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Reasons for anonymity on the Internet .....

Recently PM Lee met up with 19 bloggers and netizens for a friendly hour long chat. Among this group are the lovable pair of brothers Jiajia and BigBro, Mr. Brown and Andrew Loh.

“What do you think of online anonymity? Do you think netizens should make
anonymous postings?”  - PM Lee.

It was reported in the Straits Times:

“Participants at the session said PM Lee had asked for their opinions about
online anonymity. Most felt that online commentators should not be anonymous.”

“I feel there are circumstances where the person’s identity needs to be
protected, such as whistleblowing on a wrongdoer.”  - Andrew Loh.

I don't blame the participants who are not anonymous for what they said during this chit-chat session. They may not have thought about this issue thoroughly. Since many of them have no reason be be anonymous, they may not have spent time thinking about why others have chosen to be anonymous.

"I have a friend who told me that at two different jobs, his bosses requested him to leave after they found out he was a political activist, even though they were satisfied with his work and he had done nothing illegal" - Gerald Giam[Link]

WP;s Gerald Giam was working with the MFA and started blogging non-anonymously only after the left to start his own business. The civil service allows officers to blog but not about political matters - so civil servants are quite safe to have a Facebook or blog that talks about their travels, his hobbies and the food he likes. But suppose he has an opinion about the healthcare system - he thinks it is too expensive or he thinks the GST hikes are bad. These are grey areas seen by some as simply a personal opinion he is entitled to or it can be seen as political opinions so it is safer for him to write about it anonymously on the Internet.

The political economy of Singapore is such that the influence of the PAP extends well beyond govt - there are TLCs, GLCs and network of companies that depend on these for their existence. In the 2005, a rather naive Andrew Kuan answered one of those calls to step forward by offering himself as an alternative candidate for the Presidential elections. In the next few weeks after his announcement, was an ugly humiliation exercise in which his ex-employers came forward one by one to release confidential data about his work performance in those companies. You wonder what will happen to bloggers critical of the govt f they are working in one of those companies if they reveal themselves.

The second reason for anonymity is how people expressing criticism are treated in Singapore. or how they believe they will be treated. I'm not just talking about political criticism but in companies...even private sector companies. Companies that regularly conduct surveys to collect staff feedback know this. If the survey requires the employees to put their name down, they will get little comments or comments bias towards the positive side. If you want honest opinions, you will have to make such surveys anonymous. In Singapore, there are several reasons for this. The employers and higher managment wields a lot of power to hire and fire lower ranking staff and there is sometimes hyper-sensitivity to criticism due to cultural reasons. If you have worked with companies from various countries, you will be able to correlate the corporate culture with the position of "free speech" in the  society. In countries where free speech is protected, there is generally less fear and people speak their minds.

So why does the PAP govt want comments on the Internet to be "non-anonymous"?  Cynics will say they want to track and catch people criticising the govt online to punish and humiliate. There is a basis for this belief. As recently as a few months ago, Richard Wan of TREmeritus was threatened with lawsuits by various members of the establishment. So was Alex Au. Mr. Brown was fired from Today for an article many netizens felt express the real sentiment on the ground. Richard Wan was threatened with a lawsuit for one of the tens of thousands of comments[Link] posted by one of the several thousands readers of the website - they went after him because he came forward.

During Goh Chok Tong's time as PM, he came into office saying that he wanted a consulative govt that woild listen to the views of citizens - he said "nothing" would happen to people who came forward with their views even if they were critical of the govt. Many Singaporeans are smart in their own way - they let others go first to see what happens. A young lecturer in the NUS answered the call to speak up and give honest feedback. Shortly, after he spoke up, his taxi claims were check for typographical errors, and he was sacked for dishonesty. A few years later he was made a bankrupt. Yes, "nothing" happened to him, after speaking up, he literally had nothing left in his finances.

In the US, thousands, if not tens of thousands, of websites are set up critising Obama and his policies....a lot of views and opinions expressed but not a single threat of a lawsuit.

The large number of anonymous comments is a result the system of govt in place and actions that the govt has taken in the past. Where in the world do you find the most anonymous bloggers and netizens - in China, Russia and Burma. In N. Korea, the govt simply cut the citizens off the Internet to build a nation wide intranet where every user can be tracked and monitored so that it is hard to be anonymous...when you can do that the only get praises for Dear Leader and Brilliant Comrade. Countries and govts that cope well with the Internet are also those that have over time respected the rights of their citizens to speak freely. Govts and systems that depend on propaganda and information control to rule the people are the ones that find it hard to cope with the new media.

For a monolithic dominant govt with its own internal decision making processes, democratic processes fall out of the system. Criticism and dissent will be at some point be viewed by govt and its supporters as harmful and unconstructive.  With concentration of power, citizens are always worried what will happen to them if they openly disagree with the govt.

There are 2 almost unique characteristics of online political discussion in Singapore - it is dominated by people opposing the PAP govt and there many prominent bloggers expressing rational views anonymously. Other than those run by govt entities and the PAP, why are discussion forums full of voices against the PAP? You visit US political forums, you find there are people who support Obama and people who don't...people who support Bush and people who don't. The PAP govt operate on the extreme end of the polical spectrum generating policies that people find hard to accept - running an economy with the biggest income inequality in the developed world,  burdening the sick with the highest share of healthcare burden, lack of social safety nets, extremely high foreign influx undemocratic practices etc etc etc. To push these many of these unpopular through, it needs a mainstream media that is on its side. So if you're the kind of person that likes PAP policies, you feel your views are well represented when you open up the Straits Times to read it so there is compelling need to go somewhere to express your views. However, if you oppose what the PAP does..... after reading the Straits Times, you will feel very motivated to go somewhere to express your point of view - that place used to be the local coffeeshop, now it is the Internet.

Why are there so many people expressing rational reasonable views anonymously? In many other countries people will proudly put their real names and identities down.  You look around at the people blogging with their real identities, many are retired others run their own business with little dealing with the govt. Suppose you're an intelligent guy working for or running a small company dependent on one of the GLCs (e.g SingTel), will you feel safe being identified a blog full of alternative competing views?  In the current political environment, given the level of fear, the level of dominance, and the position of free is unpredictable what kind of actions people will take if you are found out.

At the end of the day does anonymity really matters? Maybe for those in power to have the ability to extract apology and issue threats of defamation to frighten oppenents. But for the vast majority of netizens over time they know it doesn't matter. You don't go behind Wikipedia to find out who wrote the page you;re reading, you know it is not perfect but can be relied on most of the time. On the Internet, anyone can start a blog, a discussion group, a website put up his ideas openly for feedback and anyone can freely criique his ideas. The PAP seems to have problem with this whole concept because it cannot control the informaton, it cannot suppress the competing points of views - we keep hearing complaints from the PAP about the Internet. The same problems they have with democracy. They are running a system that works well only when information can be filtered and ideas flow top down for acceptance by the ordinary citizens....but times have changed and the PAP monopoly of ideas has been eroded by the Internet and they seem to have to great difficulty adjusting and competing....


Anonymous said...

One word : Entrapment.

Lye Khuen Way said...

