Saturday, January 12, 2013

Opposition politics gets messy in Punggol East By-Election...

While the PM was unexpectedly prompt in calling for an election, the PAP's selection of its candidate, introduction of the candidate to the media and subsequent campaign activities have been very systematic. Dr. Koh quickly got down to the ground doing what an good candidate is expected to do. To market him well, they call him the "son of Punggol". He was quickly seen visiting the stalled Rivervale project, a sore point among residents, meeting various stakeholders to assure them he would do what it takes to get the project going.

Things don't have to be as messy as they appear to be on the opposition side. Even if they are disunited, all that is needed is for different parties to act rationally in their own best interest.  The facts are not too difficult to grasp. Workers' Party contested in the SMC with decent results in the 2011 elections. Riding the moral high ground after the recent AIMgate and Palm-gate, it's chance of winning is very good and it is not reasonable to expect Workers' Party to give up this opportunity to take up one more seat to add to the pressure it has put on the PAP on various issues. The recent proposal by SDP[Link] for WP not to participate in the by-election is ludicrous and self-damaging - they lost some of the credibility they gained during GE2011....the best thing they can do now is not to make things worse for themselves by joining a contest they will certainly lose due to lack of time to work the ground and be blamed for causing the loss of a seat that could have been won by another opposition party. Unfortunately, based on what they have done in recent days, I'm not sure if they are able to stop damaging their own reputation further.

"But given the mood change since, the ruling party will have a tougher time – if it is a two-party contest. If it faces the Workers Party alone, the PAP may likely lose." - Seah Chiang Nee[Link]

We start off with a roughly 50-50 situation in a direct contest between WP and PAP.  You can't say for sure who will win because it is hard to assess the swing votes but we know the swing will be in favor of WP because Palmer was far better known than Dr. Koh and things have not gotten better (for Punggol residents and Singaporeans) since the 2011 election. Starting with this, any additional opposition party that comes in to contest will chip away WP's block of votes - the irony is the better quality their candidate, the bigger chunk they will take and the less likely an opposition candidate will win the seat. 

“if we enter into (a three-cornered fight), we're only going to kill ourselves. We're not that stupid.” - Chiam See Tong, GE2006.

Chiam See Tong's party SPP and NSP have chosen to do the sensible thing to stay out of this contest. These are the 2 parties that came closest to winning parliament seats in GE2011 after the WP - with narrow defeats in Potong Pasir and Marine Parade GRC. 

For the other parties, whatever their intentions are, their joining the contest will stop the WP from winning another seat without gaining anything but blame for helping the PAP retain its seat in Punggol East. Opposition supporters will be left with this feeling of "what could have been" and morn a wasted opportunity. We saw the end result of vote splitting in the Presidential Election, it is likely that Tan Cheng Bock would have won if the votes were not split. But nobody could have foreseen this close fight between Tan Cheng Bock and Tony Tan - you cannot blame the other presidential candidates for the missed opportunity because it was unpredictable. However, for this by election, we have baseline results from GE2011 so there is no excuse to hand PAP the victory by splitting the votes when the people of Punggol East actually want an opposition member of parliament.

To put it simply, the PAP will win in a 3- or 4- corner fight. The opposition parties joining the contest will walk off as losers - a defeat they inflict on themselves. Unless their goal is to stop the WP which they see as a rival, the decision to contest just makes no sense. If they are there to stop the WP, then these other parties are led by people whose intentions are not very clear. A stronger WP will pave the way for other opposition parties. The better WP performs, the stronger the proof that alternatives to PAP can perform well and that will help people to overcome their reservations about voting for alternatives. Other parties can choose to leverage on the success of WP to advance their own cause or they choose to turn this win-win situation into a lose-lose one.  Perhaps, the biggest obstacle to the progress of opposition politics is not the PAP - these days they can't seem to solve any of our problems and reverse the rising discontent- but the inability of personalities in opposition parties to make sensible decisions.


Anonymous said...

You are spot on. Personalities like Dr Chee and Kenneth Jayeratnam are just too full of themselves. Their egoes are clouding their ability to think. They don't seem to understand what is team work. Any party that wants to be government must be able to work as a team and make decisions collectively. If you can't do that, please leave politics.

Anonymous said...

'A stronger WP will pave the way for other opposition parties'

Hi Lucky, I'm doubtful if this will really be the case. I got this nagging feeling that WP is not much different from PAP. I hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

If WP understands what is team work, they would have declined the NCMP seats... unless WP is ready to form the next government.

Lye Khuen Way said...

I have my reservation about WP.
SDP proposal is bothering on the ridiculous and that is sad, as they had been doing fairly well with sensible good medical and housing proposals.

I can almost hear the PM congratulating himself for deciding on the By-Election so promptly!

Lucky Tan said...

anon 20:08,

If you go through their GE2006 manifesto, they are fundamentally different from the is as clear as night and day.

However, today to chooses its fights very carefully mindful of PAP's current dominance - it fights only battles it can win. Bigger issues like GRC which it opposes, it is not the time yet to fight these bigger battles.

I think there is perhaps a lesson not to take on too big a fight before you have the support on the ground.

Anonymous said...

Have pity on Chee, let him win. What else can he do?

Lucky Tan said...

Lye Khuen Way,

I'm not sure about the housing proposal which is complex.

For the one on healthcare, I'm all for more to be done. But remember the SDP proposal calls for slashing the defense budget by half in order not to raise taxes. The alternative is to make everyone pay progressive more. Because it is fundamentally different from the current system, you need to win more seats in parliament to push these ideas through. Without winning more seats, these policies are just ideas without the backing of the people's votes.

You need to win elections and parliament seats first. It just happens that WP is not too bad at this.

Anonymous said...

Bad manners, unbelievable horse trading, messy, selfish self centred inward and backward... would you still rant for these desperadoes?

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps, the biggest obstacle to the progress of opposition politics is not the PAP ..... but the inability of personalities in opposition parties to make sensible decisions."
Lucky Tan

Exactly lah. Now then Lucky Tan knows.

So GE 2016 outcome may even be better than GE 2011 for PAP.

