Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Circle Line breaks down and COE hits $92K....

I was on a Circle Line train when it broke down. My train which was very crowded  stopped at one of the stations and there was an announcement saying that the train was delayed. 20-30 minutes later we were told the Circle Line was down and everyone scrambled out. I took a bus (not the emergency one but normal service)  to a satellite town where I tried to get a cab at a taxi stand.  Waited more than half an hour before I was able to get one. The train failed and the effects cascaded into the taxi system because everyone would be trying to dial for a cab and the availability falls to zero- I tried calling Comfort-Delgro but the system wasn't able to allocate a taxi after 20 minutes.  Got to work about 1 hour 15 minutes late.

With a public transport that is so crowded and uncomfortable during rush hour,  there is little wonder why people want a car. The problem in Singapore is we have a quota system that guarantees the majority of people cannot own a car and have to use the public transport system.

The main problem with the COE system it allocates a scarce resource based on a person's ability to pay rather than his needs. A middle income parent who has to ferry his children to school and take his parents to hospital can be out-bidded by a multi-millionaires's son who uses the car for dates and clubbing. The disadvantage of such a system is it causes an ever widening gap of unfulfilled demand among those with the greatest need for a car. In Singapore, where the income gap is so wide, over time more and more COEs will just go the rich rather than people who need it.

If you look at our transport system as a whole, it looks like it is designed to maximise revenue for the govt (today's COE bidding total revenue collected is S$110M!) and profits for govt linked companies. All the parts work together to generate plenty of frustration, unhappiness and financial strain for the ordinary Singaporean. The thing is this system seems to be getting worse and adds to the many bits that makes life tougher in Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky, sorry to hear about you getting to work more than an hour late. I wonder if you have any thoughts/guess on the outcome of the 2016 election result? I know you are no psychic but I still your answer is better than, "Your guess is as good as mine."

Anonymous said...


I know you are no psychic but I still hope your answer is better than, "Your guess is as good as mine."

Anonymous said...

And not too long ago, we said SG will strive to be Transport Excellence Center! LOL

6mths new infrastructure, and 2 hours of break down + other disruption in 3 days...all point to good signs.

Someone please ask Lim Swee Say to add up all the productivity $ loss for the economy with commuters/workers arriving late for work, all the legal costs and time spent on re-fixing the crap. Tell me, cheaper, better, faster is still his mantra?

Anonymous said...

Well congestion can only be eased in next 7yrs.
Inclusive growth can only be done in next 10yrs.
Looks like they are still chewing their 5m population fatty meat with bones...can't even swallow yet.

Salary increment to the elites cannot wait.
Salary & other other adjustment of well being to the serfs can wait long long.

That's the new normal!

Anonymous said...

"The thing is this system seems to be getting worse and adds to the many bits that makes life tougher in Singapore."
Lucky Tan

The good thing for PAP is that despite the system getting worse (minus), the opposition is also not getting any stronger(minus).

So minus + minus = plus (for PAP)

By the way, Lucky Tan, why don't you own a car? I am sure you can afford one, even if COE is $92K or even $100K.

Anonymous said...

In Singapore, if you are rich, don't be stingy on yourself, like not owning a car.

Or else you will be no different from the peasants and will suffer like them.

Or maybe Lucky is not as rich as I thought. If that is so, then I understand.

escalator-also-on-fire said...

92k is nothing.
We are so rich, we gave away $1.1 billion or the transport companies will close down!!
LTY's logic.

Recent events proved that SMRT only do corrective maintenance, instead of preventive maintenance.

Anonymous said...

Luckily, it is not a Sunday, so no one late for sermon.
It happened whilst the COI is underway, lol......
If there are more train breakdowns and bus accidents, rest assure the prices of COEs will keep rising. More people will buy cars and motorcycles to avoid mishap and risk.

Anonymous said...

Until and unless our ministers, mps and elite civil servants use the public transport system as their daily commute, nothing will change; every breakdown will always be excused away without understanding the real inconveniences and pain suffered by ordinary Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

When COE almost reaches $100000, most peoples are affected. But there are some fortunate peoples who earn so high that they are immune from the high price COE. For example,

A typical Singapore school is made up of about 50 full time staffs consisting of principals, vice principals, HODs, teachers, operation managers, admin managers, admin support staffs.

