...Best wishes to all...

Anonymous said...

"There are many other issues on the national agenda right now."

I guess dealing with the comments of Mr Alex Au was one of them.

Mr Au must be proud. He got faster attention then the people of Hougang.

Anonymous said...

but he also bended and got fukked up his asshole fast too

Anonymous said...

FOIA..I expect to see the OSA to be beefed up. As it is they have ring fenced themselves from being investigated by private investigators. Soon they will come out with some kind of law which prevents them from being charged or investigated after their term. A form of immunity.

Did not one old man say that once you repeat a lie long and often enough it becomes the truth. If that does not work, use the defamation act and people will not beleive it but accept it and keep quiet.

Well you see my great grandfather used to work for the Japanese as a informer and was responsible for many a younf men's death. However he was smart enough have fled the country when the Japanese surrendered. After his return he avoided all mention of his role during the occupation. Later he let it be known that he was a translator. Now everyone beleives it. The fact that he was able to master Japanese in a few weeks is a miracle which no one questioned.

Now after many years, I have taken it one step further by claiming that he was in fact doing anti Japanese resistance work while actually working for the Japanese. I started claiming that he was a war hero. Guess what, he will be receiving a Hero's medal soon for his resistance work during the occupation. Insist and it will be the truth.

Amused said...

They are trying to regulate coffee shop talks and cabbie chats!

They act like parents threatening to beat up children for mischievous.

They control information and censor history. Don't you find it strange that Singapore history pre-independence is one-sided or non-existent? (You learn more Singapore history from the British than from this government.)

You are living in the Matrix. How pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Lucky, if the ruling elites are as transperant and accountable as those in the Free West, Singaporeans will be shell shock. Their conditioned perceptions of the ruling elites will be so different from the reality they see. So they have no choice but to continue with this intimidation in order to protect their real, genuine self from being seen by conditioned and controlled Singaporeans. Overseas Singaporeans see more of the true colours of the ruling elites as they are not subjected to the daily conditioning by the mms.

Veritas said...

What if Singaporeans find out after OFA that

1) CPF is already bankrupt by Temasek and GIC

2) Most FT scholars got very lousy grades.

3) 80% of NTU/NUS post grad are FT

4) Many FT did not even pass o level

5) ISA is a sham for targeting innocent

It will bring down PAP by tomorrow. So long as Kuan Yew is alive, dont dream of it.

Anonymous said...

To anon 12:24

What do you mean 'beef up OSA' and ringfenced themselves?

Are you saying that MPs & CS signed under OSA cannot be investigated by PI other than CPIB that's under the PM jurisdiction? Can you clarify?

Anonymous said...

I did read in the news a law was passed that PI are not allowed to investigate on MPs unless there is a special permission from the Ministry of home affairs.

Anonymous said...

It is noticebale that threatening letter is issued when matter is closer to the truth and the person issuing such letters are those who seemed to have control over the courts' verdict. I find it very unhealthy and highly exploitive of the leader going down that route.

Anonymous said...

After more than 50 years in power, have they not learnt that the tongue cannot be tamed? Rulers who employ laws to shut mouths will only ignite the flame further. The tongues are there to purge the dross. You can't manage the tongue, the tongue manages you. Everyone who are drawn to the furnace will be purged one way or the other.

Best to leave the fiery tongues to it business. One has no fear if one's conscience is clear. If the fire gets too hot for you, be a real man and stand upright and naked before the world instead of acting like a rich,self righteous and obnoxious lawyer who thinks that the world, or your countrymen, ought to fall on bended knees before you because you can spout the 10 commandments with finesse.

theonion said...


The only ones silenced are those who do not have the evidence or those who do not know the difference between an opinion and allegation.

As compared with at present, where any arguments in favour of any portion of present system is shouted down no matter how reasonably phrased

For the buses article, well, why the unhappiness considering they have taken into account on ground sentiments


Ng Eng Hou said...

We always like to talk about Singapore being a financial center. But do you know what is the basic requirement of being a financial center? It is the free flow of information. Financial markets can only function well with the free flow of information - which some people refer to as buzz.

How can Singapore be seriously regarded as a financial center when information is being censored and people being punished heavily and financially in an attempt to block out any information?

It is due to the reason that Singapore will never overtake HK as a major financial center.

