Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Coping with shifting morality in our society...

While we are still on the topic of morality, lets expand it a little to see the bigger picture.

For an oldie like me, being made to witness PDA (public display of affection) on public buses and MRT can be a little uncomfortable. It is not that I think the behavior is absolutely wrong but coming from an era when teenagers holding hands can raise eyebrows, it just shows me how much things have changed in Singapore.  If such incidents are not enough to convince you,  there are the dramatic stories and scandals that have broken out this year that should convince you that something has fundamentally shifted in in our society's moral values.

If you look for reasons there are probably many factors that contributed to the current state of affairs. Westernization is often blamed but today in China, society is riddled with vice and corruption. Consumerism and materialism - the endless advertising on our media telling us that we should spend our way to happiness. The PAP govt didn't help the situation by building casinos, allowing too many abortions in the past for the purpose of controlling population and pursuing a course of development that seems to put economic growth above everything else.  Income inequality is sometimes considered immoral[Link].

Divorce rates have been rising steadily in Singapore. While the rising rates may be caused by other factors such as financial strain on families or other disagreements between husband and wife, infidelity probably has also contributed to the rise.  How are we going to cope with the consequences of declining moral values? Can we stop and reverse the tide? Minister of Education Heng has put "values education" as a priority for MOE[Link] is that going to work?

Many years ago, a brave and controversial NUS student union leader decided to give out condoms at a student event. His decision was greeted by opposition from various quarters. He argued that safe sex was necessary to prevent the negative consequences of immoral behavior e.g unwanted pregnancies, diseases etc while his critics argued that his decision sent the wrong message and would encourage bad behavior. At that time I couldn't decide which side was correct. The PAP has a very consistent and conservative approach to this. They discourage 'bad' behavior by making people live with the consequences for the behavior. Single mothers miss out on benefits given out to those who have children, AIDS sufferers do not get subsidized medicine.  One Nobel Prize winner was surprised when she visited Singapore because she found that those who contracted HIV have no access to subsidized medicine when even countries like Cambodia offer free treatment.[French expert says HIV infections in Singapore higher than France]. The PAP approach would be considered workable if it yielded good outcomes but it doesn't . For the past 10 years as the HIV infection rates has fallen in most countries including Malaysia but has been rising steadily in Singapore:
In a recent parliament sitting, MPs discussed the plight of divorced parents being forced by the courts to sell their flats and then facing a 30 month (2,5 years) debarment that prevented them from buying or renting a flat from HDB[Link]. While Minister Khaw is sympathetic to the plight of these people, he also said this:

'We must not unwittingly compromise on the promotion of marriage and mutual family support that we have long held " - Khaw Boon Wan.

By helping those who face housing issues due to divorce, he fears that 'promotion of marriage' will be compromised. I wonder how much sense that makes to you? By making divorce more painful by way of housing disbarment, more people will stay married and get married?  Couples whose marriage have fallen apart due to infidelity and other reasons will stay together just to keep their HDB flats? By putting these broken families through more strain are we not putting the children at risk? Khaw then went on to say he was willing to help a few genuine "special cases" as if the majority of divorce couples get a divorce so they can abuse the housing system! Look at the divorce chart again and the rising trend, if govt does not become enlightened fast, an underclass among those in broken families will grow.

If govt does not change its approach soon, we are going to lose the battle on 2 fronts. While morality continues to decline and we do too little to mitigate the negative effects declining morality, we will see an expansion of the problems in our society.


Anonymous said...

"If govt does not change its approach soon, we are going to lose the battle on 2 fronts."
Lucky Tan

If I were the PAP, as long as majority voters continue to support PAP because they have no better choice, no battle is lost.

And most likely PAP will continue to be the best choice to be the govt by majority voters for a long, long time.

Anonymous said...

"While morality continues to decline and we do too little to mitigate the negative effects declining morality, we will see an expansion of the problems in our society."
Lucky Tan

Let it be, let it be.

Singaporeans are quite strange. They can be anything - declining morality lah, complain lah, kill lah, commit suicide lah, all kinds lah but not united as a strong opposition to PAP.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised at HDB's policy towards divorcees. The mantra of the PAP government has always been to shape society through punitive measures.

Anonymous said...

Lucky, you are such a prolific writer!

Anonymous said...

