Thursday, May 17, 2012

A tragic accident evokes intense emotions...

Last Saturday, Singaporeans woke up to read about a tragic accident that occurred at Rochor Road. A Singaporean taxi driver and his passenger were tragically killed when the driver of a limited edition Ferrari beat a red light and struck the taxi at a breakneck speed of 150km/hr-200km/hr. Newspapers reported that the taxi's engine ripped off by the impact and flew as far as 30meters.

This accident has been the focal point of much discussion among Singaporeans for the past few days. There are numerous reasons for this. This accident apparently caused by a driver from PRC is one of a series of accidents  involving foreigners. Perhaps the dramatic manifestation of the difficulties we have integrating people from different places. The accident involved a taxi driver, an occupation that has is often associated with hardship among a large segment of Singaporeans - there are no social safety nets when Singaporeans lose their jobs and driving a taxi is one of the few tough options left for PMETs suffering from structural unemployment. The limited edition red Ferrari that cost $1.8M is seen as an immoral excessive conspicuous consumption  resulting from the growing income divide in our country. The Ferrari driver had another car, a BMW. The purchase of luxury cars by the rich is one factor in rise of the COE that puts ownership of cars out of reach for some lower middle class families that need a car badly, The driver who took the Ferrari to speeds of 150km/hr, way beyond our traffic rules, and beat a red light (as seen from video evidence provided another cabby at the same junction[video not for the faint-hearted ] shocked Singaporeans who are generally law abiding citizens.

The 31 year old Chinese national, reported to have millions, is one of the many who move their wealth here for various reasons including tax avoidance[Facebook Singaporean founder] and other darker reasons due to the existence of casinos. Superficially such wealth is seen by some to make Singapore "richer" however this money is often brought here to be parked in our banking system or use for the purchase of property or luxury cars benefiting a small number private bankers and "already rich" property developers. Existence of "concentrated" wealth does not trickle down to create a better economy for the ordinary citizens as we have seen from here and numerous examples around the world. In Singapore this "wealth" adds to the hardship of ordinary Singaporeans by driving up the cost of living. In the past we welcome people who invested in new businesses, factories but in the last decade the rich bought residency simply moving wealth to Singapore and it was only recently that the govt realised this mistake and scrapped the "wealth for PR" scheme[Wealthy foreigners can't 'buy' PR status anymore]....its already too late because Singaporeans have been negatively impacted by this policy.

This accident has become an outlet for the anger that has been festering and building up in our society  for a long time due to the large foreign influx. There is much anger directed at the dead driver of the Ferrari, Ma Chi for flouting the rules and causing the accident. But fatal accidents occur every few days involving Singaporean drivers speeding. I'm sure Ma Chi did not have the intention of causing an accident and getting himself killed and that he hit a taxi and not a tree or another luxury car is purely incidental. The dramatic nature of the accident and the incidental links to many things that frustrated Singaporeans  helped fuel the anger. Because the accident involved a foreign national, Singaporeans associate this with their own negative encounters with  foreigners - spitting, speaking loudly in buses, quarreling in public, pushing they way into crowded buses and MRT, less than "smooth" driving skills of recently recruited foreign bus drivers. Much of this frustration has little to do with individual foreigners - it is not their fault that cultural and behavioral differences exist. They are not here to cause problems for you but to help themselves to job opportunities and scholarships to make their own lives better. The PAP govt took the large number of people in first then try to figure out how to integrate them later....after all the friction and tension shows up. Personally I think it is too little, too late and too difficult to change perceptions that are now so deeply ingrained. This mountain of resentment is easily fired up by various incidents involving foreigners.

Anger turned to sadness and sympathy when the taxi driver, Mr, Cheng Teck Hock passed away after 2 days in ICU. He was the sole breadwinner and had 3 school going children. Concern for Mr. Cheng's family led to a donation drive[Ferrari Accident: Ways to help the family] and Minister Shanmuggan has assured Singaporeans the family will receive hep:

"Law and Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam said Mr Cheng's family will have the cast-iron assurance that they will be provided with all necessary assistance"[Link]

If you want to help Mr. Cheng's family, send your cheques payable to his wife Mdm Lim Choo Eng to:

THE CHENG FAMILY c/o Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd 
383 Sin Ming Drive 
Singapore 575717 
Attn: Customer Service Centre