Because if after GE 2011, things have become worse for the opposition, where got chance to become better in 2016?

Anonymous said...

Smart people, and therefore can make lots of money, will not join opposition.

And smart people, if they really want to be in politics, will join PAP. And with 93% chance to win an election.

So does that make sense why PAP is what they are and opposition is what they are?

Anonymous said...

People who are not smart are called idiots.

And nobody can sue you if you call somebody an idiot.

Anonymous said...

An opposition made up of idiots will obviously not become strong or be good.

But among idiot politicians, the best idiot, even though still an idiot, wins.

JG said...

There will always be weirdos like KJ and CSJ in the future. Who is to say that it will be "easy" to avoid multi-cornered fights in GE2016?

Maybe more weirdos will show up too.

My guess is that GE2016 will have more multi-cornered fights, than what we saw in GE2011. Particularly if LKY by then is gone.

So I see this as an inevitable phease in the maturing of Sgp political scene. Its not only the political parties that need to learn to fight without lose-lose -- we the people need to mature too. Do you know why in the USA, rarely do any 3rd party manage to squeeze itself in? Because the people are matured enough to know that if a 3rd party comes in, a vote for X is simply a vote for Y. And they reject that 3rd party. So even in Virginia or Colorado which saw 3-cornered fights like in 2012, these 3rd parties poll hardly 1-2%.

So treat this as a phase we'll just have to go thro in our maturation. I think WP knows this. I don't see this Punggol multi-corner fight as a "lose" for WP. The key is that WP must perform head and shoulders above everyone else. Let the people see WP as the "Tan Cheng Bock" equivalent. Just like the people in the USA knows that a vote for a 3rd party is a vote for Democrats (if you're a republican) or vice versa. Then in future elections, they'll learn and more will vote accordingly.

I bet you that if another Presidential elections were held in Sgp today, those thinking of voting for TKL will have switched to TCB. Thats similarly what I see for the political parties, going into the future.

WP is a strategically smart party and it plays the long game. In contrast, I find that SDP (rather, CSJ) is like Romney .. he has a tendency to self-destruct.

patriot said...

While it is reality that multi party contest will give PAP a much higher chance to win Punggol East again, voters themselves are the ones that ultimately decide the Result.

There is no need for voters to sit on the fence and or face dilemma if they have clear understanding of the situation and that of the Alternative Parties.

Singaporeans who have to vote(compulsory mah) got to understand that in order to have a credible opposition in Parliament, the Parties they choose must have proven track record. It must also be able to contest in many wards. Those without track record and only contested few wards here and there, due to lack of members should be sidelined for the time being. The reason is that they will NOT have the potential to govern nor the support from the people. Otherwise, will have many members and would have contested Island wide at the Last GE..

The individual calibres aside, unless it is independent candidate, voters should avoid voting parties lacking the potential to form the Government AS WELL AS LACKING THE CRITICAL MASS TO ACT IN UNISON WHEN SUCH

Hope voters will elect candidate(s) base on more objective criteria and consideration. And may it starts with Punggol East Voters.


JayF said...

I'm surprised no one has seen that there is no such thing as a Opposition.

There is the WP who is in the Opposition, then there are other parties seeking to enter the House. Out of all these, the SDP under CSJ has the potential to stem the WP momentum. For them, the status quo where the PAP is vulnerable but quite capable of hemming in the WP is preferred. But a continually growing WP will eventually crowd out all the other parties. The NSP appears to harbour desires to meld into the WP eventually, but the rest of the oppo parties have their own vision.

A WP victory is not a win for the opposition. It is a WP and a loss for everyone else, including other parties who want to form the next govt or enter the House. Since the WP is not in an alliance with any of the other parties, the saying below applies.

The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy, but can be useful. The agremments in 2011 was not alliance, it was a non-aggression pact that no longer applies.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we have something to learn from Parkatan Rakyat? DT

Anonymous said...

Dr Chee has been behaving very strangely after his discharged for bankruptcy. It is so clear that his decision to contest in the Punggol East By Election is a huge mistake. It is absolutely amazing that he cannot even see such glaring stupidity. I have lost plenty of respect for Dr Chee. The best he can do now is to admit his mistake, apologize and ask for forgiveness.

Ghost said...

People need to understand the view from the opposition parties POV. If you are in the SDP or the WP, what good does it do your party to stand down from the by-election? Why in the world would you give the other party a free run at the PAP and let yourself become the "second" leading opposition party? It make no sense so that's why a deal was always unlikely.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky, 1 more WP rep or any other oppositions in parliament do add anymore pressure to PAP, opposition parties do not have the minimum vote to block anything yet.

Anonymous said...

Is Chee fishy? Perhaps thats why Lee and Goh settled for less from his bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Teochew guy is fishy? How can anyone get so immune to ISA?

Anonymous said...

Is WP different from PAP?
Not relevant right now.

If WP wins Punggol East.
Then similar contractors & suppliers like AIM will terminate their contracts.
Which is good.
We want to rid Singapore of such contracts & contractors.

With a dwindling pool of PAP town councils, I'm interested to see how much longer PAP can command the loyalty of their business friends.

With dwindling chances of sure win elections, I'm interested to see how many more talents will be attracted to join PAP.

PAP promises high salaries and good opportunities for all their MPs and supporters.
As a result, their support base is really just a bunch of fair weather friends.
Their strength is also their weakness.

Forex Striker Review said...

I believe the biggest obstacle to the progress of opposition politics is not the PAP, but rather the inability of personalities in opposition. GE2016 will have more multi-cornered fights, than what we saw in GE2011.

Anonymous said...

MM lee was right about Singaporeans being daft. Stupid people who think they are smart even as they call the brilliant strategist stupid when they themselves are too stupid to see the light.
Many even thought that csj was released from bankruptcy by the benign hands of lky. Csj engineered his release through forces that can bend lky hand. WP can do admin well, leave the strategic planning and management to the brain and then can we only hope to see real changes in Singapore.

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Anonymous said...

messy is a lousy word to use. pls refrain. it was chee who cock it up. even kj has more sense than him.

