Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Unethical electioneering practices must stop.....

There is a very sad letter I want you all to read. You can click it and read the letter in full.

The writer from Hougang urges his fellow constituents to vote for the PAP so that Hougang can "move on" and get new facilities and estate upgrading. He feels that Hougang has been the "sacrificial lamb for WP's call for democracy and transparency" and there are "enough voices from the WP in parliament".

One of the most damaging thing the PAP did to democracy and to the country is to link votes to estate upgrading. It encourages every voter to think of himself first above the interest of his fellow Singaporeans and the interest of the country. During every election, the PAP will dangle multi-million dollar carrots to secure votes. These carrots encourage voters to support the PAP even though they are against PAP policies that are harmful for the country and Singaporeans. Over time, instead of formulating beneficial policies that have good support from Singaporeans, the PAP has become dependent on this method of getting votes. In the last election, they promised rivers (Bishan river). MRT stations, parks, and all sorts of grand facilities. The more Singaporeans show that their votes can be bought, the less the PAP need to do to ensure their policies benefit ordinary Singaporeans.  They will respect you less if you allow your vote to be bought.

"The term pork barrel politics usually refers to spending which is intended to benefit constituents of a politician in return for their political support, either in the form of campaign contributions or votes" - Wikipedia

Pork barrel politics destroys policy-oriented party competition It takes the focus of voters alway from long term policy considerations for short term and selfish gains. If voters succumb to these tactics, the PAP will continue to use it for an unfair and unethical advantage. The forum letter writer instead of speaking up against unethical tactics of the PAP, urges the people of Hougang to yield to it in order to get facilities and upgrading. Lets turn our country away from this destructive path instead of sinking deeper and faster into it.

Put our fellow Singaporeans especially those in need above ourselves. Put the interest of our country above our own interest.

Facilities and upgrading may be lacking in Hougang - there are no artificial rivers, no blue dolphin fountains, no rose gardens and no spanking new playgrounds....but what the Hougang people have money cannot buy. They have our respect. It is this Hougang spirit that permeates to all corners of Singapore that will ensure our survival.

Hougang residents will not be swayed by carrots. They will vote for the best candidate to  represent them and speak for them in parliament.


Anonymous said...

quote : just vote for WP. make it the longest unbeaten record that hougang is held by an opposition party and make it a history for posterity and for all future generations to remember for a long long time. : unquote

Anonymous said...

Totally spot on!

Singaporean voters have to start elevating the way politics are being conducted by PAP here. Just look all around you and I would say most, (if not 98%) of our estates today are either fairly new or already have good full facilities. Schools, roads, playgrounds, markets, parks, pools malls, many more facilities do you need?

How many more new concrete hardwares, building, structures do you need? We need to STOP accepting these MINDLESS bribes in exchange for your precious votes! That's akin to giving away your family heirloom just so you can get some cash to go out and buy some prada or iPhone for materialistic quick fix!

What we want instead, is to use your precious vote to bargain and decide on National Issues that affect everybody day in/day out. What do you want to see on public transport? On childcare policies? On employment fair wage and equal treatment? On work-life balance? On determining your Ministerial salaries. On high HDB prices. On schooling streaming and exams etc etc..These are the policies that you want the govt to engage you with..not those stupid pork char siew they want you to buy.

Think about it...if ALL the ESTATES in Singapore don't vote for PAP, does that mean the estates will rot? No! And if everybody don't VOTE for PAP just in exchange for estate upgrades, what do you think will happen? The govt will have no choice but to provide estate upgrades across the board because they can't stand the fact that your estate will look drab and dirty..because they will look bad on the international stage, and they will automatically renew it for you even if you Don't want it!! It's just common sense.

Learn from Hougang that has been the shining beacon and prove to Singaporeans (overseas) and your children that there is more heart ware and intelligence in voting on national issues, than just your manmade fake rivers.
You may call hougang voters a slum, but these people have such an admirable heart of gold that no other voters from newer or millionaire-ministered- estates can compare to.

sgcynic said...

