Sunday, January 20, 2013

Political Strategy and the Punggol East by-elections.........

Simple question : If you are putting up posters for an election, how do you position the posters on a lamp post so that they get noticed?
The answer is put at at eye level so that people don't have to tilt their heads up and down to see it. You also do not want to put too many words on the poster and clutter it  Next simple question : Who are the best people to get to help out in an election to get things done to help you win the election?  You want people whose interests are aligned with yours and want to see you elected. These people are motivated by the right incentives who will put in the extra effort to make sure your posters are positioned properly when they put it up,  they will try to convince voters to select you when hand out your pamphlets and having people with real enthusiasm that will energizes your campaign. If you can't convince people to help you, you will have to spend money on hired hands to get things done and their interest may be to make money rather help you win the election.

There are many decisions for politicians and their parties have to make. Everything from choosing the size, color of their posters to what issues to take on during a campaign.  Just before the election, the govt announced a set of harsh cooling measures, the 7th in a series and during the by-election campaign, Minister Liu announced the govt plan to extend the public transport system - by year 2030, most Singaporeans with stay within walking distance of an MRT station. It is hard to believe that these announcements are not carefully planned and timed by the PAP as transport and housing are the 2 biggest issues in this by election.

On top of these there is the bigger picture - that of political strategy to gain and maintain power over the longer term. You have a bad strategy, you're going to spend a lot of time and money to get inferior outcomes.

The PAP govt deliberately designed a system with odds heavily stacked against the opposition and laden with political minefields that makes it easy for govt to dispose of opponents. For opposition to win, they have to overcome the pro-PAP media, upgrading for votes carrots, redefinition of electoral boundaries, GRC system etc. If you become prominent, you have to worry about attacks on your character and ability - they  publicized Chiam See Tong so-so "O" level results to embarrass and discredit him, just last year they tried to link Png Eng Huat and Tan Jee Say with a few defunct companies to show they have poor management ability, they got Andrew Kuan's employers to speak out against his work performance to discredit him when he wanted to run for the presidency...the examples are numerous. The PAP govt moved the management of town councils from the HDB to the hands of elected MPs - the PAP has all the resources and experience to run these and argues that the opposition has none - giving more opportunity to take down the opposition's reputation using the MSM should they mismanage the town councils...the loss of millions in minibond  investment by PAP run town councils was a non-issue, but the arrears in WP's AHTC caused by the termination of town council was a big issue - the ability to inflict damage is asymmetric. If some thing like AIM-PAP had occurred on the WP side, the WP would have been crushed.

If the opposition over-stretch themselves by accusing the govt of something that cannot be proven - most of the time nobody can prove intent - our defamation laws makes it easy for the PAP bankrupt opponents with limited financial resources.  There is also the problem of a fearful, sometimes apathetic, population....if you take on the PAP system head on like JBJ did after he became an elected representative, in any other developed democratic country, if the govt had done what they did to JBJ, protests and marches would have erupted and the govt's hand would have been weakened. But the PAP had been able to jail socialists for multi-decades without trial in the past...and they could arrest and bankrupt opposition members without a whimper of protest from Singaporeans. You can't get Singaporeans to "Occupy" Raffles Place to make a statement despite having the highest inequality among developed countries - when thousands protested in countries where inequality is far lower than in Singapore. Members of the opposition who get repressed find themselves more or less alone in their will not see a groundswell of support emerging from the people. Even someone of JBJ stature had to end up selling his books alone at the street corner.  In the 1997 election, JBJ's WP team attracted massive crowds like the ones we see at recent WP rallies. The WP team was narrowly defeated, When the PAP govt decided to go after members of the team, nobody could stop them - no massive crowds to stop the persecution.

For those who suggest that the WP fight the PAP harder on AIM, or use it as an isuue in the by election, you should remember 1997. Before the elections, there was the HPL saga in which some politicians received discounts for condos that was higher than other buyers. They tried to close the case by explaining that the units they bought were of inferior facing, odd shapes etc. the developer, HPL, confirmed this was so. Several members of the opposition refused to allow the govt to move on and the atmosphere for the 1997 election became acrimonious. The PAP concentrated their attacks on a member of the WP known as Tang Liang Hong [Link]accusing him of being a Chinese chauvinist and a threat to racial harmony. Tang was part of the WP Chang San GRC team with JBJ. The crowd turn out was massive during the rallies. They lost narrowly and the govt when after Tang who had to flee to Australia and bankrupted JBJ for remarks defending Tang during the election. Most of the characters in the PAP involved in this episode are still in power, the mechanisms that enabled them to cripple the opposition are still there.

A series of PAP missteps in various policies and the ability of the opposition to recruit good people have seen the fortunes of opposition parties rising again led again by the WP. To put things in perspective, the WP, today, has only won SMC and one GRC with 6 elected MPs out of 87.  While this is the most any opposition party has held in Singapore for 4 decades, it is still a very small number. Not only small, we must not forget how fragile this is. While the WP is busy working hard to find ways to improve the management of the estates and identify cracks in govt policy, you can be sure their powerful opponent is also finding ways to discredit and weaken them - and they have the money and resources to succeed if given the smallest chance.

"I don't see any strong views or alternatives being presented by the opposition, whether it's the NCMPs or the elected MPs,"  - PM Lee taking a swipe at the WP.[Link]

In GE2011, MP Low and the WP campaigned to be the "co-driver" of the govt. If you remember his exact words, they said "the driver has to be slapped if he falls asleep". This is a very humble goal and the WP did just that after they got into parliament. They vigorously questioned the govt on all new policies introduced. A lot of the data we have today on things like scholarship for foreign students, manpower numbers, medical care cost etc resulted from questions from members of the opposition. They appear quiet only because the coverage on the main stream media is not complete.  The one thing they have not done is challenge the govt on something major like a revamp of  CPF.  If you read their manifesto released during the 2006 elections and 2011 elections[Link], there are specific and major changes to the existing system. Given how things are unfolding in Singapore, the demand for change is rising and the electorate is getting impatient with the PAP and wants the "co-driver" to steer the driver in the right direction.

Right now with 1 SMC and 1 GRC, the WP have access to a decent pool of citizens they can interact with and learn about their problems. This will give them an insight to the changes that are needed in govt policy and put pressure on the govt to close the cracks. If the opposition can win more seats, they will have greater strength to push for changes. It is however pre-mature for the opposition in parliament to propose something like a major overhaul of the CPF system. Such ideas will be shot down as there are too few of them get it through. The other problem is there is an asymmetry of data, the govt in power have access to information not available to the opposition and can cherry pick data to counter  their arguments. Take the example of an opposition MP who proposed that NS be reduced sometime in the 1990s. The minister in charge countered the idea by saying that experts in the SAF a shorter NS period would result in insufficient training resulting in higher casualties. The media portrayed the opposition MP as irresponsible for making such a proposal. Years later, the govt did reduce the NS duration to 2 years saying that new training methods no longer need 2.5 years to prepare a soldier.