Given this is one of a series of accidents, many Singaporeans have raised the issue whether foreigners should be made to pass the stringent driving tests that Singaporeans have to go through to get a license. In Singapore, we have one of the toughest driving tests in the world and Singaporeans are made to go through many driving lessons before they are able to pass the driving test. In some parts of the world, you can get a license after 6 hours of lessons and a simple driving test. In many places, you can get one by paying a bribe. This accident aside, our congested narrow roads are a lot harder to navigate than those in many other countries.  In Australia (Victoria), for example, they only allow conversion of driving licenses without a driving test for drivers from a few selected countries - Singapore is one of them[Link] but China is not on the list. When we talk about integration, it should not be a one-sided thing where Singaporeans adapt to foreigners. Drivers from different countries have different practices and habits. We put a requirement on Singaporeans to have a certain level of skills and demonstrate a level of safety before they are licensed to drive on our roads ...why is there no similar requirement imposed on foreign  residents here? 


Anonymous said...

Lucky, my elder son took 5 tests before he passed and cost me close to 5,000 as each time for retest, he has to take several lessons to make sure that he remembers all the rules as each test is about 2 months apart. Second son passed after three tests ans cost about 3,000 plus. It's very strict and the slightest mistakes you make, you fail.

Anonymous said...

My 2nd hand car is expiring in 2 yrs time and I shudder at the thought of paying incredulous sums of monies for a replacement then. I have 2 small kids whom need ferrying to childcare every morning before I head off to work.

If landed housing can be restricted to locals, why can't we just have the political clout to give priority to local families with a real need for a car?

alexis said...

Lucky Tan, you have missed the point.
A lot of outrage is due to the fact the mainstream media are trying to portray the ferrari driver as a successful, handsome, wealthy man that had his life cut short instead on focusing on the damage and lives he has taken with him due to his irresponsible act. Being PRC and rich are collateral.

Anonymous said...

The mystery woman in the car has been identified as Miss Wu Wei Wei. She is a PRC student who moonlights at a naughty KTV (rumored to be Tianamen).

Mr Ma Chi was a regular customer of Miss Wu Wei Wei. Eye witnesses have reported seeing his car at the club car park. Most clubs close at 3 am. His wife reported that he left their home at about 3 am. He therefore had probably gone to pick her up after work. They were probably headed to an undisclosed location for sex when the accident occured.

You can check out more details here:

Anonymous said...

Pap has always make it hard for sinkie from taking driving licence to applying for uni plus ns etc etc but yet 60% like it so what can I say

Lucky Tan said...

I forgot that unusual report from ST praising the young handsome ma chi

Anonymous said...

If even casinos are allowed, what's wrong with encouraging ultra rich foreigners to park their money here for whatever reasons?

Of course, these will cause lots of other problems and bad side effects.

But ultimately it boils down to:

"Is there a better alternative to PAP? And if not, why not?"

And 60% who voted PAP is due to this.

And this is the root of the problem. And wise bloggers like Lucky Tan should think and blog more on how to solve this.

Anonymous said...

That Ma Chi deserve to die!

Anonymous said...

Ma Chi reportedly bragged about his street racing on his facebook and it is not a state secret that illegal street racing has been around for a while involving supercars. All these points to a society where there are 2 separate set of law, one for the rich n one for the ordinary. We did not have this scenario 10 yrs ago. I think it takes a loss of a couple of more GRCs to put things right again.

Anonymous said...

If I were the PAP, I must make sure that PAP remains the best available party to vote for by majority voters.

If not 70% voters, at least 60% voters.

If not 100% of the seats, at least 93% of the seats.

Anonymous said...

Hougang voters can make their point loud and clear on 26 May 2012.

Make PAP lose its deposit and PAP will still remain the govt.

But will they?

Anonymous said...

>>>>But ultimately it boils down to: "Is there a better alternative to PAP? And if not, why not?" And 60% who voted PAP is due to this.<<<<

Have you been living under a rock all these years? For goodness sake, Singaporeans live under an authoritarian regime run a fucking despot and his family and cronies.

There isn't a better alternative because the PAP has been quashing any opposition through underhanded tactics ever since Operation Coldstore.

Why isn't there a better alternative to the regime of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Un in North Korea? Why isn't there a better alternative to the father-and-son Assad regime of Syria?