Amen. The WP or anyone who stands for integrity has my respect even if our views may differ. The PAP has my unreserved scorn.

sgcynic said...

Oh, btw, Teo C H, a DPM no less seems not to know what shame is. Maybe his dignity is supported by his million dollar pay.

Anonymous said...

I am from hougang and voted for wp for one simple reason:
We need people with different view which can never be achieved with single party, especially for small country like Singapore.

My vote will not go to dc who should hv join th opposition should he wants not only give different voices but also drives to implement them.

My support to the opposition despite the fact that their candidates might not be perfect.

Anonymous said...

Desmond Choo said something about Hougang will not be absorbed into another GRC because of their "unique identity".

Does he mean that those constituency in a GRC do not have their own identity?

Anonymous said...

teo chee hean's accusations reveal a desperate man. if the PAP has so much to offer, how is it that teo cannot even tell hougang voters provide ONE good reason for voting for his party?

if he wants to talk of dishonesty, how would he describe his party's claim that the average sporean will not feel the blistering heat of inflation in this country?

isn't it dishonest too to claim a family with an income of $1,000 can buy a home costing $100k? they may certainly buy it, but will they be able to pay for it until it is all theirs? and will teo chee hean support this idiot family when it has no savings to retire on, or provide a job that ensures they need not live on the street when they run out of cash to pay for their Public Housing?

dishonesty can take many forms. how does one describe the long-running claim that HDB flats are affordable?

then there is the little matter of the PAP chairman claiming an $8 bypass is possible. odd that he Still cant tell us how he managed it.

what do such claims say about honesty and integrity?

then there is the little matter of SNEAKING hordes of foreigners into the country. what does that say about honesty and integrity?

it is pathetic that spore has to put up with this bunch in govt. a bunch who dare not even tell you how much it costs to put up an HDB flat. a group who dont have the guts to give us an accounting of trillions of $s in Public money.

it is totally laughable that this same lot of pple go out and claim others are dishonest. describing their attempt as stupid is being very kind.

WP needs to rise above trying to rebut teo chee hean's malicious pronouncements and remind pple they do not need to sink to the level of the PAP to win an election.

the fellow is obviously a slow learner. he still hasn't learnt from the last time his party ran down an opposing candidate. does he deserve to be a DPM? or even in parliament?

looks like he needs to go out and repent!

meanwhile, it is good to bear in mind that desmond choo wasn't fielded in a GRC. tin pei ling was. so obviously the party thinks more highly of her.

hougang voters have to ask themselves - do they really want someone whose calibre ranks below that of tin pei ling to represent them?

Anonymous said...

This coming BE will be a test of Singaporeans´ values and principles. If their votes can be bought, then then take all the consequences that come with it.... Don´t Complain!

Increasing rate of inflation, High COE prices, High HDB prices, Stagnated wage levels, influx of foreign workers..... If Singaporeans want to vote in PAP, just in order to enjoy estate upgrading, then sorry, I have no sympathies.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed very sad for Singapore and Singaporean when they expressed they are against almost every bad policies from the PAP and yet they voted for them. I've talked to one such person and his answer was the PAP can bring the rich investor into Singapore and this person can make his monies and be well off. Talking about selfish motives and selling off his soul. PHUI.

Anonymous said...

I remember when i was living in Serangoon Central when they put up a welcome sign with nice decorative bricks to inform people that this is "Serangoon Central". Does it improve the lives around there? What sort of aesthetic did it bring? Yet the sign cost more than $100,000/-. I can remember the exact cost but this is utterly a waste of money. This kind of 'enhancement' we can do without.

Ghost said...

Lucky, this is politics. Governments throughout the world; throughout the ages; give out goodies to the people to get votes. Even in Roman times, the government host games and give out goodies to get votes. Pork barrel politics has always been around and as along as we have a democratic system, it always will be. Anyone who thinks it will go away is in dreamland. This is the way it is, the way it has been and the way it always will be! Politics is down and dirty and that’s the way IT SHOULD BE!

