Friday, July 13, 2012

More S'poreans sending their parents to Johor nursing homes...

"For some Singaporeans, growing old means living across the Causeway - in a nursing home in Johor Baru.

Home operators there say about 10 percent of their clients are now Singaporeans and they are getting more enquiries from Singapore families.

Many moved their seniors or disabled relatives up north, citing more affordable care"

-  TNP, 11 Jul 2012[Link]

The facts are very simple. Even with govt subsidy, the fees for nursing homes in Johor are much lower than one in Singapore. Many Singaporean families are under strain financially - we have 440,000 low income workers who qualify for Workfare to supplement their income because it is very difficult for them to make ends meet. The rising cost of living has pushed some Singaporeans to make painful choices.

It is best for our loved ones especially those who are old and those who are disabled to stay close to us so that we can visit them often and support them emotionally. The quality of a society can be judged by how we treat our old and sick. It is very easy to blame individuals for their lack of filial piety but why would Singaporeans be less filial than people of other countries? People in Malaysia. Australia, New Zealand and Canada  don't send their elderly to other countries.

The problem in Singapore is the burden that families have to shoulder relative to their income. The PAP govt has kept taxes for the richest segment of society low by shifting the responsibility of caring for the sick, old and disabled from govt to Singapore families. The large income gap and high cost of living results in enormous strain on a large segment of the population who are pushed to take up these painful options.

We have a system in which  it is common to see the elderly doing menial jobs instead of enjoying their golden years. When they are weak, some of them are sent to nursing homes in a foreign country away from their loved ones to spend the last days of their lives. It is hard to reconcile all this with our extravagant defense spending, massive reserves and the fact that we have the highest number of millionaires per capita[Link]. These extremes are the outcomes of years of  unbalanced policy making.


Anonymous said...

Not just that. Singaporeans are also sinking their roots there. Iskandar Malaysia is helping cash-strapped Singaporeans. Even an ex-MP has crossed over!

Anonymous said...

Is this the article that you are referring to?

Anonymous said...

No choice. No choice.

The PAP had flooded our country with tons and tons of cheap foreigners to take over Singaporeans jobs and depress Singaporeans salaries if Singaporeans are lucky to be employed.

Being unemployed or having to work at low salaries, Singaporeans become poor over time.

If poor Singaporeans want to take care of parents, Singaporeans have to move their parents to Johor Bahru.

Even the PAP also encourage Singaporeans to do so.

Singaporeans have no future in Singapore.

The good future of Singapore has already taken up by the foreigners.

Anonymous said...

That's what happened when there is not enough opposition voices in parliament. When the majority mp votes along party lines but this party lines placed emphasis on their own wealth and own prosperity instead of caring for the peoples' well being, the country is doom. One example is the massive budget that the gahmen splurge on national day (which should be renamed pap day since it serves to remind the population that credits belong to pap). What are we celebrating anyway? Expensive healthcare? The money burnt via the fireworks display alone could well be used for the needy and elderly medical care.

Anonymous said...

Temasek eyes stake in $1.6b Johor project;
Wednesday, Jul 11, 2012

They are planning, buying, profiteering all over again.

We will be slaves forever.

Anonymous said...

Right, they are just displacing us, one by one.

So, take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

"The quality of a society can be judged by how we treat our old and sick."

More precisely.
It reveals the heart and conscience of our leaders?

Do I want to die defending their wealth and properties here in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

I have no comments.
Just keep my fingers crossed and say a little prayer everyday wishing all the best for Singapore and true blue Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

These extremes are the outcomes of years of unbalanced policy making.""
Lucky Tan

It is not the extremes that matter.

It is how much majority support the ruling party can still get, despite the extremes, that matter. For the ruling party, that is.

And of course this also depends a great deal on the kind of opposition that we have.

The more hopeless the opposition, the more support the ruling party will get, even though the ruling party is also not that good but much better and united than the opposition.

So just like in many other things, including the foreign "talents" that we get, it is really a choice of what is best available.

Because Singapore need a govt and also need foreign talents. So you cannot say if no good, then don't want what, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Even if a monkey is an Opposition candidate.

I will vote for that monkey.

An Opposition monkey is less expensive than the Pro Alien Monkeys we've got right now in parliament.

Anonymous said...

If the FT are suppressing wages, how come nursing home fees are so high?

A) The workers are all singaporeans and they are paid very well

B) The workers are all FTs and they are all paid very well

C) The homes are run by very clever businessmen who profit the most

Choose your answer

Anonymous said...