In days leading to the nomination of candidates for PE, the SDP said they want their candidates to be in parliament to make policy proposals in housing and healthcare. This makes opposition supporters ask themselves if the WP is doing too little. All of us appreciate the SDP efforts to formulate policies and have them discussed public forums so that alternative ideas can be explored. However, to take these ideas to parliament with 81 PAP MPs and ministers waiting to tear it apart is another matter. The SDP healthcare proposal requires a 50% cut in defense spending - the is no expertise outside govt that is able to say how much our defense spending can be cut and a lot of data on healthcare costs etc is just not available to the public. There is a high risk of getting discredited when you take on such a big task with too few opposition MPs in parliament even when you're putting up a plan that is workable.

Although it is quite a few days since my last post, I've watching the PE by-election closely. A workable strategy for opposition to win a seat as demonstrated by by Chiam See Tong some 30 years ago. You don't need  to mount some dramatic challenge against the PAP and you don't have to show yourself to be smarter (academically and otherwise) than your opponent to get votes - LKY release Chiam's O level results to it was inferior to Mah Bow Tan. What you need is to show is you're someone people can trust to put their interest above everything else. You don't have to promise them something you cannot deliver but you have to show that you understand the problems they are facing. Chiam took 3 elections to win his seat at a time when the PAP was extremely popular and held on for 27 years. Some opposition politicians today still do not understand that they should not fight battles they cannot win, give the opponent opportunity to hurt their credibility and sometimes they hurt their own credibility doing things they shouldn't do. One candidate in the current by-election paid youngsters to join him in walkabouts to artificially boost his image, but it defy common sense how he can expect not to caught by vigilant netizens and the media[Link] - that's bad strategy... spending money to achieve negative results.

I don't expect the opposition to take the Punggol East seat from the PAP due to the 4 corner fight unless the discontent at the ground has risen faster than I expected. This by-election like the many elections of the past holds important lessons for opposition parties and their supporters.  You make progress only when you're able to learn, build on your strengths and stop repeating old mistakes. I am not sure what the opposition parties will look like 10 years from now, Where they will be is a function of their strategy - doing the right things at the right time, selecting the right battles to fight and avoiding the minefields that their powerful opponent, the PAP, has laid out. The wind has been blowing in the right direction for opposition parties for the last few years and perhaps until GE2016 due to bad policies of the PAP that will take time to fix, but the wind can also change direction. We all hope to see opposition parties put in the right strategies, like avoiding multi-corner fights, avoid pulling each other down to get on top and putting in place sensible effective strategies to win.


The said...

Hear, hear! Great advice.

It is better to speak softly armed with facts and a big stick, than to speak loudly and not able to implement soft lofty plans.

Anonymous said...

"It is better to speak softly armed with facts and a big stick,"

Which party do you think is able to speak softly armed with facts and a big stick ? Or no party is currently being able to do so ? Or there is no answer except some soft lofty suggestion or advice.

KC Yeo said...

A masterpiece . There should be an opposition think tank led by people like you. Obviously there are "cost" involved.

Anonymous said...

What u sia dis academic. Nothing new.

What is new: The key PAP strategist/advisor is dead by 2 years. She is a woman and mother of a PAP minister. Guess who she is?

Without her the PAP kaput!!!!!

The said...

/// Which party do you think is able to speak softly armed with facts and a big stick ? Or no party is currently being able to do so ? Or there is no answer except some soft lofty suggestion or advice.
20/1/13 15:42 ///

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

There is one thing that PAP has not address is the relentless influx of tsunami of foreigners.

Why do you think PAP wants to expand the MRT network?

Because PAP wants to continue to increase the intake of foreigners. PAP's target is to have 7 million population by 2030.

Currently, there are 5.3 millions population including 2 millions of foreigners (2 millions include permanent residents as they are by default citizens of foreign countries).

To increase population to 7 millions, PAP has to continue to open the floodgate to take in another 1.7 million of foreigners.

By 2030, there will be a total of 3.7 millions foreigners (include permanent residents) squeezing out 3.3 millions of Singapore citizens.

Through PAP relentless influx of foreigners to Singapore, Singapore citizens effectively becomes minority in Singapore.

With 3.7 millions foreigners in Singapore, there will be more Singapore citizens being replaced in the jobs. More Singapore citizens, including Punggol East residents, become jobless. All these jobs will be taken over by foreigners. This is evidenced from the evil thinking and crook motives of businessmen.

In the past 1 months, businessmen have been advocating to increase the foreigners quota they can hire and to cut the S-pass levies. These businessmen want to hire more of these S-pass foreigners cheaply. Since businessmen can hire foreigners cheaply, why will businessmen want to hire Singapore citizens who are more expensive by the 16% employer CPF contribution?

With more free flow of unlimited foreigners, businessmen have even more incentives to hire more foreigners. Can you, the Singapore citizens, including Punggol East residents, guarantee that you will not lose your jobs to foreigners in the next 4 years?

Currently, the HDB and private property prices have hit record high level. PAP has no solution how to bring down these high prices, not to talk about maintaining these high prices over next 10 years.

PAP only said that there will be 200000 new flats and private properties to be available in the next 4 years but PAP stop short of saying how PAP is going to deal with the high price HDB flats and private properties.

With 2 millions of foreigners currently in Singapore, the HDB and private property prices already at record high level, can you, the Singapore citizens, including Punggol East residents, imagine how much higher the HDB and private properties prices going to rise further?

If you are Singapore citizens, including Punggol East residents, who intend to buy HDB flats or private properties, are you going to take mortgage loans that will take away 50% of your monthly income and require you 35 long years to pay off the loans for buying record high price HDB flats and private properties?

If you are Singapore citizens parents, including Punggol East residents, would you feel painful that your children have to struggle so painfully to pay off these mortgage loans due to the high price HDB flats and private properties?

Whether you are
Singapore citizens or
Singapore citizens parents,
including Punggol East residents,
will you or your children feel even terribly more painful to struggle how to pay off the high housing mortgage loans when you or your children lose his/her jobs to foreigners?

Anonymous said...

Will your lives change for the better with yet another PAP Clone in parliament?

