Tuesday, August 28, 2012

All the ideas are there - it is a question of political will!

The full report of this year's National Day Rally is found here.
. "Think seriously about our future, contribute your ideas and work together to make it happen," 
PM Lee, National Day Rally 2012.
PM Lee invites us to contribute our ideas to the new committee headed by Heng Swee Kiat to engage Singaporeans on where the country should be in the future. Yes, another committee, another conversation and another round of ideas. There is no lack of ideas. That is not the problem. What is lacking is the political leadership and will to implement them.

Lets start with 6 ideas from the PAP Womens Wingn[Six proposals to turn S'poreans into babymakers] to arrest falling birth rates:

- Couples with children or who are expecting a child to be given priority to BTO or repossessed flats at mature estates near their parents
- Allow couples who choose to live with their parents to be eligible for the first-timers housing grant
- Give couples the option of renting a flat while waiting for BTO flat

- Stronger government intervention to create more accessible and standardised quality pre-school centres

- Encourage flexible work arrangements, including part-time work Tax relief for firms hiring part-time or relief employees

- Share four-month maternity leave with fathers. Two of the four to be leave for mothers; allow flexibility over who should take remaining two months’ leave

- Include serious congenital and neonatal conditions in medical insurance
- Enhancement in Baby Bonus to be in the form of subsidised premiums for a “Baby Shield” insurance scheme to mitigate expenses

- Increase subsidy for in-vitro fertilisation and allow eligibility for this subsidy in private sector

Ideas like medical insurance for newborns has been written about by myself more than 5 years ago[Link] and by discussed by Singaporeans for more than a decade - it is not a new idea. It has been brought up many times in the ST Forum and by healthcare professionals to decision makers. I have written about this issue more than a dozen times. However, nothing has been done. Now the PAP Women's Wing finally get this idea, I hope than the PAP men listen to the women and get it done! Why is an idea to take care of the most disadvantaged of Singaporeans born with congenital health issues so difficult to do?  If an idea that is so universally accepted by the Opposition, PAP women and ordinary Singapore takes so long to get implemented, how are we going to make other changes that involve tougher trade-offs? Where is the political will coming from? The other suggestions on housing, HR practices and pre-school have surfaced years ago[Link]....they are nothing new. We don't need another committee to find discover these ideas - we need to get them implemented.

Although late, the announcement of efforts to revamp pre-school [Pre-school set for a shakeup]during the National Day rally is a welcome move. This issue has been discussed for years [Stark contrast between pre-school of the rich and poor] and fixing this is needed to necessary to keep afloat social mobility which the PAP often claims is a sufficient solution for income inequality. I don't buy this but the PAP govt should save this one redeeming aspect of its system which has been going downhill in the last decade before it declines further.

"More help should also be given to low- and middle-income families for childcare and infant care."  - PM Lee.

There is an important mindset switch required to improve fertility. We have to avoid schemes like HOPE that gives out incentives to low income groups to have smaller families. They should instead be provided with more aid to  cope with larger families. In Sweden the basic principle of their programme to improve fertility is to give every woman the ability to have as many children as they want regardless of income by supplementing their financial resources. It is not clear if the PAP will come around to doing this in its effort to improve fertility.

In the PM's rally speech, he again spoke about an inclusive society highlighting  "heart, hope and home".

"What is the next chapter of the Singapore story?" - PM Lee

But the speech falls short on how we can narrow the income gap, the highest in the developed world, that has polarized our nation. How can we be an inclusive society without tackling the most divisive force in our society - the growing gap between rich and poor? 

"SINGAPORE will soon have six universities offering full-time degree programmes, giving 40 per cent of each school cohort a shot at university education right here at home by 2020.
That is up from the current cohort participation rate of 27 per cent. It translates to 16,000 undergraduate places yearly, up from this year's 13,000." -[Link]

Here is that statistics for countries in OECD for % of people having the equivalent of 4-yr college degrees[Source]:

A number of countries already have more than half its cohort attain degrees (based on 2009 figures) and our current 27% is well below the overage in OECD countries. South Korea, for example, has more than 60% attaining college degrees. But it is not just this low figure that is disturbing. Given our competitive education system and making our children go through such a stressful system, we only put 27% of Singaporeans through college when this figure can be higher and the PAP govt chose to give out thousands of scholarships to educate children of foreigners in our universities instead of children of Singaporeans. I don't think this is right. This policy does not serve the interests of Singaporeans. Singaporeans without degrees become disadvantaged when they have to compete with these foreigners given scholarships to study free in our universities.