"... it is really a choice of what is best available. "
ANON: 13/7/12 12:43

No it's not about what is "best available" anymore.

The Pretend Action Party is the cancer.
Amputation is the only solution.

Anonymous said...

Yes. It's time to remove the cancerous limb.
Amputation is the only solution.

Anonymous said...

"These extremes are the outcomes of years of unbalanced policy making"...

...supported, endorsed, approved, and voted into law by the very elderly Singaporeans who are now living in JB nursing home.


This is a lesson to all young Singaporeans. If you - like your grandpa and grandma - continue to support PAP, in 40 years time, you will reap what you sow, just as your grandpa and grandma are reaping now!

Anonymous said...

I have money to give to God till it hurts. I also have a lot of money to buy Toto or visit casino each week.

But the real hurt comes when you ask me to come up with money each month to care for my aged parents.

Anonymous said...

The point is to vote out the cancer-in-white.
We do not care about the quality of the candidates anymore.

We want the cancer-in-white out of parliament.

ah lian said...

We know the gahmen's reason for not willing to give more aid to the needy is they don't want people to have a "sense of entitlement".

They even turn around to say that already there are enough avenues for people to seek help. In fact, they have to put in place measures, like means testing, to prevent abuse!

After that, they claim they have NO $ to give more aid anyway. And argue that if we must have more aid, we'll have to pay more taxes.

“How much do you want? Do you want 3 meals in a hawker centre, food court or restaurant?” -- Big budget buster Minister Vivian B.

How come the MIW think we'll feel entitled, become lazy, and want more and more handouts? Can it be that they're judging us this way coz...

They themselves have felt entitled? (To sky high pay)…

They've become lazy? (To even bother! -- "What do you think?" -- I think they could only be moved to act on the whims of one v old man)…

And also, they want more and more? ($$$ by squeezing citizens for more taxes and hoarding our CPF)!

But what I don't understand is: If they're so concerned about $ being misused, how come they can splurge billions on bad investments instead? Guess investments, however bad, still have that teeny chance of making some returns, in the looooong term. Whereas $ spent on needy citizens is $ down the drain.

I just read Minister of State Tan Chuan Jin's recent FB postings and comments on the elderly working. The emerging idea (which may be "incepted" into us soon) seems to be that old folks would rather work than accept assistance. And Mr Tan wrote, "The question is, should we pity them or respect them?"

So, simi care for the elderly? Simi well-being of the society? Simi need to improve quality of life? The people WANT to fend for themselves, ok?

But NEEDING to work at a v old age and CHOOSING to work to stay active are different!!!

Yes, many old folks are proud to be self-dependent and they don't want to burden their children. But the gahmen can at least ensure that they're not exploited by employers, eg. those who'll only give them a job if they agree to a really low pay.

And for the elderly who are sick (Minister Tan, really cannot work liao!) and need nursing home care but can't afford to, the gahmen can and must do more than say JB is cheaper.

Anonymous said...

dear ah lian.
We no longer care about what the Millionaires in government say or do.

We just want to vote them out.
So please let's focus our energy and effort on converting PAP voters.

Focus on your friends and relatives.
60% of them are voting for PAP.

Anonymous said...

The system Lee Kuan Yew crafted for Singapore is EVIL. Simple as that. This unique system of Lee Kuan Yew is not only causing millions of miseries but also destroying the fabric of our society. How such a smart man can be so cruel, is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

How to Convert your friend or relative into an Opposition voter:

1.If they have hired a maid to look after their old parents.

Tell them the maid's levy is a tax on filial piety.
The Pro Alien Party makes it compulsory for you to look after your parents.
And then tax you for hiring a maid to help care for your parents.

Anonymous said...

"There is nothing to prevent you from pushing your propaganda, to push your programme out either to the students or with the public at large... and if you can carry the ground, if you are right, you win. That's democracy. We're not preventing anybody"
~ Lee Kuan Yew, 31 January 2005

Anonymous said...

Many north europeans also retired to south or east europe. If the air is fresher, service is good, cost is lesser, elders is acceptable, Singaporeans should keep an open mind.

Anonymous said...

Why must elderly Singaporeans leave Singapore in their old age?

Why can't you cancel the maid's levy for the elderly parents?

Which is easier and kinder on the elderly?

Anonymous said...

"If we say that we believe in democracy, if we say that the fabric of a democratic society is one which allows for the free play of idea...then, in the name of all the gods, give that free play a chance to work within the constitutional framework."

