Thursday, February 16, 2012

WP ups the ante with Yaw's sacking....

When TRE had the first scoop on Yaw's alleged affairs, I was wondering how it would be handled by the WP. While the Internet has increased its reach, it wasn't very clear that rumors will die off or keep circulating. The people involved kept silent so there was little to feed the rumor mill and tabloids to keep the momentum on the story going. However, the tabloids were persistent in their reporting and reported another alleged affair involving Yaw after some investigation. This left the WP will little choice. They had campaigned for more transparent govt and accountability in last year's GE. There was immense public interest involved and keeping silent risk the WP being accused of having double standards and its reputation would have been badly damaged.

From time to time, I've had rumors about the private lives surrounding various politicians and public figures  sent to me. I really don't bother about them because I believe that they have little to do with performance in public service....also you can' t really tell what is true unless some witness or physical evidence turn up. Even if it is true what has it got to do with performance? Some people have suggested that public figures are  role models and should conduct themselves properly. Ideally this is the case but the politicians are not saying what they are doing in private is morally correct or promoting any kind of bad behavior. While these rumors don't completely die off, most of the time they fall into the background and have very little impact. 

The question is does the media treat all rumors the same regardless of which party is involved? Reporting it will put the party leadership in a very tight spot and force the hand of the party leadership. It is unknown why the media chose to report and investigate the allegations surrounding Yaw but leave equally serious allegations that involve other public figures alone.

WP has made a clear statement that it will not betray its promise to deliver greater accountability and transparency and will never put the interests of its members above public interest. It is unclear how other political parties will act if the media were to go after their members. While political opponents will try to exploit the current situation to attack the WP, let us not forget that the media has never put them in the same situation and forced the hand of the party leaders. WP has raised the bar by acting decisively against Yaw who refused to come clean, Having said that, let not forget that Yaw has contributed to democracy in Singapore since his university days. We may not condone his conduct and mis-steps but lets not forget he is human and has been made to undergo plenty of humiliation in recent days.  


Anonymous said...

The Singapore mainstream media is pro PAP.

So it is natural that the Singapore mainstream media do all they can; using all kinds of tactics that is usable to crush WP.

This is the reason why the Singapore mainstream media is so interested to report about Yaw case.

Anonymous said...

WP did the right thing for their long term survivorship. Now let's sit back and watch what this evolves into and the by-election.

At least we don't have to wait till 2016 for some election excitement.

Anonymous said...

What do you call this? Schadenfreude

That's what they are really aiming for.

Now let's see the mainstream media goes after and treat the MIW the same way too. Coz if they don't, well, we'll not only have a watershed 2012, it will be tear shed 2016 let's just say.

Ghost said...

I disagree with the move by the WP. They were put under pressure by the media and they panicked. They should have ignored the issue as no one in Hougang even cared about the affair. Now they face a battle where the PAP has nothing to lose. It was a silly move by them.

Anonymous said...

"The question is does the media treat all rumors the same regardless of which party is involved? Reporting it will put the party leadership in a very tight spot and force the hand of the party leadership. It is unknown why the media chose to report and investigate the allegations surrounding Yaw but leave equally serious allegations that involve other public figures alone."

I feel sorry for Yaw but he was easy target for his transgression. If he had traded places with the minister, the stones would have been in his hands and for him to throw. It would have been difficult to take him down.

That said, what if the minister had stepped out of his big shoes and addressed the allegations like a common man? Would he still be in one piece??

I can tell you he would have been much respected by the people if he did. It takes a gutsy man to lay own his powers and stand naked before the people.

Anonymous said...

Yaw bedded too many women. It is inevitable.

Anonymous said...

I have respect for LTK for doing what he has to do. It is indeed a difficult time for him to see his protege falls and dragging down the party that he works so hard for over the years.
Equally, the comments made by the PM and Khaw show us the low standard of politicians that we have at the top. Pity, and Khaw is a Budhhist, who should have shown compassion to people at their difficult times.

Yaw has made mistakes, lets leave him alone so that his family has the chance to sort things out.

Anonymous said...

