Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Jakarta warns of "Singapore Flu"....

This Singapore flu is non other than HFMD (hand, foot, mouth disease). Those with kindergarten kids will be familiar with the spread of HFMD and very often it reaches epidemic scale in Singapore. The disease reached epidemic levels again last week[HFMD cases in Singapore at epidemic levels for 2nd week]. I have not heard HFMD reaching epidemic levels so often in other countries and the Indonesians now call it "Singapore flu".....really wonder if this is one of the side-effects of our high population density.

S. Jakarta residents warned of Singapore flu

The Jakarta Post | Mon, 02/13/2012 10:01 AM
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JAKARTA: The South Jakarta Health Agency has warned residents to stay alert and always maintain personal hygiene following the threat of hand, foot and mouth disease (HMFD), also known as Singapore flu, in Depok.

“We must be very careful because the virus is transmittable through the air and saliva. In addition, direct contact with infected people can be very dangerous,” the agency’s head Hakim Siregar said as quoted by on Sunday.

Hakim said the incubation period for the virus was around 2-4 days, and could result in death if infected people did not immediately receive treatment.

“If any family members suffer from high fever and have symptoms like chicken pox with rashes on the hands, bring them immediately to a hospital or health clinic,” he said.

Singapore flu is caused by the coxsakcie virus A16 and EV17. Typical symptoms include high temperature, loss of appetite, difficulty swallowing and rashes on the hands, feet and inside the mouth.

To prevent the virus from spreading, Hakim suggested residents maintain personal hygiene, washing hands thoroughly after cleaning their nose, using the toilet or changing diapers. “Don’t forget to clean the nails on the hands and feet as that’s where the bacteria hides,” he said.

Those who have been infected with Singapore flu must undergo an isolation treatment. “So far we don’t have isolation rooms in health community centers, only in hospitals.”


Anonymous said...

"I have not heard HFMD reaching epidemic levels so often in other countries and the Indonesians now call it "Singapore flu".....really wonder if this is one of the side-effects of our high population density."
Lucky Tan

Don't worry, our hospitals and doctors are very good, compared to other countries.

Of course nothing is 100% perfect lah, so there may be a few deaths. But it is still the best available outcome.

Anonymous said...

HFMD originally occured only in cows cos they are packed in very crowded living conditions. PAP simply made us into living like cows, turning singapore into a hugh slaughter house for their increasing greedy appetite.

Anonymous said...

Singapore has high population density?

Oh no, we are as sparsely populated as a desert! We can take in another 100million foreign talents!

(That is, if you believe the PAP. It seems their only mantra is: increase population, encourage more foreigners to take up residence here, etc.)

Anonymous said...

We live in a perfect Singapore world:

Nothing ever affects us..

There is forever positive GDP growth
There is forever smart people within the elite group
There is never flooding
There is always good jobs
There is never any losses

HFMD? it never happened.. its under control.. we have been monitoring. Nothing to worry about.

Chan JY said...

2008. An outbreak in China, beginning in March in Fuyang, Anhui, led to 25,000 infections, and 42 deaths, by May 13 similar outbreaks were reported in Singapore (more than 2,600 cases as of April 20, 2008).

2010. In China, an outbreak occurred in southern China's Guangxi Autonomous Region as well as Guangdong, Henan, Hebei and Shandong provinces. Until March 70,756 children were infected and 40 died from the disease. By June, the peak season for the disease, 537 have died.

We may have imported HFMD from the country with the highest incidence of outbreaks in the world.

Ng Eng Hou said...

Not sure what's wrong. More and more things don't seem to be working well in recent years. Floods, poor public transportation system, expensive living and plus others you name it.
Indeed we're very sick. Singapore Flu ? Maybe Singapore Cancer?

We're Run By An Old Man, That's Why Singapore Looks Old & Sick Now!

Anonymous said...

There is another blog to read,
This blog give another view about thehappening in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Is HFMD a virus ?
Can't the kindergarden do something to kill the virus to reduce the spread of HFMD ?

I heard UV lights can kill virus ? True ?

Anonymous said...

"We're Run By An Old Man, That's Why Singapore Looks Old & Sick Now!"

Not only that. We are as senile as the freaking old fart. We have short memory and in next 4 years, we pretty forget about what PAP done to us and we will vote them into power again !

Let us sing the YOG song , "Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah "!

Anonymous said...

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JamesChua said...

I find this post extremely interesting and curious because of an un-named flu me and my friends have been suffering lately.

Anecdotally, I have recently been meeting alot of people that admit to experiencing flu-like symptoms which don't go away for included.

While I don't think this is life and death I have been searching the Singapore web for signs of government warnings to no avail.

If this flu exists, shouldn't there be a national warning (similar to SARS) so we can take precaution?

Anyone else experiencing this?

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