Stand outside any school. Count the number of cars that are parked in the carpark. Typically, you can count about 20 to 30 cars. That is to say that about 40% to 60% of the MOE staffs working in the school own at least one car.

Now, you visit any factory located in the industrial estate or any commercial building located in Raffles Place.

A typical factory can employ about 300 peoples. Look around at the carpark outside the factory. You can easily count that there are less than 30 cars parked in the carparks. That is to say that there are less than 10% of peoples employed in the factories own a car.

A typical commercial building can employ about 1000 peoples. Look around at the basement carpark or carpark outside the building. You can easily count that there are less than 150 cars parked in the carparks. That is to say that there are less than 15% of peoples employed in the commercial building own a car.

What can we conclude by examining the number of cars owned by staffs employed by MOE (typically this can be extended to any departments in the civil service), employees of factories and staffs employed by companies located in the commercial buildings?

Civil service employees are the highest paid so more of these employees have more money to own cars.

Employees of Companies located in the commercial buildings are paid medium level so some of the employees can afford to own cars if they are at senior levels and because the rest are only paid modestly, they cannot afford to own cars.

Employees of factories are the lowest paid so most employees do not have the money to own cars and only senior management level employees and bosses have the money to own cars.

Anonymous said...

>>The main problem with the COE system it allocates a scarce resource based on a person's ability to pay rather than his needs. A middle income parent who has to ferry his children to school and take his parents to hospital can be out-bidded by a multi-millionaires's son who uses the car for dates and clubbing. 

Did you read todays article? Mercedes has the biggest market share in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Anon 21:11

FYI, I can see the number of cars in my school dwindling. There are now more carpark space as some of my colleagues car reaches 10 years.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans had it coming when BMW was announced the market leader.

It's just that the pot is growing warmer and the frogs are told to swimmer better and faster to keep cool.

Add people by the tens of thousands every year, and implement COE, ERP to 'control' congestion. The best part, attribute unaffordability to a job well done. The next time you can't afford something, remember the words of Lui "It's because the economy is doing well."

DanielXX said...

This "Monaco of the East" strategy will lead to a revolution one day unless we do a U-turn. I think we'd be NUTS not to do this U-turn.

Anonymous said...

This is a small country. I support government for having this COE system. I used to have a car for the past ten years. Now it is so expensive I am willing to give up this luxury item. What we need to look into the problem is not encouraging people to keep a car with whatsoever needs, what we really need is to improve our public transport. The roads are congested nowadays, we should limit the car population to may be not more than 85,000. Slash more private cars and divest into taxi, bring down the taxi fare so that everyone willing to take and drivers can earn an income easily.

Anonymous said...

Many overpaid civil servants are buying them..

How many civil servants are paid 7-8 months bonuses when the private sector is suffering? Just wait for opposition to gain control, and the can of worms will open.

Overpaying themselves and allowing the income gap to widen will be their downfall..

Anonymous said...

You can say the ministers are overpaying themselves, the admin service overpaying themselves. But the majority of the civil servants are just like you. They are not overpaid. And they don't have 7-8 months bonuses.

Chatsworth said...

Stop complaining if you cannot afford a car, 90k hardly price anybody out, more than 1/3 of the population will be ablt to afford a car if COE stays belwo 100k. if we really want to control the car population, we should be looking at 250k minimum COE. than the money can be used to improve the public transport system.

By the way, dont put the blame on people who can afford the COE. my neighbourhood on average owns 2 cars and up. 1 for the man of the house, 1 for the wife to ferry the kids and run errands and 1 flashy car to be use on off days. S500, XC90, Gallardo

we rack our brains to make the money so its only right we spend to comfort ourself

Anonymous said...

In the last few years of ENRON, as Jeff skilling and Ken Lay gambled away Billions of dollars, they realised the company is in deep trouble and they turned to influencing the deregulated energy market of California by causing disruption to the power supply. Meanwhile ENRON continue to increase energy tarriffs (energy commodity price went up?) and Californians had to pay more for their electricity. ENRON profitted from all these.