Perhaps our politicians view themselves too highly which is reflected by their world record-breaking pay. They see themselves as Gods. They can say nasty things about others but disallow others from having a frank view of them. They're always right. If some mistakes occur, this is not their fault, but someone else. Is this how they see themselves?

If This Is So, Singapore Will Forever Remains A 2nd Or 3rd Rate Type Of Country!

Kaffein said...

Basically the government still thinks we are infants and kids, not mature enough to discern good, bad and untrue news.

At this rate of control, it's no wonder many Singaporeans still act like infants and kids.

One of which is bar-top dancing. We need to have a debate and license for it. Sheesh, what a complete waste of time. And the response from my million-dollar minister? Erm, maybe you should read for yourself.

"If you want to dance on a bar top, some of us will fall off that bar top. Some people will die as a result of liberalising bar-top dancing.

Not just because they've fallen off the bar top, but because it's usually a young girl with a short skirt who's dancing on it, who may attract some insults from some other men. The boyfriend starts fighting.

Some people will die. Blood will be shed for liberalising the policy." (Straits Times, 3 Oct 01)

- Dr Vivian Balakrishnan
Chairman of Remaking S'pore Committee



Anonymous said...

If the elites are not going to use threats of defamation lawsuits, the sun will rise from the west.

If the elites are going to be transparent and accountable for the tsunami of foreigners, there will be many statistics to show the ugly and negative aspects of the immigration policy.

You want the elites not to use threats of defamation lawsuits, to be transparent and accountable, you have to wait another ten thousands years.

Unlucky Tan said...

Who says others don't sue?

Unlucky Tan said...

You cannot differentiate between freedom of speech and freedom to libel/defame.

You have every right to walk up to LKY and say "LKY...I hate the way you run our gahmen and treat the opposition. Stop it "

But if you say " LKY you corrupt son of a bitch..why is your family getting rich of your power?" You'd better be able to prove it...or get ready to tng kor.

WE have every freedom of speech and expression in Singapore..but not the freedom to libel, incite hatred, make false allegations and bear false fitness...that's why we have calm and harmony here.

You want unfettered freedom...sorry, Sinapore is too small and vulnerable for it. Any intelligent citizen should realise this. Another 100 years maybe...

Anonymous said...

@theonion and Unlucky Tan,

Then can you explain which part of Alex Au's comment is defamatory? Why Shanmugam send him the letter?

Opinion or allegation? Explain.

Anonymous said...

How can the Authority win over the netizens, many of whom are far better than the talented ruling politicians?
HOWEVER and SADLY, netizens only blog and blog and blog BUT no action! Some do not even show their faces.

Anonymous said...

One one hand, we are asking for freedom of speech, On the other hand, we are requesting a Chinese NUS undergrads to apologies and go back to his own country on what he has written in his facebook (be it true or not).

Can we have a final decision whether we want freedom of speech?

Anonymous said...

Why do the elites want to hide so many opaque and unaccountable things?

Why do the elites so afraid to be questioned?

Why do the elites cannot give answers that are coherent, logical and convincing?

Why do the elites resort to threats of defamation lawsuits to silent peoples voices and opinions?

Anonymous said...

So that is the way FamiLEE communicate like a big bully then we shall communicate like that lor...who are the FamiLEEs anyway.

Anonymous said...

When we follow what we dislike, we are telling the public that "we agree on what we dislike". Full Stop

Anonymous said...

Not a way to win over netizens...????

Then get 60% to say OK to you during elections!

Then you can have your way, your style and your whatever lah.

Shigure said...

The assumption that a FOIA will be a good thing.for Singapore ignores the cons - that people do abuse the FOIA in other countries. Once such a law is enacted, if you limit the scope of it there will be dissent and anger, and it also causes paranoia - just how much info is out there, and is there any that could afdect the individual. There's a reason why these foreign governments spend so much on security.

Also @theonion made an ironic statement: " further, the freedom of speech which you proclaim does not seem to apply once religious inclined people are involved and only extremist "religious" secularism is allowed."

Which is an allegation that can't be proven, but only circumstantially claimed. The fact with most atheists, if you bother to read the literature available, they expect religious folk to separate their religious selves when entering public life to operate in the secular. However, just as the religious folk can't, the atheist can't excise their Godless or non-religious beliefs from public life.

