Sunday, December 23, 2012

Charity and the Singapore govt....

Recently Emeritus Senior Minister made the following remark:
He has received harsh criticism from Singaporeans for his remarks. I think that anyone from the PAP, maybe with the exception of Lily Neo and Denise Phua, will be harshly criticized for saying Singaporeans are not generous. Coming from a govt that practices extreme parsimony towards the poor, sick and elderly, such remarks invite a backlash. Just recently, the Singapore govt refused entry to a group of refugees experiencing prosecution back home - the 40 refugees were part of a group of 200 whose boat capsized, 160 from the group drowned leaving survivors who lost their families. The crew on a Vietnamese merchant ship found these 40 survivors struggling in the open sea, rescued them and took them aboard their ship. To accommodate these 40 survivors, the captain did what any human being would do share his crew's food and water  with these survivors. As supplies ran low, the captain requested permission to enter to our ports to restock:

"We only have two days' worth of rice left for our 24 crew members," Capt Nguyen told The New Paper on Monday over the phone.[40 stranded refugees will die if help doesn't come soo[
The Singapore govt refused entry to the ship despite their pleas for help. Luckily the ship was able to go to another country whose govt still has not lost its humanity to get help before they ran out of food and starved[Link[.  It is acts like this that takes away the PAP govt's right to tell us to be more charitable and generous - the PAP govt does not set a good example when it comes to being charitable. 
There are more than 2000 charities in Singapore. Many of them run by dedicated volunteers who put in both their own time and money to do something for the needy. Very often they take on the responsibility that the govt should shoulder. Because of their limited resources, they cannot help everyone that needs help. The NKF (National Kidney Foundation) charity is there because the PAP govt refused to set up govt run healthcare services for kidney patients like other govts with universal healthcare in place. These kidney patients will die if not for the efforts of  charity organisations. Singaporeans gave generously to the NKF in the past. Unfortunately a spate of scandals involving numerous charities - NKF, Ren Ci, Youth Challenge,  St John's Home for Elderly Persons [Link] etc. Despite these scandals,. the amount donated by Singaporeans to charity doubled from 2001 to 2010.
This increase it is however not enough because our govt has the lowest social spending among developed countries and Singapore is ranked 114 out of 146 when it comes to donations[Link]. Singapore has the highest (sometimes 2nd highest) income inequality in the developed world, total donations is relatively low and the Singapore social spending is the lowest among developed put these 3 facts together what does it say about our society...and what does it say about how much help our poor and needy gets to pull themselves up relative to other develop countries? Yet there are many some among the elites in our highly elitist govt who receive more in entitlements and opportunities than the rest of our society that feel that the ordinary people who are poor are not self-reliant and resilient enough. These people live in a bubble...a bubble that distort their value system and perspective, they cannot understand what is happening on the ground yet they are elevated to be our leaders.
Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong should know why donations are so low. As the former prime minister of Singapore, he urged the wealthy to donate to charity. Given the wealthy here enjoy great advantages of  the lowest tax rate in all developed countries, zero capital gains taxes and extremely pro-businesses policies that aids wealth accumulation by the richest in our society, it is natural to expect them to give something back:
This is the call from SM Goh Chok Tong. If you are wealthy, donate at least 0.5% off your annual income to help the needy.[Link]

As the ex-Prime Minister of Singapore implementing so many policies that help the rich get richer and the income gap to balloon ....all he dare to ask from the richest among us to give is 0.5% of their annual is it a real surprise that our ranking is so low when Emeritus Senior Minister set such a low standard of giving among the rich?! Compare that with The Giving Pledge in the US started by Buffett and Bill Gates to urge the rich to pledge half their wealth to charity - Facebook billionaire Zackerberg signed up so did many others. In highly capitalistic (so we used to say) Hong Kong. Li Ka-Shing pledge half his wealth to charity and will leave behind the biggest charity in Hong Kong. Nina Wang, once the Asain\s richest woman, left her fortune to a charity in her will. Even Jackie Chan will leave his entire fortune to charity[Link]. Chow Yun-Fat will leave his entire fortune to charity [Link]. It turned out people in Hong Kong are big givers and rank 18 on the Giving Index ahead of Germany and Denmark. Many ordinary Singaporeans I know will gladly give their time and money but the value system held up by this govt does not result in setting good examples in the area of giving and making sacrifices. I urge my fellow Singaporeans to overcome this and give more as there are many in our society that needs your help. 