The PM spent part of his speech berating Singaporeans for  negative behavior towards foreigners:
He said Singaporeans cannot be "one-eyed dragons" - a Taiwanese idiom which means that you only see what you want to see - and we cannot afford to be xenophobic.The Prime Minister also pointed out foreign publications picking up on stories of anti-foreign sentiments in Singapore and how these reflect on us: "It speaks poorly of what sort of people we are, what sort of people we want to be."He emphasised on "heart", that we must "feel for our fellow human beings".
I strongly believe that foreigners when they are allowed work here should be treated fairly. But the so-called anti-foreigner sentiment that our politicians keep highlighting is a result of PAP's own over-zealous policy to import foreigners in large numbers, Singaporeans had, in the past, been very graceful and welcoming of foreigners when the number was reasonable. I can't think of  another nation of people who would behave more gracefully when its govt allows foreigners to form 40% of the population competing along side locals for jobs, housing and cars. The fact that some Singaporeans have reacted negatively is a reflection of how badly constructed the PAP's policy is. To now use terms such as "anti-foreigner" and "xenophobic" on Singaporeans is not only unfair - it shows the blindness of the PAP govt to the plight of ordinary Singaporeans who have suffered as a result of this policy. Calling Singaporeans "one-eye dragons" is very insulting especially when it comes from a govt oblivious to the sentiment and suffering on the ground - there are workers who have lost their jobs when employers hire foreigners to replace them, their are many PMETs  unable to find good jobs when they are older due to structural unemployment because employers can now hire younger foreigner workers. How dare the PM talk about "heart" "feel for our fellow human being" when it comes to foreigners .......when he comes from a political party known for its harsh semi-authoritarian ways - in the past bankrupted and jailed people for speaking up for their fellow Singaporeans. We still remember JBJ. We remember Lim Hock Siew. 

PM speaks about solutions for problems that should have been solved long time ago. The little tweaks and adjustments cannot reverse the direction our society and economy is headed. Ultimately, whatever is unsustainable, be it the rising income gap, rising cost of living, falling fertility rates, ...and the disconnect between the leadership and ordinary citizens...whatever it is that is unsustainable will come to an end. Whether the PAP get ahead of the curve and lead the change or continue to muddle along, change will come simply because we are on a trajectory that cannot last. There is no solution in his speech to close the biggest income gap in the developed world. There is nothing in his speech to alleviate Singaporeans' concerns on healthcare, retirement, housing and structural unemployment. If anything, his speech tells us the govt will drive along the same general direction...and the gap between what Singaporeans want and what his govt does will keep widening. 4 years from now, saying "sorry" is not going to work again.....and this govt will only have itself to blame because there ideas are all there...but there is just no political will to get it done.


Anonymous said...

"Think seriously about our future, contribute your ideas and work together to make it happen,"
PM Lee, National Day Rally 2012.

1) Singaporeans do think seriously about our future.
That's why we write comments and share ideas in the internet.
That's why we emigrate in huge numbers.
And we are working together with Opposition Parties to make it happen.
No need to wait for PM Lee and PAP. They have worked very hard over last 47 years. Time for them to take a rest.
Time for the rest of Singapore to move forward on our own.

2) NATional CONversation 2012.
- Beyond LKY
- Beyond PAP
Let the real conversation begin.

Anonymous said...

More PAP Jokes
Q: How many MIWs does it take to change a light bulb?
A: It's irrelevant; they still don't know they're in the dark.

Q: What's the difference between an MIW and a prostitute?
A: The prostitute gives value for the money she takes.

Anonymous said...

- Beyond LKY
- Beyond PAP

Wow! These are some real serious sacred cows.

Anonymous said...

Lucky,when PM Lee decides to make all MPs grossroots leaders instead of only PAP ones,then I believe,that is my acid test for him.
I am looking forward to the day when PM Lee calls on smart people like Chan S M and Ms Sylvia lim to contribute. I hope we do not wait until 2016.

Lye Khuen Way said...

As usual, very well written.

We all wish the PAP and the PM in particular, could bring themselves to the next two phrases of devising countermeasures to known issues and implementing them in doubke-quick time.

