Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Experts : Govt should run pre-school education and make it free.

In 2010, I wrote about the start contrast between the quality of pre-school education for rich and poor children[Link]. Richer parents can spend up to $20,000 a year for high quality preschool education while many poor children do not attend pre-school. 

300 children from lower-income families get a feel of Primary One

by Kavitha Karum 05:55 AM Dec 18, 2010

Three hundred children, some of whom have never attended pre-school, graduated on Friday from a four-week course to help them prepare for Primary One next year.

The graduation ceremony for the K2-One Bridging Programme was held at Bottle Tree Park in Yishun.

Pre-school is not compulsory in Singapore, and some children, especially from lower-income families, may not get to enjoy this benefit.

Singapore's four community self-help groups have been jointly organising the programme since 2006 to help these children improve literacy, numeracy and social skills and also adjust to formal schooling. The course fee is $10. KAVITHA KARUM
Many years ago, pre-school education was not needed when a child entered primary school. The old school syllabus assumed that child had no prior formal education - many came to primary 1 without attending kindergarten. The teacher would spend the whole year teaching A-Z, counting 1-100, simple addition and some spelling. In my time there were no exams. The teacher would fill up the report book at the end of the end of the  year - I scored "satisfactory" across the board and noticed my friend scored "excellent" for everything.  I did not know what "satisfactory" and "excellent" meant until I was older. I took my report book home and my father signed it and was satisfied  with my "satisfactory" performance. It was really no big deal because there was plenty of time to catch up if you were behind - the pace was slow and children who knew more when they entered primary school had more time to relax and play.
These days things are very different. During the first week of primary school, the teachers will try to identify students who are slow - still can't read. These students are picked out and many schools have after school programmes  to help them with their reading. So if you can't read and can't count, they are not going to slow things down for you. Some parents will even complain if they find the school teaching simple things their child already knows. For the poor without a good pre-school education, the train has left the station and you are chasing a moving train from behind and the extra lessons is like the helping hand trying to pull you back onto the train but you have to run like hell just to catch it. Many don't and 6 years passes by very quickly and they get streamed to some part of the education system where the chance of going to university drops virtually to zero. 
There Lien Foundation report[Summary][Full Report] places Singapore in 29th spot out of 40 countries on a "Starting!Well Index". S. Korea is ranked 10th. The performance is closer to that of developing countries than developed countries. 
This problem has identified by educators for more than a decade and has gotten worse as our income gap widened and poverty grew. Yet the PAP has no solution in place...why is that so? This is a govt that is willing to millions in scholarship to educate children of foreigners but fixing a problem that has held back the progress Singaporean children is too difficult for the PAP govt to solve. This is perplexing...and especially so when the PAP tells us the redeeming feature of our system which suffers from high income inequality is social mobility.   I have not seen evidence t that our social mobility is that much higher than in other developed countries where income inequality is narrower. A very important part of social mobility is everyone having a good start regardless of their family's income. We have children who go through no pre-school or if they are lucky, they get a 4-week $10 pre-school put together by self-help groups competing with children who received very high quality pre-school costing $20K a year - while it is questionable whether parents should spend so much, the difference in quality is extremely wide. It is like a 100m race where some children start 30m behind the starting line and others get to start in front of the starting line. 
Experts say we can improve in this area. Educators have highlight this problem for years.  We know that doing little will cause downstream problems such as the growth of a permanent underclass. We have a govt that can spend $300M for the YOG, millions on scholarships  to educate foreigners' children and billions on military equipment that will turn obsolete and get written off. Why the extreme parsimony in this area and extravagance in other areas such as defense? The PAP has been extremely ideological when it comes to helping the poor insisting that they be self reliant even when the large income gap and increasing cost of living result in a large segment of the populace unable to make ends meet even when they work full time jobs . A more pragmatic approach would be shield some of the effects of inequality from the children while we work out solutions for the wide income inequality - the ideological difference between the PAP and the rest of us means we will be struggling with this inequality issue for a long time....a long time for the PAP to find its way...or for us to knock some sense into the PAP. It is hence important for the govt to do something now to give Singaporean children a more equal start and we should do it.


Anonymous said...

Simple fact is we are in essence a developing country with many rich people. All other aspects of the society out of the class of rich people resembles that of a developing country - our healthcare, transport, pre-school education, 3rd world wage structure, retirement quality for the old.

There are too many things to fix from developing country state. I guess the PAP haven't come around to fix this one.

Anonymous said...