Religioua folk and atheists can co-exist peacefully if idiots from both aides don't push their luck.

Anonymous said...

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light. ~Plato

Anonymous said...

The government run by PAP will NEVER win over my netizen vote as long as there're no Freedom of Info Act & Freedom of Speech/Press. As long as these two are non existence, I will never recede my anonymity.

The people have their civil rights taken away from them. And ISA is still hanging on by the thread. My parents' generation have given in and let them took that away. My generation, is my every duty to protect and reclaim those back for my future generations.

We have moved from 136th to 135th merely on our own efforts. People must not give up easily, and give in stupidly.

The Sun is clear said...

Dear LT,

My exact sentiments. I could have put it better myself. The opening of the blog entry sums it all.

I was very disheartened when I read what PM Lee and his brother did.

Political bullying is rife in Singapore. And they lost a few more points doing so. Having said that LT, we have to turn to fellow Singaporeans who are still giving this administration to be politically immature and condoning their bullying ways.

People have a right to responsible writing. But they also have a right to suggest to others that when the father is the chairman of the investment corporation, the wife is the head of temasek investment arm, the other son is the ex ceo of Singapore Telecoms and the uncle is the ex Deputy Prime Minister in Singapore (and was left to retire after letting loose an international terrorist on the citizens' income taxes, the sister is heading a hospital and the cherry of the topping is the man, himself if the prime minister of singapore, how in God's name can you not even see a hint of nepotism? It's staring right in everyone's faces.

And it's understandable why singaporeans think that way. Because the outcome was that way. Do you mean to say that it was purely out of chance that a tornado ran over singapore an aseemble a 747 boeing aircraft?

Do you mean to say that it was purely out of chance that this present setup of family members in high and influential positions came out by chance?

Come on lah. I know, you know, everyone knows.

So don't pretend lah.

Anonymous said...

These are purely coincidental.

You cannot prove any of these instances that they are arranged.
Its based on merit.

Proof is absent.
Relationship is not proof.

Anonymous said...

Singapore system is meritocratic. If there is another candidate better Mdm Ho, even if it meant upsetting the young and old Lees, the board members would not hesitate to oppose Mdm Ho appointment if a better candidate exist.

Our system is so meritocratic, that even if it meant opposing the old lee to get the right candidate up, the board members would not hesitate in doing so.

Anonymous said...

I bet if there were a political party better than PAP, 60% would not hesitate to vote the PAP out.

But sadly there isn't. And now even the best available opposition party (by seats won) also had become worse.

Only 6 seats and already one became vacant (by their own making) in just 9 months!

So you tell me lah, Singapore future got hope or not, in terms of govt better than PAP?

Anonymous said...

Just concentration on making money in Singapore. There is great hope for talents in Singapore to make a lot of money.

That's why Singapore is attracting so many foreign talents to come here to make money or keep and invest their money.

If you cannot make money, just too bad lah. Even if you don't vote PAP, you are still a minority.

Anonymous said...

This post sums up why PAP has already won GE2016. The Lees know exactly what they are doing. (Barring unexpected illness. ) while the liberal "elites" are clueless (or arrogant) as ever.

Anonymous said...

"...the Lees have set a world record in filing defamation suits and a second one by never losing one.."

LOL - world record!! Enough said, so much frivolity and that's what we pay million-dollars to the best political talent to do.

Here's the best part when they try to libel overseas :

"...In the only case on record where the family ventured out to other courts, Lee Wei Ling...Witnesses told the British High Court in England that the alleged offenses by Shorvon by the Singaporeans were so minor that they weren’t worth bothering with."

LMAO - is that why they never sue Gopalan website that has the article about Mr K but will not hesitate to crush the weak and helpless home-based individuals & bloggers.


I honestly don't know what to say.
He's becoming a world class joker destined to carry on his father's legacy if he continues to do so.

Hecate said...

To Veritas: I am sry to post on LT blog but it seems your blog is only for invited readers only. I been reading your blogs for years and this is a first.

Wasn't your blog public? or did PAP block it?

Clear eyed said...

Dear Lucky, PAP does not believe in winning over anyone. They think they don't need to. They have a powerful arsenal which obviates the need for them to take this troublesome and inconvenient route.