Before the Arab Spring and Gulf War II, why weren't there better alternatives to the regimes of Gaddafi and sons (who ruled Libya for 30 years) or Hussein and sons (who ruled Iraq for 30 years).

Now do you see why there "isn't a better alternative" to the regime of Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong?

Anonymous said...

The local driving test cost me thousands of dollars.

Yet the emphasis on safety is far less than in Australia, where I took a few lessons to familiarise myself. Singapore's tests seem to harp a lot on technical proficiency rather than consideration for others.

Some foreigners can easily buy licences from their home countries. Even the Malaysian driving license may not be clean.

To allow such drivers on the road when so much is demanded from Singaporeans is an insult.

It is similar to admitting foreign students to NUS/NTU when they can hardly understand English.

Foreigners from "dubious" countries should be scrutinised more carefully before being allowed to drive.

Anonymous said...

It will be very unlikely that changes will take place in the way foreigners are allowed in.

The Greatest himself crowed: "We grew in the last 5 years, just by importing workers alone."

So don't hold your breath.

Anonymous said...

Ma Chi was obviously here to launder his ill-gotten wealth or dodge from the chinese authorities. He was probably having whale of good time with the KTV girl in his red ferrari when he lost control of his own driving and caused the tragic incident. Heavy alcohol consumption cannot be ruled out. Question is why the government let in this type and allow them to apply for PR/citizenship? How many Ma Chi wannabes are out there now???

Anonymous said...

"An Inclusive Society in the next 10 Years."
Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam

This is called "trickle down economics."
An old idea dating back to 1890.

"If you feed the horse enough oats, some will pass through to the road for the sparrows.'"
- economist John Kenneth Galbraith

Please note. "Inclusive society" is not the same as a "Swiss standard of living".


Anonymous said...

The trickle-down theorist’s view of the world is nicely captured by a Donald Reilly cartoon depicting two well-fed executives nursing cocktails on a summer afternoon as they lounge on flotation devices in a pool. Pointing to himself, one says angrily to the other, “If those soak-the-rich birds get their way, I can tell you here’s one coolie who’ll stop” working so hard.

This portrait bears little resemblance to reality. In the 1950s, American executives earned far lower salaries and faced substantially higher marginal tax rates than they do today. Yet most of them competed energetically for higher rungs on the corporate ladder. The claim that slightly higher tax rates would cause today’s executives to abandon that quest is simply not credible.

In the United States, trickle-down theory’s insistence that a more progressive tax structure would compromise economic growth has long blocked attempts to provide valued public services. Thus, although every other industrial country provides universal health coverage, trickle-down theorists insist that the wealthiest country on earth cannot afford to do so. Elizabeth Edwards faces her battle with cancer with the full support of the world’s most advanced medical system, yet millions of other Americans face similar battles without even minimal access to that system.

Low- and middle-income families are not the only ones who have been harmed by our inability to provide valued public services. For example, rich and poor alike would benefit from an expansion of the Energy Department’s program to secure stockpiles of nuclear materials that remain poorly guarded in the former Soviet Union. Instead, the Bush administration has cut this program, even as terrorists actively seek to acquire nuclear weaponry.

The rich are where the money is. Many top earners would willingly pay higher taxes for public services that promise high value. Yet trickle-down theory, which is supported neither by theory nor evidence, continues to stand in the way. This theory is ripe for abandonment.

Excerpt from Robert H. Frank's article 'In the Real World of Work and Wages, Trickle-Down Theories Don’t Hold up'

Anonymous said...

After so many years of Pro Alien Party leadership.
Singaporeans now have to kow tow to foreigners who can't drive.

Vote Opposition if you want your children to develop skill sets that does not requiring prostituting themselves in the future for money.

Anonymous said...

Don't get distracted by Ma Chi. Focus on the PAP. They are the ones who prostituted Singapore to foreigners.

Anonymous said...

"But fatal accidents occur every few days involving Singaporean drivers speeding."

The above is NOT a factual statement. I am not aware of Singaporeans speeding and causing FATAL accidents killing innocent third parties every few days. Please do NOT be influenced by Straits Times propaganda. The last FATAL accident killing an innocent third parties involving speeding is probably eons ago.

Fast Horsing To Death said...

This piece of rock can probably be called a launderer of sorts.

We launder their passports by issuing them the red one so they can go anywhere they please without getting a visa.

We also launder their driving licence and issue them one of ours, recognized even by the Australians.