My quess, another 6 months to gather the various Committees, another 12 months to "collect" feedback, 6 more months to delibrate solution.....

That is 2 years from now. Then another 3 months for Cabinet Approval before rolling out the solutions by phrases.

Just-in-time for activating the groundwork for the next GE, no?

Anonymous said...

LHL 2011 - We have made mistakes. We are sorry. We will do better next time.

LHL 2012 - Singaporeans must treat foreigners better.

LHL 2016 - We will be giving each citizen a GST voucher of at least $3000. Onward to 2020!

TokyoSingaporean said...

It seems to me that it is more important to be seen to do something to fix the problems than to atually fix it. Many a times, the government has set up committees to look into matters, not so much to tackle the issues; rather it is an exercise on public relations where committees are set up to buy time so that the heat of situation dies out.

It's mere orchestration. Surely, the government knows these matters as they are forseeable - having pride themselves as long-term planners.

Singapore will not see a significant change for the next 25 years (at least).

Many Singaporeans have not had their consciousness raised on these policies.

Anonymous said...

"What is lacking is the political leadership and will to implement them."
Lucky Tan

If this is so, you cannot blame PAP.

It is the 60% who endorsed this lack of leadership and will to implement.

Actually also cannot blame the 60%. Blame for lack of a better alternative to the PAP.

And who to blame for that? The people lah, 100% of them. The better alternative don't fall from the sky but must come from the people what, tio bo?

Especially people like Lucky Tan.

Actually one Lucky Tan or one Tan Jee Say is not enough. Must have at least 87 of them who can work together.

Anonymous said...

Lucky, you should be in Parliament, none of the MIW can hold a candle to you, including PM. Join any opposition and you will definitely have my vote.

And, as usual, a very good article indeed.

Anonymous said...

It's easier to ask dumb questions (National Conversation) than to fix dumb policies.

Anonymous said...

You remind of that guy from the movie: Vendetta.

The truth of the matter is that people will never submit to the manipulation. They just don't.


Anonymous said...

"Must have at least 87 of them who can work together."
Anon 28/8/12 09:22

Like that very difficult to happen lah.

That's why PAP will sure win 93% seats again in 2016.

Anonymous said...

Cyber Home of Citizens for a Fair Vote Count


Anonymous said...

The 60% who keeps voting the PAP did so because they have been thoroughly brainwashed by the government-influenced/controlled MSM. Until the 60% themselves start accessing alternative information and news, they will continue to behave/think they way they have been behaving/thinking. It is in the self-interest of the PAP to keep things this way. That's why they will never relinquish control of MSM.

Anonymous said...

PAP Jokes
How to end your National Conversation with MIWs quickly:

1. I'm sorry, that's not vague enough for me. Could you be a little less specific?

2. How can there be self-help "groups"?

3. I don't want to tell lies, but I do want to keep my job.

4. It isn't that you can't see the solution, it's that you can't see the problem.

5. A conclusion is simply the place where you got tired of thinking.

6. Conversation is no substitute for knowing what you're doing.

7. If the truly wise stay quiet and only listen, then aren't the people who are talking stupid?

8. It is okay to be ignorant in some areas, but please don't abuse the privilege.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to 2016 for some major shake-up

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky, you are very right. The only one-eyed dragon is none other than himself. Born in the year of the dragon and with a dragon in his name, this nick fits him perfectly. This shall be his new nick. Everyone please update.


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans, it's time to wake up! Still cannot see that he CMI is it?!!!

Anonymous said...

The ideas are there but they are bad ideas. Especially those related to fertility. Let's face it, those who propose throwing money at families with children are missing the point. These are the ones who ALREADY have children and of course they would go around asking government to give them money (i.e. selfish). To increase fertility, you must ask those with no children - why did they choose to be single or DINK? So if a family already has a child and u give that family priority over house and car and whatever, how can that increase fertility rate? You must encourage those who don't have children yet to have children right? Just throwing taxpayers money to fund families with children - and penalising singles who are the ones looking after elderlies in the family again. But I think the allowing singles fo buy or rent HDB is a good idea. Because once the singles move out, there is greater chance they have greater independence and freedom in bringing boyfriend or girlfriend home.

Anonymous said...

PAP Joke
I'm too poor to vote PAP.