Lucky, you made many compelling reasons why anonymity on the Internet in Singapore must be allowed.

Basically, it all boiled down to the type of government and the ruling party we have.

Your allusion to Dr Chee was spot on.

We have to as the PM , what does he think now.

A chichen or the egg situation, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

very true. very true

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


This is probably your most powerful piece this year. It's hard not to agree completely with you as the evidence is overwhelming. Let us also not forget how they also relish in the idea of naming and shaming scholars who simply wanted to serve and give back to the nation by starting their own enterprises. Instead of just wasting their lives as hanger on's.

However, I don't really believe anyone is fooled by Pravda. Not everyone is brainless. Most in blogoland have already factored this in when they came across this piece in the MSM.

Darkness 2012

Anonymous said...

Before you give up your anonymity,
Ask yourself a few simple questions:

1.Is this a government that works to benefit me?

2. Does this government care about me and my human rights?

3. Does this government care about my family's welfare?

4. How does this government treat their own kind once they have reached their expiry date? Anybody remember a former President?

5. After answering the above question, why the hell am I still voting for these people?

Anonymous said...

"...but times have changed and the PAP monopoly of ideas has been eroded by the Internet and they seem to have to great difficulty adjusting and competing...."
Lucky Tan

So? At the end of the day, PAP still win at least 93% seats with only 60% votes every election what.

How come the Internet here cannot even make PAP lose its 2/3 majority in Parliament, let alone bring down PAP as govt, unlike in other countries like our neighbour Malaysia?

What's the use of the Internet being so strong with anonymous views critical of PAP but opposition is not and cannot grow strong?

Anonymous said...

多干实事, 少说空话


Do more things that matter, say less empty words.

- The late Deng Xiao Ping

Anonymous said...

"How come the Internet here cannot even make PAP lose its 2/3 majority in Parliament"
ANON: 2/9/12 09:28

You are absolutely right.
So why are you still here?
Go play on the expressway.
Take a Millionaire's dog out for a walk.
Go beat up an senior citizen toilet cleaner.

Fucking Nazi.

Anonymous said...

The PAP is a totalitarian and fascistic party, period.

asingaporeanson said...

The war has begun
and we will lose

Anonymous said...

Lucky, u r absolutely rite. First the Singapore culture, political n social environment is just not there 4 people to be open about their opinion n feelings. Even in genuine democratic society like Australia where those in power r not so dominant and powerful, many still don't use their real names.
Second, LHL n his pap gangsters r pushing this issue 4 their own selfish interests. So pls don't fall 4 it. The pap is vindictive to the core. Watch out.

Anonymous said...

I think it is basically a wayang for our PM to only ask a few persons or bloggers what do they think about anonymity on the web ?

If he had wanted to be more honest & truthful like his father insisted, why don't he instead straight go to the point of saying that intended to implement a law that says posting anonymous comments will be against the law by itself and can we accept such a law if it is forced down out throats ?

Now, why beat around the bush then ?

Anonymous said...

"I think it is basically a wayang for our PM to only ask a few persons or bloggers what do they think about anonymity on the web ?"
Anon 2/9/12 11:04

Anything, including the web, that cannot reduce the 60% mandate and 93% seats for PAP to below 50% is already a wayang!

So must fight wayang with wayang lah.

Just like sometimes must fight poison with poison mah.

Anonymous said...

1) There are those who demand & insist on interent non-anonimity.

2) There are those who practise internet non-anonymity but may not agree with the policies of those in 1).

3) There are those who prefer anonymity and are not agreeable with the policies of 1).

The days have not come for complete non-anonymity yet and many know why. Until the days come & in the meantime let those in group 2) be a link between 1) and 3).

Anonymous said...

"How come the Internet here cannot even make PAP lose its 2/3 majority in Parliament"
ANON: 2/9/12 09:28

Do you think that Alunied GRC and the Hougang by-election was an early start to some pattern in times to come.

Both of these eventd could be said to be first of its kind in our local political history, well in the manner that it happened and went as far as Hougang by-election was concerned.

The use of internet was not even wide spread in 2006 election and but was quite capitalized in the 2011 election and first time in history in the elected presidency which was contested by 3 candidates with none of them getting more than 40% - plus the dialogue (or debate) among them.

Anonymous said...

The ones who overthrew the Qing dynasty did not function on non-anonymity. The Qing dynasty ignored the heartfelt truths espoused by those who are non-anonymous and tried to cling on to the status quo to preserve their power. History is filled with such examples.

Anonymous said...

The good for nothing PM should just keep things simple and treat anonymous comments similar to voting pattern in a General Election.

Focus on dong a good job for majority of Singaporeans and the number of anonymous comments will favour him and his PAP...and it will be like wise for the vote count in future GE.

ps: so far has this useless PM and his stooges EARNED your trust ?

Anonymous said...

This government under PAP for the last 40+years can't even guarantee me a constitution that protects my freedom of speech (minus the hate speech) , why should I guarantee them my name?

They really think we are stupid.

I am sorry, they only have themselves to blame.

I know what PM is thinking..he saw how China is so good censoring and forcing all its netizens to sign up with a resident ID before they can weibo. They must be thinking of buying the same software or deploying the same CCP communist methods on us. Shame on this PM. Fancy he is a harvard and oxbridge graduate, but he is no different from his father, a dictator in form and substance. Just another insecured totalitarian.

Anonymous said...

I am a believer that Anonymity is extremely effective in promoting freedom of expression.

After all, we have long-standing precedents for anonymity in publishing. Journalists have responsibility not to reveal their sources is recognized almost universally.

Many authors write under pen-names and there are still some cases where the true identity of the author has never been discovered. columns and allow the letters to be anonymous or signed with a pseudonym and many newspaper articles are merely credited to "AP Newswire".

Also, anonymous peer reviews of proposals and articles is common in academic circles. Not to mention anonymous caller-ID from Banks, individuals etc. I bet ISD or CPIB also have anonymous call number. So why just pick on netizens when it is such a pervasive requirements in some parts of the society which is unavoidable?

It is even necessary for whistle blowing, suicidals, home violence, patients-support-group etc in some of the forums where people feel safe to share their dire situations anonymously before seeking help.

My suggestion to the government is to learn and allow the internet to grow and mature organically. There are sufficient off-line laws to deter harmful actions against reckless perpetrators. Political expressions (good and bad) is all part of a maturing nation that politicians should get to grabs with.
I may not like what some of our mysterious online acquaintances have to say, but I defend their right to say it under whichever name they please.

Anonymous said...

A US Navy SEAL who has authored a first-hand account of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden says the al Qaeda leader was shot in the head as he peeked from a bedroom door, an account that diverges from the Obama administration's original description of the incident.

The book, "No Easy Day," says bin Laden was unarmed when Navy SEALs found him during the raid on his Pakistan compound, according to a source who read the book, which is due to be released on September 4.

The book's author, writing under the pseudonym "Mark Owen," says bin Laden was looking out from his bedroom door when he was shot in the head, said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Anonymous said...

They are not transparent themselves in the first place and they expecting us to be transparent to them? They thought all singaporeans are as daft as the 60%?