Anonymous said...

" is it a real surprise that our ranking is so low when Emeritus Senior Minister set such a low standard of giving among the rich?!"
Lucky Tan

I think Emeritus Senior Minister is being realistic to set low standard of asking the rich to give only 0.5% of their annual income.

Just like we must also be realistic that the opposition will never win enough seats to form the government.

In Singapore and knowing Singaporeans, unlike other countries, we need to be realistic, not idealistic like Lucky Tan.

Anonymous said...

60% are realistic enough to vote for the PAP, despite the PAP being not as good as before.

Whether in voting or in giving, one has to be realistic. Cannot expect too much lah.

Or else one will be disappointed or things will even be worse.

Anonymous said...

Here Lee Kuan Yew will sue you bankrupt and then give everything he got from you to charity in his name.

Anonymous said...

Trolls have not heart. That's why they always like to count like the PAP. About 60% of them can count tio bo?

Lye Khuen Way said...

Mr Goh, the ex-premier should know better. His "coverment" and the ones before and since, have never considered"welfare". It is a dirty word. So is it any wonder that cohorts after cohorts are being ungracious and mean ?

"Teach your children well" one song by NBSY goes. We were not taught too well, I am afraid.

Anonymous said...

How much do you want?

Do you want three meals in a hawker centre, food court or restaurant?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Goh Chok Tong is a gentleman. Don't defame him. He will sue you like Lee Kuan Yew Yew. He very nice one, cannot lead but got a lot of words of wisdom tio bo? He got much more than 60% of votes leh. Now only 60% tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Goh Chok Tong is a gentleman. Don't defame him. He will sue you like Lee Kuan Yew Yew. He very nice one, cannot lead but got a lot of words of wisdom tio bo? He got much more than 60% of votes leh. Now only 60% tio bo?

Anonymous said...

The least they could have done was send food supplies to the ship. Unfortunately the people onboard got nothing, no money, no nationality no nothing.

It seems PAP only want to be seen helping when there are benefits. Their entire grassloots organization consist of people with the same mentality.

Tan Koon said...

I tend to believe what Lucky said about our Government. They must set a good example. They should not chase off the survivors at sea. Imagine if that survivors are your relatives or friends. Would you want someone to help.?

Anonymous said...

Ex PM Goh Chok Tong was in fact the most generous ruler Sinkies ever got.
He wanted to give Sinkies Swiss Standard Livings.
Though he did not deliver, his wife did provide some comforts. Mrs Goh Chok Tong knew that $600Ks a year was peanut to some Sinkies. In a way, some Sinkies are living way above Swiss Standard and the Gohs and their families must be amongst them.

Anonymous said...

Swiss standard of living is an aspiration.

I aspire to be a millionaire in Singapore. Nothing wrong, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Under PAP govt, if you are smart, your aspiration, your dreams, your whatever lah, will come true.

Anonymous said...

/// I urge my fellow Singaporeans to overcome this and give more as there are many in our society that needs your help. ///

I will help by voting Opposition in GE 2016.
Let's fix the problem by fixing the cause.

eremarf said...

Charity has its problems too. It's an alternative to gov't taxation, but they have differing effects:

My main beef with charity is that rich people donate to their own interests - art and culture, museums, theatre, conservatories, etc (the poor don't consume that). as well as to higher education (as again - the poor don't consume higher education). They don't donate to the things that matter. Charitable causes are not all equal - so let's not confuse them to be so.

The other main thing with charity is - you exacerbate how wealth would concentrate with the really selfish and greedy. If people who could earn money were of two sorts - selfish and unselfish - and neither got taxed greatly but instead donated. Those who donate more would in the long run have less money, and hence wield less influence and power. Then we would have the really selfish and greedy people holding on to money and power and shaping society. This thought scares me.

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh..don't be hash on our charitable ESM...he always did his part of charity by making his losing golf kakis donate...can also remember he auction off his precious NOL first day cover & indonesian puppet in the name of charity.

Anonymous said...

Papaya cannot donate lah...else their family standard of living will drop...

Anonymous said...

PAP always want us to follow what they say but not what they do. Sound just like the pharisees of the old days!

Anonymous said...

