Thursday, April 05, 2012

PM Lee worried about the growing divide....

"Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Wednesday identified two worrying trends he sees in Singapore, warning that they stand in the way of a cohesive community.

One is a possible growing divide between Singaporeans and new arrivals, whether new citizens, permanent residents or foreign workers." - Straits Times, 5 April 2012[Link]

Having been to many countries, I believe Singaporeans are among the most tolerant people in the world when it comes to immigration. When immigration was at a reasonable level, Singaporeans readily accepted people from various countries in our schools and workplace. Singaporeans welcome diversity and we are after all children of immigrants who came here many years ago.

Our positive feeling towards immigration turned negative in recent years because the PAP govt expanded the influx to a ridiculous level perhaps the among highest rate per capita in the world and many Singaporeans felt directly the negative effects of what the PAP has been doing - public transport became overcrowded, home prices escalated, structural unemployment became severe and wages of a large segment of the Singaporean workforce depressed. When the PAP govt implemented its policy, they were not very transparent and open about it. We were told the foreigners were here to create jobs for us. We were told they are here only to do jobs that Singaporeans did not want or are unable to take up. The PAP govt also implemented extensive scholarship schemes for foreigners that are not available to Singaporeans at the same scale and the actual numbers came to light only after persistent questioning by opposition MPs in parliament. In short, the PAP did what it wanted to do to meet various objectives, but did not seek the acceptance of Singaporeans for these policies.

It is hard to pin-point the day and time when certain thresholds were crossed but the extremely high foreign influx reached a point where people became suspicious and angry with these policies. Singaporeans in general do not harbor animosity and bitterness towards foreign individuals. - they are here to seek a better life for themselves and their families....and many Singaporeans would do the same if they were in their shoes. However, certain ungraceful behavior and ugly events involving foreigners can become outlets for the anger Singaporeans feel towards PAP policy. There is plenty of anger right now just waiting for something to happen to be let out. We cannot misinterpret the vitriol on the Internet as animosity towards foreigners because the underlying source of unhappiness is govt policies.

I cannot think of another nation of people who would take such a large foreign influx with less resistance than Singaporeans - just look at what happened in Hong Kong where people took to the streets many times over the govt immigration policies. We are good people who have been pushed too far to the edge by bad policies.

If PM Lee is worried about the divide, he should look not at Singaporeans but at the policies his govt has pursued in the last 10 years and how they have gone about doing it.


Anonymous said...

Good One lucky...

Sure PM LHL and his bunch of merry MIW clowns are intelligent...

As to having wisdom in this bunch...they have shown to everyone including the whole world...they have zilch / zero wisdom.

There are 5 kinds of characters one should observe and look out for:

Character 1: Hardworking, Intelligent (or just acting like one) and Ambitious.

Character 2: Hardworking, stupid (as in really dumb) and not Ambitious.

Character 3: Hardworking, stupid and Ambitious.

Character 4: Not hardworking, stupid and not Ambitious.

Character 5: Not hardworking, Intelligent and Ambitious.

The worst character to be associated with and to allowed/put in charge to do critical undertakings is Character 3. All the rest you can still do something positive.

Think there are too many Character 3s in LHL gang and gov't.

So who out of sheer hubris/ignorance allow to happen...

Very un-wise people who should and can do better but rather choose the easier way out.

Sad no.


Veritas said...

There are racism against Singaporeans across all spectrum in education and work, implemented by PAP tag team with FTs.

We know that majority of FTs scholar do not get 1st class and most of them got 2nd lower and below. The number is 55%. Yet these folks got scholarship, English bridging course. Not only that, the halo of scholarship given by PAP give them a halo in resume, that give these junk students a great advantage in jobs, and future advancement.

It seems that PAP tries to kill our students. Poor Singaporeans male were force by PAP to serve NS so that we cannot compete with foreigners. Then PAP rigged our Math syallbus, reducing contents, banning the teaching of F Maths then to make Singaporeans unable to compete. Singaporeans are also being forced into debts if they want to go college. Tution fee now stand at 7.5k for most course, 8k for business and whopping 20k for medicine.

Foreigners got freebies, Singaporeans got debt.

In employments there is terrible discriminations against Singaporeans. I do not want to write more about these. Just go to Citibank @CBP, 100% Indians for the whole buildings of about 8-11 stories.