Anonymous said...

"the father is the chairman of the investment corporation, the wife is the head of temasek investment arm, the other son is the ex ceo of Singapore Telecoms and the uncle is the ex Deputy Prime Minister in Singapore (and was left to retire after letting loose an international terrorist on the citizens' income taxes, the sister is heading a hospital and the cherry of the topping is the man, himself if the prime minister of singapore, how in God's name can you not even see a hint of nepotism?"

This is what they mean by meritocracy! How else to prove that they have superior genes? and deserve the highest salaries?


Anonymous said...



Look around you, singaporeans.

Veritas said...

I am closing it. But since I received so many people's trying to get me write my blog, I will change my mind.

Only register person can access to my blog.

Veritas said...

Sorry to write this in LT's blog. LT I hope u dont mind.

In the early stage of blogging, I shown my blog to some colleagues who are FT.

But recently, I heard FT (not in my blog club), commented that an article in TRE, that was my work, is very hurtful.

So I decided to close my blog.

I am not to fan xenophobia and Singaporeans are the most tolerant people in whole universe.

It is PAP fault in importing the whole world and get Singaporeans marginalize.

I am a bit tired right now and need a rest. do email me, and I will get you inform if I start a new blog.

Before that, I want all those people who who my real identity to forget about me. Then when the time is ripe, I will start another blog.

If anyone want to access to my old writings, pls write to me in email and indicate.

Lucky you persevere and fight ON. I will take some sabbatical. When I am back, you can be sure I will wrote more about shit of PAP.

Lucky, I respect you for carry on your work for so many years.

Anonymous said...

Dear veritas

You have written much and it has been a pleasure to read them.

Though I disagree with some of your views, it is your view, and I respect them.

Yes, take a break and reflect, writing blogs is not as simple as it appears. I appreciate you putting in time and energy to help broaden the perspectives on many issues.

Best wishes to you, enjoy the peace and quiet, if only for a moment!

Thank you lucky for borrowing this space.

Gintai_昇泰 said...

Well said. You spoken for us. Need we say more?

Anonymous said...

When I think of the Party Against People, I remember a quotation from the Batman movie "Dark Knight".

Harvey Dent:
"You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

Anonymous said...

Are we going to get sue ,jail or getting stalkers like ISD when we jokes n talking bad about ruling party in singapore?the truth are if you talking bad or jokes ,first they sue you until you bankupt ,ISD will stalk you where ever you go , later if you trying to be funny ,they send you to the nut house IMH ,there you get degree certificate  ,n no one will believe you believe you are crazy.make you miserable in life,They control the all press , all editors fear of them . They control judiration ,home teams n other sectors.this there legacy to instill fear to citizens of singapore .you try to be funny n you will pay for it

Anonymous said...

"Threats of Defamation Lawsuits : Not a way to win over netizens...."
Lucky Tan

But how come can win over at least 60% voters at every election?

Lucky Tan can you explain why?

Anonymous said...

Lucky Tan, if you were to contest the election, are you confident of even getting more than 50% votes?

If not, why not?

And are you able to do something or anything so that you can win? Then maybe you don't even need to blog. Then maybe the MSM will do it for you.

Anonymous said...

"But how come can win over at least 60% voters at every election?
26/2/12 09:26"

Dear 09:26, it "drop" to 60% not "every election".

They try to survive by come out a "60% budget 2012" (hopefully can win 60% in next election.

I didn't choose to be born here said...

When something offends you, you have to do the hard job of tolerating it.

Many know that suing netizens and threatening them with lawsuit is wrong. Yet, they are tolerating this behaviour by the government.

The government would do better to get its policies in order and enhance the quality of life of Singaporeans instead of of wasting its time on "hantaming" people.

For 21st century living, PAP sucks ass.

M'sia and Japan better than Spore said...

Our government lets the doctors charge their own fees on us instead of some form of subsididsed healthcare just like Malaysia and Japan.

It also allows PRs, foreginers and the market dictate the price of your HDB flat which you rented from HDB for 99-years.

Why exactly is the role of our government these days besides short-changing its citizens?

MRTs are bloated and now we have to endure the smell from all these PRCs, Pinoys and India Indians.

The younger generation are aware of this but they can't vote yet.

