Friday, October 12, 2012

Crisis and Inequality explained ....

Here is an interesting video that explains in animation some economic history leading to the crisis and high income inequality. The speaker in the video is renowned social theorist David Harvey.

In 1984-1986, we saw the dismantling of the last big unions in England - coal miners and trade unions on Fleet Street that had enormous power in the newspaper industry. I remember the bitter "battles" fought between these unions and PM Margaret Thatcher. The "Iron-Lady" eventually crushed the power of the unions. Her counter-part in US, Ronald Reagan did the same. Along with unions, marginal tax rates for rich corporations fell. That was a solution to the economic problems of that era. But how did the unions get so big in the first place? These unions were formed when workers were badly exploited and unionization was a way of giving workers some power. David Harvey so ingeniously pointed out that the problems we have today are caused by the solutions of the past.

When you look at the video, how do you think Singapore fits into the picture? Long before the Iron-Lady of England got rid of powerful unions, independent unions already disappeared a couple decades earlier from Singapore. Long before Reaganomics caused wages to stagnate as productivity rose, Singapore leaders used the simple trick of keep wage gains below productivity gains so that per unit labor cost kept falling to entice foreign investments. We never had much welfare in our nation's history .....and Reagan slaughtered the "welfare queen" only in the eighties. Wages as a % of GDP fell to below 50% in the West in the 80s[Link]. but in Singapore we never crossed the 50% level in our entire history.

Our leaders like to say that our income inequality is due to globalization - so they don't have to do anything drastic to solve this problem. But the truth is the problem for Singapore is the rest of the world became more like Singapore in the last 2-3 decades and our leaders stretched their old tired strategies further so that they can attract capital. The last card they are playing is to open the floodgates to foreign labor. A policy that has caused our income gap be to the worst among developed countries and the cost of living to shoot up. This policy has caused the wages of hundreds of thousands of working Singaporeans to fall belong what is needed for basic living - 400,000 Singapore workers have wages so badly depressed they are eligible for Workfare.

In a recent dialogue session, DPM Teo Chee Hean tried to present the case for more immigration[First hand account of the dialogue session. He wants to double down on policies that have failed to deliver positive outcomes for a vast majority of Singaporeans. The audience of Singaporeans who have already seen the outcomes of this policy were not so easily persuaded. We all know what the outcomes are if we give the PAP a free hand to import as many people as it wants. To even tell the audience that the PAP wants to import more people before the deep problems caused by the current influx is solved is simply unacceptable for ordinary Singaporeans. If the PAP imports more people, the problems will just get larger.

When the PAP started importing foreigners, they told Singaporeans that it will create higher paying jobs and opportunities for Singaporeans. It will improve our quality of life - more vibrancy etc. None of these promises have been delivered ...yet the PAP chooses to invent reasons to pursue this policy. This time Teo Chee Hean tried to sell to the audience the idea of importing people to solve our low fertility problem. This line of reasoning is simply flawed.

No other govt in the world has resorted to importing foreigners to solve a low fertility problem. The solution to low fertility is to find the root causes of low fertility and raise it. Also, the massive foreign influx that the PAP govt has allowed for the last decade  has already over compensated for the low fertility rate - even if we had high fertility, we wouldn't be able to achieve the kind of population growth we had in the last 10 years.

Let history be our guide. If we allow the PAP to continue to pursue its policy to import people at a rate not seen anywhere else in the world, our problems will grow so large it will completely crush us.


Anonymous said...

That is what PAP wants - to crush Singaporeans.
To prevent this from happening, Singaporeans need to act fast. Someone has to start translating all LT's article into other languages and spread around. We need to educate those who can't read English and those who have no access to internet. Print copies of the articles and pass to your neighbours to read.

Anonymous said...

L Tan is absolutely right.
Singaporeans will be crushed
devastated by their very own

ufo said...

PAP is being called Pay and Pay for many decades but they are still rulers of Singapore and Singaporeans. Singaporeans have only themselves to blame for not standing up on what they believe and behaving like a cow.

Anonymous said...

PAP has placed staying in power above the needs of current Singaporeans. Not being able to improve the lives of current singaporeans, they resort to improving the lives of immigrants from third world countries, which in turn will keep PAP in power. Their real target is probably 8 million, which was quoted by one of the party cadre. Meanwhile NS men have to defend singapore for the future immigrants that will be grateful to PAP for improving lives.