Anonymous said...

The math of a by-elections are different from a national election. Chiam See Tong has proven for nearly 3 decades that anyone with an honest heart supported by patient residents, can manage a constituency well, despite the PAP hostility.

As a Punggol voter, I do not worry about whether its SDP, WP or RP becoming an MP.

I also noted that WP has not dissented with PAP on any major issues seriously affecting Singaporeans today: FT, healthcare, housing, transport, ministers' salary, income inequality - total silence from WP. Even AIM was revealed only after WP was attacked. Hence I take it WP will have no qualms doing the same as PAP were they in PAP's shoes.

In a by-election, I want someone to address the most immediate national problems, voting an alternative will not change the government so there is no risk of catastrophe to the country. But giving the vote to WP will not change the current silence / indirect support attitude of the WP to the PAP policies. If its a 2 corner fight, my vote goes to PAP. If a 3 party vote, it will be non-WO, non-WP but the 3rd party. If a 4th party, it will be the more credible of the non-PAP/non-WP party. That is what the coffee shop talk is at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Wtf is this comment posted here?

Anonymous said...

Win or lose PE, PAP will continue to rule Singapore with at least 90% seats till 2016 and thereafter.

Unless there is a new opposition party able to contest 100% of seats in 2016.

Only then will 60% give their utmost respect, and of course their votes, to such a party.

From now till 2016, it will be PAP, including with 93% chance, PE on 26 Jan 2013.

Anonymous said...

Totally agreed with the author. SDP is making a fool of themselves better for them to concentrate on the forthcoming GE2016 and make a dent on PAP dominance once and for all. That is what the electorate wants to see. Some form of unity and agreement amongst the opposition parties like the last GE2011.

Anonymous said...

It's true.

Only a party that can contest 100% of seats as one party during GE will win to form the government.

For the 60%, either the party can form the government or cannot.

If cannot, vote to make them lose big. That's it. Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Manifesto wise and the speeches made, they are different. But looking at how they operate, the way they respond to criticism... I hope I'm wrong though.

'I think there is perhaps a lesson not to take on too big a fight before you have the support on the ground.'

This, I agree with you. Not only that. In most cases, the contender has to be better than the incumbent to win unless the incumbent collapse within itself.

Anon 20:08

Anonymous said...

I have no hope till 2016, whether WP, SDP or whatnot P.

But I have much better hope that I can make lots of money under PAP. This is what keeps me going and staying here.

Anonymous said...

Also, beware of pro-SDP websites like Online Citizen and TRE - they manage to swing significant votes to Tan Jee Say during the presidential election despite Tan Jee Say being quite a joke about shutting down manufacturing and nothing else to offer. Most Singaporeans value integrity more than anything else - and Dr Chee Soon Juan and what he did to opposition pioneer Chiam See Tong is seen as a traitor with serious integrity problem who betrayed his mentor. To many, getting a PAP elite in is more palatable than getting a person and a party with no integrity in. There is nothing wrong with being successful and an elite just like those PAP men. But a person who betrayed the founder of SDP and cares more about his own glory? That is not forgivable. So, voters, vote wisely and channel your votes to a party that is more likely to beat the PAP. The SDP with it radical policies on promoting gay rights and instiating foreigners to go on strike is never going to fly with Singaporeans. Most Singaporeans are the rationale swing voters, not the vote monkeys just to get PAP out type.

Anonymous said...

Those who are saying WP is not disssenting to housing and healthcare etc. What do you want them to dissent about? Don't quarrel for the sake of quarreling. For housing, there is signficant effort to crash the market already with all the cooling measures. The measures are not working because Singaporeans are too rich and buying into second and third properties. What else do you want WP to dissent over? just because you have no properties doesn't mean you want every body else's asset value to collapse right? I think the property measures are fairly strong already. And if prices still don't fall, then it means the fundamentals are very strong. What else do you want to crash the market?

Anonymous said...

And you guys think if SDP come up with radical views on property and to crash the property market, they will win the election? And do you really believe SDP will do that? If they promise to crash the property market, trust me, they may not win votes. Just don't keep thinking WP is not opposing enough. You don't oppose for the sake of opposing. For instance, WP is the one who suggested making public transport a public good. That is a decent suggestion. But obviously they don't carry enough votes to take it through. What did SDP propose? Shutting down manufacturing? Promoting PRC driver strikes? What else? It's easy to be opportunistic and always oppose. It's more difficult to be objective and give credit for certain things that PAP may have done right.

Anonymous said...

It's like the Republicans and Democrats. There are times they work together and vote on the same side, e.g. more progressive taxes, because at the end of the day, its the citizens you care about, not so much opposing for the sake of opposing. Look at Singapore. Seriously, it is a very prosperious country. There may be poor people around but its actually quite a minority. Most people have monies to go on vacations and buy the latest gadgets and yet we complain and get upset when we see others doing better than us. Is PAP doing a horrible job? I don't think so. So why would you want to radically change what we have today like promoting gay rights and strikes and extortion for pay? Most people are moderates - we do have some gratitude over what PAP has done in the past. What we want is a alternative RATIONAL voice in parliament - rational means objective voice in parliament debating over national issues. Not just any monkey who oppose for the sake of opposing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, ideas just ideas, no one know whether it will be better or hell.

But one thing is for sure, the ideas can only be realised if there is a critical mass of their people into Parliament.

That need patience, stamina, dedication, and time.

SDP has no time and patience for that. They simply want to fire up their ideas, to them it is a sure work ideas.

Sure work? Who know, maybe only the maker has the answer.

Anonymous said...

Good things and ideas need
time to sell, what the hurry?

Nevertheless, i too have this feeling that their ideas sound too idealistic.

i hope it is not "the kingdom of God" alike form of society they are visualizing.

That simpy too ideal. Will it really works?

Anonymous said...

No matter how good ideas fm opp camps, miw will find way and excuses to shoot them down.

Remember miw is still the executive power in Parliament - The ruling government.

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot and obviously u only read the ST without reading tjs

Anonymous said...

Wp is that party

Anonymous said...