- Opposition leader Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore Legislative Assembly, Oct 4, 1956

avelc said...

Move to Iskandar, its still not too late...

Interested but don't know how to? Come to this thread:

do not lie to your own people said...

The PAP cannot tolerant unproductive workforce, so the elderly have to work inorder to stay in Sg. Unfortunately, many people in Sg are blind to the fact that PAP actually violates human rights as they make or force old people to work and pay for things own by PAP.

Anonymous said...

Vote out the Pro Alien Party.

Let them stay in Johor instead.

Hualian said...

All these problems: JB nursing homes; Congested MRT; Workplace prejudice; Depressed salary; Competition for good schools; Expensive COEs....

All these are caused by the irresponsible FT policy introduced by the PAP.

The only way out is to kick the PAP out!

ah lian said...

"It is best for our loved ones especially those who are old and those who are disabled to stay close to us so that we can visit them often and support them emotionally. The quality of a society can be judged by how we treat our old and sick." -- Lucky Tan

But to some, cannot be TOO CLOSE. Building eldercare facilities next to their block is taboo! It'll bring down the value of their flat!!!

So, JB or next block?

For me, having a nursing home right next block is more of a pro than a con factor. And for the old folks who don't absolutely need to STAY in a nursing home, but just need someone to take care of them during the day when their family are working, elder DAYCARE centres nearby will be really practical and convenient.

I also think if the nursing homes are nearby, and we can visit our elders daily, or at least 2 or 3 days apart, there'll be v few cases of abuse of patients.

Lye Khuen Way said...

My country of birth may not be the place I take my last breath by choice! How sad & in-conceivable especially for our parents, if they are still around.

The PAP as a political party must take a hard look at their myriad money/growth at all cost policies for the past two decades and do some very sincere soul searching.

Do not seek Pastors from the mega churches for enlightenment .

Anonymous said...

Of course more singaporeans will need to send parents to Johor nursing homes especially when minister has sounded and suggested it out.

For any matter, ground staff (care related personnel) are also encouraging by selling this idea to those who are desperate for solutions to take care of their elderly when they cannot afford the more expensive ones (now is there better productivity in the more expensive ones here) in singapore.

Your scare land is made even more scare & expensive here because of delibrate artificial influx whereas our locals who may not have financial capability here may have to relocated (either for living or for health care reasons) to another place. What a way to go when we have such good talents leading our country.

Anonymous said...

We, citizens of Singapore, hold you, the PAP, to be fully responsible for for causing us to be in this dire state to send our parents to JB because of you, the PAP, irresponsible introducing, executing and implementation of open door to foreigners policy.

Anonymous said...

So that's what a million dollar salary is for?

So our Millionaire Ministers can afford to look after their old parents in S'pore?

Anonymous said...

Parents would save and do their best to send their kids to better place for education.

Children would also save and do their utmost to send their parents to cheaper place for retirement.

Anonymous said...

$4 billion dollar pledge to IMF.

$1 billion to profitable SMRT and SBS bus to buy more buses.

$387 million for Youth Olympic Games

Johor (I mean Swiss) standard for our parents.

Anonymous said...

Great Wall of China.
Above the surface - It's one of the Wonders of the World
Below the surface - millions of buried peasants who died building the Wall.

Above the surface - $4 billion dollar pledge to IMF to help save the world.
Below the surface - millions of peasants who will be sent to Johore in their old age to die.

Anonymous said...

It is sad that the very generation who helped build this country has to spend its golden years in a foreign country. So much for gratitude, PAP.

Anonymous said...

This is what you get when you vote the Pro Alien Party.
Don't repeat your parents' mistake.

Vote wisely in GE 2016.
If you don't, your children will curse you in later years.

Anonymous said...

You are so right! Do we want our children to defend the elites wealth?

We also have to defend our job from the cheap fw and survive the standard of living. Singapore is already occupied without a shot being fired. How can almost half the country be made up "for foreigners"? I am not against foreigners. It is Singapore immigration policies that is the problem. The island state is already very small. Will HDB continue to reduce the flat sizes just to pack more people in like sardines?

Anonymous said...

I am all for it.

Anonymous said...

The only gratitude the pap understand is $€£¥¢. Dignity depends on their salary you know.

Anonymous said...

Their own support for the PAP government led to their situation, so why cry for them?

My old neighbour's mother also ended up in JB but before, she was happily sucking up to the PAP and kissing them for money. Always say PAP is right.

Anonymous said...