Or will it be better because there are more Opposition MPs in parliament?

Who is more motivated to tell Singaporeans about the sale of Singapore assets to $2 companies?
PAP MP or Opposition MP?

Teo: What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I think voters just need to be united on this one - VOTE the WP.


Anonymous said...

"The said...20/1/13 16:39
What do you think?"

Since you made the statement in the 1st post, you should be able to provide the answer right ? or wrong ?

To arm with facts and a BIG STICK, you need to get elected first. And to get elected first for new candidates, they need to sell SOFT LOFTY PLANS, sometimes aka as IDEAS aka manifesto and aka whatever whatnots you want to call them.

Anonymous said...

"The answer is put at at eye level so that people don't have to tilt their heads up and down to see it. "

Like crossing the road.....don't look left or right, just look straight ahead and cross.

Good advice, very good indeed

Anonymous said...

Well said, Lucky, very well said.

Quite a number of opposition supporters are 'disappointed' with WP's performance and I hope they read your articles.

Desmond Lim and Kenneth J. will be history after this election after hugh embarrassment and I hope come 2016 GE, opposition candidates from various party will learn from this lesson and that opposition unity is crucial, multi-cornerned must be avoided. I am glad that more and more young and talented people are joining opposition camp and I really hope to see opposition MPs in Parliament fighting and debating for the good of Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

"I don't expect the opposition to take the Punggol East seat from the PAP due to the 4 corner fight unless the discontent at the ground has risen faster than I expected."
Lucky Tan

Agreed. I would think PAP will still maintain its 54% majority as in GE 2011.

And WP will have less than the 41% in GE 2011, simply because son of JBJ will take some percentage points away, even if he were to lose his deposit like Desmond in 2011.

If PAP did not get less votes in Hougang BE 2012 compared to GE 2011, why should it get less votes in PE BE 2013, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

"If PAP did not get less votes in Hougang BE 2012 compared to GE 2011, why should it get less votes in PE BE 2013, tio bo?"
Anon 20/1/13 21:28

Exactly lah.

That's why if I were Dr Koh, I am very reassured. And as per PM Lee's wish, for sure I will be more than just an MP.

JG said...

"If PAP did not get less votes in Hougang BE 2012 compared to GE 2011, why should it get less votes in PE BE 2013, tio bo?"

Because there's a ceiling and a floor. No matter how idiotic an opposition contendor is, he will usually get at least 30% of votes. Even if Tan Cheng Bock gets back into PAP and contest the seat, its unlkely he'll exceed the max ceiling.

Similarly in Hougang BE case.

But Hougang (just like Sembawang) are extreme cases. Punggol is not, more middle of the road. The 55% won last time is not a ceiling or floor - its the first time Ah Lian is contesting, Michael Palmer has incumbent advantage as the "Aunty Killer" (remeber??), and its widely seen as a long shot then by WP. But remember - all the seats won by WP were originally considered long shots. LTK tried a few times, before he cracked 50%. Aljunied tried once, before cracking it the second.

Similarly with Punggol.

I'm not too worried about 4-corner fight in this case. By now, WP has established a brand name for itself. In GE2011, SDA held rallies, SDA was viewed as "neutral, plausible" opposition. Now SDA is not holding rallies, its a record of getting <5%. In other words, its no longer contending with a clean slate. Its a blemished reputation. Similarly with KJ. He continues to have problems connecting with voters - he speaks with a Queens English.

I think, and hope, WP can improve from its 41%, and PAP will get much lower than its 55%. I think there's a chance WP can squeek by to a small victory. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

PAP is getting a bit worried about Punggol now. Its a Must-Win. Its a referendum on its post-GE2011 performance. Its about to release its population policy - You can bet that it will tear it apart if it loses Punggol and understand first hand, that there's a political cost. Lets send them this message.

Majullah Singapura !!!!

Anonymous said...

"If PAP did not get less votes in Hougang BE 2012 compared to GE 2011, why should it get less votes in PE BE 2013, tio bo?"

So if you fail your exam this year, why should you pass or perform better your exam the next year or thereafter with better marks right ? tio bor ?

Anonymous said...

"If PAP did not get less votes in Hougang BE 2012 compared to GE 2011, why should it get less votes in PE BE 2013, tio bo?"
Anon 20/1/13 21:28

Tio. Or rather 93% chance tio. No need to say more.

Anonymous said...

Well said Lucky..KJ is desperate and
in a hurry to seek vengeance for his dad. He will not make it into parliament as the majority of voters have never like that style.
WP has the right strategy and right attitude. Opposition voters like the daft 60.15 should wake up and vote WP.

Anonymous said...

The WP's expressed desire is to be "on good terms with the government departments" - Chairman of WP.

Since the public and the department heads and civil servants have by now associated the PAP with government departments, the WP's statement above, and its true intent since the last GE, is really to be the junior partner of the PAP. Hence its absolute silence on the critical issues holding back the country resulting from PAP's absurd policies. It is clear why RP and SDA and even the SDP have chosen a multi-cornered fight today even though the odds are very high they will lose their deposits - they are signaling first, to the people that the WP is, by its actions, really a PAP proxy, and second, they are telling the WP to count on other parties in 2016, that the road to merger with the PAP will not be smooth.

Anonymous said...

very good one!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It was PERFECTLY NORMALL for PAP to have gained higher vote percentage at the Hougang BE because it was WP Member Of Parliament that caused Hougang SMC to call for a By Election.

By the Same Reason, expect PAP to score lower at Punggol East this time because IT WAS THE FAULT OF THE PAP Member Of Parliament Michael Palmer that caused this By Election.

It is a blessing for WP, Lee Li Lian will get 38%.
36% goes to PAP.
And the other two parties get 25%.

Anonymous said...

The WP will win. Don't believe ? Just wait and see. The ground is so frustrated and fed up with the pap. They have failed to deliver and yet LHL and some other high profile ministers dare to come out to claim they have delivered on their promises. This only confirmed that they are either out of touch or are liars. Their heads are still stuck in the stand. That is why they will lose and continue to lose.
Now they are going to raise the population target to 7 million. They have no choice as they have erroneously engineered the Singapore economy to be so addicted to cheap labors that they have no idea as to how to get out from this addiction.

Anonymous said...

PAP: 46%
WP: 40%
RP: 8%
SDA: 6%
Any better guesses?

Anonymous said...

PAP: 46%
WP: 51%
RP: 2%
SDA: 1%

Anonymous said...

RP 8%??hahaha, I don't think there are 2400 xiao lang out there.

Anonymous said...