We are building a country here.
We are not building a monument to thank Lee Kuan Yew and the PAP.

So we will need to build up at least one strong alternative political party to the PAP.
In case PAP becomes incompetent, uncaring, deaf or decides to go rogue.

Anonymous said...

Our National Pledge (Promise)
"... to build a democratic society ..."

surely that also includes a strong alternative political party to the PAP.

We are staying true to our National Pledge when we vote Opposition.
Nothing dis-loyal about this.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with your reading. People are looking up to strength and aggression in the market. All the alternatives are weaklings and performed lacklusterly apart from excelling in stupidity(alas if WP wins).

An independent like Tan Cheng Bock may upset the incumbent with a more convincing margin

Nevertheless, there is a better way...

Anonymous said...

Dr.Chee, should resigned from SDP,

He is unable to handle the situation collectly ,he lack of leadership IN THE OPPOSITION CAMP, and, He service to SINGAPORE is no longer relevent, we selute him for past contribution.

Anonymous said...

Someone like tan is an old ginger, nothing much to lose

Anonymous said...

u mean to build a demoncratic society is it?

Anonymous said...

in the demoNcratic process, you will be haunted by the devil, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Just for $30,000/=, A freedom frighter has compromised, it is what i mean!

Anonymous said...

why when there are multi-corner fights, there will be split votes for the oppositions giving advantage to the incumbents.

why should opposition parties which contest and create multi-corner fight be solely responsible and not the voters who may not be united themselves to concentrate their votes to only one opposition party, if they are voting for opposition.

sometimes, the voters are as much to be blamed for their immaturity & disunity (due to the lack of understanding on politics & all thanks to the good work of our mainstream media) as against than the different opposition parties which afterall have different ideologies & approaches and fight to get their own party brand into parliament.

TonyP said...

People like CSJ should be locked up and the keys flushed down the toilet. I'm a avid supporter of democracy, not lunacy.

With the mess that SDP has just created, you know know who's gonna end up laughing all the way to the polls??? The freaking useless PAP. The enemy of thy enemy is my FRIEND - WP has worked the ground in the last election and based recent GE2012's results (compared to all other opposition parties i.e. SDA's Desmond Choo), had the best margin of success to defeat the incumbent PAP.

Now SDP comes in from no where, with absolutely NO preparations and wanted to frag things up.... and you actually thought that common Singaporeans will "appreciate" you and hail SDP as the "heroes".

Singaporeans as a whole, may be timid and even daft sometimes.... but no where are we idiots and moronic enough to fall for such low-handed SDP tactics.

Really!?!??!! SDP! What's your TRUE intentions? 'cos CLEARLY, the concerns and welfare of this nation and its citizens are definitely not up there in your party's agenda.

Go ahead.... put your guy in and f**k up this Punggol East By-Election. I can guarantee you that Singaporeans will REMEMBER this lunacy and your so-called party will pay DEARLY in subsequent Singapore General Elections.

I am just a common Singaporean and i will ALWAYS support the incompetent PAP over the lunatic SDP (aka Chee Soon Juan), anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Politics is just a dirty game for all. This world or this place will never be a better place so long as it is controlled by a bunch of money worshipping, anti families people. Just read Anatomy of the state by Rothbard and everyone will understand why we should not trust any party at all to improve our lives.

Anonymous said...

"But when economic power is centralized as an instrument of political power it creates a degree of dependence scarcely distinguishable from slavery. It has been well said that, in a country where the sole employer is the state, opposition means death by slow starvation."

The Road to Serfdom, "Planning and Power

Anonymous said...

//Just read Anatomy of the state by Rothbard//

Try Noam Chomsky also.

Anonymous said...

Your only salvation is the book. That also you screw it up. You are pathetic!

Anonymous said...

"Your only salvation is the book. That also you screw it up. You are pathetic"

What did you not screw up ? Books are knowledge and a GUIDE. You still need to reconcile what is being said & taught with the reality that you are living in and observe. Pathetic are those who rely on one or two sources as god given truth without deep questioning.

Anonymous said...

To be fair to the commentators, WP performance at least reflected in public does not put it in a good light. Seems like pretty ineffectual.

Even their MP Pritam has admitted to that effect.

I guess Singaporeans just want to see some accountability for all the misstep that the govt have taken. The ppl have just tried to play the hand that they had been dealt with. It's not easy since for many it's not a level playing field.

Anonymous said...

""WP performance at least reflected in public does not put it in a good light. Seems like pretty ineffectual.""

How did you perceive it. From the mainstream media ? If you control the mainstream media, the light reflected will be pretty bright and colourful to drown out whatever negative confession that may be made by one or two people.

Anonymous said...

WP had decent results in Punggol East at the last GE was due largely to the dirty tactics that they used. WP supporters went round during the last few days of the campaign period spreading really nasty lies about Desmond Lim. WP had no wish for opposition unity then, and muscled in at the last minute into an area where the Desmond Lim has been working on since GE 2006. WP is really bent on destroying other opposition parties and establish themselves as the sole opposition party. That had been their hidden agenda all the while and that has not changed.

Anonymous said...

It does not matter whether the WP wins or loses in the BE. After more than 1 year in parliament its 8 MPs have looked like PAP team B. Even PAP MPs were more robust in critisizing some of the Government's policies.
(I remember back in 2006 a WP candidate voted for the PAP in Ang Mo Kio GRC, the constituency where he lived. I dont't think he was sacked or disciplined by the party.)

Anonymous said...

Chee has always been a wild card, a rather strange figure in the political landscape, and perhaps an asset to the ruling party?

Anonymous said...

What really matters is whether the opposition is getting stronger and better since GE 2011.

Sadly, it has not. Nothing happens on what really matters for the people.

So does it really matter if it is a 3 or 4 corner fight or if PAP wins by only 40%?

Because PAP deserve to win and that really matters. For PAP, that is.

Anonymous said...