The swiss standards of living are only for miw themselves and their family lah. Anybody else are considered peasants so don apply lah. Know what? Guess still fuming with the extra expensive bicycles! Ya ya old record now. Just wont go away.

Anonymous said...

Not all older generation support pappy. My parents were wise to see through their white. Never vote for pappy.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is becoming unliveable for the average Joe or Jane. Many seek affordable medical treatments and medicines in Malaysia. Now, many abandoned their aged parents at their old folks' homes.

Do yourself and your kids a big favour - emigrate to Canada

Anonymous said...

Millionaire ministers should set a good example first.

They should send their old parents to old folks home in Johor.
Then they should buy a second home in Johor.
So can visit their old parents every day.

Anonymous said...

"Millionaire ministers should set a good example first."
Anon 15/7/12 11:23

What? Then they will have to set many more good examples.

Like living in 3rm HDB flat, drawing cleaner pay of $800 pm, etc etc.

Then who want to be minister?

Anonymous said...

Win over the 60% votes from PAP during elections first.

Then can become Prime Minister, minister, etc etc.

Then can even pay minister $5000 pm if you want and see what type of minister you can get.

Anonymous said...

Speak to the 60.1% singaporeans who voted for these policies and understand what kind of values do they hold. My bet they're holding the same values as PAP.

Anonymous said...

The opposition parties in singapore are weak. They don't seem interested in forming the next government; so even if the people of singapore were to give them a chance, they don't seem to want to take it up.

I'm not seeing much effort on the opposition front. So, my wife and I have decided to migrate and still keep our pink ics and living in Singapore has compromised our quality of life.

Singaporeans speak too much but have no moral courage to do what is right for singapore. PAP has made singapore a souless country. We boast of physical safety but many singaporeans are threatened to freedom of speech and assembly. There is a lot of psychological fear in this country at the expense of physical safety.

Singapore is boring and serving national service is truly a waste of time as it's better to be a pinoy working as a PR in singapore and not serve reservist or ns than to be a short-changed singaporean who gets sweets close to election days.

Many singaporeans are stubborn. They don't want to chanllenge the status quo and yet complain about things.

You have got to challenge the government through your votes because they're rich yet incompetent.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tan,

You seem to be living in another country. This is SIngapore. Here, people don't trust one another. People here will lie to get a few dollars more in service or product.

So if the government can do a pittance job without much cost to itself. It will continue to do so.

You can't change the system here. Singapore will remain a pious pretendering, selfish and lying country for a long time. It will offend its own citizens and open its legs to pinoys, indian and china nationals.

There is no singaporean identity not even singlish. this is a place where the customer service officer can serve internet on her iphone when there are no customers around, slouch on a chair or even suck on sweets while working in the service line.

There is no service in this country and it is surprise the government is also the same in terms of service to its people.

Singaporeans are a scared and confused lot. They have no work comittments or workmanship pride. Singaporeans are not innovative at all nor have its own burgeoning industries.

This is singapore. It's all about hype and marketing here.

That's why you see more pinoys, Prcs and indian nationals here more than any other races or countries. Because ang mo people are the first to run when they experience singapore for what it truly is.

Anonymous said...

So the hard truth is out from the PAP.

When the old Singaporeans were young in the past, they worked hard and supported the PAP faithfully. They believed in the bright future painted by the PAP. They thought that any sacrifice by them were worth the effort as they believed in the PAP's promise that PAP would take care of them when they are old.

Now, when the same Singaporeans, who supported the PAP in the past, become old, they were viewed by the PAP as burden. To the PAP, these old Singaporeans are useless now as they cannot contribute to the growth of the GDP. PAP hope that these Singaporeans go far far away from Singapore. As long as they do not stay in Singapore, PAP feel less of burden. In short, PAP wants old Singaporeans to leave Singapore and go to Johor or any parts of the world except Singapore.

On the other hand, Singapore welcomes permanent residents and foreigners with Very Important Person red carpets. The extent of the welcome is so extreme to the extent that one third of the second generation permanent residents who deserted national service are not punished and let off as nothing and the scolding of Singaporeans as dogs by NUS engineering scholar Sun Xu on MOE scholarship was only viewed as small matter.

Why does PAP wants to treat old Singaporeans so badly as contrasted the Very Important Person red carpet treatment given to permanent residents and foreigners?

To the PAP, permanent residents and foreigners provide the growth of GDP which is what the PAP wants. This is seen from the growth of GDP over the last 6 years when GDP grows by brute force through importing more and more permanent residents and foreigners regardless whether the infrastructure can cope with higher population.