Anonymous said...

Does LT has any idea to stop PAP from crushing us? Please advise.

Lye Khuen Way said...

Sad isn't it?

The ruling party still clinging on to their ill thought out policies which have already been responsible for years of depressed wages, fuelled Public Housing price increase that will soon mean two generations paying for a 99 year lease/ rental .

We are sure Unique.

For me, patheticly unique.

Anonymous said...

I am forwarding Lucky Tan's article to my frds who are part of the daft 60.1%.. We have to educate them to save the all of us.

Anonymous said...

Tell yr family and friends not to donate to charity drives as well.

Anonymous said...

This PAP is very keen to open the floodgate to foreigners but we, the Singapore citizens have seen with our crystal clear eyes how these foreigners have brought extreme negative impact on our society as seen from the ex-NTUC assistant director Amy Cheong's incident; Amy Cheong being a permanent resident, an Australian citizen, a typical 100% foreigner on Singapore land.

Due to PAP pro-foreigner policies, foreigners are welcomed and treated with VIP status. From time to time, PAPs have praised so much on the importance of foreigners that the foreigners' heads have grown so big to the extent that the foreigners would feel so proud and arrogant to think that Singapore cannot survive without them, the foreigners.

As a result of PAP's pro-foreigners polices, the negative impact on Singapore Citizens incidents played out by the foreigners keep on happening. We, the Singapore Citizens have been short changed or mistreated by these foreigners as shown by NUS foreigner scholar Sun Xu humiliating of Singapore Citizens, foreigner Ma Chi, the Ferrari driver who beat the red light and crashed onto a taxi, the recent incident generated from foreigner ex-NTUC assistant director Amy Cheong, etc.

We, the Singapore citizens, have to ask why PAP keep on mass importing tsunami of foreigners without any regard on the extreme effect on Singapore and Citizens of Singapore.

We, the Singapore Citizens must demand that these irresponsible acts done by the foreigners to be held accountable.

As PAP is the one who open the floodgate to these foreigners, PAP better be answerable to whatever the foreigners are doing in Singapore. Any wrong doing by the foreigners have to be accountable by the PAP since PAP give green light for these foreigners to enter Singapore.

Anonymous said...

DPM Teo advises this bcos he is not directly affected by the huge increase of FT in the negative way like most ordinary Singaporeans. On the contrary, since his salary is pegged to GDP and GDP can be raised through this huge influx of cheap foreign labour, he has every reason to recommend it.

This is simply a case of PAP self-centredness to amass greater wealth for themselves and their rich kakis much like the financiers mentioned in the video.

Is it ironic that PAP is an acronym for People's Action Party when all they act for is their rich asses.

Anonymous said...

My friend found this article from The Globalist. The title is: Is Population Growth a Ponzi Scheme?


Anonymous said...

Only votes matter.

If we don't convert the 60% of our friends & relatives who vote PAP;
Then our children can look forward to welcoming more immigrants and LHL as our Prime Millionaire after GE 2016.

Anonymous said...

"If we allow the PAP to continue to pursue its policy to import people at a rate not seen anywhere else in the world, our problems will grow so large it will completely crush us."
Lucky Tan

Not that bad lah, Lucky Tan.

Because some of these imported people can be made into citizens of Singapore by PAP what, tio bo?

Then as citizens, they become members of the Singapore familee, oops! family lah, tio bo?

And as family members, naturally they will love, trust and support (vote) each other what, tio bo?

So what problems and what crush are you talking about, Lucky Tan? Love crush?? Hahahaha.

Veritas said...

Socialist view of thought is not a natural state of affair for human being. Only people with higher IQ and a big heart to care about the more unfortunate people of the society would become a socialist.

The video says capitalism cannot solve internal contradiction. Socialism is the way. He is wrong, I see at least 2 way out theoretically.

One is the Schumpeter theory of creative destruction. But to implement Schumpeter's theory is akin of implementation of Marx's Utopia. Generally, creative destruction are allowed only on people but not on elites. So you would end up with a capitalism for people, socialism for elites.