You are correct!
PAP will surely win this time round with so many cooks spoiling the soup! They are blinded by their own self delusion or "deja vu!" That's a fact. It's so fooking obvious esp with the arrogance of wayang party throwing their weight around. Maybe the MIWs are more humble (having learnt their bitter lesson) than the wayang party. I know the truth hurts. Some of your readers just can't swollow the truth esp Patriot. But it's as clear as the midday sun that "
The Chinese saying is never wrong. It's been proven beyond any doubt. Ive lost respect for those stupid clowns! Langgar!
yù bàng xiāng zhēng,yú wēng dé lì
(鹬蚌相争,渔翁得利 !)

Anonymous said...

Even if WP MPs performs very well in Parliament, is of no practical effect because they are only 7% of all the elected MPs.

WP is the strongest party among the opposition and yet is not able to contest even 50% of seats in a general election. This alone already turn off the majority 60%.

So any surprise why other opposition parties can't even win at all? So what if they have one or 2 star candidates? Can form government or not even if they win?

Anonymous said...

Please vote PAP.
I have a $2 company.
And I want to buy assets belonging to the Singapore government.

Anonymous said...

"WP is the strongest party among the opposition and yet is not able to contest even 50% of seats in a general election. This alone already turn off the majority 60%."

The majority 60% is turning off themselves in the first place. They created / reinforced the 60%-40% statistics themselves.

So does it mean that everyone now will be doing his or her own favor by making it 70%-30% or 80%-20% to the advantage of the incumbent.

patriot said...

Singaporeans ecpect and want Workers Party to be co-driver to the PAP.
Naturally, they have to be in the same cabin. And when they are drivet and co-drivet, please pray they dont fight in the Cabin. THAT WILL ENDANGER ALL ON BOARD.
if they are found sleeping on the same bed during break and stop over, please show the evidence to everyone.
ask them to resign.
No! Sack them and have them punished.


Anonymous said...

"Even if WP MPs performs very well in Parliament, is of no practical effect because they are only 7% of all the elected MPs."

What is your point. To perform or not to perform well even if you have 7% of the seats ?

To get all more than 50% of the seats, you need all the right resources to convince & propagate right into the daft minds (conditioned for too long) of at least 50% of the voters of 50%

Anonymous said...

All certified idiots who deserve PAP as their masters

Anonymous said...

Should we discontinue National Service?
Does it have any purpose?
Supposed to defend Singapore.
But cannot defend Singapore assets from being sold to $2 company.

So National Service got use or not?
Singapore President got any use or not?

Anonymous said...

Who say president no use?

There is President Charity which he helps the poor to get donation.

He protects the peoples' money.

He boost the morale of our athletes in competitions. And he touches babies to make their parents feel blessed.

See, president got many uses leh.

Anonymous said...

/// See, president got many uses leh. ///

Many uses except protecting Singapore assets from being sold to $2 companies.

Anonymous said...

If for the incumbent, planting an opposition is a way of greatly increasing the odd of winning, it will then be naive to think this will not be one of tricks in his bag.

The opposition worthy of the seat will be the one who has a way to neutralize this offence.

Anonymous said...

You are dealing with low class idiots and high class idiots. At the end of the day, morons will fight among themselves who should take the top seat. people say....high class idiots should share power with low class idiots in a two farty system and all shall be fine.

Such are the products of the superior education system and the glory and celebration of the tertiary educated bunch of farking moronic idiots your farking mothers are so proud of

Anonymous said...

The more able and better educated they are...they will boast... I am my own ass hole

Anonymous said...

Q: What is a colo-rectal surgeon?
A1: A surgeon who operates on assholes e.g. PAP politicians.
A2: A specialist brain surgeon who operates on PAP politicians

Poor Dr Koh Poh Koon.
After a hard day in the orifice, he still has to put up with my jokes about asshole doctors.

Q: How do you shake hands with a colo-rectal surgeon?
A: Verry carefully. And wash hands very thoroughly afterwards.

Q: Do you know what your colo-rectal surgeon’s hands have touched today?

A colo-rectal surgeon is the rare profession in which the M.D. starts out at the bottom and stays there.

Anonymous said...

@ PAP-MIW Colo-Rectal Joke:

Some people say PAP's search for people willing to join them have hit the bottom.
Truth is indeed stranger than fiction!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

China, Thailand, HongKong, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia govs etc etc ( all over the world) are all rocked or shaken like leaves on a fruitless tree. Except Sin hooor....very exceptional hor

Anonymous said...

PAP candidate is doctor. And only join PAP a few weeks ago.

SDP candidate, most probably also a doctor, if they contest.

Why WP cannot find a doctor to contest?

At least doctor doctor doctor - 3 corner doctor fight lah, then got chance mah.

Anonymous said...

Are there any WP members who are doctors?

Anonymous said...

Coctor best. With helikoctor view take Sin high high much much prosperos prosperos

Anonymous said...

Wait for them rock property market...,business's fail more...more job loss....good show

Anonymous said...

Doctor is elite - what many people do not like. Get a working auntie or taxi driver uncle is better. I prefer to see underdogs winning.

Anonymous said...

In order to gain more people power or true democracy, the people of any country must display frickle-mindedness in their voting and achieve a more balance power in parliament so that no one party has power over another party. Only then, the gov will implement policies that are favourable to the people of that country.

Anonymous said...

Doctor or not, a PAP MP definitely has more "weight" than an opposition MP.

That's why I believe 60% are smart enough to see that. Or 54%, in the case of Punggol East in GE 2011.

So why should it be different now?

Anonymous said...

Those rulers are afraid of losing power (and thus money). Letting them know that they will lose all their power if they did not do a good job is the best way the people can make lives better for themselves.

The said...

/// Doctor or not, a PAP MP definitely has more "weight" than an opposition MP.
14/1/13 15:47 ///

Yes, more weight because the anal doctor is full of the brown stuff.

Anonymous said...

"Your only salvation is the book. That also you screw it up. You are pathetic!" 13/1/13 20:14

We read and question. We do not just read and accept like sg education system which is just a brainwashing exercise.

Anonymous said...

The only model that will bring peace. And it makes sense. Two sticks merged into one. You are that beast.

Anonymous said...