PM you should have praised WP for this brave action. I believe you would not condone your party members either. Why not hold a by election quickly but you don't send any candidate to display PAP noble sentiment

Anonymous said...

I am worry about NSP and other independent candidates rubbing salt into the wound of WP by contesting in Hougang. It will be Singaporeans nightmares if 3 or 4 corners fight take place and we know who will be the great loser - all 3 opposition parties involved and the winner will be PAP die hard supporters of more than 40%

Anonymous said...

I also agree this is a very risky move for WP but it is unavoidable if they are looking at the bigger and long term picture.

Beside Yaw only has himself to be blamed if WP account is true that he refuse to come clean or offer his clarification to the party when demanded.

Personally I am not so bother about sexual scandal as long as it doesn't involve rape, child sex, blackmail or other serious offense. I am actually even okay with our civil servants involving in calling 'chicken'. After all this is all part of human nature. I am more worry about those 'perfect' type, as either they are really a saint, or they must be some hypocrite that manage to hide their flaw well, or is some kind of emotionless and unfeeling robots.

But I do believe as a public figure, especially a politician to be role model. However I also believe in forgiveness, especially if one make a mistake and dare to take up accountability and responsibility for it.

Perhaps Yaw would have been able to get out of this shit easier if he have choosen to be honest and confess the fact to his party. He maybe able to get his party support and ask for public forgiveness.

But so far his action and behavior has been disappointing especially how he handle this crisis so far. Though I understand the rumor is really just about his personal life and nothing to do with his ability as a MP, but I still believe as a public figure and a public servant, he still need to answer to the public and especially his voters. Even if the Hougang residents are okay with what he did in his private life, he should not just remain silent and now even disappear without offering any explanation or apology to his voters.

Due to this, WP did the right thing to take matter into their own hands and expel him.

Anonymous said...

The Workers Party must try hard to contest all seats and win at least 60% of the votes and 90% of seats in GE 2016 so that they can form the govt.

And when they form the govt, perhaps the mainstream media will(or made to) be pro WP? Or rather pro govt? If so, what will Lucky Tan said then?

Life is like that one lah. Whining about whoever or whatever silent on this or that no use lah.

The said...

/// At least we don't have to wait till 2016 for some election excitement.
16/2/12 23:27 ///

Well, you may have to. The PM can take his own sweet time to call for a by-election, if any.

Anonymous said...

Media is double standard. No doubt about it.
Yaw Shin Leong did a good job at Hougang and carry on Low's tradition of attending funerals, with his wife!
I doubt anyone else can be as committed in serving the people of Hougang.

Anonymous said...

What LTK can do regard to Yaw-incident, LHL can never do. Hence, LTK/WP have earned my respect.

By sacking Yaw, LTK/WP have raise the standard so high that LHL/PAP will have difficult to reach. And everybody will be watching whether LHL/PAP can do as what LTK/WP did.

Many people says WP takes too long to come clean with the YAW incidents. But how long is long? 3-wks is consider too long/late to some people but may be too short/early to another. When people says it is too long or too early, they never bother to give a time-frame as to how long or short it should be. Hence, time-frame is subjective.

There is a chinese quote (which I can remember) which describe a person willing to cut off his/her own flesh to achieve bigger objective. If you know what it is, please post it. Because this is exactly, I believe, what LTK did to his prodigy.

Anonymous said...

"I doubt anyone else can be as committed in serving the people of Hougang."
Anon 17/2/12 09:27

Then find the next best available one lah.

Not necessary to be the best or most committed. Can even be not so good but the best available. Majority voters will then have no choice but to vote the best available, PAP included.

Anonymous said...

Yaw was then considered by WP to be the best available to contest Hougang in GE 2011. Indeed he was, winning with over 60% votes!

But very sad, given the recent events, the best available turned out to be the worst available in less than a year!

That's life.

Anonymous said...

Our fucking Sraits Times will do whatever it can to disparage opposing PAPies. Why didn't they apply the same rigor to reforming the CPF and putting the ministers to account for commercialising the the HDB and letting Mas Selamat escape?

Straits Times journalists suck ass. Big Time.

Anonymous said...

Our mainstream media is down right bias. With such slant and spins, who can accept at face-value their reporting.