Anonymous said...

It is also a credibility issue.

Singaporeans do not believe in their way of handling issues. They have failed and failed big.

Lucky Tan must never ever get into Parliament. That place is meant for the majority and Lucky Tan will be the minority... useless.

Far better for Lucky Tan to be on the outside of the perimeter.. Thanks Lucky for sharing a wide perspective on so many issues that I too want to know.

Anonymous said...

What one eyed dragon? LHL saying we are criminals is it? After googling it, apparently his meaning of one-eyed dragon is from Taiwan. Our PM from Taiwan is it? Mee siam mai hum.

15 February 2006: Singaporean Tan Chor Jin a.k.a. "One-eyed dragon" shot and killed nightclub owner Lim Hock Soon at the latter's apartment at Serangoon Ave 4 in the early hours of the morning. The weapon used was believed to be a Beretta 92. A total of 5 shots were fired.

Anonymous said...

During my days at a bank, a manager told me you must always "wayang" at work so that your top management thinks you are hard at work thinking of new ideas.
Propose projects that will take a long time to implement.By then, new manager or a new year or new initiative will put your project away.In the interim, you are seen to be doing good work.

Anonymous said...

PAP's idea of conversation = I (PAP) have an idea. I know you (Singaporeans) won't accept it. I don't want to know what do you think, nor do I want to hear what you have to say, I just want to have this "conversation" with you to convince you to accept my idea.

Anonymous said...

Well thought and written. My salute to you, Lucky!

ah lian said...


Coz they've still got a 60% mandate. (Ya, I've to agree with Mr Tio Bo on this.) But, so sure it's STILL 60%? Not maybe 55%? Hopefully 49%?

Our gahmen, if they think something is beneficial to THEM, esp when it can make $$$ (like the YOG... supposedly), will have all the WILL, plus the resources and manpower to do it.

But their mindset regarding citizens' well-being will ALWAYS be: Citizens must be resilient. If you're in some plight, it must be coz you're stupid, lazy, choosy, and haven't got "merits". (Therefore, You Die Your Business!)

Also, I think there must be a practice in the civil service whereby analysis/statistics/survey results presented to the Ministers are such that they match up with what the Ministers WANT. Okok, the Ministers could v well have ordered those, but if you've dealt with any Minister's underlings before, you'll know that the one ultimate goal of their job is to "por" the Minister!

So for eg, since the Ministers are totally removed from the ground, maybe Tharman REALLY believed $1k can buy a flat?! And they can't understand WHY people make so much noise. And conclude that we're too "mollycoddled" and not being resilient enough!!!


I really HATE it that Pinky is taking the MORAL HIGH GROUND and telling us we should be “tolerant” towards foreigners.

Usually, being tolerant is a virtue. BUT say, you didn’t invite all sorts of people to your house, but they come in HORDES, steal your things, misbehave, and totally MESS UP your home. Do you still think being TOLERANT, is such a good thing?


There are times when we have to stand up for ourselves and stake our rights. Now is the time.

Anyway, why ever do we want to put up a FALSE front of being THAT welcoming of foreigners? WHY? So that MORE will continue to be attracted to come?!

Anonymous said...

nation conversation = what do you think?

Anonymous said...

National Conversation.....remember Mao's Hundred Flowers Campaign?

Mao encouraged his peasants to speak up and the dumber ones take it upon themselves to critise Mao and his half baked policies.

Soon it apparent to Mao that the peasants viewed the CCP and himself as the problem. Mao put an end to the Hundred Flowers Campaign and conducted a national wide purge for those who dared to slam him and his party's policies.

Estimated hundred of thousands intellectuals and their associates were put away in various gulags for their views against the CCP and Mao.

Now talking about National Conversation......

Anonymous said...

Very good article. My salute to you !

Regarding birth rates, all those 6 ideas from the PAP Women's wing are not going to be helpful.

The most important issue has always been infant and child care. Childcare centers only take in children age 18 months and above, infant care centers are very expensive. If a couple has 2 or more kids, they will have to spend a huge amount of money on childcare. After bringing kids home from childcare centers, there are still loads of house work to be done. Both husband and wife are already dead tired from a full day of work, and still have to cook dinner, feed kids, bathe and wash them. Young kids don't fall asleep when they are told, parents may need to entertain them until very late at night. Many couples are unable to cope, that is why they need to employ live-in maids. However, MOM imposes many unfair policies which penalize the employers.