Idiots will probably think two parties sleeping together haaaaa

Anonymous said...

With due respect, I find all this call for opposition 'unity'rather
silly - esp. in the context of a BE.

Look, if the opposition parties Davids wanted to unite against the PAP Goliath, they should or would have to work on some grand strategy well BEFORE any election, in particular, a GE. As a BE is like kachang puteh - a minor opportunity - something that comes
along out of the blue, it is fair game for anyone to have a go for
private or party reason/agenda!

One can see why SDP, WP and SDA want to have a go at it - as long as not losing its deposit is not an important factor.

The SDP may want to test out its policies offered by the BE platform, the WP wanted to contest to see if it can wrest power from the incumbent and SDA may want to see whether it is still relevant

at all after the last GE defeat. These are all very logical and practical political reasons to want to throw your hat in. And by all

Realistically, how can you hammer out any sort of a workable deal in
such a short notice! The parties, rather than waste the time on doing the impossible, use it for its own purpose - to prepare for the battle or just declare your intention not to come in as at least one did. In politics, it makes little sense to be magnanimous when one does not have the means or luxury for it.

Surely the single most important result is whether the PAP would
have its majority reduced. For the WP it would be feedback on how
its fortune has turned post-GE2011, which is good feedback for GE2016.

So, by all means, every party for itself, as far BE Ponggol East is

concerned. To do so would be to lose out on a valuable opportunity

to test itself, for the big show up ahead. Even for the WP, I would
say winning or losing is not the most important thing in this BE.

Anonymous said...

PAP's Yale-NUS, creeping LGBT foothold and SDP's joint Punggol East campaign proposal.......Reform Party.........................Yale.

Chee Soon Juan, was invited to speak at the Oslo Freedom Forum in Norway on 8 May 2012, he was denied permission to leave Singapore to attend.
Soon after, Chee Soon Juan offered to pay S$30,000 to discharge himself from bankruptcy sometime around September 11, 2011.

The main reason LKY and GCT was kind enough to accepted Chee Soon
Juan's offer to pay S$30,000 to discharge himself from bankruptcy could well be a behind the scene horse trading deal with Yale was struck to prevent the PAP's Yale-NUS collaboration with Yale from derailing and a face saving way out to rationalize an extremely embarrassing and almost untenable collaboration, especially for Yale, of course, this makes whitewash and shameless.
Thereafter, Chee Soon Juan and Kenneth Jeyaretnam flew many thousands of miles to New Haven to speak at the invitation Yale on the November 30, 2012. Kenneth Jeyaretnam was never sued bankrupt, only Chee Soon Juan did, he was not even invited to the Oslo Freedom Forum. How did Kenneth Jeyaretnam managed the clout to get to speak at Yale. Most probably from
someone within Yale and even within PAP's Yale-NUS, certainly from Chee
Soon Juan.
During GE 2011, Kenneth Jeyaretnam's Reform Party contested the Ang Mo Kio GRC against PM Lee's GRC team . PM Lee won with a mandate of 69.3 percent. If the Workers Party were the contender,PM Lee's vote count would not look pretty.
Kenneth Jeyaretnam said, "We are the first new party set up in over 20 years, and this was our first election. It was the Reform Party's first election and Kenneth Jeyaretnam sent his team to contest PM Lee's Ang Mo Kio GRC team knowing it was a sure defeat?. As far as I know, there wasn't much banners or posters put up by the Reform Party if any, I think there wasn't even any loud hailer to announce their candidacy, what a farce.
Kenneth Jeyaretnam is a PAP mole I can assure you, look at what he is
doing in Punggol east now along with Chee Soon Juan's SDP. They are going to split the votes helping the PAP along the way.
Lastly, I'm afraid that there are some pressure groups from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community(LGBT) to content with, that are jostling to exert influence to shape society and national policies in the name of civilrights that is actively promoting a perverted lifestyle. Even the PAP is encouraging and promoting the LGBT community.

(Human rights group writes open letter to PM Lee - Yahoo! News Singapore)

(Unable to leave Singapore, Dr Chee Soon Juan records a video for the Oslo Freedom Forum Asia News – Politics, Media, Education Asian
(Chee's S$30k offer to anul bankruptcy accepted - Channel NewsAsia)

(something that i saw in other forums and i did not know old man ...)
(Jaundiced Lenses Legitimized Corruption Understood)
(Timely for S'poreans to realize that politics can no longer be left to ...)

Joshua Chiang

Anonymous said...

Sexual minority:

“We, the Yale College Faculty, express our concern regarding the recent history of lack of respect for civil and political rights in the state of Singapore,
“We urge Yale-NUS to respect, protect and further principles of
non-discrimination for all, including sexual minorities and migrant workers; to
uphold civil liberty and political freedom on campus and in the broader society.
“These ideals lie at the heart of liberal arts education as well as of our civic
sense as citizens, and they ought not to be compromised in any dealings or negotiations with the Singaporean authorities.”unquote.

(BENHABIB: What's at stake at Yale-NUS | Yale Daily News)
(Jim Sleeper Singaporeans Speak Freely at Yale -- and Against It)

(Sexual minority - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Joshua Chiang

Anonymous said...

"Monday 25 April, Dr Balakrishnan and his GRC team issued a statement on the matter.
The PAP statement, which was undersigned by Dr Vivian Balakrishnan and candidates Liang Eng Hwa, Christopher de Souza and Sim Ann, reads as follows:

“A video has been posted on the internet showing Vincent Wijeysingha participating at a forum which discussed the promotion of the gay cause in Singapore.
“The discussion at the forum also touched on sex with boys and whether the age of consent for boys should be 14 years of age.

“In the video, Wijeysingha was introduced as being from the SDP.
“In addition to other comments, Wijeysingha stated: ‘I think the gay community has to rally ourselves. Perhaps one outcome of today’s forum would be, for those of us who are interested, to come together to further consider how we can address the 377 issue as well as further rights issues in relation to gays and lesbians.’
“We believe that candidates should be upfront about their political agenda and motives, so that voters are able to make an informed choice." unquote.


