Friday, July 20, 2012

Changes to Medishield - Prolonging a system with many flaws...

More than a year ago, I wrote about the inadequacy of MediShield as the cost of medical care goes up Link]. As the cost of medical care goes up, the playout by MediShield becomes insufficient for catastrophic illnesses. Yesterday's announcement increases the payout from $50,000 to $70,000 a year and lifetime payout from $200K to $300K. Deductibles goes up by $500 - from $1000 to $1500 for class C and $1500 to $2000 for class B.
For a scheme like MediShield it does not make sense not to raise premiums and payouts as cost of care goes up, The issue is whether our income rises as fast as premiums which is linked to cost of medical care. From 2006 to end 2009, the size of class "C" hospital bills rose by 30% almost 10% per annum[Link]. These premiums will become a bigger financial burden for families over time. These changes preserve the scheme as it is adjusting it for medical cost inflation. The few common little cracks that people fall through are (a) certain illnesses such as cancer require multiple sessions of treatment and patients are required to pay the deductibles (b) busting the payout limits. These 2 cracks can be mended by buying Enhanced MediShield which is offerred by various insurance companies[Link]. If you can afford it, you should consider this.
"Mr Speaker, Sir, about 830,000 Singaporean residents - citizens as well as permanent residents – do not enjoy the insurance coverage of MediShield or its enhancement products. They
make up 24% of the resident population. My Ministry will continue to encourage them to come on board, as otherwise
they may be financially vulnerable should a major illness strike."
- Minister Khaw, 14 Nov 2006
Problem with MediShield is many people are uninsured. Tommy Koh explained the problem of people who cannot get insurance due to pre-existing conditions[Link]. After Obama's healthcare reform in America to provide universal insurance coverage to everyone, Singapore will be the developed with the highest number of uninsured citizens per capita. The reason for this high number if uninsured is when MediSave was introduced, it was not done to ensure universal coverage because that would mean the govt has to increase its expenditure on healthcare as govt would have to pay for those too poor to afford insurance. When Taiwan introduced its National Health Insurance plan in 1995, the govt was committed to ensure every single citizen is covered by the plan[Link]. Today in Singapore there are a large number (830,000 citizens and PRs in 2006) who are uninsured and vulnerable to rising cost of healthcare. Those of you who have purchased insurance for your elderly parents will know that premiums go up year after year as a person gets older i.e. as earning power decline. Premiums for the elderly costs about $1000 a year and many low and lower middle income families find this too difficult to shoulder and leave their elderly parents uninsured.
The greatest pain come for the parents of children born with congential health problems. There is no insurance coverage and the cost of treatment can be extremely high.
"We do see quite a number of parents whose children are born with congenital conditions. Unfortunately, at this point in time, the medical expenses will not be covered by any health insurance plans. And if the child  needs to be admitted to the intensive care unit, the medical expenses can  actually go up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. And this is really a huge  burden on the average family."
- Chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Health Dr Lam Pin Min
Out of 40,000 babies born every year about 850 are born with congenital conditions. These can be the common hole in the heart, premature births, or various illnesses such as cerebral palsy, thalassemia etc that cannot be detected before birth. The medical cost to parents can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Very often one parent has to stop work to care for the child. This issue has been discusses for years and the PAP govt has done nothing to fix it. Why is this problem so difficult to fix? Why is helping to care for these babies who are born less fortunate so difficult?.
"For congenital and neo-natal conditions to be covered under MediShield, the population will then have to take into account the premiums that will be associated with this additional coverage. So we want to listen to feedback. It  is a process of consultation" - Minister Gan
I was hoping the new minister can quickly do something about it but he still needs more time to think about it, collect feedback and consult. Well at least he will consider doing something. So how much money are we talking about? Couples who go through IVF (artificial insemination) are required to purchase insurance to cover congenital defects because it is common among such births to have premature babies, multiple births and children born with congenital conditions. The insurance premium cost about $1500. For non-IVF cases, the insurance premium should be between $500 to
$1000. So we are talking about $20M to $40M for 40,000 babies, to give protection to couples who chpose to have babies against financial catastrophe and help these chidren get better care and support. Lets put this $20M -$40M into perspective. $40M is 0.4% of our defense budget. Every year our govt gives out $250M in baby bonus to achieve zero or negative improvement in our fertility rates. Hundreds of millions is spent on scholarships to provide education for children of foreigners.
Couples avoid having children for various reasons - one of them is finding out what your friend has gone through to cope with the medical bills when his or her child is born prematurely and
had to stay in ICU for 2 months.