If this problem is not solved, the birth rate will continue to fall.

Anonymous said...

"To increase fertility, you must ask those with no children - why did they choose to be single or DINK? So if a family already has a child and u give that family priority over house and car and whatever, how can that increase fertility rate? "

A couple who already have one baby, are more likely to have another baby. This is because they already have experience with taking care of a baby, and has all the necessary equipment like baby cot, stroller, etc. which make it easy for them to have another baby. This is also a couple who truly loves children.

As for those with no children, may be they cannot find someone worthy of their love, or they are afraid that having children will mean the end of their luxurious and free lifestyle. Before I have kids, I traveled around the world staying in 5 star hotels, even been on a luxury cruise to Alaska. My next dream destination is Antarctica, but after I have kids, I can only dream of going there when I retire. It is very difficult to ask a woman to give up her existing lifestyle in order to have babies. Especially since we cannot depend on our kids to take care of us when we are old, then what is the purpose of having children ?

Anonymous said...

"The 60% who keeps voting the PAP did so because they have been thoroughly brainwashed by the government-influenced/controlled MSM. "

Not true. The 60% includes many old people who are grateful to PAP for bringing them out of poverty since the 1960s. These old people probably fear that PAP will come after them if they vote for the opposition. Don't worry, these old people will be gone one day.

ah lian said...

Tharman, Shanmugam and Lim Sia Suay now one by one come out to urge us to be BETTER people, to be "understanding", "empathetic", "big-hearted", "generous", "gracious",...

...to the foreigners.

We let our feelings be felt, the gahmen tell us it's OUR attitude that's the problem!

And they think we should now have a CONVERSATION? To what end? So they can put us down more?!

Anonymous said...

Would be nice if;
Tharman, Shanmugam and Lim Sia Suay now one by one come out to urge
PAP to be BETTER people,
to be "understanding", "empathetic", "big-hearted", "generous", "gracious",...
...to Singaporeans

But PAP cannot.
Because they are the Pro Alien Party.
Their party ideology say Singaporeans must be screwed.
Because Singaporeans are daft, trusting and stupid people.

Anonymous said...

The papist Leegime is the root of our problems. Don't fall for their sophisticated cheating ways. U r v right that the solutions to our problems are all there but it is the evil pap under direction from Lee Kuan Yew who refused to listen to Singaporean cries for help.
The papist Leegime has exploited Singaporeans for their own ends. It is time to stop this by kicking the pap out. Simple as that. Don't believe all the craps coming out from LHL's mouth.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you, LT. I see that after a year of writing, you'd linked up facebook, twitters, etc. on your articles. Well done. Your articles are receiving large exposure. Steadi bo pipi.

Now, it's time to think Facebook Big. How would you stretch it to the ground?

The obvious solution is to join an opposition team and remain anonymous in your writings.

Think BIG, LT. The key is to get message across to the heartlanders and not merely the few educated ones online.

One option: Cut strips of paper (the ones you see on public noticeboards) and paste them on post boxes at HDB flats with your blog address on 'em.

This will bring it to the heartlanders but only the educated ones.

Think BIG. How are you to bring your message to the heartlanders who do not read or speak much English?

My suggestion is that some netizens who is keen on this...translate Lucky's articles into mandarin, malay and tamil on an accompaying blog and perhaps named it Diary of a Singaporean Mind (translated).

When you get the translation, coupled with the strips of paper that are pasted everywhere at mailboxes or public noticeboards. Or even put this 5 cm strips of paper with your web address on it and put in underneath the doors of hdb flats (many housing agents do this), you will literally overide the MSM.

It's a a simple idea. And a powerful one and see what happens in a 4 years time.

It's all about translation and exposure now. If you do this, you will see the impact.

Anonymous said...

Please give your ideas, because the multi-million salary ministers need them to make little tweaks to our system. Then come 2016, they will proclaim that they have taken all contributed ideas into consideration into shaping their policies for the nation. And for them to make progress on your ideas, they will ask you to vote them in again in 2016.

Anonymous said...

@ ANON: 28/8/12 23:14

While I applaud your support of Lucky Tan.
You should stop expecting Lucky Tan to do everything.