Next way out is Indian caste system or some form of feudal system. Very few people actually knew that the power levers in USA are held by powerful hereditary and reactionary families, what we call Boston Brahmins, Koch families, Rockerfellas, Kennedy, Bush....etc. Many of these Brahmins got their wealth from extracting rent from resources, finance, land or special government charters. Many conceal their wealth. For example Rockerfellas name is suspiciously missing or low from many of the forbes ranking.

Who knows Gadaffi is richer than Bill Gate before he went down?

In every society and does not experience revolution for long time, a Brahmin class appear and their sworn aim is to extract wealth from society and their own preservation. Singapore is no exception.

The final result is the stratification and stagnation of society with great misery for all the people except Brahmins. The Dalits Indians live a life worse than caveman or savage mongolian nomands even Hindic achieve very high level of civilization and capital accumalation.

That explains why as Singapore become more well-off, the more miserable we become as we are loaded by crushing and stealth extractive forces. We are already Dalits.

I see the best way out is socialism. But again socialism cannot come to pass without a high aggregate moral values of society. One of the reason socialist system failed in US is because special interest groups such as some portion of unions game the system. Nordic countries has no such problem because their people are discipline and do not game the system.

I see PAP destruction of our moral values the greatest threat towards our well-being.

Veritas said...

When government of the whole world complain about the debt load and bankruptcy, one question economist do not want to ask, who are the creditors?

Every economist solution will be to service the debt and implement austerity. However, if we tax the creditor 100% and limit international trade, the government would be debt free.

Of course, the above is a simplified scenarios to help to explain certain concepts.

When the rich hoarded a lot of monies, these savings get recycled to be loan to the government.

The government need to provide social service and the poor are too poor to pay for service, because the rich pay too little wages.

Next when the poor workers at too poorly paid, it causes demand destruction and eventually the rich will get bankrupt. The other way out to both preserve rich people's wealth and pay little salary is to put the poor into debt. But the poor will not borrow. So the rich will need to put government into debt.

After advocating for austerity, the rich will get worse sort of problems. Keynes has the vision into the problem many years ago. He advocate monies printing and give to the poor. He is a Robin Hood.

Wheres Ben Bernanke print monies and give to the rich, and lied to everyone this is Keynesian. I wish bernanke live up his reputation of sprinkling monies from Helicopter. That will solve all the problems.

Keynes has much similarity to Marx than what economics textbook want us to believe.

I am not advocating a extreme socialist society, as it hinders work ethnic and innovation. The truth is we must be a middle path between capitalism but skew more towards socialism.

Anonymous said...


"And he has a story to tell about those days, when some students "agitated" for a law school to be established: "We invited a young lawyer to ... speak on the proposition to establish a law school as soon as possible. He immediately agreed."

That was the first time, in his sophomore year, that he met Mr Lee Kuan Yew, nine years his senior."

"But all of us, as undergraduates, had heard a lot about him, and we had great admiration for him. We knew he had come back from Cambridge, and he was our icon, our nationalist, fighting for independence already," says Prof Lim.

The next time they met was when he was in the Singapore Administrative Service, and Mr Lee visited its offices in 1959 after the People's Action Party came to power.

"I told him something very silly, I think: We should ban all strikes," recounts Prof Lim.

"Strikes were very prevalent then. But how can you ban strikes in a democracy ... he listened to me, probably laughing at me."


Without saying if any of his ideals have changed, he keeps returning, though, in our broad-ranging conversation, to the ones that have not: Those encapsulated in the National Pledge.
"To build a democratic society, based on justice and equality - that has not changed. That we are becoming one united people, regardless of race or religion - that has not changed. And that we should strive for peace, progress and prosperity," he says. "And inclusive growth - also has not changed. Hence, Economic Restructuring II.""


"For now, his own small contribution to the national conversation is this: "The targets cannot be too much away from our Pledge ... If we want to deviate, we have to change our Pledge.""


He is not one to complain, says the man who readily describes himself as "very" religious.

Prof Lim studied in Anglo-Chinese School, a Methodist institution, in Malacca. His father ran a coffee shop and, later, a big provision shop. His mother died when he was eight years old.

In Singapore, he was Deputy Chairman of Methodist Girls' School "for decades".


Just as unexpectedly, he also cites mountain trekking as one of his loves. He has been to the highest mountain in Taiwan and in Britain. He has been to Mount Fuji in Japan and recommends Huangshan in China. He and his wife have also been to the Himalayas.