During the Great Leap famine in China, many people died. They din't die because there wasn't enough, they died because the govt took what grain there was, to make Mao look good. The govt also increased stockpiles in the storehouses and refused to allow grain out to be eaten, because that would be a tacit admission that the people were starving. Few officials who open the storehouse to save some people, were punished along with their families, during cultural revolution.

You see, the official one was that Mao's brilliant policies had led to unusually good harvests. Since taxes were paid in grain, based on a percentage of the harvest, the govt had to collect an unusually large amount of grain to keep up the lie. When peasants claimed to not have enough to pay the taxes, the govt simply claimed that they were hiding grain and took all that they could find, saying that the farmers could simply eat what they had hidden.

When people starved, China was exporting grain and telling the world that Mao and Communism had eliminated famine for the first time in Chinese history. And the liberals in US were celebrating the 'fact' that Mao had eliminated hunger in China. China exported grain to keep up the lie.


Reverse the story to Singapore context. You can apply any scenario and see what SG govt is trying to do...from human immigration, to HIV or diseases, poverty and housing crutches, to society morality or social ills etc...where do you expect the LKYSPP face going to go ? How do you think they are going to face the world if the citizens keep singing the opposite songs...they would rather you die of hunger or get out of the country (as is frequently chanted) so that you are 1 less problem for them.

Anonymous said...

I am one of those affected. My parents did not divorce due to the housing issue. My siblings and I live through hell and still living in hell, everyday for more than half of our lifetime.

We have no choice and nobody to turn to. I curse PAP for their policies and will continue to vote against PAP until they are voted out.

Snark said...

Pappies love to emulate the conservative nutjobs in America in their hardline stances of marriage and 'the family unit'.

And you would think that by enforcing the stance of the Republican party they would at least offer people some individual liberties, but no!

More government interference in every aspect of our lives except businesses I guess.

It's like they take the worst out of each party ideologies of America and enact them.

Uniquely Singapore!

Anonymous said...

"And most likely PAP will continue to be the best choice to be the govt by majority voters for a long, long time."
ANON: 3/4/12 13:59

Very sad, but true.

"The limits of tyrants are defined by the endurance of the people they oppress."
Frederick Douglass

Singaporeans have very high levels of endurance for pain and bullshit.

Anonymous said...

"If you can select a population and they're educated and they're properly brought up, then you don't have to use too much of the stick. Because they would already have been trained. It'slike with dogs"..

--- LKY The Man & His Ideas 1997

And you wonder why the high flying well connected foreign talent Sun Xu call us Dogs?

The V.4 of social engineering has started. They don't care about the 3rd rate immigrants they are importing...they truly believe they can tame them just like they tame the previous and current generations.

And if money can buy students' good values, what else can't money buy?

Anonymous said...

"...the promotion of marriage...' LMAO

Marriages are breaking down everywhere if he's not already reading the data from MCYS.

Couples are not having more children if he's not already reading the data about TFR

Singles are not marrying if he's not already seeing the increase for shoebox units that private developers are building up for.

What is it going to take for the Ministries to realize that the social grounds & values have already shifted before they can catch up with the reality?

They can bury their heads in the sand and still wishfully hope that these forced measures are going to force people to make choices they truly don't want..resulting in more unhappy people and situations. They should leave all the preaching to the religions and stick with providing citizens workable, realistic and progressive policies that reflects the times of the day.

Anonymous said...

The 3rd rate immigrants that we are importing happens to be the generation of spoilt brats with absentee working parents as the young kids are sent from young to communals to be looked after by their comrades.

What sort of family values would one expect the majority of these spoilt princes & princesses to learn from ?

And our Govt just happily welcome them with open arms without a single thought about what kind of social problems they will contribute to our society at large ?

Anonymous said...

My maternal grandfather had three wives, of whom my mother was born to the third wife and given to the first wife. He also had a couple of mistresses.

My wife's grandfather had one wife. But after she passed away, he married one to take of his children and had a mistress on the side, the one whom he really loved.

Why do I say all these? Because I am not sure morality has shifted. I just think that (im)morality is manifesting itself in different ones. I agree that divorces have increased, and the ones who suffer are the kids. However, I disagree that the increase in divorces necessarily mean that society has become more immoral.

Just some thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Before we blame gahmen for all the ills of society, let us consider if education, urbanisation and globalisation had any role to play in how Singapore society has become. Consider also if Singaporeans are better off without education, urbanisation and globalisation.