Charity begins at home.
How about the PAP government helping poor & needy Singaporeans instead?

Anonymous said...

"I urge my fellow Singaporeans to overcome this and give more as there are many in our society that needs your help." - this is exactly what the pussy action party wanted. the solution for this is to stop doing any charity at once and let the ranking drops to the lowest in the world to make the ruling party looks even more useless, lousy and greedy. the ruling party has to understand that running a country is not as simple as running a company. running a country involves fulfilling both economic and social roles and allowing the different levels of people benefit from their policies etc.

Anonymous said...

To the pussy action party, welfare to the old, needy, sick is a dirty world, welfare to themselves such as pension and medical benefits is an entitlement. people must be blind to vote such a party for so long. i urge everyone to vote alternative party and if pussy party still wins, we know that there is fraud.

Anonymous said...

"I think that anyone from the PAP, maybe with the exception of Lily Neo and Denise Phua, will be harshly criticized for saying Singaporeans are not generous" - could anyone enlighten me why the two gals will not be criticized?

Anonymous said...

Selfish, greedy people (SGP)deserves a gov that thinks welfare is a dirty word?

Minghui Kuok said...

The biggest problem is this: We're being hardwired for selfishness instead of altruism. This is something we need to survive post-1965, NOT now.

In a country where people are in constant fear of losing their jobs and a 24/7 inflation rate, they would never think of others before themselves. This is humane pragmatism at it's very worst.

Which now comes to the Gov itself. I'm not that surprised to see social spending getting rather low because the MCYS (because I still regard the relevant ministries to be under the same portfolio) have always gotten the shortest end of the deal. Rather, one thing I'm curious about is that how much grassroots power is being wielded by the NGOs. It's not just a case of "got any problem, go shoot them" kind of mentality because NGOs don't really have a good record of raising up funds to sustain the infrastructure.

In fact. while it's heartening to see S'poreans being more charitable this year, we need to understand that these are mostly our everyday S'poreans by large and one year of giving doesn't mean anything for the subsequent years.

Simply put, this is case of pragmatism gone horribly static. If the Gov can't afford to fix this kind of problematic social norm, then I guess there will definitely be people who can only tan-si.

Anonymous said...

Now, PAP has no money for charity and all the other social spending.

What can be done?

PAP can top up the amount of money needed for charity,
sponsor the $1.1 billion for buying and operating the new fleet of buses and
sponsor the raising of 2013 bus fares
by implementing the following 3 policies:

1) PAP must increase the work permit levy to $900 per foreigner hired,

2) PAP must increase the S-pass levy to $1200 per foreigner hired,

3) PAP must charge an amount of levy equal to 30% of foreigner salary on employment pass per foreigner hired.

As companies are earning record profit in recent years due to the huge influx of foreigners, companies definitely have huge amount of money to pay for all these small amount of levies.

Most of these companies will not hesitate to volunteer to pay even more foreign levies happily without being asked.

Anonymous said...

dear blogger, i have been going through your posts for the past hours. I commend your spirit in wanting for change, i can sense it. Sometimes I forget what it is being Singaporean. I always mashed the govt and our country Singapore together leading to me having no sense of patriotism other than the engineered patriotism on national day. I am sad reading your blog,dear blogger.

I just see no change in the coming future. We are made rigid, we are afraid of making mistakes even in tuition classes, yet make the biggest mistakes when we can't afford to, we want all ticks in our answers because our parents say we must, we must get that good pay that career, sell your body for a contract, and sell your heart to money.someone accomplished they say, oh he has made it, the Singaporean Dream.

what have we become? the promises of our early times, strive together as one, a nation of people, for humanity. yet what have we become, what have we become.

our kids make enemies to top the class, our young people forgo their morals to top the office, the society forgo their ethics to own yacths, fancy houses like the Cove, big cars we can't even speed with.

what have we become?

Anonymous said...

Increase social spending? The standard riposte from the Pigs: Where is the money going to come from. Need to increase GST, taxes....

How about cutting defence spending, increase taxes on the rich like Obama, reintroduce estate duties and capital gains taxes, increase corporate taxes, etc? No, no, these will put a hole in the pockets of the Pigs, the Elites and their cronies, drive away investers, and endanger their GDP sacred cow. And there are hordes of hostiles just waiting to pounce on this red dot.