When there are too many things to fix, then must prioritise what must fix first lah.

Number one priority is to pay ministers very well in order to attract talent and which PAP govt did as early as 1994.

Pre-school free for the poor? Was it even an election issue in GE 2011 or previous elections?

So what priority is that?

And are the poor the majority of voters?

And even if so, so what? PAP can still get majority votes of at least 60% every election.

Only when the 60% change to below 50%, then PAP will change.

No other way and it's that simple.

Anonymous said...

The rich and poor divide - a wide expanse created by pap pro employer policies. The way I see it is intentional, deliberate attempts by the ruling elite whose mindset is that of feudal lords who continue to lord over their peasants (the people). Example, why are ordinary singaporeans forced to send their children overseas to study because they can't get into the local universities? Yet, children of the ruling elites gets scholarships. Worst, foreigners are given scholarship instead!

Anonymous said...

"... do something now to give Singaporean children a more equal start and we should do it."

Let's vote out the Pretend Action Party.

For sure, Singapore children will have a more equal start in life.

It's really that simple. Tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Why we must subsidize the rich so that we can help the poor.
Pretend Action Party's policies explained.

Anonymous said...

When we grew up in the 70s and 80s, almost every child went to a low cost PAP Kindergarten. A new nation of youngsters grew up with the PAP flag firmly implanted in their young minds and their parents' perpertual gratitude to the party.

Today, the PAP does not have patience to build long term allegiance. They need quick gains in loyalty and it come at the tertiary end this time. Get the foreign students indebted to the PAP quickly. Hence, the more the generous handouts, the better.

A dominant party calls the tune when it wants, how it wants. Even our kids are of no value anymore....

Anonymous said...

Lucky, u must realise that under the guidance of Lee Kuan Yew, the papist Leegime is more interested in the smart and wealthy. To them the not so smart and poor are a burden to be ridden off. That is why those with a social conscience find many of the policies of the papist Leegime perplexing. Not if u understand what is in their minds.

Anonymous said...

Who's going to pay for it? Are you prepared to pay more taxes?

The poor are not complaining and neither is this an election issue so i dont see the need for the government to pursue.

Let's not cultivate a hand-out mentality in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Education is no more a level playing field anymore. Elitism/old boys connections etc is deeply entrenched, not just for education, in career/work as well. Private tuition for academic excellence goes to the highest bidder. Those who excel in our system with limited resources are the true bright ones.

Anonymous said...

"Let's not cultivate a hand-out mentality in Singapore."

Then why is there a guarantee of such high salaries for politicians.
Why tie salaries of politicians to high income earners?

Is this not a hand out mentality?

Fed Up Singaporean said...

Things are getting worse to worst. When will fellow Singaporeans realize that last GE 2011 was very crucial to correct all the wrong policies of the PAP. Yet... yet it didn't happen. Waiting for GE 2016 may be too little too late. As the saying goes, better late than never. Let us make history in Singapore by bringing a complete downfall of the PAP and get rid of all the hypocrites and singing the same songs over and over and over... with fears, threats, carrots & goodies etc... Stupid 60% of the PAP.

Anonymous said...

60% of your friends and relatives voted for the PAP.

Start the change today.

Make it your personal mission to convert at least one of your friends or relatives into an Opposition voter.

Anonymous said...

"Let's not cultivate a hand-out mentality in Singapore."
ANON: 18/7/12 15:34

It's time the government pays the full market rate for salaries of the NS men.
In fact, what is National Service but a hand-out from the citizens to the government.

Give me back my CPF money.
In fact, what is CPF but a hand-out from the citizens to the government.

Don't help the government to integrate the foreigners.
In fact, what is this integration but a hand-out from the citizens to the government. To help them with their poorly planned immigration policy.

Don't give $1 billion dollars to help the bus companies buy new buses.
The bus companies are already profitable.
In fact, this $1 billion dollars is just a hand-out from the citizens to the government. To help the government correct their poorly planned transportation policies.

Anonymous said...

We must subsidize the rich.
So that the poor can benefit.

Explaining PAP's policies?

Anonymous said...

The daft 60.1% is the cause of all hardships we are facing now.

Ghost said...

I'm not convinced on this. If the government is going to make pre-school free, then it will also need to make it mandatory and frankly I question the need to make young children study even more years than they already are.
Remember how a few years ago, we were arguing about how much workload children have nowadays?

Nothing Perplexing said...