We might also have laundered many other things but that is another story.

Anonymous said...

Vote the Pro Alien Party.

They have created many high paying KTV hostess jobs for the daughters of Singapore.

"The jobs are there. It's just a question of whether you want to or not."

Anonymous said...

The horse has bolted. Singapore society has drastically changed and there is no way we can turn the clock back. This papists Leegime has blindly executed the harsh and outdated ideas of strongman Lee Kuan Yew. The damages have been done to Singapore and Singaporeans. I am afraid there will be much more serious damages in the future. There is only one way to stop this madness and that is kick out the pap.

Anonymous said...

I understand the anti-influx-of-foreigners sentiments right now. But let's not forget why and how all these don't just happened overnight. Like Lucky said, it's a cumulative effects resulting from the govt liberal policies.

While many wanted to bring the focus back into the drivers' skills (of any cars) instead of putting the blame blindly and squarely PRC Ma Chi, I agree to some extent this could happen to local drivers too. But the reality and facts are - several cases of reckless PRC drivers have caused unnecessary deaths cannot be overlooked.

(1) Bus driver killed pedestrians
(2) PRC driver kidnapped and killed cleaner
(3) Ferrari driver killed 3 and injured 2

With such a horrific track records within such short space of time , what does it say about the driving skills or perceived lack of safety codes from this particular demographics? Personally I also have lived and worked and experienced in China. I really won't be giving them a pass or direct conversion from their local licenses to Singapore without them going through regions tests. PRC drivers are notorious in their bad driving, watch clip.

Secondly, the state media in my view has made a bad move when they try to downplay the fault of the driver. Sure, their consideration is not to fan more anti-foreigners disgruntles and they have achieved the exact opposite result when they try to portray Ma Chi as a successful model or example of a very "fine migrants" in the hope to defend the Immigration Ministry of their "quality selection".. The same goes to the extensive reporting of FB co-founder. Not sure if these really worked to assuage the angers of voters, instead of tackling and handling the issue as a national policy.

Last but not least, illegal racing has been going on at marina bay areas for quite something. The police close their eyes and tolerate such activities and now, we even start importing F1 races all for the leisure of the rich and fast and furious. How not to be incensed?

Anonymous said...

Jack Nicholson (Pro Alien Politician) defending his Pro Alien policies against Tom Cruise (Lucky Tan) in the light of the tragic Ferrari car accident.

Everlearning said...

Is the authority going to classify this just an ordinary road accident? It was too shocking to watch the video clip and apparently the reckless driver was endangering other road users' lives.

If these dare-devils are allowed to use our Singapore roads to drive their million-dollars cars at such speed, I dread to think that many more lives will be lost in such manner, in a forseeable future.

I urge the authority to put right something and ensure our safety is not compromised!

Ng Eng Hou said...

Just came back from a friend's funeral last night, who went away at the young age of 50. Still feeling sad about his pass away. Life is so unpredictable! This taxi driver and Japanese passenger didn't know disaster could strike them all of a sudden. While all forms of reckless and irresponsible behavior should be condemned, but let's not get ourselves overly out of control,though we have every right to be real angry. Let's pray for the peace of the souls who had just gone and cherish life especially those who are around us! Let's feel our heart with more love and less hate. We can only live once and this is our choice.

Make love, no war, no enemies!

Anonymous said...

It is so sad that FT and Foreigners are being targetted with the slightest excuse.

Whether we like it or not, FT is crucial to Singapore economy and our survival as a nation.

We should spend more time to integrate them into our society rather than to waste time bashing all them whom have contributed to Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Likely, until a Pro Alien Politician has a similar intimate meeting with a Ferrari, nothing will be done.

Anonymous said...

Even after all the training and tests, Singaporean drivers still drive like idiots.

It's not the test. It's the Sinkie mentality that is the problem.

"I pay for my COE, road tax, ERP, therefore I'm entitled to act like an asshole."

Anonymous said...

Trust is vital in a society...if societal trust is too low..people trust no one.

Let's talk about multicultualism..what is that? Google it...

A professor did a study on the above that multicultural scoieties has higher levels of trust than monocultural shows the exact oppositie...

Singapore is considered to be a multicultural society...but thru national service and over the past 50 is becoming a monocultural society...where one doesn't see themselves as a chinese, a indian, a malay or a eurasian 1st (well for the majority except for some who thinks a race genes means they are better which shows the rubbish in the farkings idiot's head) in the main sees themselves as singaporean 1st...yeah we play the racist jokes on each other and off..but we can see it as it is cos we went thur a lot together as Singaporeans...

