Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another election, another round of allegations.

Remember what happened during GE2011? A resident of Hougang sued the town council for the accounts and the whole episode was played up by the mainstream media to cast doubts on the minds of voters by planting the notion that the WP accounts in Hougang was messy['Messy' accounts: Not an attack on Low, says Lim Hwee Hua]. So what happened to this issue? It was played up during the election as something severe and became a non-issue shortly after that. Today, most people have forgotten what has happened but during that time it might have swung some votes to the PAP. 

Today's  Straits Times headlines: "WP faces allegations of dishonesty".

This is highly irresponsible and lopsided. Before I go into the details of this particular incident. Let me show you a video from the past.

In this video, Lim Swee Say claimed that he received his CPF statement every month. This is technically untrue because CPF statements not sent to account holders every month. However, you don't see any of our top bloggers calling Lim Swee Say a liar because this may just be a verbal slip, his memory may have failed him, he got confused with other accounts and it is irrelevant to the point he was trying to make. Even though he has been a CPF account holder for roughly 40 years, most of us gave him the benefit of the doubt. Of course, there are voices in various forums, chat rooms and coffee shops calling him "liar, liar" but the Internet is huge, you can always find someone saying anything you want to look up. The main stream media didn't go and pick this up, play it up and say that there are allegations that Lim Swee Say is a liar.

How did this whole episode about WP candidate Png get started:

1. Teo Chee Hean said that WP did not put their best candidate for Hougang because they didn't select Png for NCMP after the last GE - they instead chose Gerald Giam. This is a strange point to make because Choo is clearly not the best candidate the PAP has and PAP never puts its best "minister caliber" candidates in Hougang because they would lose,

2, Png defended himself saying he didn't support the NCMP scheme[Link] and during a walkabout exchanged comments with the media:

"I actually took my name out of the ballot for the NCMP post. Because I have a personal stand against the NCMP scheme, so that's why my name wasn't in the ballot. So I don't think DPM knows all of these...”

3. Leak minutes from WP CEC showed that Png's name was on the balloting paper[leak by "Secret Squirrel"].

4. Low Thia Kiang clarified that Png had express his strong opposition to NCMP scheme but the WP CEC that went ahead and included his name on the balloting paper. [Link]. Low further clarified that :

"(Mr Png) was not referring to the ballot paper, but to the ballot as in the voting process and the running for the NCMP position."  [Link[

Speaking to Today, Mr Eric Tan, a former WP CEC member and leader of the party's East Coast GRC team last year, said that Mr Png did tell him and two other teammates Mr Gerald Giam and Ms Glenda Han - that he was not interested in being an NCMP. [Link[

With all the facts established that Png was not interested in the NCMP post and hence did not take part in the ballot (voting process) but his name was included in the balloting paper by the CEC as were all the members of East Coast GRC...the Straits Times chose to publish its highly damaging headlines "WP  faces allegations of dishonesty".

"Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean said the episode raised questions on whether the WP was being 'honest and upfront' with Hougang voters." [Link]

Whether Png meant to say he was not on the balloting paper or he did not take part in the ballot or just wanted his name out of the ballot , they have to choose their own re-interpretation of his words to make him look like a liar. Its not like he told the world he received his CPF statements every month when he didn't - such a statement has no alternative interpretation but still most of us would give the person the benefit of the doubt.... that the speaker had slipped up verbally giving his speech rather than intentionally tried to mislead the audience. The interpretation of Png's words is also irrelevant to the main point he was making that he has no interest in the NCMP scheme.

That the PAP and the mainstream media go all out to damage the reputations of those in opposition running against them is nothing new. We saw it in the 2011 GE, we have seen it in the 2006 GE (Jame Gomez incident), and many times in past elections. The tactics that the PAP uses say a lot its values with regard to free and fair elections. Fairness appears to be so lacking in our society these days with the income gap widening....we are become more sensitive and wary to any kind of unfairness that take place; be it the treatment of our low wage workers or our beleaguered opposition.  Instead of coming up with policies that would be beneficial to Singaporeans, the PAP uses old tactics that the electorate can already see through for votes. Winning support from the people is not all so difficult - you just have to evolve policies that benefit the people in the long run and the PAP seems to have great difficulty doing this nowadays.