Helping these families is not a question of whether the govt has the resources to do it but rather what it means to not to help them. Why does Minister Gan choose to frame it as a problem that has to be solved by increasing the MediShield premiums for everyone? Surely this is something the govt can do for parents who have taken the bold step to shoulder the responsibility of bringing a child to this world and caring for the child for many years to come. Do we put our defense budget through the same scrutiny as we are doing to spend this $20M-$40M for the least fortunate of Singaporean babies...the babies of our NS men? Why the need for all this consultancy and feedback when healthcare experts have already said repeatedly that something has to be done in this area including PAP's own MPs. Do we apply the same level of parsimony to our defense spending ...the same
level of scrutiny for our multi-billion loan to the IMF? Are these Singaporean families not worth helping?
.The PAP is willing to spend $300M on the YOG to just enhance Singapore's image, but it is shameful what we put these families through because the govt refuses to spend the $20M-$40M to help the least fortunate of Singaporean babies. Their lack of will to fix this after so many years says a
lot about the PAP thinking and what ordinary Singaporeans mean to the PAP.


Anonymous said...

sad indeed if you're one of lesser mortals

Anonymous said...

The centerpiece of Obamacare is to make sure that unscrupulous insurance companies can no longer use pre-existing conditions to deny coverage.

Anonymous said...

The starting point of all solutions to Singapore's problems is to face the hard truth.

The Pretend Action Party does not want to be part of any such solutions.

Anonymous said...

"The insurance premium cost about $1500. For non-IVF cases, the insurance premium should be between $500 to $1000. So we are talking about $20M to $40M for 40,000 babies"

That's incorrect. The cost would in fact be a lot lower than $20 million if every parent buys such insurance or if the government decides to cover everybody.

If, say, only 1000 couples buy insurance for their newborns, then the premium is going to be something like $1500 as you described. Why? Because the pool is very small and the people who buy are usually the ones who think that they are going to need it. So you have a group of self-select folks who are unusually risky -- of course the premium is going to be high.

But if everyone is required to buy such insurance, then it's probably going to cost something like $50 per couple -- because the risk is spread across a much larger pool. The insurance provider can cover the relatively small number of newborns with birth defects and still be left with a comfortable profit.

Ng Eng Hou said...

Feel sickening to see the government dragging its foot on healthcare and yet engage in wasteful spending on other areas, rewarding themselves generously at the same time.

Makes me wonder why so many fools want to migrate to Singapore. This is a cruel society to stay in.

Anonymous said...

I symphatise with families with children with congenital diseases. But I personally, object to having my Medishield premium increase to cover them. I'm a single, and already I'm at the losing end because I do not get the same kind of housing subsidies as married couples. Why should I, as a single, get further penalised to help shoulder premiums to couples with children with congenital diseases? I'm OK, if the govt picks it up, as I think it should. But the govt always see this as a "slippery slope towards socialism". So no go. So between status quo, vs having my premiums increase (and increase year after year thereafter) to cover a small group, I'd rather have status quo. Why not restrict the premium increase to just a sub-group, meaning, married couples? You get more housing subsidies, you get more tax subsidies, you also get more Medishied premiums, fair ??

Fumanchu said...

Lucky the lucid once again. But I often find that bloggers are often tackling issues piece meal, taking on one issue at a go, or blaming everything on the PAP.