Noticed that as SMRT and SBS trains started to break down, the government release money to these companies to pay for more buses and drivers and other infrastructure for transport. Meanwhile, you get COE price increasing, shooting off the roof. I wonder who is benefiting from all these money input?

Anonymous said...

Between ENRON and SMRT-SBS-COE, we need to ASK WHY?

Anonymous said...

To the first Anon.

Looks like Lucky is not going to answer your question, and if you don't mind, please allow me to make a guess, and I believe my guess is going to be pretty close.

Ans: the PAP is going to win. And they will get about the same 60%, or just a little less, but lose one more GRC.

So what is your point?

Anonymous said...


The fascination of owning a car.

The freedom
The cool air-con
The great music
The independence
The power
The control
The respect
The image

Really great eh?

The $1000 monthly debt
The 10 year loan
The $500 monthly fuel costs
The $100 monthly car park price
The $50 monthly ERP charges
The $50 monthly car wash
The $$$ car repairs
The damn traffic jams
The 15min wait for a parking lot
The $30 parking fines

But, yet.. $90,000... no bloody sweat man! bring it on!

LTA laughing all the way to Swiss bank accounts.. dumb ass singgies

Anonymous said...

what can we do before 2016? hopefully, people don't forget AGAIN by then when they receive a big fat whatever-name-they-call-it bonus!

Anonymous said...

"Well congestion can only be eased in next 7yrs.
Inclusive growth can only be done in next 10yrs. ..."
@ANON: 18/4/12 19:27

I agree.
But I will continue to vote Opposition while I wait.
The Pro Alien Party can take their own sweet time to solve the problem.
I no longer care.

Vote Opposition first.
Then I watch the wayang at my own leisure.
No more National Service from me to give "constructive feedback".
My feedback is my vote for the Opposition.
That is the most constructive thing I can do for Singapore and Singaporeans right now.

Anonymous said...

A lots of bubbles recently. And the bubbles can no longer be contained. Soon more bubbles will be bubbling out into a tsunami bubble.

when is the tsunami bubble going to burst? Soon. Within the next 3 years.

Anonymous said...

I guess luck was not with Tan when he was caught in the circle line break down.

I am all in support of the government move to slash COE to reduce road congestion.

If COE is allocated based on needs then where is the motivation for people to work hard? Might as well also ballot for EC & condo.

The gahment has already taken steps to address our MRT. Our Transport minister is also serious about it. Let's be patient.

Snark said...

While land constraints of Singapore and many narrow roads do warrant the need to restrict the supply of cars, it has become a game of who can afford the most continental cars with the rich playing grabass with the auctioning system.

Then if that is not enough, the 'world class' public transport train system that the common middle-class relies so much upon throws more tantrums than a brat on the first day of school. What now? Stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea I suppose.

Awakened said...

I agree with what you wrote. But the real problem is that 60.1% of Singaporeans thinks this is OK. And these folks are above 38 years old. What can we do, really?

Singapore should be a country where a problem is only fix once evey 5 years during election time. But for the opposition parties, many issues would have been brushed away as the government continues to paint a different picture and whitewashing information on the local media.

Singaporeans think Singapore is better than other countries. What can we do? We have a mean and selfish government that is only competent to its own interests and its own families, and the interest of business lobbyists groups.

I'd advice migration or at least work overseas and not lived in Singapore. This year when they play the National day songs, I hope they don't pay the song: One People, One Nation, One Singapore. It's a joke.

Ask yourself: why do Singaporeans keep voting for these bad policies that shoot them in the foot?

Why are they complaining about the rising cost of living and still vote for this government to fix the very problems that it created?

I think Singaporeans trust the government so much that it can pay itself the highest political salaries on the planet and even when they cut their salaries, they cut it to the highest in the world.

They are interested in their salaries. They are not interested in the well-being of their citizens. Again, ask yourself this question: why do Singaporeans keep repeatedly voting for this bad policies which are short-changing them?