(Behind the doors of Singapore’s gay night club scene Singapore Showbiz - Yahoo! Entertainment Singapore)

(The Singapore LGBT encyclopaedia - Singapore gay literature)
(Singapore gay venues (contemporary) - SgWiki)
(Gay Singapore Guide - Gay bars, clubs, saunas ... - Travel Gay Asia)

(Transsexual jailed 15 months for oral sex with boy - AsiaOne Forum)

Joshua Chiang

Anonymous said...

(No smoking in more public areas from 15 January - xinmsn News)

(FAQ Are Smokers Losing Their Civil Rights)

Joshua Chiang

Anonymous said...

It's like a blood sport in the Romans colosseum. Every 6 years, go into the ring and slug it out or go for the bloodiest and dirtiest kill.

What have we encouraged our people to do? Cheer and place your bets on the talk cock oh I am my own dick head god send to serve your smelly lonkangs

Anonymous said...

The world knows any better? What the fuck are you doing?

Anonymous said...

Yeah..every few the chow longkangs for cockroaches to tell us how great they are and only to prove later...they shit like all of us and the more we know them and listen to them...we die laffing

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

PAP's Dr Koh Poh Koon, Colo-Rectal Surgeon;

“The residents have to be practical and realistic – that you must choose to vote the person who can do the work for you.
I think it’s a fallacy to believe that you can have the best of both worlds – choose the person to make a statement but hope that the other person who’s voted out is going to be having all the resources, all the authority, to get the work done for you.”

Vote for me if you want my help.
Yeah, right.

To all Singaporeans who voted PAP in GE 2011.
So how have you benefited by voting PAP?

HDB flats more affordable now?
Car prices more affordable?
MRT train no more breakdown?

Singapore assets belonging to Town Councils very secure?
And will never be sold without Singapore President's knowledge and approval?

Fill free to add to my list.

Anonymous said...

"Even the PAP is encouraging and promoting the LGBT community." - This world will not be better if it is controlled by a bunch of money worshipping, anti families people. Guess how many LGBTs controlling the fed reserves? thats the reason why they wanna convert this world into a horrible place by selling democracy. Perhaps, China and Russia and AH knew that long ago.

Anonymous said...

14/1/13 21:31- Yes, I agree that residents should be practical and realistic so they should not vote for the party that bullied them again and again, years after years, elections after elections.

Anonymous said...

PAP's Dr Koh Poh Koon,
- a new PAP member
- several weeks old only

So what can he do that Michael Palmer was unable to do?
- Michael Palmer was a long time PAP member
- A Speaker of Parliament no less

“The residents have to be practical and realistic – that you must choose to vote the person who can do the work for you."

Are you really sure these are not just empty words?
From a politician who is only a few weeks old?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

If I were an arsehole doctor, I will rather be an MP if given a chance, even though MP allowance may be much less than being a private practice arsehole doctor.

Anonymous said...

Is arsehole a popular speciality among doctors?

Anonymous said...

An MP may see some "arseholes" weekly, though not in the literal sense of course, unlike an arsehole doctor.

Anonymous said...

I think we should all vote for PAP. Remember when you are in trouble, just mention to your MP that you always support PAP. So many benefits.

Only PAP MP can tell the traffic warden not to issue or waive summons ticket to you. If you are caught asking someone to take the blame for you, only PAP can tell the DPP not to ask for jail term for you like that waffles. If you are caught committing adultery with your staff/student, only PAP can make sure you will not be persecuted like that Palmer.

The results are there for everyone to see. So why so daft to vote for the opposition ? LKY already warned you all mah.

Anonymous said...

I really hope the opposition will win. My consituency is ruled by PAP. I just got chided this morning by an auntie for using the toilet at the CC near my place. She even go to the extent of pointing at a camera telling me that my image will be captured by the camera & the town council will know who uses their toilets. For God sake I also pay conservancy charges monthly promptly. I had also seen a lady using the sink washing her fruits in the toilet, I hope this auntie don't get chided too. This is one town council who had made huge losses during the financial crises for their unwise investment. Till today, the public still wants to know where the $ has gone. These PAP lackeys now under pressure so I borrow toilet to use they also think I waste their resources.

Anonymous said...

“The residents have to be practical and realistic – that you must choose to vote the person who can do the work for you."
PAP's Dr Koh Poh Koon

So Dr Koh.
Where is the money going to come from?
For you to do the work you claim you can do for me?
From the sale of more town council assets to $2 companies?

Selling Town Council assets to $2 companies.
Do we need to inform the Singapore President?
Do we need to get the Singapore President's approval?

Dr Koh.
Can you tell us?
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

All the opposition parties other than the WP are killing themselves by jumping into the Punggol East Fiasco.

Anonymous said...

You must be prepared with 93% chance to get "killed" if you want to be in opposition in the first place.

Anonymous said...

That's why they are in opposition, ready to be 93% chance to be "killed".

But if they are "alive" after "killing" PAP, definitely 93 times better than being alive as PAP.

Anonymous said...

let them kill themselves while we enjoy the movie .... popping corns ...ha

Anonymous said...

They smart mah....leave them alone looor....hoooor...hehe

Anonymous said...

Blood everywhere and can still wear white

Anonymous said...

No wonder CC must organise so many activities for those fxxxxxx old folks. They trying to buy votes for PAP. Don't worry. I never join these activities before. Just a bunch of craps & shxx.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


PAP 54 %
WP 41 %
SDP+RP+SDA 5 % (All lose deposits)

Anonymous said...

Yep, just like Hougang, not much change. Sama sama again.

Anonymous said...

PAP and opposition all not much changed.

So for sure, voters also not much change lah.

Anonymous said...

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The said...

So, CHEE says BYE to BY-erection.

If KJ insists on contesting, he will lose his deposit.

Congrats, Li Lian, on your overwhelming victory.

Let's pop the champagne.

Anonymous said...

Under 50years of elite rule, pls ask yourself whether your kids or grandkids can
(1) afford that 99 years state own flat (2) afford that car to bring family out (3) have a job that will not be replaced by a foreigner with fake qualification. If you answer is no, then stop voting for the elite party.