Ng Eng Hou said...

All these kind of useless minor allegations which have no effect on public interest are just meant to distract public attention away from PAP's major weakness which have more relation to public interest such as crumbling public transport, poorly equipped health care to cope with our aging population, etc. Lots and lots, if other readers here can care to bring them up.

These tactics have repeatedly been used in every elections. Really nothing new. If voters still fall for this, then we're real stupid, deserve to be despised by PAP!

Hougang voters should ignore all these insignificant allegations and vote according to their conscience!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Wp's IT / PC has been hacked.
The 'anonymous tipper' could have been an anonymous hacker, in this day and age.
Time to do a CSI scan.

Meanwhile, as WP is getting stronger and becoming a threat, there will be more such allegations. LTK and its team members should remain watchful.

That ballot issue -- just storm in the teacup.
Any reasonable person can interpret that's what Png has said, and understand he has to go through the motion. No big deal, and the matter has been clarified.

MSM - as despicable as usual. Next GE 2016, will be their demise day, along with the PAP if they refuse to change.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps DPM Teo has to resort to this as he has no idea on how to win this by-election?

Anonymous said...

What was not spoken in the headlines speak louder than what was spoken.

What was not spoken: they can't flash in the headlines what are the policy changes made since last election that are worth the peoples' vote.

So, they flash either distracting, confusing and character assassination headlines.

It had been so for the last few elections.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget they gave the impression that Suhbas Ananda will give free legal clinic because of them. I found it surprising until Suhbas wrote to ST and denial they are there because of Desmond.

Anonymous said...

Wah lau eh, NCMP scheme looks like a curse for the WP.

First, Eric Tan resigned from WP after last GE because of it and now this.

Looks like NCMP is a good strategy for PAP. Create problems for the opposition, like the WP.

Who knows, maybe due to NCMP, 60% voted PAP because they know 9 opposition candidates will for sure (bao chiak) be in Parliament no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Actually hor, WP as a party should reject the NCMP scheme.

Some want, some don't want, sure create problem for the opponent to exploit what.

Anonymous said...

I cancelled my long running subscription to the States Times last month.

In sympathy for the poor coverage of WP in Hougang.

Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

A sign that the PAP is getting desperate. LOL

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen? Unfair tactics seemed to be hallmark of the ruling party.

Playing up such allegations will only cost them to lose more votes.

Why can't they be real gentlemen?

Anonymous said...

Just curious, suppose PAP win Hougang, will there be a vacancy created for a WP NCMP?

Because the law says can have total of 9 opposition candidates in Parliament what, elected or NCMP, right?

So maybe for WP no fish, prawn also good lah.

Lye Khuen Way said...

Thanks for reminding many of us about that "receiving my CPF Statement every month" and may I add " many zeros " one very happy PAP Minister.
Yes, we let the un-truth slip away and moved on. We are not "small man".

Anonymous said...

The traditional and mainstream media are the propaganda machines of the PAP. They always put the Opposition Parties in a bad light. I hope Hougang voters do not fall into PAP's dirty tactics of casting asperions,twisted logic,etc. I know that the "Hougang Spirit' will prevail!

Anonymous said...

I don't think WP will do better in Hougang BE than in GE 2011.

Meaning no upside but more downside to their percentage vote.

Anonymous said...

"Meaning no upside but more downside to their percentage vote."
Anon 23/5/12 14:17

Agreed. For the simple reason that if PAP was bad during GE 2011, it was not worse now. So how can PAP % vote be worse, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Agree, I think there are about 35% die hard PAP voters and in Hougang, there are also about 35% WP die hard.