Almost all jobs are going to the cheap foreigners. Employers are advising HR departments not to select Singaporeans to do overtime work as employers need to pay OT + 20% CPF/hour to a Singaporean and Singaporeans have to do reservists - so they are not reliable.

This is what is happening in Singapore. And Singaporeans can't be bothered about the very issues that are affecting them.

We are in trouble if we continue to vote this government's policies into parliament.

What is there for you in Singapore these days?

Jobs? Opportunities? Affordable housing? Cars? Nature? Work-life balance? Quality education? A breeze free MRT? You pray to God if you can get a seat in the train.

There are way too many incompetencies to even begin writng.

Did you hear about the recent take on banning BBQ and camping at East Coast Park?

In Singapore, people believe what they see.

In 10-15 years, all shit will bubble out.

The recent spate of senior civil servants purchasing underage sex is needs some mention. The ringleader of the internet vice establisment was charged quietly in Nov 2011 and it went unnoticed and was not picked up by the media.

This was during the period when the government was talking about not reducing the salaries of ministers, etc. low as when you pay them peanuts you get monkeys. They knew releasing this shit during the ministerial salary review would be shooting themselves in the foot.

The ringleader was sentenced in Nov 2011 but the case is only made know 2 weeks after the salary review.

They didn't want the people of Singapore to say: "If you pay bananas, you get pigs."

You must a person who has not had his critical faculties sharpened, if you think you can trust what our politicians are telling us.

The Singapore sampan is now sinking and there are many holes in it. The sailors are telling the captain that the boat is sinking. And the captain is blind to this. The captain thinks his naked clothes are pretty.

What sort of arguement can you offer to a party who does not value the well-being of its citizens to get that paty to value the well-being of its citizens?

It's not the GRC sytem that is the problem. It's mind-conditioned apathetic Singaporeans who is pulling the country down.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anony 18/4/12 21:11,

Some of the cars belong to the canteen vendors in schools and the cars you saw are teachers who bought them when they were in their 40s when COE prices were very low.

It is for this reason that I say: Singaporeans only believe what they see.

LKY has a term for such behaviour. Do you know what word he'd describe you with?

Anonymous said...

i am with anon 18/4 22:29 & 23:52, 19/4 07:48

Din said...

Financial ruin for the car owners is what the PAP govt has effected. You see, on the one hand, they talk about financial prudence BUT what the PAP govt REALLY DID was to allow 100% loan for car purchases. This resulted in driving up COE prices as people now take out huge car loans and think that the monthly installments are affordable or bearable! AND since the PAP govt makes billions from COEs extracted from the car owners, they love it seeing how daft most S'poreans can be! Don't believe in the PAP's inclusive society verbiage. PAP's ACTIONS AND POLICIES speak even louder! Wake up and see the light, Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Bidding for COE is still the fairest system. I don't agree just because someone has a child means he deserves a car more than another who doesn't have a child. Children can learn to take school buses and not to be ferried around. In fact, during school holidays, the roads are always very free and not congested, which proves that the parents ferrying the kids around are the MAIN CULPRIT of congestion. And public transportation needs to be improved to encourage more people to ditch the car. One can buy a $2000sqft house in the city OR buy a $700sqft house in the suburb while enjoy the convenience of a car. Just live within your means and stop insisting govt allocate a car to you merely you have a child.

Anonymous said...

I don't think COE should be allocated FOC on a "needs-be" basis. Then all the parents will insist they have children and therefore deserves a free car while everyelse don't. This is ridiculous. What about singles who are doing sales? What about singles with aged parents? What about singles who are car fanatics and having a racing car is their dream? Then they will be barred from having a car forever? That can't be right. The Singapore government is already disciminating against people not getting married by their inability to get a subsidised flat. How much more draconian laws do you want to disciminate? Just live within your means and learn to allocate your finances. If you feel a car is important, then learn to save for it and spend less on party or gourmet meals or holiday or expensive houses. Everyone should be allowed to own a car - its depends on how much u are prepared to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Lucky, come on don't blame the COE, it's the only thing that keeps our bus lanes clear in this tiny island. Do you want to end up with infinite traffic jams? Even Beijing had no choice but to resort to harsh measurements (
there might be other ways like drawing lots,only one car per family no matter how rich they are and etc however those have loopholes. So PRICE is the only deterrent and should remain that way.
Now problem here is not COE but the SMRT that was enriching its shareholders while ignoring its main responsibilites. Look at the can of worms that is being opened thanks to the court hearings.,,,
"A faulty train was used as a rescue train, right after it had evacuated commuters on board."
"It also heard that the SMRT had not checked the trains thoroughly after the first breakdown on Dec 15, leading to a second disruption two days later."
"Why was more secure claw design rejected 25 years ago?"