Now Loong accused Singaporeans of now seeing the big picture...hahaha

Ng Eng Hou said...

We have no one but ourselves to blame for. Each time in every election, Singaporeans never fail to give them the absolute majority - which is a passport for them to do anything they want.

If we still don't change, 5-10 years from now, we will still read about the same such content (unhappiness) on the Net.

Isn't change so frightening to most of us?

Anonymous said...

I don't think PM Lee need to worry so much lah, as long as people like Lucky Tan continues to blog and not become opposition politician.

There is the GRC system, there is a weak opposition which never seem to get stronger with time and despite how much and often Lucky Tan condemned the so many "bad" PAP policies.

Some more if I were PM Lee, I have 80 good and loyal PAP MPs, and none has alleged extra marital affairs or switched sides just before elections. Can you say the same for the opposition?

So therefore PAP is a very strong and lasting party which rightly deserves the support of realistic majority voters. So what's there to worry?

But of course if I were PM Lee, it's stupid to publicly say in this way lah. So I must say worrying trends lah, which is also true after all but not really for PAP to worry, as far as winning elections are concerned.

Yap said...

Just look at country like Britain that has been destroyed forever by unrestricted immigration (and multiculturalism, in particular), and they will never ever recover from this. UK used to be very selective with regard to the people it allowed in. Much like SG in early years. Race didn't matter then - and it still doesn't matter, today. But culture has been ignored, with disastrous consequences! As if that wasn't bad enough, the very idea of citizenship has been vastly cheapened - and today, immigrants see it as their God-given right to live wherever they please - regardless of ability, work ethic, criminal record or willingness to fit in! One just have to look at examples and values espoused by Ms Zimmerman, SunXu & many others.

The early immigrants to SG were very honoured to fit in with our culture, and made a point of learning English, even giving up dialects for Chinese just to embark on the bilingual tracks. Many of our parent's spurring their kids/us on to excel at school - and leaving their cultural past behind them.
Coolies or laborers or what not, they simply took their work ethic and applied it in the new SG context. Along the years that success was evident; it wasn't the result of state molly-coddling or socialism. They knew they had been given a huge privilege in the form of SG citizenship - and they worked hard to show that they deserved the chance they had been given. There was a concept of obligation. Fast forward 2000 , sadly, these days, this is largely absent: Many immigrants do not feel obliged to excel, even for their own sake. Instead, they have a sense of entitlement to be on same par as Singaporeans demanding instant-gratification.

Unfortunately too, immigrants are now encouraged to bring their culture with them - and it's the native who is expected to adapt! This flies in the face of any cultural standard - and any who disagree with this policy are automatically labelled "racist" or "xenophobic" - despite the fact that good management of immigration policy has absolutely nothing to do with race or fear of outsiders. This is wrong on so many levels, and it cannot possibly work in the long term. The result is clear to see. The deep seething discontentment and frissures that are boiling in our city-state. And the MSM remains spineless to report like it is, and continue to sugar coat the ugly reality.

Bottom line - Any responsible sovereign state must put its own people first. Immigration is a real problem if not managed properly, and it is not racism (or xenophobia) to point out that unfettered immigration poses a threat to the culture and living standard of everyone living in Singapore - including the immigrants. Instead, they start mimicking the govt.'s stance and message, and belittling us for being arrogant, stupid, canine, ungrateful and more as if their 'talents & presence' are much needed or we would fail without them...such misplaced arrogance.

Further, this whole notion of "integrating" - nobody wears a badge that says "Integrated". They just walk it and talk it. If they don't, the genuine natives can spot a faker from afar. Assuming they know how to practice consideration and are able to reason, they should get along fine here. As for the Singaporeans accepting them - well, we do not have to accept you. YOU have to accept the Singaporeans. The fact that you are on my homeland as a guest, working & living means we accept their presence here, or at least tolerate it. Yet, some continue to berate us and try to inch us out of the workplace with their own tribal groups and blatant only this PAP govt is blindly allowing it.

IF you want this Party to stand up for Singaporeans, just look at what the PM and those past MPs have reacted -- you get the drift. You are on your own.
This is the truth, nothing but the awful truth.

Anonymous said...