Anonymous said...

60% consider PAP the best available party to vote for every election.

And PAP considers Lee Hsien Loong to be the best available person to be PM and Teo Chee Hean to be DPM.

And DPM Teo considers WP Png Eng Huat to be not truthful.

So will majority Hougang voters think the same as DPM Teo and therefore vote PAP?

This one hard to say lah. Wait for the night on 26 May 2012.

But my gut feeling is WP may still win but with a much reduced majority, maybe only 50+ %.

Anonymous said...

If WP win only 50+ %, I consider this a great victory for PAP, even though PAP lose.


Because it means that come GE 2016, PAP will again win at least 93% seats, if not more. This for sure.

Anonymous said...

Mr Lucky

Do u think PAP will bring out all their big guns (pinky, teo,etc) if it is a lost cause?

Oh yeah ... continue to sit on ur butt and do nothing ...

Anonymous said...

Keeping the status quo is the best - a WP MP for national interest, plus a PAP adviser hanging dispensing largesse. If they vote PAP, they only get to grumble at the MPS.

Anonymous said...

We need more Opposition MPs in parliament to ask the government;

1.Why is it so difficult for them to control the car population in a small island?

2.Why is it so difficult to run an MRT train in a small island?

3.Why is it so difficult to govern and manage a small island?

4.Why is it so difficult to secure our borders to prevent a fast limping terrorist from escaping?

5.Please add on your favourite questions here .... and pass it onto your Opposition MP to ask in parliament.

Because this is how a parliamentary democracy should work.

Anonymous said...

It is politics for the ruling party of the day to channel national resources away from constituencies which supported the opposition.
One solution is for at least 40% of the constituencies voted in opposition parties. Any ruling party which leave a big part of the country under-develop will loss their right to rule. Right now it is just one GRC and (maybe) one SMC, so pork barrel politics will continue.

Anonymous said...

The forum letter writer is a teacher at Chua Chu Kang Primary School. Knows who butters his bread, obviously.

Anonymous said...

Maybe 60% knows who butters their bread, directly or indirectly.

Anonymous said...

If this guy is a teacher, he is teaching the wrong values to his students.

Is he saying that it's alright to be blackmailed into rejecting the candidate whose hands are tied for any upgrading or the like? Is it alright to succumb to the ruling party because we are at their mercy? Is it democratic to succumb to veiled threats and accept carrots dangled as bait?

If this is the type of democracy that this teacher accept, he has wrong values. I have no respect for such teachers.

Anonymous said...

This is another failed tactic. The desperate pap just don't know what they are doing. How can we trust these bunch of brainless idiots to run our country.

Anonymous said...

Shitty Times is famous for their ghost writers.

PAP has lost the respect and trust of Singaporeans.

Bye bye, PAP.

Anonymous said...

TCH has stooped so low that it has become pointless and juvenile.

Why not addressed the real issues which the common citizens face: rising costs, MRT breakdowns, and the daily struggles of the man-in-the-street and those who have to support families?

Why waste our precious time?

Totally a retarded dotard, I must say.

Anonymous said...

Hougang is the conscience
Hougang is the beacon
Hougang is true blue
Hougang is Singapore

Regardless of which party dangles carrots, teochew moi, upgrading...
Hougang voters are brave people who stand up for Singapore!

Hougang! Hougang! Hougang!

May 26 2012

Let this be a day in history marking the rise of Democracy and the begining of the decline of PAP.

Anonymous said...

Half way through the campaign trails, and the term pork-barrel politics have taken a new twist, in a different form, but still pork barrel nonetheless.

The recent royal flush of $100,000 donated by Rotary Club chairman's Tapan Rao is an example. Of course, the press and supporters are at work to sing praises that Mr Choo has the ability to bring in donations from private individual to help retrofit 50 aging toilets. It is being sold as his capability to get things done within the 15 months there. But is it really?