"You need money before you can travel. That can come about only if we are a wealthy nation ... and we have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world. To me, that's our great achievement," he says.


Anonymous said...

Do the 60% really think the Pro Alien Party know what they are doing?

Pro Alien Party has created a situation that they are incapable of understanding, much less solving.

Anonymous said...

The blind leading the blind

Anonymous said...

The pap is the root of ordinary Singaporean problems. So the solution to ordinary Singaporean problems must be one WITHOUT the pap. It is as simple as that. I have been pointing this out for the last 20 years and now more and more Singaporeans are beginning to see my point. I hope enough Singaporeans wake up from the pap induced coma to see this. Then Singapore will be a better place for Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

The PAP already make at least 60% happy and satisfied. All the time.

Anon 13/10/12 15:21, can you make the 60% more happy and satisfied than PAP make?

That means you have to be better than PAP. If can, this is the solution.

Anonymous said...

The pap will lose the next GE. They basis of their power is fear. Young Singaporeans growing up in a different environment are not afraid of the papist threats. More and more older Singaporeans are waking up to the fact that the pap will never deliver what they have promised. Many are also finally overcoming their fear of the pap. When the senile old man is dead, the basis of their fear for the pap will be eradicated. Then the feeling of betrayal will set in and the urge for revenge will arise. The pap is dead. Just look at the way the papist ministers are going out of their way to superficially appease Singaporeans is the clearest indication that the pap is losing ground everyday.

Anonymous said...

The 60% is a mirage.It is not a good indication of the genuine papist support level.
If we look at the trend and the fast changing environment. anyone in the pap without any delusion will see that the pap is in crisis.
Najib will lose the coming GE. The whole mood and sentiment is very much against the pap. When FB and Twitter are effective tools of revolution, Lee Kuan Yew gangster style of politics is history. The only way the pap can survive is a drastic change in the top leadership.

Anonymous said...

"No other govt in the world has resorted to importing foreigners to solve a low fertility problem. "

Just because other governments do not opt for immigration doesn't mean we ought not.

The 39 % voter said...

Lucky Tan, you write well, mainly with facts coupled with statistics and data. You have many readers mostly I believe belong to the 39 % . At times many readers swear and curse at the PAPpies after reading your articles.

Will your writings help to change the present dire situation? The answer is no, or at most minimal impact. You and us, the 39% , are " talking " among ourselves. What is the point ?

Come 2016, don' t expect a drastic increase in the opposition camp if we just talk and talk among ourselves.

Lucky Tan, may I suggest you create a permanent thread at the top of your blog, so that we can start to brainstorm on how to persuade/ convince more voters especially those at the middle ground to join us at the next election. Time and tide wait for no man. Please do not think the year 2016 is till far away. As we start our concerted journey, we must be patient and never give up because Rome wasn' t built in a day.

What is your take, Lucky Tan ?

Anonymous said...

" that we can start to brainstorm on how to persuade/ convince more voters especially those at the middle ground to join us at the next election."
The 39 % voter 14/10/12 00:18

Can Lucky Tan (or whoever lah) start and lead a new party strong enough to contest 100% of seats at the next election? Just like what the PAP had been doing all the time?

Common sense lah, if you want to beat the PAP, you must be as strong or even stronger than PAP, tio bo?

Look at the existing opposition parties. Really hopeless, tio bo?

So no need to brainstorm so much lah. Just do it!

Anonymous said...

"So no need to brainstorm so much lah. Just do it!"
Anon 14/10/12 07:57

Do what? Under PAP, for smart ones like Lucky Tan, it is much easier to make lots of money or talk cock sing song. And which at least 60% had also been doing.

Anonymous said...

@ 39% voter @ 14/10/12 00:18

I agree. Talk no use.
Only action leading to more votes for the Opposition counts.
Target the 60% of your friends & relatives who voted Opposition.

If you are new at this.
Set an easy target for yourself.
Focus on converting just one.
What is your target's pet source of unhappiness?
Then use Lucky Tan's articles as talking points to increase your target's knowledge.

The out-of-touch Millionaires-In-White will do the rest in further alienating your target.
With their unthinking ideology and stupid policies.

I was a PAP voter for many years.
I do this now for my children's future. As well as for my own old age. And also revenge for having been deceived for so many years.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:35,

Remember to incorporate the 4 spiritual laws when reaching out to lost souls

Anonymous said...