GE 2016 is settled. The government will continue to thumb down and subjugate its citizenry through high cost of living until singaporeans learn to speak out on issues that matter to them.

Ask yourself honestly:

How is hell are you going to retire in Singapore if all your CPF are wiped out by the time you are 65 years old as you have just finished paying your resale flat?

Times are going to get really hard.

Until Singaporeans realise that they can change government and its accompanying policies without fear of singapore collapsing as we have a firm civil service base, nothing will change in singapore?

And it would only get worse.

My take, Lucky Tan is that the new citizens will get all the job opportunities and they will bring their own people and lord over singaporeans.

That day will come in 15-20 years time.

Get ready to submit to a Pinoy, PRC, Indonesian and an India Indian.

It's already happening. Just look around you.

Who do you see?

Anonymous said...

"How is hell are you going to retire in Singapore if all your CPF are wiped out by the time you are 65 years old as you have just finished paying your resale flat?"

That's simple.

Forget the memories and the hardship in paying for your flat.

Don't worry.

The government has a solution. Once you finished paying for your flat, you are told to sell it and downgrade.

That's what this f***ing government is proposing for you.

Pay to only leave the very place you paid for. That's what the highest millionaire ministers have come up with.


Anonymous said...

Dear netizens

Your mission if you choose to accept;
Is for each of you to convert one PAP voter;
Into an Opposition voter before GE 2016.

Hit them where it hurts.
At the ballot box in GE 2016.

Don’t get yourselves into legal trouble.
Almost no Singapore lawyer will take up your defence.
And not easy for foreign lawyers to get permission to come here and defend you.

If you agree.
Please post this message in other blogs.

And e-mail it to all your friends.

Anonymous said...

"NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu, who is currently on attachment at a German oilfield services company Schlumberger, is likely to earn more than $10,000 monthly if he joins the company upon graduation, according to an insider who hails from the same industry."

This is the same scholar who said there are more dogs than humans in Singapore.

Looks like he is really talented in many ways.

Anonymous said...

Allegations cut both ways. Yaw was removed because the people condemned his alleged infidelity which worked in PAP favor.
If the oppositions did not resort to legal threat to squash allegations, why should the PAP?

Bo Liao Sinkie said...

Hi Lucky,

The straw that will break the camel's back would be when the government wants to "cassette" TRE.

What are your views on this? Do you think TRE would comply?

Anonymous said...

12.32 Schlumberger is not a German company. It is a USA listed company. Why I know? Cause I used to work there.

Anonymous said...

Well, the last GE and PE result has shown them that Internet is only noise so they don't really have to win over anyone to secure their 60.1% and 70% mandate. :(

Anonymous said...

the noise just become more active before 2011 and it dropped to 60%! So?

Anonymous said...

Not all Internet is noise lah.

Lucky Tan's blog for one is definitely not.

But also no use what, even after 7 years of serious blogging and raising serious issues. PAP still win over 90% seats.

Anonymous said...

Unlucky Tan said... (Quote):
“You cannot differentiate between freedom of speech and freedom to libel/defame.

You have every right to walk up to LKY and say "LKY...I hate the way you run our gahmen and treat the opposition. Stop it "

Having your right is one thing, but being allowed to exercise it is another – in Singapore. Just try and say as quoted above. LKY's stock reply would be – I am sure you have heard it umpteem times before – “Join a political party and contest in an election if you want to speak”, or something to that effect. As though anybody who has any political view or opinion must stand for election before he can speak! If that is the case, there would be no coffee-shop or cab-driver chat – and our parliamentary elections should see thousands of contestants each time.

Anonymous said...

"A" makes an allegation (whether true or false) about "B", and "C" refers to it when talking to "D". It would seem to me "C" has defamed "B" by just by mentioning the fact that "A" has made the allegation, judging from the lawyers' demand letters that have been liberally issued. I just wonder if I would also be sued for just having heard/read about the allegation!

Anonymous said...

Got jobs, got helps,got food,got shelter,got hospitals and got more parks or farks and PAP be voted out?

Carry on, make more useless use one.

Anonymous said...

Well, I, for two, agree that the government is right that Singaporeans are daft.

Just look at how pathetic the SIngaporeans lifestyle is.

Work like a fucking cow and still get nothing at the end of the day.