What's stopping you from doing yourself, what you are asking Lucky Tan to do?

60% of your friends & relatives voted for the Pro Alien Party.
What have you done to convert just one of them into an Opposition voter?

Anonymous said...

No need to wait for PM Lee and PAP. They have worked very hard over last 47 years.
Time for them to take a rest.
Time for the rest of Singapore to move forward on our own.

Send your ideas to the Opposition parties.
Talk to the Opposition parties instead.

Anonymous said...

my contribution : change the pm

Anonymous said...

Their only idea is to get you enslaved with and on money, which they have plenty.

And those who serve their cause will be rewarded with money stuffed into their mouths till grin from right to left.

Welcome to Alcatraz. Make sure you are on the side of the warden. He is a nice guy and on the side of the law.

Anonymous said...

LHL is like his father LKY - quick to blame Singaporeans for problems that they have created and conveniently not mention it as so.

Anonymous said...

We need a co-driver to slap this driver urgently. He is almost sleeping and still driving. It is getting dangerous to allow him to drive now. The bus is heading for collision and will kill all the passengers.

Veritas said...

It is a not a problem about political will. It is a problem of killing off LKY's grand design. PAP leaders has deliberately designed the healthcare, education, housing system as well as FT policy. They have well understood many of the consequences. They will not change unless somebody points a gun on their head. All the monies saved from squeezing the citizen will go to gambling table for GIC and Temasek, so that Ho Ching get bouts of ecstasy betting.

Voter desertion in 2012 mellowed them a bit. It takes a revolt to take down these policies.

Anonymous said...

The 2 unis will mostly likely be built with taxpayers money since sgrean interest is sighted. But will it follow the new public hospitals and become a profit centre. After medical hub, is edu hub now the new aspiration? Countries that count on education as export also throw in PRs residentship, health, housing, etc entitlements as sweeteners. If history may show, Sg will go further by mandatory requiring foreign students to work here for few years and helping to place them in civil service or GLCs if they cant find job so they can serve their bond. We'll be back and worse off to where we started.
We'll be back to the

Anonymous said...

It's not the lack of political will.

It's the political ideology.
To screw the poor to help the rich.
It's in their DNA.
To be heartless.

You can't be a Millionaire Minister unless you display such characteristics.

The Joke That Defines PAP:
Q: How many MIWs does it take to change a light bulb?
A: It's irrelevant; they still don't know they're in the dark.

Anonymous said...

Your vote is the only way to create this WILL..

avg sgp said...

Another joke:
Q: Why are you still sleeping with the bankers after losing so many billions of the family reserves?
A: Because you are still gay and still wearing pink.

Anonymous said...

The NDR is just an exercise in propaganda and public relations. There is no political will as long as the PAP holds more than two third majority in parliament. Hard truth.

Anonymous said...

PAP Joke

What is PAPism?
SOCIALISM: You have two cows. State takes one and give it to someone else.

COMMUNISM: You have two cows. State takes both of them and gives you milk.

PAPism: You have two cows. State takes both of them and sells you milk.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Lucky. The ruling party has been a big let-down for the past 20 years. Things will not change until they are voted out.

Anonymous said...

erogAs the PAP is unlikely to change judging from his speech, it is time for us to change them by voting for the opposition in 2016.

Not too late, I think, to wait for 4 years. After all, we have been waiting for 47 fruitless years already.

Anonymous said...

strangely or deliberately, rising prices of housing, being a major cost component, is not tackled.

Anonymous said...

What new things will be unearthed by National Conversation 2012;
That a 3 hour glance through the internet will not reveal?

Calling it National Conversation 2012 implies PM Lee thinks we have a serious breakdown in communication.
And as a leader, you still want to delegate out the task to your Minister?

Like that, how to take you seriously?

Anonymous said...

should be called National Time Wasting Exercise 2012.

So many feedbacks, surveys conducted, statistics, etc, etc, etc, and yet they still need some BIG GRAND conversation to take place. Are they so TOTALLY inept & clueless that they still do not know what the real problems are.

Anonymous said...

What about feedback from the NGOs?

The GONGOs (government operated NGOs) and BONGOs (business operated NGOs).

If you think we don't know who is behind all these NGOs?
You must be daft.

Anonymous said...