When the government looks at the proposal of the researchers at the S. Rajaratnam School at NTU, they don't read the totality of the reports but pick one which is the easiest and most convenient to implement. That's why you keep getting policies which are painful to Singaporeans albeit so convenient to implement.

Anonymous said...

This batch of leaders are more interested in winning elections than serving the people of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

It's not just (scholarship) money. It goes all the way to sovereignty: Singaporeans are not allowed to go to certain places or to study in certain schools in Singapore - all of which are available to foreigners!!!

Anonymous said...

The opposition has too many generals and not enough soldiers.

Why so many want to be generals when there are not enough soldiers?

Like that how to win a war?

Anonymous said...

Dear Pro Alien Politician.

REF: The Divided House of Singapore

You break it.
You fix it.
I hold you responsible.
I will vote Opposition until this problem is fixed.

Anonymous said...

You can get enough soldiers through conscription, that is compulsory enlistment of people for national service (NS).

But before that, you need to have power, and democratic power is obtained through winning majority seats in elections. And the more seats the party wins, the more power they have when they form the government in order to implement NS.

Anonymous said...

FREE English bridging course starts from Sec 3 in my daughter's school when they bring in China "scholars".....mind you native English speakers no less (cos SG govt dont want them speaking Singlish. Meantime Singapore students in the same school who "do not meet the mark" are told to leave the school and no two ways about it. They dont help you AT ALL. This is where our taxpayers money is going to, folks! Think about it. I have taught my daughter not to be kind or helpful to a foreigner. Sad sad thing, but I am so pissed!

Anonymous said...

Continuing from Anon 13.32 - a bunch of Malaysian "scholars" are brought in at Sec 1 and hostel housing, academic help to "bridge" them is provided. Our scholarship scheme does not just start at tertiary, folks, they start at Sec. 1 !!! Just that not many are aware !!!!

Anonymous said...

He should also worry about the divide the elites and the rest. After all, it is the policies by these so-called elites that caused all this simmering anger in the population today.

LHL should allow more diverse views and voices in his government and in the parliament for the good of everyone in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

" LHL should allow more diverse views and voices in his government and in the parliament for the good of everyone in Singapore. "

So welfare minded.
PM Lee should do this. PM Lee should do that.
Just Vote Opposition.
And we will get it done ourselves.

patriot said...

Me concurs with Ng Eng Hou at 5/4/12 12:26.

So long as Singaporeans do not wake up the Leadership, it will continue to do what it did all these past years.

It did change from time to time, however, the changes were invariably from bad to worse. The Leadership's sole concern is its' grip on power and their very own well-beings.


Anonymous said...

We have been sold out by the government since more than 5 years ago. I have lost faith in the leadership, confirms it even more when I saw the headlines in the shittimes today. For the sake of your children, do something, if not, try to get out.

Anonymous said...

Clearly a lack of introspection from PAP.

People 'moved on' after there is justice & accountability = punishment.

People 'moved on' after these are addressed & accounted = Immigration policy & transparency

What's the point of more engagements and wayang if the end results are the same = NO, NO & NO

No to BBC - just bulldoze our remainder culture & biodiversity

No to Toh Yi - just accept our plans because it's all along in the plans already

No to Nationalisation of public transports - just trust us we know competition gives consumers better services/choices..huh?

Anonymous said...

This is just insulting and downright wrong.

Calling people names (self-centered, syndrome-hit, not welcoming immigrants, etc.) is just blaming the people. The son is no different from the father in this respect.

By doing so, he is also not taking an iota of responsibility for the consequences of the policies he implemented. Like father, like son.

What changes is he talking about? A leopard cannot change his spots. The more he talks about changes, the more the leopard he looks. A leopard is a leopard is a leopard............

If you can't change the spots, you must remove the leopard............

Anonymous said...

PM Lee is not really worried about us, the true blue Singaporeans. What he is actually saying is that he is worried about how we are affecting his policies and his party's dominance.

Do you think he or his party is really worried about our well being when his govt allow HDB prices to shoot up sky high, collect and increase GST for even basic food items, INDISCRIMINATELY allowing foreigners in make paupers of Singaporeans, flooding every aspects of life here and expecting us to be nice to foreigners who are depriving a big segment of Singaporeans a proper living wage to support themselves and their families.