Anonymous said...

What WP did was right. It will set the new normal for our self branded elitist government to do the same when their ministers misperformed.

Wong Kan Seng should have resigned. Instead, the government taxed our hard earned income and gave it to Wong Kan Seng's to retire in the form of his pension.

Do you think that's right? Huh, do you?

Anonymous said...

Our PM must lead by example. He and Khaw demanded that WP came clean

So I hope the PM will come clean on Shanmugam's alleged affair and subsequent divorce. Why does he not settle the issue once and for all instead of using the defamation act to silence those who question. As what Khaw claimed once a person enters politics, there is no difference between his or her public and private life. Does this not apply to Shanmugam as well. This will be seen by the people as double standard.

Anonymous said...

//Wong Kan Seng should have resigned. Instead, the government taxed our hard earned income and gave it to Wong Kan Seng's to retire in the form of his pension//

Not only did he get his pension, he also got reassigned into another job called china economic czar and still paid for by taxpayers. And how long did it take the Party to come clean, then apologize and move on?
Oh yes, we hear that coming from the self-righteous high moral team of MIW who are/will be quick to say
"Because all our MPs are such rare talents (unlike Opposition) so we cannot anyhow sack them mah..."

They should know how to preach about letting people down and linking to their own accountability. Apparently, their version of High talent with competency overrides Accountability. No wonder this red dot scored the lowest International Index in Transparency & Accountability! To boost their ego and moral high grounds, Singaporeans gave them highest trust in Govt in the Edelman Barometer Index?!!

Enough said.

Winking Doll said...

To Anon at 17/2/12 09:56:

Anonymous said...

Whatever the version of the story, whether Yaw is guilty or not, the WP accounted for itself as a party and did the right thing to ensure their party survival. I actually do not think that is necessarily a wrong move per se. That said, if any of the other opposition parties like RP, NSP etcetera tries the act of contesting the ward, I can only say that I have lost all respect for them which was ever around to begin with. This is a battle between the PAP in government and the potential new goverment of the WP, and if the NSP does anything as much as get involved in the contestation, that only reveals an innate political opportunism at work there. Hougang has always been an opposition ward, and if anyone as much as tries to weaken the WP grip on it, even if it is an opposition party, then it seriously has not calculated or assessed the situation astutely at all.

Anonymous said...

I will not be surprised if there is a 3 or more corner fight in a Hougang by election.

In tiny Singapore, why should there even be so many opposition parties (NSP, RP, SDP, SPP, WP, PKMS, SJP, USD, SF, DPP, PLDP etc) in the first place?

Even in much bigger Malaysia, there are only 3 (DAP, PKR, PAS) main opposition parties.

Anonymous said...

I agree with earlier commentator that we should worry about MPs who look all so 'perfect' and 'virtuous'.

Appears that with a new incoming Chief at ST, whose background is from an Oil Energy Company, the whole press is learning to add 'fuel to the fire'..but only on the opposite end.

It is rather amusing that they say 'sources' told them YSL is now skipping town and making long term migration plans'. Not to mention all that early allegations they kept piling up the pressure on the befallen MP.

So I like to ask - exactly based on what did ST accept that both the MPs like Mr Shanmugam & FMH from PAP were baseless and untruth? What kind of investigative works have they done to confirm they are indeed allegations? Based on lawyer's letter? As a reader I want to know why are their versions of allegations not being reported, accounted for, explained to the readers or kept up with facts and reporting? Isn't it up to the readers to decide if they are or not? But with YSL, these persistent allegations are described with such details?

Where is the fair reporting here?

Anonymous said...

Lucky Tan should form a political party with at least 87 others of his calibre and contest GE 2016.

Only then will there be real hope and a "new dawn" in GE 2016.

Based on his blog, I think Lucky Tan has what it takes to achieve in 5 years what others cannot achieve in 46 years.

Anonymous said...

//In tiny Singapore, why should there even be so many opposition parties.//

Because in tiny red dot, all the 46 yrs of suppression by opposition party has only just been released. So is only natural that we now let all the million flowers bloom.
In the process, some will wither and some will eventually we get to a consolidated 3 or few major party. Is a necessary evolution..welcome the change and messiness..because such is nature & not 'enforced orderliness'.