Anonymous said...

If the MIWs want to eliminate anonymity, I say let's help them.

Vote in more Opposition MPs into parliament.
Then PM lee will have lots of time to get to know all their names.

Anonymous said...

I llke Anonymity so that i could screw lucky tan ass anytime i like without suffer any consequences.

Anonymous said...

Good point.
Don't just tell us.
please also tell that sorry excuse of a prime minister.

Anonymous said...

Remember the price of freedom by our earlier freedom fighters. As long as ISD is not abolished and there is no mediacracy, all of which reflect our own government is not prepared to be transparent, they have no business nor credibility to demand the same from its citizens.

Learn from history.

Anonymous said...

This piece and the comments put the issue in context.

I have good friends who will not reveal -- in private -- who they vote for. Others who will not say what nicks they comment under.


How is it it felt unable to reveal it planned to take in hundreds of thousands of foreigners when it started doing so? This is an issue which affects millions, that affects the country's social fabric. It is also a decision that came out thru the slip of a tongue.

Why is having one's name to a comment so important? What makes the govt so fearful of people who don't?

The govt should walk its talk, instead of merely preaching.

Anonymous said...

"If he had wanted to be more honest & truthful like his father insisted, why don't he instead straight go to the point of saying that intended to implement a law that says posting anonymous comments will be against the law by itself and can we accept such a law if it is forced down out throats ?

Now, why beat around the bush then ?"

The answer is simple enough. He just want to push the responsibility and blame to these group of bloggers who agree with what he says when he make internet law to force identity, and let them take the rap instead. These bloggers really sound like a fool thinking that it is a pleasure to meet the PM when in fact, they are there to be force-feeded and conceded to the PAP view, and let the mainstream media highlight that these people are the one agreeing on PAP view. First of all, to suppress the people, you need to find the influential leads, and these are the 19 bloggers leads to be target on.

Didn't you heard of this idiom "kill with borrowed knife" 借刀杀人 ?

"Kill with a borrowed knife[7]

Attack using the strength of another (in a situation where using one's own strength is not favourable). Trick an ally into attacking him, bribe an official to turn traitor, or use the enemy's own strength against him.

The idea here is to cause damage to the enemy by getting a third party to do the deed."

Lucky Tan,
you should highlight this stratagem because people who refuse to learn from the past will condemn to repeat it.

Anonymous said...

The following are the some of the hard truths that were/are discovered in the process of auditing the local SMEs.

Hiring Of Illegal Foreigners
The SME bosses hired illegal cheap foreigners without any valid work passes. As these foreign workers are hired illegally, the SME bosses pay the foreigners in cash but the SME bosses cannot charged the manpower expense under the normal Foreigner Salary Account. Instead this manpower expense is charged under the disguised account called "Cash", Petty Cash", "Other", etc so that the SME profit can still be reduced by this expense, hence lower tax for the SME companies, yet without being discovered hopefully.

Circumvention Of Hiring Foreigners Quota
The SME bosses circumvent the quota limit of hiring more cheap foreigners by falsely increasing the number of local workers through paying CPF contribution to phantom workers, as CPF contribution is used to determine the dependency ratio.
To ensure the CPF contribution appeared valid, the salary payment is made to tally with the CPF contribution. The catch is that the salary is paid out in cash and not through cheques, bank transfer, GIRO, etc. It is questionable whether the phantom workers are really or are not physically working for the SMEs.

Holding Back Of Foreigners Salaries
The SME bosses hold back a few months of foreigners salaries and this is classified as "Staff Welfare Saving Account" or some kind of "nice" wording account as if that the SME bosses are so "kind" to provide welfare to foreign staffs. In fact, what the SME bosses are doing is to
use these hold back salaries of foreigners to pay for the return air tickets, administration costs, etc when the work passes have expired. Under the Employment Act and Employment of Foreigners Act, salaries earned by employees should be paid within 7 days after the last day of the month where salaries are earned and SME should be the one who should pay for the expenses of sending back the foreign staffs on ceasing the employment of foreigners, instead of the foreigners paying for these expenses.

Under Contribution Of Employer CPF
The SME bosses pay the salaries to Singaporean workers in two parts. The first part is lower basic salaries and the second part consists of all kinds of allowances such as laundries, handset usage, etc. The purposes of this is to pay lower Employer CPF contribution portion, which is computed based on upto 16% of lower basic salaries, to Singaporean workers. In this way, the SME bosses pay less Employer CPF contribution, hence higher profit for the SME companies.

So, now we know the tricks used by SME bosses
to hire more and more foreigners,
less and less Singaporeans,
more and more profits for their SME companies,
hence more and more income for the SME bosses themselves.

Anonymous said...

singaporeans posting as anon are not daft cos they all know how evil is the ruling party.

Anonymous said...

"So, now we know the tricks used by SME bosses
to hire more and more foreigners,
less and less Singaporeans,
more and more profits for their SME companies,
hence more and more income for the SME bosses themselves."
Anon 2/9/12 17:15

Whatever lah, as long as PAP can still get at least 60% majority votes every election.

And maybe these SME bosses and their families also voted PAP because they have more and more income and so they are happy and satisfied what.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget, maybe most of these SMEs do a lot of business with Govt and GLCs!

So how can they don't vote PAP, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

How the system rewards repression, in the name of maintaining stability

TAP said...

Another great article. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Who Is The Squirrel? said...

Who's The Squirrel said...

Anonymous said...

The case of Gopalan Nair shows the peril of non-anonymity in Singapore. Nair is still writing commentary on the Internet. If he were still in Singapore, he would have faced libel lawsuits and criminal prosecutions. However, the peculiar laws of Singapore do not extend outside the country and Nair is still a free man speaking his mind.

Unless you live outside Singapore, you DO need anonymity to protect yourself against the powerful, intolerable and vindictive political culture.

Read more about Gopalan Nair here:

Anonymous said...

Online anonymity gives us so much more than we would gain from stripping it away. It gives us the freedom to know what people really think, for better or for worse. It is the essence of democracy for us to be able to conduct the difficult debates out in the open, where they can be challenged. Rather than trying to chain people to their names, we should be seeking to protect the current limited capacity we have to deliberate without fear of reprisal, and putting our efforts towards superior architecture for displaying, moderating and encouraging constructive behaviour in large-scale online discussions.

In short, buzz off and leave us alone!

JT said...

Although i am fortunate enough not to worry about being fired for my opinions, anonymity ensures there is no way to confuse my opinion as being that of my employer.

it allows me to speak my mind without people 'putting 2 and 2 together'.

I wouldn't post here without anonymity, i'm sure i am not the only one.

It would be silly to try and put the genie back into the bottle. Learn to open up the media and do away with punitive threats unless it concerns national security.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous presence can be beneficial to the incumbent. They can track ideas and extract from it its fullest benefits and also anticipate opponents. Why fear anonymity? They track us, we track them. After all, they have all the advantages of powers at their disposal

Silly to fear small fries? :)

Anonymous said...

"""I wouldn't post here without anonymity, i'm sure i am not the only one."""