Anonymous said...

It is still fresh in my memory when the episode of Singaporean parents petitioning MOE to drop moral education from the syllabus happened some years ago. The reasoning given by these parents were "Moral education would do nothing to prepare my children for the working life". I was aghast when I read about it then and I am still flabbergasted to this day. So you see, the brutish behavior you see in the kids today is entirely the work of Singaporean parents. Stop blaming your gov't. They can't possibly be sending moral police to every home and do the job of disciplining your kids for you. If you have ever walked on the sidewalk near a school when classes end for the day, you will surely be forced off the sidewalk by the students. They act like you are invisible. If you didn't step aside, they will as soon bump right into you. It could be that they are blind or autistic, I'm not sure. And if you ever board a bus near the school when classes end, you will be greeted by a rowdy bunch of students spewing vulgarities at maximum volume. Singaporean kids have lost the sense of even common courtesy.

When you have young people who not only take up priority seats on the mrt trains but still have the cheek to wear sleeping masks to shut out what they might see, it brings anti-social behavior to a whole new level. I can safely bet you that you will find it hard to see this kind of behavior in any other country, even in the countries where the FTs and FWs that you so loath hail from. I dare you a challenge.....why don't you do a survey on all those youngsters occupying priority seats and see how many are foreigners and how many are Singaporeans? You see, if you want others to respect you, you should respect yourselves first. Otherwise, no one will respect you.

Anonymous said...

//However, I disagree that the increase in divorces necessarily mean that society has become more immoral.//

We have no way of knowing conclusively unless MCYS has done similar research in this area,and are prepared to share the data with the public. All it takes is to know the reasons why people are divorcing. Many may cite Irreconcilable differences, but most are divorcing because of extra-marital affairs. Taking the former routes for some is easier for a rapid divorce. There have also been an increase of divorces from 2/3rd marriages. I would even bet that many are staying married to each other because of 'face, social pressure, money, convenience' etc..all sorts of reasons, but they shut an eye towards their partners infidelities. Most of these people would be older couples.

Seeing all these examples around us, plus the rising cost of living & demanding work pace, younger people are a lot more cynical, and less pretentious. They don't really believe in marriages now. For women, its far more important to have an independent career where they are financially strong than to depend on a partner (who may let them down subsequently) or get into marriage for marriage sake. If a survey is done, I dare say the younger couples would even think co-habitation is an acceptable norm to them nowadays. And if you were to ask how old they have started having sex..you will be surprised with what you find!

Question is - Are the Govt/Ministries/Academics still burying their heads in the sand?

Veritas said...

How about this. PAP has been forcing woman to work so that there are more $$$ to plunder. When I was a teacher, I have witness so many children of well-educated parent got wrong, because PAP deliberately put families to debt that could only be repaid by 2 income family for 30 years.

We are a rich country. We could have easily put our woman home. Our children will be well brought up and our fertility rate will increase. FUCK PAP, everything are now destroyed.

The absence of mother as home maker certain plays a role in moral decay. LKY LHL Goh Chok Tong and all the other MIW, prepare to go see Satan and get burn in hell forever.

Princess of wales road said...

what morality? one sut be an ostrich in life if his o her goal are not to accumulae wealth and power over the general populace.

all the stuff i owned can never be afforded on an honest wage. do you know of any morally upright lamborghini owner??

Anonymous said...

" We have no way of knowing conclusively unless MCYS has done similar research in this area,and are prepared to share the data with the public. "

One way is to vote Opposition and wait for MCYS to convince us otherwise.
No need to be so thoughtful and give MCYS the benefit of the doubt.

After all, does MCYS give us the benefit of the doubt when we ask them for help?

Anonymous said...

" When I was a teacher, I have witness so many children of well-educated parent got wrong, because PAP deliberately put families to debt that could only be repaid by 2 income family for 30 years. "

Make no mistake.
This is a Party Against People.
The objective is to continue to stay in power.

Asking us to have children is just another way of continuing to enslave us.
They know very well that to have children is to put people into a vicious debt cycle.

hire maids,
wife lose job when she gets pregnant,
child rearing expenses,
children tuition to subsidize the Minister of Education inadequate schools,
and etc.

If you want a U-Turn in family policies, vote Opposition in GE 2016.