"This is a govt that is willing to millions in scholarship to educate children of foreigners but fixing a problem that has held back the progress Singaporean children is too difficult for the PAP govt to solve. This is perplexing"

What is so "perplexing"?

This is NOT perplexing at all!

The PAP govt WANTS a permanent underclass to do manual labour, because it does not want to the country to be 100% reliant on foreign manual labourer i.e. it WANTS X% of manual labourer to be Singaporeans.

That explains why every year, consistently about 65% of pupils enter the express stream, and consistently about 35% enter the normal stream, of which consistently about X% enter the normal (technical) stream and consistently Y% go ITE etc.

No matter how hard Singapore pupils study for their PSLE, it doesn't matter. 10 years ago, it's the above percentages. 10 years later, even if every parents become more kiasu and more pupils have tuition, the above percentages still hold.

That is, until the govt decides to change the percentages, whereby suddenly the IQ of our pupils will suddenly all shoot up e.g. now, suddenly 35% of our pupils have higher IQ and can go university, whereas 20 years ago, IQ was lower and only 12% could! See? IQ changes as and when PAP feels like it :)

So, since PAP feels that we need X% of manual labourer to be Singaporeans, and since about X% will suffer from the lack of good pre-school. Then, what the heck? Doesn't everything fall into place nicely for PAP?

There is nothing perplexing at all.

Nothing perplexing said...

Ghost (18/7/12 21:20),
you can easily convinced yourself, by looking at the preschool / kindergarten situation in UK, USA, Finland etc.

In all developed countries, they started teaching ABC and 123 at their FREE kindergarten. Are the children of UK, USA, Finland etc "study even more years than they already are", and suffering from excessive "workload"?

The last I check, their kids are studying very happily in FREE kindergarten whereas Singapore kids are committing suicide at the rate of 1 suicide per month!

BOTTOMLINE: The educational level where you start teaching ABC, 123, should be the level where school is free and mandatory and under government control! (So, if you start teaching ABC, 123 in kindergarten, then kindergarten is where govt should be responsible. Conversely, if you start teaching only in Pri 1, then that's when govt should be responsible.) It is NOT ok to starting teaching ABC, 123 in kindergarten, and yet govt's responsibility starts only in Pri 1 where the pupils are already expected to have learnt ABC and 123 previously out of their parents' money!

nothing perplexing said...

Anon 18/7/12 15:34 asked:
"Who's going to pay for it? Are you prepared to pay more taxes?"

Answer: Your wife get $100 grocery money from you, but buy only $1 plain roti prata for you to eat. You mean you have to give your wife $200 grocery money before she can buy $2 roti prata with egg for you to eat?

(Note: In healthcare, our PAP govt spend only about 4% of the tax money on public health expenditure. Other countries spend 10+%! Similar situation in education.)

There is no need to increase tax. Just spend more of the tax money instead of channeling it to GIC / Temasek / foreign reserves / ministers' salaries etc!

nothing perplexing said...

Anon 18/7/12 16:08 wrote,
"Elitism/old boys connections etc is deeply entrenched"

Indeed, so deeply entrenched that Raffles Institution and other independent school openly declare on their webpage that they give priority and preference during Direct School Admission to pupils whose parents are old boys!!!!!

WTF! They seem to have forgotten that they are not fully private schools. In fact, more than 90% of their funding comes from taxpayers via MOE!

Anonymous said...

Tharman's 'Inclusive Growth"

Is that a new pledge, an aspiration or an ideology?

No need to wait 10 years for Tharman to maybe deliver on his aspiration.

Just vote Opposition.
And you will get inclusive growth after GE 2016.

Anonymous said...

"Let's not cultivate a hand-out mentality in Singapore."
ANON: 18/7/12 15:34

Don't worry.
Nobody will ever accuse the Pretend Action Party for helping the poor and needy.

Increase welfare benefits by $30/month to poor families.
Debate like hell in parliament.
What you want? 3 meals in a hawker centre, food court or restaurant?

$4 billion pledge to IMF.
No problem.
$2,000 bicycles for NParks
No problem.
$1 billion dollars help to profitable bus companies to buy buses.
No problem.

$300 million over-budget for YOG.
No problem.

And the list of generosity to non-Singaporeans and rich people goes on and on.

Secondary School Teacher said...

MOE has many stupid and political minded teachers and especially vice-principals and principals. Transparency is low in schools and politics is rife. Many teachers are employed by MOE not because they want to teach, are passionate or have a fondness for kids. They are there to earn money not to develop minds. They do it as a job scope not as an educator but as a general education officer.