WP had reach its peak in 2011. The outcome of the BE will depend on the 30% or so fence sitters. It could be a close fight.

Anonymous said...

looking at the relentless attempts of main stream media trying to pin him down just to pick bones from eggs, it's so disgusting!

Anonymous said...

if msm is made to write this kind of shit, it goes to show once again that pap is just pretending to change and is not sincere at all. the time has come.

Jack said...

Our MSMs ,courtesy of the ST is getting there in acheiving No 1 status, like everything else in the PAP's fetish.
That is No 1 in the press freedom,
from the bottom

Anonymous said...

In "Today" newspaper,DC said everything according to plan.They planted a mole and they got it to discredit WP.
LSS said he look at his statement he is very happy.Perhaps NTUC should come out clean how their executives,directors etc are paid,according to the ministeral guidelines,and how much bonuses and types of bonuses they received each year to all Singaporeans.Union members do not know what happen to the subscrption fee paid and go to.

Anonymous said...

Do you realize when Denise Phua says bloggers are now real check on govt, she could also imply that mainstream media like ST is not doing its job?!!! lor!

Anonymous said...

Dear LSS,

Of course lah! you will say that your CPF money is still there....

With your multi-million dollars salary, you dun even need to care or touch your CPF funds even after the day you dieedddd!

But for us common folks, do you even know what's it like?

Anyway, dun be surprised, come 1 day when the Old Fart is gone. And then you go checking the CPF money chest....there is only a tinny penny with old fart's face staring and similing at you - stupid dummy, I old fart rans faster, better than you - see all money gone already...

Anonymous said...

the problem is that WP Replies to the PAP's disgusting accusations. why? there is really no need to.

why not ask if the PAP has so little to talk about what they have done that they have to pick on whether the WP fellow is/isn't an NCMP? add the extra whack about how, while some parties do not plan long-term - look at the train system, the lack of housing, hospitals - WP does. hence younger members as NCMPs.

why not bring up the MANY ways the PAP has been dishonest? like claiming we dun feel inflation etc.

why not attack by asking how the PAP can field a man who has cheating in the family? or attack on any other front?

after all, the best form of defence, is ATTACK!

i'd love to see more hard-hitting from the WP, instead of scrambling around to explain themselves.

ah lian said...

But the PAP forgot WHO they're trying to win over.

Yes, when the PAP throws mud at the WP, some people may be swayed. But others -- like the Hougang residents -- REALLY REALLY do not care for slime tactics! The dirtier the PAP play, the more buay-song people will get!

Hougang is not for sale. Haven't the gahmen learnt anything in 20 yrs?!

Anonymous said...

Due the exclusive society (marketed as inclusive society) the PAP government has created, they are losing more supporters than a few smearing campaigns can win.

Anonymous said...

Remember Ma Chi? He is handsome, not a heavy drink,good investor etc.

The credibility of the state controlled media is in questioned. Only a fool a trust the main stream media for news during election period.Every election must got some drama.

Now our PM must spend all his time thinking all his time how to fix his opponents, albeit a very weak attempt.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are tired of political smearing. Just focus on how to improves our lives.

Anonymous said...

So this is the calibre of our Ministers. He must be so impressed with his actions? This is the first world, Division 1 talent which we are paying so much money for. Now I appreciate the cheap foreign talent. They are definitely value for money.

Anonymous said...

Am thoroughly disgusted by Straits Times and PAP.

If one reads the actual content of the article, a more appropriate headline would be "WP CLARIFIES allegations of dishonesty", which would be similar to a story on their website "WP's Png Eng Huat clarifies NCMP comments".

But they chose to plaster the big headline "faces allegations of dishonesty"...

TCH also asked a really sly question. If they had sent Png as NCMP, and Giam to Hougang instead, he could very well say Giam is not the best man for Hougang. There is no winning for WP, except by exposing what a sly question this is.