Of course you are right. Simply because the views of some privileged people carry more weight than many more people and their views are translated into real policies which all of us have to live with it - even though sometimes we are not agreeable to it. On top of it, they have the MM to propagate & manufacture agreement with their views & policies as though they are very popular.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky..great article
Agree with most of what you say.

Except the point on Chee Soon Juan and Andrew kuan.
You cannot compare these 2 with bloggers. Bloggers are passive participants in the political process while Chee and Andrew are active participants. Being so, they have to be whiter than white. Just as President Clinton was smeared in the Monica Lewinsky affair.

Much of you other observations were spot on.

Anonymous said...

On one hand, we want to go down the same path of globalization like every major city/country, and we are told to open our doors to foreigners and migrants alike. On the other hand, we are reluctant to open up our press, freedom acts and civil rights where the citizens' views and dignity can be vibrantly respected. It would appear that the state really just want to have their knife and cake, slice and eat it!

Just look at our political history. The silencing of dissent for four (4) decades !! has left us ill-equipped for a new era of political diversity and policy debate. The health of singapore's democracy continues to decline, and with the perpetual election of the same conservative PAP year after year, I hold grave fears for the longer term.

Anonymous said...

" In a statement released less than an hour after the researchers published their latest findings, Mr. Muench said that a Gamma Group server had been broken into and that several demonstration copies of FinSpy had been stolen.

By Thursday afternoon, several of the FinSpy servers began to disappear, Mr. Marczak said. Servers in Singapore, Indonesia, Mongolia and Brunei went dark, while one in Bahrain briefly shut down before reincarnating elsewhere. "

"The list of governments likely using this creepy software includes Bahrain and Turkmenistan, with command and control servers traced to Singapore, Indonesia, Mongolia and Brunei.""


Leslie said...

Either you can defend what you have to say or you should keep quiet.

Anonymous said...

Say it anyway whether you can defend it or not. The defendable is not necessaryily dependable and the undefended is not necessarily undependable.

DanielXX said...

All that I have read in the papers over the past few weeks suggests the government is positioning for a blanket rule for non-anonymity on popular Internet forums --- or at least there is serious internal impetus for this. The Straits Times articles on the "three-legged chicken", the tea meeting with bloggers with selective reporting, the "national conversation" which will serve as a platform to ban anonymous postings in the name of "serious discussions about Singapre's future" --- all these are chess moves designed to prepare Singaporeans mentally for the upcoming "great firewall of Singapore".

Anonymous said...

We are happy to see fire cooking people within the walls. Go ahead.

Anonymous said...

Since when has the Pro Alien party ever done anything to benefit us?

Anonymous said...

"Either you can defend what you have to say or you should keep quiet."

Yeah, when one group may have the use of national resources to defend themselves with all the heavy-duty machineries behind them whereas those w/o these advantages will have to use their own personal resources to do it.

At the end, who is to judge whether what you can defend is a valid one ? You, your opponent or someone neutral, if there is such a person ?

Anonymous said...

Have tea with a handful of bloggers (including children) and all of sudden, these invited bloggers get to speak on behalf of ALL hundred thousands of bloggers out there?! Why don't you quote each and every single one of them, and tell me in verbatim , Straits Times, that who ACTUALLY say what and let us read why they agree to an internet code of conduct and that includes online anonymity?!!

Don't use this kind of underhanded ways to force your draconian laws down the citizens throat. We know what you're trying to do. From slamming citizens as xenophobia, to citing rumor, to xiaxue and her bully are just building up your few pathetic cases on behalf of your paymaster.

It's akin to burning down an entire house under the pretext of killing a few fleas. You deserve to be at the bottom of Ranking #200 this year in Press Democracy Index.

Peter said...

No one would argue that authors should be prohibited from publishing books anonymously; the Internet shouldn’t be treated differently. There will always be people who abuse anonymity, but people abuse all sorts of things that we wouldn’t want banned e.g.. alcohol, smoking, fast food etc ...Are you going to shut down the school just because some peeping toms, vice principal, pedophiles and lecturers who have sex with students exist in schools?

Anonymity permits people to say things that they might not otherwise say. That’s a good thing, even if we don’t always like what they say.

Anonymous said...

Banning anonymity in charity donations will likely cause some donors to think thrice about donations or not at all. As Lucky lays out, there are many reasons that people want to remain anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Why can only PAP hide behind anonymity when making decision ? Who the hell responsible for billions dollars loss in financial fiasco ? Who responsible for the creative accounting in TH/GIC reported by Christoper Balding ? Wow, so convenient for these PAP to hide behind anonymity to evade responsibility and accountability when they are paid millions by taxmoney, and yet they demand lesser mortals not to hide behind anonymity so that they can screw them ?

Who the Fuc#@k PAP think they are ?

Anonymous said...

If the rulers had cared for the well being of citizens, they would have ensured that Singapore becomes a real democratic republic, but ordinary hoi polloi are screwed with GST helping the poor, "affordable" housing and transportation while the ultra rich can still keep their riches with no death duties after kicking the bucket.
The pattern is clear. They want power for its own sake and are transforming this republic into their private kingdom. In a democracy, the government have to ensure that citizens can voice out how they want the nation to be governed but a king do not give his subjects the luxury of criticising the governing of the kingdom or his ministers and subjects have to accept whatever changes to the demographics that the king wants of his kingdom.

Anonymous said...

A leopard never change its spot. The only sign when the PAP is sincere about its stand is when they willing to cut their pay to a level that is not the highest in the world. PAP just want to win because they believe they are the 'best'

Anonymous said...

Alan Shadrake is another example of speaking out in the open. He was thrown in jail as soon as he was in Singapore. For godness' sake, his book was not even banned!

Basically PAP's ploy is to restrict your (free) speech by forcing you into the open. What hypocrisy!

Anonymous said...

There are so many references to the 60 pct. Perhaps people also ought to think why so many voted for PAP. Perhaps the opposition wasn't compelling enough? I am sure out of the 60 pct, you can easily get another 15-20 to switch sides if the opposition can show some real voices. The elections is over a year ago, we are still grappling with lots of issues which the current govt can't articulate nor solve. Surely the opposition ought to pounce on these. But did they? Just another disappointed voter.

Anonymous said...

Because you bodoh harping on the divide

Anonymous said...

Just look at how hypocrite PAP can be.

On one hand they are opening the gate wide open for 1 million of new PRC/Indian/Filipino immigrants but we never seem to hear new immigrants from the muslim or Malays. Is this not a form of ethnic dilution of the Malay race in Singapore ?

Then as if to appease the Malays, they recently awarded a President's scholar to a Malay. Why don't they discuss the new immigrant policy in the open with Malays community leaders as well but instead choose to do it secretly & quietly hoping that whatever is done cannot be undone.

What if this govt open immigration policy result in some fanatic muslim Singaporean become an extremist who decide to take matters on his own hands and result in some kind of terrorist action ?

Can our PAP leaders be held responsible if some untoward incident were to happen to Singapore ?

Anonymous said...

//..opening the gate wide open for 1 million of new PRC/Indian/Filipino immigrants..//

Very simple lah.
The PRC are for the casinos and babies. They also known to have highest saving rates in the world.