So the Pigs turn to the people and ask them to be generous. Self-serving Hypocrites one and all, who have forgotten their moral duty to the people, their social contract as the elected Government. 2016 cannot come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Cut defence spending.
Straight away got money.

Stop national service.
Straight away got more manpower for private sector.

Vote Opposition.
Straight away we can make the first 2 things happen.

Anonymous said...

How are we uncharitable? Did not our President match every dollar donated by the people for the President's Charity? And since there is already a Lee Foundation we can expect a Goh Foundation soon.

Anonymous said...

There is not very much that one can give to charity when one is paid peanuts and have one's CPF frozen on retirement.
We look up to those with sinecures and pensions to take up the slack but will they be wealthy if they contribute more?

Anonymous said...

If PAP truly represents Singaporeans;
Then why so slow in calling for a by elections in Punggol East SMC?
Why so scared?

If you truly represent Singaporeans;
Why so scared?
Why so slow?

Anonymous said...

Why so scared?
Anon 23/12/12 20:28

They have 60% mandate to be scared.

They have 60% mandate not to call for a by election.

They have 60% mandate to whatever lah.

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh president match every dollar donated by the people from his own million dollar salary is it? If I President, I use your reserves and match you 10 dollar for 1. I more generous tio bo?

Anonymous said...

If you truly represent Singaporeans - do not forget, we are just a number, we cannot strike, protest, gather so do not talk about represent.

Anonymous said...

we have to reduce the power of pussy action party by voting for alternative parties.

Anonymous said...

Stop calling out "pussy action party".
You guys are just whore-able.

Anonymous said...

A greedy PAPig took a girl for a romantic ride in his taxi...She was so beautiful he could hardly keep his eye on the meter.

Anonymous said...

More PAP-MIW Jokes
Q: Why is Michael Palmer a queer PAPig?
A: He like likes girls more than money.

Q: What does a PAPig wife make for lunch?
A: Reservations.

Q: How does a PAPig say "fuck you" in Singapore?
A: "It's for the greater good."

Anonymous said...

I dunno what to say. But suffice to say, the PAP govt has lost its soul and in its place followed and worship the ugly path of greed.

And suffice to say, it will not last. Just wait and see. Everything will have an end. It is either fast or slow and how early Singaporeans will wake up.

Anonymous said...

donations doubled but has disbursement to the needy doubled?

example, sintel may donate 1million but it also charges 1 million to the charity for fund raising. how much more will the needy get.


Anonymous said...

The top leadership of the pap are EVIL. Simple as that.

Xianlong said...

What economist Graeme Maxton said on charity totally shocked me:

At first glance, charity seems to be a good thing. Yet they are a reflection of a fundamental problem.

Charity is an attempt to patch parts of the system that are not working. Mostly such attempts are well intended. But sometimes they are driven by less enlightened motives.

And in almost every case they are a poor way to make up for some of the shortfalls of modern economics. They mop up the externalities - rather than leaving them, like a puddle, for us all to see.

Charities actually support many of the warped ideas of social progress by masking them. They have become a substitute for social justice & proper economics.

Anonymous said...

Damn stupid writer again.

Please do not ask the Govt to do charity. The Govt gets their money from tax payers like me. If Govt were to do charity, they are using their tax dollars paid by ME and then give to other people for nothing in return????

Let me be clear about this! I choose who will receive my charity, who I want to be kind to and who deserves my money. When I pay taxes to the Govt, I expect the Govt to make good use of the money, not be charitable with it.

Lucky Tan, you are an idiotic socialist whose ideas only think of increasing taxes on every hardworking people including yourself. I will continue to fight your blog on every policies ideas till you wake up.

Anonymous said...

ll said...

Got someone who promised to donate money after he increased his minister pay, has he done so?

Anonymous said...

"Where will the money come from?"
The PAP does not want to reduce defence spending to raise money for spending education & social services.

Cold Land said...

Good piece. it speak the root and heart of the problem.

albert einstein said...

I do not know much about the political situation in Singapore, but that certainly asian countries singapore include rapid progress ..

Anonymous said...