Of course WP should, and will send a better candidate/more willing candidate to the parliament first!

Anonymous said...

Ang Yong Guan said he was surprised to see how DPM Teo can raised such question. Every party chief has a reason or strategy for candidate selection. How they deploy it is up to LTK.

PM Lee has 2 DPM roles in the parliament. Why two?
Can one then infer that PM Lee has no confidence in either one of them for the 2nd most important top job? Thus TCH himself may not be the best man too!! What a crap.

Anonymous said...

PAP is using the old cunning tactics to attack the WP because
the PAP do not want the Hougang residents to focus on the real bad PAP immigration policies which have led to a whole lot of problems that the PAP has no idea how these problems can be to solved.

Hougang residents must understand that the problems you are facing now include

loss of jobs to foreigners and becoming jobless Hougang residents because you are squeezed out by foreigners,

salaries of Hougang residents are depressed because of large number of cheap foreigners,

grow up married children of Hougang residents cannot afford to buy sky high HDB pricy flats because permanent residents have push up price of HDB flats,

unmarried Hougang residents also face the same problem with their married counterpart in addition to extra bias by the PAP against single persons who want to aspire to buy HDB flats,

Hougang residents are inconvenienced by the frequent breakdown of MRT trains as a result of PAP's lax attitude in ensuring the SMRT and SBSTransit operations are performed well,

Hougang residents have to squeeze in crowded MRT trains and buses day in day out as a result of large number of foreigners competing for a space on public transport,

Hougang residents have to pay higher and higher medical fees when seeking medical treatment in hospitals and medical centres because PAP is secretly raising the cost of medical fees,

children of Hougang residents have to compete with foreigners for decent school places, be it in primary, secondary, junior college, polytechnic and university.

Hougang residents must remember that PAP is paying S144 million to educate foreigners every year whereas PAP is asking Hougang residents to pay for everything,

One more thing,
while Hougang residents are struggling and suffering in this high inflation era and competing for decent place with large number of foreigners as a result of PAP's lax immigration policies,
PAP are enjoying comfortable and luxury lives with their million dollars salaries and bonus year in year out.

Anonymous said...

I am truly disgusted with the political smearing of opposition candidates. PAP will lose more votes if they continue to play dirty during election. Basically the by-election is referendum for or against the policies and performance of PAP since the last election. Vote for PAP if you are happy with their policies and performance since the last election. Singaporeans already know the MSM is a propaganda machine of PAP so will always put the Opposition Parties in a bad light.

Anonymous said...

In GE 1997, target was WP Tang Liang Hong. And Tang Liang Hong not only lost but also fled out of the country.

In GE 2001, target was SDP Chee Soon Juan. And Chee Soon Juan not only lost but later bankrupted.

In GE 2006, target was WP James Gomez. And James Gomez lost and later switched to SDP in GE 2011 but still lost.

In GE 2011, target was????? Or run out of target?

So back to BE 2012, it is now WP Png Eng Huat. And Png Eng Huat Ah!!!!...??????

Anonymous said...

Whether WP got Huat or no Huat, 60% still consider PAP the best available party to make Singapore Huat Ah!!!!

Huat in Teochew means "to prosper" or "Fa" in Chinese.

Anonymous said...

PAP make Singapore Huat Ah for who? The 60%? The 40%? Or what %?

Anonymous said...

They even blocked the carpark that is supposed to be empty so that car drivers who were attending the rally at hougang could not parked.

Yet that didn't deter the crowd from turning up.

Anonymous said...

Instead of focusing of real issues affecting Singaporeans, PAP chooses the usual character assination, nothing new. It is PATHETIC. Trust the mainsteam media to blow it out of proportion.

I hope, that as WP gets stronger, that WP will stay vigilant against inflitrators and traitors. The fact that PAP is using character assasination tactics, shows how scared really PAP is... and will do whatever it takes to undermine WP.

Anonymous said...

All because WP "yau kui" NCMP post.