Anonymous said...

"It is still fresh in my memory when the episode of Singaporean parents petitioning MOE to drop moral education from the syllabus happened some years ago. The reasoning given by these parents were "Moral education would do nothing to prepare my children for the working life".

That is because the media here prints what they want you to know.. and they succeeded very well.

All the statistics, research that indicate otherwise will never see the light of day, because they will never be released to the public.

Information is deliberately fragmented here.. with some in NUS, some in Library , some with Gov Ministry. They can claim that information IS available, but they cant help it if YOU cant find it!

And that proves the DAFTNESS of you & I.

Anonymous said...

60% are too stupid to even think critically at the responses given by the stupid men in white.

They aim is simpy to control Singaporeans and they don't want to lose control.

What kind fucking stupid goverment makes marriages so easy and divorce so difficult?

Their solutions are a reflection of their lack of creativity and innovation.

They love to talk down to Singaporeans.

Fucking stupid 60% Singaporeans have already been steeply conditioned to not think critically at the responses given by the PAP idiots.

These fuckers don't care and don't know how to take Singapore to the next level.

All the blaming on Singaporeans is s reflectin of their lack of ingenuity. But when it comes to the salary, they'll debate hours in parliament.

Singaporeans are so short-changed for this price of govenment, that they can't even see beyond the clouded reasons and vague response given.

This is what happens when you suppress freedom of speech.

Is this present generation of Singaporeans not sick and tired of this suppression? How many more will enter their graves knowing that there is something wrong with this country and not contribute a word on it? How many Singaporeans will enter their graves in Lim Chu Lang tongue-tight?

You bloody 60% better wake up and speak up.

We are a country that spend 1 hr of air time debating whether a fllipino maid derserve one day of rest each month.

That's the quality of our public discourse.

No point talking to the government. They are biased nd prejudiced against Singaporeans in their policies. Their ears are deaf and they have lost touch with the ground and ordinary singaporeans for the past 12 years.

Expect more social problems with these PRCs, India Indians, Indonesians and pinoys.

These fuckers are not integrating. In fact, they hanging out with their own communities.

Your taxi driver are also talked down on by upper class bramins caste and PRCs.

There is social polarization taking place because of this government: profit at all cost policy.

Why do we need leafers who ony talk about money and perpetuate a seige mentality in our lives?

Veritas said...

When I was a school teacher, I realize something very wrong in the moral of young people, due to PAP's social engineering.

I often called parents when my students skipped classes. I found out in several cases that both parents are so busy working that they seldom relate to their children.

To the children, the parents are simply nuisance because children have long grown up without participation of parents.

When I asked parent to school for discussions, I often heard them saying how busy is their work, they really have no time... bla bla.

Worst, due to PAP's FT policy, the salary of lower educated citizen were hit hard. I found some Malay students often has problems in studies. I called their parents and I cannot help feeling painful sometimes. Some of their parents were out of jobs, others were having extremely low salary. Some are from dyfunctional families having step parents or staying with grandparents.

I am aware that all these Malay academic problems is not because the Malay are not hardworking enough. Their results can be improved by hiring one or two tutors. Some Malay families are too poor to do that.

The situation is excerbated by more toxic policy of PAP, as they think people are not being screwed enough. Peranakan bananas Goh Keng Swee tag team LKY to implement English medium teaching of Math...etc and stream students very early in P3, so that every non-english speaker got screwed and bananas got into gifted.

When students get discourage in schools, they join gangs, went into troubles, they start sexual activities early.....etc.

Fuck the peranakan bananas...The Chinese Malay and Indians and other good peranakan citizen must unite hand in hand and take down PAP.

By the way, I am Chinese.

Veritas said...

The Malay education problem in Singapore in my opinion is 90% fabricated by PAP. There is one more dimension I want to add.

Before LKY's Land Acquisition Act, many Malay stay in Kampong here such as Geyland serai, Kembangan...etc. They have their own land.

Suddenly PAP took their land, and throw them into debt by selling them HDB. That begins their misery.

If the land of those kampong continues to be in Malay's hand, they will be filty rich by now. They will have $$$ to pay for the best tutor, facing this era of globalization.

And PAP please stop pretending to be meritocratic when your policy is here to screw people.

Anonymous said...

We should not pity HIV suffers as this is the result of their own doing. These people should be aware of the consequences before they indulge in sexual activities!