Where does the money come from for social spending? Start with downsizing the $12b spent in 2011 on the useless military, which is a mindless bureaucratic machine gone out of control. It is the biggest charity to buy unca sam's useless old aircraft like F15s and submarines which serve exactly zero purpose. If war comes, it will be the lives of our sons which will determine if we survive, not the subsidies to Lockheed and Boeing! Second stop the useless civil service and its million dollar-paid top civil servants their fat salaries, the red dot is becoming a Kafkaesque nightmare - squeeze the taxpayers and lower income to benefit the "entitled". Third, get rid of all the PAP cronysim - SMRT subsidies, PAP town councils giving sweet heart deals to Chandra Das and company, EMS giving sub-market rate rental to foreign domitories, all at residents' expenses! Fourth, stop the Temasek and GIC from the mindless losses. bring back all our money and invest it in gold and tangible assets for the future of our children rather than gamble it away. Last, stop the inflow of hot money that is killing the desire of our young couples to get married and have children by denying them reasoanbly housing costs. The corruption, collusion and nepotism must end! The sooner the blind 60% understand this the easier for us to recover our dignity!

Anonymous said...

We do charity wat. We make sure the PAP members and ex-MPs all get cushy, and well-paying jobs.

AIM is a good example.

Anonymous said...

PAP-MIW Jokes - Michael Palmer

There is now a new sign over every urinal in the PAP Headquarters Building.
'Your PAP career is in your hands".

Q: Why don't women have men's brains?
A: Because they don't have penises to put them in.

Q: How many male PAPigs does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: One. Male PAPigs will screw anything.

Q: Why do male PAPigs become smarter during sex?
A: Because they are plugged into a genius.

Q: Why don't wives of PAPig politicians ever blink during sex?
A: They don't have time.

Anonymous said...

Almost every year the papist Leegime collected more revenue than they spend. Over the years $billions of a few hundred were accumulated and hidden away. All for what ? So that Ho Jinz can go around the world and got lick by the investment bankers ? To enhance the reputation and image of Lee Kuan Yew ?
What benefits are there for ordinary Singaporeans ? Negative. If the government takes more than they spend it means wealth is siphoned away from the people. Simple as that. Time to spend more for the benefits of the people. Time to use the excessive reserves to subsidize health care and education.

TokyoSingaporean said...

"I think Emeritus Senior Minister is being realistic to set low standard of asking the rich to give only 0.5% of their annual income."

Which is more likely from a man who crafted the GRC system to win additional seats? GOH CHOK TONG invented the GRC system which brings on a situation of 93% seats for a mere 60% vote count.

He is marketing to the foreigners that they'd get ONLY 0.5% tax cut and yet makes Singaporeans feel good that the government cares for them. The devil is in the details.

gm . 绿效精神 said...

Fold A Heart 2012 is going to end in just few days time - do some more hands-on with the Origami ♥ Heart.

eremarf said...

@Xianlong quoting Graeme Maxton

Yeah that's quite true. One example is if you provide food for those who can't afford it. It masks the problem that our society actually fails to allow these people to feed themselves. That charity masks the real problem of why we're wasting our human beings, why we don't create opportunities for them to work (is it because businesses want to avoid the so-called "labour crunch"? they want to hire labour for low wages - so they advocate structural unemployment?)

@Anonymous 24/12 00:15, who said he wants to disburse of his wealth to those he likes

There're a few problems with your thought.

1. Not all charitable causes are equally needy. Animal welfare gets more dollars than transient worker welfare, for example. Museums and universities get more donations than care for the needy and the old. I've said before, when the wealthy donate, they tend to donate to causes which benefit their own class interests (who visits museums after all? who send their children to universities? whose peers are university graduates?). This is borne out by empirical evidence - just google.

2. Charity and tax are similar in some way because they are spent on fixing problems in society. The difference is that charity is voluntary, but tax is not. But some things, people will not rationally pay for unless forced to. Imagine making people pay for ERP voluntarily, to reduce congestion for everyone's greater good. People who would usually be glad to go through the ERP at peak hours, paying $2 each time, would stop paying. Everyone would stop paying. Unless they feel strongly about traffic congestion perhaps. They might start a traffic congestion charity group - for people to donate to.

Re: Lucky Tan being an idiotic socialist - I think he's just got the wisdom to see beyond the money is everything view that too many Singaporeans subscribe to. Status and prestige is tied too heavily to money. Singaporeans respect money too much. What do we really need to live meaningful lives? Why do some of us want so much money? At some point it's really not about needs - it's just a score-card to prove how good we are at life. We should abandon money as a measure of success - and respect other qualities in people instead.