The Indians are for the IT/banking low-mid PMET positions.

The Filipinos are for the service and hospitality line.

What is your niche? Then go and pitch to your MP lor.

A more appropriate question to ask is this. They always like to cite how we are an immigrant society and our ancestors from outside etc, thus need to open our doors. So how come they don't just ask EACH and every households in SG to nominate and choose 1 of their relatives from these places? If everyone goes back to their root ancestral country, they must know someone who they personally know and want to bring over. Then you will have an equal distribution like voting. So why do we let them decide and fuck around the population demographics according to their plan?

Anonymous said...

Talk is great, go get your friends and family to vote opposition in. Let's start by taking away the two-thirds majority so that they cannot fiddle the constitution again.

Anonymous said...

Yup, another 4 more years?

Anonymous said...

If there is a law that encourages anonymity, it is the Internal Security Act, and the Official Secrets Act.

Anonymous said...

"Just another disappointed voter."
Anon 3/9/12 09:43

If you have lots of money or earn lots of money, then you should not be disappointed with either PAP or the opposition.

You cannot change PAP or the opposition but you can change yourself to be richer and happier.

Only daft people who cannot change themselves are disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Many people make lots of money in Singapore, even if they are just doing an ordinary job and earning only a salary.

Even a primary school teacher can earn up to $9K per month, you know. So you can imagine how many people with just ordinary jobs are earning that type of money, especially in the public sector.

And the public sector, including the uniformed groups, is the biggest employer in Singapore, and almost all are citizens who can vote.

And even the private sector, the SMEs, do most of their local business with govt and GLCs.

So any wonder why PAP can get at least 60% votes every election?

Anonymous said...

1 for PM Lee,0 for bloggers.We wait for bloggers to score their first goal.

Anonymous said...

change into monkey suit izzit?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this great article.

I am also a blogger. Many newspaper reporters, including CNN, Straits Times, etc have emailed me to request for interviews which I completely rejected. Though my blog is not about politics, I have received many criticisms and even threats to sue me. It is definitely best to remain anonymous. It is the thoughts which are important, what we write can influence many people.

Anonymous said...

For those who support PAP, please continue to do so. We don't give a damn really.

Have your own way.

We shall continue in our way in.....peace :)

Anonymous said...

yah lor...we hope you support by many cleber cleber ppl....with big big decree certifikate yah? llllllll

Anonymous said...

And for those who support opposition, good luck, we don't give a damn also. LOL

Anonymous said...

aiyah...fight lah fight lah...go lim kopi better lllll..what do we know?....lllllll...all cleber ppl say we just follow lor lllllll

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Singapore Democrats are concerned about the on-going discrimination against our fellow Malay Singaporeans in the context of the influx of other nationalities into our country.

This ideology is driven by the party's founder Mr Lee Kuan Yew whose shockingly offensive racist views about Singaporean Malays have caused much anger within not just the Malay community but across ethnic groups in Singapore. $$$$$$

Fight? Got show liao....where find pop corn?

Anonymous said...

Fight. can...the law says....thou shall not commit adultery hah...haa

Anonymous said...

It's a freaking joke that PM questions "anonymity". Look at the Finance Minister's reply to the claim that it breached the constitution. It practised 'anonymity' by attributing the 16 million blunder to an "unknown" officer. Ain't that funny

Anonymous said...

Anonymous will not disappear regardless of who is running the country. If Mr Lee is any wiser he should know its futility to clamp down on anonymous. He might even need them when its party degenerate into the opposition.

Anonymous said...

1 peuehaCome on, dont get distracted. Making a storm in a tea cup is just the talented's way of distraction.

What do we find in most anons' posting? FFFFFF all the way, so, what so scary to the People In White? Bluff who?

The People In White are just using threats slaughtering the cockerel to warn the monkey. Intimidation that will hardly frighten the online community.

Anyone thinks that the more eloquent bloggers who put their names and photos at their blogs will be chicken by the Internet Ruling? Will they stop blogging bcos of the anonymity issue?

Some long time bloggers are far more effective in educating the people than the thousands of faceless netizens.

Anonymous said...

Like some of the writers here said, it really didn't matter if your identity is revealed or not. What matters is the power of the idea behind it.

If you write cohesively, objectively, passionately and persuasively, you'll attract the sort of readers you want. Your credibility builds from there. Conversely, if you write with foul languages, argue illogically, emotionally biased etc, you will probably get another types of followers. Whatever the quality of each writing, it still provides diversity of views, no less. Sp really, people can decide for themselves if they want to eat junk-fast food or well-prepared cooked food. We should expect people to be uniform in thoughts and feelings afterall.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes anonymity = openness
One of the really great things about the internet is the way that it’s allowed previously taboo subjects to be discussed publicly. If you’ve ever benefitted from a forum or support group designed to help people suffering from physical or mental health issues or used a Q&A site to check out that strange symptom that’s been bugging you for ages, you’ll see the benefit of being able to post anonymously.

Also, if I were a LBGT and have questions surrounding some public policy that I wish to discuss safely, without unduly exposing myself to potential 377A, I would prefer to do so anonymously. Same goes towards if I'm a parents and have doubts on certain legislature in education that affects my children, I would also want to be able to pose in forums without subjecting myself to judgment.

It is almost impossible to totally quench anonymity.
There is value in having it.

Marble said...

IT will chill alot of valuable expression.

Don't believe? Why don't the ST do a simple test.
Tell all its correspondents that they can submit a piece of their writing, anonymously. No subject is too taboo.
Then see what the Editor will receive? I bet when he frees up all the self-censorship, he will be amazed at how brilliant his team are, and may actually start selling more papers.

That's the kind of genuine creativity and bravery we are talking about.

The Clever One said...

Is Singapore ready for greater freedom of the press? WAtch.


If this gahment will ban anonymity, many people will migrate for sure. Both with their feet, and also their servers overseas!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I don't even dare to FB comment or twitter follow any of the MIW in case their ISD/CID department are very good at tracing or blacklisting those dissenters. That is the level of my distrust with the PAP-run state.

Enough said.

Anonymous said...

FB, where got people talk politics one...siao one...but like that good what...means all fine lor ha

silent majority said...

When I want to criticize or disapprove PAP policies, I do it anonymously, in the hope they will listen and improve. Of course, I then vote for them after that.

I will NEVER use my real name if I want to approve of/support their policies openly. Why let other people know about my voting preference? Then what's the point of keeping voting as secret?

Anonymous said...

It is time to make a big dent in the PAP for the betterment of citizens and the country.

The PAP will not take criticism lightly. Time to implore the 60.1%to look at the alternative parties who have some talented people. More talented than what the PAP has now.

I still can't understand why people still vote MBT after what he has done.

Anonymous said...

Anyone feels like bring fixed...Kee chiu lol

Anonymous said...

Anyone feels like being fixed....kee chiu lol

Anonymous said...

Who is Lucky Tan? He could be working undercover for ISD for all you know haaaaa

Anonymous said...

Tampines voters love MBT mah.

Cannot meh?

Anonymous said...