Our government thinks that it is the only people who can run a county and other people can't do so. What's the qualifications of our Prime Minister? A Bachelor's in maths? Why not economics? And then this chap is sponsored to do a masters in public administration from havard?

What are his natural abilities?

Anonymous said...

National Conversation? This bloddy PAP party is all about marketing with no real substance for singaporeans. Who cares if the economy is doing well if singporeans are not benefitting from it? Only they are benefitting from it as they pay themselves millionaire ministers salaries?

Did they call for a National Conversation when it concerns their salaries? They didn't but how did they know then that the people of singapore are not happy and still unhappy about their present salaries?

Clearly, this is a decoy and a further strategic bullshit. PM Lee didn't seem prepared at all in his speech and most of us kinda expected what he would be saying before he opened his mouth on the naitonal rally day.

What has this government done for us huh? What exactly?

Japan has national pension, subsidised universal healthcare and great public works for its people.

Malaysian government made universal subsidised healthcare, minimum wage, national pension epf which can be removed at ages 50 and 55 in total, abolish ISA forits people.

Canada has subsidised healthcare an free education for its citizens. Plus retirement support for its elderly. Even Japanese government has free education for its children till senior high (JC 2 here).

Taiwan has universal healtcare for its people.

What has the PAP government done for its people?

Nothing. Fucking nothing.

Yet you must be conscripted. None of these countries has conscription for its citizens.

Singapore motherfiucking suck ass form the PAP.

Anonymous said...

"strangely or deliberately, rising prices of housing, being a major cost component, is not tackled. "

It is actually. Subconsciously using subminal messages.

That's why the backdrop are HDB flats. The HDB flats are staring in your face. And he repeats the same setting with Shanmugam, Yakult and Lim Suay Suay...all had the HDB flat in the backdrop. Go to PMO SIngapore Youtube.

He lets the people's eye see the obvious and let the pictures talk to our subscious with needing to mention that HDB prices are expensive.

He is the Master of Propaganda and the Master of Ceremony.

The said...

Other than the 3 sacred cows (multi-racialism, meritocracy & financial prudence), can we talk about regime change?


Anonymous said...

The papist Leegime has lost the plot. The level of resentment to the papist rule is very high. Amongst the young it is up to 90%. More and more of the founding generation has given up hope and disenchanted with the way the papist Leegime treated them after being so obedient to Lee Kuan Yew. They studied hard as Lee Kuan Yew told them. They worked hard and obeyed the rules. They made huge sacrifices as Lee Kuan Yew demanded of them. All they get in return in their old age is misery and fear of getting sick which can easily bankrupt them.
The pap is so far behind the curve of the needs of Singaporeans. They will be history if they don't take drastic actions to leapfrog the wishes of Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

The 2 sacred cows;

Beyond LKY
Beyond PAP

Lye Khuen Way said...

The sentiment get worst day after day.

So now they are preparing for another Statutory Body.??

It is another Job Creation exercise for the well-connected or are they seriously over-worked at the various ministries?

Anonymous said...

"The sentiment get worst day after day."
Lye Khuen Way 30/8/12 20:48

You sure or not? Look at Hougang BE 2012. PAP votes even increased from 2011!

So 60% for PAP is more or less fixed regardless of new Statutory Body, more foreigners etc etc.

The only thing 60% can change to less than 60% is when the opposition become as strong as the PAP.

That is when many Lucky Tans come forward to contest next election and not just blog and blog(NATO) like the one here.

Anonymous said...

"... and not just blog and blog(NATO) like the one here."

National CON-versation 2012.
Singapore's biggest NATO exercise to date.

Tio bo?

Anonymous said...

"Singapore's biggest NATO exercise to date.

Tio bo?"
Anon 31/8/12 09:22

Tio. With 60%, everything PAP do is tio.

Anonymous said...

"... and not just blog and blog(NATO) like the one here."

Haha,if Lucky Tan is allowed freely to take action,PAP wouldn't the government many years ago.

Tio bo? Brother?

Anonymous said...

Q: What's the difference between National Conversation 2012 and Mental Masturbation 2012?
A: A rose by any other name ....

Anonymous said...

"PM Lee has tea with Singaporean netizens at Istana
Friday, Aug 31, 2012
SINGAPORE - Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong invited 19 bloggers and fans of his Facebook page and Twitter stream for tea at the Istana on Thursday."

Lucky Tan, were you invited?