DBS Vickers expects an upcoming white paper on Singapore's population to raise its population target to 7 million from 6.5 million, which will benefit construction, land transport, property and healthcare companies.

Singapore's infrastructure is taking the brunt of an expanding population and demand for additional investment in train lines and road expansions will benefit construction firms such as crane operator Tat Hong Holdings and Sin Heng.

"We expect to see a step-up in infrastructure spending to cater to a larger population following comments from the government that population growth has outpaced infrastructure capacities in recent years," said DBS.

Singapore said on Thursday it plans to double its rail network to 360 kilometres by 2030, which is expected to boost ridership to 13.8 million rides a day, benefitting transport operators such as ComfortDelGro Corp Ltd.

DBS raised ComfortDelGro's target price to S$2.05 and kept its 'buy' rating, citing population growth and improving public transport network. Another major transport operator, SMRT Corp Ltd, on which DBS has a 'fully valued' rating and a target price of S$1.50, however, will face near-term challenges from higher operating costs.

The larger population will mean a greater need for homes, DBS said, estimating demand to rise 31 percent. The brokerage is positive on property developers such as Capitaland for its diversified portfolio and Wing Tai Holdings Ltd for its larger exposure to residential projects.

DBS also noted that falling birth rates and ageing population will be a focus for the government, and healthcare providers such as Raffles Medical and IHH Healthcare will benefit in the long run.

Stem cord blood bank provider Cordlife Group is also likely to benefit from potential incentives to boost birth rates.

(Reporting by Teo Jion Chun in Singapore; Editing by Prateek Chatterjee;

eremarf said...

Hello again Lucky - thanks for addressing this perceived "inaction" on WP's part in a very fair way that also gives credit to other parties like SDP.

Too many people think WP does too little, and avoids too many tough issues, when in fact they have done quite a bit, and are probably like you say being reasonably prudent, and they're constrained by all the factors you mentioned.

My last word is for my fellow Singaporeans reading Lucky's blog. Guys, Lucky has reminded us of the big picture and the context of political reality in Singapore. I hope we can reflect on what kind of politics to support to bring about the change we want to see in Singapore. Sometimes, you have to make small compromises in the short term to achieve things in the long term. Frankly, the WP is not my favourite party, but I have voted for them twice in '06 and '11 in Aljunied - because it's better in the big scheme of things to have more opposition people in gov't. 6 seats out of 89 is not enough!

I've often complained about how Singapore is undemocratic - in terms of press freedom, of political "persecution", etc - but elections in Singapore are still very free and fair! If you're reading this - chances are you're a well-informed Singaporean. Reflect on what you know, and vote wisely, or pass on the knowledge to your friends and family calmly like Lucky Tan. Change can come from the grassroots - and the grassroots is bigger than the internet. Clear-minded internet users need to engage with people beyond the internet clearly, reasonably, and calmly if we want to get the grassroots engaged in politics.

Singaporeans have been politically sheltered (or castrated, some say) for too long - to the point that we don't know how to talk about politics in an effective way any more (we tend to simplify things? reduce it to emotions?). But it affects our lives so much! We (and I include myself) need to learn and develop the skills for political engagement at the real grassroots level - when talking to our neighbours, family, friends, people we meet, etc. We need to learn to consider evidence (like Lucky did here analysing WP's and the opposition's track record). We need to learn to present arguments and evidence clearly, as well as to LISTEN to arguments and evidence from other people. We need to be able to work out what we agree on, what we disagree on, so we can at least start work on what we agree on. We need to to able to work out what we know, what we don't know, and what we need to find out to improve matters.

It's not easy - but active citizenship is our only guarantee of good government. We Singaporeans really do deserve the government we get. And I hope we get a better one really soon. Cheers! :-)

Anonymous said...

I jus noe the govt make mistake n try 2 covery the holes but punish the ppl instead n it is like poor mgt that heads shld roll!

Idealist... said...

Will be surprised if PAP does not retain this, even with slimest of margins.

Singaporeans are not idealists. Being pragmatic and focused on solutions ( immediate ) they seek what they gain within the shortest time frames. ( its built into the DNA already by generations of PSLE conditioning)

Political balance and views be damned.

patriot said...

Me says thank You to Eremarf for the Piece of excellent and cool advocation

As said by Eremarf, it is indeed time for Singaporeans to be rational and also be more caring of the political development in our society

The Rulers have had all the authority and scheme all these years that they had made use to their greatest advantage. They have in fact become so powerful that they can do whatever they deem fit. It must be obvious to all of us now that they are caling the shots and lording all over us. Is there anything we the People can do?

BE RATIONAL and take measures to prevent any rogue authority from forming. If one is allowed to breed and has to have people power to tame it, IT WILL BE TOO LATE AND THE COST WILL BE VERY HIGH


Anonymous said...

A good post Sunny, and a good summary at the end.

But no mention of citizen action - that's why Singapore failed and is stuck as a 3rd world country.

Anonymous said...

My voter strategy is simple:

1. Anybody but PAP.
2. Vote for the Opposition candidate with best chance to win

3. Convert one friend, family or relative among the 60% into an Opposition voter.
4. use e-mail to spread Lucky Tan's message.

Anonymous said...

Aljunied GRC HDB residents pay less service and conservancy charges after WP elected.

So Punggol East residents, vote WP to pay less too.

Anonymous said...

"Aljunied GRC HDB residents pay less service and conservancy charges after WP elected."
21/1/13 10:36

Wa, if Punggol East voters know this, sure vote WP one.

Money talks, so for this one WP sure win.

Anonymous said...

Aljunied Hougang Town Council has the most arrears in sc charges among the Town Councils!

Vote WP can hutang sc charges some more!
Vote PAP make you pay and pay fast.

Anonymous said...

Vote PAP's colo-rectal surgeon.
And Environment Millionaire Bala will have a new sweeper-cleaner in Punggol East.

Typical PAPig efficiency.

Pay and pay (with Singapore taxpayers money) to train a colo-rectal surgeon.

Then pay and pay some more (with taxpayer's money) to convert the colo-rectal surgeon into a sweeper-cleaner with an annual million dollar salary?

You guys seriously think PAP is very careful with taxpayer's money?

gm . 绿效精神 said...

The election boundaries are politically twisted/ illogical and definitely not towards human touch/ wholesome. This Punggol East BE is not just for those living in Punggol, and also for some living in Sengkang as well.

Take for example, Sengkang Town is unremarkably chopped up into 3 parts - Punggol East SMC/ Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC/ Sengkang West SMC. For other strange reasons, Punggol East SMC becomes closer to Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC and Sengkang West SMC becomes closer to Ang Mo Kio GRC.