The 60 % voters have voted for a party that placed staying in power more important than the needs of current Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

What is good for PAP,
Does not mean it is good for Singaporeans.

What is good for Singaporeans,
Does not mean it is good for PAP.

The 39 % voter said...

To : Anonymous @ 14/10/12 00:18

I " m glad to know that being a hardcore pap supporter for many years your good self, you decided to switch camp after having seen through the selfishness of that party.

All along I have this thinking that only those hardcore supporters in the 60 %, are practically impossible to influence their ideology unless they are badly affected by the twisted policies.

My thought is that it is easier to target those that spoilt their votes or those who are still indecisive nearing election times.

Anonymous said...

I believe some, or even many, voted PAP simply because the opposition is worse.

Why worse? Because there are too many generals but not enough soldiers and weapons. How to trust this type of army to fight for and protect you?

But why is opposition "army" like that?

This one, I also don't know. Not simple lah.

Maybe Lucky Tan can blog about it or even give the solution to the problem.

Anonymous said...


1. Why is it so difficult for the opposition to become as strong as PAP?

2. Why this difficulty cannot be overcome even after 47 years?

Anonymous said...

For the opposition to become strong, they must have smart people as leaders.

But in Singapore under PAP, smart people can easily make lots of money and so have good life what.

Be opposition leader for what, tio bo? It's that simple what.

Anonymous said...

Even if a monkey is an Opposition candidate, I will vote for that monkey.
I am so pissed off with PAP, I just don't care. Opposition candidate no need to be smart.

Anonymous said...

"I am so pissed off with PAP, I just don't care."
Anon 15/10/12 07:59

Too bad lah, you are the minority of only 40%.

By the way, 60% to 75% don't even want to vote for high calibre Tan Jee Say, so how can they vote for monkey?

Anonymous said...

The only qualification needed is that the Opposition candidate must be anti-PAP. The more anti, the better.

Anonymous said...

Anti Christ is it?

Anonymous said...


1. Why is it so difficult for the opposition to become as strong as PAP?

2. Why this difficulty cannot be overcome even after 47 years?

ISD, detention without trial, Operation Coldstore, need I say more. When a generation of strong leaders were captured and put under prolonged detention or exile, stories circulated among the lower echelons, and their families and friends. These fear factors caused/resulted in the MIW's electorate success over several decades. Coupled with the kia-si attitude and high tolerant character inherited from migrants ancestors, that's why Opp is in their state today.

Anonymous said...

Not because they talk cock?

Anonymous said...

If PAP so good, why not outlaw detention without trial?

Even malaysia govt. not scared.
PAP govt. definitely lower standard than Malaysia govt.

Anonymous said...

PAP = chicken shit

Anonymous said...

Don't be rude. They are not chicken shit, they are shameless shit.

Anonymous said...

The fault line of values
by Eugene KB Tan

only an elite regime will pay a ransom for such people lo sit up there and talk down to the people or write so much irritating crap to fill newspapers spaces.

Anonymous said...

Boy, the live charity show was awkward. Got money to splash but generally no talent and soul to breathe life into the program which in a nutshell best describes Sin.

ufo said...

I am not anti PAP but I think PAP should change for the better such as Lee and family should not hold any political power cos they tweaked so many policies for the benefit of their private funds.

Anonymous said...

The PAP is going down the path of the Second French Empire's style of benevolent dictatorship and all it takes is one spectacular stuff-up to bring these jokers down for good.

Anonymous said...

If there is freedom of assembly in public places;
Do you think we can get 100,000 people to occupy Shenton Way for a National Conversation?

No way! Singaporeans do not behave this way.
So actually can allow freedom of assembly in Singapore lah.
After all, if citizens own their own country;
Then surely can suka suka meet any where in their own country right?

It's not as if Singapore belong only to the elites right?
And the rest of us are just coolies.
Filipino maids peaceful assembly at Lucky Plaza can.
So why Sinkies peaceful assembly at Shenton Way cannot?
Sinkies even lower class than Filipino maids in Singapore meh?

auto said...

"allow the PAP to continue to pursue its policy to import people at a rate not seen anywhere else in the world," - PAP may be right after all. Some years later, PAP may not even able to do that once other countries catch up on this. Anyway, what is the best way to fill up the gap from the financial crisis? If not now, then when? When the bubble burst, those foreigners will go back to their own countries. We just have to bear for a few years and things will be back to normal. It is better to live with some discomfort now then to have our reserve lost forever.