MOE speaks of promoting passion among teachers but many teachers experience bureaucratic hindrances to switch subjects or teaching subjects.

MOE speaks of a MYForum but many teachers resign in MOE. Turnover is rife because there is too much politics, favouritism and dirty promotional politics in our secondary schools.

You don't have to look so far. You had an ex-principal pounding an underage slut in hotels and MOE scholars sleeping with 15 year old students. That is how effective their leadership selection process is. This is not a meritocratic society. I know of many heads of departments becoming vice-principal because he/she has friend in MOE headquarters who recommended him. And this man cannot speak even standard singlish. Misandry and hypocrisy is rife in schools and especially among MOE schools leaders.

The whole school became appalled that such a person could be given leadership positions. What avenues are there to tell superindentants that such wrong selection are made?


This is a microcosm of the many systemic problems we face in Singapore under the PAP administration. PAP is old school.

We need fresh blood to lead Singapore. Not blind stubborn dinosaurs of a bygone era.

Anonymous said...

our school system has already parked you in boxes in secondary one - technical, academic and express. imagine the pychological impact on those who are late bloomers.

Anonymous said...

Why should education be a level playing field. being an educator, i can tell u that if we slow down and follow the low standards set by a minority, who when given good teachers, do not value education, we are probably sacrificing for an irresponsible group of parents who do not care a darn about their kids' education. i agree with lucky tan on almost all accounts except this. i seriously think u do know know the actual situation jn schools so your analysis is flawed. perhaps u shd talk to more primary school teachers before u criticise the lack of level playing field.

Anonymous said...

/Anonymous said...18/7/12 15:34

Who's going to pay for it? Are you prepared to pay more taxes?/

Reserves lah. If we can afford to lent $4B to IMF (& indirectly to problematic countries) and boast about the reserves that we have (certainly we have it ok). We certainly can afford to pay for free pre-school education for our own locals.

Paying high tax ? We are already paying high tax (the high rent-seeking environment that we live) in many forms if you care to observe and think deep.

Anonymous said...

"Let's not cultivate a hand-out mentality in Singapore."
ANON: 18/7/12 15:34

let's not do anything for poor and needy Singaporeans.
i.e. maintain status quo.

Hand-outs are freely given only to the rich and the non-Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

The government has the money for free universal preschool. The problem is meritocracy. Meritocratic parents can afford $20k preschool for their kid who have inherited their genes. Those who cannot even send their kid to a PCF kindergarten obviously have no merit and their kid will not have inherited meritocratic genes. This is just like thoroughbred racehorses - you have to give the best diet, training and veterinary care to the horses for them to win races for you. Spending any amount of money on donkeys and asses will not result in any Singapore Airlines Cup. Hence the government will rather award scholarships to class 2 or 3 foreigners rather than spend on education for what it deems are class 6 div 6 locals.


Anonymous said...

Q. How many Millionaire Ministers does it take to change THE light bulb?

A. Millionaire Ministers do not want to change THE light bulb. They prefer to keep Singaporeans in the dark.

Anonymous said...

This is how the Pretend Action Party subsidizes the rich elites.

By reducing the competition from students from poor families.
For limited school places in top schools.
And scholarships to universities.

Anonymous said...

Who paid for the bromptoms bicycles anyway? How many children can go to pre school with that kind of money? Can the ministry of finance tell us how you fund the bicycles?

Anonymous said...

A hand out mentality? Ask the ministers why they must be paid highly before they can serve mentality first.

Sorry, would you be an unfortunate example of too much exposure to msm propagandas?

Anonymous said...

We are simply human batteries for the Papies.

Anonymous said...

Part of the 60% include those folks who spend public funds on expensive chairs and bicycles. Now you know why they continue to vote for pap.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Well said.

The government takes money from the people first e.g. Cpf, gst and giving back peanuts in the form of rebates that is insignificant compared to the rising standard of living. Tackle the standard of living if pap have any heart left for the people.

Anonymous said...

Pre school is already mandatory. The free pre school fee apply to nursery, k1 and k2.

What does it got to do with study workload? If you are talking about free enrichment classes, they are additional things that now only the better off parents can indulge in.

Anonymous said...

A me first mentality huh. Speaking of level of playing field it has never been fair or leveled with miw in power.

Anonymous said...