Anonymous said...

Only the 60% can tell and make PAP listen not to twist election boundaries.

Anonymous said...

PAP 44%
WP 43%
RP 9%
SDA 3%
Spoilt 1%

Anonymous said...

I think you are all fools. PAP will win because all the other candidates are lousy.

End of storey.

Anonymous said...

Honestly i think most of the commenters here still vote for pap despite all their misgiving about pap.

why? Because in the end rationality wins through.

If you cannot bring sensible solution to huge problems. Please do not get elected.

My estimates:

PAP 54:

Anonymous said...

The bookies are giving WP to win by 3,000 votes.

Anonymous said...

Your 'bookies' must have failed maths :)

Anonymous said...

You seriously think people are daft to continue to vote for the elite party? Get screw or screw them. Without a stronger alternative party, PAP will still be sitting in their ivory towers sleeping with their mistresses.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, i think the results shows for itself for the past 40 years. Unless you really think that the majority of people are draft.

Please show me your 'stronger' alternative party. Show me a party with leadership,vision, strong moral charactar, good town council management(do not include upgrading).

Please show me because i will vote for them. Not to a liar, not to a person building castles in the air, not to someone which i can punch a hundred holes in their policies, not to someone who is lost in ego land, not to someone who is not GROUNDED in reality that singapore is a TINY country with no margin for error.

I find you people takes things for granted too much. Either for pap or the opposition.

When will you people will have proper poltical discourse in reference to the singapore landscape not with reference to china,usa,euorpe?

When will you people actually step into a real organisation and into leadership roles and see how difficult it is to manage and be excellent.

What is important are not your stupid political ideology of what will work but what will work best for in reality, of what has been tried and test(in singapore context, NEVER. you go find another nation with no natural resources/hinterland and as successful as we are)

So wake up and be sensible! Do listen to other people views if you are already so comfortable supporting either pap or the opposition.

patriot said...

Realistically speaking, only one type of ruling politicians will serve the people. And they are those underdogs from the minority and usually alternative or so-called opposition parties.
Once politicians become powerful, especially when they become rulers as cabinet members, invariably they lord over
the people.

Pragmatically, it wil be good to have one party getting 60% voted and the other 40% to another party or share amongst all the other parties. This will ensure that the Rulers will not be able to have absolute power to be corrupted absolutely. There will also be more checks on those with power to prevent the regome to become rogue.

It will be very unwise to give all the power to one party, for that will mean giving the Rulers much leeway to abuses which most
single party Rulers are prone to do. It happened in most countries.


Anonymous said...

@21/1/13 16:28
Understand where you are coming from. However, on the flip side, perhaps you are also taking too much for granted. You are assuming what has been achieved in 40 yrs can be repeated in the next 40. You are assuming, that the PAP team is capable to carry a new Singapore in the next 40 yrs. You are assuming, what was taken 40 yrs to achieve, you expect the opposition(with everything stacked against them by the incumbent) to achieve in a fraction of that time. You have been instilled with the impresion for years that anyone else other than the PAP are devious, cunning & evil people out to destroy the country and not build upon what this country has achieved. If you expect the almighty PAP to keep performing as in the early years, you are the one who will be sorely dissapointed. The last few years have already shown the cracks in our system. Many of the people who have supported the PAP in the past have switched for precisely this reason. Ultimately, no matter WHO is in power, power corrupts & absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Anonymous said...

Honestly from what i see, no other parties are capable enough to take over pap. Despite their falling standards, they are still way better. It is not how good pap is. It is how BAD the opposition is.

Yes yes yes, you can say the media is biased( yes It's true) pap is heavy handed ( true) . But it still remains a fact that opposition do not have enough capable people to lead a government.

My vote place for the best interest for Singapore, not for the shallow self-satisfaction of being a follower, of being a rebel, of being short- sighted.

You can argue what is the best 'interest' for Singapore. My kids will be staying in Singapore nd I worry for their future more than anything else.

I want a strong capable government with transparency and accounability. To lead us into a future where we singaporeans will have no advantages over any other nations. Can the opposition do that? No.

Anonymous said...

Without the alternative parties, would he uttered "I'm sorry' in the last GE? Without the alternative parties, would he announce more flats, more mrt lines, better baby bonus? He would just take us for granted, make us serfs, squeeze us dry. Vote WP.

When PAP first started, it was just a few guys drinking beers looking at girls with mini skirts. Ah Kong even described as "beer-swilling bourgeois". Where is the leadership,vision, strong moral charactar? You are a joke - 21/1/13 16:28

Anonymous said...

"I want a strong capable government with transparency and accounability" - I think you do not understand politics. The parties and gov are two different thing. If you want more transparency and accountability, getting one party to control the gov is asking for the pigs to fly.

Anonymous said...

It is every loyal Singaporean's duty to groom TWO political parties who can form the government in Singapore.

A population that has increased to almost 6 million people. Definitely there is a big enough talent pool for TWO equally strong political parties.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucky Tan

I hope WP wins this by-election. Better still, give the PAP a sound thrashing with an overwhelming majority!

That said, even if PAP wins, I rejoice that they have already suffered heavy bruising. They have shown their hands in revealing their moles. I cannot name them simply because I want to avoid lawsuit against me as well as your blog.

So I consider we have at least half cup full, not half cup empty.

Many people believe that the PAP's tactic of employing moles to spoil election results goes way back to Harbans Singh and his female office secretary. Google to see which constituencies the two of them stood in. Better still, do some research to find out who stood against LHL when he first contested in elections.

I could be wrong, but I see this same tactic used super heavy handedly in the Presidential elections.

It will not be surprising if that same thing is now being played out in the Punggol East BE.

I should also add that the moles revealing their hands are not just the spoilers contesting the BE and those appearing at their sides. Keep a sharp lookout for some prominent personalities who are voicing support for multi-corner fight. Yes, my half cup full is already very satisfying even before the voting day.


Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes and the Internet is the bastion of truth and sanity......

Anonymous said...

In the past, Singaporeans trusted their leaders and believe everything reported (no matter how bias and absurd) in the mainstream media.

But ever since our leaders started to peg their pay (and hence their performance) to the income of top Singaporean earners, it is their interest to see the rich getting richer and consequently ordinary Singaporeans getting poorer and the huge income inequality.

Now, PAP has lost its’ credibility, and people no longer trust our leaders and everything reported in the mainstream media will be viewed with suspicious.

Anonymous said...

Why DL talks like mouth got many many balls hah?

Anonymous said...