Anonymous said...

"It is better to live with some discomfort now then to have our reserve lost forever."

What makes you think we have any reserves left?
Have you actually touched and felt any reserves?
Is there a 3rd party like Chee Soon Juan to double confirm our money is still there?

Anonymous said...

Now they have reported deadly notes or dirty the end to draw nearer

Anonymous said...

"What makes you think we have any reserves left?"
Anon 15/10/12 21:36

Why you care about the country reserves? It is not your money to touch and felt what, even if it is there. It is the 60% who gave PAP govt the mandate to do that.

Your personal bank account got strong $$$ reserves or not? Be worried if you don't.

Anonymous said...

"Why you care about the country reserves?" ANON: 15/10/12 21:59

Just as I thot.
The PAP is afraid Sinkies will ask question about the reserves.
Probably because they may not be able to explain where all the money went?

Anonymous said...

"For example Rockerfellas name is suspiciously missing or low from many of the forbes ranking"

Well, I believe the Lee family is one of the riches in the world but they are never in any list. That's what happens when you can hide behind the legislation and continue claiming that you are honest and transparent. Any person who has the moral authority and nothing to hide will openly declare his wealth and not just give assurances that they have not enriched themselves. It's a pity when a entire nation is fooled by a power crazy despot

Anonymous said...

Just watched the migration debate on tv. 2 out of 3 of our judges took the side of the proposition. If that was reflective of our elitist's thinkers, we are in trouble.

It is bi bi ker ly wrong. Bloody no conscience, brainless educated idiots we are breeding here.

Only one guided by conscience is a woman. @#*+%#x^

In the long run, the negative consequences are enormous.

Don't look at your beautiful skyline you bunch of $&}%€£%king idiots!

Anonymous said...

Thk allah audience had better judgment.

Anonymous said...

Elites only know how to create lusts in pongol and such. Idiots or not lah?

F the pigs and pigs!

Anonymous said...

that's why they say gweilows are fkers

Anonymous said...

Isn't it quite pathetic when our country & the eite becomes richer & richer, the low income earners are becoming poorer & poorer as each year goes by?

What has LKY & his son really done for the masses & less privileged as compared to what they have done for themselves, it almost like a whole lot of difference between hell & heaven? Isn't it sad that we have a father & son team that is in charge?

Anonymous said...

Blind following the blind. Shameful to be civil servants.

Anonymous said...

Where's my money?
Where's my reserves?
Where is Uncle Tony?
Where are my balls?

4 questions for the 60%.

Anonymous said...

I sense the "doubling down" is not a deliberate move - rather, the opening of the floodgate to FT is a desperate move couched as a "long term" vision. Its more like the endgame, and the side which makes the last mistake loses all - hence die die must persevere for the MIW. At same time, there are many "holes" to plug for the civil servants and GIC/MAS/TH/CPF on one hand that has become more desperate with each crisis. Missing in the elites' calculation is the "joker cared" of new media like internet in spreading alternative views to the public. They are playing catch up with all their blogs, but find it hard to get people to read their posts except the cynics and critics. They are frustrated - see LBW and TCJ's recent posts. Its good - the opponents are restless, mistakes will be made and plentiful.

Anonymous said...

Having soldiers to manage the country?

They are oni good for giving orders
to army boys.

Who the hell think they are good to run
any country.

Anonymous said...

Eh! Hello!
I'm a Millionaire Minister.
You Sinkies owe me a living ok?
Nothing less than a million dollar salary will do.
Otherwise how can I be dignified?

Anonymous said...

Why be ruled by elites? Dust they come, dust they should return!

Anonymous said...

Why be ruled by elites?
Because 60% don't know any better?
Sheep will always be sheep.
Sheep people need arseholes to tell them what to do.

Anonymous said...

These bimbos are called the best talent A team? Danger of one party rule is putting party interest above national interest.

HDB supply: Forgot about new citizens?

Building 25,000 BTO flats claiming 15,000 Marriages.

Ah Khaw for got One new citizen and one PR can buy BTO Flat. And this Party above national interest PAP plans to give out 25,000 new citizenship

You must be a Singapore Citizen
Your family nucleus must comprise at least another Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident.