Anonymous said...


KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 27, 2012): Political analyst Ong Kian Ming has officially joined the DAP this morning.

"Things seem to be getting worse for the country ... As such, the time for sitting on the academic sidelines and commenting as an analyst is over," said Ong during a press conference at DAP's headquarters here, attended by party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.

"It is time, at least for me, to take the plunge and to play a more active role to bring about a necessary regime change in the country," said Ong.

Lucky Tan, maybe you can learn something from Ong from Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

"Lucky Tan, maybe you can learn something from Ong from Malaysia."
Anon 1/9/12 09:51

Come on, Lucky Tan is not Ong and Singapore is not Malaysia.

Some more, and biggest of all, PAP is not Malaysia's Barisan Nasional.

So please don't make comments which serves no practical purpose.

Anonymous said...

Let me say that the political will of the Rulers was and is getting stronger every each day.
They want to converse with You, so that You will sit tight and listen to them properly. As some of You are getting restless and refusing attention, it is better for them to have your attention individually.

The Rulers have undying political will to ensure they remain your Rulers. They want to make sure You know where You stand. They oso want You to know they are above all.

Pray! And please tell why they are increasing pay of teacher, policeman and help taxi driver to increase their incomes. Why not NEA gardening worker, cleaner, janitor and other lowly paid workers. Those that the Rulers care for are almost all over $2k individually, whilst the lowly paid are mostly below 1k.
Where is the reason, logic and fairness?
The Rulers had shoved the bitter pill down our throat and they will have no qualm serving us more dreadful medicine.

What can You do?

Anonymous said...

"What can You do?"
Anon 1/9/12 10:42

Can do a lot. There are so many people who are rich, happy and satisfied under PAP. Because under PAP, they have a lot of opportunities to do a lot (of money) for themselves.

And luckily for PAP, these people are the majority. Even primary school teachers can earn up to $9000 per month, you know? And primary school teachers are the majority of all teachers, tio bo?

SO even if they are not happy or satisfied, at least they are rich, like Lucky Tan.

Anonymous said...

In Singapore with only 5 million people, I think it is quite easy to make 60% rich, happy and satisfied, unlike in countries like China or India where the population runs into billions.

Some more by attracting the rich, happy and satisfied foreigners to come here and making them citizens, you can have any number of instant rich, happy and satisfied people.

So where got problem making 60% happy, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Very the tio!
So, talk wat 2016, talk wat unhappiness, complain wat?
Fighting a battle knowing the
result of losing the war?
Tat's why singaporean shud not
rock the boat. Keep it afloat
even if have to starve to death,
rather than drown oneself, rite?

Anonymous said...

I don't mind drowning.
But I intend to drown as many white rats as possible before I drown.

Anonymous said...

"But I intend to drown as many white rats as possible before I drown."
Anon 1/9/12 13:37

That's not possible at all, let alone as many white rats as possible.

So it's stupid that you don't mind drowning.

Anonymous said...

When the ship sinks.
Everybody drowns.
Including the white rats.

The kamikaze spirit lives on.

"There's a storm coming, Mr. Wayne.
You and your friends better batten down the hatches,
because when it hits,
you're all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and
leave so little for the rest of us."
Selina Kyle to Bruce Wayne
Movie: The Dark Knight Rises

Anonymous said...

Rest assured that at the slightest sign of danger, the top people in Sin will be the first to scoot off. This has been said many many times by many many people.
Though it has not happened yet, Singaporeans can take it as a statement of fact.
So, how it is going to play out for the white rats, it has yet to be seen. Will they become a special species like termite, grow wings when the rain is coming and fly off to safety?

No telling, rite.

Anonymous said...

What happen when locals are overwhelmed by cheap foreign talent that takes up junior/executive role of a company? Local will be forced to match the foreigners' offer by working longer hours for lesser wages. So do you think this extreme competition is family friendly environment? You have experiment it for the past 12 years. Do you think there is a need to further explain? You want economic boom. You want output growth through cheap labour. Yes, you got it but at the expense of the standard and quality of living as well as a lower birth rate.
Citizen reacts on the policy implimented by the millionaire elites. Please do not blame citizen on everything. Please take a hard look at your policies.

Anonymous said...

NATional CONversation
Talking to people who are keeping Singapore's wealth all to themselves.

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