Please don't make pre-school compulsory. Don't let the low income children compete with my child. I prefer it this way, my child can have a unfair headstart over many of his classmates, so that he can easily get a place in our NUS. The government is doing very well, I love this government. This government is for the rich and I'm rich. So I pray this government be in power forever. Besides, soon I can drive smoothly when COE hit the sky, no need to compete for road space. Long live PAP, may you rule a thousand years.

Ghost said...

To Nothing Perplexing,
The problem is that UK, US and Finland etc do not have the pressure cooking system out eduaction system has. Already children are going to tution classes after classes when they are in primary school. I had heard of some parents who bring their child in kidergarden to tution so that they can have a leg up in primary school. Almost without doubt, this will happen in pre-school if we make it mandatory and do we truly want that also? The stat you have of Singapore kids committing suicide at the rate of 1 suicide per month? That may/will go up.

Anonymous said...

Parents send their kids for tuition because teachers in schools do not teach.

Teachers just set standards, exams and mark papers. Teachers expect parents to send their children for tuition.

Private tutors are the real teachers in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

"We have a govt that can spend $300M for the YOG, millions on scholarships to educate foreigners' children and billions on military equipment that will turn obsolete and get written off. Why the extreme parsimony in this area and extravagance in other areas such as defense?"

They will, once they figure out how to make money from pre-education.

Anonymous said...

"Inclusive growth"?

Hey Tharman. You still got time to work on this mini project or not?

Or are you too busy with your IMF appointment to work on Singapore issues?

How many Singapore civil servants supporting your work at IMF?
Are these civil servants' salaries paid by IMF or Singapore taxpayers?

Anonymous said...

"Parents send their kids for tuition because teachers in schools do not teach.

Teachers just set standards, exams and mark papers. Teachers expect parents to send their children for tuition.

Private tutors are the real teachers in Singapore."

I don't think there is anything with the system. We need a booming tuition industry. How else can school teachers take the short cut of earning a principal's pay without the principal's resposibility.

Veritas said...

I support implementing school voucher for pre-school and MOE should be hell out this business.

There are too much pedophilles, perverts that MOE welcome and promotes with both arms, while kicking good and dedicated educators out.

I heard of principal keeping ex-student as mistress.

If MOE runs pre-school today, all your kids will be non-virgin tomorrow.

Veritas said...

I was having my lunch with my princpal. He boast during his younger days, he fcuk many woman. This principal always bragged he used to be a cowboy and comeback kid who get into trouble with his principal when he was a teacher.

He got kick out from schools many times, and manage to get back teaching.

I believe he is still fcuking around but maybe using prostitute. I have knew so many HODs like go thailand and Geyland...haha... MOE seems to like promote this kind of ppl high high.

ah lian said...

The gahmen like to accuse the oppo of opposing for the sake of it.

But when it comes to helping out needy citizens, the gahmen love to oppose, often with v lame reasons, exactly like they're opposing for the sake of it.

I'm all for making BASIC pre-school education free so that kids can start out on the same footing. And no, there's no need to pay more taxes. Just take from the millions of taxpayers' $ now used to shower scholarships on 3rd rate foreign "scholars"!

Like another commentator wrote, if the syllabus in Pr 1 is already on word and sentence construction, then letting kids learn ABC in preschool is a must. And won't it make it easier for pr 1 teachers to teach also?

Of coz parents who can afford to, can send their kids to the 20k pre-schools, but surely they won't object to free basic pre-school education for all?

Anonymous said...

"We have a govt that can spend $300M for the YOG, millions on scholarships to educate foreigners' children and billions on military equipment that will turn obsolete and get written off."

I would say that this is by far the greatest cause of all our woes. Everybody knows that the most valuable resource that Singapore has is its human resource. But the government thinks that it can deprive the people of their own wealth, crucial nourishment for human development, and get away with it.

What did the PAP government do with the wealth that it stole from the people? It invested it in shit like Shin Corp and Merrill Lynch and squandered every cent and then some.

Most people don't realize this, the most important factor in human development is actually wealth itself. It's an end but it's also a mean. People work hard, they get richer, and they can afford to give their kids get better nutrition, health care, education, accommodation, possibly even a loan to help their kids start a career or a business or get further professional training. So their kids become more successful and get even richer, and the whole cycle repeats itself with their grandkids and so on.

That's how a country really develops -- it's through development of its human capital, not through rigging its GDP growth by getting rich crooks from China and Indonesia to migrate.

You siphon away the people's wealth and you will stall the development cycle, stunting the growth of your human resource.