Now look at the past 10 years (maybe 20 or more)...due to lax immigration rules, self serving selfish motives and some idiots ideas of money always 1st and improving the gene pool (uber alles shit)...they import various different people with their own ideas (fixed) cultural values and norms from india, malaysia, china, phillipine and more into singapore...

What took years to make Singapore into Singapore was many diverse cultures and the worst...these other cultures do not choose (in the main) to integrate into singapore's monocultural society...why...FARKING HELL THERE ARE JUST TOO MANY IMMIGRANTS...

When the US did the same in the early 1800s...german, italian, irish etc immigrants see their own cultures vallues and norms and themselves a number of took a generation or 2 before these immigrants (2nd generation or more) see themselves 1st as Americans and everything else 2nd...

So PAP GOVERNMENT...are you folks really that stupid...or trying to show the world how much more stupid you can be.

Idiots. And worse. Please do are in a position of human lifes...devaluing those human not a good idea...cos it will reach a stage where your lifes too will be devalued ultimately too...

So wake up your farking self deluded ideas...and farking think and do the right thing.


Anonymous said...

The Straits Times offers a good insight on how the power elites view things.

Anonymous said...

anon 14.16 - u are very right. there is so much inconsideration on the roads these days.

by coincidence(?), the rudest, pushiest, most demanding pple appear to drive the most pricey cars.

i really object to being honked repeatedly to do a right turn when a bus on the opposite side of the road is blocking my view of oncoming traffic. esp at a junction which has seen a number of accidents.

i object to pple bolting out of petrol stations when cars parked just in front and outside the station block the view of oncoming cars.

i am fed up of people determined to barrel down a narrow 2-lane road along which cars are parked, even when they do not have right of way. the attitude is YOU wait becos I drive a flashy, more expensive car.

this is an incredibly unmannered and uncouth society today. it shows that despite our so-called wonderful education system, many pple have not been educated at all in the true sense of the word.

it does not help when one old man insists that we Must keep up population numbers so more ipads and such can be sold!!! how juvenile and lopsided is this thinking? it is all well and good to give a nod to materialism and money, but to grovel to these is absurd and crass. and daft.

considering 2 million were brought here in the last 20 yrs, do they not already More than compensate from any fall off in numbers of working pple? some simply cant count... among other things they cant do.

Anonymous said...

this column says it all. the last line is particuarly apt.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans who frequently tour China would have been impressed by the driving skills of the tour coach drivers there for their ability to
manoeuvre the poor conditions of the road there. These skilful drivers are also well paid there. I think those PRC drivers who came over to be recruited as bus drivers are those who cannot make it in their homelamd.

Anonymous said...

The PAP have been importing foreign talents whom they have much admiration for their ability to make money like PRC Ma Chi and FB co-founders. PAP never find anything lacking in the characters of these foreigners because they are like them equally self-serving with no regards for fellow human-beings

Anonymous said...

Ferrari and PRCs....somehow it is like eating chocolate ice-cream with wasabi sauce...

Anonymous said...

He wore red shirt, red shoe driving a red car that wonder why? He will rest in piece and peace?

If you think singaporeans are in their anti anger mood, try reading a chinese netizen's comments who said
" Ma Chi deserves to die. Glad he took along a Jap with him too"...gee, talk about racism & nationalist sentiments!! What did the innocent Japanese girl has to do with it!!! At least Singaporeans are upset over the cause and effect!!

Anonymous said...

Agree - there's a high statistical evidence of PRC as bad drivers per '1000 population as listed above.

This group need stringent and rigorous tests before they can be issued permit to drive. Especially those newly minted Parvenu.

Anonymous said...

Lives have been lost.

Daughters have been lost
Husbands lost
Sons have been lost
Fathers have been lost

Let them rest, please.

Anonymous said...

@17/5/12 14:30, Anonymous

"Please do are in a position of human lifes...devaluing those human not a good idea...cos it will reach a stage where your lifes too will be devalued ultimately too...

So wake up your farking self deluded ideas...and farking think and do the right thing."

Fascists won't do that and lose their grip on power.

PRC 滚远一点 said...