Anonymous said...

Recently I met a PRC student who studied with me in a provate school. He went to UK and did his UOL law degree, while I did mine here because I could not afford it. Guess what, we both did the same exams, I got better grades than him at graduation. The joke is I cannot practice law as a Singapore here as UOL external is recognised. However this student came back and is now a lawyer and PR here. My crime..too poor to go to UK to UOL law

Anonymous said...

"We wouldn't even have today's Singapore - you will be where you were in the 1960s, and I think it will be a very unhappy state."

Playing the same BOOGEY MAN game as his old man.

Anonymous said...

One is a possible growing divide between Singaporeans and new arrivals, whether new citizens, permanent residents or foreign workers.

This is a positive development.
We finally have a die hard core of Opposition voters.

Anonymous said...

I think we should bear in mind that the intelligent people of HK(Higher GDP than us)do not welcome that much their fellow brothers and sisters from mainland,here we accept people from all over the world.
We deserve the credit althiough government think otherwise.Because they think they are the most intelligent and most clever in the world.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he feel that 2016 is far away enough for him to talk cock now and apologise when GE is near. He is confident that the votes will still go his way.

Anonymous said...

So clever.
He has identified the problem.
A problem he created in the first place.
So now how?
Expect us Sinkies to fix the problem?
More National Service for us is it?

Anonymous said...

Practical lesson on the reality of division.

Try voting in more new opposition members and see whether there will also be divide or division inside parliament.

Anonymous said...

Besides being a tolerant people, Singaporeans are also very forgiving.

Once we learn that donations were given, it becomes like atonement.

We are a very tolerant & yielding people. A slap on the wrist: "you naughty boy!" and we move on.. because we too are greedy for the Audi car, the 2000sq ft condo, the million $ salary.

We are hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

PAP opens the floodgate to let in tsunami of foreigners into Singapore. The PAP converts tsunami of foreigners into tsunami of permanent residents.

The tsunami of foreigners and permanent residents replace Singaporeans in the job market, thereby creating unemployment of Singaporeans, and depress the salary of the rest of Singaporeans who barely clinch onto their jobs weakly.

The tsunami of permanent residents buy up and push up the price of resale HDB flats to the sky. Singaporean buyers of HDB flats have to work, only if they are lucky enough to be employed in decent jobs paying them decent salaries, for the rest of their lives to pay off the high housing mortgages loans.

As tsunami of permanent residents are competing for limited subsidized medical resources in Singapore hospitals, any subsidies given to permanent residents means that less finance is available for Singaporeans seeking medical treatments and cares. As a result, Singaporeans have to pay more and more for medical treatments and cares.

As tsunami of permanent residents and foreigners are heavily subsidized when they study in Singapore universities, polytechnics and schools, and also because tsunami of permanent residents and foreigners are receiving scholarships from the state, there are less financial resources available for Singaporeans. As such, Singaporeans have to bear the pain of paying higher and higher school and tuition fees to subsidy the tsunami of foreigners and permanent residents education.

As a consolation to Singaporean, there is one field where tsunami of foreigners and permanent residents are not competing with Singaporeans. In fact, the tsunami of foreigners and permanent residents are happy to let Singaporeans have it as much as possible. That field is national service which is left over as Singaporeans only entitlement where Singaporeans should be glad that tsunami of foreigners and permanent residents are not interested in it.

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you how the large number of foreigners who are studying in Singapore have short-changed the Singapore citizens who are studying here.

Many Malaysia citizens come from Johor to study in the Singapore schools around the Woodland area everyday. Because of these Malaysia citizens studying in the Singapore schools around Woodland area, the primary schools around there have to end the afternoon session at least half an hour earlier than the normal 6.30pm that is being practised in most of the primary schools across Singapore.

Singapore citizens who are studying in Singapore schools around Woodland area are short-changed for having to leave the schools early, thus study for less number of hours, just to accommodate the Malaysia citizens.

Why is it not the Malaysia Citizens, who are studying in Singapore schools on Singapore land, should be the one to accommodate Singapore Citizens?

Anonymous said...

I Hope that we have change of PM to maybe TEO Chee hean or TARMAN we will become better for singapore

Anonymous said...

"Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Wednesday identified two worrying trends he sees in Singapore, ...