Here's the question to ask. Why do you need individual donations from any clubs to give it to a PAP party who today is the running government? Why can't HG citizens get the upgrading funds just like everybody else from this govt? If this government can open its immigration doors so wide that 2 million of foreigners strangers can just come and enjoy the fruits of our labors built by singaporeans (including HG residents) why couldn't the true-blue Hougang Singaporean Sons & Daughters enjoy newer facilities/infrastructures instead?!! Apparently the HG resident is 3rd class, after Singaporean and Foreigners!

And with the round-about way for Rotary Club Chairman to donate the money to a non-winning party, how different is it from money laundering but is just another way to get the money cleaned so it looks like is not coming from govt but from private investor care of PAP MP to dish out the carrot? Very slick yet far too slime I would say. Carrots from CCC direct or carrots from RC indirect, are still carrots dangled by PAP Desmond Choo.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lucky,
Been reading your blog for more than half a year :) Can you shed some light on Singapore's cost of living here? :

DanielXX said...

Singapore is rotting under one party. Nothing wrong with the people in PAP, but the nature of human behaviour just dictates that 合久必分.

Anonymous said...

So what does this all mean?

Vote Desmond Choo/PAP for a $100,000 toilet upgrading programme?

Vote PEH/WP if we want to ask questions about how Singapore is being managed?

If yes, then the choice is clear.
Vote WP to slap the sleeping driver.

Anonymous said...

PM Lee urged HG voters to start fresh so they can vote DC to work with govt to improve lives!!

Is he implying that if they vote for Png, he won't work with govt to improve lives? Or is it the other way round, that the govt will continue NOT to work the Opp Png to improve lives?

仁政 said...

It is a sad day for Singapore when a teacher preaches self-interest over national interests. It is even sadder when these self-interests are based on short term materialistic wants.

I stay in Aljunied and I had no problem rejecting PAP pork barrel politics in 2011. I only hope that I will live to see a brand new government with the integrity and compassion to lead Singaporeans in the right direction.

Ng Eng Hou said...

Actually upgrading or no upgrading, it's no big deal. I stay in Marine Terrace under Goh's constituency and I don't see much benefits from the upgrading with the exception of installing a lift that can stop at every floor, which is of a great help to old people. The materials that had been used for the upgrading are usually of inferior quality and mind you, this is not free, you still have to pay for it. In fact, some upgrading projects got stopped halfway as some contractors ran into cash flow problems.

So,for Hougang voters, when you vote on this Saturday, you ask yourself - are you happy with what PAP have done recently?

Anonymous said...

All issues, say, role of PA, have been politized in Singapore. To put the interest of an individual above all is understandable. If WP is able to win the by-election, I really have to salute to HG residents. If it is a convincing win, it could be a wake up call to the opponent.

Anonymous said...

PAP election politics is always th same. Half way through the campaign, pick on something typically unimportant, then play it up. Last election was HG account issue, now PEH NCMP issue. Give me a break.

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Anonymous said...

Of course the forum writer writes like that! Or not where can publish by Shitty Times? The Masak control Shitty Times, so can only publish things that help PAP (Party against People)

Anonymous said...

"The Great Dictator"

Don't give yourselves to brutes,
men who despise you,
enslave you,
who regiment your lives,
tell you what to do,
what to think and what to feel;
who drill you,
diet you,
treat you like cattle,
use you as cannon fodder.

Don't give yourselves to these unnatural men,
machine men, with machine minds and machine hearts!
You are not machines!
You are not cattle!
You are men!
You have the love of humanity in your hearts.
You don't hate;
only the unloved hate,
the unloved and the unnatural.

Anonymous said...

Who is Chua Boon Chiew?

Chua Boon Chiew is a Senior Teacher teaching in Chua Chu Kang Primary School.

As a Senior Teacher, he is a civil servant. So his job is very secure, effectively, his teaching job is a iron rice bowl job.