I am just wondering to what extent the problems ailing us today is the result of incompetence within the civil service and to what extent it is reflective of incentive system gone wrong. Or perhaps the problem is really the PAP putting the emphasis on profit making (ie stat boards and ministries fulfilling their respective self-defined KPI). We have long known of course that Goh keng Swee and LKY do not believe in "welfarism". To what extent are civil servants constrained by such "guiding principles" when policies are made today? I fear that not only are the wrong people running the key departments in the civil service, but even the competent ones are constrained by such principles from the past, and those looking out for themselves have every incentives to promote pet projects like casinos, Marina Gardens, 4G defence etc to bother with statistics like the number of medically uninsured. If it was a matter of political direction or incentives, a change of ruling party would resolve many issues over time. If it was incompetence, then we would be slipping down the road for many decades.

Lucky Tan said...

Anon 12:05,

That is precisely my point. The Minister frame it as an issue of whether to increase premium or not to help these children/babies...and plans to collect feedback/consultation based on this framing of the problem. This will elicit the same kind of response from singles like yourself.

I think the 1st question to ask is on the list of spending priorities where how do we rank the needs of these children. If they are worth helping, definitely the govt can find this money.

But if it framed as "increase premiums to help these children", it is an insincere approach because Singaporeans are already shouldering so much of the healthcare expediture compared with all other developed countries. Is it even right to ask them for more? Why can we get money from somewhere else like our extravagant defense spending which is completely opaque and extremely large? What about scholarships for children of foreigners, do we put them ahead of our own children?

Anonymous said...

"Their lack of will to fix this after so many years says a lot about the PAP thinking and what ordinary Singaporeans mean to the PAP."
Lucky Tan

But ordinary Singaporeans should be the majority of voters what, right or not.

That at least 60% majority voters voted PAP every election also says a lot about ordinary Singaporeans and what PAP mean to them?

Or says a lot about the type of opposition?

Or what Lucky Tan's blog mean to ordinary Singaporeans?

Or what do you think?

Lye Khuen Way said...

I agree with Lucky that this PAP Govt has always deem it very in convenient for a govt to to get involved in this sort of business.
They are unfortunately, never to my mind pro-citizens.

Anonymous said...

Anon 20/7/12 12:30

I think you may be wrong.

It is possible that in uniquely Singapore, the rich, the bosses or the elites could be the majority of voters.

How? Because a lot of rich foreigners from all over the world want to come to Singapore what.

And just make them instant citizens and there you are, PAP will get the majority voters that they want. Not impossible, right?

Anonymous said...

In Singapore, being just only a millionaire, not tens of millions, is quite ordinary, relatively speaking. Maybe Lucky Tan is one, or worth much more.

The 60% who voted PAP should be seen in this context.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:30
"That at least 60% majority voters voted PAP every election also says a lot about ordinary Singaporeans and what PAP mean to them?"

This has a lot to do with how the MSM has over the years promoted the views of the governments and played down alternative views. The MSM has acted like the blinkers put on horses. I know because my blinkers fell off not too long ago.

Anonymous said...

"What about scholarships for children of foreigners, do we put them ahead of our own children?"
Lucky Tan 20/7/12 12:20

Because these foreigners are considered by PAP govt to be more talented than Singaporeans what.

Scholarship is awarded based on merit and talent, so these foreigners are more deserving of the scholarship than Singaporeans, right?

So what is your issue with this, Lucky Tan?

garden more important lah said...

The National Cancer Centre is planning to build a Proton Therapy Centre so that cancer patient can undergo radiation treatment using proton beam instead of X-ray beam, because 1) X-ray beam increases the risk of causing cancer in children who undergo radiation treatment in the brain and spinal area by 7 to 12 times more than if proton beam was used! and 2) X-ray beam is not as good for certain cancer such as cancer in the skull, and those cancers that require high-energy beam!

To put things into perspective, a senior consultant at the National Cancer Centre has this to tell lianhe zaobao:

"成立一个质子治疗中心的费用只相等于“一架A380空中巴士售价的四分之一,而一个滨海湾花园(Gardens by the Bay)其实可以买到八九个质子治疗中心”。 (20/7/2012 lianhe zaobao)

(IT cost only 1/4 the price of an A380 airbus and just one Gardens By The Bay can buy us 8 to 9 Proton Treatment Centre!)