Even Animals do not engage in devious and perverted sex, only debauched and perverted minds do.

A heated debate on the issue began in 2007, ........Siew Kum Hong filed a petition to repeal Section 377A, which he cited as discriminatory and a violation of constitutional safeguards on equal rights.

"If the Supreme Court says that you have the right to consensual sex within your home, then you have the right to bigamy, you have the right to polygamy, you have the right to incest, you have the right to adultery."

In Slate Magazine, William Saletan drew a legal connection between gay sex and incest between consenting adults.[76] As he described in his
article, in 2003, U.S. Senator Rick Santorum commented on a pending U.S. Supreme Court case involving sodomy laws (primarily as a matter of Constitutional rights to Privacy and Equal Protection under the Law). He stated: "If the Supreme Court says that you have the right to consensual sex
within your home, then you have the right to bigamy, you have the right to polygamy, you have the right to incest, you have the right to adultery."[76]

However, David Smith of the Human Rights Campaign professed outrage that Santorum placed being gay on the same moral and legal level as someone engaging in incest. Saletan argued that, legally and morally, there is essentially no difference between the two, and went on to support incest between consenting adults being covered by a legal right to privacy.[76] UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh has made similar arguments.[77]

In a more recent article, Saletan said that incest is wrong because it introduces the possibility of irreparably damaging family units by introducing "a notoriously incendiary dynamic—sexual tension—into the mix".[78]

(Incest - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

(Zoophilia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

(Vincent Wijeysingha - Gay Agenda - YouTube)

(Dr Vivian qn Dr Vincent's agenda on the gay forum on youtube video - 25Apr2011 - YouTube)

Joshua Chiang

Anonymous said...

Bookies are some of the smartest people who will survive under any circumstances. They have inside connections. Go against them at your own peril.

Anonymous said...

"Yes yes yes, you can say the media is biased( yes It's true) pap is heavy handed ( true) . But it still remains a fact that opposition do not have enough capable people to lead a government."

haha. can it be a case that the media is painting that the opposition do not have enough capable people to lead a government and when enough work is done on your mind, you will find it difficult to go against your conditioned mind.

Anonymous said...

/// But it still remains a fact that opposition do not have enough capable people to lead a government." ///

With the type of salaries that we are paying.
I can be a Foreign Minister at $100K/year.
And outsource the rest of my job by hiring Bill Clinton with the balance of my salary.
And don't tell me George Yeo is a better diplomat than Bill Clinton.

patriot said...

At least 25% of the working population can do the job of the President Of Sin for a fraction of the Remuneration he is getting.


Anonymous said...

Flawed leaders flawed leadership no matter which party. Two or more parties bringing all these flaws into politics would lead to checks and balances or .... Wayang?

You can't bulldoze the ... Eye of the tiger

Anonymous said...

Well Said, Lucky. I totally agree with you on this one. The only hope is for the WP to continue to grow steadily against all odds and NOT to be crushed down abruptly through some hastily conjectured moves.PAP is just waiting patiently like a pather ready to spring down on the WP at any moment. This is the precarious state of affairs that we are in.

Anonymous said...

While Lucky Tan has shown that the PAP is willing to resort to all sort of tactics to do in its opponents, he does not know that the same can be said of the WP. For example, at the last GE, WP refused to negotiate with SDA and muscled into the Punggol East SMC, creating a 3-corner fight. They then sent in their supporters to spread rumours about Desmond Lim being a PAP mole. They got hooligans to threaten physical harm on him and vandalized his posters to create the impression that the people of Punggol East does not want him. This is the dark side of WP that few people have seen. Ignore this at your own peril.

Anonymous said...

While Lucky Tan has shown that the PAP is willing to resort to all sort of tactics to do in its opponents, he does not know that the same can be said of the WP. For example, at the last GE, WP refused to negotiate with SDA and muscled into the Punggol East SMC, creating a 3-corner fight. They then sent in their supporters to spread rumours about Desmond Lim being a PAP mole. They got hooligans to threaten physical harm on him and vandalized his posters to create the impression that the people of Punggol East does not want him. Due to the great disparity in resources, WP was able to mount a successful smear campaign and got away with it as the SDA's resources were too stretched and the time available to mount a respond was too short. This is the dark side of WP that few people have seen. Ignore this at your own peril.

Anonymous said...

Those who live in Hougang may know another trick of the WP where they got illegal bookies to give a higher payout for a WP win.

Anonymous said...

Where are the facts? Sue

Anonymous said...

Please reflect why:

PAP can win elections.

WP can win elections.

But SDP, NSP, SDA, RP or what not P cannot win elections.

And people like son of JBJ and Tan Jee Say have impressive academic credentials which are better than even most PAP MPs.

But why they cannot win?

Why Chen Show Mao can win?

Anonymous said...

The video rally speech boggles me. What is a seemingly intelligent and articulate Sikh waxing lyrical over an embarrassing spittoon?

Any monkey will better than a spittoon, right?

Anonymous said...

Desmond Lim was very lucky to have got about 5% of the votes in GE2011 at Punggol East. And he can consider himself extremely lucky to receive just as much.

Elsewhere, Desmond and SDA will not have this level of support at all.

He is cute in many ways.

Anonymous said...

Questions, questions.

Why all WP candidates had more than 40% votes in GE 2011?

Why 93% of PAP candidates had more than 50% votes in GE 2011?

If even Ting Pei Ling can win, why can't son of JBJ and Tan Jee Say win?

Why son of JBJ and Tan Jee Say each had less than 40% votes in GE 2011?

Anonymous said...

So cute I wanna bring him back to show....mama(the movie)

Anonymous said...

Why? Because all idiots lor

Anonymous said...

It depends on the brand.

Even good brand toilet paper is more expensive, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

First, brainwash than got branding mah, si ng si auni kong?

Anonymous said...

THE PRESS(your lampar) is very happy to show off Desmond videos - uncensored

Anonymous said...

Yes, brand is important.

My slippers could be much more expensive than your shoes.

Or it depends on where you are.

Like the proverb:

"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush".

Anonymous said...

So PAP bird in hand worth more than those jokers rolling in bush fire? Si Bo?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
THE PRESS(your lampar) is very happy to show off Desmond videos - uncensored

22/1/13 13:58

They should "show off" videos of how some ruling elites talk hehe

Anonymous said...

I was there at the Rally on 19 Jan 2013 @ around 8pm

Before I reached the field from Rumbia LRT, being considerate, a regular middle aged guy was directing people to the left through the blocks of flats saying that it was a drier route to the rally site.