Anonymous said...

Amusement time

Anonymous said...

PAP Humour

Help subsidize rich, privileged and overpaid elites.
Vote PAP.
They need your votes.
They need your cash.
Money still not enough.

Anonymous said...

Related Party Transactions in Chesapeake.
I believe Singapore's SWF owns some shares here.

Anonymous said...

KJ do not like WP growth in stature and Desmon Lim has a grudge to bear against the WP. It is as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

I know men in the ranks who will stay in the ranks.... simply because they haven’t the ability to get things done.

I rember the quotes when I see those pork belly dudes masticating on tv.

Anonymous said...

You mean master baiting?

Anonymous said...

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patriot said...

Punggol Voters need not be caught in dilemma over who to vote nor have to sit on the fence over the election, if they are serious in choosing their parliamentary representative.

SDA and RP stand no chance to be elected. With these two out, there left only PAP and WP.

Next, voters who believe and or think PAP has improved or made their livings better, vote PAP.

Those who feel that their live and living have become more difficult and challenging, vote WP. Not that WP will make living better, however, when and as more voters crossed over to Alternative Parties, the Rulers will be more mindful of the people.

The Rulers have taken voters for granted until GE 2011. IT WAS THE FIRST TIME THAT WE SEE THE REMOVAL OF SOME OF

For the First Time, Voters in Aljunied GRC, Hougang SMC and the People as a whole have shown the Rulers the Peoples' Power. Subsequently, voters in Hougang confirmed the Need to humble the PAP by retaining the WP as their choice to represent them in Parliament in a By Election.

It is now for the Punggol East Voters to choose..


Anonymous said...


PAP: 48% ± 3%
WP : 44% ± 3%
RP+SDA : 8% ± 3%

Anonymous said...

If PAP can lose, 2011 already lost.

If WP can win, 2011 already won.

No need by election to win.

Anonymous said...

Exactly lah. That's why PAP lost Hougang again in BE 2012.

So 93% chance WP will lose Punggol East again in BE 2013.

-From kopitiam fortune teller who had correctly forecasted Tony Tan won PE 2011.

Anonymous said...

So what is your forecast that the Great One will up the lorry soon?

Anonymous said...

Questions for the arse hole doctor

Q: So doctor, why did you decide to specialize in arse holes?

A: Well, my eldest brother was already a dentist. So I thought I'd start at the other end.

HcoRealEstate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Q: Doctor. Do you find it difficult to make the adjustment from being a doctor to being a PAP politician?

A: No, not really. My medical expertise is working ON arse holes.
Being a PAP politician means that I will be working with my PAP colleagues.

The core competency is still the same. Lots of face time with Arse Holes.

Anonymous said...

"I really hope the opposition will win. My consituency is ruled by PAP. I just got chided this morning by an auntie for using the toilet at the CC near my place. She even go to the extent of pointing at a camera telling me that my image will be captured by the camera & the town council will know who uses their toilets. For God sake I also pay conservancy charges monthly promptly. I had also seen a lady using the sink washing her fruits in the toilet, I hope this auntie don't get chided too. This is one town council who had made huge losses during the financial crises for their unwise investment. Till today, the public still wants to know where the $ has gone. These PAP lackeys now under pressure so I borrow toilet to use they also think I waste their resources. "

I hope you are not using the wrong toilet, are you ? If you are male, please choose male toilet, female the same thing. LOL

Anonymous said...

We may have to say to the punggols ....wish you all the best for having an asshole to represent you in parliament?

Anonymous said...

The people of Punggol have had assholes representing them for a very long time.
PAP is a party of arse hole clones.
The new arse hole looks and talks just like the previous arse hole.

Anonymous said...

Crap party begets crap people. A real waste of taxpayers monies

Anonymous said...

Punggol East;
Please vote out the PIGS.

Anonymous said...

"If PAP can lose, 2011 already lost.

If WP can win, 2011 already won."

your super solid logic deserves a nobel prize.

but then why WP won ALGRC in 2011 and not earlier.

Anonymous said...

Underdog reported online threat to police. And this is only by election. What would happen if there was a serious threat to unseat the incumbent? Civil war?

The calm waters on the surface is very deceiving?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

PAP - MIW Joke

A gay guy falls in love with a colo-rectal surgeon. He goes to the colo-rectal surgeon's office and says that he has an obstruction.

So the colo-rectal surgeon sticks his hand up the guy's ass but can't find anything. However, he notices that the man has an erection, so the colo-rectal surgeon cuts short the examination and orders the gay guy out of his office.

The next day, the gay guy calls the colo-rectal surgeon and claims he has another obstruction. The colo-rectal surgeon doesn't believe him but the guy claims he is in great pain, so the doctor relents.

When the guy arrives, the doctor sticks his hand up the guy's ass again but this time he finds something. "Good God!" the doctor exclaims, "No wonder you're in pain. There are two dozen roses shoved up your ass."

The gay guy turns around excitedly and says, "Read the card! Read the Card!"

Anonymous said...

hope the colorector surgeon don't lick the card before reading...must observe hygiene or can't make it to erection day you

Anonymous said...

Your construct is making ENDS meet. The ass doctor is perfect for the job

Anonymous said...

Who knows...could be the end haaaaa

Anonymous said...

Surprised no one picked up on that. It renders oppies USELESS

Anonymous said...

Can the good doctor pays a house visit? I there pain

Anonymous said...

Why they avoiding population size this round?

Anonymous said...

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Hello Everybody,
My name is Mrs Sharon Sim. I live in Singapore and i am a happy woman today? and i told my self that any lender that rescue my family from our poor situation, i will refer any person that is looking for loan to him, he gave me happiness to me and my family, i was in need of a loan of S$250,000.00 to start my life all over as i am a single mother with 3 kids I met this honest and GOD fearing man loan lender that help me with a loan of S$250,000.00 SG. Dollar, he is a GOD fearing man, if you are in need of loan and you will pay back the loan please contact him tell him that is Mrs Sharon, that refer you to him. contact Dr Purva Pius,via email:( Thank you.


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