"I still can't understand why people still vote MBT after what he has done."
Anon 3/9/12 21:54

If the people can vote TPL, why they cannot vote MBT?


If you XYZ is a PAP candidate, I think you will also be voted in.

Because the people actually voted PAP and not really ABC or XYZ. Why the people voted PAP? Read Anon 3/9/12 14:18

Anonymous said...

Don't say PAP is good or bad.

Say PAP is the BEST AVAILABLE party.

If you have to make a choice, you choose the best available lah, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

The reason for anonymity on the internet, as very well articulated by a Mollymeek blogger, is so that I don't have to unnecessarily exposed myself, in order to get "fixed" aka lim-teh with the PM in the name of their repackaging called "Engagement".

Is easier to change perception than to change policy.
If you are one of those who pay attention only to the form (how it looks on surface/style/packaging) start looking at the substance (content).

PAP's maxim - Be moderate, or be moderated!

Anonymous said...

As George Constanza says to Seinfeld, " if you believe it's true, then it is true". Does anyone care if BiN Laden was actually armed. The mission was to kill him and that was it.

Anonymous said...

When you are dealing with high and low people in their organization, remember there are generally three levels of substrates.

Pigs right at the top, horse shit in the middle and houseflies at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Singapore - a totem pole of birds.

The birds at the bottom look up;
and all they see are assholes.
The birds at the top look down;
and all the see is shit.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

THose 60.1% must be people of low IQ to vote for a PM that wants to suppress freedom of speech. The whole developed world knows Singaporeans have no freedom of expression because of our government's shutdown on free press and speech. Singaporeans are encouraged to be mutes in school and in the working place.

Many intelligent Singaporeans holding significant positions in the work place also practice silence on matters they know is not right. Many Singaporeans are goody goody 2 shoes and are mommy's and papa's boys and girls. Singaporeans are still political children and they don't mind not growing up and being patronised and condescended by their government. How many Singaporeans do you find to be real men with a core or actual adults. There are a lot of adults with stunted children's syndrome here. This happens because they can't and are not allowed to speak their minds. IN Singapore, intelligence is seen as one's ability to outdo another by getting a headstart and a lobang. That's how Singaporeans see intelligence and they can't and will never produce a nobel prize winner. See, we need to get a china lady to win olympic.

I stopped voting the government, simply because I disagree with their policies. And I want to send their a clear message that I don't want it and I don't tolerate it.

But many singaporeans don't think this way because they can't think.

The smart ones are harvesting their intelligence for themselves and not their fellow men. And no one wants to sacrifice anything.

Nothing will change in Singapore. This country was built on hypocrisy, politics and financial economics.

Many Singapreans are disillusioned and when you talk to a singaporean, they only talk about money.

They don't have a life and so they pray for some vacation overseas when they get a chance. Singapore has become a souless factory.

Anonymity is necessary in Singapore because a lot of heinous harm has been done and will be done when you put a name. Some examples: Alan Shadrake, Richard Wan of Temasek Review, Catherine Lim public reprisal, Gopal Nair, Chee Soon Juan, Gomez, Tang Liang Hong, JB Jayaratnam, Christipher Lingle, all the so-labelled marxists, etc..

That's why the Speaker's Corner is a joke and a waste of land. It is so badly used that the gays are using it to celebrate free butt sex in Pink DOt under the banner of free love.

Anonymous said...

You don't need to go so far. This is a country where you can't sell chewing gum. That's clear enough for you.

Anonymous said...

Pigs are in a world of their own. Houseflies generally don't get to mingle with pigs but they are fond of buzzing around horse shit. And horse shit is there for the pigs to occasionally muddy on.

Anonymous said...

"Pigs are in a world of their own. Houseflies generally don't get to mingle with pigs but they are fond of buzzing around horse shit. And horse shit is there for the pigs to occasionally muddy on."
Anon 4/9/12 11:08

Pigs will become bacon for human breakfast.

So what are houseflies for?

Anonymous said...

"So what are houseflies for?"
Anon 4/9/12 11:33

To create useless buzzing sound lah.

Anonymous said...

"To create useless buzzing sound lah."
Anon 4/9/12 11:35

Sounds familiar.

Anonymous said...

Houseflies can't think. They take orders from horse shit. Horse shits are the thinkers but they take orders from pigs. Pigs are visionaries, they don't read tea leaves, they read mud pond.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of pigs ...

PAP Joke
Q: What do you get when you cross a female MIW with a male pig?

A: Nothing. There are some things even a male pig will not do.

Anonymous said...

CHeck out WP Pritam Singh's f/b page and see how he bickers with bloggers when they ask him what is WP doing besides being sour grapes!

PRitam's head is getting too big for his own good leh! he prolly think he is some messianic opposition saviour.

looking at how he twists words, character assinate bloggers and then refuse to help his fellow ah neh ravi, no wonder old man is always right. REPENT, for you have brought in a SERPENT to my house!

Anonymous said...

What do you do with the serpent?

Anonymous said...

LHL's response is typical of the PAP - pushing all the blame to Singaporeans once more. But yet, the PAP did not self-reflect to think about their treatment towards people who gave dissenting views (use of ISA, defamation suits, using GLCs and the legal system to 'punish'). The PAP's approach is that dissenting views should be allowed with PAP's approval and made in their terms - hallmark of a dictatorial regime's way of governance.

LHL's is clearly uneasy with the lack of control over the poor public opinion of the PAP. He wishes to be able to simply eradicate it like his father -- a tyrant.

Anonymous said...

They don't repent, they never will

Black or White said...

You're either Constructive, OR you are Destructive.

Anonymous said...

You are either a thinker, or you are an idiot

Anonymous said...

You are either a Pro Alien Pig or you are a Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

//CHeck out WP Pritam Singh's f/b page and see how he bickers with bloggers when they ask him what is WP doing besides being sour grapes!//

How disingenuous of you to try and stir a minor disagreement of views between an MP/blogger into something bigger than it really is! Are you Tessa Wong from ST or are you from the TT dogs? You blow up this thing right after framing that PM & few bloggers (whom MSM & PMO wants to give the impression that is represents ALL bloggershere) in what is called a "successful national conversation"...yeah Right!!

I'm a blogger too, but I'm not that stupid to fall for your dirty tactics.

It's like all these years of peaceful, loving , big hearted Singaporeans suddenly become "xenophobic" and "intolerant" because of new immigrants (oh yes, you certainly try to deny that it has nothing to do with your failed overpopulation policy) and you start to turn around slam that on us, as a precursor to more bans on online anonymity? Good try , but a group of us ain't falling for it.

Look at this clip

compare and then come and tell me if Singaporeans were so xenophobia to the extent that we ever acted it out on foreigners publicly? Hopefully people will realize how the Govt has made a molehill into a BIG mountain by slamming the stupid singaporeans again and let them get away!!

And in the spirit of coming together to condemn such acts (committed by small group, who knows probably planted by themselves) they suddenly stand behind every MIW to rah rah and come gushing out to support the natcon.

We are entering into dirty manipulations here.
People should open their eyes and look at REAL CHANGE vs FAKE TWEAKS. Watch and see carefully how all these are playing out before you blindly follow anyone like a Messiah.