One guy dropped his phone in the muddy field and a stranger spotted it told him and even provided him a pack of tissue to clean it.

Singaporeans emotionless? A lot of people were cheering for the WP in the mud. Worker's party umbrellas, flags, whistles were used and everyone tried to dress in blue, all shades of blue.

I am proud to have stood beside all the true "blue" Singaporeans with our feets in the cold mud, but our hearts were warming to a future of clear blue sky with less white clouds.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

She (WP MP Sylvia Lim) said a Punggol East resident had asked her if government agencies took letters written by WP MPs as seriously as those by PAP MPs.
ST Jan 22, 2013

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Maybe in 2011, 54% in Punggol East think maybe not as seriously.

Nationwide, it is higher, at 60%.

What do you think they will think on Jan 26?

Anonymous said...

PAP did not become worse since GE 2011, tio bo?

WP did not become better since GE 2011, tio bo?

So the voters will think about the same lah, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

/// PAP did not become worse since GE 2011, tio bo? ///

Boh tio.
PAP become even worse.
Definitely must vote Opposition to encourage PAP to work harder for Singaporeans.

It's better to have two operationally ready maids who are eager to serve.

Than to rely on only one long-time maid who has become lazy, incompetent and complacent.

Anonymous said...

So some people actually believe its 7 million they are building all this for. Crazy la! It must be 10 million! Just look at the rail network and extrapolate man.

New citizens votes are the only way they can stay in power. So they will keep bringing them in. Singapore we know is gone, and better get used to it, unless.....2016. You dont do it then, gone!

Anonymous said...

How come Sin produces this kind of lousy politicians for people to choose one? This is indeed uniquely Sin

Anonymous said...

I'm a new citizen.
I'm voting for the Opposition.
Because I just realized I made a mistake in becoming a Singaporean.
I was much better off just working here as a PR.
And then retire back home to my country of birth.
Just like Li Jiawei.

The said...

Perhaps Singapore's astronomically-paid political leaders should take heed of Obama's 2003 Inaugural Address:

For we, the people, understand that our country cannot succeed when a shrinking few do very well and a growing many barely make it.

Anonymous said...

So isn't the growing many the majority of voters?

Then how come PAP can still win 60% majority votes nationwide and 54% in Punggol East in GE 2011?

Anonymous said...

PAP win does not mean the country 100% succeed.

Only 60% succeed, and that includes foreigners turned citizens.

Anyway, where got perfect things on earth, let alone a perfect PAP or alternative?

Anonymous said...

Singapore is not America.

Lee Hsien Loong is not Obama.

Singapore voters are not American voters.

How to compare?

The said...

/// Singapore is not America.
Lee Hsien Loong is not Obama.
Singapore voters are not American voters.
How to compare?
23/1/13 09:22 ///

Ya, right.
Singapore is much bigger than America. According to the old man, Singapore has a four trillion dollar economy.
Singapore has a much higher population than America.
Singapore is more complex.
Singapore is special.
That's why must pay our politicians sky high salaries.

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Anonymous said...

Is National Service a waste of Singaporeans' time?

NS men failed to defend Singapore assets from being sold to a $2 company.
Can we now confirm by saying NS men failed to defend Singapore against an internal threat?

If like that.
How can NS men defend Singapore from an imaginary external enemy?

Anonymous said...

Only the 60%, not NS men, can decide who to be government and the power.

Then the government has the power to decide who should be NS men and what they should defend.

Anonymous said...

The oppig PM low finally out of your mind? Oppies will never unite...we are all here to kill, slaughter and win the big toto of being top dogs with top pay to spend public monies

Basically...the canvassing for sheep vote is how to spend govt monies on people who are on the brink of being choke to magnanimous hoooor and we soooooo touch you but them time to die later

Anonymous said...

60% is the boss.

For Punggol East it is 54%.

How many % is boss on 26 Jan?

Anonymous said...

Political parties divided, the people also divided. Divided, they...fall

Anonymous said...

Quite similar to churches isn't it? Fking idiots

Anonymous said...

Saw these two videos explaining about the problem with first past the post system and the alternative vote system. Sounds simple and concise!

Anonymous said...

PAP 45%
WP 39%
RP 10%
SDA 5%
Spoilt 1%

PAP will lose ground because things have not drastically improved with regard to congestion, housing and costs of living.

WP will lose ground because their existing MPs have performed below expectations.

RP will win votes from die-hard opposition supporters who want REAL change from status quo.

SDA will win sympathy votes thanks to the viral YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Divided.....they were conquered by the beast

Anonymous said...

Yep, son of JBJ will make WP lose for sure.

Anonymous said...

If PAP win with less than 50%, it is a lousy win.

If WP lose with more than 41%, it is a good loss.

Anonymous said...

If Ah Lian wins with less than 50%, she will make history.

No party had beaten PAP before in a multi corner fight since 1961.

Anonymous said...

PAP 35%
WP 34.9%
RP 25%
SDA 5.1%

35% MP, 35% President. History repeats itself. HAHAHAHAHA

The said...

PAP 35%
WP 55%
RP 5%
SDA 5%

Anonymous said...

NS is a total exploitation of homegrown citizens. Goodies are introduced to new citizens who do not need to serve NS or to make the already rich much richer. What kind of pm is this? If you have served NS or have a family member who have served NS, you must vote opposition so there will be a chance to review the entire NS thing.

Anonymous said...

NS men can't even defend Town Council assets from being sold off to $2 companies.

How are they going to defend Singapore?

Might as well stop National Service.
Free up our boys to enter the workforce earlier.
Than no need so many immigrants.

And save billions of dollars from our defence budget.
This money may be needed to make up for the losses in certain sovereign funds.

So where is the money going to come from, Singapore?
From eliminating National Service and cutting the defence budget.

Anonymous said...

But 60% did not vote opposition despite "NS is a total exploitation of homegrown citizens".


Or are there many new citizens among the 60%?

Anonymous said...

Or are there many new citizens among the 60%?
Anon 23/1/13 22:24

Possible, but there is also no way to know because the vote is secret, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I wld be happy if WP loses because it's time WP takes opposition support seriously. At the moment, they appear to be a second "PAP" in the making. Note how they surface issues in Parliament only to TWEAK policies - under the guise of "rational, responsible and respectful" opposition.

SCARY!!! I'm sure Singaporeans would not want to kick out a PAP government only to invite in a second "PAP-wannabe".

Anonymous said...

If WP loses, it means PAP policies still OK lah, tio bo?

So netizens cowpeh cowbu so much no use because PAP still win what, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

WP or PAP or CRAP .... They are all the same...Pee

Anonymous said...