Apparently this ma chi guy is the brother of a fugitive mafia boss. wonder leh, so rich at a young age. and the stupid ST journalists did not even investigate how the so-deserved-to-die-guu made his $$$ before trumpeting him as a "successful investor".

and i bet the setting up a two casinos, plus low taxes, are the reasons why this rotten egg came to singapore.

btw, since shanmugan has given his iron-clad assurances the family of the deceased singapore taxi driver will be well taken care of, i suggest we don't donate a single cent leh. it is ridiculous that when the rich causes grand damage and suffering on the poor, the society has to "subsidize" the rich by helping to pay for the damages. I say, let us leave it to the pro-alien-party to pay for the tuition fees etc.

Anonymous said...

PAP opens the floodgate to let in large number of foreigners, including Ma Chi, to come to Singapore.

These foreigners think that they can do all kinds of rubbish nonsenses in Singapore like what they have been doing in the countries that came from.

See what this Citizen of China by the name of Ma Chi who caused this fatal tragic accident killing 3 peoples including himself.

If PAP have never open the floodgate to foreigners, Ma Chi wound not have been here in Singapore. Without Ma Chi, this fatal accident would not have happened.

Thus, through the action of PAP, PAP has indirectly enable the Ferrari Ma Chi fatal accident to be realized.

To do damage control, PAP pretend to provide necessary help to the victim taxi driver family. This is like crying over spilt milk.

PAP, where is your conscience?

By the way, how could the woman in the Ferrari car identified as PRC Miss Wu Wei Wei work in KTV when she is supposed to be a full time student on student pass?

Why the enforcement of work pass is so lax?

Anonymous said...

How come the government officials trying to pacify the victims by funding further education of the taxi driver's children? Why not offer to sue the owner of the red sports car against his current estate for loss of future earnings, stress, depression and maintenance of the victims' families including the foreign lady? This will be a better settlement for all parties concerned.

Anonymous said...

For more up close and personal encounters with Ferrari cars .... who are you going to vote for in Hougang?

Anonymous said...

Vote the party that brought us high paying jobs such as online prostitution and KTV hostesses.

Anonymous said...

singapore does have stringent requirements when it comes to diving test. The same standard does not apply to foreigners who already have a driving license in their home country. For all they have to do to convert to spore license is to take theory and not practical test. However, singaporeans can also "enjoy" this by going overseas to take driving test then come back to convert license. I know singaporeans who have, while living overseas, took their driving test there. It's easier to pass. So to say, we singaporeans can also 'enjoy' the benefits tt foreigners have.

Anonymous said...

//It is so sad that FT and Foreigners are being targetted with the slightest excuse. //

I am going to qualify this once and for all before more fear-mongering people who like labeling singaporeans are all in the perpetual 'xenophobic state".

There has been NO PROBLEMS or anti-foreigners sentiments when we were still at 4m population.
Everyone pretty much still accept each other graciously. The situation got ALOT worse at 4.5m , 4.8m and eventually 5.2m. There are already the signs and symptoms of overcrowdedness and displeasures going around but this govt refused to take heeds, and insist on going ahead with mass influx. Today we have a very untenable situation on hands..and what are doing now...just busy fighting fire. Everything has a breaking point, and they have crossed the line.

So DO NOT say Singaporeans are anti-foreigners because they HAVE NOT been all these time. But at this 5.2m stage, they are truly ANTI-INFLUX of foreigners...especially those last 1m that came through the gates with very questionable credentials and quality. Do they care, no. They continue to sprout their academics data, and ignoring the emotional and psychological needs and discomfort of the citizens. We are expected to suck it up, because in DPM twisted words - singaporeans "can accept" certain amount of migrants. HE is still living in his ivory tower.

If Singaporeans don't voice out against their tyranny, (and please ignore all those little goodies they try to make it up to you because its the govt jobs to do that..but they failed to do so last 2 elections.) there will be NO SINGAPOREANS left to speak out for your children, and grandchildren.

And until they move faster on the rectification and further cut down of the migrants, people will continue to vent their frustrations at foreigners.....

I didn't vote for a Party to run a govt so that I or my children can be a call center telemarketing sales person. 2016, is a BOOT-OUT CALL!

Anonymous said...

I cry for my fellow singaporeans.
And many more of us will be crying for more demise of Singaporeans.
You decide. Coz they are definitely taking their sides.

Anonymous said...