Learn Singaporean. Be a first world electorate.
Regardless which party you support. A sophisticated dirty game, is still a dirty game.

the anonymous ah lian said...

What a stupid question Pinky asked. Like a big bully asking if you agree with him... Or else! Of coz most gave him the answer he wanted.

Really, doesn't matter that Pinky doesn't want anonymity on the internet.

NOBODY can control the internet. (Unless you totally BAN it. Like N Korea. But we're a Singapore INC., VERY open global company. Ha. So cannot.)

So, whatever. The more they threaten, sue, or just threaten to sue, the more people get pissed off and criticize them MORE. Anonymously! And I'm sure the MIW know it. That's why recently they pretend to be nice by "giving warning" only.

Now, why can't they accept that they CAN'T control the internet? And move on?

Anonymous said...

We predict more young singaporeans will be setting up their own blogs in these coming years because of the blatant oppression of free speech and free thought in this country. No way PAPigs can't stop the freedom of people to think and to cut through the hypocrisy and disinformation that the PAPigs have been engaging all these years. $1000 can buy HDB flat? Yeah, right!!

Anonymous said...

"We predict more young singaporeans will be setting up their own blogs in these coming years..."
Anon 4/9/12 20:24

Ya lah can set up as many blogs as they want but got use or not? I mean to make PAP lose its 93% seats in Parliament to below 66%?

Read Anon 2/9/12 09:40 as per below:

"Do more things that matter, say less empty words.
- The late Deng Xiao Ping"

Anonymous said...

Setting up more blogs will be of no use.
But loyal Singaporeans have to make work for running dogs (Pro Alien trolls) to earn their salaries.

Anonymous said...

SWEET! I just got a free Minecraft card code at

Anonymous said...

Michelle Obama is a gifted speaker who moved her countrymen so visibly with her honesty and intelligence. We in Singapore on the other hand never had this caliber of speakers. For the loads of rubbish people who brought in the foreigners by the container loads without first providing the social safety nets and addressing the issues for their fellow country men, these people should if nothing else, learn from Michelle's sense of patriotism instead of being obsessed with the likes of attending french cooking classes and getting the mistaken sense of accomplishment!

The Pariah said...

Listen to “WHAT” is being said. Not just to “WHO” is saying it.

Where the commentator argues cogently and coherently within a proper context, does it matter whether the commentator is named “Anonymous” or “Lee Kuan Yew” with registered NRIC number?

Where the commentator is known (eg, a celeb blogger) and resorts to flaming tactics with use of uncouth language, the authorities have chosen to keep mum.

Where the commentator is UNknown (eg, previous instances of convicted cases of casting racial or religious slurs), the authorities could track it down with local ISPs and take prosecutory action.

So what’s the beef? There is no smoke without a fire.

Why is Pay And Profit (PAP) Govt so afraid of “SMOKE”? Why not use the SMOKE to suss-out if there is a potential FIRE (eg, the blogger who gave the inside track to the Brompton bikes tender that sparked a CAD inquiry subsequently despite initial ministerial assurances of propriety)? Why is PAP using this “SMOKESCREEN” of online anonymity to likely legislate and regulate the internet?

Anonymous said...

I am not interested in serving the Singapore public.
I am only interested in helping my political party stay in power.
To do this, I will tai chi and talk to win the next elections.
Can you guess what I am?

The Pariah said...

THE SWORD CUTS BOTH WAYS. There are UNknown Unknowns of UNintended Consequence!

By removing online anonymity, the online chatter may die down as per PAP wish-list.

Example: PAP clampdown on mainstream media created the unintended consequence of rendering msm irrelevant and people turning to reputable bloggers for analysis. History will repeat itself.

If PAP were WISE (rather than CLEVER), they would know which of the following options to choose for cyberspace:

(1) MARKET PLACE: To cross-fertilize ideas (also serves as a vent to safely let off steam within present boundaries);

(2) ECHO CHAMBER: Already extant in msm - (do the PAP need another one?);

(3) VACUUM: An eerie and dark silence that will be more ominous when it explodes at the ballot box (resentment stews and builds up momentum over time).

Anonymous said...

"The smart ones are harvesting their intelligence for themselves and not their fellow men. And no one wants to sacrifice anything."

Those who weep easily and often on national TV are the most thick skinned hypocrites anywhere, who neither consider singaporean first nor charity begins at home becos they are yellow bananas they are really white on the insides.

Anonymous said...

In the land where they kill a chicken to silence the masses, it is a wonder that they wonder why anonymity is the 'in' thing.

patriot said...

The Rulers are not worried about anonymity on the Internet la! It is just a subject it is using to deflect attentions to other issues such as immigration and cost of living.

Why should they be bothered with the Social/political bloggers and the readers and followers of these people?

Anyone in the Net can see for him/herself that the Online Community is oni as good as the Alternative Political Parties in Sin. They are individualistic, selfish and even antagonistic against each other. Such a fragmented community will never be a threat, except to each other themselves.

If there is anything that has impressed me about our Rulers. I must say their pack behaviour or so-called toe the line discipline within the Party, is very respectable.


Anonymous said...

Yepp, the weakness of the Online Community is as glaring as the Sun.

Has anyone met Lucky Tan or knew who he is in person ?

There is not even an email address at this site.

Anonymous said...

"Has anyone met Lucky Tan or knew who he is in person ?"
Anon 6/9/12 12:59

Why care who Lucky Tan, or for that matter any other blogger, is?

I only care who (doesn't matter who he is) can be a leader of a party that can win over the 60% votes from the PAP at the next election in 2016.

And that really matters. Like the late Deng Xiao Ping said, do things that really matter, say less empty words.

So will that person who do things that really matter come into existence in 2016?

Anonymous said...

We judge Lucky Tan based upon the merits of his facts and reasoning.

In the anonymous world of the internet;
it's the merits of your arguments;
not the importance of your father.

Real meritocracy at work.
Not nepotism masquerading as pretend meritocracy.

Anonymous said...

For now till 2016, PAP and LHL are what really matters.

For Lucky Tan and others, anonymous or whatever, we have to be patient and wait till 2016 to see whether they really matter.

Anonymous said...

"For now till 2016, PAP and LHL are what really matters."

Let's see what happens when Sinkies ignore & boycott your NatCON 2012 with Ah Heng.

Then PAP and LHL and have a monologue among themselves.

Anonymous said...

Quote: "If there is anything that has impressed me about our Rulers. I must say their pack behaviour or so-called toe the line discipline within the Party, is very respectable.


You mean you think GROUP-THINK is a good thing meh?

Anonymous said...

Vote Opposition.
And see a real National Conversation;
In parliament;
In 2016.

patriot said...

If group think means cohesiveness and unity of the pack, then that is strength and power which Alternative Parties and Netizens fail to achieve. Thus they bicker and languish in defeat after defeat.


Anonymous said...