But most of the Hougang residents are not as fortunate as Chua Boon Chiew. Most of the Hougang residents face the reality of being replaced by cheap foreigners.
If Hougang residents vote for PAP, peoples like Chua Boon Chiew will benefit from the estate upgrading while continue to keep his iron rice bowl job,
whereas Hougang residents will end up being replaced by cheap foreigners.

As a senior teacher, Chua Boon Chiew is earning a salary of $9000 per month and 3 to 6 months of yearly bonus. With this amount of income, Chua Boon Chiew is living a very comfortable life.
But most of the Hougang residents are not as fortunate as Chua Boon Chiew. Most of the Hougang residents face the reality that their salaries are depressed by cheap foreigners. With stagnant salaries and the prospect of no bonus, most of the Hougang residents are very hard pressed to earn enough to live decent lives.

In essence, Chua Boon Chiew is writing the article from his own selfish point of view. While Chua Boon Chiew is very fortunate to have iron rice bowl job earning high income as a Senior Teacher, let's hope that his children and grandchildren will also be as fortunate as him, if not more fortunate than him.

Anonymous said...

Singapore used to be a nation based on values (see the now 'aspirational' pledge).

Now it seems the ends justify the means. Play to win, doesn't matter how it's done.

What's even more interesting is that ST doesn't even seem to realise how repulsive their past few issues have been.

Anonymous said...

"As a senior teacher, Chua Boon Chiew is earning a salary of $9000 per month and 3 to 6 months of yearly bonus."
Anon 24/5/12 20:39

Wa, senior teacher in primary school earn $9000 per month and up to 6 months bonus?

Sure or not?

If this is true, now I understand why PAP can get 60% majority votes.

Because the civil service is the largest employer in Singapore, right?

Anonymous said...

That's why I think PAP knows better about majority voters than their opponents and critics, including folks like Lucky Tan.

Who knows, maybe some of these PAP critics, who are doing very well, even voted PAP!

Remember, even the sacked WP MP Yaw Shin Leong even publicly said he voted PAP!

Anonymous said...

After reading his letter, I can't imagine what kind of moral values Chua Boon Chiew is imparting to his students.

Anonymous said...

MOE has failed to produce a teacher who preaches self-interest over national interests. I don't want my children to be taught by him. He will impart the wrong values to young minds, teaching them to place self-interests based on short term materialistic wants over what is good for the long term interests of fellow-citizens.

Anonymous said...

PAP is famed for pork barrel politics. It takes the focus of voters away from long term policy considerations for short term and selfish gains. If voters succumb to these tactics, the PAP will continue to use it for an unfair and unethical advantage. So far the residents in Hougang have shown they cannot be bought.

Let put our fellow Singaporeans especially those in need above ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans know all along the MSM and the MediaCorp are both propaganda machines of PAP. Don't believe, just check out what is being published in the Straits Times and what is being broadcast over the TV on the by-election issues on the Cooling Days

Anonymous said...

I am sure that there are moles in the opposition parties. For the media to play up issues like Png's NCMP issue and also for minutes of the WP's meetings to be leaked out, there is a PAP mole or more waiting to pounce on every available chance there is and to distort facts and details for the benefits of the PAP. Intelligent and discerning people won't be taken in, while those who are blinded will continue to be blinded even more!

Terence C said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Terence C said...

Huat ah, Huat ah, Huat ah!!!

My fervent hope is for citizens to vote for justice, equality, and progress for our nation, so as to achieve happiness, prosperity, and progress for our nation!

Anonymous said...

WF now return as MSM chief editor, This guy writes articles that enlighten readers to gahmen policies in ways even backroom scholar bureaucrats never imagined while the reverse is true when when its about the opposition. The new MSM forum would now comes 2 pages of chua BS type of pap-ping horse backside letters. Gahmen must dicovered its old magic wand in the closet when they saw how MSM JOURNALIST providing the leads , digging news that can so damage the opportition like the YAw saga shows and decided to bring back WF. Dark days ahead for WP and rest.