Singaporeans are now short-changed citizens and they still allow for the government to police them and ride them over with lies and mispolicies. An apology was issued by the PM but still nothing has changed.

Singaporeans are greedy and fucking stupid.

Anonymous said...

60.1% is the tipping point. Any further loss of support would see many big name Minister packing

Rome didnt collapse in one day...

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous 27/2/12 23:18"


Hi PAP workers, anymore things to add?

Silence mean you agree!


Anonymous said...

The opposition did not become any stronger or better since GE 2011. In fact it become worse.

So at the rate things are going, I think PAP may still get at least 60.1% or even better in GE 2016.

Remember in any contest, one wins not really because one is very good but how much worse one's opponents are.

In the Kingdom of the blind, even the one eye jack will be King.

By the way I am neutral, neither pro PAP nor pro opposition. And I am also realistic.

Anonymous said...

Unless there is a miracle where a party of 87 Lucky Tans contest GE 2016.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess every single blogger must post a threat we as well. That they will vote for the opposition on every occasion they get.

Anonymous said...

Talented people can make money easily in Singapore.

So why would they want to join the opposition?

And if they are really interested in politics, they will most likely join PAP. And the real talents will have chance to be ministers with million dollar salary.

So any wonder why opposition can never be strong when talents can make money easily?

In fact so easy and that's why so many foreign talents are also attracted to come here to make money.

Anonymous said...

Many Singaporeans think the same way as "The Sun is clear" says:
"People have a right to responsible writing. But they also have a right to suggest to others that when the father is the chairman of the investment corporation, the wife is the head of temasek investment arm, the other son is the ex ceo of Singapore Telecoms and the uncle is the ex Deputy Prime Minister in Singapore (and was left to retire after letting loose an international terrorist on the citizens' income taxes, the sister is heading a hospital and the cherry of the topping is the man, himself if the prime minister of singapore, how in God's name can you not even see a hint of nepotism? It's staring right in everyone's faces."

Anonymous said...

"In fact so easy and that's why so many foreign talents are also attracted to come here to make money."

So why talk about moderation of the inflow of foreigners. Unless .............. Hahahahahaha.......

Easy. Yeah, first two years, no CPF. Sure it is easy ...... They do have a description for singaporeans. Daftttttt.......

Anonymous said...

Sure, we Singaporeans will remain DAFT because:

The media chooses to withhold information that is needed to allow us to be informed.

They claim that all information is available. In one way, yes its true.
Yet it is embedded deep in some paragraph mentioned as a passing comment.

In another way, information from the libraries are available too. But you would need to register your name and the purpose to get the information.

The internet is a medium that can overcome these 2 barriers. Having said that, one must be able to discern wheat from chaff..not an easy task since bloggers have their own agendas, viewers and slants.

Is there any objectivity?

Anonymous said...

"Is there any objectivity?"
Anon 29/2/12 10:41

But if there is, of what use? Of what purpose? And has it been useful or achieve its purpose?

Anonymous said...

The most honest person must be the most objective person. Does that mean religious people are most objective?

Praise Jesus

Anonymous said...

To err (not objective, not honest, not whatever lah) is human.

Religious people are human.

Anonymous said...

Well, perhaps what Singaporeans lack is the coverage of news and events that is more incisive.

Most people outside of academia would not able to discern what "43%"
means. We forget that the other part of it is "57%" and we tend to forget what it was based on: the remaining amount or the total?

This is the DAFTNESS that we have.

Bloggers like Lucky,Yawningbread help to cut through the smoke.

Yahoo news also offers enlightening perspectives where the most recent exchange involves the vacancy in Hougang: by- election or not?

Were we aware of the constitution and the parliamentary acts that governed this?


And its not that simple.

Ordinary people have work to do, and our work normaly does not inlcude reading Acts and Statutes.

Nor are we informed about the poor who prefer to remain on a lower salary just so that they can qualify for subsidies.

Does the Government know?
certainly!.. they choose not to tell you & me! now.. that is simple.

Anonymous said...

Winning over?
Who said anything about winning over?

Anonymous said...

I disagree that shortening HDB leases to 30/60 years will lower prices. On the contrary it will jack up prices. By alot.

price per head service said...

Whoa! Amazing! Bad with words 'cause everything is so good!