Why should we as taxpayers subsidised their medicine?

Anonymous said...

Yea, the establishment's stance on "promoting marriage" is most ridiculous! People don't divorce unless they can't help it.

Take me as an example. My spouse was abusive. I tried hard to move out, but had no choice but moved back. Some months later, he tried to kill me. Now I'm happily divorced after he was sent to jail.

You can't force people to stay married. Morality is not measured by divorce rates alone. Look at "rationale" why we have to pay through our nose for "top talent" ministers who have been leading this country to disarray. Look at how stingy this government is when taking care of the elderly and disabled. You know PAP is definitely NOT about promoting morality.

Ng Eng Hou said...

I don't think Khaw will make an effective housing minister. For the past 5-10 years, he was Health Minister. Now, you look at the state of our healthcare - not enough hospital beds, not enough doctors and nurses, expensive healthcare that he asked us to go for JB and leave the local hospital facilities for the rich patients.

They did a lousy job, but still they are there. There is no meritocracy at all in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Even if the marriage is unhappy, with the spouse being a possible murderer, the couple should still try to stay together.

You see, we no longer have arranged marriages. It is up to the individual responsibility to find the right partner and settle down peacefully. My husband is a murderer, so the government needs to give is stupid with their stance on marriage. Well, your ex is sent to jail. So the law is there to help you. Can't always blame the goverment for your failure to choose the right man.

Hilary said...

I need to clarify. We can't blame the government for everything. If you happen to marry a murderer who hasn't been convicted, the law will come down that person. Just because the government has this strong stance doesn't mean our lives are not protected by law.
The issue of an unhappy marriage really is individual or couple responsibility, simply because we are given more freedom in marriage.
I cannot help but notice that many Singaporeans don't seem to choose their partner based on inner qualities. It seems all very superficial, money, physical looks. Very superficial. Perhaps we can blame the superficiality of Singaporeans on PAP education. But that, we commit the crime. If you knwo you are superficial, why not do something about it? Nope, just blame the government. No responsibility. It's not my responsibility to choose the right husband or wife, or do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

The government owns 90% of all the land in Singapore.

They have a crushing majority in Parliament for the last 45 years.

If we don't blame the Pro Alien Party for today's problems, then who do we blame?

If you don't want to be blamed, then stop dominating the entire spectrum of Singapore society.

Anonymous said...

Lucky, u r anytime better than any of the multi$million pap nincompoop. LKY n his pap gangsters have screwed up Singapore bigtime and we are seeing only the tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous said...

Please please be folks...

Don't get so rile up...

LKY finally fulfilled his wet dream and fondest wish that ONLY department store dummies & parasitical self serving parasites always made up the majority of MPs supposely representing singapore and its people to be in Singapore parliament where they can rubber stamped LKY policies and the policies of his backside always kenna screwed by Ho Ching son LHL...

It is depressing to see this...

Singapore could have become like Switzerland...but instead...something else....all darkness, pain and selfishness...

Thanks to the PAP self deluded farktards who can only think of money money and power power...what the fark...when you died you think you can bring this over to the next life...so what u leave it behind for your next generation...you think they will be grateful to you, fark you understand...the next generation will just spend it mindlessly or waste it in the end with no appreciation or any gratitude too...so wake the fark up PAP farktards!


Anonymous said...

Morality decays in the face of Capitalism, where the end justify the means.

Values are missed only in the absence of, similar to other attributes such as loyalty and nationhood.

Anonymous said...

A 4 minute speech on values from the movie "The Great Dictator"

If only our Minister of Education could inspire us with such a speech when he talks about values.


Anonymous said...

What shifting morality are you epousing?

Nothing has changed. Singaporeans are still buying into the PAP manufactured kiasuism and kiasism.

Anonymous said...

I think the anon is not blaming the government for marrying a murderer. Rather to point out the difficulty of getting a place for divorcees.there is a letter to the ST in the difficulty a divorcee faces to get a flat. Also while within marriage, people found it difficult to seek refuge outside given the soaring rent. Think of the recent example when a Singaporean man chopped up his Sg gf. I am sure this pattern of domestic violence is replayed in a lot of households, sans the final chopping act. If the police had bothered to take in one party for questioning, or there could be offers for temporary shelter, perhaps it wouldn't have happened.