Btw...CRAP is a new emerging Party.

Cock Reform Action for it

The said...

/// Btw...CRAP is a new emerging Party.

Cock Reform Action for it ///

Quick - send in the arsehole doctor.....

Anonymous said...

At least WP will not use ISA. I think given their current small numbers, they have done a lot already. Further, we want a party that has integrity not one that use dirty tricks to down opponents.

Anonymous said...

Sg is a product of top Bo? ..Sinkies always look up to capable Bo!? ...that's why parties keep putting up these type of candidates to impress bo? brains and capable people will lead Sg to better future si Bo?

you worries one...if the capable people don't know what they are doing...would voters vote them? that talk correct or not?

Anonymous said...

It is not a case of David vs Goliath, it is a case of David vs T-Rex. Some wrong moves and the people will be manipulated by ruling elites bullshit.

Anonymous said...

@1654- but capable people are selfish people too. they only want to make themselves richer. they do not understand what the rest are going thru with lousy housing, transport, education, medical, retirement system.

just asking, how many get a free ride from those sitting in their lux cars when you are standing in the rain waiting for a crowded bus to pick you up? we cannot tolerate selfish elites anymore.

Anonymous said...

WP has put up their new elites for your enjoyment.


Anonymous said...

Lawyers, prof, engineers, Lawyers, lawyers

Anonymous said...

Make mummies proud. How not impress?

Anonymous said...

Your mummies proud or not?

End story

Anonymous said...

Must have the X factor to win elections.

How you look like is part of the X factor.

Or if don't have X factor, at least PAP factor.

Anonymous said...


PAP factor straightaway got 93% chance to win already.

7% is the X factor.

Anonymous said...

Just leave the talking to lawyer.

Anonymous said...

Vote them out!
Vote them out!
Vote them out!

Out with the Pigs.
Bring in the Hammer.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they are not scammer

Anonymous said...

Put the hammer in the doctor's arsehole.

Down with $2 companies selling scammers.

Anonymous said...

So far, housing, transport, health policies have been released but the most important population policy is still not released.

If this population policy is to the benefit of PAP, PAP would have release it in this Punggol East by-election to take advantage of it.

But PAP is still keeping this population policy as secret. By not releasing and hiding the population policy during this by-election, PAP is preventing any negative impact of the population policy on their election campaign.

Hence, by this reasoning, we expect that the projected population target in 2030 to be raised from the previous 6.5 millions to 8 millions.

Anonymous said...

PAP is going to open the floodgate even more wider to tsunami of foreigners after the by-election.

What can you do?

Anonymous said...

/// PAP is going to open the floodgate even more wider to tsunami of foreigners after the by-election.
What can you do? ///

There is only one thing we can do.
Keep voting opposition.
Get father, mother, brother, sister, cousins and friends to also vote opposition.

Anonymous said...

Get your enemies to vote too.

Anonymous said...

"you worries one...if the capable people don't know what they are doing...would voters vote them? that talk correct or not?"

correct and wrong.

correct if people have full information and / or with no fear.

wrong if people are given half & quarter baked information as truth and / or with fear.

like this talk, correct or wrong.

Anonymous said...

Correct and wrong

Information changes man is correct. but man also changes information. Hence, it is possible that with full information one can still go the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

Like this talk, can or not?

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucky
I would humbly request your comment on the following :

The WP thru its chairperson, issued a statement to the press and public asking that the chinese bus drivers strikers to handled in respect of the workers' rights, yet made no statement when taxpayers $1.1b would be spent to subsidise SMRT. They certainly spoke, and PAP did listen, the strikers were indeed accorded full rights of the law, but what about taxpayers' rights?

Anonymous said...

The Cock Reform Action Party will annihilate cocks in politics.

Vote for CRAP

Anonymous said...

Ken sounded more aggressive. WDYT?

“The world has moved on, and economies have shifted, and the WP is probably still using that same manifesto I helped write as a student.”

Putting himself forward as an economist who “will be fearless about demanding transparency and accountability from the PAP”, he said: “If you put an economist into Parliament to ask those questions, you will finally see what Opposition is good for. Believe me, I can outclass our Prime Minister or (Finance Minister) Tharman (Shanmugaratnam) in a debate any day.”

At the national level, Mr Jeyaretnam said that, if elected, he planned to call for universal health insurance, a minimum wage, the reduction of National Service to one year and free-hold flats.

At a local level, although he “cannot promise (residents) millions of dollars in new spending”, Mr Jeyaretnam proposed more childcare options, better feeder bus services, legal and job clinics, financial management classes and youth mentoring schemes.

He ended his rally by urging Punggol East residents not to vote for a party they “don’t believe in anymore to stop a party (they) are angry with”.

“That is betraying democracy. Don’t worry about the figures, the statistics. Let me handle the numbers. We are Singaporeans, we can vote for our future. We should vote for Reform Party,” he said.

Anonymous said...

IF WP is still too fragile at this stage, should consider the following option.
Do not participate in the by election. Let KJ be elected.
Let KJ asked all the tough questions in parliament.
Good for the people. Good for WP (just watch and reap the benefits).

Anonymous said...

He shud outclass WP Lee Li Lian and show that he can outclass the Arse Doctor from PAP at Punggol East first before he talks big.

Maybe after PE, he can consider to close his shop for good.

Anonymous said...

I am not their supporter but I have found KJ and our PM most sincere and logical in their speeches. They both spoke with their hearts. The WP on the other hand were nothing more than entertainment and fun.

Anonymous said...

Problem is, once someone steps into parliament...the person becomes a fox and you can't do anything about it for the next 5 yrs before he/she talks like a tiger again in the next election

Anonymous said...

i think kj will not be a fox like those arrogant opposition who seems to be looking after their backsides every minute. kj is not insecured, he has given up everything to be here. he is pragmatic and eloquent in his delivery, definitely talked more sense than all the other opp. members.

Anonymous said...

suddenly so many evil trolls desperately trying to earn more 50cents per comment at the last minute ?

Anonymous said...

The guy definitely is made of sterner stuff. He sues too lol. At least, he has a top lawyer in the family to keep an eye but then, lawyers are known to be snakes lol

Anonymous said...

snakes must fight snakes...housewives good for bed

Anonymous said...

Put it in a simple way....What Singapore is to you...Evaluate yourself before having any bias for any party....100% singaporean sleeps under a roof...No Singaporean goes to sleep with empty stomach...Female can be on street at any time WITHOUT fear...Now think was it possible in 50 years without proper governance...Think how safe and comfortable you are...Think again....

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