>>>>Whether we like it or not, FT is crucial to Singapore economy and our survival as a nation. <<<<

Rubbish. Please grow a brain. Don't just regurgitate the crap that PAP feeds you.

Roger said...

Well written article. As a former PR in Singapore it appalls me that any 'foreigner' could show such a scant regard for the rules of a country they are living in, and with such tragic circumstances.
If you live in a country you abide by the rules and you need to be courteous towards your fellow citizens. This is definitely not the case with the Chinese national who caused the accident; a shameful act with dire consequences for an innocent family

Anonymous said...

"Personally I think it is too little, too late and too difficult to change perceptions that are now so deeply ingrained."

This is purely subjective. How have you ascertain that such perceptions are already deeply ingraned?

The same is made of the fact that if you think so, yet, the last GE 2011 clearly elucidate that a strong 60.1% mandate was given in spite of such deeply ingrained and adverse notions of these foreigners and PRs.

It is not deeply ingrained until you see a radical shift towards this policy in the election results.

There are a large number of unconscious native Singaporeans who have not had their political conciousness raised on such matters.

Yesterday, I went to buy a Zinger meal at a KFC and I was intringued when I saw a Fillipina lady in her 20s instructing a Malay cashier in her 40s. I began to wonder what does this government mean by foreign talent. It is clear to anyone with an ounce of intelligence that it's cheap labour more than anything else.

It is fair to allow PR and foreigners to take on a refresher course or some imposition for them to be familiar with Singapore driving rules. But our government is busy busying sucking up to China that it can't do that. It wants money and that's all it's after.

Why should the minister only help those Singaporeans who have made it to the news?

Because it's a great opportunity for the to show they care.

If you really care about your people, release the CPF, install subsidised unversal healthcare, minimum wage and tell us how much of our CPF money have you lostover the years.

Singapore is going down. Today, many Singaporean youth such as myself are asking why we need to serve NS and reservists to protect 40% of the foreigners on this island; when the Senoko power plant and the one in Jurong has been sold to foreign companies? How does one protect a country when its energy resources are in the hands of the enemy?

NS and nation building are not aspiration. They're a joke today.

Our government has lost the moral license to tell us what to do and what is good for Singapore in the long run.

We have an incompetent government running our country today.

Anonymous said...

I hav not come across anyone who has made things clear and simple as anony 17/5/12 09:37.

What he says is true especially the bit about underhanded tactics.

I want to ask the more critical andn perhaps, to some, the radical question as to...

Knowing that the election boundaries were constantly redrawn and money were timely dispensed to buy the peoples' votes, the establishment of 2 gambling centers, the people of Singapore still voted YES to this?

Singaporeans themselves know it' wrong to redraw election boundaries and gerrymandering, yet, it sits there and let it happens...this must suggest that Singaporeans themselves have crrupt values for they themselves condone such dishonest election devices themselves?

Are these 60.1% Singaporeans morally corrupt to some degree? Are we living in a sick country where kiasuism and kiasism has been deeply ingrained in the Singaporean pysche that Singaporeans have a complex about doing what they know is right?

Many Singaporeans are pathological today.

Anonymous said...

A govt or a person may be incompetent.

But if they are the best available due to the alternative being much more incompetent, then the incompetent will still be there to do the job.

In the kingdom of the blind, the one eye jack will become king.

Anonymous said...

Free porridge.
Free hearing aids.

What more do you want?
3 free meals in a hawker centre, a food court or a restaurant?

Is this "inclusive" enough for you yet?
"An Inclusive Society in the next 10 Years."
Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam

Are the economic benefits (free porridge and free hearing aids) of our meritocratic economic policies "trickling down" fast enough for you?

Actually, our meritocracy is called "trickle down economics" by the rest of the world.
An old idea dating back to 1890.

So Sinkies.
Is the free porridge and free hearing aids enough "Swiss standard of living" for you or not?


Anonymous said...

Free porridge & Free hearing aids for you.
$1.1 billion dollars for the profitable private bus companies.

Is this meritocratic enough for you yet?
Is this elitist enough for you yet?

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Clear eyed said...

The number of foreigners here has reached such a toxic level that Singaporeans, who are generally tolerant and accepting of others, are reacting negatively to them. This is not xenophobia or racism or whatever label some like to attach on them. This is a natural, human instinct necessary for survival and self-preservation. It may not appear pretty but it is not a crime.