There are a lot of factors at play - of which the PAP's overarching theme of "protecting the family" permeates thru all aspects of the administration and makes lives difficult for those facing problems. I feel PAP is only doing that becos it is economically expedient to play indifferent or even pose obstacles. The lack of morality in PAP is perversely covered up by the wolf's sheep clothing of "morality".

Anonymous said...

Talking about morality, is it moral for main stream media to kiss pinky's ass?

When pinky says he ia concerned about the growing chasm between native sinkies and foreigners, msm immediately removed references to the foreign nationalities committing crimes in sinkapore:

PRC smrt bus driver running over a woman
Foreigner robbing money from primary students

Anonymous said...

Khaw should look into the cabinet ministers. Do they stay in parliament because of pay? If yes, than the ministers are trying to exploit the systems, worse than those who divorce and No, the divorcee is not trying to exploit the HDB as much as the ministers do to raid our reserves with self-served highest paid politician salaries that topped the world.

John Tessensohn not my cup of tea said...

"a brave and controversial NUS student union leader decided to give out condoms at a student event."

Huh? That would have been John Tessensohn. But brave, he is not. He was ousted and James Gomez took over. I am pleased to have voted against him. You were in uni then too. You like him?

ABC said...

Interesting view.
However, I think that our fundamental moral values have not really shifted....that much. It's just that the society is becoming more open-minded. We are less constrained to the traditional values.

Anonymous said...

SO the new Mantras for us should be:

"Stop Living The Lie"
"Get Real and Move On. Act Now "
"Stop Supporting Self Destruction"
"Stop Mortgaging Our children's Future"

How's that to start to start the ball rolling and doing something positive for a change ...starting from these cliches....

Anti Money Laundering said...

Every young man would do well to remember that all successful business stands on the foundation of morality.

Anonymous said...

"And most likely PAP will continue to be the best choice to be the govt by majority voters for a long, long time."
ANON: 3/4/12 13:59

very, very, VERY, very sad...

Anonymous said...

"They can bury their heads in the sand and still wishfully hope that these forced measures are going to force people to make choices they truly don't want.."

- no, no...they bury head in sand, until salary has completed entered their accounts, and their terms of service, three, four...five years (?) expire.. and move on to other jobs. c'mon, aft all you wont blame me for having done a bad job during my term right.. no one does 'perfect' on their lifetimes.. still, the pay remains in account, and ...who-the-hell cares about the measures and their consequences ! i can completely turn out a proposal full of gibberish, back it up with some pretend-conviction... last the (again, i say) three, four, ..five years (?) finish the term up with fatten account... and leave the job. i mean.. isnt that what everyone is doing these days? stay one, two years... (three?) put up a good show, pretend to work.. and eventually leave. so far ive nev heard anyone sue anyone for a 'poor effort' at job. mistakes, law breaking lawsuits... yes. suing someone for being a 'poor worker'?? erm... (maybe im less wellinformed, i dont know...) no one's suing the big-players for the bad job they are doing... so they continue to wield power, absolutely careless if they are doing a good job (or not)...after all.. there are NO consequences.

if a doc fails at his/her job - death of patient.
if a teacher teaches wrongly - reputation decreases..
if a bodyguard/bouncer does not good job: sack ...replace.

they just CHANGE, after one, two terms... the salary given during this time? - NONE revoked.

An artist is paid for how good his/her work is.
an actor, gets back returns from box office.
A chef's dish earns his salary...

the way i see it: politicians should be paid according to ..like artists... their craft, ..their policies.

if policies continues to... and not ONLY SO BUT ENLARGES income gaps - i vote politicians not only get a pay cut but GIVE UP THE WAY THEY ONCE TOOK from the nation to cover up for the damage the policies they came up with, caused. really... i wish we can vote govenment the same way we buy kitchen cabinets: you LOOK at the product and decide if you want the blue door, pink door, or white door. you DONT buy cabinet doors based on some imagination.

likewise, it should never be "oh, he looks like honest person. oh this party holds this name, etc.." i wish im voting for the country's future, POLICIES that determine DIRECTION of a country... I WANT TO VOTE yea/nay on DECISIONS (!!!) and not "oh... this guy looks fine. that party has previous reputation" I dont wanna vote reputation. i want to vote DIRECTIONS.

and yes... i REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hate some of the current directions...

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