(And, the rational part of his head is seeing that we can be a greater society if we solve market failures. Society just fails at investing for its future if we allow rational humans to act on their own, e.g. donate to who they like, instead of paying taxes.)

Anonymous said...

"Under PAP govt, if you are smart, your aspiration, your dreams, your whatever lah, will come true."


Under PAP govt, if you are a CUNNING BASTARD with some control issues and preferably an educated mafia to boot, your aspiration, your dreams, your whatever lah, will come true.

My parents didn't teach me that. I don't share their hypocritical values. You can, if you like. But we don't want you as a friend. In Singapore, friendship has been degraded to "a means to an end" sort of friendship. Chinese Singaporeans build friendship based on utility.

Anonymous said...

How many peanuts did Woody's wife give to charity?

Anonymous said...

PAP Joke

Q: How do PAPigs celebrate Christmas?
A: Increase the CPF Medisave Minimum Sum.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to an emotionless, unhappy and sexless society,

Anonymous said...

May the church give birth to more Kong Hee Hee so people can give till their tears roll off their rosy cheeks

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Stop calling out "pussy action party". You guys are just whore-able. 23/12/12 21:21

pussy can mean a cat. or if they have balls, they do not have to hide behind isa, grc, restrictions on strike, demonstrations, protest, freedom of speech, set up of th n gic.

Anonymous said...

does the index take into account the ministers pay? if so, sin should be ranked the bottom last. sin people did indeed an uncharitable lot cos they voted for a party that termed welfare as a dirty word for the needy, they voted for a party that paid themselves millions but unable to put in proper social means to the needy, they voted for a party that left our forefathers to die pathetically, without any fulfillment after they have sweated it out in construction sites building this country up and without authority to turn to when they were mistreated.

Anonymous said...

it is a joke. The amount donated might have double but the amount dispersed to the poor may have stagnated or decreased.

Ian_G said...

On the topic of refugees, just wondering if you have already read this:

Anonymous said...

Instead of doing charity, isn't it better to vote in a government who realises helping the poor is not an option but their duty?

Anonymous said...

Charity begins at home. I don't like to keep on blaming the govt for everything that goes wrong but in this case some blame has to be accorded to the numerous policies set in place by the govt.

The relentless chase for economic growth is just sapping too much of the resources from the ppl to look beyond the daily grind to churn out profits without a bigger morale perspective to the greater social need.
Elizabeth Warren once said, No one became rich on their own. Everyone must be mindful of the contributions of everyone else, even the littlest amongst us.

Anonymous said...

Western economists would say Singapore practices a discredited type of economic policy called "trickle down economics".


I'd argue our PAP government practices "trickle up" economics.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, you guys are squabbling over what?


Not a good way to build a society

Anonymous said...

that's why sin is emotionless, unhappy and wear white robes lol

eremarf said...

Two things people keep missing:

1. Charity and gov't spending are sort-of substitute goods (one can replace the other). Except philanthropists gain a good reputation, but gov'ts who commit to social spending are described as "the beast" by Tea Party folks.

2. Not all charities are equal. Donating money to the arts is charity, so is education and healthcare for the poor, and so is supporting your local mosque, temple, church - to organise events you yourself attend (this kind of charity never affects me - I don't go to any house of worship).

If this is the case - is charity desirable (as opposed to gov't spending)? Maybe charity is low because government takes care of us very well already (I'm being sarcastic).

Anonymous said...

"Maybe charity is low because government takes care of us very well already (I'm being sarcastic)."

let us have a perception shift. perhaps we are charitable collectively in taking care of our govt who are having the easier part (I'm not being sarcastic).

Anonymous said...

Charity or no charity, no difference... still die

Anonymous said...

The boat incident just tells the character of the PAP Government.
If you didn't allow it to shoreland, at least do the next decent thing to send some provisions or medical aid.
None was provided and the good captain had to seek alternatives to this humanitarian cause when he should be sailing the ship commercially.
COLD AND UNCOMPASSIONATE. and they are telling us to be more gracious.

Anonymous said...

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headhunter said...

Well, I agree with you, It is better to give than to receive. So let's give more to help other people. Anyway, you have interesting post. Keep posting.

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