But guess who is funding this proton centre?


(The National Cancer Centre plan to organise fund-raising activities to raise fund to buy the Proton Therapy equipment. The goal is to raise at least 1 billion dollars)

So you see? Building a garden that cost 8 to 9 times more than a life-saving medical facility is more important (and they make you pay $20 to visit certain part of the garden!)

garden more impt lah said...

apologies. 100 million dollars, not 1 billion.

Anonymous said...

Singapore Grandfather's Story.

Limpeh kali kong;
"HDB flats are heavily subsidized by the government."

"It cost $1 billion dollars to build Gardens By The Bay."

Anonymous said...

That's an interesting thought.

Has anybody actually seen the accounting numbers to see how this $1 billion dollar figure for a garden was arrived at?

ah lian said...

How many of us or our family members, after hospital stays or treatments, have asked, "Can pay by CPF or not?"

And got the answer, "Sorry, cannot. But your bill is subsidised already."

And when we've looked at the "subsidised" bill, we thought the hospital staff must be joking.

Most times, MediShield don't cover. MediSave can't use.

(Or they can maybe offset a small percentage of the bill if we're heng. Or rather, suay.)

So, I'm v doubtful about paying higher premiums for more coverage.

The cost of healthcare is escalating really really fast! Hallo, my dearly expensive gahmen, at this rate, many Singaporeans will end up not being able to pay their medical bills and become a BURDEN to you. Just for that, shouldn't you spare a bit of effort to manage healthcare costs?! For once, pls show off your, till now, v well hidden "talents"?

O, btw, anyone knows what our CPF Special Account is for?

Anonymous said...

"what our CPF Special Account is for?"

A cheap source of funds for "Tummysick" investments?

Anonymous said...

"It cost $1 billion dollars to build Gardens By The Bay."

Well, the bicycles cost $2,000 each.
I'd like to see how much the other items cost.
To arrive at such a large number as $1 billion.

Anonymous said...

At the rate Temasek and GIC is making bad investments, we may soon need CPF 'extra special account' for them to tap upon.

Anonymous said...

Quite likely the 1 billion included mainly the virtual cost of the land it is build on. So no money spent but disappear from account.

Anonymous said...


When you say government to spend xxx amount, you should mention it's either increase in premiums for everyone else or some other tax revenue from everyone else to pay for it.

Do you really think that there is a majority of SGreans who would be willing to shoulder their fellow countrymen costs ?

Anonymous said...

Include land sales into govt annual budget like hong kong and we have $5-$10 bil more in govt revenue every year.

Include profit from Totaliser board, Singapore pools, Singapore power, PUB & other govt agencies providing essential services and another $3 bil will appear in the govt annual budget. After all the taxpayers are the original provider of the capital to set up these businesses, so it is not unreasonable taxpayers to get the dividends fm these invts.

My point - these incremental revenue plus 10 to 20% cut in unproductive defense spending will give the govt lots of room (at least $15 bil) to spend on not just healthcare but also education, public housing and public transportation.

I really can't understand why we hv to spend more than Indonesia & Malaysia combined on defence when a smaller amt has achieved the same deterrent effect years ago when our GDP was smaller. Imagine the fuel cost of a few hours of flying an F 16 is enough to put a poor kid through tertiary education free of charge. Between the 2, which is more productive for society? The problem is we have too many army scholars in govt.

Anonymous said...

Strange thing about defence spending is this - govts always portray that a cut will pose a threat to national security.

Take America as an example, they already spend more than 80% of total global defence expenditure, yet when the country is fast approaching bankruptcy, the defence dept still insist that they don't have much room to cut.

Seems to me that their biggest security threat is the risk of china & Russia combining to dump all their govt bonds in the market. Then an economic collapse will follow which means no more money to spend on defence in future years.

Funny how rational people don't behave rationally when it comes to defence. A bit like a macho man paying a ridiculous price to be seen in a fast and expensive car, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Long Sze Hian says that medishield collects an average of $131m more a year than it pays out from 2006 to 2010. That is $655 m in total for 5 yrs, not including 2011. Why is a govt run, non profit insurance program making profit? Can someone please enlighten me? And why is it that they say premiums shld go up when they are already in surplus every year?