Anonymous said...

My aunt is a teacher and she drives a econd hand weekend car. Does that mean she is a rich teacher?

My uncle is also a teacher and he recently bought a second hand van to drive to school. Does that mean he's rich?

Both of them lives in a resale 4-room hdb flat in Jurong West.

Anonymous said...

It is precisely for folks like anon 11:04, that I suggest, don't waste time arguing, just work overseas if you're ready to migrate.

These are the folks who say it's OK to use the people's income tax to pay for an incompetent MAh Bow Tan.

Why don't you start by getting explaining to us why our CPF money should be locked at 55? When Malaysia releases everything at age 55?

You're talking from your ass. No one says anything about asking the government to allocate you a car. He is asking for a more equitable system so that the rich man's son should be given lesser priviledge to get a car and fuck as many pussies as he like but the family guys Singaporeans who need a car and would be more or less afford couldn't because of the system.

Fck you lah! Even the government had to review their salaries because people hate them for their incompetencies and hypocries. Even so, cut to the highest salaries of politicians on this planet!

No one is fucking jealous at the unfair system or wealth. Lucky is comeing from the point of view of lower income inequality.

Anonymous said...

Anon 23:52,
"Stop complaining if you cannot afford a car, 90k hardly price anybody out, more than 1/3 of the population will be ablt to afford a car if COE stays belwo 100k. if we really want to control the car population, we should be looking at 250k minimum COE. than the money can be used to improve the public transport system.

By the way, dont put the blame on people who can afford the COE. my neighbourhood on average owns 2 cars and up. 1 for the man of the house, 1 for the wife to ferry the kids and run errands and 1 flashy car to be use on off days. S500, XC90, Gallardo

we rack our brains to make the money so its only right we spend to comfort ourself"

How many families are like that? Pray tell, i like to know! You quote exceptions and tell them like it's the rule, you bullshitter!

It's anecdotal evidence, sir.

And to crack your brains in doing something only to end up buying a few cars to "comfort" yourself is pathetic. You should change your job. Obviously it's not fulfilling you that you need to buy things to comfort you with it.

One word. Daft.

It's amazing how true LKY's words are. There's a lot of daft singaporeans out there who talk smart but arguements are not sound at all.

Anonymous said...

The SMRT system is the beginning of an end to the PAP Leegime. It is not difficult to scan around and see all the difficulties getting the whole Singapore system right or at least back on its track. Everything start collapsing, starting from civil servant corruption cases, lapses here and there from education to MOM and ICA. People shouldn't even have voted PAP. I hope they don't commit the same oversight or symapthy to a soul-less party in the next election. Change is possible when you don't have the same people in parliament parroting and puppeting policies that do not and will not benefit Singaporeans.

Lets Be Poistiev!! said...

Financial ruin?

No evidence of it at all..

IMF says world economy will grow
IMF says Asia will lead growth
USA says positive data showing
China will have soft landing
NOL buys more ships
SIA raises fuel surcharge
Property prices still robust
STI still above 2900
S$ allowed to grow stronger
Big banks getting bigger
USA housing starts still positive
Oil riggs still in demand
Changi Airport registers more vistitors
Indonesia economy grows
Manufacturing adds 25% growth
18,000 wealthy Indons here
Temasek buys Chines Bank
Employment seen to tighten in next few quaters

What else do you need to know?

Unless you deliberately search for bad news, yeah you'll find it.

Otherwise its up! up! up! all the way!!

Veritas said...

Below is Singapore's principal's salary.