As PAP salaries and bonus are aligned to GDP growth, when GDP grow, PAP stands to gain the most with higher salaries and bonus year after year.

With this, what is the lesson for Singaporeans?

For the old Singaporeans, your support for the PAP are wasted, you have to live, regret and repent for the rest of your lives.

For the middle age Singaporeans, on one hand you are hard pressed to support your old age parents and sad to see that your parents have to leave Singapore and live in some third world counties for the remaining part of their lives. On the other hand you are living in great fear that you are following the footsteps of your parents. You are to mentally prepared that your future are in some unknown places other than Singapore when you are old.

For the young Singaporeans, the treatment that served to the old Singaporeans is what is going to happen to you when you grow old.

After knowing the hard truth, have you wake up, Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

Singapore can only be changed;
One voter at a time.

60% of your friends and relatives voted for PAP.

If you are not happy with this;
Make it your personal mission to convert just ONE of your friends or relative into an Opposition voter.

If all of us did this;
40% will become 80% in GE 2016.

Anonymous said...

Singapore's Economic Policies explained in very simple terms.

How benefits given to the rich trickles down to also benefit the poor.

Anonymous said...

Another equally entertaining video of how "helping the rich will also benefit the poor".

Anonymous said...

Don't worry...our ministers' won't be sending their parents to Johor. HAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

Don't complain and rant like shit herelah. Go and talk to the PAP frriends, colleagues and apek on the streets who keeping voting PAP policies and think the PAP is smart. Complain on a blog for what. Go and talk to those fookers who are PAP supporters. That's more impactful and argue with them is better than complaining about PAP's marginalising policies. Go and look for a fooking PAP supporter and argue with them. That's productive use of time than ranting.

Anonymous said...

///Don't complain and rant like shit herelah. Go and talk to the PAP frriends, colleagues and apek on the streets who keeping voting PAP policies and think the PAP is smart. Complain on a blog for what. Go and talk to those fookers who are PAP supporters.///

Must do both lah. Whatever (with its reasoning) ranted in the internet is permanent lah. The halo of complaining and its message is getting bigger and bigger lah. You think their supporters, friends & colleagues don't know meh. I am seeing more young people kpkb nowsadays unlike in the past.

Anonymous said...

Removing hypocrisy one blog at a post at a time - Singapore style. Uniquely Singapore indeed.

7-8 said...

Ask anybody in the world: I'm going to send my parents to a nursing home that's 1 hours' drive away. Nobody will raise an eyebrow.

Anonymous said...

No need to send parents to Johore.

There is plenty of room in Singapore's latest old folk's home.
The Istana.

Anonymous said...

Johore is for the poor.
Istana is for the rich elites.

"You must make distinctions - what is high, what is low, what is above, what is below .... "
George Yeo.
Formerly very high above.
Now, somewhat lower below.

Anonymous said...

"You must make distinctions - what is high, what is low, what is above, what is below .... "
George Yeo."

I would love to hear George Yeo repeat his dirty views one more time. Life is strange. When you're so hao lian, something will happen.

ah lian said...

"I didn't ask for it. That was the rate for the job, that's what I accepted. You don't like the rate, I can't help it." -- That guy who was paid $4 mil a year to stay in the Istana.

Btw, he wrote a book titled: "Why Am I Here?"

Anonymous said...

Btw, he wrote a book titled: "Why Am I Here?"

What we really want to know:
Why is he still here?

Anonymous said...

When my mom was seriously ill, I did consider this option of sending her to a NH in JB. Luckily, she passed away while still in hospital so I don't need to bear the label of being unfillial.

Anonymous said...

Finally, at least 1 person realizes that the real problem is really the high nursing home fees. Government subsidies are up to 70% of the nursing home fees yet it is still insufficient due to the very fact that the basic charges are simply too high to start of with.

Take a look at the annual report of ECON Healthcare; you will know that the private nursing homes are run by shrewd businessmen who know the desperate needs (demands) and lack of facilities (supply) in the society and then profit the most from the situation. The profit they are making year after year out of the plights in the society is simply outrageous.

Most of their healthcare workers are foreigners and no, they are not paid well. Take a look at the facilities in the nursing homes; how can anyone not feel depressed with such a state.

"Anonymous said...
If the FT are suppressing wages, how come nursing home fees are so high?

A) The workers are all singaporeans and they are paid very well

B) The workers are all FTs and they are all paid very well

C) The homes are run by very clever businessmen who profit the most

Choose your answer

13/7/12 12:54"