Please lah.
Tell it to somebody who cares.
It is time for you & fellow cronies to go.

Anonymous said...

PM Lee always worry about the wrong things as far as Singaporeans are concerned. Instead of worrying about the welfare and future of Singaporeans, he and his team focus on their self interests. They want high pay and easy work. So they push the responsibilites onto the shoulders of Singaporeans. Even some laws were crafted which assume an accused is guilty until he can proved that he is not. Clearly the way LKY n his pap is turning Singapore on its' head. Singapore is an upside-down society.

Anonymous said...

Very well said. Thanks Lucky

Anonymous said...

Imagine that. Singapore is the only place that the govt has to tell foreign companies not to discriminate against Singaporeans.

It shows how bad this place has become. Very sad.

I do feel at home and many fellow SIngaporeans feel this way too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry mistype... Imeant to say I don't feel at home and many fellow SIngaporeans feel the same too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pro Alien Politician
We speak a language you will never understand.

A four minute speech on values from the climactic scene of the movie "The Great Dictator"

Lye Khuen Way said...

Lucky, I share your views, especially your call to the PM, if he is serious, to take a hard look at what his governments of the past 10 years or so had put in place that make me for one feel so low class in my very own land of birth.
I have served my National Service and Reservist liability,so when I now say that I am not sure what it was all about, you can judge how pissed off I have become.
Sure, NS made me a better man and cultivate brotherhood among us regardless of family background then.

Anonymous said...

Prime Millionaire Lee.
You look after your aliens.

Singaporeans will work with the Opposition parties to look after ourselves.

Anonymous said...


You are right. But he is still blaming singaporeans for his created problems.

I believe all of us are aware that it his and Papies policies to blame everybody but themselves when things went wrong and to claim credits when things are working rightly.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are a strange lot. Why do they expect those who they did not vote for to take care of them?

Anonymous said...

I love your blog ! Lucky, keep it up!
Totally agreed with your comments; your parting lines pretty well sums up my feeling too.

"We are good people who have been pushed too far to the edge by bad policies.

If PM Lee is worried about the divide, he should look not at Singaporeans but at the policies his govt has pursued in the last 10years and how they have gone about doing it."

Anonymous said...

Wake up Singaporeans, PAP will not help you to make your life better, they are only concerned to maintain its' grip on power and their very own well-beings. So help yourself to make your life better by voting in more opposition to speak up on your behalf.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are the problem.
More anti-people policies are the solution.

The Pro Alien Party is the problem.
Voting for Opposition parties is the solution.

Anonymous said...,-taxpayers-should-be-treated-equally

Citizens or not, taxpayers should be treated equally

That's the kind of entitlement PRs have these days. I'm sure many more foreigners feel the same way. What makes him think he pays for tax than say a Single Singaporean Man/Woman here who doesn't get much tax break or benefits too? And our PAP politicians will listen to them because???

The Pariah said...

When chickens talk, what is the term for it? Talkc---.

PM Lee talks about growing divide. He talks about NIMBYS (Not In My Back Yard SYNDROME). Hah!

How a child behaves is a tell-tale sign of what type of parents the child has. Ditto for GOVERNMENT-TO-PEOPLE correlation. Bah!

PAP governs by (i) "divide-and-rule" tactics and (ii) "what's-in-it-for-me" values.

PAP's laws are divisive - eg, en bloc law pitches Majority against Minority.

PAP policies target OUTPUT (eg, property flipping generates tax revenue and GDP growth) and sacrifice OUTCOME (eg, stability of home, sense of community, neighbourliness).

PAP = Pay And Pay
Poor Also Pay
Pay And Pension
Pay And Profit

Anonymous said...

He is not worried about the divide, he is only worried about his monies.

Anonymous said...

""Citizens or not, taxpayers should be treated equally""

They seem to have forgotten some important things.

National service is one of them. They also did not have parents or grow up to help build singapore in the earlier days of independence so that foreigners (liberal immigration policies) to slide into singapore and expect to be treated equally just because of their tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

Dear Prime Millionaire
All Singaporeans love you.

Ignore all these internet blogs.
It's just noise.

We love you so much, we'd be happy to pay you an extra million dollars a year.
So that your wife can stay at home and look after the family.
And not have to work anymore.
Investing is very hard work.
Please stop.