Anonymous said...

"Why is a govt run, non profit insurance program making profit?"
Anon 21/7/12 08:29

So? Ask yourself, who elect the govt?

It's the at least 60% who voted PAP every election!

So if it is a problem, can you now see the solution?

Anonymous said...

Pro Alien Party
Party Against People
Pretend Action Party
Plutocrats Action Party

Does the shoe fit?

Anonymous said...

Interesting part about the "slippery slope to socialism". Think about it:

Pap has been ruling the country for how many years now? What kind of government do we call it? Democracy? Republic? Dynasty?

As for healthcare, why is healthcare not be given the same budget as defence? One improve and saves lives and the kills...not the enemy but some ns boys and men.

Anonymous said...

Look at human history. Many great civilisations come and go. At the end of each civilisation what lead to its downfall. E.g. In China, dynasties changed. What patterns do they have in common at their end?

Are we seeing this happening to the PAP and the civil service now?

Anonymous said...

As long as there are free and fair elections, it is a democracy, not dynasty, even though the PM's son later become PM.

Because who become PM and head of govt is ultimately decided by majority voters, say 60%, tio bo?

By the way, do they have free and fair elections in North Korea?

Anonymous said...

Actually you cannot blame the 60% voters in Singapore for voting PAP, even if PAP is no good.

Blame the opposition for not being better than the PAP.

Which also means you blame the people lah, because the opposition must come from the people what, tio bo?

So ultimately blame the people lah because they deserve the kind of govt that they have.

Anonymous said...

With over $trillion in declared and hidden reserves, Singapore can very easily afford Free Health Care, Free Education up to U, welfare support for the unemployed and the poor.
Singaporeans deserve a much better deal from the papist Leegime. Ask and pressurise the papist Leegime for it.

Anonymous said...

Pm Lee will probably go down in Singapore history as a 'monumental' prime minister - he was responsible of building many monuments during his term in office like marina bay casino, gardens by the bay, new national stadium, first nighttime F1 circuit, etc. Somehow, funding for such projects are never a problem. But when it comes to funding healthcare & education, they always frighten the population into believing that GST has to double to fund these increased expenditure. In the meantime, GIC has more and more money to blow away in crazy investments like UBS. Thanks to land sales proceed siphoned directly to GIC

Anonymous said...

Here is an explanation why I'd rather see my taxes go to F-16 than poor kid: F-16 accrues benefits to all and poor kid only to his immediate relatives. So why would I want to have my taxes spent on poor kid ?

If you are so compelled to help the poor kid may be you should ? It's easy be generous with other people's money.

Anonymous said...

The reason why healthcare is not given the same budget as defence is because the PAP Ministers want to continue to enjoy the privilege of the million-dollar pay and other perks being in charge of the country, as to what the ordinary Singaporeans mean to them: you die your business.

Anonymous said...

"But when it comes to funding healthcare & education, they always frighten the population into believing that GST has to double to fund these increased expenditure."
Anon 21/7/12 12:13

If you spend money on something, you are also expecting something in return what, tio bo?

You don't spend money for nothing in return, right?

So in the case of healthcare and education, maybe the PAP govt think that spending more money than it has already spent is not worth the return lah.

But if spend this money on "monuments", as you called it, or even foreign talents, the returns will be much, much better.

That's why no problem with the spending lah. It's that simple what. Understand?

Anonymous said...

Even if PAP don't spend more on healthcare and education, PAP can still get a return of at least 60% majority votes and 93% seats at every election what. Some more the opposition also did not become stronger what.

So why need to spend more? 93% seats in Parliament not enough meh?

Anonymous said...

Mr Tio Bo, when u say spend money to get money in return, do u mean like investing in bank of America, UBS, Barclays, ABC kindergartens & $2,000 foldable bike.

Btw, my money also goes to the poor kid to put him through tertiary education. The return comes when he start working, gets high pay because he is hungry and knows what it is like to be poor. Then he will contribute higher taxes for the rest of his working life. And because there is social mobility, I will also get a more stable society where the poor dont get restless thinking that they hv to resort to crimes to get rich.