"For an experienced principal on the Senior Education Officer (SEO) Superscale "H", the annual pay package will increase from $168,000 to $193,000 for a good performer and from $185,000 to $218,000 for an outstanding performer."

That is news of 2007. Today, 2012, I am not surprise principal salary could hit $300, 000 a year.

There are a total of more than 500 of them in SG, in additional of a total probably another 500 people of principal grade doing "planning job" in MOE.

You know why every thing must be high. COE HDB...etc. We got a bunch of parasite to support mah.

My former boss HOD Lee AK earns close to S100,000 a month and only 4 people report to him. He taught around 8 hours or less a week, no CCA, especially during the time when there is NIE trainee under his belt.

These are thieves.

Veritas said...

In a nutshell, MOE is fuckup to the core.

With so many parasitic government agency -- SAF, police, IDA...etc earning top bucks, everyone will have to suffer.

Ng Eng Hou said...

Not longer can we take things for granted that the basic things are working in Singapore. Even now, universities have to make preparations and allowances for candidates who may be held up by future possible MRT breakdowns and not being able to take their exams on time.

MRT breakdowns seem to be an at least once a week affairs. Nowadays almost everyday I receive news flash about such happenings from Temasek Review. Sooner or later, if situation is not going to improve, this will be no longer news at all.

I personally feel that the problem is just too big for the transportation minister himself to handle alone. There is a big problem out there, starting from the way the MRT system is being built, the materials used to build it, down to the way the system is being run and maintained.

Judging from the track record of the government in handling any unexpected happenings, I don't think as citizens we will be able to know the whole truth. Those people sitting right at the top may know it, may they're not going to tell us. To them, we're just idiots to be manipulated and ridiculed.

Singapore as a brand name for being efficient is eroding!

Anonymous said...

In singapore, there are no bubbles.

It is a managed economy

Even though gahmen say we are affected by world events..

Do you feel Madrid's pain?
Did Greece affect your mee pok?

How abou Thailand flood?
besides screwing up your massage
did it affect your air-con?

Even the orchard road flood.. affcetde u?
maybe.. just the toes wet rite?

Anonymous said...

Trains break down
Flights get delayed
Internet lines down
Rain comes
People die

Get over it.

Dont know about the pap though...

Anonymous said...

hello Lucky and to some of the netizens.

near the end of your article you wrote " ---, it looks like it is designed to maximise revenue for the govt---" I am surpised you use the words "looks like" I would think by now it is obvious to you and a lot of Singaporeans that since 15 yrs ago many policies are crafted and implemented to benefit the gahmen, gahmen linked companies and the elites. I am sorry for those who still have not realise this.

Anonymous said...

Actually, we can thank the 60.1% for the woe besetting Singapore. Hopefully they will WAKEUP by 2016.

Anonymous said...

Bidding for a COE is meant to control the car population and there are 3 interested parties involved. The car-owner-wannabes, the car sellers and the policy makers who control the number of COE to be released.

The one crying out the most are the car-owner-wannabes for they cannot do anything about it.

Next are the car sellers, they cannot control the numbers of COE available but they care less about the spiralling COE prices. After all the cost will be passed on to the car-owner-wannabes. What they cared about is that they are making profits and are selling more cars than the other car sellers.

Now the policy makers who also control the numbers of COEs. They don't care about the spiralling COE prices for afterall, they are the one who will be receiving the windfalls. So when COE prices are down, they will tweak to make them up again.

You can protest, but they will say that this is market forces. Really? Many in the past have written in with various suggestions but why would they care to make car affordable?

At the rate things are going, nothing is going to change unless there is a political price to pay.

Until then, forget about owning a car unless you are super rich!

Anonymous said...

When MahBT is the transport minister, someone suggest to him to change COE system base on what you bid is what you pay. He just said it will be the same as people will adjust the bid price accordingly. Why didn't he tried first?

Anonymous said...

For over 50 years the pap has screwed Singaporeans. How much longer can Singaporeans take the pap torture ?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Sing. Corp. Pay a lot and get peanuts.
When public transport (note the word "public") becomes privatised geared only to profit-making, what do you do?
Buy SMRT stock (and hope to buy a car with the $ you make) and in the meantime (while you're car-less) hope you can hail a taxi when you really need transport.