Anonymous said...

is not that pap did not notice why their sloppy policies outraging sporean, it's just that they are playing dumb.

if boosting up sg economy is simply by laying out so much privileges and benefits to foreigners n ignoring the own citizens, then this is hardly intelligence. any fools in any countries want to boost their econ can do it.
those moves are like, 'hey, you can have sex with my wife, feel free.'

i believe a country should have her own dignity, regardless how small she is. sporeans do not allow some idiots selling sg so cheap in the name of we are small.

"Anonymous said...
Dear Pro Alien Politician.

REF: The Divided House of Singapore

You break it.
You fix it.
I hold you responsible.
I will vote Opposition until this problem is fixed."

this is what i been thinking, you can put forth many many policies to right up past unpopular policies, but by pass the most shameful "FT ,n scholarship" policies,
i too, will vote opposition until the problem is fixed.

give some thought to NS men, they have their points. the govt is doing an injustice to them.

Anonymous said...

take the recent sport incident in germany, chinese athlete, wang yuegu made up such a fuss with the ref. she later tell reporter that she felt being unfairly treated...
i can't help but to laugh,
'being unfairly treated " is not everyone can easily takes it, wait till you know the rules in singapore is how tremendously unfair towards sporean, then u'll know what is real "委屈"

Anonymous said...

Dear Singapore PM,

Don't worry too much. The 'Divide' already happened and it is progressing in a no-return stage! I am one of those that will never support the Singapore Gov as long as PAP is in the picture.

If there is a war, please find the war yourself.

If there is a major financial meltdown, I will be the first to relocate all my investments, assets and all $$ to overseas and take the first flight out.

If there is a riots involving the FT and local Singaporean, I will sure support our local. KILL THEM ALL........

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, The Lucky People's Party (LPP)lead by Lucky Tan will replace PAP as govt in 2016.

Until this can happen, no hope lah.

Not WP, not SDP, not NSP, not whatever now lah.

Anonymous said...

The crux of the matter is that the present-day PAP values clashes with today's Singaporeans who are tech savvy, well-travelled and connected. Who are not as politically apathetic as thought of.

Singapore is going downhill. The issue of Singaporeans not giving birth will be resolved once and for all.

In 10 years time, immigration will solve the issue of falling birth rates. This is cost effective on two levels.

There will not be any more drives by the government to think of ways to increase birth rates among native Singaporeans. There is no need to as the new citizens will intermixed and interspersed among the native singaporeans. This matter will die out.

And the best bit is that the government makes money out of the immigration.

They have been bringing in these for the past 12 years stealthily.

As they figured there were no issues, they opened the floodgates in the last elections; only to realise it backfired them.

This policy is not an intelligent one. It's a quick fix.

The government seems to be waiting for a new state of matter to arise. A hemeostatis.

And they are turning a complete blind eye to this matter.

It's time Singaporeans start making these aliens feel less at home here. As the government is not respecting singaporeans' rights, we should start doing the same to these PRCs, II, Pinoys, etc.

Anonymous said...

I give LHL 2-cents credit for identifying the problem. But these issues have been out for several years on the blogosphere (did he not have his running dogs surf the internet?)
Anyway, most of these problems created by his father (stop at 2, non-grads can't have >2 kids) and his predecessor GCT (open the floodgates to immigrants, focus too much on certain sectors of the economy). I won't shed a tear for the sleepless nights he's having (if he's having them at all).

Anonymous said...

Some Singaporeans have woken up BUT MANY are still sleeping with the MIWs.

By the time they get awaken, it will be too late. By then it WILL BE MATILAH SINGAPURA AS ONE BLOGGER puts it.

Anonymous said...

(1)Singaporean vs non-Singaporean divide:I would suggest PM Lee sincerely start an objective non-partisan review on how this came about;It was no like that before.
(2)The not in my backyard syndrome:I think ruling PAP serves as model of behaviour for majority of Singaporeans,so does the PAP have "not in my backyard syndrome" when conducting its affairs(both domestic and international) from 1959-2012?a very long 53 years.

Anonymous said...

The worrying trends are just the symptoms or bad side effects of the root problem.