Anonymous said...

Imagine if it was a western nation talking about Asians - like Pauline Hanson in Australia who felt the same way. It needs someone else to say it about yourself before you see it as racism.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, is he holding a valid driving license?

Can someone provide more info on this?

Anonymous said...

Australia has very strict immigration laws and Pauline Hanson was still bitching about it.

PAP let in any Tom, Dick and Harry to the extent that Singaporeans feel squeezed in all ways and you are still advocating roll over and play dead?

No wonder PAP was voted in by 60% - daft as the old geezer called you.

Anonymous said...

We are now accepting with alacrity such rich criminals like Burmese drug lords, corrupt Indonesian tycoons, arrogant princelings of politically powerful people in China, money launderers, contraband goods smugglers evading arrests in their own countries, super-rich tax evaders from Europe and America, and Casino kingpins. We even go all out to offer them no extradiction to their home country, super-low income tax, no capital gains tax and no estate duty.
No doubt the intake of these less-than-honourable immigrants will raise our national average income and GDP but they will also erode the moral fabric of our society. The latest example is the havoc created by Chinese princeling Ma Chi with his reckless driving on a Ferrari that killed not only himself but also a few innocent people as well.
Unfortunately, the Minister's salary and bonus is based on the top 1000 income earners which are immensely boosted by the intake of filthy rich immigrants. This is the reason why the Ministers are only too keen to take in such filthy people, without any consideration of the consequential erosion of our country's moral values. For this reason I think the PAP government has really lost its moral bearings.
The filthy rich people also bid up our car COE tremendously and it is impossible for the ordinary people in Singapore who has to hard earn every cent of their money through sweat and toil to compete for the limited COE against the shady foreigners who get their illicit money by hook and crook .

Anonymous said...

"...I think the PAP government has really lost its moral bearings."
Anon 19/5/12 06:18

Who cares what you think?

It's what 60% voters think at every election that really matters.

Anonymous said...

//And 60% who voted PAP is due to this.

And this is the root of the problem. And wise bloggers like Lucky Tan should think and blog more on how to solve this.//

How to solve this if the MM is controlled. The only way (the hard way) if for other 60% to see the truth and come to their own good sense themselves (through whatever educational way available like blogs) or they are personally affected themselves through real experience.

Anonymous said...

Now the media is in overdrive to let you know how much the taxi driver's family is being helped to divert your attention away from the despicable inexcusable act by an equally irreponsible scumbag with the convenience objective of showing how caring & concerned the general population and some authorities are.

Anonymous said...

Ferrari driver Ma Chi is son of Ma Kai, a senior communist official in China.
hence the statement from China embassy.

Anonymous said...

Let's vote in Opposition government.

Then we will bring in real foreign talents from all over the world to advise our government.

Real experts who can help us with our transport, flooding, security and etc. problems.

Anonymous said...

If it is not male, then it is female.

If opposition sure lose, then PAP sure win.

Anonymous said...

//There has been NO PROBLEMS or anti-foreigners sentiments when we were still at 4m population.
Everyone pretty much still accept each other graciously. The situation got ALOT worse at 4.5m , 4.8m and eventually 5.2m.//

Law of diminishing marginal utility.

Similar with sex with the same beautiful girl. Even for money where you are willing to spend more for the "same thing" if you are rich (e.g no subsidy or higher price for the rich). Haha.

Anonymous said...

Have lots of money or earn lots of money = have lots of talent.

PAP ministers earn lots of money = have lots of talent.

That's why PAP is a talented govt.

PAP govt get lots of rich foreigners to come here, it means they also get a lot of talented people to come here.

Where got talented people who are poor? Got meh?

Anonymous said...

Vote in Opposition Government.

And then we get real talents from Switzerland.
To show us how to get Swiss standard of living.

Get our advice direct from the experts.

Not the half baked Millionaires who are always sending themselves on study trips to Switzerland.

Anonymous said...

This kind of thing is happening everywhere in the world and not just Singapore. The rich is always 'more equal' than the others.

Anonymous said...

I see lot of anger against the PRs. Rich people who have a lot of money and doesnt know what to do with that does these things. Dont target all foreign workers. There are several disadvantages in not allowing foreign talents. Example when they are stopped to come in your rents, property prices goes down to half. I think Singapore is in the hands of a good man. Compare it to any other neighbouring country and see.

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