Anonymous said...

Even this carrot dangling could be delusion in the end after you are bought by it. Just look at the PAP Ward. Many wait for years sometimes for up to 3 GE for the promise in the initial GE to come true. The same carrot is reused over again but just every GE they re very smart todisseminates fresh news about finalising upgrading, water projects etc soon just to keep the enticement going, smart pap

Anonymous said...

What does that Chua Boon Chiew from Chua Chu Kang know about Hougang???

Anonymous said...

Think about how many people employed
in PUB,Singapore Grid,PSA,MOE,NEA,Home affairs,NTUC and you get a sense of numbers that are beholden to almost iron rice bowl life.

That is where the 60% comes from.

Then, look at Hougang.. how many are under these employer's payroll?

26,000 voters.. do a straw poll and ask who their employers are?

You'll understand a little better the odds. Now that is why the presence of heavy weights..

Anonymous said...

If you don't like carrot, go for corn.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

Choices,choices,choices...spoilt with corn or eat carrot?

If you don't feel like can play with it lol

The Pariah said...

ST Forum ltr writer, Chua Boon Chiew: Did he or his parents or grandparents (depending on his age) serve the Japs in 1942-45 for a bag of rice? If Mr Chua has kids, what lesson is he teaching them?

Since PAP Govt prioritize Lift Upgrading using national funds based on PAP GE vote %, they can also prioritize IN FUTURE:

1) School/uni admission,
2) HDB/EC purchase condition,
3) outpatient/hospital/nursing home admission, etc, etc, etc,

in the SAME WAY.

With current 96% control of Parliament and with PAP MPs compelled to vote under party Whip, PAP Govt can make all of the above legal by passing laws.

Anonymous said...

Actually, to fight for carrot or really stupid. But then....that's the level of the intelligence of....intelligent people. :)

Anonymous said...

its easy for you to say when you do not live in Hougang, Lucky. Furthermore, there is a very thin line between pork barrel politics and policies centred around the interests and benefits of the people. By offering the people something that the opposition will not be able to, it is clear that the PAP is playing to its strengths, albeit unfairly. Yet, at the end of the day, the main point is that these "carrots" that they dangle do benefit the people in Hougang isn't it? We can go on about democracy and respect all day, but at the end of the day, if the opposition can produce the same "carrots" or "bribes" as the PAP, then it deserves the votes of the populace. Developed countries like the UK and US have their political parties offering sweeteners in their policies to the electorate as well. Is that unfair or pork barrel politics? It simply pries on the fact that human beings are inherently selfish. I'm sure the people of Hougang must have a valid reason for persisting with the WP all these years, but I choose to believe that it's Low Thia Khiang's credit. Png Eng Huat hasn't walked the ground like Desmond Choo has been doing for the past year and if elected, would be riding on the popularity of LTK. Just my 2 cents' worth.

The Pariah said...

@ Anonymous 26 May 2012 05:56 hours: You have gloriously missed Lucky Tan's point entirely.

My response to you is the same as my response to ST Forum ltr writer, Chua Boon Chiew:

Did you or your parents or grandparents (depending on your age) serve the Japs in 1942-45 for a bag of rice - something so basic at a time of starvation?

If you have kids, what kind of values are you teaching them when you kow-tow over estate upgrading - something which is not basic at a time when only a miniscule number are homeless?

Since PAP Govt prioritize Lift Upgrading using national funds based on PAP GE vote %, they can also prioritize IN FUTURE:

1) School/uni admission,
2) HDB/EC purchase condition,
3) outpatient/hospital/nursing home admission, etc, etc, etc,

in the SAME WAY.

With current 96% control of Parliament and with PAP MPs compelled to vote under party Whip, PAP Govt can make all of the above legal by passing laws.

Is this the type of Government what you want for your country and your kids' future as a Singaporean?

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