That's how Malaysia got to where they are today light years ahead of us.

Anonymous said...

Very sad, all the “respectable” mainstream media (whether local or international) have no qualm about telling half-truths, misinforming, misrepresenting or even distorting the truths, to suit its own political agenda.

Phang said...

To anon 13:33

You're right. One lawyer’s letter and SPH caves in. Where got hope for spore like that? Freedom requires vigilance from people who want to silent dissenters - just look at what LKY has done to the political culture of Singapore in last decades. Just becoz he's a lawyer doesnt mean he can ride roughshod on citizens.
Besides KBW himself said - there's no difference between private & public life once entered politics - so where's their transparency & integrity on that?

Singaporeans have made progress and should not go back to dark ages. We have every part to play to ensure politicians are accountable to what they preach & campaign on. Same goes to the Press. If they are no good & not doing their job, we will also change them!

Anonymous said...

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Yaw is Screwed
Cos SPH screwed you!

Hurray to Singapore Media and their power to bring the underdogs down. Long Live the Elites! Huat ah...

Anonymous said...

Yaw is Pro Singapore.
And he stood against PAP.

What other credentials do you need?

Anonymous said...

Why the mainstream media of Singapore is so keen to report on Yaw case?

Why the same mainstream media of Singapore choose not to report the name of the famous primary school's principal who resigned because of sex scandal?

Is the principal forced to resign unwillingly or resign willingly on Dec 2011?

Why the name of rest of the senior civil servants, who are called up for police investigation into the prostitute scandal, are not reported in mainstream media of Singapore?

Why the mainstream media of Singapore is so bias in their reporting?

Anonymous said...

Why the rich live in big house and the poor live in small house?

Anonymous said...

Don't ask stupid questions.

Anonymous said...

Because the Civil Servants are NOT public figure meh..they are not politicians - that's the argument.

Anonymous said...

who needs msm..
scroobal also upped the ante leh..

Anonymous said...

German President lost moral authority and resigned amidst loan scandal!!! Talk about Accountability and Free Press!

Anonymous said...

A few months ago

Yaw Shin Leong, as an MP, who was perceived to be involved in adultery but was not confirmed, was paid $14000 per month.

The 39-year old male, married, stayed in a condo in East Coast ex primary school principal, who was questioned by police when online vice was busted, was also paid about $14000 per month.

The former civil defence chief Lim Sin Pang, who is under CPIB investigation now, was paid about $40000 per month.

Ex-director of the Central Narcotics Bureau Ng Boon Gay, who is under CPIB investigation now, was paid about $30000 per month.

Those senior civil servants, who was questioned by police when online vice was busted, were paid in the range of $15000 to $30000 per month.


Yaw is sacked. He is paid $0 per month.

The ex primary school principal had resigned. He is paid $0 per month.

Lim Sin Pang is suspeneded from duty. He is paid half of his previous salary. He is paid about $20000 per month.

Ng Boon Gay is suspeneded from duty. He is paid half of his previous salary. He is paid about $15000 per month.

Based on the salary comparison, who hold more higher position?

It is crystal clear that the person who is paid higher salary is holding higher position. The higher the position the person is holding, the higher the responsibility of the person to uphold the honesty, integrity and morally requirement derived from the position.

Hence, it is only logical and right that Singaporeans demand the Singapore mainstream media to report more on Lim Sin Pang,
Ng Boon Gay case, followed by
public senior civil servants and
ex primary school principal case, and lastly on
Yaw case.

Anonymous said...

Dear LT,

Many young Singaporean couples are taking on 30 year loan to pay their HDB flats at 2.6% from their CPF which pays them a 2.5% interest.

After paying for their income tax to the government and property tax of their HDB, they will have nothing left in their CPF at age 65 to retire.

THis is a serious matter and no one is saying a word about it.

Anonymous said...

Malaysians will outdo Singapore in time as they're politically freer than Singaporeans.

Our politics and our country is run by one family.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

It is most likely more than adultery he has committed.

Something very serious.

Sources know it and reeling him in slowly.

He flees.