TokyoSingaporean said...

Many Singaporeans say that Japan is expensive to live in compared to Singapore and in this sense, Singapore is still better.

Albeit I beg to differ. The cost of living in Japan is high but the Japanese have the one-dollar shops, bento take-outs, superspeed internet, etc..

The quality of the Japanese products are exceptionally good and long-lasting. However, the same can't be said about the quality and workmanship; much less the service that you get in Singapore.

We don't make our own products and our leaders don't aspire to. No vision. But for casinos, as economic growth.

Singapore's cost of living is high, the 9th most expensive in the world. Yet, the standard and quality of living is poor.

Japan's cost of living is high. But its standard of living is also high.

Singapore's Purchasing Power Parity vis-a-vis its cost of living is below that of the Soviet Union.

Much less can be said about its standard of living.

Singapore is, after all, a South East Asian country; who loves marking itself up against the low standards of its neighbour.

Singapore, with its present leaders, has a false sense of identity.

A recent article by CNN ranked Singapore, the second coolest people on the planet.

I'm sure, many will differ.

Anonymous said...

You can't have a new Singapore with the same old people in charge.

Anonymous said...

With property and car going sly high and incresingly out of reach one insidious outcome is aspirants will start seeking means to earn faster money and this may not always be illegal as recent civil servant corruptions cases infold. Unlike their ministerial Superscale superiors, who could their own Salarie levels, dovisoon 1 and below s always $ not enough

Anonymous said...

Anon 19/4/12 21:53
When MBT was the transport minister, he opposed the building of the NEL, did not fine tune the COE system. When YCT took over, the CCL planning and building was such a mess, Nicoll Hyway collapse, contractors bankrupt etc. Raymond Lim lost his calculator, COEs went out of control. There you have it, our milliom $ transport ministers.

Anonymous said...

So what exactly are the Key Performance Indicators for the Transport Minisiter?

Anonymous said...

None. Since he had privatised the SMRT. It's none of his concern, really. His job is to pacify Singaporeans when shit happens. He doesn't need to work to earn his keep.

Anonymous said...

"A recent article by CNN ranked Singapore, the second coolest people on the planet."

Anon 20/4/12 08:11

Cool, great, fantastic, wonderfull, very advanced...descriptors only by visitors who are here less than 3 days or return to their own country often.

Its nice when you stay in a hotel, rented property.. swimming pool, gym,.. air-con all the way.

Ask the visitor to try buying a car or take the train at 7:30am or at 5pm..

I think that the notion of buying a car here is not worth pursuing.
I just cannot understand why having a car is an aspiration as oppose to better policies.

There is this denseness in the brain here.

Anonymous said...

Is our MRT system;
a.the earliest in the world? NO.
b.the latest in the world? NO.
c.the most extensive in the world? NO.
d.the longest running tracks in the world? NO.
e.the busiest in the world? NO.
f.the highest passenger load in the world? NO.
h.more complex than sending a man to the moon? NO.

1.Do we have the highest paid Transportation Minister in the world? YES.

2.Do we have the highest paid CEO of an MRT company in the world? YES.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Car, like property, is very expensive due partly to bad PAP policies and partly to market forces.

But unlike property, car no matter what, will always be a depreciating asset.

So why so many people still want to buy a car? Why create these market forces?

And why majority 60% still want to vote for PAP? Why allow PAP to continue if they are not a good govt?

Very difficult to answer, right?

Anonymous said...

It's simple to answer really.

Singaporean Chinese have had their minds conditioned with PAP's kiasuisn and kiasism. Even the Eduation Minister is spouting of pay students cash for doing their Community Involvement Programmes.

That's why.

If a tsunami were to hit Singapore, no way Singaporeans who downright called dogs by a Chinese scholar would pitch in to help one another.

That's why.

I have friends who tell me that they disagreed with the government's policies but choose to vote for them because they were afraid their flats would be devalued in an opposition constituency. This myth have yet to be exploded in the 60% minds.