The root problem is the type of policies and actions and the way these are carried out by the PAP govt. And for many years!

PM Lee should thus examine the root causes and tackle it head on, and not having useless worries about the symptoms of it! And worse, making public such worries!

This is the most basic problem solving approach. I thought he should know.

Anonymous said...

To anon 12:03

//..The issue of Singaporeans not giving birth will be resolved once and for all. In 10 years time, immigration will solve the issue of falling birth rates...There will not be any more drives by the government to think of ways to increase birth rates among native Singaporeans.... This matter will die out.//

The govt HAS STOPPED incentives for child can already be seen in last 2 years. There hasn't been any baby bonus or benefits since national days 2010. It means they have given up & the rapid immigrations of the last 10years has been achieved quietly and behind many Singaporeans' back!

The whole 'pretend to be worried' is a farce and wayang. They know that will happen but they went ahead anyway without consulting the people, being open with their data or policy they just want singaporeans to "suck up and buck the trends" because the porridge has already been cooked!! And see what they are trying to do in Hougang? Still trying to cook a different pot of porridges!!!

They are hoping quietly that these whole thing will die down eventually. Only stupid singaporeans are going after singaporeans-- calling the police for every damn small thing!! They are fighting the wrong people and having their priorities all wrong!

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are the problem.
More anti-people policies are the solution.

The Pro Alien Party is the problem.
Voting for Opposition parties is the solution.

The immigrants and FTs are not the cause of the problem.
The root cause is the PRO ALIEN PARTY.

What is good for Singaporeans is not good for the PRO ALIEN PARTY.

Vote Wisely in GE 2016.
Encourage your family & friends to also vote wisely.
Gather votes for the Opposition parties.

Anonymous said...

In their world, Singaporeans should

- gladly give up their places in school for the highly esteemed foreigners

- work for less so that they help Singapore be more globally competitive (cheaper, betterer, fasterest).

- be willing to pay more for smaller flats so that they will be more motivated to be more engaged in their workplace

- understand that National Service is a priviledge of citizenship, not a liability even though employers have a free-pick of whether to employ foreigners who can work 12 months a year of a local who can work 11 months a year due to NS

- take the opportunity to learn another language when the waiters are not able to converse in English

- appreciate the efforts taken to bring in foreign students by giving them free univeristy education, vs attempts to build character in Singapore students by making them pay for their education. "We need to make them stand in the rain for their own good".

Treating others better than one's own in the hope that others will want to become one's own. Where's the logic?

theonion said...


Applause on the self discovery that Taiwan is not the end all and be all for smart Taiwanese graduates despite the Taiwan first labour policies.

Yes, Taiwan beats Singapore hands down in most electronic sectors, likewise maybe next powerhouse, yet, it is to be seen in the context that only new investments go to lower labour cost locations such as China.

So unfortunately, unless we can stop globalisation, the best way would be to moderate the overall costs to business.

Do not disagree the present implementation of Singapore policies needs to be changed or moderated, yet, or new policies can be learnt from others.

Anonymous said...

So the scare tactics have started. So did our wifes and daughers become maids in other countries? It has started but not for the reasons given by some dictator. Recently my aunt and her daughter got a job as maids for a rich Chinese family in Australia, they are paid $2,500, more than twice what they were earning as 12 hour factory workers.
Did Potong Pasir become a slum, will Aljunied become a slum. Dream on you despot.
So now we have this, next we will have father and son cry on national TV as to why we need foriegners, otherwise Singaporeans will become a dying breed. So they want to save Singaporeans. Like GST helping the poor and FW creating jobs. Wake up people?

Ming said...

until the govt understands what the average singaporean has to go through with the average household income, they won't understand:

- bringing up children with ridiculously expensive childcare options
- looking after aged parents/grandparents with expensive healthcare options
- living in a small HDB that does not give an incentive for a bigger family size,
- suffering the high inflation rate increases which is not matched by the bank savings interest rate, causing their savings value to depreciate year on year. and a annual salary increase that does not match inflation rate too.

So will our government bring themselves down to our level? Live in a HDB, take the public transport everywhere they go, limit themselves to see how they can spend within the constraints of a 5K household budget... And still think about adding another head to the family?

I always think. If they cannot understand the root of the problem, they can spend tons of money and still never find the right solution.