After watching these, and also the fact that MP Zaqy is sincere about addressing this immigration issue, I am left wondering why MP Zaqy is replying his sms texts on his iphone while in the middle of the Q and A. Yet the same MP, when he speaks places his hand on his chest to signify sincerity...yet his answering of his texts in the middle of other speakers speaking betrays his sincerity and genuiness to set some time to this matter. Shouldn't an MP knows when to answer his text messages?

THis is hypocrisy! And nothing but an exercise on mere public relations. They have already made up their minds how SIngapore is going to be. You just tag along.

I have mentioned this before. It is more important to be seen trying to fix the problem than actually fixing the problem.

Today's politicians should study some body language cos our PAPigs are making many serious errors in body language. What they say and their body language are incongruent.

A lot of them are pretenders but many Singaporeans can't spot the hotspots and breaks in their micro expressions.

I would imagine if an MP is serious about our concerns, he would indicate in his body language attentiveness and genuiness. However this is not the case. We see MP Zaqy playing a role here and taking time off answering messages when he'd figured the camera was not on him.

My gut feeling is that MP Zaqy was at the forum to test the ground and to win some points for his own ballot boxes.

He is powerless to impact his own party as he admits he doesn't run any of the ministries.

Anonymous said...

They are there to support and serve the man at the pinnacle of power less he strikes his foot against a stone.

Anonymous said...

Pick up your cross.....or continue the way you are......your call

Anonymous said...

Best available.

Bo pian. No better choice, but also cannot don't choose.

Anonymous said...

Lucky Tan is best but not available.

Tan Jee Say is also best and available but 60% to 75% don't think so. So also bo pian.

Anonymous said...

That's why even if you are the best and also available is not good enough unless 60% agreed you are best.

So it all come back to the 60%.

Anonymous said...

More PAP Jokes
Q: What did the MIW name his daughter?
A: Sue.

Q: Did you hear about the new sushi bar that caters exclusively to MIWs?
A: It's called, Sosumi.

Q: How can you tell when a MIW is lying?
A: His lips are moving.

Q: How many MIW jokes are there?
A: Only three. The rest are true stories.

Q: What do dinosaurs and decent MIWs have in common?
A: They're both extinct.

Anonymous said...

The tax collectors and harlots will enter in first....

Anonymous said...

60% that voted PAP are anonymous what. So why netizens cannot be anonymous, you say lah?

Anonymous said...

"So why netizens cannot be anonymous, you say lah?"
Anon 7/9/12 12:34

Doesn't matter lah. Even 99% anonymous anti PAP netizens also no use.

Anonymous said...

Because you guys, with all the educations, are bodohs

Anonymous said...

PAP lackeys.

Any response to Lucky's Tan's comments?


ArtZ said...

Excellent blog, congratulations!

Anonymous said...

1"John McManus, the president of the John Birch Society discusses the history of the elite's grasp for globalism beginning in the late 18th Century and how it continues today. He demonstrates that history, politics, war, and government are not a series of accidents and coincidences, but rather, conspiratorial in nature. But who is part of the cabal and what is their end game? For answers, watch this presentation."
Quote,JudgeNapolitanoFTW on Dec 22, 2011

(search google, Overview of America II - Stopping the New World Order - YouTube)

(Office of Inspector General (OIG) - Labor Racketeering)

search google, FBI — Public Corruption
search google, FBI — Public Corruption a Top Priority

Joshua Chg

farmland investment funds said...

You should definitely use email annonymity as well. Try hushmail - it takes out the IP header so no one can see your IP address!

Anonymous said...

you can use a pencil as a writing tool, as a conducting baton, as a makeshift firewood, or, as a makeshift stabbing tool..

but ultimately, you can't dictate on how an individual uses the pencil.

Anonymous said...

The first duty of Govt is to take care of her pp, i wonder if they know that. We are not asking the G to make money for the country, and reward yourself with top dollar, while you lock everyone elses funds up. Singapore is not a corporation, if it were we would hired some top shot CEO to run the show and not elected a gahmen.
So tell me Pappy, what do you think your first duty is to the pp, show me the heart that you say you have.

Anonymous said...

"The first duty of Govt is to take care of her pp, i wonder if they know that."
Anon 14/9/12 23:52

At least 60% of the pp know that they are taken care of by the govt.

With that, the PAP is such a strong govt with 93% seats in Parliament.

So what are you still wondering?

Unless you are wondering how you can be better than the PAP so that 60% will vote you to do a better job.

Anonymous said...

Wondering got use or not?

Anonymous said...

Singapore should be renamed to Propaganda City instead of Chinapore.

MOE released information that it would do away with banding secondary schools but if you read into it carefully you will see that nothing has changed at all.

Schools are banded into 9 bands. They kept value-addedness ranking means they have "dehiglighted" the the 9 bands so that it looks invisible to the uninitiated eye. Ranking is still on-going on the basis value-addedness. Awards ranking are on-going. It's business as usual but now with cosmetic changes.

They are singing a new tune to an old song. The machinery is still there.

Welcome to PAP Propaganda 101. It has been going on for decades now.

This country now feels like a factory to me. Fucking boring and expensive. There are hardly any place to go for some quiet lunch or dinner.

Anonymous said...

"Fucking boring and expensive."
Anon 15/9/12 11:52

But there are 5 million people who want to stay here. And more wanted to come.

If not, how to have $1 million 99 yr rent HDB pigeon hole?

Anonymous said...

PAP govt is brilliant. That's why Singapore properties, even HDB rent for 99 yrs, are so high value and 60% are so happy.

And property price may even go higher because population can go up to 8 million so PAP will sure win again in 2016.

So even if you are bored and unhappy, many are not.

So PAP is really brilliant, relatively speaking. Because others are stupid as compared to PAP.

Anonymous said...

Simply and truefully
there is no better alternative.
PAP is the best and only party
that can take care of Singaporeans.

Prove me wrong; if You can.

Anonymous said...

No need to prove you wrong.

Support anonymity on the internet.
Vote Opposition.

If you are an undecided voter,
Just vote Opposition anyway,
To double confirm and protect your freedom to express yourself.

Anonymous said...

"So PAP is really brilliant, relatively speaking."
Anon 15/9/12 12:21

Hahaha. That's right, "relatively speaking".

Not "Democratically speaking" - Title of Chee Soon Juan's latest book on sale to discharge him from bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

"Democratically speaking" got use or not?

Just look at Chee Soon Juan. For 20 years, 1992 to 2012, where and what is his position, politically speaking? And also financially speaking?

And most important of all, election speaking?

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"To fund the permanent war economy, the US has been flooding the world with dollars. The foreign recipients turn the dollars over to their central banks for
local currency. The central banks then have a problem. If a central bank does not spend the money in the United States, then the exchange rate against the
dollar increases, penalizing exporters. This has allowed the US to print money without restraint, to buy imports and foreign companies, to fund military
expansion, and to ensure that foreign nations like China continue to buy American treasury bonds." unquote

(Collapse Fiat Money System Quantitative easing government has technology called printing press In Light of Recent Events)


Pimco's Bill Gross QE2 is a Ponzi Scheme - MarketBeat - WSJ


(Inside Job - Movie Website for the Documentary Film)



Skeptic » eSkeptic » Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Joshua Chiang

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