If not ah, DPM Teo got nothing much to attack.

And WP will also not have that much disunity.

"yau kui" literary means "hungry ghost" in Teo Chew. Or "hard up" in English.

Anonymous said...

That's why sometimes not so good to "yau kui" free things or concessions given by "enemies".

Nothing is really free and good. It comes with a price, although may not be in $.

Anonymous said...

I m resident staying in punggol and you know what at about 1830 hrs today 23 may 2012, someone distributed Complimentary (FREE) copy of this morning Straits Times to every household here !! I m surprised ! Who are the one behind this ? Why only distribute free copy of straits times to us Today ? Is it because of what is being featured on the front page today ??? Strange and fishy !

Anonymous said...

Mediacock played out the volume too. This is call their journalist etique. I felt being held in ransom by the whole PAP machineries from SPH to Mediacorp when the whole mistakes were indeed the PAP who has made the people suffered and lied thru their teeth without giving Singaporeans any transparency and accountabiility. PAP at Hougang rally is a waste of time so they just throw rocks and stones in the hope to reduce the voting margin. End of the day should the margin be suffered even if WP win, you will see a bunch of PAP monkey will claimed itself as victorious and made further hoo-haa about it again thru SPH and Mediacock. Singaporeans are extremely sick of PAP that is why you hardly see much turnout in PAP rally. All those who were there, came not with their hearts but freebies. This is the sad state of PAP that they need to do soul searching instead of yelling at others for not being honest. Their own honesty were thrown into questions many years ago. Todate LHL remained tongue tight!

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal har? Anwar accused of homosexual act by BN but can still win elections any where he contested..

Anonymous said...

Attacking the enemy by character assassination has always been the hallmark of PAP dirty politics. You can trace it all the way back to when LKY smeared Lim Chin Siong just to grab at the political reins.

In 2011, PAP tried the same tactic on CSM and Vincent Vija briefly. But they stopped quickly because they realized it would backfire after reading the first wave of cues from the blogosphere.

But PAP has absolutely no qualms in destroying the personal reputation of its political opponents. Why? Because PAP knows it can get away, thanks to its control of the press, the police and the judiciary.

Hail, PAP!

Anonymous said...

The Straits Times is as despicable as ever. Do not visit the newspapers' websites. Do not buy the papers. Write to the companies that take out ads in the papers and tell them you will not buy their products.

Anonymous said...

TCH is still blabbering about honesty in today's Straits Times - he has been caught trying to split hairs, but refuses to stop.

His skin is really thick - he should have been Chief Armour Officer instead of Navy Chief.

The said...

/// Anonymous said...

In GE 1997, target was WP Tang Liang Hong. And Tang Liang Hong not only lost but also fled out of the country.

In GE 2001, target was SDP Chee Soon Juan. And Chee Soon Juan not only lost but later bankrupted.

In GE 2006, target was WP James Gomez. And James Gomez lost and later switched to SDP in GE 2011 but still lost.

In GE 2011, target was????? Or run out of target? ///

In 2011, the target was Vincent Wijeysingha.

Anonymous said...

The pap knows they cannot win in Hougang. They are afraid that their % of votes will decline further and thus put pressure on Lee Hsien Loong. So they are desperate. Desperadors do extremely silly things.The pap is bankrupt of ideas. That is why they have resorted to such dirty tactics and the msm prostituted themselves to help the pap. The more the pap resorted to these sorts of smearing tactics, the deeper the pap will sink into the shit hole.

Yours Toothfully said...

I'm actually feeling a bit worried for WP. Unlike during GE2011 when they hardly had any negative comments in social media, there are some voices opposing WP this time.

Anonymous said...

""Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean said the episode raised questions on whether the WP was being 'honest and upfront' with Hougang voters."

This is the kind of conniving leaders we have. And this DPM Teo was the ex-MInister for Education, mind you. What kind of ministers do we have running our schools?

Patriciarnhc said...

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