To get Singaporeans' votes is easy. Pay them cash and it has been shown that all is forgotten when you give them a little cash before election time.

Look around your estate. What do you see? Huge posters of your MPs who does nothing to improve your well-being.

What is the impact of their policies on our lives even when they claimed to be bright and talented...why impact have their so-called talent brought to our lives?

Answer: peanuts.

Anonymous said...

Dont be shy leh...

Ask Him... on Facebook
straight from the Dragon's mouth.

Posing questions here yields only hot air.

Anonymous said...

"Ask Him... on Facebook
straight from the Dragon's mouth."
Anon 20/4/12 22:26

Ask him??

Then he will ask you back: Why 60% still vote PAP?

Then how? Ask the 60% ????

Anonymous said...

Exactly...ask the 60%. But we're not asking.

We're working really hard and saving hard to find an overseas job and leave Singapore to the dogs.

We love being quitters to a hypocrite who tells other PRCs, pinoys and INdia Indians that they're not quitters if they take up SIngapore citizenship.

Many Singaporeans can vote for hypocrisy. We can't. friends...many singaporeans who can't leave are at the least, planning to retire to Malaysia or Canada.

DanielXX said...

What is Singapore coming to? In my view, a soul-less, materialistic and selfish society. Look how everyone revelled in the unlucky 40 who got caught for not knowing the law/not checking 17-year old IC. These guys have had their lives destroyed, and yet not an iota of sympathy for them. Everybody all gathering around to throw stones.

This is the kind of society we live in now. That's why one day when the debt bubble blows and many people get caught, I won't have an iota of sympathy for them as well.

Anonymous said...

Debt bubble, property bubble, stock market bubble, COE bubble?

No way lah.. see what the IMF did?
Ask for more money and just keep propping loss making entities up.

The music will not stop till super Lim Chong Yah does his thing!

There is no fear.. the market/s will not freeze or collapse..

It didn't happen in 2008, 2009, 2010 and now 2011.. just allow the Governments to keep pumping.. all will be well. They cannot afford mayhem!!

If you're hoping for one, it ain't gonna happen!

Anonymous said...

HI LUcky i wonder if we need to manage this situation with quota and cap on ownership oif cars by foreigners/PRs too. locals getting priced out. It is scary and unfair. I agree that a need basis is importatnt given the structural change to our society.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

With the immigration floodgates opened, the thousands of foreigners are now driving and owning a car. And our job is to serve NS to protect them.

This country is a fucking joke. A real joke indeed.

A singaporean has problems owning a car and they see foreigners riding one. A reservist, NS-serving soldier can't afford a car in his own country that he enlisted to protect and serve but a foreigner can have access to driving a car.

Why be Singaporean then?

Being born a Singaporean means you are condemned to have to fucking struggle just to get a basic necessity like a car and a flat.

Many singaporeans are still fast asleep. The government is not serving its own people but is now encouraging other citizens abroad to be quitters to their own countries and be loyal to singapore. It's makes a mockery of this notion of nationhood.

Anonymous said...

Nationhood is just an idea

It will remain as an idea until the people are threatened or challenged with real guns,knives and injury and damage to home and family.

We will never experience nationhood in the true sense of the meaning.

The reason is people can run away when there are problems. But like a frog in a pot of boiling water, everything is fine right now.

Looks like we can have frog legs porridge very soon.

Anonymous said...

"With a public transport that is so crowded and uncomfortable during rush hour, there is little wonder why people want a car. The problem in Singapore is we have a quota system that guarantees the majority of people cannot own a car and have to use the public transport system."

So what you're saying? If you are living in a country whereby the public transport is very crowded DURING PEAK HOUR, get a car? Can you tell me in which country of yours do you not find the public transport to be overcrowded during the peak hour? There is a reason for the word, peak, to be involve isn't it?

In addition, COE is implemented to reduce the amount of traffic on the roads, which is already bad enough. If the government were to continue giving off COEs are a low price, what do you think will become of our roads in Singapore?

Please, think before posting these kinds of posts that will pass the wrong information to the public.

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