What does flying the F16 get for u? I know you will say it is a necessary peace premium. Like all insurance premium, you don't want to pay more than what is necessary. We hv a defence budget that is the highest in the world as a %age of budget for a country not fighting any wars or is under attack. And we spend more than indonesia & Malaysia combined.

So, Mr Tio Bo, think a bit deeper before repeating the PAP mantras like a silly parrot

Anonymous said...

why is it that we cant use our medisave to buy a full coverage and with no deductables?
After buying it for 20 years, when i was hospitalized in may for a check up, i had to foot the whole bill on my own because it was less than 2500. so what's the point of me paying for it... and worst still i have to pay half of it through cash!

Anonymous said...

Lucky, you are very right about the PAP mindset. For every $1 they give you, they will think of ways to get back $10. That is why we call it Pay and Pay party.

Anonymous said...

Do you know that although former SCDF Chief Peter Lim Sin Pang and former CNB chief Ng Boon Gay were officially charged in court and suspended from duties, they continue to receive half a month salary for every month they are still part of the payroll?

This applies to any any civil servants who are suspended from duties when they are charged in court.

You can figure out while these peoples are not working and carrying out any duties, they still continue to receive half a paycheck.

Not forgetting that the two formerly charged persons are high income staffs earning salary of $60000/month.

Having said this,
how come there is money to pay for civil servants who are suspended from duties and not doing anything because they are officially charged in court, but there is no money to help Singaporean to lighten the payment of medical fees?

Anonymous said...

Hope MPs who care for Singaporeans spare no efforts in their focus on this in the next Parliament sitting.

Anonymous said...

" ... MPs who care for Singaporeans ..."

Millionaires-In-White are chosen to become MPs because they do NOT care for Singaporeans.

If they cared, then it will cost the Pro Alien party to spend a lot of money on social welfare programmes.
This is not what the Leedership wants.

So they are paid $1 million/year dollars to squeeze another $10 million dollars/year from Singaporeans.

Kojakbt said...

With regard to Lucky Tan's comment about the Govt setting aside $20-40M a year to help insure Singapore babies born with congenital health problems, it's just the cost of 1 F-15 fighter jet.

Anonymous said...

Singapore has free elections. Tio.

But how does the GRC thingy make Singapore a democracy?

Why are there so few alternative party MPs elected into parliament when 40% voters voted for them? Tio bo?

Worst, the GRC is elastic, changing boundaries before elections. You still call this democracy? Tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Simplely no one wants to kick the hornet nest in case the same thing happens to them.

Anonymous said...

"....Singapore babies born with congenital health problems..."
Kojakbt 21/7/12 20:44

I think such babies are a very small minority of all babies born.

Therefore their parents should also be a very small minority of parents lah.

And of course also a small minority of voters lah, perhaps even just a small minority of the minority 40% who did not vote PAP.

But a F-15 fighter jet is a deterrent against potential enemies.

And a baby with congenital health problems? What deterrent against potential enemies?

Or rather what impact to PAP share of votes if their parents don't vote PAP?

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

U crazy or what. 1 F15 for ministers salary, another F15 to pay our elite admin service salaries to come up with the world's only vertical bomb shelters paid for by the citizens, and another to pay temasek/GIC invt guys to come up with great invt ideas like buying bank of America. Now u want one to pay for increased cost of medishield. At this rate, SAF will only have money to fly paper planes!

Anonymous said...

Paper aeroplane for SAF?
Good idea.

Paper aeroplanes for paper soldiers.

Anonymous said...

Not related but this article is very refreshing.

Anonymous said...

60% of Singaporeans say the PAP is good regardless of what you say and it is this 60.1% Singaporeans that matter. The rest can go to hell as far as the PAP administration is in-charge. As I'd mentioned in some of your earlier postings, SIngapore is build on politics and economics but more primarily so, it is build on marketing and hype. They will spend $300m on YOG because they are all about image. The government today is a rich landlord who is a poor manager of its tenants.