Anonymous said...

By pumping up supply, without opening the flood gate to foreigners, will hurt the property market and thus the economy.

The life blood of your city is money and the mismanagement of it will send a fatal stroke to the entire body!

Anonymous said...

Don't think the elites will be spared if there is bloodshed

Anonymous said...

When the house is corrupted,the homes will be corrupted too!

It mirrors the blind

Vira International said...

Very informative blog...Thanks for sharing ...

The Pariah said...

PAP Govt already changed tack, Lucky Tan.

PAP are converting more Foreigners into Singapore Citizens -

(as per DPM Teo Chee Hean in REACH townhall dialogue on 1 Oct 2012).

As Mr David Harvey said: "It's crap."

Let's hope 60% Native SCs say so at next GE 2012.

Anonymous said...

On conflating wealth with worth....(Today)

In a quote attributed to Karl Marx, he mentioned that in examining social inequality, "the least advantaged are the eyes that matter when it comes to looking at justice". A truly national conversation will have to examine the category of "least advantaged" through multifarious lenses - whether race, age, gender or social class.

It is time to talk about whether the positions and worldviews of the privileged should be a standard for the rest.

End quote.

Can you buy and sell without taking on their image?

Anonymous said...

We don't want PAP to change. We want PAP to relinquish power!

Anonymous said...

(as per DPM Teo Chee Hean in REACH townhall dialogue on 1 Oct 2012). "

They lost 5% of the 2.5m electorate last election, it seems their projection might be based on that loss ofr 2016/2017. So by next election, they are expecting to lose another 125k votes. So 20k a year over next 5 years will just about neutralize the projected loss. This is simple Math that primary 3 kid can work out. Plus they have the strategic advantage of redrawing boundaries of where the new SCs will be staying. Easiest way is to allocated BTOs to these new SCs. Just like Potong Pasir during the last 5 years. Nothing much you and I can do, its almost cast in stone their next victory will have popular vote of about 55%.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter new SC or old SC, as long as they vote PAP, they are good SC.

Doesn't matter black cat or white cat, as long as they catch mice, it is a good cat.

Anonymous said...

It is like you keep walking into the brothel and wondering...why are there so many horny people there? But, isn't it the same everywhere?

Anonymous said...

Not same in other countries.

Other countries, in the government regulated brothels, the girls are issued with license.

Anonymous said...

We am talking about politics :) We are not talking about the girls, we are talking about the people

Anonymous said...

I think you can only conclude that we have too many stupid people to upset the balance

Anonymous said...

You think there are only 60% horny people? And your ministers are not horny?

Anonymous said...

Why do you think sex is such a great obsession in this country? ( by your civil leaders)

Anonymous said...

"Why do you think sex is such a great obsession in this country?"

Because our Leeders are not getting enough from their wives?

Anonymous said...

Because your mind is constantly thinking about sex?

Anonymous said...

Unless you are LKY of course. He is too old to even stand

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Why do you think sex is such a great obsession in this country?"

Because our Leeders are not getting enough from their wives?

19/10/12 11:37

They are paid so well, they can always get their sexual fix overseas and away from prying eyes.

You see, even LKY thought of everything.

Anonymous said...

Sex is a snare. But for who?

Anonymous said...

Sex is fun.
But only if you are a non-Singaporean.
"Cheap" HDB flats;
"subsidized" medical care;
"competent" Leeders;
"subsidized world class" children's education;
"world class" elderly care for your parents;

All these things are wonderful aphrodisiacs.
Makes you want to get married and fuck your wife 3 times before sleeping at night.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
You think there are only 60% horny people? And your ministers are not horny?

19/10/12 10:27

Money makes people very horny.

Anonymous said...

The hornier you are, the more money you make. That's why our ministers are very horny people

Anonymous said...

A common man tries explaining government to an alien... Which soon turns into a very insightful conversation about freedom.

Anonymous said...

is true ....prostitutes not horny make less money than very horny prostitutes

the hornier the more money...very true

Xianlong said...

"our problems will grow so large it will completely crush us"-LT

Yes, it will take many years even decades to recover just like the DOW took 20+years to recover back to pre-depression levels.

When the old man keeps writing his success book on how he make SG successful, the peak is well at hand & decline is imminent as we are already experiencing now.