Singapore has savings rate and public debt that are among the highest, if not the highest in the world. We save like 45% of our GDP. For comparison, Hong Kong save something like 20% of its GDP. Don't let your personal experience fool you -- this is not like you putting away 45% of your salary in POSB for a rainy day, which is of course a virtue. In the context of a whole country, this is more like GIC and Temasek squandering 45% of Singaporeans' wealth every year in shit like Shin Corp and Merrill Lynch (simplifying things, of course some of it also get invested in infrastructure, buying weapons, YOG, scholarships for FT, etc).

The bottom line is that Singaporeans only get to consume the remaining 55%, i.e. you only get to spend 55 cents of every dollar you make on your kids, your home, etc. On the other hand, Hong Kongers get to spend 80 cents of every dollar they make.

Lee Kuan Yew and the PAP have missed the entire point. They have screwed up an entire generation of Singaporeans, who now lead blighted lives and hold dead-end jobs. Singaporeans today are worse-off than their parents: Can't afford a home, can't afford a car, can't afford to fall sick, can't afford to retire, can't afford to put their parents in local nursing homes, and can't afford to send their kids to preschool.

Anonymous said...

The parents who worked hard when they were younger earned a better income than those who did not. as a result they can send their kids to better pre-school. its very fair. if u did not put in effort to get a better education n so cant give ur kids better pre-school, whose fault is that?

Anonymous said...

I am sorry if we didn't get it right.
After election, we still didn't get it right.
Too bad you have given us the right,
to do anything we like.
Will say sorry again in 2016 if you like.

whooooo said...

After 40 years of building singapore, some people still cannot afford to send their kids to preschool. This is a big failure of PAP policies. Why do we need a government that only knows how to take care of the rich and powerful? they can take care themselves.

Anonymous said...

The parents today who worked very hard cannot earn a better living like before because standard of living keeps going up. After a long day at work still have to do the childrens homework. Correction "help" with the childrens homework. So is that the parents fault?

Anonymous said...

Yog can boost their ego.
Scholarships can buy appreciative voters when they become citizens.
Military protect miw. Bonus, N service can keep the young men off the streets - no bersih.
People's well being? Sorry wait long long.

Veritas said...

PAP want to damn SG students la. Today, scholarships are given to chinaman, indian ah neh who cannot make it to 2nd class honors, while our local top students went into debt.

PAP want help equip junk FT with the hallow of scholarship so that they easily find a job.

All these $$$ thrown into foreigners can easily fund our pre-sch.

Kojakbt said...

Editor's note: Currently, PAP Foundation controls a large part of the pre-school market. If, say, MOE is put in-charge of pre-schools and the pre-school system becomes part of our formal Singapore education system, PAP Foundation will have to give up running pre-schools (just like political parties do not run primary or secondary schools). Could this be the reason the PAP Govt is dragging its feet to formalize the pre-school system in Singapore? For selfish reasons - so that pre-school kids could be subconsciously "programmed" to remember the PAP symbol in their heads?

Anonymous said...

I thought PAP was running pre-schools very long already, since when I was a small kid attending pre-school more than 40 years ago.

So why should PAP give up running pre schools?

Some more PAP branch office, where their MPs also conduct their MPS, is always or most of the time next to their PAP pre-school premises. Do you know why?

And do you know why opposition MPs don't have proper office to conduct their MPS and instead use HDB void decks?

If only the opposition also run pre-schools, their MPs would probably also have a proper office and to conduct their MPS.

Anonymous said...

You hit the bull's eye! Yet there will still be many who are oblivious. May their eyes see and ears hear.

Anonymous said...

Some men are obviously placing themselves on high slippery slope. God created all man and woman to be equal.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but yes. ask yourself as a parent whether u hav given ur best when u r a student and as a worker before u think others shd sacrifice for ur kids n hav equal education. Life is abt sacrifices to achieve certain goals. Do some reflection before pushing all blame to society n those who r earning a gd income now. u think those pple did not work hard to achieve it? their kids deserve better as a result. it's very fair.

Anonymous said...

PAP have always enough money for the defence, the overbudget YOG, the billion-dollar domes at Marina Bay Garden, scholarships for foreigners, the $2000 per piece Brompton bicycles, the million-dollar Ministers' pay, events organised by PA to integrate foreigners, to lose from the investments of TH and GIC but no money for the healthcare or free pre-school education for its citizens. They do not want to spend a single cents on its citizens so they always frighten the citizens that it is only possible if the schemes are funded through through increased taxes or GST.

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