As long as you're not targeting the 60.1%, your blogs are unimpactful.

Anonymous said...

Which or what enemies? Kindly share because potential enemies can include aliens from outer space.

Anonymous said...

"As long as you're not targeting the 60.1%, your blogs are unimpactful."

Ain't a lot of blogs doing this targeting or try to do this. Else, how can this targeting be effectively done to ensure that this '60.1%' is diverted to such blogs when the MM is controlled.

Anonymous said...

Wrong. I was part of the 70% (that was PAP share of votes back then) & well reasoned criticisms of the govt like we see at lucky's blog and my own disillusion with the present govt policies regarding healthcare, public housing, public transportation & our education system converted me. I am sure more voting shifts will occur in the next election becos the GRCs barrier is starting to fall & promises of change have not met

Anonymous said...

When was younger I used to faithfully vote for PAP, whereas my parents were always voting for opposition. I did wonder why they don't like PAP. I believe they were indeed wiser to do that now. Even without internet and bloggers they had seen the problems with PAP in power.

I only become more aware of the deep sink hole that Singapore is in when I started reading alternative news and opinions on the internet.

WE HAD BEEN BLINDED AND MANIpukeLATED by PAP CONTROLLED MSM! I no longer trust publications from SPH and Mediacorp.

Anonymous said...

Worst than mafia because they did it "legally". With majority in parliament PAP can do anything at their whim regardless of the people's views.

Best examples was the building of casinos. Although they tried to con the people by changing the name to IR, the ills and vices related to casinos are the same. I remembered there were petitions against the casinos yet the PAP government went ahead and build not one but TWO casinos in Singapore.

They just don't care! The only thing they care is power and their millions in salary, bonuses and perks.

Anonymous said...

Worst than mafia because they did it "legally". With majority in parliament PAP can do anything at their whim regardless of the people's views.

Best examples was the building of casinos. Although they tried to con the people by changing the name to IR, the ills and vices related to casinos are the same. I remembered there were petitions against the casinos yet the PAP government went ahead and build not one but TWO casinos in Singapore.

They just don't care! The only thing they care is power and their millions in salary, bonuses and perks.

Anonymous said...

This is how the MiW operates. Things that helps the people, get donations from the people through fund rasing events perfected by mediacorp with their actors.

One stone kill two birds. The donors get free advertisements and publicity on TV.

MiW is very the giam kana when it comes to the needs of people.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice the increase in deductible? Is the increase coverage cost of much that even that the increase in premium is not enough to cover for it? There's something very wrong with the system

Anonymous said...

The country is already half occupied by foreigners. Singaporeans are becoming a minority in their own country! Without a shot being fired, people lose their jobs and housing.

Who wants to invade Singapore? What use can a expensive toy do except fly around on independence day?

Anonymous said...

Nothing will change until we start voting Opposition.
Make sure to also include the 60% of our friends & relatives who also voted PAP.

Anonymous said...

The solution to useless MediShield is the Universal Healthcare Plans put forward by the various opposition parties. When People Can Die But Cannot Affird to Get Sick sears into the minds of the much-trumpeted 60%, they will vote for LOW COST UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE. MEDISHIELD CAN BE DUMPED IN GARBAGE BIN.

Anonymous said...

If you think that it has many flaws, then you are missing the point. It is but a vehicle for the state to absolve itself of its role in providing for the needy and divest it to the individual. It has done so flawlessly.

Anonymous said...

A poor kid might grow up to be an important person, a talented person, who can contribute society. People resource is the only "natural" resource found in Singapore. What is wrong investing on local born Singaporeans?

Isn't buying and maintaining an expensive fighter jet "generous with the peoples' money"??? The airplane becomes obsolete with a limited lifespan too.

Anonymous said...

Voters will flawlessly absolve themselves of having to support Pay & Pay through their noses. You are missing the point.

Anonymous said...

The government has no incentive to fix this flaw, when enough people make noise they just need throw some $$$ out and people will continue to vote them. If they fix this now, this will mean less ammo for future elections.

ovei bardhan said...

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